Why Don’t I Have Any Implantation Bleeding?

If you have been trying to conceive for months, or even years, every little sign or symptom can set your mind racing. One of those little signs that most women keep an eye out for is implantation bleeding.

What is Implantation Bleeding?

Once ovulation occurs, progesterone helps to prepare the uterus for the implantation of the fertilized egg. Even if you do not conceive, this process will occur each month.  If implantation does not happen because no egg was fertilized, the thickened uterine wall will shed away every month during your period. This bleeding will typically last from three to seven days.

Upon the release of a mature egg from the ovary, progesterone production is increased by the corpus luteum. This hormone will continue to stay elevated all the way through your pregnancy, creating physical changes to help your body adapt to the budding fetus. For the first three weeks of the month prior to ovulation, the uterine wall is very thin and has low blood flow. However, when progesterone starts to increase, so too does the blood flow in the uterus and the uterine wall becomes thicker.

It is thought that the moment of implantation occurs when the blastocyst (fertilized egg) embeds itself into the uterine lining. Bleeding occurs when the tissue in which the fertilized egg is encased – known as the trophoblast – scratches a few of the mother’s blood vessels upon entering the uterus. When this occurs, a miniscule amount of bleeding occurs and since the cervix is still open, this blood travels from the uterus and out the vagina.

The Mayo Clinic defines implantation bleeding as bleeding that appears 6 to 14 days after conception has taken place.

What does Implantation Bleeding look like?

Implantation bleeding is similar to spotting. It is light in volume and pale-pink to brown in color.  It also lasts from just a singular occurrence to spotting over a 48-hour period.

It is possible to confuse implantation bleeding with your period, and vice versa. However, a general rule of thumb is that if the bleeding you are experiencing is sparse, pink, spotty, and you don’t need to change (or use) a tampon or pad, then it is most likely implantation bleeding.

A small amount of blood is likely to always be discharged during each implantation. Nevertheless, sometimes the bleeding is so light that it may not even be noticed.

Approximately 30 percent of all pregnant women have experienced implantation bleeding. However, the viability of a pregnancy does not increase just because there is evidence of implantation bleeding.  Even if you do not have any implantation bleeding, it does not mean that you are not pregnant or that there is an issue with your pregnancy.

To truly know whether you are pregnant, it is best to wait until you have officially missed a period and then take a home pregnancy test. Or schedule an appointment with your doctor to have a pregnancy blood test done.

  • Lucylo

    I’m 11weeks 5days pregnant I’ve had no bleeding at all should I be worried??

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    Actually if you were bleeding at 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant, THAT would be problem. Not bleeding at this stage of your pregnancy is a good thing.

  • Erica Hill

    I’ve been doing a little cramping but my nipples are sore and a little dark could I be pregnant .

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    It depends. If you had unprotected sex around the time you were ovulating, then yes there is a chance of you getting pregnant.

  • chelsea

    My last cycle was march 27th and I ovulated on the 10th of April.. Me and my bf had sex on the 9th.. I took my first pregnancy test yesterday. Do you think thats to early to tell? Im kind of getting worried because I have no implation bleeding.. But my breast and nipples are sore, I have mild cramps in the lower part of my abdomen.. Could that just be a sign that my cycle is coming on? Im worried.. I get my next cycle on the 24th of April.

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    Did you end up with a positive pregnancy test??

  • nikki

    How to know when you are suppose to ovulate?

  • shaquanna

    I had intercourse on may 2,3 and caught my cycle from may 4-7, intercourse again on the 12th, the 15 (fertile ) and again on the 18th my ovulation day. I’m having headaches, nausea, mood swings. I’m due for my next cycle in 6 days. What should I do?

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    Take a test in about 4 days to see if you are pregnant.

  • Amanda

    I had my period from the17-20 of may me and my partner had sex on some days i was fertile, the day before ovulation and on my ovulation day. But i ended up with a yeast infection so we couldn’t continue trying :( My period is expected on the 9th and i haven’t had implantation bleeding or no early signs of pregnancy. I’ve never been pregnant. I hope I’m pregnant but dnt think I’m going to be. What can i do

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    If you had sex the day before and the day of ovulation, that is all that matters. Any time after that would have been too late for you to get pregnant. You should be able to test now to see if you get a positive pregnancy test.

  • Caitlyn

    My fiancé and I had unprotected sex the day my period was due, which was the 11th and I’m not exactly sure when I ovulate. What are my chances of possibly being pregnant?

  • Rosa

    Hi..I became fertile the 5th of June ending on 6/11, and my day of ovulation was 6/10. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex the day before ovulation 6/9 and one day after 6/12. What are our chances of pregnancy? Or should i be seeing Aunt Flow in the next 2 days? Haven’t had implantation bleeding but I’m experiencing back aches, heightened sense of smell and fatigue.

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    Implantation bleeding doesn’t happen for everyone. You timed sex right so you might be pregnant. Good luck!

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    Not likely. You usually ovulate about 14 days before your period is due. If you had unprotected sex earlier in the month, pregnancy is a possibility.

  • Brandi Scott

    does the bottom look like a positive result ?so this is my first time doing an ovulation kit test stips …. so the top is june 26 and the bottom is today june 27 does this mean im ovulating and that to have sex much as possible ? help please .

Last modified: June 3, 2014

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