How can Vitex (Chaste berry) help me get pregnant?



How Does Vitex Work?

Vitex has been used for centuries to help women deal with “woman issues” but science still doesn’t really know how exactly vitex works. Vitex doesn’t have hormonal properties by itself, but it does help balance your hormones. It appears to help the pituitary gland function more optimally. The pituitary gland controls when and how much hormone is released in your body. Too much of one hormone can stop other hormones from doing their intended job. Vitex helps to create a hormonal balance that helps your reproductive system work as it should.

Vitex and Your Fertility

Also known as Chaste Berry, Vitex Agnus-Castus, is an herb that has used to correct hormonal imbalances in women for centuries.

The berries from the Vitex agnus-castus tree are used to create herbal supplements that can help improve your hormone balance and increase your fertility.

If you have any of these hormonal issues and want to get pregnant, vitex may be beneficial to you.

  • PMS or PMDD
  • Missing or Irregular Periods
  • Anovulation
  • Estrogen Dominance
  • Low Progesterone Levels
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Short Luteal Phase

Vitex can help relieve these issues and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

How Much Vitex Should I Take?

The amount of vitex you should take really depends on how your system reacts to the herb. Most women start at 500 mg a day and increase up to 1000 mg if the lower dosage doesn’t appear to be helping. Keep in mind, vitex isn’t a magic herb that fixes your imbalances immediately. Vitex works very well for alleviating symptoms of hormone imbalance, but it is slow acting. It can take three months, or more, of daily usage to see the full benefits of the herb.

If you can’t seem to find the right level of vitex for you, you might want to find a licensed naturopathic physician who can help you find the correct dosage that works for you.

Hopefully you will be able to get pregnant within a couple of months, but you have to keep taking vitex, you can safely continue to take it for up to 18 months.

Who Shouldn’t Take Vitex?

You shouldn’t take vitex if you are still taking any form of hormonal birth control. Vitex can render the birth control ineffective.

You shouldn’t take vitex if you are currently under the care of a doctor and taking medications meant to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

While vitex should be safe in the first trimester, you should stop taking it once you have confirmed your pregnancy.

  • Dua

    i just wanted to share my experience with infertility and trying to get pregnant for 5years and trying evenything from clomid to IUI with no luck but finally gave everything up in Nov 2012 and just wanted to enjoy my holidays. In Feb googled natural ways to get pregnant and came across Vitex and decided to give t a try with Joyal jelly and got Pregnant in March.
    I never imagined in my wildest dreams that it can happen but it did so please don’t loose hope it will happen.

  • Vickie B.

    Congratulations Dua! What wonderful news :) Here’s to a happy, healthy nine months for you and your growing family!

  • Bobbi

    That’s awesome, I’m also taking Royal Jelly as well! Congrats!

  • A.J.

    I am a woman with age 36 yrs., I have tried a lot but can’t conceive yet. Need to get information about Chasteberry Vitex.

    Can I get help form the VITEX in my problem?

    My body weight is 58 Kgs.
    Age 36 Years &
    Height 155 cm.

  • Elynn

    Hi, I have a question. My fiance and I are TTC. I have PCOS and began taking Vitex 6/18/2013. I few days ago I started showing signs that my period was about to come on. Now it is on. Shortly after taking beginning the Vitex I began to chart my temp. Before my period came on, my temp was a little higher than normal. Does this mean that I ovulated and the Vitex is working? FYI my temp fluctuates a few 10ths of a degree but this time is higher…

  • KA

    What’s the best way to take Vitex drops? I feel like they have a bitter taste that I have a hard time tolerating. Can I put 60 drops in 4-8oz flavored water or a smoothie? Does liquid dilute the effects?

  • Misty Frederick

    I have found orange juice to be the best t masking the awful taste.

  • mariem

    this is my dream of being pregnant. I have almost 5 years of wedding I live in Algeria I have not a credit card to buy vitex can help me please.

  • impatientlyttc

    اسمه بالعربي “كف مريم” موجود عند العطار

  • Shelly belle

    I am not sure if it is the chaste berry but my fiance and I have been ttc for over an entire year. This evening I took a pregnancy test despite the fact I had an appointment tomorrow with the fertility clinic because I am always hopeful. To my surprise the lines were apparent in under a minute. Yes, thank you God TWO of them. I took 3 other pregnancy tests and they are all positive. I stopped drinking as much caffeine and quit drinking soda for lent as the caffeine and insulin spikes could cause infertility. I am not sure but I thought I would share and bring hope to someone else praying for a gift like this. Thank you God.

  • Preggers

    I recently became pregnant on my 3rd month of taking vitex. I was taking 2 pills per day and then went down to one per day on month 4. The first month I took it my period took 35 days to come when it had always taken 30. I was nervousness about this but realized that it was doing the job of extending my luteal phase. My periods regulated in following months and I had no negative side effects other than finding out I was pregnant!! My doctor says to keep taking it until 11 weeks bc clinically when women are given progesterone they continue until 11 weeks for the baby.

  • wanttobeamommy

    Which is best to use the drops or the pill form?

  • Vickie B.

    It really doesn’t matter. The tincture is more readily available by your body, but the taste can be bothersome to some. The capsules take a bit longer to get into your system but don’t have the taste aspect associated with them.

  • dacaria

    So your doctor said it’s okay to take Vitex through your first trimester? I ask b/c I’m taking Vitex now, and I need to know if I could continue taking it or if I should stop once I become pregnant. What was the dosage you were taking?

  • stella kyes

    i want to use this media to thank and appreciate the great help of Dr Kumar for helping me pregnant after 7years of marriage and not able to conceive but today with the help of Dr Kumar i am now a mother , i must say a very big thanks to you Dr Kumar and i pray that God continue to bless you with the great help you rendered to people out there thanks once again i don’t really know how much i can thank you with the great joy in my hart right now but God will reward you more and more, you are a God sent to the world keep doing your work God will increase of him or call +2347051705853

  • shirrie

    yes you can it takes the bitter taste a way

  • miracle herb

    i dont understand why yyou wouldnt be able to take it more than 18 months if you wanted to just as long you stop taking them if you feel your period coming on and when your on your period. basically you just have to stop taking it long enough to give your self a chance for a period. then you can start back up again after period

  • wendy

    I’m in south africa @durban how cn I get it?

  • Vera Bowers

    My husband and I have been together fifteen years and married two months, we have five kids, but none in common….i pray this works!

  • Tiffany Cummings

    How long were u taking the vitex for before you found out u were pregnant?

  • Shelly belle

    I believe in God the giver of children but am still trying to get pregnant why taking folic acid chasteberry.

  • thulani

    i am trying to get pregnant but nothing is righted i did the nothing is right what must i take please help me

  • Tabitha Harville

    I am TTC once again—My first child I took Vitex and Folic Acid and after 6 months of use I became pregnant. Might not sound a sure thing to some of you as I took it for 6 months before I got pregnant—but I was 38 and had never gotten pregnant before–thought I never would. I highly suggest it–it can’t hurt to try!

  • Vickie B.

    Vitex is a great herb to help you regulate your hormones so you can get pregnant! Good luck this time around! Hope it happens really soon for you.

  • Vickie B.

    Vitex is a great herb to help you get your hormones balanced so you can get pregnant. Good luck on achieving dream number 2! :)

  • candice


  • nanah

    Hi I’m Nana

  • CuttieBoo

    i am taking folic acid hoping to become pregnant ,nw i wanna buy Vitex.i think its making wonders for you ladies.but my problem is i want twins :(

  • Vickie B.

    Vitex will help you balance your hormones making it easier to get pregnant but does not play a part in having twins.

  • gaz

    Can you tell me how much vitex shud i take per day and taking royal jelly too. My vitex is 300mg per tab.

  • Vickie B.

    The Vitex we sell says that a dosage is 265 mg organic vitex, but if that doesn’t result in results that you want, you can double the amount. If the tablet you are taking is pure vitex, then that is a good place to start. You need to realize that herbs can take quite a while before the full effect in your body is reached. It can take up to 3 months of continual usage for the full effect to be shown.

  • gaz

    thanks vickie for the info, im prayingn hoping

  • Tish

    hi my name is Tish I want to know do vitex help you get pregnant if you have PCOS and my hormones are imbalanced and I haven’t had my period for about a yearI know I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the longest so what should I do

  • Paris

    Hey guys, I just started taking Vitex and then a week later I add inositol and choline. My cycle has been 60 days sometimes 47 ect…..since June it’s been 28 days. I started taking Vitex nov.17.2014 then I added inositol and choline 1 week later. I have been taking these herb for 1 month and I was 5 days late. I hope this means that’s it’s working. I will keep you guys posted btw I am TTC. Wish me luck!!!!

  • Paris

    I’m taking 3 per day. I started off taking 2 per day with 400mg each.

  • Paris

    Hi Tish, why don’t you try the Vitex trend with us?? It won’t hurt I hope lol but you gotta start somewhere…;)

  • Vickie B.

    Good luck! It looks like you have found the magic combination :)

  • Vickie B.

    Vitex along with myo-inositol has been shown to be very helpful in getting women PCOS back on track hormonally speaking.

  • Paris

    I hope so….thank u

  • Pamela

    I am 39 and I have 3 kids. I am going to try chasetberry tea too. I have been trying to get pregnant since April 2014. I’m on prenatal since September and I was taking red raspberry leaf tea and red clover tea since October. I’vehad 2 early mmiscarriages within one year. I am praying chasetberry will help me conceive.

  • l.s


    Can i start vitex before my period ?

  • Vickie B.

    Vitex can be taken at any time during your cycle so the answer to your question is yes :D

  • Vickie B.

    You might want to also try a supplement like dhea or Ovaboost to help improve your egg quality. The miscarriages could have been caused by poor egg quality due to your age.

  • L.s

    Oh ..anwerd me really fast ..thank u so much

    Can I ask u how much I should take please ?

    I have 100mg capsule


  • L.s

    Thanks for sharing

    Can u please tell me how much u used to take & for how long


  • L.s


    I meant 1000mg !!!

    Do u know anything about pregnenolone .?

    Does it help with egg quality ..

    & if yes . Please can u tell me when to take it & for how long


  • Vickie B.

    I’d start with 100mg twice a day to start with. If you don’t see the results you are looking for, you can up the dosage to a total of about 500mg a day.

  • mjm

    Hi I’m 39yrs old TTC again Iv had a miscarriage in may been trying since then. I get a regular monthly period. My doc don’t think there anything wrong but I scared. My new husbsnd wants a son and I want to do all I can. Iv had 6 abortion but birth 4 healty kids in between….I I hv scar tissue that is causing so problems? What else could I take with the vitex to conceive

  • mjm

    Sorry correction I may hv scar tissue, I hv an appointment to see if there is something I can do like a D n C. I’m racking my brain about this. Can I conceive? Or is it I can’t carry to term

  • Vickie B.

    If the doctor doesn’t think there is anything wrong then I would assume that there isn’t anything wrong. As for the Vitex, I’d suggest you also take Ovaboost due to your age in order to improve your egg quality.

  • Vickie B.

    It could be that your egg quality isn’t what it needs to be in order to sustain a successful pregnancy. The doctor should be able to tell you if there is a problem with scar tissue build up and offer a solution.

  • cee b

    i have been TTC for almost 5 years i went to a fertility doc i was on clomid and no luc k so i stopped going then did my own research and came across vetex i read so many possitive comments on so many women with grat stories so i decieded to order it i recieved it today but im not on my period no more it went away a few days ago so my question is will it still work even tho im not on my period anymore i havnt ovulated yet i have alot of faith on vetex after all i have read on this page and oter pages please help me :)

    thank you

  • cee b

    Good Luck keep us posted

  • Vickie B.

    You can take vitex all through your cycle to help promote hormonal balance.

  • cee b

    Thank you Vickie today was my first day taking it :)

    (Fingers crossed) iget pregnant soon :) my biggest dream

  • Vickie B.

    Good luck!

  • Muni

    Hi, My hubby and I ate TTC since last year. I’ve been off the pill for a year and a half now and when nothing happened after a year I went to my gynae to do a check. All he did was put he’s finger up and said there was nothing wrong, a month later and I didn’t get my period so I was excited but then a little over a month I started spotting and then clotting heavily so I went to visit another gynae, she did a scan and told me I had a cyst but that was nothing to worry about. She did however make me take blood tests for the cyst to see if it was anything serious and also for thyroid and progesterone levels. All came clear except the progesterone level which was on 3.1 if I can remember and that was abnormally low. So she gave me a presctiption of ustrogen and I was to take it from the 15th day of my cycle to the 26th however during that time of waiting for my next period I went to a herbal doc and he gave me chaste berry to take. 10 drops three times a day in a very minimal amount of water, it’s about a month since I’ve started and my period up until 4 days ago was late. Then 4 days ago I noticed a slightly pinkish fluid in my discharge and due to having period pain a few days back I counted it as my period but till today there’s no sign of a period except the slight pinkish fluid that comes out only once during the day. Is this the effect of the chaste berry? Is it cleaning out my inside that’s why the poor period? Also does chaste berry give you acne as my face is now looking like a fruit cake? Apologies for the long speech but just need an answer from a reliable source and you seem at the top of my list! Thank you

  • Vickie B.

    Vitex will adjust your hormones so the acne isn’t surprising. It can also disrupt your cycle while the levels of your hormones regulate. It may take a month or two, but your system should return to normal and your period arrive more regularly.

  • pinny

    Hello please help me where do l buy Vitex lm staying in Southafrica

  • Vickie B.

    Unfortunately, I’m not able to help you. I don’t know where you can find it there.

  • pinny

    Hue but can l order it to you as well

  • Vickie B.

    We only ship to addresses in the United States. Sorry.

  • Irina

    Hi ladies!

    I started taking Vitex twice a day with Maca and royal jelly. I will keep you posted on the status!!!



  • Vickie B.

    Good luck!

  • Vickie B.

    Most women start at 500 mg a day and increase up to 1000 mg if the lower dosage doesn’t appear to be helping. Keep in mind, you might have to take it 3 months before you see the full effect. You might also want to look at Pregnitude. The studies are very promising to helping women with PCOS regain regular ovulation and periods.

  • Elizabeth

    Hello..i have a question i bought vitex but im not sure how to take it..are you suppose to take it all month except when your on your period? do you stop during your fertile window? please help thanks

  • Vickie B.

    Vitex can be taking all during your cycle. Once you confirm your pregnancy, you can stop taking it.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you! So much for your can take it even during my menstrual cycle and ovulation

  • RDD

    Hi I’ve been taking vitex for about two weeks, i started taking them on my 3rd day of my period & I’ve been on my period now 10days. I know this is a low acting process should I continue with the two 500 mg aday?

  • Vickie B.

    How were your cycles before you started the vitex? Have you noticed any change? In order to see the full effects of taking the vitex, you typically have to take it consistently for 3 whole months.

  • cassieee0405

    Hello! I was actually looking for some advice from anyone! I was on the depo for 2 years I came off of it in May 2013 in hopes of getting everything back to normal. I didn’t get my AF again for about 14 months!!! Even then they were all the over place skipping around, short, and long just a big mess since this last summer. We decided to start TTC so I started Vitex in December of 2014. I started taking them the first week of December. It was a perfect 28 day cycle right away. January however… With an app I’m using says I O’d on the 15th and I thought so too with the crampy tightness feeling and CM. So I was expecting my period about the 29th.. I am now 5 days late. HPT are negative…. What can be going on?? Is the Vitex messing things up?! :(

  • Neb

    Hi .I was diagnosed wz PCO 3yrs back.I’ve 2kids.12&6yrs.Always difficult to conceive.I want to start vitex and maca but i dont know how to start/z dose.How much it will help me.Am now36yrs old fighting wz my age.Plsssss Help me how to get pregnant sooon.

  • ella lisa

    Testimony of my life was just a beginner of life when i lost my first pregnancy i thought it was a stress but it keep occurring ,one day i had to go for check up and doctor said it was as a result of fibroid that i can’t get pregnant unless i go for operation but it was going to be 50-50 so i was afraid that i hard to go for native herb of DR.ODUMA ( which i used for 3month then i put up a strong believe that it was over i had to go for check up and doctor confirm that it was gone, what a great joy so i now hard to believe that not all herb are fake with GOD and DR.ODUMA herbs i was cured from that fibroid now i am carrying my baby boy in my hand as i sing a song of testimony. Email him ( or call him +2349032730545

  • Vickie B.

    As you didn’t have a period for so long, your body may just be getting back to normal. I could be that it will take a while for your cycles to fully return to regularity. Instead of using your app, you might want to look into using ovulation tests to pinpoint ovulation a little better.

  • Vickie B.

    For the vitex, it is safe to take 800 to 1000 mg a day. As for the maca, you should follow the instructions on the brand you are using.

  • Zimbili Ambrosia Thoko

    Hi Pinny you can order from Pharmagermania, they are based in Benoni,Johannesburg +27879416046 or all the best

  • Ajah

    Hi,I’ve been taking vitex for about 3 months and I’ve still not seen no signs of my cycle!! I’ve just been feeling cramp like pains in my stomach that felt like I’m about to see my period,but nothing. What’s going on? Is this something normal? I’m currently taking 1200mg first thing in the morning on a empty stomach!!! Please can someone give me a answer

  • ij

    I’m 34yrs wt a kid having Irregular period for 5 month now January I didn’t get my period but on it presently for 8days now my my doc said everything is fine but I’m losing blood can vitex help to correct my cycle ittc

  • Vickie B.

    Are you taking pure vitex? Or is it in a herbal blend? Typically, with pure vitex, you will see some sort of change within that three month time period. If it doesn’t make a difference for you might want to visit a doctor to find out what is going on with your system.

  • Ajah

    Well I’m taking nature’s way vitex fruit,I started taking vitex on the 12th December 2014 .I started with 800mg first thing in the morning then I break for a week from the 25th of January through the 31st of January. I had took a pregnancy test during that period of time but it was negative so I increase the dosage to 1200mg on the 1st of February, this had been the 9 th week since I’ve been taking vitex.should I wait for the actual 12 weeks before I see the doctor? Or should go and see him right away?,do you think maybe because I’ve been taking BC for a year and my body is adjusting itself to the vitex?

  • Emily

    I have a question. I’ve been taking vitex 500mg daily since Nov. I had my period in Nov and Dec 31st into Jan. Being about a 45 day cycle. Ive been keeping track on an app of when I start because I am so irregular. the beginning of Feb I felt signs my period was coming. It says I was suppose to start Feb 13th and still nothing. I’ve taken two hpt and both were negative. Is it because I didn’t stop during my period and give my body a break or what is going on?

  • Neb

    Hello vikie.I was planning on IVF because of z PCO i have&difficulty of conceiving.But i am also MS patient so i dont know the disadvantage of the procedure/IVF for my MS.Pleaae help me.

  • Vickie B.

    Vitex can be taken throughout your whole cycle. If you are typically irregular, it could be that you aren’t taking enough vitex to help regulate yourself. 500 mg might not be enough to bring your cycles closer to the 28 day average. You could probably take 1000 mg (if you can tolerate that) and you might see a better response.

  • myName

    i am nearing 30 yrs. i am married since 3 yrs. we are trying for past 6 months for kid. i am diagnosed with POF ( Pre mature ovarian failure/ or Ovarian dysfunction). My gynac has given estrogen and progesterone for getting my periods regularly. I got my periods without taking progesterone 2 times. over the 6 months i got ovulation only once i feel based on my cervical mucus observation. But without estrogen i have never got my periods. I have low egg reserve i was told. If i fail to conceive doctors suggest to go for IVF with donor egg rather than own. this is consistent with 2 doctors i have been examined by. i am planning to take vitex. Do i need to stop my estrogen and progesterone tables? Do i need to consult doctor before taking vitex. i started taking pre-natal to have my folio acid and vitamins right.Do i need to take any other supplements. i am worried about egg quality and ovulation. I dont have any other problem. my husband also does not have any problem.

  • mytime

    right now i am on a regular period of 25 days cycle with estrogen and progesterone

  • Vickie B.

    If you are taking medications from your doctor, you will want to definitely either stop taking them or run your plans past your doctors. You will also want to take CoQ10, known as Ubiquinol, to help boost the quality of eggs that you do have.

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