When Does a Pregnancy Test Turn Positive?

Two pregnancy tests
Along your journey to parenthood, one of the hardest times is what is affectionately known as the “two week wait”. Well, okay, maybe not so affectionately. These two weeks are the time after ovulation until the time when your period is actually due to start and when you can take a pregnancy test to see if you are actually pregnant this cycle.

Unfortunately, pregnancy tests do not run on magic – you cannot take one the morning after you had sex and assume that it will be positive, or negative.

How a Pregnancy Test Works:

In order for a home pregnancy test to show a positive result, something special needs to happen – an egg has to first be fertilized and then it has to implant itself in the uterus. Once this occurs, the pregnancy hormone hCG will begin to be secreted into the body.

A home pregnancy test analyzes your urine to see if there is any hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) present.


Types of Pregnancy Tests

The two most common methods of testing for pregnancy are blood based pregnancy tests and urine based home pregnancy tests. Both test for hCG levels; the only difference lies in that the former tests its levels within the blood stream while the later in the urine.

A positive blood test will usually show a positive result 3 to 4 days after implantation, or roughly 9 to 10 days after ovulation.

For a home urine test, however, a positive result will not be visible until a week after implantation or until you have a missed period. Do not buy into the myth that certain urine tests can give a positive result before you have missed your period. In actuality, only 25 percent of pregnant women will receive a positive home pregnancy test 2 days before they have missed their period. Approximately 40 percent of pregnant women will receive a positive test result the day before they have a missed period. On average, it will take at least 13 days after ovulation for a urine test to first turn positive.

Factors To Consider

Several factors may affect the time it takes for a pregnancy test to first show a positive result. These include the date of ovulation, date of implantation, hCG levels in either the blood stream or urine, and the sensitivity of the test. The date of ovulation is of great significance in calculating when a pregnancy test might first show a positive result, because it signifies that ovulation occurred and fertilization took place. The amount of time either this process, or the process of implantation, may take will differ between women. Therefore, though one woman’s pregnancy test may show positive today, another’s may only become positive a day or two later even if they were to have conceived on the same day.

The hCG levels in the urine and in the blood vary greatly as to the definition of what is ‘normal’ or ‘high’ and this affects how early a pregnancy can be identified. Though you may be pregnant, if you have a low hCG level you will receive a negative result, and it would take a few days for it to become positive. However, if your levels of hCG are at a high level, the blood or urine test will instantaneously show a positive. Also varied is the concentration of urine levels throughout the course of the day. This is why it is recommended that a home urine pregnancy test be done with first morning urine, when urine concentration is at its highest.

Pregnancy tests also vary in sensitivity. Low sensitivity tests tend to detect pregnancy earlier than highly sensitive ones. Pregnancy test sensitivities are indicated in mIU/ml, therefore a test with a sensitivity of 40 mIU/ml will require twice the amount of HCG than that of a test which has a sensitivity of just 20 mIU/ml.

  • SR

    QUESTION: I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, all were negative. My period was due May 10 and here we are at May 30 and still no period. I do have sore breasts and and am more moody than usual but I still have no period. What should I do.

    • At this point, you should go see a doctor to get a blood test.

      • Sherri Brewer

        Hi I’m a mother of 3 wonderful children. 2 girls ages 5 1/2 yrs & 4 1/2 yrs & a 11 month old boy. My periods have always been on time like clockwork & last 4 days long. 3 months ago my period changed. It went from a red color & 4 days to a brown & 2 1/2 days. 2 months ago same thing so I took a test it was negative. Then when I woke up next morning that same test showed a positive result. Last month my period was a week early brown in color & only 1 1/2 days long. Took another test same thing happened again. Negative result but next morning showed up as a positive result. This month I had my period the 1st it was brown again & lasted only 1 1/2 days then I was in e.r. 4 bowel issues. Urine PT came back negative but blood test stated inconclusive. My next period is due the 29th of October to the 1st of November. I don’t have any insurance right now so I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?

  • JJW

    I received a period 2 days before it was suppose to come on and it only lasted 3 days. My breasts are sore, I’m having some stomach pain and I’m constantly feeling nauseated but all the pregnancy test say negative.. What should I do?

    • You should probably go to your doctor so they can pinpoint what your symptoms are indicative of.

  • jo

    I took a clearblue test yesterday and it was positive then took two more and they were negative. This is my fifth pregnancy and hasn’t happened before, I don’t know which one to believe

    • Nyomiie21

      Try another CB digital test today and depending on what it says book an appointment with your doctor 🙂 hope alls ok at you get the result you want! Fingers crossed for u. Best of luck 🙂 x

      • jo

        Thanks I will I have been feeling sick, I think the first picked it up and the others didn’t detect it maybe because it’s too early, thanks fingers crossed

  • chelsee

    ok so I went to the hospital several times for the same symptoms : nausea , ovarian pain , frequent urination etc.. and happen to look at the papers and I looked at the blood tests they ran & it said my hCg level was a 10 !! like Im so confused !! and im still having all the symptoms and there are new 1’s starting !! such as im very moody , a lot of smells make feel like im going to be sick !! what does that mean ?

    • Unfortunately, we aren’t doctors here so we can’t interpret what that could mean. You might want to call the doctor and ask to speak to a nurse. She may be able to help you figure it out.

  • excited!!

    I tested my blood serum at work. The test came out positive but it took about fifteen minutes to turn. Is that accurate since it took so long to turn positive.

  • Hmmm???

    I spotted the whole week prior to my scheduled period and have not felt right. Although my period also started, I still just do not feel right. I have taken several tests, all negative. Very confused.

    • Maybe you should see your doctor and get checked out to see if there is something going on with your hormones that could be making you feel this way.

  • mrs warner

    I may have pcos since i had irregular periods. However i lost weight and it became regulated. Been ttc to conceive. Had intercourse on my fertile days according to the ovulation calendar now i am 15 with out a flow. Should i test?

    • Did you use ovulation predictor tests to determine that you actually ovulated? I don’t understand what you mean that you are 15?

  • Roxanne

    I’m 16 had my period last on the 27/08/14 just came off the pills to have my period now I decided not to take the pills anymore. Before starting to take the pills I had a 25 days cycle my period is only 2 days long. Took 5 home pg tests all neg, only 1 day left in this month still no period PLEASE HELP!

    • It could take a while for your body to return to normal after you stop taking hormonal birth control. You might want to talk to the doctor to see how long it typically takes for your period to return to normal after stopping the pill.

  • Auleilei

    My last period was on august 26 started my period 4days late on september 30 then it lasted 2days and i still have cramps. When should i take a prego test

    • Actually now would be an okay time to take a pregnancy test..

  • daysha

    My last period was in Aug 15 and my period didn’t come for Sept nd its now October 07 with pregnancy sign and I took a PT early nd it said negative what should I do nd need help nd Ihave more to say

    • If the tests are negative, you might want to visit your doctor to find out why your period is missing. There may be a medical reason, like PCOS, that might be causing the problem.

    • JAJ

      I am 10 days late took two pregnancy test both came back positive. The thing is I thought I couldn’t get pregnant and now here I am with two positive test what do I do

      • I guess it really depends on how you feel about having a baby. Ultimately, you will need to do some searching within yourself and do what is right to you. If keeping the baby is part of the plan, I would highly suggest that you contact your doctor.

  • Roxanne

    I went to see my doctor on the 06 of October took a PT and it said negative and as I posted before my last period was the 27 of August. The doctor said I should come back in three weeks time to do another test ,don’t know what to think.

    • Ultimately, until your see your period, you should keep in mind that pregnancy could be possible even with the negative tests. Eat healthily and take care of yourself as if were pregnant. If the period doesn’t arrive by the 3 weeks time period, you might want to demand that the doctor do a scan or blood tests to see if they can figure out why your period stopped.

    • Julie

      I have same my last period was 27 August I was six days early. My period still has not come I took sample to docs and results came back negitive. I am feeling all the symptoms tender breasts, mild cramping, feeling sick and tired! Please advise. Thanks

      • Julie

        Was meant for forum x

  • Kelly

    I took a pt this morning an as soon as I am done before I lay it down it’s says negative.. Is this right? I’m two days late an no signs of period..

    • You can’t assume you aren’t pregnant by a negative pregnancy test even when your period is already late. Either you need your period to arrive, get a positive pregnancy test or have a doctor perform an ultrasound to definitively know whether or not your are pregnant.

  • sydneyrae

    So, I need help.
    My pregnancy test had a faint negative line. Hasnt ever been that faint, you could barely see it, but you could tell it was there, ya know? I’m almost two weeks late, on my period. When should I test again? My periods are regular.

    • You should probably test again now. It almost sounds like you had a defective test if the test line was as light as you say.

  • sona

    Last month I had a brown discharge for 3 days after we tried for a baby (for the first time) and the doctor says its just ovulation blood and there is nothing to worry about!!
    Now in this month my period is already one week late..
    Today I took the PT test and it turned negetive..
    I totally dont have any idea of whats wrong with my period and even I dont know weather I am pregnant or not.. there is even no symptoms of being pregnant!
    Can you tell me whats wrong with me!!?

  • Amy Manovsky

    Ok i had a full period last month this month i had a light period but it was one day early an only lasted 2 or3 days an stoped then i had sex an i spotted but my breast r extremely tender my stomach is cramping an im nauseous through out the day i took a test an it said negitive with my other 2 kids i disnt find out till i was 2 months someone please help me

    • Sounds like you need to see your doctor to see about getting an ultrasound scheduled as pregnancy tests don’t typically work for you.

  • claire

    So I had my period on the 20th of august then when the september one came it wasn’t the right colour it was more browny black and lasted a maximum of 48 hours. I have been having unprotwcted sex. Usually my periods last for 5-7 days. Now there is no sign of the october one either. Ive had 3 negative tests im really tired. I already have a 2 yr old. And my periods have been normal since I started them. Any help will be muchly appreciated.

    • Either you are pregnant or you have a hormone imbalance going on. If you are pregnant, you should be coming up to the 2 month mark if you count the sorta period in September as you were already pregnant and you were just having early pregnancy bleeding. If your period doesn’t arrive, you should probably go to your doctor to find out what is going on.

  • maira

    my ovalution time strart from 30 sep ad get end on 5th oct then i have unprotected sex on 11 oct ,after all i get my period gone missed for this reason i hv take prgnency test on on friday morning in oct , i get my result negative , now its confirm that i m not pregnent pls help soon , i worried

    • So, your period was from Sept. 30 to the 5th of Oct.? You said ovulation in your post but ovulation doesn’t last beyond one day. You had unprotected sex at the right time to get pregnant unfortunately so until your period arrives or your doctor gives you an ultrasound, you can’t rule that out. Sorry for the bad news.

  • mommytobe

    Had my period 9/08 for five days ( normal length) this month on 10/06 I started my “period” that lasted two days the third and fourth day I was spotting brown blood. Nothing that covered a pad or anything . my boyfriend has started having a crave mcdoubles sleeping later than normal and getting tired quicker in the day. While ive been having bad migranes as well as feeling exhausted at work. I did have cramping that came a day before 10/06. But when I’m menstrating cramping lasts days before a period .. Could I be preggo ? And if so, when should I test?

    • If you are pregnant and just had early pregnancy bleeding (the “period” on 10/6) you should be able to test now as you would have gotten pregnant in September. I am not sure if you typed the post right because you’d have a very tuned in boyfriend if he was craving the McDoubles on your behalf 😀

      • Kelsey

        Okay! I’m so confused!! My last period started November 5th!! I have taken so many hpt and they’ve came out negative! I have horrible migraines! Bad bad cramps light headed ness! And throwing up!! And good lord gaining weight!!’ -_- Can someone please help me! I just want to know!!

        • Kelsey

          My stomach

  • Dimples5941

    I had a normal period in September. I have a 32 day cycle that lasts 4 days. Usually have a heavy flow/clots/etc. I started my “period” in October 6 days early. It was very light for 2-3 days and then gone. No clots-could have probably worn 1 pad/tampon for the entire thing. I was scheduled to start my period yesterday so I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. Do you think I could be pregnant but testing too early? It seems as though if what I experienced was implantation bleeding that ended 4 days ago, I would be producing enough hcg to show on a test (25 miu). Thoughts?

    • It really depends on when you started your period in September. If it was implantation bleeding you would need to wait about 10 days after the initial bleeding to test to allow the hcg to build up to levels detectable by pregnancy tests.

  • heather

    I had my period on September 30th, and only lasted 4 days, I’m not due for my period until the 30th of October, I had what I believe is implantation bleeding 2 days ago I’m just feeling off and was wondering what my chances were for getting pregnant.? I just came off of my birth control a month ago but it had been expired for a year.

    • Well, if you were using expired birth control, if you had sex around the time you were ovulating, you could be pregnant.

  • Roxanne

    So I had a period on oct 20 it’s been 4 days and I’m still bleeding normally my period is only 2 days.

    • 2 day periods are not the norm unless you are on some sort of birth control. 4 days is more normal. If you continue bleeding, go and see your doctor.

  • Miracle

    My last period was sep16 2014, I ovulated October 8th 2014 and was intimate with my husband on day of ovulation. A couple days later, I knew I had conceived I felt different, sore swollen breast , sore butt, tiredness. Food cravings and over eating. I took the HPT on the 16th, 17th, 20th & 21st and they were all negative , I did blood work and my doctors office yesterday and found out today the 23rd that I am pregnant. Exactly a year ago, I found out I was pregnant with a HPT which turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy I lost my baby and my right tube 12 weeks into my pregnancy. With a history of fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cyst, it places me at high risk and it’s a miracle that I am able to conceive without medical intervention. I was told that it was impossible by doctors in the past.
    If I may add, last time I had a failed pregnancy I had a weird dream of aliens draining life out of my stomach before I even knew of been pregnant ( first time was unplanned and unexpected) this time I dreamt possible dreams with multiple kids alive and well. I hope and pray for healthy babies.

  • Roxanne

    I have my period on oct 20 it’s been 4 days and I’m still bleed normally my period is only 2 days

    • 2 day periods are not the norm unless you are on some sort of birth control. 4 days is more normal. If you continue bleeding, go and see your doctor.

      • Jaila

        I had a 2day pierod and came off when to loo and there was snotty mucus and ting of pink init and also” I have smoggy blob and it’s got brown in help!! X

  • Noelle

    My ovulation days were Oct 6 to Oct 10. I took a pregnancy test on Oct 20 and it was negative. On Oct 24 it was positive. How do I know when I conceived?

    • You only ovulate on a single day. You are fertile surrounding that time and if you had sex several times within that fertile time period any of them could be the one that was responsible for you getting pregnant. Without knowing how long your cycles are and when you ovulated, there is no way of telling what date you may have conceived.

  • Jenny

    I hear that you can take a ovulation test for a hpt and that it’s more sensitive and can tell you days before a hpt is that true

    • Not necessarily. The two tests detect different hormones. HCG and LH are similar in molecular make up. If you were to wait until you missed your period, and used an ovulation test as a pregnancy test, you may see positive results. But testing extra early most likely will not give you positive results because it most likely will not be able to detect the minute amounts of hcg in early pregnancy. If you are trying to find out if you are pregnant before you miss your period, your best bet would be to use a pregnancy test because it is created to detect hcg specifically.

  • Brittany

    Ok so. My period (or what I think was my period) was on Sept 23rd(-28th) and my ovulation days were Oct 4th-10th. I was suppress to start my period Wends (22nd) but I didn’t I took a test amd it was negative. But still no period thus far. I had done light spotting couple days ago (due to sex it typically happens and then I kick start my period majority of the time like that. Could I have tested too early some how? I’ve been wrote out lately and lower back has been killing me, craving/eating/ drinking things I’d never easy because I don’t like them. And for pickles which I love I can’t stand them currently. I’m getting some headaches, eating more frequently throughout the day, and I’m randomly gagging (even though it’s all day just think it’s funny that it happens in the morning) so badly that I’ll throw up (early morning like 1am), and I’ve never had a gag reflex like that ever. My mom said my sister went through the same thing with all of her pregnancies. Could I be pregnant and just need to retest in the beginning of Nov? Really hoping that we are, we have been trying for quite some time now. :- thank you in advance for your response.

    • If your period was due on the 22nd, then testing now would be fine as you are definitely overdue. There is always a chance that you are pregnant, until your period arrives. If you keep testing into November and keep getting negative results, you might want to contact your doctor so he can do some tests to find out what is causing your symptoms.

  • help012

    Ok I took a pregnancy test yesterday the control line came up first then about 5 mins later the T line showed up but it was very faint. So I took two more today and the same thing happen. My period was on the 12th but it was very very light which is very unusual. Could I be pregnant or are these false positives???

    • If your period started on the 12th, it could be that you are picking up on a VERY early pregnancy. As you posted this 5 days ago, did the tests get any darker?

  • kaneesha

    Okay I am a month late pt is negative I too one it the emergency room but didn’t do a blood test what should I do

    • Do you normally have regular cycles? Are you taking any hormonal birth control? Have you been under any extra stress, been exercising a lot more or been sick the the last month? All these things can cause a period to be late.

  • Jewels

    So I had my last period on Sept. 29 2014 it has been 31 days and I’m on a 24 day cycle. One Sept. 15th I had light brown pink mucus when I wiped very small amount when I wiped and that lasted 3 days that was 1 week to the day I was suppose to start. Today is 10/30/2014 and still nothing all hpt are still negative as of 10/28/2014. I cant do blood work until next Tues. Has this ever happened to anyone and turned out they were prego? I have never missed a period before.. Any advice would be great, Thanks

    • Have you taken any pregnancy tests since you posted this? The pink cervical mucus that you saw on the 15th could have been implantation bleeding. There have definitely been cases of pregnancy tests just not working. It’s not common but it does happen. Good luck on Tuesday. Hopefully you will get some answers.

  • Monica

    Ok im so confussed my last period was oct.5-7 2014 it was heavy 3 days but stoped fast me and my bf had sex then my ovulation days were 16 and so on…i was supposed to get my period nov.2nd so im 5 days late i took a test on tuesday it was negative but an hour later a slight light pink 2nd line came up but box said dont read results after 5 minutes. so i called my dr and they cant get me in i went to e.r today and dr did urine and blood test and said everything fine so i get home and take another test and its negative without that slight 2nd line this time..im sooo confused idk what to think but that im going thru menopause because im usually on time with my periods unless im pregnant so this is new to me

    • It could be that you are testing too early to get accurate results with a pregnancy test. Test with first morning urine, before you drink anything. You want the pregnancy hormone to be as concentrated as possible when you test. If you had unprotected sex, the chances of you being pregnant are there. As for menopause, how old are you and is this the first time you are a little late with your period?

      • Lillie

        Hello. I’m having same issue. My last period was Jan 9th. Went to Dr to check out 2 times. It showed up negative. They told me to wait until March 9th.and if I don’t get my period then come in again. If it’ll show negative again, I might need to do a blood test. I don’t know what is going on. Been stressing out lately so that might of been a big delay on my period. I need advice. Thank you.

      • Brianna

        I just had sex with my boyfriend unprotected 2 days ago and he came in me. The problem is my mom is going to get me checked in 3 days. What will happen?

  • Stacy

    I experienced brown discharge for at least a week before my period was due. I believe I confused starting my period on a Monday with just more spotting because I do not recall seeing blood on any tampons it was mostly brown and not a lot at all. By the end of the day Wednesday I did not need to use a tampon anymore. This is very rare because my periods are always full blown for about 4 days. I missed one, maybe 2 ortho-tri-cyclen lo pills this month and then had unprotected sex. I did not double up on the pills the day after I forgot. I took a pregnancy test that Friday but it came back negative. I’ve had some nauseas and not as much of an appetite. I will take another test on Wednesday. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t read positive. Any thoughts??

    • Maybe you aren’t pregnant and it is just your body’s reaction to the flux in hormones due to you missing taking your birth control.

    • lauren

      took a pregany test today negative 15 days late no symtons

  • Shawna

    I’m trying to conceive my last period was 10/8/14 I haven’t got my period this month is it to early to test its only 3 days after my missed period any one with in put please reply

    • No, as soon as you have missed your period, you can take a pregnancy test.

  • Kelsey

    My husband and I are TTC. I took an ovulation test on 10/22 that tested positive. We then had sex on 10/23 and 10/26. I was due for my period on 11/12 and still have not gotten my period which is abnormal for my cycle because my period usually occurs in the morning of the 28th day of my cycle. I have not had my period yet. When would be a good time to call my OB/GYN?

  • Guest

    Hello, I had my Mirena removed on Oct 30th of this yr. I spotted for a couple days then it stopped. On November 3rd I started what I thought was my period and it lasted till the 11/7. I’ve had sex about 3-4 times since the removal and they’ve all been about 3 days apart from each time. I bought an ovulation kit (test strips) and tested yesterday and today with both days positive….but I started bleeding yesterday (old blood, brown …sorry aboout the TMI). My husband and I are trying to conceive as soon as we can but Im so lost with all these mixed signals!? Help please!

    • Unfortunately, it sounds like your body is trying to get back to hormonal balance. If you got a positive on the ovulation strips, I would say ignore the spotting you are having and have sex with your husband anyway, as soon as possible today.

  • Tiffany

    Hello, I had my Mirena removed on Oct 30th of this yr. I spotted for a couple days then it stopped. On November 3rd I started what I thought was my period and it lasted till the 11/7. I’ve had sex about 3-4 times since the removal and they’ve all been about 3 days apart from each time. I bought an ovulation kit (test strips) and tested yesterday and today with both days positive….but I started bleeding yesterday (old blood, brown …sorry aboout the TMI). My husband and I are trying to conceive as soon as we can but Im so lost with all these mixed signals!? Help please!

    • Unfortunately, it sounds like your body is trying to regain it’s hormonal balance. If you got a positive on the ovulation strips, I would say ignore the spotting you are having and have sex with your husband anyway, as soon as possible today.

      • Tiffany

        I totally agree with that! I hope my body will snap out of it and we can get a positive preg test soon….it’s just hard to plan the right timing until I’m back within normal hormonal balance. Thanks for the feedback Vickie!

      • Tabitha

        I’m late di

      • baby

        Hi last my period on 13nov 2014 .i took test on 27dec i came negitive.now 7jan2015 i have irregular period some time white watr discharge i have frequent urine am i pragnant ?………

      • alydsa

        Hey Vicki .. I just need to know someone’s opinion I had sex on February 14 & i haven’t started my period I was suppose to start March 4th but yeah I took a pregnancy test it came out positive but was faint and the next morning it came out negative ?

    • celeste

      Hello. I had my Mirena removed in March. We have been having intercourse regularly, and my period was due this past Tuesday. I took a hpt on Monday and it was positive. Took another hpt on Tuesday and it also was positive. I went to urgent care also on Tuesday, took a test and it tested negative. Today is Saturday and still no period. Have been dizzy off and on for weeks! I hope your cycle gets on track soon!

      • Tiffany

        So, did they do a blood test at the urgent care? I’d stay positive and test in a week. Hopefully you will have another positive result! So if you dont mind me asking….you had your Mirena taken out in March, so its taken you this long to get “hopefully” pregnant? I’ve heard couple getting prgnant right away after the removal for the mirena and then I’ve heard it has taken coupe over 6 to 12 months to get pregnant! I know everyones different but that’s crazy! I pee’d on another ovulation test strip this morning and it was positive again and now I barley (very very light pink color) see anything when I wipe! I’m just as lost today but we will continue to try today! Well i wish you all good luck and please keep us updated!

  • tw

    I went to the doctor today and they said my pregnancy test was positive they took another test that read negative but then turned positive but the thing is my husband has had a Vicetomy for over 20 years is this possible..

    • Well, if you haven’t had sex with anyone else, and the tests keep coming back positive, then yes, it is possible. Vasectomy failures decades after the procedure are relatively rare but do happen.

  • Tiffany

    Okay, exactly one month ago me and my boyfriend had sex. I took a pregnancy test about two weeks afterward. It came back negative. But, I have a slight “growth” on the top part of my belly. (above belly button) I have been feeling sick but I haven’t actually threw up until today. I did have my period on the 1st of November and i don’t remember when I got off. I have no idea what to think or do..

    • It sounds like something other than pregnancy is happening for you. You might want to schedule a visit with your doctor.

      • Amanda

        Okay, so tomorrow makes me 2 weeks late for my period. I’ve had a little blood the first week late of my period on and off for about 3-4 days. I Feel sick all the time, I pee a lot, I’ve gotten a little sick sometimes, I’m tired all the time, but I’ve also taken 3 pregnancy test and all have been negative. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m over reacting :/

        • Definitely sounds like something is going on. Hopefully the doctor visit helped sort things out for you.

  • lauren

    i am 2wks late pregnancy test negative no symtons

  • Jess

    Hello, I was suppose to get my period between the 16th and the 18th. I am now a week late. I know for a fact that I ovulated between the 9th and the 10th. I have slightly sore nipples and an occasional nausea over the last 3 days. Yesterday I went to the doctor and they did a blood test nd it came back negative.can implantation take longer than 10 days, is it possible for the blood test to be wrong, and could I still be pregnant? If so should I retest and when?

    • If you don’t get your period, there is always a chance that you are pregnant. If all the tests keep coming back negative, there may be another reason for the missing period. Implantation can take longer than 10 days. 10 days is just an average.

  • nia

    I need help… Okay today is the 26 and the month is almost over can I still have a period… Keep in mind my period last for 5 days

    • Yes, you can still have a period.

  • queen32

    Morning , well starting this conversation off , this is my first time here , usually I’m 28 days . Been a while since , I jumped around each month. About a week and a half ago . I started to experience head ache , dizziness , nausea without vomiting , tired , sleepy , just this Friday at work . The food was heating up , which is Mac & cheese. Since being their never , had a issue far as the smell . This time i was smelled that omg . I felt to vomit but didn’t . We also had a gathering every one cooked ; while eating for some reason I could not finish. Then threw it away drank some spirte, in order to rid the nasty taste . Moving along no period yet , Friday before leaving ,definitely feeling sick . My body was aching head ache dizzy, barley made it home . Usually I love walking , I ended up on the bus to reach close to home. Ovulation started on the 6 to the 12 . Recently I did feel cramping , betwwen ovulating and now. As of right now I don’t feel like myself, maybe its in my head like a couple of times before, only lead to disappointment. When I calculated my period . In return it gave me the 25, but I recalculated it I then received the 29 . I’m lost I will wait I guess , don’t want to get excited . I don’t know , in my closet I have a pregnancy testing kit , I just refuse to test only to see no I am not. Been trying for a longgggggggg time .

    • Your period should have arrived or you must have given in and taken that pregnancy test 😀 What were your results?

  • I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I went to my reproductive end specialist on 10/24 and was told blood work showed ovulation this month later that day I saw implantation bleeding. I missed my period on 10/27 took a test on 10/28 actually I took two test at the same time that morning and got two positives, later that night I took 3 tests all were negative. I took a clear blue the next morning it too was negative. Am I testing too early or just not pregnant?

    • Typically, if you get a positive result, the test is picking up hcg. If you didn’t get any more positive results, you could have had an early miscarriage.

      • Thanks for replying i got two more positives on 12-2-14 today i go to the doc to confirm and check my beta

        • Congratulations! I have my fingers crossed for high numbers on you beta!

          • I am taking several pregnancy test and the lines are getting darker is that an indication that my hcg levels are rising?

          • Usually, that is exactly what it means. This only a good indication early on in pregnancy though. At some point, the test won’t have anymore ability to get any darker.

          • Hey just wanted to send you some good news about my betas on 11/2/2014 it was 27.2 on 11/42015 it was 99.3 so I hope and pray everything continues to go well, thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me. Also, I was going to ask you do you think my doctor should want to continue to monitor my beta, his nurse said at this point he is not concerned and everything is progressing and we are having an ultrasound on 12/18…..my beta numbers seem a bit low for 5-6 weeks???

          • My guess is that you will see a big jump in the number at the next beta check. For 5 weeks, the number you listed is still in the range. It could be that the egg implanted later that you expected meaning that the hcg numbers will be a little lower than expected.

  • anxiousmum

    Hi lovely ladies! So I am feeling really anxious at the moment…my last period started on the 25th of October& now I am 9 days late for my next period..my partner and I are trying for our second child. I took a hpt this morning and could faintly see a very very very faint second line..I couldn’t help but take another at lunchtime and it was definitely negative. I didn’t want to get my hopes up but am definitely feeling tender boobs, nausea& tiredness for the past week. My periods have been irregular up until about 6months ago when they have been running like clockwork…is it possible to purely be a case that they have gone back to being irregular?

    • If you saw a faint positive, it could be that the hcg levels are very low right now. Try again tomorrow with your first morning urine and see if you can replicate your positive test, but hopefully this time it won’t be so faint.

      • anxiousmum

        I tried a different hpt& no second line this morning. Just a shadow as to where the line would be. 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • Marylin Gomez

        Hi my last menstrual period was on December 15 2014 n it lasted 1 week up until December 22 2014. How long do I have to wait to take a home pregnancy test to come out positive. Please help need an answer quickly thank you

        • You should be able to take one now if you haven’t already.

  • Most likely you aren’t pregnant if you didn’t have sex after your period. If the headache doesn’t go away, you really need to see a doctor about it.

  • alize

    im confused, my first day of my last period was on November 19th,which was very light compared to others months. I went to the ER because I wasn’t feeling good, they did a blood test and it came back positive for pregnancy and the doctor said I was about two weeks pregnant. next day I took a urine test and came back positive as well, but ive read that this is just the ovulating stage of it.what does that mean? I might just be in denial, I do want this baby but with my other pregnancies I found when I was more than 6 weeks. my question is, am i pregnant? or am I not gonna know for sure till after two more weeks? please help me understand all this

    • If all the tests are coming back saying you are pregnant, then I would guess that you are. It could be that your last period wasn’t actually a period but rather early pregnancy bleeding. Take a pregnancy test again in two week’s time. If you are truly pregnant, you should get an immediate positive result. If you start bleeding again when your period is scheduled to arrive, you might want to get the doctor to check you over to make sure everything is okay.

      • alize

        Thank you very much for your reply. im just beyond excited but at the same time don’t want to get my hopes up. this would be my third child after 5 years. I will do that after the week of my scheduled period that I should supposedly be getting this month

  • sammy

    Ladies, I’ve been on the depo injection for 9months my last being on 25th July (20wks ago) for the past week I’ve been really tired, thirsty and occasionally my boobs will throb. I’ve not had a period in 6 years due to being on minipill prior to injection. I took a test yesterday morning to find it was negative, could it be too early to test or could it be my hormones balancing? Any suggestions? Thanks sammy

    • That is really hard to say what is going on. If you haven’t had a period, then the chances of getting pregnant aren’t very likely. You might want to go to the doctor and get fully checked out to make sure everything is okay. If you aren’t pregnant, you might want to consider taking a fertility supplement like FertilAid to help balance your hormones and start your cycle back up.

  • Kayleen B.

    Hello ladies, I am on ortho tri cyclin low. I was very sick in Oct so I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I had a cycle in starting around Nov 10th, it was very light more spotty. Now it is Dec 11 and I am a week and a half late for my period. I have taken 3 hpt and all negative. Not sure if it’s just too soon and levels aren’t high enough to show positive and I am pregnant or not. Thanks 🙂

    • Unfortunately, due to the fact you were spotting, it means that the birth control wasn’t working as well as it should have been. http://www.walgreens.com/topic/faqhome/questionandanswer.jsp?questionTierId=600006&faqId=600022 Due to your illness, your cycles could be off because of that as well. There is no way to really tell so if you had unprotected sex during the month, you could be pregnant because the birth control might have not been working as well as it should have been. You might want to contact your doctor if you are concerned.

  • Brit

    Looking for some help! (Keep in mind it is now December 11) I had been taking bc for 5 years. Stopped sept 3. Since then I had a period sept 6 and oct 26 (my cycle has always been irregular) I never got a period in nov. For 3 weeks now (since November 21) I’ve had nipple tenderness with very painful breasts. Also during that time I experiemced mild cramping off and on. 4 days ago I noticed bleeding which I thought was an early period 5 days past ovulation, which to me felt odd, I had a sharp cramp/pulling pain on the left side that lasted about 2 hours. It started first day heavy bleed then tapered off to some spotting off an on. It is now day #4 and I noticed what looked like orange-yellow spotting that then went to a brownish-red. I’ve never had a “period” bleed in this pattern. My breasts are still very tender and noticed blue veins showing in both when I take bra off. I have read much about implantation bleeding but curious if it could go away and start in my pattern. I’ve had a bit of frequent urination but not to bothersome. Could I be pregnant? If so is it to early to test? Could I have been pregnant since I first started the symptoms? Please help.

    • You should probably want to take a pregnancy test to see if that shows up positive as you have been feeling the symptoms for several weeks. The cramp and pulling feeling you felt most likely wouldn’t have been due to implantation. It sounds more like ovulation pain. Are you positive you ovulated 5 days prior to that?

  • mori1223

    I had what I think was a period on Sunday lasted a day and half started out red spot then I placed a tampon on it was med full by bed time and only used one after that nothin I wiped and it was old blood is what it looked like , before that last month I have sex in my ovulation time frame nov 27 what’s going on when can I test

    • If you ovulated on the 27th, your period should be almost due now (if you have a regular 28 day cycle). You could probably test now.

  • Vitoriar

    I had intercourse days before ovulation and the day estimated for my egg to release is it normal for me to have a period 5 days early please help. I’m so worried and confused.

    • Did you have a period? It could have been implantation bleeding. If the period didn’t come on fully, you could probably take a pregnancy test right now.

  • Louise

    Hi I need help fast!!
    My son is 9 months old, 11 weeks ago me and my partner (now ex partner) had unprotected sex since I’ve seen my periods as normal but these past few days I feel like I’m pregnant ,Today I took a pregnancy test and it’s saying negative !! I don’t want another baby, it feels like there’s a baby inside me! do you think that the test was more accurate beings as I haven’t had sex since?

    • If you are feeling pregnant, you might want to get the doctor to give you a blood test just to make sure. Pregnancy tests stop giving a positive result sometimes when the pregnancy hormone way over the threshold of what it detects.

  • GiaMiaMills

    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex about a week and a half ago two days before I was suppose to have my period. When I went to the bathroom about a half and hour after intercourse I saw some bleeding, which was very light. My period hasn’t come on, so two days ago I took a test which came back negative. I’m planning on taking another one in another week and a half. Then going to the doctor if I receive a negative one again. I stopped taking birth control about 6 months ago. And I have a condition in which I bleed very heavy for 8-10 days when on my period, so I was given the birth control for that. I have been having pains in my stomach, and at times it feels as if my period is on but it just clear discharge. I have had high stress levels as well. I’m very confused, I don’t mind being pregnant I just would like to know if I am. My boyfriend says it’s stressed, and since I haven’t had intercourse in so long it threw my period off. My mother says the same…. My mother working in a hospital and my boyfriend finishing his degree in medicine I want to listen to them. But living 22 years I think I know my body. I believe I truly am….. Pregnant that is. Please help.

    • Well stress can cause the delay in your period. Not having sex won’t throw off your period though as your boyfriend suggests. The only way to know for sure is to wait and keep testing. Sounds like you have a good plan for timing your testing.

  • Arsy

    Hi, I am new to this blog. I am trying to conceive for past six years and underwent infertility treatment in 2009, 10 and 13 but no success. I had my last periods on 3/11/2014. My periods were 35-40 days cycle(and I am polycystic) which are quite regular from last three months app 33 days. Now, it has been 11 days since I missed my periods. I had a little spotting 4/12, 9/12(light pink) and 13/12(night,red) when I wiped. I have on and off cramps as if my flow will start. I am having a lot of slippery transparent discharge. I did four hpts and all came out negative. Now today my boobs become sore and I am not able to touch them. I visted GP last week an she refused to do blood test saying that these days HPTS are very accurate. Just want to check with other ladies if they had same symptoms (specially the blood on 13/12) with negative HPTs and later on they found BFP. It is so frustrating to see negative when you feel you are pregnant. 🙁

    • Sorry you are not getting help from your doctor 🙁 I’d say keep testing to see if perhaps your dates are a bit off. Definitely sounds like you have a hormonal imbalance (which would be typical with pcos) occurring due to all the spotting if you aren’t pregnant.

  • momof3

    Hello, I am pregnant but I don’t know how far along I am. I have had irregular periods for over two years. I had some bleeding the first week of October 2014, then I spotted for maybe 2 days on October 24, 2014. Still waiting for my dr appointment. Just curious

    • Unfortunately, due to your irregular cycles, no way I can estimate for you. You will have to wait for that doctor appointment and an ultrasound to help you figure it out.

  • hopefulern

    I am consistent each month with my cycle (latest day 32) and am currently on day 43 without a period and with all negative pregnancy tests to date. Last test (blood test) done at 5 weeks. Should I give up hope or is there still a chance that I am pregnant? My RE wants me to take provera to start my period, but I feel like waiting awhile longer to see if I get a positive hpt. I have no reason why I am so late, never missed a period before…ever! Thoughts…..

    • If you have an RE then I would follow what he suggests. But before you do, you could ask him for one more blood test just to make sure.

  • scaredyoungwoman

    Hi, my last period was around 3/4 weeks ago… I have been feeling sick, my boobs are sore, headaches, keep going dizzy and a lot of tiredness. Could I be pregnant?

    • scaredyoungwoman

      I have also had unprotective sex a couple of days after my last period?

      • Unfortunately, based on your chosen username on your post, pregnancy is a possibility if you had unprotected sex. Depending on how long your cycles typically are, you might be able to take a pregnancy soon to find out.

        • scaredyoungwoman

          Thanks, would you possibly know when I will able to to take a pregnancy test for a proper result?

          • You can typically take a pregnancy test about 2 or 3 days before your period is due. Of course, the closer you are to the day your period is supposed to arrive the better.

  • What were the results of the pregnancy test?

    • ela

      Hi ladies out there…..
      I got my periods on 12 th Nov which lasted for 3 days.I have irregular periods.now that after I got some brown discharge foe the past three days that too only spotting.can it be implantation bleeding ? I checked for urine test, it showed negative…. what shld I do ? Pls help….. I am 28…..

      • If it was implantation bleeding you should be able to test now to find out if you are pregnant.

  • Jenn

    I had a baby on Oct 24th. I ended up having unprotected sex a couple times in November. The last time was on Nov 24th. If l were pregnant, would I have a positive hpt by now?

    • I would think you should be able to get a positive result by now.

  • Xenogears25

    I took a pregnancy 3 days and 2 days before my period is suppose to be here and the both came out positive. Should i wait to see if my period does come before making my appt at the clinic they where both light pink lines. I am drinking prenatal pills to be on the safe side dont know what to do since 6 months ago i got pregnat and ended up getting a DnC?

    • It’s never to early to get an appointment for the doctor. You could always call and ask their opinion as to the timing of the visit.

      • Xenogears25

        I did go in today and got my tests done and according to my hcg level i am 3 weeks. I have my first OB in February. But i am concerned that i am having pains on my ovaries. Is this normal they are sharp pains and also cramp like menstrual pains. Ty vikie for you responses

  • Jen

    I had my period on 11-27-2014 and I have a regular 28 day cycle. My husband and I had unprotected sex on December 7th. I am having some pregnancy symptoms. Is it too early to test? My period is due on the 24th. (in 2 days)

    • Your timing was right so did you test?

  • jojo


    • It could have been early and you drank too much fluid before you tested the second time. Have you tested again since that point?

  • scarednewmother

    I recently found out that I was pregnant and I am around 4-5 weeks pregnant, I’m a concerned for my baby’s health because I have started bleeding dark red blood with bits of black in. I don’t think this is normal? Are you able to advise me on this? Thank you x

    • You really need to address this with your doctor. Many women have early pregnancy bleeding and go on to have a successful pregnancy.

  • Pete

    I took one pregnancy test the first time and it said positive but the first one was cheaper than the two and third and then I took two more and they said I wasn’t but the third one was already a negative sign so I’m lost which one would you go by?

    • Were you testing at the same time of day with the same amount of liquid consumption? If you are very early in your pregnancy, it could be that you are diluting the pregnancy hormone by drinking fluids.

  • Tammy

    Hello My husband and I have been trying for longer than a year! I am 4 days late, I’ve never been late in my life. I’ve taken 2 tests both negative. Not sure what to do! Is it to early to test?

    • If you are late, it’s not too early to test. But having said that, if implantation happened later than it should have, it can take a bit longer for the pregnancy test to show up as a positive.

  • Rebecca Martinez H

    I had to be on my period the 19th of December on the 24th I took a home pregnancy test and the top pink line spear 10 min later a light pink line pop out but I bearly could see it. I been having cramps with no bleeding. My Breasts hurts and I have diarrhea could I be pregnant?

    • That is most definitely a positive pregnancy test! I’d try another one in the morning and I bet you will get a darker line a bit earlier than this one. Congratulations!

      • Rebecca Martinez H

        Thank you…!!!! Now how many weeks will that be of pregnancy?

        • It would be about 3 weeks pregnant 🙂

          • Hawaii29

            Hi Vickie.B

            Well here goes my period was December 10-14 I’ve had sex on the 15th 18th 21st 28th 31st my cycles are normal 28 days today is January 8th my back was lightly sore and pulling breasts a little soft but swollen I did have migraines I feel nausea not so bad but I always think its because i havent ate but I feel the same after eating its not heavy nausea its endurable I been tired longer and sleep in longer this week and last week. My partner did test his sperm and doctor said hes healthy and has high sperm count. I’ve been told I’ve been mean but I guess hes just annoying I really dont know it could be normal moods because I really dont know if its even possible to have early signs before you missed your period. I was always wet and sexually in a mood the middle till the ending ending December during sex …I got wet really easy…after it all its like im kind of back normal not being so wet …..period is this week should be…may I have your respond on what you think could be?

          • bre

            I had my period the exact same days but I only had sex the 18th. But experiencing the same symptoms….

          • Laura

            I was supposed to get my period Feb 17 tested the 18 and have some spotting today but got a negative at the dr he gave a paper for blood in have all the symptoms tho



    • bash

      Yes .You are pregnant I had the same symptoms and it was positive

      • april

        Hello ladies i have a question im 13 weeks pregnant my question im tryna see when i conceived..because i supposedly had my friend on the 8th. Could i have ovulated and conceived in that same week.since i found out jan 29th..thank you ladies in advances

    • Jenny Pacheco

      Hi I’m just looking for some help.. I’m been active since my last period I had sex on March 26,30,31 April 2,4,5?7and10th my fertil days were from the the 4th/9th my last period started on the 26th nd ended on the 31st I been feeling like throwing up back hurting moody nd I been cramping a little bit I’m so pose to get my period on the 23rd but took a test today and it came out negative should I just wait or what can I do I’m scare this would be my first pregnacy

  • bris619

    Hi. I’m very confused. I had a d and c 6 weeks ago and since a week after that we have been trying every other day to conceive. About a week ago I was feeling a bit off so I took a test it showed faint positive at about 5 mins later so I took 2 more within a 2 day span all faint now they are negative. I was thinking a chemical preg but haven’t started bleeding and still have symptoms and its not left over hormones from the mc because my Dr did a preg test at 2 weeks after and it was neg. Do you think its possible that I’m pregnant?

    • Do you know when you ovulated? What time of day are you taking the tests? Are they all at the same time of day with limited fluid intake before you take them? It could be that you are very early in your pregnancy and the hcg isn’t built up to a large enough level yet to reliably show up on a pregnancy test every time you test.

      • Praise

        Hi, I’m 27yrs old. I know im very late for these post. My cycle is 28 days. I had my period 2/24/15, and I have sex all thru with my bf from march 7 to the 15, except the 12. I been feeling back pain and tired about a week now. Also my breast has become a lil tense ( it usually happen when my Period Is Days Due). I been urinating more often then usual, craving for steak n some crazy african food. I’ve taken 2 pregnancy tests three days ago but got a negative result. I was expecting my period yesterday 3/23/15. Today is 3/24/15, took another, negative result again. I’m so confused…

  • madeeha

    My last periods came on 1-12-2014 … it was a normal flow for three days … now its been 4 days my periods havent came yet … I took the pregnancy strip test and It was positive at home … can I be really pregnant or I should wait for sometime …. ?

    • Yes you could be pregnant. I’d wait a day and take another test right when you wake up in the morning just to confirm the results.

  • Laura

    Hi, I’m hoping somebody will be able to help me, I’m very confused. My last period was the end of Nov, lasting 6 days (normal) I had intercourse on the 18th Dec. I’ve not yet had another period, although I have been feeling nauseous on and off, emotional, and the last 3 days have had period like cramping although there has been nothing there on the tissue after wiping, slight constipation also, and tender breasts. I took a test today but it was negative, have I taken the test too early? Should I wait until the end of the week until it’s been around 3 weeks after intercourse?

    • When is your period supposed to arrive?

  • Beckyb

    Hi, my last period was roughly 8th dec. I think I ovulated over xmas as I had pain then. Not really following my cycle as we are only talking about tryng for another. Anyway my cycles r normally varied from 25-26 days. I did a test yesterday morning was negative. Last night I had some pinky mucus and a slight bit this morning. Could this possibly be implantation. I think I’m on day 30 now, ovulated roughly around day 16. How soon after implantation can I test.?

    • Actually, it sounds more like your period starting. Did you take another test? You usually ovulate 14 days before your period arrives and implantation usually happens at 8 to 10 days after ovulation.

  • Elsa

    I always have irregular periods, I got my period on November 26th didn’t get it in December and today Janurary 6th I took a digital pregnancy test and at first the 1-2 weeks started flashing and then it stopped and came the not pregnant. What does this mean?

    • Sorry, but I’m not sure. I don’t know how the digital pregnancy tests work. You might want to call the help line for the brand of pregnancy test you are using.

  • tez

    My daughter ad unprtected sex 4days ago her hcg level is 2? She also has pcos? Could she be pregnant?

    • Well, if she had unprotected sex, then the possibility is there. Having said that, a hcg level of 2 is technically not pregnant. With PCOS ovulation is typically an issue so are you even sure she ovulated? You need ovulation and timing sex correctly for pregnancy to occur.

    • Well, if she had unprotected sex, then the possibility is there. Having said that, a hcg level of 2 is technically not pregnant. With PCOS ovulation is typically an issue so are you even sure she ovulated? You need ovulation and timing sex correctly for pregnancy to occur.

  • Becky

    Hi myself and my partner have been having unprotected sex from 16th dec to 2nd Jan when he went away. I’m due a period around now and have noticed some spotting today. Could I still be pregnant ? My friend told me that it is still possible for me to have some bleeding because if I conceived last week then the blood has all ready been produced……. What is the best advice ?? Thanks

    • So did your period arrive? What you could have seen is the start of your period.

  • sue


  • missy

    I had sex on the 26th of December I took a pill with in 48hrs, on the 30 of the same month I had sex again but this time took the pill the next day.then again on 2nd of January I had sex again but this time I did not take the pill, 7days later, I took a pregnancy text and it was positive. I’m confused whether I got pregnant from the earlier sex or the last time.

    • Unfortunately, it is impossible to say when you got pregnant. If you have normal periods, then the date when you were supposed to start your period would be helpful. Typically, ovulation and conception occur about 14 days before your period is due.

  • Estar

    Hi…. My bf and I had sex on Christmas. My cycle was due Jan 3. The past week I’ve had slight cramping, slight nausea, lost appetite, and my boobs are slightly tender but no period. I took a test this morning and it was negative. Is it too early to test?

    • When is your period due? You will only get an accurate result if you take a pregnancy test 3 or 4 days before your period is due.

  • Abby

    I ovulated about 14-15 days ago. My husband and I also had unprotected sex on the day I ovulated. I am now 2 days late and feeling crampy, bloated and constipated. I’ve taken several pregnancy tests. About 4 have come up very very faintly positive. One had a slightly more distinct line, but I’ve also had 2 negatives. Should I wait to take another test? Confused and anxious about what I should do.

    • It really depends on when you are testing. If you stick with testing first thing in the morning before you have drank any liquid, you will get your most concentrated urine and the greatest possibility of a positive result if you are pregnant.

  • Aaanonymous

    We are TTC, I am 12dpo… Had light spotting and brown discharge this morning. All HPT have been negative. I’m supposed to start my period in 2 days. Hadn’t had any symptoms until today, after spotting I’ve been very nauseated and feverish. Hopeful???

    • The spotting you had could be implantation bleeding. If that is the case, you might not get a positive result on a test for a couple of days after your period is due if you are pregnant.

  • Bubbles

    Hey i am new to all this so not too sure what is going on. I have had troubles with contraception and have been taken off the pill, bar, depo provera etc by my doctor. Since i have been taken off everything, my cycle has been an efficient 28 days, very heavy and painful. Have had sex with my bf a lot but use condoms religiously. My last period was 3rd December til 8th or 9th December very heavy and painful. After that i have been having headaches, fatigue, dizziness to the point where i have to sit down, loss of appetite, i have been very emotional, nauseous, tender breasts and itchy nipples, very tired, bloated, i have had a metalic taste in my mouth and can smell things in my normal everyday life that never used to make me gag but now do, and a very thick, white, odorless discharge kind of like curd or mayonaise. I was supposed to have my period 12 days ago. In the last 3 days instead of the heavy flow i am used too i had a pinkish/ brown discharge that lasted 2 days and for the last day a brown- red light flow of blood, that stops and starts. I have had a hpt 3 days after my missed period, another at 1 week and another today that are all negative. My next port of call is to go to the doctor but was just wondering if anyone else has been in the same position?
    Cheers, Bubbles

    • Abby

      I’ve been in kind of the same boat with a bunch of symptoms but negative hpts. Do you know when you ovulated? I’ve heard sometimes it takes up to 20 some days post ovulation for pregnancy tests to even detect the hormone. Good luck!

      • Bubbles

        Thanks for the reply 🙂 gives me an idea of when to test again 🙂 Good Luck to you too!! 🙂

    • You might want to go and see your doctor. The heavy painful periods could be a sign of endometriosis. Endometriosis can really mess with your hormones so it can cause the types of symptoms you are experiencing. Until you get your period, there is always the chance of being pregnant but if you have been using condoms, the chance of pregnancy is pretty low.

  • Angela

    I am 24 days late. Had my 8th hpt last Sunday and it came back negative again. I don’t know what’s happening. We did the deed last Dec6, my last period is Nov20. It’s supposed to come around Dec20 onwards but until now, no signs of period. I only have mild cramps today. Can somebody help me? No other signs of pregnancy though but I’ve been stressing out because of this.

    • Unfortunately, if all the tests are negative, you might want to talk to your doctor about the fact that your period has gone missing.

  • Rosemarie

    I’m 41 days since my last lmp and today I got a very faint line you can barley see it. I know I’m pregnant, I’m super tired, sore boobs and some cramping, but I don’t know why it’s taking so long to show up. All this is doing is driving me crazy.. lol

    • Unfortunately, I’m not really seeing a line on this test 🙁 Having said that, it could be you are one of the women for whom pregnancy tests just don’t work for some reason. If you have been normally regular, maybe a visit with your doctor is in order to see if they can determine if you are pregnant.

      • Moe

        If you click on the pic Vickie B, you can see there is two lines. With my six child i received a test like that. I caution myself and baby, and retested a week later with a digital test just to reassure what was already know…congrats!

    • B

      I can see the line is very faint but it’s there.

  • Abby

    Well I got what i believe to be my period. I’m pretty sure I had a bio chemical pregnancy which is an early miscarriage. Have all the signs. Got 4 post tests then as the days went by the test lounge for fainter and fainter. Normally only happens twice and in25% of women. Prayers for all of you! Don’t get discouraged! Although this wasn’t the result I was hoping for its better knowing a definite answer instead of being on the fence of either being pregnant or not. Seriously ladies good luck! Just remember you have 12 chances to get pregnant a year if not more….. If’ it didn’t happen this month there’s always next month!

    • I’m sorry to hear this Abby 🙁 You have a great outlook for someone who’s had a loss. Good luck in your upcoming cycles!

      • Abby

        Thank you!

  • basilia

    Ok so I have a question and I feel like I am going insane right now.. My LMP was on nov 23 2014… the very end of December maybe a week before the 1st of January I got what I thought was my period instead it ended up being just brown spotting and it only lasted 3 days and it was only if I wiped… I took a HPT and it came back negative 🙁 im so confused… I am moodier then ever and tired all the time and feel sick to my stomach a whole bunch.. But my boobs don’t hurt? ugh someone help please

    • Unfortunately, it sounds like you should be talking to your doctor about this. Something is off – yes, I know you know that 😀 Until you get tested by your doctor, there is no way of know what it is. You could be pregnant, or you could have some other issue going on.

  • Rosemarie

    Hello, So I got 3 faint positive pregnancy tests, One on the morning of the 12 and one on the morning of the 13th, then I started bleeding on the 13th at around 7pm.. only slightly but it was a bright red.. then it stopped, so I woke up this morning and again i was dripping bright red blood.. Im not cramping or have no back aches, but i am feeling a bit nauseous, dizzy and feel like a fever is coming on…

    • If you continue bleeding you will need to go see a doctor to see what is happening. Sometimes bleeding is normal in early pregnancy but other times it can be a sign of an early miscarriage. Hopefully it is just the prior. Good Luck.

      • 20Danielle21

        @vickieB. i have been trying to conceive since a week ago and yesterday is when i saw signs of implantation bleeding…..when should the bleeding stop and when is it ok to take an hpt? im very impatient hahhaa..

      • pearl

        hi on the 21/01/15 I’ve done a hpt mean while was spotting and the result became positive and was so shocked, and I became worried and on the 27/01/2015 I’ve done another hpt and I’m still spotting the result is still positive and it sound so strange, I want to know how possible true?

        • You should probably let your doctor know about what is going on. It’s probably nothing, but your doctor can check you out to make sure everything is progressing as it should.

          • vinnie

            Hey Vicki,
            I had my monthly, Dec 30-Jan 2, ovulation jan 10-16, had sex almost every second day, my monthly came 6 days early, could i be pregnant?

  • svach059

    It says don’t believe you can test positive before expected AF, however I tested postive 4 days before my expected AF (using a home pregnancy test) and the lines progressively got darker leadning up to my expected AF. I know that many women do not test positive this early, but thats not to say you can’t, as I certainly did. And as my husband and I was actively TTC, my numbers are spot on as everything was inputted into my calender. Just thought I would share 🙂

    • Congratulations! Here’s to a happy, healthy 9 months for you and your growing family!

  • Marylin Gomez

    3 minutes ago
    Hi my last menstrual period was on December 15 2014 n it lasted 1 week up until December 22 2014. How long do I have to wait to take a home pregnancy test to come out positive. Please help need an answer quickly thank you

  • Sammy

    Hello dear..my last periods were on 19th of december2014 to 24 th dec…and my ovulation days were 5th and 6 th january 2015…i feel like dizzy all the time,little pain in my lower abdomen,feels hungry but when i eat something feels like vomitting!when should i check if i m pregnant…

    • A pregnancy test should work for you now if you are pregnant.

  • Sammy

    Pls reply its urgent

  • lynkhing

    Hi I have my mentration last DEC. 8,9 and 10 probably this january 4 is my next men station because 28 days and I’m in regular men’s. Expecting it and 7 days delay in the 8,9 and10 days my men’s came but its not like in my normal mentration its light and the color is pink and brown my napkin doesn’t full it such as 1/4 of the napkin stop hour 11 days I had to take pt and after mins. It faint and after more than 1 hour it positive faint more clearer, and I going to my oby and had my transviginal ultrasound and its normal they can’t see any baby I’m 5 weeks and 5 days delayed during my transviganal it is I’m pregnant or not pls. Help

    Thanks a lot

    • I’d think that would be too early for an ultrasound to show anything. You should test again to see if the lines are darker and make another appointment with your doctor in about 2 weeks time. Something might show up on the ultrasound at that point.

  • BritAndJWantAGirl

    Hi Vickie, ok so my last period was right before Thanksgiving and still today I’ve not gotten it. My breasts hurt off and on, mild cramping, nausea, same ole same ole. I had a urine test done at the hospital about a month ago and the result was neg. Is there any chance that I may really be pregnant?

    • Well, taking another test might be in order. Until you get your period, the possibility is there, but a visit with your doctor might be in order. Lack of period can also be a sign of a hormonal imbalance.

  • kellyc

    Hi. I had my lmp 1/1. I believe I ovulated 1/12. Had what I think was ib yesterday and today. Can I test tomorrow morning? ?

    • You can test tomorrow, but chances are the hcg won’t be high enough to give you a positive result. If you have a normal 28 day cycle, your period would be due on 1/28. The earliest I would test would be on 1/24

  • Danielle

    So I have a quick question. I know we shouldn’t look at the results after the time limit. However, I have taken 3 tests that are neg at first, and every one of them end up a positive reading after the allotted time frame….Not sure what to think.

    • It could be that you are testing very early and the levels aren’t quite what they need to be. If you wait a day or two and test with first morning urine, you should see the results show up in the right amount of time.

  • erin

    Hi, my last period was dec 12. It has now been 41 days sense my last period. I took a hpt this morning it was neg. Still no period. I’m having lower abdominal cramping and tender breast. My period should’ve started Jan 18, and hasn’t should I wait another week and retest?

    • That would be a good idea. If it is still negative and no period has arrived, you might want to go and visit your doctor.

  • emilymdr

    My period has changed from being irregular to every 28 days the last few months. We’ve been TTC with no luck. This month I was cramping for a week during ovulation, not painful bit more uncomfortable. This morn I had very light pink discharge for an hour. My period isn’t due till the 3rd. Any advice? Thank you!

    • Maybe it was implantation bleeding. As today is the 3rd, did you take a pregnancy test?

  • Angel

    Me and my boyfriend had sex on December 31, more than once. I had some spotting a few days later. I am having some pregnancy symptoms, like nausea, dizziness, and sore breast. I was suppose to start on jan 13 and didn’t. I took like 5 hpt and all came out negative. So my question is what are the odds the test were wrong

    • Until you get your period, it is possible that the tests were wrong. You might want to go and see your doctor if you are concerned.

  • Alicia

    My husband and I had sex the day before I was to ovulate and we had sex the day after. Ever since then I’ve had dull cramping, very moody and crying and 3 days ago my breasts started to get very sore. This has been since the 20th of jan. My period is suppose to come on Monday the 2nd. I took a test this morning that said negative. I’m not sure what to think. Please advise

    • Did your period eventually arrive or a pregnancy test turn positive?

  • Berry A

    My periods were irregular for quite a few years. PCOS. Since being on metformin my periods are here like clockwork! Had intercourse on dec 25. Period came about 4 days after. Lasted 4 days. Had intercourse again on 17 during ovulation I’m assuming. Period isn’t here yet. Besides deep reddish/brownish spotting on about the 23rd. Period is usually here by 26th. Spotting happened once. Feeling nauseous and crampy. Sex was unprotected. Took test 4 days ago negative. What are the odds?

    • Until your period arrives, there is always a chance. Did you take another test yet?

  • vinnie


    So what do u think?

  • Erica Hdz

    well im confused if im pregnant or not. My last period was on january 03-08 (30dy cycle), Im never irregular or late unless im pregnant. Since i didnt get my period and still havent as of today, I took a pt (clear blue digital) on the 2nd mid morning and it showed PREGNANT. To be sure I took another pt clear blue digitital where it shows how many weeks or so, but this time it said NOT PREGNANT. Should I wait another week or so before retesting if no period yet?

  • Joy land

    Dear vickie B,
    my period is due on 6th feb 2015 today 4rd feb 2015 (2 days before periods) i had serious cramping and heavy bleeding i had to put a pad…my boobs are sore and heavy apparently the bleeding has stopped i put a fresh pad like 4 hrs ago and nothing my cycle is 30 to 32 days and my last period started on jan 5th 2015….Now my question is could the bleeding mean implantation took place? when can i test coz i tested on 2rd feb and it came out negative?

    • Joy land

      Forgot to add that i had unprotected sex from 20th jan 2015 to 24th jan 2015…..

    • It could be. Did your period arrive?

  • Melanie

    Hi, I’m very confusing now. I think I’ve implanatation bleeding before my regular cycle 3 days earlier. The implanatation bleeding was last for 1 day. I checked by pregnancy test kit for twice on day 7 and day 14 after I missed my period, but both shown negative result. I notice I’m very tired even I’ve enough sleep, lower leg sores most day, it is very unusual signs which I do not have previously. Could you pls advise? This.

    • These are not typical pregnancy symptoms so you really need to go and see a doctor to find out what is going on.

  • cookie

    I’m two days late and took a pregnancy test nd it was postive could this be wrong

  • Melanie

    Hi Vikie,

    To add some additional points. My regular menstrual cycle day is 27. My last menstrual was on 27 Dec. I and my hubby had sex on 11 Jan(during ovulation days). The day after my face immediately appeared some acnes. On 18 & 20 Jan it appears a drop of tan color stain in my panties. On 21 Jan, I thought my period came early, it starts appearing a little bit of pinky and brown color discharge from my vagina, after that was red color discharge but it was not continuous, not heavy and no clot. Correction: it was last for 2 days. 1st day the flow is like 3rd days of menses and 2nd day like 4th day of menses.

    After reading some article and found this kind of symptom is called “implanatation bleeding”. If based on 27 day of cycle, my menses should come on 23 Jan but till now is still not come. It has passed 14 days already. But I’ve checked by pregnancy test kit twice, it does not show positive result. Should I wait till if my next menstrual cycle not come and test again? Hope to hearing from your advice. Thanks in advance.:)

    • You can wait until your period is due again to test, or wait a week and try again. If it stays negative and your period doesn’t arrive, you should go and talk to your doctor.

      • Valisha Warren

        Vickie B. Could you help me out please I’ve already posted my situation yesterday.. Thanks

  • Valisha Warren

    Please Help!!! My last period came on 12/24/14-12/31/14 .. I then had to have surgery on 1/16/15 to have my gallbladder removed which also resulted in them finding scare tissue that connected my intestine too my gallbladder. Ok so on 1/25/15 I took a ovulation test and it looked like a shadow of a second line was appearing so I just waited till 1/27/15 and took another ovulation test now this one had two dark lines and i felt all this pressure as if my period was going to come on.. So my husband and I had sex the 27-28 skipped the 29 had sex the 30-31.. After all that No Period Now I’m confused because its now 2/9/15 my nipples are kind of sore I keep getting nausea I’ve been gagging and spitting up I feel this pressure as if I have to pee but when I do its a little bit . I’ve taken 3 test as of today all Negative Plse Help Me Understand This Is My First Missed Period Im Always On Time For My Monthly I Get The Same Feeling Every time Its About Too Come

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, I can’t really help you. As you had major surgery, that could have really thrown your cycle off this month. Regarding the scar tissue, is that endometriosis or was that something created by a previous surgery you had?
      Though if you were ovulating when you were having sex, a positive pregnancy test wouldn’t show a positive result until around the 12th of February. Maybe you are testing too early.

  • Joann

    Hello all, I have been reading these and they are some what helpful, thank you all for sharing. I am very confused as to if I am pregnant or not. My periods have always been the same time every month until I started and stopped BC(birth control). Once I got off BC my period was all over the place until three/four months ago now they are finally back to normal. I have 27/28 day cycles. My last period was Jan.9th-13th I used an OPK from the 19th-24th I was unsure if I even ovulated that month because the lines on the test were not super dark. My husband and I had sex around the 19th, on the 22nd(23rd because it was after 12 midnight) and on the 24th. I did not think much on it after that until my breast were really sore to the touch and felt very heavy, my stomach was crampy a little, and I had to go to the bathroom frequently. I am always feeling sick to my stomach so I did not think twice about that and my back has been bothering me lately. The breast tenderness has stopped but I was supposed to start my period Feb. 5 or 6th but nothing. I have taken four hpt in the course of the last week and all are negative. I think I saw a faint line on a walmart brand equate test but not sure if it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I tested last night and still negative, don’t know if I am pregnant or something is wrong. I have used equate, clear blue, and the equate version of first response and still nothing. I have an appointment set for next week with my doctor but if I ovulated around the time I think I did we wont be able to see any heartbeat yet. I feel like I could really be pregnant this time, I have never been more than a day late ever in the history of my cycles. I am so confused.

    • You timed everything well for you getting pregnant. Have you been taking the tests with your first morning urine? That could make a difference.

      • Joann

        I should have started the 5th or 6th of this month being that my cycles on average are 27/28 days long. They never go over 28 days and have never been more than a day later ever. I have a doctors appointment today but got a bfn on a first response last night and took a one step hpt this morning and not sure if its a faint positive or a evaporation line. I am trying my best not to stress out. I have heard stories of hpt just not working for some women or not detecting any hcg until well into the pregnancy. I used a first response and one step last week and got what looked like two light positives but not sure(again) if it was a faint line or evaporation line. confused :-/

  • Joann

    please help. A little advise would go a long way. I’ve prayed on it, I am just a little nervous. This would be my first child but second pregnancy. A year ago (right around this time.) I found out I was pregnant but it was a chemical pregnancy. It was heart breaking and I told my husband in a cute way for valentines day so I just want to make sure I catch it early and do everything I can to avoid another miscarriage. Thanks!

    • When is your period due? You can typically test about 4 days before that time with the pregnancy tests you get in the drugstore. If you get a positive test, make an appointment with your doctor so you can be monitored as soon as possible if you are concerned about another miscarriage.

      • Joann

        I have taken most of them in the morning with the exception of a couple. Two of the many test I have taken look positive but not sure if they are really just evaporation lines 🙁 one was first response and the other was 1 step. I was supposed to start my period on the 4th or 5th of February I am normally 27/28 days every cycle since it’s gotten back on track. I even tested this morning on a digital ept test and still saying not pregnant. I have an appointment with my doctor Thursday, I’m hoping and praying for good news.

  • Joann

    sorry last thing. This week I am tired, some what moody, having to go to the bathroom every five minutes, back aches, boobs feel heavy but not sore, and I feel like I’ve gained weight (look it too) :-/

  • Linna

    hi, I had my last period on 10th November last year and took a pregnancy test early December and it showed negative. i sometimes miss my period for just a month but now its getting to almost 3 months and its freaking me out. am gaining weight and my breast has become heavy. could i be pregnant?

    • If the tests are coming back negative, you are probably not pregnant. You might want to talk to your doctor about the symptoms you are having so you can get checked out to make sure everything is okay.

  • jlynn02

    Hi I have had a faint positive pregnancy test so I made a doctor’s appointment and they did a urine and blood test both came out negative. I have not had my period I had some spotting a week before my period was do to come. I should be 4weeks today if I’m truly pregnant . I’m very confused rather I’m pregnant or not? I have swollen and tender breast, feeling very teird, can’t eat very well and also nauseated through out my day. I have two kids and with both of those pregnancy I never had to guess. However this is with another partner. So am I or not?

    • It could be that you caught the pregnancy very early on and that by the time you went to see the doctor, you had had your coffee or other liquid which diluted your urine. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for the blood tests to pick up on a pregnancy because they may have a higher level of hcg that they consider a positive result. Wait a couple of day and take another test. If it is still positive, make another doctor’s appointment.

      • jlynn02

        yes I had intake to 16 ounces of water before they did that urine pregnancy testit’s now been a few days sense and I haven’t started my period what she was supposed to start today I did do another pregnancy test and it was positive I do have a doctors appointment Thursday fingers crossed

        • Good Luck!

          • jlynn02

            Big day tomorrow!! I took another test it’s positive. Let’s see what my hcg level is tomorrow. Hopefully its up!

      • jlynn02

        Well missed my period took another pregnancy test it was faintly positive, doctors sent me for blood work and it came back negative! So confused am I or not? I have a lot of symptoms and no period. Doctor really has me feeling insane, I mean I just know I am. What to do?

  • Emily

    Took two HPT both says positive ☺ the only pregnancy symptoms i have is missed period . Cramps that feel like i. bout to come on . last period was 1-9-15 missed period was 2-6-15 .. whats going on?

    • Your body is adjusting to the changing hormones due to the pregnancy.

  • F@ncyF@ce

    Hi i was suppose to get my period the 19th I’m one day late. Took test it was negative i have sore boobs and some lower back pain. Can i still be pregnant.

    • Until you get your period there is a chance that you are pregnant if you had unprotected sex during the month.

  • Nikki

    So me and my so have been trying now on month 2…. so AF is always kinda irregular but always happens within about 2 days from when its due lasting anywhere from 5-7 days… well iv been off since the 14…me and my so did the deed yesterday morning and 4 days after i first had light pink discharge and now its a very deep red almost brown…just a tiny bit tho throughout the day also i just started tracking my ovulation and it says its today… but again i just started tracking it so it could be wrong its just an estimated day on the app and i deff think it is wrong because i have no signs of ovulation also my boobs strangely feel like there burning and thats deff new for me lol.. my question is…could this be implantation bleeding?!?!?!?!? Or am i excited for no reason?? Help? If so whencan i take a test…?

    • Unfortunately, I can’t really guess based on the information you have provided. If the app says you are ovulating now, it isn’t likely that it would be implantation bleeding.

  • mimi

    I was suppose to get my period on Feb 17 but i took a hpt AND it came out negative. so i waited and retested again Thursday and still a negative but still no period. I called my doctor and she said that i have to wait 2 weeks after my period to see a positive test i dont see her till march 2nd what should i do. i have breast soreness and tiredness.

    • Typically it doesn’t take two weeks after your period is due to get a positive pregnancy test. Wait a couple of days and try again.

  • flowgirl2010

    My last cycle was January 29th,i supposed to have got my cycle on Feb 20 but it didn’t come on dat date,i got my iud taken out of me Feb 10th could i be pregnant n my cycle is 4 days late now

    • What type of IUD was it? If it was the copper t one, the delay in period could be related to pregnancy. If the iud had hormones connected with it, like the mirena, then your delay could be due to the removal of the hormones. Your body could take a while to regain it’s natural hormonal balance.

      • Aisha V Smith

        i had the copper one dat last up to 10 years

        • Aisha V Smith

          i could still be pregnant right now cuz from what I’ve calculator from the 5 days i was ovulation n count 7 or 10 days from after i was ovulation

          • Did your period actually start on the 29th? If so, and you expected your period on the 20th, that would be a short cycle of 22 days. Cycles are typically around 28 days long. If your dates are right, then you would have ovulated around February 5th. You would have still had your iud in at that time so you wouldn’t be pregnant.

          • Aisha V Smith

            yes my last cycle was January 29th,it lasts for 5 days,i was ovulation around 10,11,12,13,14

          • How do you know you ovulated around those dates. If it was an app, then that would mean you aren’t due for your period for 14 days after you ovulated which would be around February 28th, in which case, you aren’t late yet and a pregnancy test would not work yet.

          • Aisha V Smith

            i have regular cycle also

          • april

            Hi vicky I have the same.sort of problem,
            My period came on the 28th Feb lasted 1 day and stopped a few times I had light brown but only when I wiped, I’ve done hpt and there negative I did have one with a faint line,but I’m very confused I had this with my first child but never noticed, I feel sick, tierd back ache all the usual stuff, when can inset a positive test?

          • By now, you would have a positive test if you are pregnant.

      • Aisha V Smith

        plus i had a implantation bleeding on Feb 19th

      • Jasmine Heady

        I have a question me an David are trying to get pregnant . now I been on the in plate for 2 years got off of it 4 weeks ago . my nibbles are sore to touch I’m cramping today since 4 am
        off an on . I pee like a race horse . an moody . we took a pregnancy test 2 times all came out negative could it just be to early to tell ?

    • Did you take a pregnancy test?

      • Aisha V Smith

        no not yet n is it too early for me to take a pregnant test right now?

      • Aisha V Smith

        no not yet n is it too early for me to take a pregnant test right now?

      • Aisha V Smith

        on Feb 19th,i saw a string of blood,it was a little bit string of blood n dats it,on January 28th i was cramping really bad than i had my cycle,but now it is February 23th i didn’t even feel no cramping at all could do dat mean I’m pregnant or not?

      • Aisha V Smith

        when i saw the string of blood,it didn’t have any blood clot with it can that mean you are pregnant too?

      • Aisha V Smith

        is spotting without cramps is the same thing as implantation bleeding too?

        • Aisha V Smith

          cuz I’m cussed right now,i start spotted without cramps plus it had stop also

      • flowgirl2010

        have this ever happen to you before,you start spotting without cramps,it be very light red than it stop can dat be implantation bleeding right?

  • Courtney

    Me and my husband had sex 3 days before I ovluated which was on the 8th my period was suppose to start on the 15 but didn’t come until the 20th but it’s only spotting a brown discharge color. Could I be preg?

    • You could be. Did you take a pregnancy test?

  • sharlene

    I am a month late for my period, now feeling sore breasts for the past few days, been craving for some food that I usualy dont eat and gaininh weight. I haven’t taken HPT nor went to the Drs. Please help!

    • I’d suggest taking a pregnancy test as the first step. If it comes back negative, you should go and see your doctor regarding your symptoms.

  • kayla

    I am wondering how long it usually takes after conception for a positive line to show up on a pregnancy test?

    • Earliest after conception would be about 10 days or 4 days before your period (depending on the sensitivity of the test and when implantation occurred.)

      • goingcrazy

        Hi my Last period was Feb 11th not sure when I ovulated I’ve taken several test all negative .my husband and I had unprotected sex everyday after my period ended except for the 21st, 27th and 28th of Feb. I have pregnancy symptoms and most importantly early Thursday morning as in two days ago (1am) I had this awful cramping in the center of my uterus it lasted about 45 minutes and then that was it u have had no bleeding or spotting could thus have been implantation? And when could I see a positive test result if it was? Thanks

  • Lisa

    I went to er hospital on February 24th and it’s negative test and I has diabetes test is stable but before hospital I has high blood sugar so now my diabetes was stable by two days so I start badly cramp on valentine day I feel terribly cramp and cry and shouldn’t sleep so I take three pain for cramp so I lying down after that I feel better now

  • capri88

    I experienced some spotting on the 2/17/2015 for a few hours amen it stopped and it’s 2/25/2015 and I’m experiencing bleeding. I took a home PT and it was a faint positive. Can someone please help me.

    • The first spotting could have been ovulatory bleeding and the second one could be implantation bleeding. You should have a very positive pregnancy test now if you are pregnant.

  • Melanie25

    I usually have a 30-34 day cycle. My first day of my last period was January 15th for 5ish days. I ovulated on February 6th (I take ovulation tests) and I haven’t gotten my period yet and am on day 42 of this cycle. I have taken multiple tests and all so far have come back negative. I would be close to 5 weeks if pregnant I think if it was so. How long do I have to wait for a positive?

  • Kimberly johanna

    I had unprotected sex on February 14th my last menstrual period was on the 6th lately I’ve been having strong headaches I’m sleeping alot and I get really hungry I took a pregnancy test on the 24th of February is it too early ? Is it possible that I could come out positive?

    • If you have a normal 28 day cycle, it was probably too early when you tested on the 24th. Did you take another test?

  • arebayona morrow

    I had took an ovulation test on November 4th and it came out positive, I took a pregnancy test on November 17 and it came out positive, I went on December 16 to get a dating done and I was 8 weeks pregnant on the dot…BUT I do not remember when my last period was which is killing me..I need help! Anybody??

    • If you had normal 28 day cycles, your period would have started about 12 days before you got the positive ovulation test.

      • arebayona morrow

        That’s the thing, I don’t have a 28 cycle I don’t even remember having a period, my cycles are irregular

        • If that is the case, there is no way for me to even guess.

        • Moe

          Think back to what was going on in October…certain events that could trigger you memory as to when you had your LMP

          • Arebayona morrow

            I tried that and i just don’t remember, my periods are irregular so I know I don’t ovulate right

  • Jessica

    I got implanon taken out mid January. Got my first period Feb 3rd. Didn’t really have sex while I think I was ovulating. I still bled while on implanon occasionally and the last time I did was the week before I got it removed which would have been January 3rd. So January 3rd and February 3rd are the dates I bled. Today is March 3rd and I do not feel like I’m going to start. This is the same way I felt with my son and I had BFP the day of my missed period. Today I can’t tell if I have an extremely faint line or not. A few days ago I had only streaks of blood when I wiped and it has now completely stopped. We had sex without a condom on Feb 21st, anytime before that was with a condom. I think Feb 21st was my last day ovulating so I was taking a risk. I was on the pill but I was breaking out badly so I stopped taking it because we want to try to get pregnant in July and my husband is being deployed this week, so I just stopped taking it a month early. Could I be pregnant?

    • Jessica

      Oh…and would a blood test come up positive right now?

      • If you had unprotected sex, there is a chance you could be pregnant. You should be able to take a pregnancy test now to see if you are pregnant.

  • malia

    hi Vickie, I had my period Jan 20 and I ovulated fev 18 and I had sex on Feb 17,18,20 and I took a pregnancy test it was negative help please.

    • It could be that you are just not pregnant this cycle.Try again this month.

  • malai

    hi Vickie need your help please

  • Mally

    hi everyone, I was two days late with my period, I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative, a few hours later I started bleeding, could I be pergnant

    • It sounds like your period was just a little off. Considering that last month was 2 days shorter than normal, that could be the cause.

  • Jlk16

    Hoping someone can help me. I am 5 days before my expected period. I started to get cramps and back pain for the past 3 days but no bleeding and have a high temperature. I decided to take a home pregnancy test yesterday around 10am so not first thing in the morning and it came back positive ( I was so happy! ) This morning I took another and it came back negative and it was my first pee of the day. I went and got a blood test today so I am anxiously waiting results but so nervous as I want this so bad. Can anyone else relate or shed some light on the situation. What are my chances that I am indeed pregnant?

    • At the very early stages of pregnancy, you can end up with positive / negative tests until the hcg level is high enough. Are you still getting positive test results?

  • jennifer

    my last period was febuary 9th i am currently 2 days late and i have a very regular period…. i took a test this morning when i woke up about 930 and i didn’t wait the 3-5 min to read it when i got home about 230 it was a faint positive could this mean that i am pregnant!? or should i test again in the moring? help i hope it means i am pregnant!

    • I am sure you have tested again since you posted this. Are you pregnant?? For those of you out there reading this, if you don’t read the test in the right amount of time, you can’t assume that what you see is the definitive answer. You will have to test again and read within the right amount of time.

      • jennifer

        yes ma’am i am pregnant!!!!!! this will be number 3!!!!! so excited! my husband is deployed he left about a week and a half ago and he has no clue trying to find a cute way to tell him!!!!!

        • Congratulations! 😀 Hope you have a nice easy pregnancy.

          • jennifer

            thank you!!!!

  • Jasmine Cruz

    Hi, the last time I had my period was January 29th.
    I didn’t get it for February because I have a 31 day cycle.
    I had sex 5 times since my last period including yesterday & I haven’t gotten my period. But I’ve been having period like cramps for over a week. I took a pregnancy test yesterday but it came out negative.
    But also, I drank a lot of water (around 16oz) before taking the test so I heard that sort of dilutes it.
    Is there any chance I might be pregnant ?

    • Based on our ovulation calendar, you were fertile on:
      Wednesday 11th February 2015 – A little bit fertileThursday 12th February 2015 – Fertile
      Friday 13th February 2015 – VERY fertile
      Saturday 14th February 2015 – Time to ovulate

      If you had unprotected sex then, you definitely have a chance this month 🙂

      • Jasmine

        Thank you.
        I’ve taken 3 hpt & all negative. No sign of AF either. But today I have a blood test so I’ll keep you updated ☺️

        • Jasmine

          I took this today around 9 AM.
          Positive or negative ?

          I went to the doctor & they didn’t wanna take me a blood test. They did a urine test instead & it came out negative

      • Jasmine

        After 23 days being late, I believe AF came. Very light, no cramping at all. Just started around 2 hours ago but it’s here. Thanks for your help tho.

  • Salala

    Hi Viv

  • Salala

    Hi Vickie,
    My lmp was 15-1-2015… strong pregnancy symptoms, but negative blood test at CD45 and 2 negative pregnancy tests after 40 days. No clue… Stomach is also enlarging just like pregnancy. Please advise whats going on. Any chance of pregnancy???

    • You are going to have to go and see your doctor to see what is going on if your period isn’t arriving and the tests are negative.

  • missy

    Hi Vicki I am very confused by my “period” this month. My last period was right on time February 14 and a normal 5 days with cramps. I should have started my next period March 12, but it came March 7 six days early. I had no cramping. The first day was kinda heavy like normal, day 2 was lighter, day 3 turned into brown, days 4&5 were much lighter brown in color I only used a panty liner and only saw discharge when I wiped. I tested on the 13th the day after I was supposed to start and I was negative. Could March 7th have been my actual period for the month or could this be implantation bleeding?

    • It’s hard to say what is going on with your cycle this month. Typically, implantation bleeding doesn’t look like a normal period bleeding but the timing is right around when implantation bleeding would have started. Have you taken a pregnancy test?

      • missy

        I tested the day I should have started and it was negative. This was different from what my normal period would look like. I usually have really bad cramps, very heavy and bright red in color for the full 5 days with clotes. I didn’t have any of this happen this month.

        • I would test again in a couple of days if your period has not arrived. If you normally have regular periods, until you have your period, pregnancy is a possibility.

          • missy

            I am now 11 days past when my normal period should have started and still getting a negative test result. I’ve been feeling like my period is about to start for the last few days and nothing.

  • lovebug

    Hi, hoping someone can help. Last month i had my period 3 days earlier. This was on the 8th feb, it was lighter than usual but a full period which for me last 3days. Now its March 13 and I was meant to start my period March 7th. I had sore nipples, extreame backache, constipation and hightened sense to smells. My symptoms started going away one by one by one except my backache, constipation and sore nipple(left ). This morning I started bleeding but the cramping picked up again and are very very sore. Im sitting and holding it as I write this. Whats happening to me? Im sexually active but we using condoms, he did however take it off on the 14th feb just before he came , snd came on my vagina. Please help

    • Have you taken a pregnancy test? If it is red bleeding now, it sounds like your period arrived.

      • lovebug

        Im too scared to take one. I don’t know why. the bleeding didnt last long and was nothing like my normal period. I spotted the friday and saturday. Leaving only a little blood on the panty liner. On monday i started spotting again. Pinkish to brown with one small blood clot. The night i started having nausea. Im so scared its all in my head. What are the chances of pregnancy? I find it hard to get up in thr morning, i get up during the night to wee. Before i onky use to wee 3 times a day, im in the loo every hour noe

      • lovebug

        Im too scared to take one. I don’t know why. the bleeding didnt last long and was nothing like my normal period. I spotted the friday and saturday. Leaving only a little blood on the panty liner. On monday i started spotting again. Pinkish to brown with one small blood clot. The night i started having nausea. Im so scared its all in my head. What are the chances of pregnancy? I find it hard to get up in thr morning, i get up during the night to wee. Before i onky use to wee 3 times a day, im in the loo every hour noe

      • lovebug

        Im too scared to take one. I don’t know why. the bleeding didnt last long and was nothing like my normal period. I spotted the friday and saturday. Leaving only a little blood on the panty liner. On monday i started spotting again. Pinkish to brown with one small blood clot. The night i started having nausea. Im so scared its all in my head. What are the chances of pregnancy? I find it hard to get up in thr morning, i get up during the night to wee. Before i onky use to wee 3 times a day, im in the loo every hour now. How pissible is it to fall pregnant if he came on my vagine??

  • Kiki

    Hey Vicki,
    I hope u can help me. So… I’ve been on bc for many years. Well I stopped with my bc pills about 6-7 months ago. After stopping my cycle came each month . Lasting 4-5 days . I started tracking my cycle . And it would start on day or day after it was supposed too. However pass 2 months has been little different. I thought I was pregnant in Dec because according to tracker I 5 days over due for cycle. Took pregnancy test came back neg. The next day my cycle started. It came in Jan. Now my cycle is M.I.A. for feb. It is now March 14. About 13 days ago I felt a little off. I like I need to use restroom. (I sometimes feel like that when my cycle is about to start.) That night I went to bathroom notice some red spotting when I wiped. So I’m like okay. My cycle is finally starting. Couple hours later I go back to bathroom and notice the spotting again. Next day there was none. I haven’t any since then. I waited about 5 day to test, it came back neg. And another few days later, it was neg. I’m fatigued, peeing a Lil more than usual, breast and nipples are very sore, I feel sick to my stomach sometimes in morning (but don’t vomiting) and constipated at times. I have had night of spotting, 2 neg test, and still no cycle. Going on month 2. PLEASE HELP!!!! I really don’t know what to think.

    • You might want to go and see your doctor about your symptoms as you keep getting negative pregnancy tests. It could be that something else is going on with your system to cause the symptoms you are having.

      • cora

        I took 5 pregnancy test and they all came out positive but I went to the doctor I took on up there and it said negative!!! Please I need answers,what that mean!

  • Janie T

    Hi everyone. So I had to chime in.. I’m looking to get pregnant. For some reason its hard for us. We have had unprotected sex for about 4 months or so. I have missed my period before but then the next month it came. I was supposed to have my period March 13th. I am 2 days late. I really hope I am pregnant. We are looking to start a family. Is there any way I could be pregnant? When should I take a test? I dont want to get my self worked up then be let down by a negative test. I have sore nipples, I eat a lot all the time now, I sleep tons. People tell me I have been eating alot more they have noticed. Is it all in my head? Someone please give me some answers. I hope its positive… I would love to start a family.

    • As your period is already late, you can take a pregnancy test now 🙂 Good luck!

  • Mariya

    I am 8 days overdue for my period, blood test is negative and urine test is negative….could I still be pregnant but too early to show it in my blood work…I have never been this late…has this ever happened to anyone.

    • If you keep getting negative test results from both avenues, the chances of you being pregnant are pretty small, unfortunately. You really need to talk with your doctor to find out what might be causing your period to be late/missing if pregnancy is not the cause.

  • Jenny


    My period came on Feb 14th- Feb 18 or 19. I use condoms as my birth control method, however, on the 6th and 9th of March we didn’t have any so we just Pulled Out those two days. The 9th we felt as if we pulled out a little late. My period has not arrived yet, even though it was supposed to be here on the 16th. I have been feeling tender breasts, nauseous, light headed and camping. The pregnancy tests are coming negative so I am not sure what to think. could it be that implantation occurred by the time my period was supposed to come and maybe I have low HCG? In my last pregnancy I also got a lot of negative pregnancy urine tests, it wasn’t until I got a blood test that they confirmed that I was pregnant.

    • Considering you have a history of urine pregnancy tests not working for you, you might want to wait a week, take another pregnancy test and if negative and your period has not arrived, schedule an appointment for a blood test.

  • Yeny


    I had my period Feb 14-19. I use condoms as birth control, but we always put them on in the middle of sex before he actually comes. The last time I had sex was March 9th but we didn’t have condoms so we used the pulled out method. However, I felt like he could of come a little bit inside. I haven’t gotten my period which was supposed to come two days ago. I have been feeling some of the pregnant symptoms but the pregnancy tests come out as negative. do you think the negative is because it is too soon from conception? I basically had sex 7 days before my period was due, so maybe I don’t have the HCG level high enough for the pregnancy test to pick up? On my last pregnancy I also kept getting negative results until I got a blood test and it came out positive.

    i am really hoping to be pregnant and I’m afraid that maybe I am imagining this symptoms and that that’s what’s causing me to miss my period. I have heard this has happened before.

    when do you think should be a good time for me to test again taking in mind that I had sex on March 9th and my period was supposed to come March 16th?

    Thank you!!!

    • Usually, you will ovulate about 14 days before your period is due to arrive so having sex 7 days before typically will not result in pregnancy. Having said that, if you have odd cycles or ovulate later for some reason, testing on the 24th or 25th might give you a positive result if you are pregnant.

  • lizzy

    I had sex the day before my periods and they were due on the 13th of march and I had sex on the 12th ,I’m five days late and I don’t know if its too early to take a pregancy test or not?please help!!!

    • Having sex the day before your period will not result in pregnancy unless you have REALLY weird cycles. If you had unprotected sex about 2 weeks before your period was due, that could end up in pregnancy. If you are late, you can take a pregnancy test now.

  • plmedvi00

    Just had a baby boy 9 months ago and now I’m having small cramps like I did when I first got pregnant with him..I have been super tired, headaches, and heart burn..I started spotting so I figured I started my period ….two days later still spotting…so I took a pregnancy test at first it was negative but several hours later it was negative..spotting is slightly heavier 6 days later and clinics test was negation. Any ideas what may be going on?

    • plmedvi00

      I ment to put first it was negative then hours later positive!! Dang auto correct!!

      • You really need to take a pregnancy test first thing in the morning before you drink anything. It could be that if you are pregnant, the hcg was too dilute to show up as a positive test

  • Victoria

    Hello, im so new to this but i was suppose to start my period last wednesday and on that day i got light pink bleeding then it stopped. i am now a week late and havent taken a hpt. i am ttc. my symptoms are nausea, vomitting, stomacn cramps, dizziness, lower back aches and of course a missed period. vicki what do you think?

    • At this point, I would guess that your period has arrived or you took a pregnancy test 🙂

  • Ms.Autumn

    Hi I had cramps for a week no blood then I light period on and off for about 3 to four days I had sex on my ovulation day which I didn’t notice until I was looking on my period calendar I have tender breast,feeling sick and I did have diarrhea but I had a negative test the other day

  • didi

    hi everyone I need help guys in march 15 I took the day after pill and got my period the 19 of march and finished the 25th.i haven’t got my pried since then it has been 2 days already and I took pregnancy tests 2 of them and they all are negative ….I am worried about it is there a possibility I could be pregnant? or is it because of the after day pill.?

    • The day after pill can definitely mess up your cycle and cause odd bleeding. I can’t speculate on pregnancy though as the dates you listed seem to be off.

  • Praise

    Hey, I’m 27yrs old. I’ve 28 days cycle. I had my period 2/24/15. I been had sex with my bf nonstop from march 7 to 15, except the 12th. I been feeling tired and have a lower back pain about a week and half now . My breast been a lil tense, but not sore. I been craving for steak n some african food. I took two pregnancy tests three days ago and got a negative result. I expected my period yesterday 3/23/15, but it didn’t come. Today is 3/24/15, another pregnancy today with negative result. I’m so confused….

  • Praise

    Today is 3/26/15, day 3 of my missed period. I tested this morning with the Clear blue advanced digital pregnancy test, got a negative result again. Still having lower back pain, my breast are more swollen now, but no sore. I’m craving for spicy food(steak, beef n chicken), too tired to get up bed for work, never use to get up to wee at at night, but i do 2-3 times now. Someone pls help. I’ll see my doctor in 3 weeks….still confused

    • Until you get a positive pregnancy test or your doctor has a chance to check you out, there is little I can suggest.

      • Praise

        Thank vickie….my period finally came on 3/26.. I’m trying to conceive. With my period this late , I don’t know the day i gonna to ovulate. I usually have 28/27 days cycle. My last period were 1/02/15, 1/29/15, and 2/24/15. But it more than 28 days this month. It came 3/26/15. Should I still go by the 28 days cycle when counting my fertile days thus month? Pls help

  • Kaylee


    I had Nexplanon (Implanon) removed Feb. 10 and have been TTC baby # 2 with hubby. I had my last period Feb. 24 and I have been tracking cervical mucus, and I believe based on ECWM follwed by wet and slippery cm that I ovulated March 9-13 and we had unprotected sex every day. I had mild cramping on March 21 and have had pregnancy symptoms this past week but no period as of yet. I’m currently 3 days late but getting negative tests so far. Is there a chance I’m pregnant and not getting a positive test because of late implantation?

    • It could be, but it could also be your body adjusting to not having the birth control to regulate the hormones.

    • It could be, but it could also be your body adjusting to not having the birth control to regulate the hormones.

  • Specialwish

    Hi there ladies, please please help with some advice. I’ve had a normal 5 day period on 2 March. Then it stopped. On 9 March I started bleeding for another 5 days (nearly as much as for a regular period – red), then it stopped. Now I’m on day 30 of my normal cycle and no period. I’ve been having dizzyness and cramping for the past 8 days, exactly live I’ve had in my previous pregnancy with my little boy as well as with 2 pregnancies in which I miscarried. I’ve taken a test 5 days ago which was negative and I’m so scared to take another for a disappointment. I want another baby with my whole heart and I’m 40.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t really have any advice for you. Did you end up taking another test?

  • Maria

    Hello my last period was sometime the last week of January early part of February ..I started to spot on Monday March 30 only when I wiped a couple of times and it was light pink and when me and my boyfriend had sex it was light pink but a small amount. It stopped that night .I went to the dr that afternoon and got a negative pregnancy test.i retested on Wednesday at home with a store brand digital test that and got a positive test..I retested again on Friday night with a clear blue digital weeks estimator and it was negative..my breast have been really sore and feeling funny and lower back ache and feeling really tired..-any insight would be great I don’t go back to the dr till the end of the month..do u think I should re test on Monday

    • You should probably retest first thing in the morning so the pregnancy hormone (if it’s there) has time to build up to a higher concentration.

  • anonymous

    This is my last hope of having someone reply. I have written on a few different boards but no responses. I had sex on March 13 and had my period on March21-24 I have been having extremely bad cramps every day since my last period and my stomach constantly has pain. I have had some constipation and headaches as well. I am not due for my period for another week and a half or so but do you think it would be possible to be pregnant? Would it be to soon to take a test? Someone please help 🙁

    • If you had a period then you would most likely only be pregnant if you had unprotected sex around the beginning of April. If you have had sex around that time, you will have to wait about a week to test. Typically pregnancy tests will show a positive about 2 days before your period is due if you are pregnant.

    • If you had a period then you would most likely only be pregnant if you had unprotected sex around the beginning of April. If you have had sex around that time, you will have to wait about a week to test. Typically pregnancy tests will show a positive about 2 days before your period is due if you are pregnant.

  • Amy

    Hi I’m just wondering I’m only 17 I’m late a month on my period I done a pregnancy test which show positive ive had some major back & belly pain I’ve also had some brown discharge I done another test which shows I’m not pregnant ? I had been drinking heavily with my nerves . I still feel pregnant I’m always tired certain smells make me sick & my boobs are sore ive never been In this position so I don’t know what to do ??

    • Basically you could still be pregnant. You need to take a test first thing in the morning before you drink water or anything else. If there is a chance you are pregnant, you really shouldn’t be drinking alcohol.

  • Lucia

    Hello, i had my LMP on November 6th and had sex on 10th, 15th, 28th of nov. With my partner. I supposed to get my period by Dec. 6-7 but by the last week of November started having a headache and feeling weird. I also had sex on Dec. 6 and it was a mistake. Now i am 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant. When could have i gotten pregnant? ? Help please

    • The sex on the 15th was most how you ended up pregnant.

  • ashley

    i am two weeks late for my period i took two test yesrday they were both postive could i really be pregant

    • If both were positive, I would say you are definitely pregnant.

  • Priyanka Anandraj

    Hi…I had 5 day missed periods but I hve cramps and tender breast….when I took my morning first urine test turned out to be negative …2times…..please can any one tel me the reason

    • Did your period finally arrive? If not, have you been to a doctor to find out what is going on with your cycle?

  • Neq

    Hey I had stopped bc on the 15th of March and got my period on March 19. It supposed to last 6 days but on the 7th day it was spotting. So it ended on the 25th and I had intercourse on the 27th and was having discharge that same day so on the next day I had sticky discharge and back cramps, but it was 3 days early before I had would began my ovulation weeK and the same week and weeks afterwards I was constipated. I started having early prego symptoms during my ovulation week and a little bit afterwards and 5 days before my period began again my nipples were really sore so i tested 2 days before my period it came back negative the doctor told me im probably testing early and the day of my suppose to been period (April 19th) my teeth aches and they say it’s a common early pregnancy symptom and I am confused is I’m pregnant or what??? Can someone help???

    • Did you end up with a positive pregnancy test? If not, it could have just been your body trying to regain hormonal balance after you stopped birth control.

  • Pessa

    My husband and I had sex about 3 days before my period was due. 4/12. I was due on 4/15, but that didn’t happen. I waited about a week and took a test. It was negative. So I took another one a few days later. As I expected It was negative as well. It has been 16 days now. I’m cramping every now and then, I had diarrhea for a few days, my breasts hurt and I’m tired. These however ( minus diarrhea) are the symptoms I get when my period it’s coming. So I’m curious if I should test again, or if I need to wait longer. And does everyone get implantation bleeding? When would that start?

    • Usually, you can only get pregnant around ovulation. Ovulation usually happens about 14 days before your period comes. If you only had unprotected sex 3 days before your period was due to arrive, the chances of you being pregnant are pretty small. You might want to visit your doctor to find out what is going on.

  • simi

    I had sex with my bf on 26 march . I got my period on 29 march( 3 days 1 day short of my normal flow). This month I am 3 days late. Am I pregnant. Should I take the test. Will it be accurate now I am really worried

    • Well, you should take a test if your period is late. If you are late, it should be accurate.

  • Michelle McCrae

    I been having unprotected sex for the month of April with my partner on my fertile days which were April 11-12-13-14 and 19 and my period has always been heavy for six days but for some reason my period came spotting for six days and i had pain in my left side and back sweats nausea on and diarrhea but i took a clear blue easy pregnancy test today it was negative. Please help did i test to early or do i have to try again. Please help me.

    • It’s possible you tested too early and what you were seeing was implantation bleeding. I’d say test again to see if the results have changed.

  • Amelia Olson

    My last period was March 25 lasted 3 days had sex after my period around April 5 took a test on April 23 cause my period didn’t come it was negative I took it in the morning but I am really nauseous and very tired am I pregnant

    • It’s possible. Did your period finally arrive? If not, maybe you should go and see your doctor to see what is going on.

  • amberlynn

    I stopped my birth control (depo shot) last month on the 22nd. I seen my gyno on the 4th of May. She told me I have ovulated twice and that there was a possibility that I’m pregnant. I tested this morning and the test was positive (2-3 weeks) is that right?!

    • If you are getting a positive result on the pregnancy test then I would say you are pregnant! 2-3 weeks means that you just got pregnant.

  • Kathy Martin

    HI, I had sex 6 days after my period. Would there be a chance that i can be pregnant?

    • It’s possible. If you have a normal 28 day cycle, if you have unprotected sex around day 10 of your cycle, it could result in pregnancy. It would depend on if you had sex 6 days after your period started or ended. If it was the later, then your chances of being pregnant are greater.

  • Leena

    I had a misscarriage in end of March 2015 I waited a cycle to try agin and my last day of period April 25th and I started trying again it been two weeks that I’m trying I started having pregnancy symptoms 7 days after unprotected sex. I been having all pregnancy symptoms beside sore breast it’s just a little sore. It been two weeks today I used a pregnancy first response it was negative.
    I’m really anxious about this whole thing. It’s really hard sometimes I think it’s in my mind since I have had a misscarriage before.

  • Praise

    I was on this site in March searching for an answer when I missed my period for a week with 4 different negative pregnancy test results. But on March 26, i did got my period. However, I went from being 28 days cycle to 31 days cycle. My period came on April 21, which again gave me 27 days cycle. I’ve Always have a heavy period which usually last 4-5 days. I was expecting my next period on May 18/19, but my period came May 13. It was very light n lasted for just two days. My period has never lasted for such a short time. I been feeling sick since then especially in the morning. Though i had sex with my bf during my fertile days, but i don’t really think I’m pregnant cux i bleed for two days. I’m pretty sure something is wrong with me. I’m 28yrs old. Currently, the hospital still trying to get me a new doctor since my doctor left. No health personnel to talk to right now. Someone pls help me again. …

    • Leena

      You might be pregnant, I thought it was in my mind, but thank god after having a home pregnancy got a positive test. We know our bodies better then anyone else. I have so many pregnancy symptoms I thought I might be getting crazy after misscarrage. If you are a healthy woman then there can’t be anything wrong with you it’s crazy pregnancy symptoms and you probably had the implantation bleeding good luck Hun.

  • Hopeful Mommy

    I can’t remember my last period. I think it was sometime in mid March. I have had sex periodically (usually 3-4 x a week) with my husband throughout March and April. I messed up and had sex with someone else on April 29th. He did not ejaculate inside me. In fact shortly after entering, he took it back out and put a condom on and then proceeded. I took an at home pregnancy test 4 days later May 3 and it was positive. I am wondering if I was already pregnant on April 29th? I want to make sure the baby is my husband’s and not the other man. HELP PLEASE – I’ve been a nervous wreck. 🙁

    • Sex with someone else would not show up a positive in 4 days. You had to be pregnant before then.

  • Katie

    I need some advice. I am on cerazette and have been taking it like clockwork at same time every day without missing one, me and my boyfriend had sex 2 weeks ago without using other protection. How soon can I take a pregancy test as I do not get periods taking cerazette

  • S.Jordan

    Ok my cycle was due to start on the may 21,2015. I had sex earlier this month, not sure exactly what days, I had very light pinkish color on my tissue and a creamy white discharge, cramps on and off since my period was to start and have nothing, I’ve taken 5 test 2 turned positive after sitting up for a few hours, the others 2 negative and 1 looks like it might be trying to be positive…. I’m confused what could it mean??? Am I testing too early???

  • Jeannette Ortiz

    Hey lady I need some help I’m a little confused my last period was may 10 to the 14th and I’ve been active from the 18 to 23rd…. lately I’ve been feeling bloated cramping and pain on my lower back and right side a little sensitive to certain smells like chocolate and pent butter and I get nauseous But I don’t throw up…I just took my second pregnancy test today the other a few days ago but they both came out negative…. can I still be pregnant?

  • Jeannette Ortiz

    Hey lady I put a pose up yesterday I need some help I’m a little confused my last period was may 10 to the 14th and I’ve been active from the 18 to 23rd my fertile day were from the 17 to 23rd…. lately I’ve been feeling bloated cramping and pain on my lower back and right side a little sensitive to certain smells like chocolate and pent butter and I get nauseous But I don’t throw up plus I woke up today at three in the morning with my boobs hurting and aching and they still are a little bit…I just took my second pregnancy test one yesterday the other a few days ago but they both came out negative…. can I be pregnant?

  • Jeannette Ortiz

    Hey lady I need some help I’m a little confused my last period was may 10 to the 14th and I’ve been active from the 18 to 23rd…. lately I’ve been feeling bloated cramping and pain on my lower back and right side a little sensitive to certain smells like chocolate and pent butter and I get nauseous But I don’t throw up…I just took my second pregnancy test today the other a few days ago but they both came out negative…. can I still be pregnant?

    • If you have normal 28 day cycles, then your period wouldn’t be due until about the 8th of June or so. You are testing WAY too early to get a positive result. You will want to wait until two or three days before your period is due to arrive before you test in order to get more accurate results.

      • Jeannette Ortiz

        Ok well my cycle is 26 days not 28days my plan was to wait till the 7th of Jun to test again….the pain on my lower right side and lower back just got worse today and I’ve been nauseous since I woke up this morning when exactly should I take another pregnancy test and have it be accurate

        • With a 26 day cycle, your period should be due on June 4th. I would wait until June 1st or 2nd to test. That will have the biggest chance of an accurate result.

          • Jeannette Ortiz

            Ok thank you very much

  • Jessica A

    I have a question. I stopped depo about a month and a half ago. I’ve had sex regularly with my husband almost everyday since then minus about 4 days that was around May 7-9 when I had a few days of spotting. I have had 3 children already. I’ve noticed that some days I am dizzy, nauseated, sore breast, dull lower backache, increased odorless vaginal secretions. Headache and fatigue. I was under the impression that it takes depo a while to get out of your system but here lately I’ve been feeling pregnant. On top of that maybe 5 people have asked me if I was. I have tested twice the first one gave me a faint positive and the next day was a bfn. My friends say I’m testing to early. Could it be the affects of depo or should I see a doctor? Confused.

    • You could be one of the lucky ones who is able to get pregnant right away. Were you testing at the same time of day? It could be that your urine was more concentrated with the faint positives. Test again tomorrow morning with your first morning urine and see what the results are.

      • Jessica A

        This is my test from a about a week or so ago. Pretty faded looking now but then again it is old. And as far as me testing. I tested about 8pm the first one and the next day it was sometime that afternoon. Also I forgot to mention that I keep feeling these weird flutter sensations randomly. It almost tickles. If that was the case I’d be much further than along. It just worries me because I have a sister who got pregnant on depo and was actually 3 months when she found out she was. Her pee test came back negative but her blood test was positive. I’m truly confused lol.

        • Well considering that one looks almost positive, I’d say test again if you haven’t already. Also, maybe a doctor’s visit is in order considering your sister’s experience.

          • Jessica A

            Thanks for your advice. I’ll be making an appointment. I’ll keep you posted!

  • shantay

    My last period started april 22 and ended about april 27. i had sex multiple time from may 1st -may 10. Was suppose to start my period around may 22 and havent started. I have taken multiple hpt starting a day before my expected next period and all negative.. i took one last night as well and it was negative. My back has been aching more & i have a little nauseous feeling every once in a while making me feel like i need to vomit & some cramping. Could i be pregnant still if the test i took last night was negative? PLease HELP!!! im a little concerned

    • Until you get your period, there is always the chance you are pregnant, especially if you have a regular cycle. If you are concerned, maybe you need to go and see your doctor.

  • shantay

    My last period started april 22 and ended about april 27. i had sex multiple time from may 1st -may 10. Was suppose to start my period around may 22 and havent started. My periods are regular. I have taken multiple hpt starting a day before my expected next period and all negative.. i took one last night as well and it was negative. My back has been aching more & i have a little nauseous feeling every once in a while making me feel like i need to vomit & some cramping. Could i be pregnant still if the test i took last night was negative?

  • Tiffany Kerr

    Hi I have a question if I ovulated on May 16th my period was supposed to come today may 28th but hadn’t me and my husband had sex almost everyday after I had my period until the 17th of May I tested this morning and came back negative when should I test agin I have also had tender Brest please help totally confused

    • Test again in a couple if days if your period doesn’t arrive.

  • deborah angoy

    confused,on the second of April idid an ultra sound and found out i was pregnant 5 weeks and 4 days but im still having my menses every 28 days my normal cycle and i also have fribroids

    • You really need to talk to your doctor about that. If you have confirmed your pregnancy, then what you are experiencing is early pregnancy bleeding and not a real period. Your doctor will be able to counsel you on this issue.

    • You really need to talk to your doctor about that. If you have confirmed your pregnancy, then what you are experiencing is early pregnancy bleeding and not a real period. Your doctor will be able to counsel you on this issue.

  • Reyes

    I’m so new to this whole thing.

  • Daisy

    Hello, my periods have been on a 21 day cycle and are usually 5 days with normal to heavy flow. Since April 26th, they have shortened to 2-3 and much lighter. A week before my last period was due, I had mild lower back and pelvic cramps which I never get. And my period ended up being 5 days late( was due June 7th and arrived June 12th), it lasted 2 days and was very light again. My husband and I have been having unprotected sex quite often and I think I was due to ovulate by May 26th, but I am not for sure. Anyhow, on June 16th, I started getting mild back and pelvic cramps again, with some bloating and breast tenderness off and on. Could I be pregnant and when would be the best time to take a pregnancy test? I have also been a little nauseous, I had a sore throat and slight fever on June 14th and I have also had random hot flashes. Thanks again for any advice.

    • If you are having unprotected sex the chance of getting pregnant is there. If you haven’t taken a test, I would say check now. The bleeding you had in June could have been early pregnancy bleeding.

  • Faith

    Well, last month my period started on the may 19th. An my fertile days were 3-8 of June. Me and my fiancé had sex 3&4th unprotected. My period for this month is six days late. Two days ago I started spotting very little but brown and a small amount of pink blood this lasted until last night. Then showed none at all in panty liner when I woke up. Then when I wiped it was a larger amount of brownish blood.. What could this mean? I’ve never had an experience like this nor have I been pregnant.

  • Tracy Berry

    Hi am confused can u help? I had the slightest pink colour mucus thursday of last week five days after ovalation, I have my periods every 3weeks or 3weeks and 4days I had cramping with it only when I wiped after intercourse did I notice this last thursday, but now today this morning I had the slightest of brown lightest colour cud barely see but no cramps and period not due and to ealry to test also diarrhoea and breasts sore never had this befor eva I am hoping for pregnancy wot do u think could I be ?

  • RhEn RHen

    im 3 days delay and i take a p.t and the result is negative but i have a sign of pregnancy’what do you think ?help please

  • christine chavez

    I had my last period June 1-5 I had sex on the 19th and brown slimy light bleeding on the 23rd-24th , I’ve been feeling nausea and fatigue I’m 3 days late but I’m testing negative, could I still be pregnant?

    • christine chavez


  • ash

    Hi, im looking for help I took a home pregnancy test yesterday night and this morning both showed negative tyen after a while both showed positive? Does this mean something is wrong with the test or am I too early in pregnancy there is a delay??

    • If it showed positive within the testing time, it is most likely a positive. It could be that the levels are just very low. Test again tomorrow morning with first morning urine to see what the test says then.

    • ash

      I took one first thing this morning it was negative then hour later was positive

      • You still can’t assume that is a positive. It has to be positive within the time listed in the instructions.

  • Tamara Bennefield

    So I

  • Tamara Bennefield

    I had nexplanon in for 8 months and had it took out June 4th. Well I started my period the morning of June 7th but it was completely gone by the afternoon of June 8th. As of today I am 3 days late and I have been having pregnancy symptoms (using the restroom all the time, feeling sick,, especially when I eat something, breast are sore/sensitive ect… I have two little ones so I know lol) for about a week to a week and a half but I have took three pregnancy and all were negative (I forgot about the middle one as something came up but I looked at it much much later and it had 2 lines but I know you cant count that) I don’t know I if I should wait and take another one or maybe call my doctor??r if im even pregnant??

    • The symptoms you are having could be your body trying to regain hormonal balance. You could always take another pregnancy test now that time has passed. If you were pregnant, the positive result should show up within the correct time frame this time.

  • amac15

    Hi my period was due on the 10th of July it has not came yet and tests are negative I’ve been really moody feel sick at times and really tired has this happened to anyone else it’s frustrating had a miscarriage end of April and period came 10th may 10th june TIA x

  • agnes anim

    i had my lmp on 17th June, i took a home pregnancy test on 12th July and it came negative but i experience cramps from the 17th July to 20th. now i easily get hungry and having some feelings like a pregnant woman. could i be pregnant?

  • Samantha greco

    I had brownish discharge on Tuesday July 21st and I took a pregnancy test today which was negative. I had my period about 3 weeks ago. I have been trying TTC for almost 2 years. Did I take the test to soon?

  • Jane

    Hi there

    I have been over a year and stopped taking it last month. I got my period from the 3rd-7th of July and we tried conceiving from the 12-16th. I’ve taken a pregnancy test and it said negative. Could it be too early? I’m not sure when my period should be as its my first time off the pill?


  • Jane

    Hi there

    I have been over a year and stopped taking it last month. I got my period from the 3rd-7th of July and we tried conceiving from the 12-16th. I’ve taken a pregnancy test and it said negative. Could it be too early? I’m not sure when my period should be as its my first time off the pill?


  • K Harris

    Quick Question, my cycle was due on July 25, 2015…I am still 3 days late….I am always on time, and have never had this problem. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and all are negative..I have had sex on july 6, 10, and 21st. I wasnt expecting to be late, but im really not sure if i should worry being that this is the end of the month! Please help

    • Shanice

      Going through the same thing I start I had unprotected sex on the 7th and just waiting for mother nature and its the 30th so?

  • elizann

    I haven’t had sex since early feburary, went on and off bc but its been about a month since i stopped bc with no signs of period and negative hpt (probably about 10 negatives), could I be pregnant?

  • Mary Gehl Edgar

    I took a test 7 days before my period was to start and it was positive.
    So… There are no hard and fast rules here.

  • Sophie

    I had sex about 2-3 weeks ago and i had a period for all of 3 days could it be a sign that I am pregnant. I have had some nauesa in the morning for about a week, i’ve been having a wee a lot and been really tired. Any advice. I have done a pregnancy test but it says negative.

  • Morgan green

    Hi I need help! I got implantation bleeding the day I was supposed to get my period. Had it for one day and about 5 days after that had changing white discharge that ended watery. I am eight days late and still no positive test. Had anyone experienced the same thing before?

  • Maria

    I started to bloat and have morning sickness , vomiting and start hating my favorite foods , but i have only 1week the day i have sex with my husband. is it possible that i am pregnant? im sorry im just asking and very excited having my first baby. is it possible? or am i hallucinating as well?

  • Rahila

    Hi friends..i have acute lung infection and im under treatment.i did my hcg blood test on 9th day of unsafe sex..should i be sure im not pregnant as result was negitive..?
    As im taking injections for my treatment of of my sickness i had xrays also…kindly help me 🙁

  • Patience

    After implantation bleeding which kind of pregnancy test should I use

    • Any pregnancy tests you can get at the drugstore or supermarket will work fine. You will want to wait until a day or two before your period is due to test though.

  • Jasmine

    Hello Vikki B! I have a question for you! Im a woman who knows her body, im 28 days to the T. Last cycle was july 12 lasting 5 days very usual to me and they are very light! Well when Aug came I was 5 days late followed by a light 3 day menstrual that changed on day 2 with me only seeing brownish pinkish blood when wiping. Ive had slight cramps nothing vomoared to my menstrual cramps. Feeling quesy but not throwing up. Sleeping more than usual! Some headaches here and there, mouth very watery. Lower abdominal pain not painful but annoying. Im not sure if these are pregnancy symptoms I’m a mother of one and i knew i was pregnant right off the back. Missed period and so forth. This one is totally different. Ive taken several pregnancy test and even got blood work done all came back neg. I tested on the 11 and blood work on the 12th. My doc told me to wait until basically another missed period, but i cant wait that long. Not trying to conceive but if there is a baby then we’re very grateful. My mother said it could be different symptoms because im probably carrying a boy now, my first one was a girl. The doc said i couldve ovulated late and the hcg in my body could be low. What do you think?

    • It could be that you are pregnant. Unfortunately, your doctor has done everything possible to find out. If you did ovulate late, I’d suggest you wait a couple of days and take another pregnancy test. At some point, if you keep having missing / weird periods, you doctor could do an ultrasound to determine if you are actually pregnant.

  • Ashley Maloid

    Hi my name is set in had sex on the 31 of the everyday untill be 10of August 4_5 time a day and that was the week that I was able to get pregnant I was 4 days late and so decided to take a hpt it came up postive how many weeks would that make me any help just want to no thanks

  • jen

    Hello so I have problems implanting. my doctor checked I’m fertile and 4 times I’ve had symptoms of being pregnant only after two weeks to have my body flush. I had sex on the 14th of this month and 12 days later on the 26th I had some spotting then nothing since. I’m not positive on my start of my period date due to the fact I had a double period. Calculating for the start of the second period 28 days would be today. I’m just nervous that it’s only been two days since the spotting I don’t want to take a test and be disappointed again when it might just be I’m testing early the waiting is killing me. What would you recommend.

    • Sunni 13

      Wait a week test. Sounds like your preggers

  • dee

    hi I am so confused , im 30 years old I have 3 sweet girls now . they are 10,8,and 7 . well 7 yrs ago I had my tudes tied and last year I found out I was pregnant and lost it at 7 weeks .i found out my right tube is still open . i had a very weird period starting on Aug. 9 2015 and lasted 12 days . the first 6 days were a super light brown only seen when i would wipe then for 3 days was a red color and i did have to were a panty liner but was still super light then went back to super light brown . i have started with cramps 2 days after my period i haven’t been feeling well and my boobs have a weird tingle that gos thru them and hurt alittle. i have taken a couple a pregnancy test and have been negative.. but i feel different . has anyone every had a long light bleed and been pregnant , and if so how long after did you get a possitive

  • jaynee

    Hi I last had my period on 8/21/25 however it lasted longer than usual and came on earlier than usual four days before it came on I went to the er and did a blood pregnancy test came back negative my hcg level was at a 1 the month before my period came on 7/26/15 and lasted 8 days I still have the same symptoms headaches frequent urination fatigue insomnia mild nausea some back pain sore breast stabbing pain from my anus to my vagina and from time to time pain on both my sides where the ovaries are located I am currently waiting to see when or if and how my period will come this month I think I might be pregnant however it just might be all in my head being that I had a tubal ligation in 2007 what do you think could I be pregnant and could my blood pregnancy test have been a false negative someone help plse

  • Eljam

    Hi there. I have been on the pill for 5 years and lost track of my cycle. I usually skip my sugar pills and continue on the next card to delay my period. Last month I stopped taking my pill and waited for my period to come. I had my period on the 24th of August with it only lasting 3-4 days and then started my pill again. I was sexually active on the 26th, 27th and 31st of August. On the 7th of September I had very light spotting of a brownish colour. Could this be implantation bleeding?

  • Jessie

    Hi, my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex 4 days before my expected period. i am now 4 days late with lower back pain, headaches, lightheaded, slightly cramping, the nausea is only worse at nights with 2-3 time in the morning, diarrhea and ive been more gassy then usual. Is there a chance i could be pregnant or is it too early for the symptons to come about? Also, is it too early for a Home Pregnancy Test? Please i need an answer asap! Its driving me crazy..

  • Andrea

    My period started but it’s very light I’m 3 days into it, can I take a pregnancy test after implementation bleeding

  • Elizabeth Kora

    hi, Im so totally confused about what is going on with my body, I had a mc around 7 weeks ago and i had a scan to see if it was all cleared and it was but ive been taking a pregnancy test every 2nd week and they have all been positive and i know its because of the hcg still in my body but I had my period that just finished 2 days ago and I took another test today also showing a positive, please tell me what is going on

  • Kristen

    I haven’t had my period in almost 2 months, but I kept getting negative blood and urine test, but I ad a lot of lab test done and everything comes back normal but I am still waiting for my transvaginal ultrasound results could I be pregnant and just low HCG level? Should I take another pregnancy test?

  • Lauren

    Hello wondering if someone could help me. I have been off the pill for just over 5 months and in that time I have had very irregular light bleeds. 4 bleeds in total. That have lasted between 3 and 5 days. No red blood. Just pink and sometimes brown. They have not been on time. Only 2 have followed a pattern. This has obviously led to me not knowing when I’m ovulating. Been to the doctors when I first came off 3 or 4 times as I was convinced I was pregnant but it was the dreaded coming off the pill symptoms. That lasted for 3 months thinking I was pregnant. Then I has a month and a bit gap of feeling not pregnant. And now within the last 2 weeks I feel like it again. I think I would now be 3 weeks pregnant if I am. And I have had symptoms for 2 weeks. Alot of white thick discharge that is wetting my pants so there is quite a lot. And also I have had awful period like cramps for 8 days. Started with a really painful lower back that went into these abdominal dull aches. 8 days so far. I know I need to test but I’m just dreading seeing another negative. Today I had awful heartburn and my skin is just terrible. What do you all think? These cramps feel like when you have a smear done and it’s like a dull achey pulling feeling. No blood whatsoever. Just white discharge. Also I have had loose stool since the pains started. 8 days. Help me I’m going mad!

  • Melvina Muno

    So My friend had sex on a Friday and She did a pregnancy test four days later and it came out positive. She had some of the symptoms. Then she took another pregnancy test on Sunday and came out negative. Did she have a miscarriage or was it all in her head?

  • anonymous

    Not sure if you can help but I had had my period Aug 17-21, had sex Aug 21/22 then had another “period” Aug 31-sept 5, then had sex sept 7-9. Took a test last week and it came up negative. Then took one last night and it came out positive. When could I have conceived do you think?

    • LadyJRiviezzo

      I Would Think More Than Likely That You Conceived On August 21/22. This Is Just My Own Opinion Going Based Off The Information Provided. If You Could Provide Me With The Information With The Date You Took The Negative Test And The Date You Took The Positive Test I Would Have A Much Better Idea. May You Be Abundantly Blessed With Joy, Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Laughter, And Love. <3 Lady J. <3

  • Danielle

    Okay so me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on September 19 & 20 2015 and then 2 days later I stared my period and I was a week early I was supposed to start around the 28 & 29 and my breasts have just recently just started hurting and yes we were planning his so am I pregnant I think it’s too early to take a pregnancy test my next period is pose to be on October 20 2015. Could I those be early pregnancy signs..

  • Breann

    Hi I have a problem see I’m on the depo shot an so I haven’t had a period in about 2 years but I have had unprotected sex twice in the past week an I was wondering if I was even able to get pregnant while on the shot an without periods I wouldn’t know if I missed a period or not

    • Typically, if you don’t have a period, that would indicate that you are not ovulating. (Depo can cause that in some women). If you aren’t ovulating, pregnancy can not happen.

  • Stacey s

    Hi I’m a little confused , I am late on my af ( not normal for me ) I have new symptoms arising each day , no sign of af , lots of inoffensive discharge so much so that I keep thinking I’ve come on but still nothing !! I have always tracked my periods and ovulation as my husband is allergic to condoms and I’m unable to take the pill for medical reasons . According to my charts I ovulated approx 3-5 days later than expected done four tests had one with a faint line ( so faint dad to hold it up to light to be sure ) then one more faint the different brads had two negative . Would the fact that I ovulated late mean that i would have to wait longer to test ? I know faint lines can mean chemical pregnancy but surely if that was the case I would have seen af by now ? I tested positive with all three of my boys the day before af yet with my daughter I had tested on missed af and was negative only for me to find out a couple of months later I was 28 weeks pregnant .
    Sorry if this is long winded just well confused lol

    • You typically can test about 10 or 11 days past ovulation and get a positive result if you are pregnant. I would keep testing and if your period doesn’t arrive and the tests do not show a positive result, I would head to your doctor to get checked out. If you don’t have the same dr. and with your other child, you might want to fill them in on the fact that you didn’t find out until 28 weeks last time.

  • Jess

    I started my period in the 6th and ended on the 11th before the 11th I spotted which is normal.. Four days later I started to spot again and now i have experienced cramping in my back and stomach headaches and I feel nauseous and I’ve been feeling very tired . What can this be ?!

    • If you have a cycle that is shorter than 28 days, it could be ovulation related. If your period was “weird” (different flow or stopping earlier than usual) a pregnancy test would not be a bad idea. If you have a typical 28 day cycle, it could be something not related to your reproductive system. Maybe you’ve caught some sort of bug?

      • Jess

        I took the pregnancy test today in the morning and it came out positive !

  • Ashley

    My period ranges from 27-30 days (at most). I am not on any BC. My husband and I had sex 4 days before my period was scheduled to start and now I am 5 days late. I should not have even been ovulating at that time. Both tests (two days apart) are negative. But I have no other factors..stress, jobs, weight gain/loss, heavy exercise that would affect it. Should I wait longer and test again? I dont get it!

    • aggie

      So my quick story..as you had unprotected sex with my husband like 6 days before period. ..was 100% sure that I’m at least week after OV. I’m 4 days late now…since Monday the 9th I’m having period like cramps…that strong so I was sure AF it’s coming each day. Very sore breasts…like 10 negative tests until today a very faint positive..!!! So scared…so looks like I was strangely ovulating around last week…and I maybe just like 7-8 do. …

      • Sunni 13


      • Heidi Heredia

        How long did it take for you to get a positive after having sex? I’m having pregnancy symptoms & should’ve gotten my period on the 30th. Had sex the 26th.

  • Nicole

    Please can someone help. My last period started the 24th October till the 30th I had unprotected sex twice with my partner on the 2nd of November and the 4th I have all the pregnancy signs buy still showing negative on the tests? What do people think? Is it all in my head and I’m not pregnant? Thanks x

    • Hasnaa

      Hi. ovulation that leads to conception start from the 10th day of your period ( counting the first day you go it) and stays for up to a week. if you have unprotected sex during that period then there is a chance that you might be pregnant

  • Selina Bartley

    So I am suppost to expect af tomorrow but past 15 days or soi have been havinh pregnancy symtpoms such as nausea.sore,hard,swollen breast and nipples.head aches and heavy cm could I be pregnant?

  • Abbie Lindsey Willis

    Hiya ladies please respond if you can my last period was the 20th of October and I’m 8 days late and been getting abit of thick discharge took pregnancy tests and they keep saying negative and positive it’s really confusing me 🙁 what could this be is 8 days abit early ?

  • Helen

    Had mirena removed 9nov then a 3 day period 7dec due for next period yesterday 4th Jan but on Friday1st had light bleed and since Occassional brown spotting only when wiping some lower abdo discomfort, tingly breasts and nausea on and off, urine test this avo negative ?implantation bleed or just a light 1 day period (odd if so) how long to wait until next test or possibly symptoms all in head getting a bit anxious of pregnant now

    • loveitt

      Ive had my mirena removed as well after 4 years and i have what seem like a normal 30 day period 1 month after removal, but here it jan and im 15 days past due. My test were negative as well. I want to be pregnant but i dont know whats going on with my body. Did you get you postive yet?

  • loveitt

    Ive had the mirena removed September 2015 i had withdrawal bleeding that was heavy and clots for 5 days. Next month in oct. i had mild cramping n light bleeding in the beginning of the month.November 6 2015 i had what seem like a normal

  • loveitt

    Ive had my mirena removed September 2015 a couple of days later i had withdrawal bleeding, i bled heavy blood and clots for 5days. October 2015 they was light cramps and a mild 4 day period. November 6 2015 i had what seem like a normal period 5 days long the first 2 days clots breast sore on the side excessive eating. December 6 2015 the same thing happen clots and 5 days long. I assumed my period have come back to normal and i calculate a 30 day cycle. Jan. 2016 i have yet not had my period i had some brown rusty discharge on the 3 of jan and on the fourth light red blood and on the 5no blood just brown discharge. On the 6 of jan when my peeiod was due i have no bleeding i eat crazy things as far as olives and pbj sandwiches very moody and i DONT SLEEP AT NIGHT. On jan 15i have some egg yolky discharge felt like my period because i was wet down there but no period. After that my discharge has been yellow and thick, sometimes white mucus. Ive taken numerous test all was negative even doctor test was negative but i feel so crampy off n on and NO PERIOD. Can i still be pregnant or did the mirena make me have irregular periods.

  • Tina


  • Tina

    So my period was due to arrive last Thursday the 18. Today is the 24 and no period. I am on both control pills but I have missed some. I was wondering when I can take a pregnancy test?

  • Jessica

    Hello everyone, here’s y story. I been of BC for nearly two motnh now. First cycle was 24 days. My period started on the 18th of Feb and ended on 22nd of Feb. I’m currently on my second cycle and AF is due tomorrow. I had unprotected sex twice with my partner on the 27th and 29th of Feb. This morning when I woke sorry TMI –> there was a pinkish discharge along with some cm and then nothing all day long but have been cramping on and on as if AF is just around the corner. As for pregnancy symptoms just lower back pains and little tired nothing major. I took a HPT this evening and it was neg. was it too early or just about to have my periods? I’ve never had the pinkish discharge before… Please Help anyone, thank you so much.

    • Karen

      If you haven’t taken another test by now, you might want to, that pinkish discharge can happen when implantation occurs. Best of luck

  • Misty Hernandez

    New to the group.
    So been having real sore breast, very visible viens, n darking of areola along with nasuea n backpain, had headaches for a while but seem to have gone away. Been having unprotected sex with partner last month af was only 2 days this month im due on 16th if april. On 3-4 i had found a spot of blood on undies along with cm , jelly like too sorry tmi. Im so confused took prego test still having lots of symptoms can the negative be right? Or did i test to soon it said ovulation occured 30th-4th

  • Shay

    Hey I’m unsure as to what to say…but here goes my last period was march 27 that’s the beginning date it lasts for 4 days…OK now here it is April I still have had a period… Its been a whole month….I’m 10 days late an 2nd day im my ovulation…I’ve taken 2 tests last week…so do I test again this Friday or what. I have the sore breasts lack of sleep. What do u do??

    • Ali

      I would test again! (:

  • Mercedes

    I need help. So I had sex like two or three weeks ago and I did get a period on the 29th of this month however it was late and it lasted like 2 days and the 3rd day I had brown discharge which is crazy cause my period usually last 4-5 days. I took a test 2 days ago and it was negative however I’ve had several signs of pregnancy. Sore breast, fatigue, cramps (but not bad cramps), my appetite has changed, headaches here and there, and lower back pain. Is there a chance I’m pregnant and just tested early?

    • maria

      Yes happened to me found out today..

      • Mercedes

        Thank you. I plan to test this weekend again cause I’ve had these signs and I’m a pretty sure i might be pregnant.

    • Ali

      Take a test 7 days after your spotting has ended

  • Brit

    My fertility window was the 29-4th so last Friday to yesterday. We tried or had unprotected sex, Friday Saturday Monday and Wednesday. When is the soonest I can test? I’ve had slight cramping too. Crossing fingers! I’m just so excited suspense is killing me! Baby #2 I can’t remember the last time I did?

    • Ali

      You can start testing 2 weeks after the time you had sex. Another way, (but keep in mind not every woman goes through implantation bleeding) if you notice you’re spotting brown/pink. Wait until the spotting is over. And test 7 days after the last day you spotted. I am taking my first test today in a few hours and I’m so nervous! <3 Ohh also don't fall in to the trap of the tests that say they can detect pregnancy before your missed period. 2 days before a missed period women have a 20-25% chance of getting a positive result if they're pregnant. And 40% one day before your missed period. So basically you can also wait until you miss your period and test after then. If you test and it comes out negative, start testing every couple of days. Or everyday. Your choice. Or go to the doctor and ask for a hcg blood test. One more thing!!! Period tracker apps aren't always the most accurate. Especially with our fertility Windows. The Best way to know when you are ovulating is to learn how to keep track with your discharge. The only problem with this is that not everyone is able to physically see their discharge in their underwear or panty liner. If you are someone who can, then keep track of when you're ovulating that way. Doing some searches on this will help you!

  • bella

    I did sex on 28|4|2016 and took pills on 30 am I safe? Then I did it on 3rd may again and never took pills is it possible for me to get pregnant? Am having back pain continuously after having sex on 3rd

    • Ali

      Take a test 2 weeks after 4/28 and or 2 weeks after 5/3

  • Kay

    I bd on 4/25 and ovulated on 4/30, from 5/1 until present I have experienced mild to severe cramps at times. I noticed that I’m more wet than normal. On cycle 24 (5/10/16) I had an unusual faint yellow discharge with no odor. I’ve been nauseous, experienced tingling in the breast, slight headaches, gassy, bloated, back aches. Told my OB on 5/9/16 visit and she told me to take a test on 5/14/16. Have also been peeing alot. If this AF she is really kicking my butt…..what would be the ideal time to test. Calculator stated my window for implantation was 5/6/16-5/10/16.

    • Tracy

      Hi I was ovulating the 5~ 2nd~16 through the 6th I took a hpt on the 5~13th because I have done nothing but read everything I could about ovulation and conceiving and I felt that I had conceived so I took a test on the 13th and it was negative my period was due on Tuesday 17th 5~17~16 and it never came so my husband encouraged me to take another hpt and I did and it turned positive before I could even sit down I was just reading that you really should wait until the day of your missed period to take a test because the test that I took said the day that I took it it was 56% accurate with that knowledge I became very sad that all my studies and hard work didn’t pay off but low and behold I am pregnant:) have you checked to see where your uterus is??, check to see with your middle finger if it’s very high up good chances you are pregnant and are you still having a discharge my vagina mucus never stopped you can email me if you want at ttracy1509@gmail.com ~Tracy ~ best of luck

  • Kay

    Thanks Tracy, AF came late. That’s not the norm for me. This cycle was very different to say the least. I spotted the first day, second day I would normal have a heavy flow but what I did that day I would do in two hours on my normal flow. The other days I just spotted a slight brownish with some hint of pinkish red. Still cramping off and on, my breast has a tingling feeling off and on. Leg cramps off and on. Thinking that my fibroids are playing a big role in my symptoms. Going to make an appointment as I just feel off. I’ve had couple of miscarriages before with similar signs.

  • Katiee

    I just took pregnancy test came positive I want to take a test again .. How long do I have to wait ? Or hold my pee

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  • Tasha

    Im 2 weeks late today. Took a test when I was only 8 days late and it was negative then a faint positive sign but I chalked it down as negative. Since I’m 14 days late today. Can I take a test and it come back positive? I Don’t want to wait until my drs appointment

    • Elena Morales

      If you haven’t done a test again, you should. I had a very faint positive in my first pregnancy. I kept retesting everyday and it just got darker. Good luck.

  • Aman Gupta

    my gf has his period date on 25th may but she missed it again same as previous month .we had sex on 26th may and then she started feeling pukish and cramps , so she took a test on 3rd june and test was negative .but she is still in a delemma whether d test was reliable bcoz she is still fighting with d same pukish feeling a bit swallen belly.
    i am doubting any changes of her getting pregnant becoz she took 2 test in this 2.5 months of not getting her periods and both were negative.
    So can you tell me is this becoz of untimingly periods or should i take some serious actions

    • Mikayla

      My boyfriend and I had sex about a week ago and a couple days after that I was bloating, feeling nauseous and not eating much just beca use the lack of appetite I had. I took a test yesterday, 2 actually and they were both positive.

  • concerned

    if i got pregnant during my period..rare i know…but if i did would i have to wait a whole month to test?

  • Nicole

    Hi I started what I thought was my period July 9 but it wasn’t heavy enough to wear a pad. It only showed up once I wiped. The end of the third day it started showing in my pee but just drops by the 13 I was having brown did charge with a little tent of red or pink by the 14 it was fully brown and by the end of that night it had completely gone away. On the 13 I took a home pregnancy test from clear blue that stated negative. My cycle is never normally may it was a 32 cycle that lasted 4days June it was a 17 cycle that lasted 6 days in this month I’m not sure what to call it but no matter when I come on I’ve always been a super heavy flow what do I need to do also I had sex with my partner on the 1,2,4,6,7 and 8 of July and we had anal sex last night July 14

    • Breezly Gomez

      Hi, you might wanna wait a week or two to take another pregnancy test because the same thing happened with my cycle, and I just took a pregnancy test yesterday and it’s positive!

  • Jennifer Hollen

    I feel so confused. I got my period on the 3rd of July. I had unprotected sex with my husband on the 10th, 16th, 17th &185th of July. I ovulated on the 17th of July. On july 16th thru July 211st I spotted with is weird for me because I have never had abnormal bleeding. It is now August 1st And I am 2 days late for my period. I took a few pregnancy test which all day negative. Could I be testing to soon. This has me So confused because I would think it would show positive by now but I wanna believe in pregnant because we have been trying for 3 months.

    • Anna

      Same here, 3 days late.I am so confused…I really want a baby boy…:)Keep me updated please…Anna

      • Jennifer Hollen

        I will definitely keep you updated. I have a doctors appt Friday so if I still don’t start by then I’m sure they’ll be doing a blood test

        • Anna

          Hi Jennifer, hope you are doing well. I tested again this morning 4 days late today, negative pregnancy test again. Good luck! Waiting news from you…

          • Jennifer Hollen

            Today is also day 4 late for me too. I also got a negative. My Sister told me she tested at 5 weeks and it was negative but at seven weeks she finally got a positive. This waiting game is killing me. I’m hoping when I go to the doctors Friday they do a blood test and it comes out positive just so I have some answers.

          • Anna

            Hi Jenny….I have read also about the tests..that is getting positive only about a week late.Today I am 5 days late…I tested last night negative! I wish to you a sticky healthy baby….Do you have any simptoms? I dont have any…no cramps, no sore boobs…nothing…only some dizziness when I get up from bed or ofice chair…Waiting news from you…

          • Anna

            I tested again today at 5 days late 2:00 PM (afternoon)= negative result …i start crying, i am so sad and disapointed I think there is no chance for me this month…I am trying 6 months and nothing…

          • Jennifer Hollen

            Hey Anna Don’t lose hope. Some women don’t get a positive as soon as others. I saw one lady say she didn’t get a positive til 3 months and my sister didn’t get a positive for 7 weeks. I am having some symptoms. I get nauseous but don’t actually get sick. I am getting cramps but they aren’t as bad as period cramps and my breast and nipples are really soar. In not testing today since tomorrow is my doctors appt. Even then I probably won’t test for a few more days at least. Maybe you should do that so you aren’t disappointed. Well wishes. I will keep you updated

          • Anna

            Hey Jenny, today I am 6 days late. I did a test early in the morning, and it is still negative.I think I am gone go today to do a quilk blood test, it is near to my office..I will update you.Well wishes to you also…I will keep you updated.

          • Anna

            Hi Jenny, I just arrived at my office.I decided to do 2 more test the internet cheepy ones, just becouse I think I saw a faintest line on morning test that I took today…just before I was leaving house….So strange, something made to look again on that test…Well on this last 2 test, I can see a very very faint faint line.

          • Jennifer Hollen

            Hey Anna I hope that you are pregnant! I am waiting to be called at my doctors right now.. I’m so nervous! I will update later with what happens. I was wondering where you are writing from. I notice we answer each other at odd times. I live in Georgia.

          • Anna

            Hi Jenny I am glad to hear from you.I am from Moldova, that is near Romania and Russia.I wish you good luck..right now the time is 10:37 in the evening…I felt some cramping today.keep me updated please.

          • Jennifer Hollen

            Hi Anna just wanted to let you know I went to the doctors and they did a urine test which came out negative so they did a blood test. I won’t find out those results for two weeks because I have other Dr appt to go to before then. I will let you know what happens

          • Anna

            Hi Jenny..thanks for updating..thats a long time waiting, usually in our country results for blood test hcg ARE RELEASED IN 3 HOURS.I AM STILL LATE.i just tested with morning urine and i can see a very faint line but i can barely see it on this cheepes.i spent so many good tests already :)…I am testing like a maniak..I am trying after a miscariage that was on oct.15 at 6 weeks and a rupture ectopic on left tube that was in feb.16. I am hoping and praying to be pregnant with a healthy baby in uterus/in the right place.I will wait untill monday, if the test will get stronger i will do a blood test.i wish to you al the best in the world.

          • Jennifer

            First off I want to say sorry for the loss of two babies. I’ve had one miscarge a few yrs ago at 12 weeks and I know that is hard to deal with. I am praying for a healthy baby for you. I think the blood test results will be back Monday but I’m not sure if I wanna go in for them til I am scheduled to because I don’t have insurance so these doctor bills are adding up. I have a few health issues so I have been to lots of appts lately and still have some to go to. But I will continue to take urine test every few days. I am starting to get a little scared because my cramps are getting stronger so I’m scared I might start but I will let you know how everything turns out

          • Anna

            hi jennifer, how are you? Thanks for all your support and understanding.I start cramping, and spotting with very light brown just a little.I am so afraid of another ectopic…omg..I will update you soon.

          • Jennifer

            Hey Anna Don’t be too scared just yet. I’ve heard a lot of women will start spotting a pink and brown color when the baby is attaching to the uterus. Don’t stress yourself over it because thatsbnot good for the baby ifbyoubare pregnant. Try to stay positive

          • Anna

            Hey Jenny, the spoting stoped now…I will see tommorow if my period stars, and I feel that my nipples are getting little sore.Give me your facebook: I am always online there..You can find me as Florea Anna Luiza 3 friends :).

          • Jennifer

            Hey Anna Facebook wouldn’t let me add you but I sent you a message on there. Feel free to send me a friends request

          • Anna

            Hey Jenny..how are you???? I am so afraid..I dont even have words to describe it. Now is 3:34 pm, and I just toked a test: and it is definetly positive: the line is faint not strong but is there and it camed out before 3 minutes i was so suprized.I am cramping a little…..no sore boobs just dizzy when i get up…..Hope you are doing well….

          • Jennifer

            Anna I’m so excited for you! That’s amazing news! But why would you be afraid? Everything is going to be fine. If i were you I would set a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. I am still getting negatives. I told my husband if I don’t get a period this month I’m demanding a ultrasound. So if I don’t have a period within a few weeks and I’m still testing negative then we’ll see what happens. Keep me updated

          • Anna

            Thanks for support Jennifer…I will go tommorow to have a scan, in our country we have so many private clinics… It might be very early but I want to know that its in the right place. OMG positive test after 1 week late…I am afraid becouse of my bad history…miscariage..then ectopic…and becouse I am cramping…I just want a healthy pregnancy…without crampings and sppoting……….God bless you…..Jenny, I will pray for you…..I will keep you updated.

          • Anna

            Hi Jenny I just camed from the scan… We wouldnt be able to see anything except for thick line, doctor sad to come friday to do 1 more scan..I am cramping and spoting a little..And also I had a blood test done/ I will find the result in few hours. How are you doing??

          • Anna

            Hi…I got my results at 9 days late my hcg is 41. Hope this information will help somebody.

          • Jennifer

            Hey Anna sorry it took me so long to respond. So your hug is 41.. I’m so excited for you! m praying for a healthy baby for you. As for me I’m starting to believe I’m not pregnant and I just skipped a cycle. I’ve given up hope. I’m not going to test anymore. When I go back to the doctors if they tell me I’m pregnant then great but I can’t handle it if I’m getting my self worked up for nothing. Anyways keep me updated on you and I’ll be praying for u

          • Anna

            Thanks Jenny. I will pray for you also..There is always a hope…dont give up..I will update you…Thanks for all your support….Keep in touch…

          • Jennifer

            Hey Anna I’m sorry its taking so long to get back to you. I’ve been busy because today was my daughter’s first day at school. So does 41 mean your pregnant?? I’m praying for a healthy baby for you

        • Elizabeth

          At 4 days late I was told by the doc they won’t do an HCG until 2 weeks from now bc it is still too early. Good luck.

    • Anna

      I keep chking the internet, most of sources are saing that we can get a positive only a week after period was due.I dont know..:)

    • Happy mum

      I too got my period on July 3rd had sex with my partner on July 21st. I tested positive positive on a hpt on 8/1. This is my second pregnancy. My hpt line was very faint. I took a second on 8/3 the line was a bit darker but still faint. Most of the time you are not able to detect that early. Be patient I’m sure everything is fine. Good luck!

      • Jennifer

        Happy mum thank you. I am 7 days late today but I’ve tried to stop freaking out about it because my sister said she didn’t test positive til7 weeks. Plus I see a lot of women have the issue I’m having. I also have one child, a 8 yr old daughter but I tested positive with her right away and I’ve miscared once and with that baby I tested positive right away. My doctor told me every pregnancy is different. They did a blood test so I’m waiting for results. I’m going to wait a few days be for starting again

  • Kylee

    Hi ladies. I just got off my period Monday. Then this morning I started spotted and continued I took a test and it came back positive. Could I be pregnant? Thanks

    • Jennifer

      Hey kylee I see a lot of people say this same thing happened to them and when they want to the doctors they were 7 or 8 weeks. I would test again in a few days and if you still get a positive then go and see a doctor

    • Elizabeth

      I recommend seeing a doctor right away.

  • Dae

    Hi! I just found out via home test that i’m expecting again! My first is 11 months old. I’m not sure how far along I am but the pregnancy trackers say I should be eight weeks along since my last period was June 7th 2016, but i’m questioning of that’s quite right because I took pregnancy tests throughout the weeks and it didn’t read positive until yesterday. Maybe it’s because I haven’t tested for a while?

  • Anna

    Hi Jenny, dont be sad and dont give up trying…I am praying for you….For sure you will get pregnant soon…Tommorow I have another scan, and blood test, I hope that I will see a gestational sac in my uterus, becouse I am so afraid of another ectopic, I almost died last time :'( As for my symptoms I am cramping a lot and still spoting which of course is not good…I will write to you tommorow and I will update you. Please be in touch with me and update me also on your TTC.

    • Anna

      Hi dear Jenny, I wanted to update you, I just camed from another scan 🙁 unfortunatly the doctor coudnt see anything in my uterus, he sad it might be a pregnancy that is not developing anymore, or it could be an ectopic..I am so afraid….and I am so sad… :'( :'(:'( tommorow I will go to do one more blood test to check if my hcg has been rissen from 41 which was on monday. I start spotting more today…I dont know what is hapining with my body..

      • Jennifer

        Oh my! I’m so sorry Anna! I really don’t know what to say except that I am praying for you! You are a strong woman!

        • Anna

          thank you Jenny…I just got my results.From Monday which was 41—-until today Saturday I got 528 hcg…so it definitely doubled….Monday I will call my doctor….I will update you soon.

          • Jennifer

            Hey Anna just wanted to tell you to try and stay positive! I know it must be hard but you have to have Faith that eveything will turn out okay.. Keep me updated

          • Anna

            thankyou from my heart..for all your good words and suport

          • Anna

            Unfortunatly I start bleeding…:'(

          • Jennifer

            I am so sorry anna! Did you go back to the doctors to see what they say

  • Tara

    Hey, yall. I need some advice. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for awhile now. However, I just recently was put on clomid. Last month was my third month on clomid 100mg. I ran out of refills, so it was time to go see my OBGYN. He and my nurse got a sample of my cervix mucus and looked at it under a microscope and said it did look ovulatory. They also took blood and said they wanted to confirm ovulation and see how high my levels were. This was on Wednesday (8/10). They said they should call me Monday or Tuesday with the results. Well, I got a call Friday morning. My nurse said the results look really good and that my levels are actually really high. She said my levels were at a 30! She said this could be an early sign of pregnancy. Before, my levels were at a 12, so this was over double. She said give it a week or so and if I don’t start, to take a test. I started on july 18th last month. My husband and I had sex on july 26th and also on august 2nd and 7th. I got so anxious playing the waiting game! My periods aren’t ever really to the EXACT day, they’re usually within a few days. So, I took a test today and it was negative. I was really expecting it to he positive this time. So, I guess I am conflicted. I am wanting to call my nurse and ask her what her opinion is. I know I should just wait and see if/when I start, but goodness its so hard to wait. Ive also been experiencing some symptoms like headaches, dizziness, frequent urination, etc. But then again could that be because I’m about to start? Any advice or input? Thanks in advance!

  • Sandra O

    I have been ttc for some yrs nw,though i av gone for hsg bt dis august i saw my period just for a day and it look faint i went for pregnancy test it showed negative which i taught will be positive and after then i have been feeling pains on my breast and my lower abdomen hot me ,i just believe am pregnant cos of d signs am having,am afraid of going back for pregnancy test becos i dnt want dem to tell me its negative

  • Bailey Giddeons

    Has any one ever look at their test and it show negative and then way later a thin blue line appear??

    • Elizabeth

      This is called an “evap line”. It’s not a positive. It’s an error. I suggest researching it.

  • amy miller

    Ok,im so confused i had my period on the 13 of april bleed for like 3 day had sex on the 15 condom broke. Then on the 17 had sex and also on 19 on the 19th i took plan b and started bleeding again on the 25th so i figured i was safe stoped bleeding on The 29 on the first of may when to hospital cuz of problem with migranes they did a blood test no pregnacy had sex on the 5th and 9th dont know if he came in me then i got sick on the 20th of may hospital said i was prego so on first of may im not on 20th they say i was when did i get prego coudnt have been from march thats for sure it would have showed in pregnacy test on what day in april? Im confused

  • Paul Rouse

    Hi me and my wife are trying for a baby she ovlavated on the Thursday and we tested on the Monday and Tuesday and it was positive then we tested agen on the Wednesday and Thursday it was negative she is showing all the early stages of pregnancy but she is around 2 weeks off her period to start so she has not missed one yet we used the clear blue and got to positives is she pregnant or not as it’s realy early doors just need some advice

  • Jennifer

    Hey guys. I just found out a few days ago I am almost 5 weeks pregnant. I have been experiencing cramping which I know is normal but I have also been experiencing pain and pressure near my right ovary. Has anyone on here ever experienced that in the beginning of their pregnancy. This is my third pregnancy one I went full term and the other was a miscarriage. But I didn’t expierence this with the other two. Should I be concerned of an ectopic pregnancy.. Thanks a bunch

  • laura

    hello I’m new to all this. I had a miscarriage in the March and been trying for a baby since April took a few tests recently as I’m coming up to 2 weeks late could I be pregnant been feeling tired and loss of appetite. thank you

    • Until you get your period, you could be pregnant. If you don’t get a positive test and your period doesn’t arrive, you might want to visit your doctor to see if they can figure out what’ going on.

      • laura

        Thank you Vicky been doctors today as still not feeling great and having a blood test to see if I am and to do another test.

  • Jamie

    Question the first day of my last period was August 29. My period is a week late and a pregnancy test was positive and my hcg levels are 15.6 am I for sure pregnant

    • Doctors consider a hcg level above 5 to be a positive result. So, it would appear that you are pregnant.

  • Klyde Maxell

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  • Erin Myers

    My youngest daughter is 9 months old. I never got my period. I took a pregnancy test about a week ago and it was negative but I got a positive test yesterday. Took a few more and I am definitely positive. Is there a way to determine how far along I am?

    • Unfortunately, as you didn’t get a period, there is no way to really tell when you were ovulating. Having said that, a negative test a week ago sort of indicated that you can’t be too far along. You are probably going to have to wait for an ultrasound so they can date the baby by it’s size.

  • Kasee

    I had a miacarriage with a negative blood test the 18th of August. I had what appeared to be a somewhat normal period the 8thaof September right on time. I took a pregnancy test the end of September and it said positive 2-3 weeks can anyone help determine if I got pregnant aftet I bled in Septeber or before?

    • Unfortunately, you are probably going to have to wait until you get an ultrasound to find out how far you are along. The measurements will help you figure out when you got pregnant.

  • Sami

    so I missed my period for sep. but I got it Oct 1st . So yesterday my boyfriend and I had intercourse with no protection. he did cum inside me . I took a pregnancy test today it was negative . was it too soon to take one? any advice? May I be pregnant?

    • Depending on how long your cycle is, there is a chance you could get pregnant. If you have a 28 day cycle, you would have been ovulating on the 14th. If you did get pregnant from the sex yesterday, you won’t be able to tell until around the very end of October.

  • Charlie

    i came out of a relationship I were in. We had sex and then we didn’t have sex for a whole week. He pulled out. We broke up and I slept with someone else on the 7th October, the day I came off my period. Today (18th oct) I took a home pregnancy test and it’s positive. If I am pregnant, who would the father be?! There was a week between them. Please help I’m desperate

  • Amber

    I had unprotected sex on Oct 6 2016..I am now having pregnancy symptoms a positive cheap pregnancy test, and I missed my Oct period that would have came Oct 12-14 so is it possible that it’s from that date of Oct 6 or a September date..I slept with 2 different people, one in September and one in Oct

  • Ketedra

    Hi. I am around 6days late for my period. It was set to come on 10/15/16. I had unprotected sex on Oct 1st. I have taken a hpt and it was negative. Could I be pregnant?

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