What Could Cause a Missed Period?

Causes of a missed period

Your period was due days ago and it is now officially late. Before you pee on that stick, consider first that there could be another reason that could cause a missed period.

  • Emotional Stress: Although stress is a part of our everyday lives, there are those times when it is just too much! Running a household, meeting project deadlines at work, paying the bills on time, and dealing with your friend’s problems can all add up. Stress has a way of building up on itself and negatively affects the hypothalamus, which is the area of the brain that controls the hormones in the body. Stress decreases the production of the GnRH hormone, which causes you to miss a period. Stress and anxiety can actually throw off the body’s equilibrium and not release the estrogen hormone in the body. Therefore, getting your body back on track can be as simple as evaluating stress levels and finding ways to alleviate it. Breathing techniques, yoga, writing, and meditation are all ways that one can de-stress and balance out the equilibrium in the body so that everything, including the menstrual cycle, function normally. Missing a period is how your body tells you it needs a time out to relax.
  • Major life changes:  Similar to stress, major life changes can also have a negative effect on your hormones.  These include starting or ending a relationship, starting or losing your job, losing a loved one or a pet, and/or moving house.
  • Schedule changes: Travel can create schedule changes that your body may not be used to. You would think that traveling would be relaxing, but this abrupt change in schedules can mess with your cycles. This is also true if you stop working days and start working nights instead.

  • Dietary changes:  If you change your diet – for example become a vegetarian – sometimes such nutritional changes can alter your body’s hormonal balance, which can lead to a missed period.
  • Weight: If you are over or under weight, your body could display amenorrhea. Being overweight, can add undue stress on your hormones; but if you are underweight, your body will not be producing enough estrogen because you will not have enough healthy fat cells.
  • Excessive exercise: Strenuous exercise can also influence metabolism and hormones causing your body to skip a period or two.
  • Eating disorders: According to WebMD, another cause for a missed period would be eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia (binging and purging).

Our bodies are very complex in nature and understanding them can help us in making sure that there is both physical and emotional balance. Causes of a missed period in women does not have a cut and dry answer. Pregnancy is only one of the possibilities. If you are a woman who is concerned about her menstrual cycle, do not hesitate to bring those concerns to your doctor. You only have one body. Take care of it so it can take care of you.

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  • Skylar

    I’m late and im constipated and I get cold then start sweating I need help please

    • It sounds like you should go and see your doctor.

  • rani

    can a girl pragnant without sperm or a period

    • rani

      plzzz i want answer becoz i dont hav period from 43 days

      • Ummm, it takes sperm to get pregnant, so the answer is no. Go talk to your doctor to find out what is going on with your system.

  • rachael

    im three days late, i recently moved but also had sex three weeks ago, i took a pregnancy test yesterday that was negative is it a greater chance of a false negative or missed period for other reasons than pregnant? also i have 3 kids and got positive tests very early ith all 3

    • If you didn’t get a positive result yet from a pregnancy test, I would say that the stress of moving has caused your cycle to be off.

  • 1minute
  • charlene balcer

    Can you get pregnant with the pill naturacure

  • Beck

    i have been getting up at 6 instead of 7 due to a school thing. and i missed my period that month do you think i missed it due to the time differences? although i also was pretty sick for a couple of days before my period and was taking a lot of medicine. Please help..

  • becca

    I recently moved country with a 6hr time difference therefore I changed the time when I was taking my pill. I missed this period but I haven’t had sex since before my last period so I doubt I’m pregnant, would the time difference be the reason for my missed period?

    • It’s possible that could have caused the delay. Also moving country isn’t an easy thing so the stress of it all (be it good stress or bad) can really mess with your system.

  • bimb

    The last time. I had sex I took pills that made my period last for a week,now my period is delayed for 7 days now what could possibly be the course?

    • If you took a morning after pill, it can mess up your cycle for a while before it returns to a normal pattern.

  • tgirl

    i need help

  • tgirl

    pls add me up

  • tgirl

    i had an abortion on august 15,had a protected sex on august 18.and since that time i have not seen my period til september 6 that i had another unprotected sex. now i don”t know when am suppose to see my period after the abortion.but now am having the same symtops i had when i got pregnant the first time and i have not seen my period.i ran three different test and all coming out negative.please what can i do?

  • Mang

    Last time I had some a kind of sex, without touching sperm. Means, I supposed sperm hadn’t touched. Normally im not using any pills. Anyway up to now 7 days I’m late on periods. I channeled the doctor y’day & done a scan. He gave medicine for make periods within 2 weeks & said the scan report is normal. Must I do a pregnancy test still ?
    Please reply

Last modified: November 29, 2014