Vitex and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

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Women with PCOS have found that Vitex, frequently referred to as chaste berry, is a great treatment option. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is also effective. Vitex may be purchased as an extract, capsule, or as berries. There are many mixed herb formulas, like FertilAid, made especially for women that also contain Vitex. These mixed formulas should be reviewed prior to using them for PCOS because they may contain some herbs that are not necessary.

Women who take Vitex for their PCOS will notice quick changes, usually as fast as one to three months to treat the symptoms of PCOS. It takes longer to treat other problems of infertility. However, women are recommended to take this herb for a minimum of 18 months. If you are working with an herbalist it is likely that they will recommend you take vitex for six weeks, then break a week, and then start back. This allows the body time to rest.

Vitex Capsules
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Vitex helps women with PCOS by assisting the body to create the necessary hormone phases. When a woman is under stress then she will benefit even more from Vitex as it lowers the levels of prolactin in the body.

In Europe, Vitex is well known and used extensively for many female problems including PMS, lack of ovulation, heavy bleeding, infertility, missed periods, and even uterine fibroids. With regular use of Vitex women with PCOS stand a good chance of having their hormones leveled out, which will increase their chances of getting pregnant.

There was a study conducted to see how well Vitex worked for women with PMS and within a month over 90% of sufferers experienced total relief. Interestingly enough, the Vitex helped women with luteal phase defects too. If you have a luteal phase defect then Vitex may help correct this problem, too.

There are few side effects associated with Vitex, although some women may experience some.

  • Liss

    I just began taking Vitex Chasteberry today. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. My husband and I have been actively trying to conceive for the last three years with absolutely no luck due to my unpredictable menstrual cycles. My cycles range from 45 to 55 days, sometimes with no ovulation what-so-ever. I recently had an HSG test done to find that my tubes are clear, the next step is round four of clomid at 150mg. Before we take that step, I have decided to give Vitex Chasteberry a try for a couple of months. I hope this helps even things out!!!

    • earthsmagic

      Hi Liss,

      Good luck with the Vitex. We’ve had lots of PCOS ladies get results using it. You might also want to give Pregnitude a look. The main ingredient, myo-inositol, has some great research studies that show it can be a great help with PCOS.

      • Kay

        Can you take Vitex while also taking myo-inositol?

        • Yes you can 🙂

          • Juju

            Could you please tell me what is the daily recommended dose for PCOS?

          • For PCOS a dose of around between 500 – 1000 milligrams per day is appropriate and it may take several months for the effects to become noticeable.

          • Joiq

            Are we suppose to take vitex with meal or before meals? Im on natural factors vitex 80 mg pill. I take 2 pills in a day. Is it enough or should i increase my dose? I have pcos…

  • Crista

    i have PCOS and i have irregular periods i took birth control pills for about five months and my periods were normal while on them but my husband and i wanted to concieve so i stopped taking them then months later i didnt get a period for about 3 to 4 months straight till i did some research and i just started taking Vitex Chastetree 500mg a day from GNC the bottle says only take one pill a day on January 5 2013 i had very sore boobs for the first couple of days which i never get then boom i get my period on January 10th 2013 it was heavy for a few days then very light it lasted only 7 days which was pretty good to me. February 9th I had spotted once when i wiped after going pee then on February 10 I took a pregnancy test and it was a – negative which was heart breaking because i thought i was pregnant then on February 20 i took another pregnancy right in the morning still – negative i wonder if my PCOS is just getting stronger or is Vitex not working for me?

    • earthsmagic

      Hi Crista,

      To me, it sounds like the vitex is making a difference if your period showed up. You have to remember that it takes a couple of months of consistent Vitex use for your system to get the full effect of the vitex. Unfortunately, for some women, one of the side effects of vitex is very sore breasts. Kind of disconcerting as that can also be a sign of pregnancy. Hang in there.

    • S.


      Any luck with the Vitex 500mg once a day?
      I too just purchased GNC and only taking one a day.

      • Lesa

        I am also taking Vitex 500 mg once a day I have read on other post that some has taken 2 pills but im not sure that I want to take 2 since the bottle said just take one.

        • The vitex is a pretty safe herb. You might want to visit some herbalism forums to see what they suggest. We have known some women to take 1000 mg (in two doses) and be absolutely fine with it. If you aren’t seeing results on 500mg after a month or two, try upping your dosage.

          • Mila

            Can you take Vitex and evening primrose oil at the same time?

          • Yes you can.

          • joy

            i missed my period for two months now after being diagonised of pcos last month. how long will i take vitex to see my periods.

          • Christine

            Just stop taking the EPO if you become pregnant.

            “Note: The dosage taken should be 1500mg to 3000mg per day. Evening Primrose Oil should only be taken from menstruation to ovulation, as EPO may cause uterine contractions.”

          • Ria

            Hii dear..m planning to start vitex when shld I start taking it on the 5th day of my period ?

  • Sheena Ewing

    Should you continue to take this while pregnant?

    • Samee Saif

      no you cannot use while pregnancy or breast feeding. While taking the medication and you get pregnant discontinue it.

      • Wolfgoddess

        I do not agree with this.
        There are many who believe, and I am one of them, that you should continue taking vitex for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
        It takes that long for the placenta to start producing progesterone.
        Just look at how many cases there are of women using vitex to help conceive…they get pregnant, stop taking it, and have a miscarriage.
        I know there may be other issues, but I believe progesterone is a big one.

  • Loui

    I went off the pill at the end of March 2013, the next 9 months I had 3 periods. So I was roughly going 100 days in-between each cycle.

    I did some research and discovered people swear by Vitex so at the start of January 2014 I went and bought Vitex 1000. The day I started taking them I just so happen to have got my period that day.

    Since then my cycles have been 38, 35, 40 & 38 days! I’m currently on day 20.

    We have kinda been trying to get pregnant but haven’t been trying very hard, as in we haven’t been having sex often enough as we have both been very busy with work, and just moved into a new house. And I’m just trying to work out my cycles etc.

    On the first cycle my mucus was just per the books but the first half was just longer than normal but I did an ovulation test when I had the egg white discharge and it came up positive.

    I will admit leading up to my periods I now get really sore boobs which I never had before starting Vitex so I pretty much know when it’s coming.

    I’m now trying to eat as healthy as I possibly can and exercise daily just to see if that improves my cycles in the next 3 months. Then we will start trying good and proper come October.

    I’ll keep you updated on our progress…. x

  • Sindhu

    I have pcos problem and i want to take vitex. Can any1 plz tell me from when should i start taking this herb? can i take this even when i am having periods?

    • You can take vitex throughout your cycle until you confirm pregnancy.

  • suzi yaana

    Hi I have been diagnosed with PCOS 22 months back. I am 28 years now. I have been trying for pregnancy since one and a half year but there has been no result. My periods are awfully uncertain. I get them on intake of fertility drugs or vaginal progesterone capsules . Every month I feel the symptoms of getting periods but don’t get them. But if I get them, it is a 28 day cycle. I can feel my ovulation exactly between 14th-16th day of my periods. But ultimately the results are negative. I have undergone IUI treatment once. But no results. I came to know about Vitex recently. I fear taking these capsules without a doctors prescription. Can somebody suggest me if I can take it w/o consulting a doc and what is the proper dosage of this capsule.

    • Yes you can take them without a doctor’s advice but if you are taking medication prescribed by your doctor, you might want to inform him of your desire to take Vitex. Start with 500 mg a day (in two 250mg doses). If that doesn’t work for you, you can up the dosage amount to 1000 mg a day.

  • screwthis1

    This stuff really works to bring about ovulation and irregular periods. Not trying to get pregnant, so I can’t speak to that but within 3 weeks my period was back after being absent for 6 months.

  • Caris hollins

    Can vitex cause you have an egg white discharge because I am experiencing that an I’ve only been taking vitex for roughly a week.

    • Yes it can if it is helping regulate your hormones.

      • Maria

        Hi Vivkie, just a quick question. I have PCO. And my periods are fine, I have been concieving 3 times, but unfortunatly all miscarried. Then I heard about Vitex can prevent you from another miscarriage? is that true?

        • Vitex can help balance your reproductive hormones which will help with sustaining your pregnancy. But before you go that route, you might want to talk to your doctor to see what he/she thinks could be the cause of the recurrent miscarriages. There are many things that could cause that in addition to hormonal imbalance.

          • Mrs. M. Hoyt

            I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year and half each doctor I went to gave me progesterone tablets to take 7 pills every month an a half to help me start menstruating or to start me menstruating regularly, however it only worked for the time used. They have now referred me to a fertility specialist. I’ve decided before I go to the fertility specialist for any fertility treatment I would take Vitex chaste supplements. This is my 3rd week taking them dosage 3 tablets at 400mg do you think I should up the dosage?

          • Christine

            I read contradicting information regarding dosages with Vitex. I think it is strong medicine and shouldn’t be given in large doses after only taking it a short time. If you have no side effects, you could slowly up the dosage. But it sounds as though you’re a little excited. Vitex can take three months to make a difference – it’s not an overnight solution.

    • Hallie

      Yes it can. And if you study the Creighton method for family planning, an egg white discharge can be an indication you’re ovulating!

  • Kafa Thoj

    Is there a certain brand of Vitex that you recommend and besides GNC, where else can I purchase Vitex?

    • We sell organic vitex on our website

      • Nihal

        Hi vickie
        I use to take vitex for three months now 1000mg in early morning and i am pcos patient i have regular periods usually 32- 35 daysthis month my period took longer than 45 days and didnt come till now and i heard that vitex can do so should i continue taking vitex or stop it and i didnt have stop it since i start it should i stop it for a week to rest my body or not i am confused please help me .
        Thank you,nihal

        • Christine

          If you already had regular cycles and then started taking Vitex and it messed up your cycles I would stop taking it. It is not for every body.

        • RedPen

          You sound confused! Ever heard of punctuation?

  • Earlisha Wilson

    I’m thinking about buying vitex due to the fact I face PCOS and I want a baby. I’ve been doing research and vitex sound like something good to take but I wanted to know if I could take that and maca root also or would just vitex help me?

    • You can take both together, but definitely start slow with the maca to make sure it settles well with you. To be safe you will want to use the gelatinized versus the raw maca. I made the mistake and took too much of the raw maca and was sicker than a dog. 🙂

      • Earlisha Wilson

        Alright thank you Vickie and I’m thinking about just talking the vitex and my prenatal vitamins cause I can’t find any good studies about maca root but I’ve found plenty about vitex

  • Renee

    HELP!!! can Vitex help me??? i want nothing more than to be a mommy. my fiance and i have been trying for two years. i found out i had PCOS about 2 1/2 years ago it was devastating. because i knew something was wrong with me since i had my first period at 14 and it didn’t go away until about 2 months later. doctors kept putting me on birth control until i finally said ENOUGH!! i finally had to bring it to my doctors attention that i do not want birth control anymore and i want a baby. and i suggested that i may have pcos to her. she looked at me as if she was disgusted because i found my own problem when she had not. i went on to find another doctor who had proven that i indeed had pcos. my left ovary looked like a rock with big craters on it. the first line of action they took was CLOMID! i did two rounds of that and nothing. i went to another doctor who wanted to try metformin and birth control. i said no way am i doing birth control. he suggested i stay on the metformin alone twice a day for 6 months. i hated it after the first two months! the side effects where just awful and i could barley eat anything without being scared of how it could possibly make me feel. so i went ahead and started doing some research on my own just as i had in finding my own diagnosis. i have been doing some research on Vitex lately and i want to know if this could really work for me. i am 5’1 and i am over weight 225 pounds. i am in the process of losing weight but i want to know if i can still take Vitex while doing so?

    • Vitex taken in conjunction with Myo-Inositol might be helpful for you. Our page with Pregnitude on it has a bunch of scientific research listed at the bottom which shows how helpful myo-inositol can be for women with PCOS. Good luck!

    • Kate Nettles Walden

      You may need to see a reproductive endocrinologist – true PCOS involves insulin resistance (hence the Metformin), and sometimes that alone restores ovulation. Also, you may want to try Femara instead of clomid – it’s stronger, and more tailored to anovulation in PCOS. Worked for me both times! I use Vitex and Shatavari now to help stay regulated, but the medicines are there if you are serious about conceiving and not having luck on your own. Good luck!

    • Ashley Jo

      Hi Renee, reading your story I could have sworn I had written it myself. I started my period the same way and have continues to have the same problems. I just started Vitex. Wish u the best! Ashley Jo

  • Lynneda

    Hi! I have always had irregular periods but its never being this long, its been three months & counting i got worried so i went to the hospital & i was diagnosed with pcos 2wks ago. I wasnt given any drugs, was only told to exercise more often that it would come on its own. But when am ready for kids i could come back & get some drugs. I just found this site should i try the vitex, to help return my period without running the risk of getting pregnant

    • Vitex is good for helping return menstrual cycles. You might want to look at Pregnitude too. The main ingredient in that product has been shown to be very helpful for women with PCOS

    • christal barrett

      Yes go for it.. ..vitex may certainly be the answer

  • Toni Smulz

    Hi, My partner and I have been trying to conceive for the past two years with no luck. In June 2014 I was diagnosed with PCOS and my menstrual cycles are unpredictable in the sense that it comes every month but I cannot tell what time of the month it will come, sometimes its much lighter than other times……What are my chances if using Vitex and how long does it usually takes to conceive after starting using Vitex?

    • christal barrett

      A simple Google Search into it will answer all your questions and persuade you to try it… Your chances are good and how long it takes is dependent on how your body reacts to it. But it’s recommended you take it at least 3-6 months up to a year but you may become pregnant before then…. I also am trying to conceive and with pcos.. . I’m taking maca root as well as vitex… You may want to research both and purchase both

  • Mindy Davis

    I have PCOS and I was 21 when I was introduced to clomid. 50 mg didn’t make me ovulate, but 100mg did. It took me 2 try’s. My 2nd child is 12 years younger than my 1st! Yes, it took that long even with clomid! Off and on that medicine and up and down on an emotional roller coaster! Again, 100mg, and I did 3 cycles of it then took a 3 month break, and that 3rd month found out I was pregnant. But now I’ve been on clomid for 3 cycles again and no luck again! I was thinking about vitex. My question is how many pills do I take a day or how many mg? I do ovulate on clomid on day 19 every month I take it because I feel horrible cramping bloating then I get my progesterone levels checked and it shows ovulation so I’m not sure why clomid hasn’t helped me with pregnancy this time. I don’t want to wait 12 more years lol…I’m getting old!

    • Aly

      I was diagnosed with PCOS about years ago & I wouldn’t ovulate at all. I recently started to take vitex about 3 weeks ago or so and became pregnant right away after that. There are different brands of vitex therefore there are different dosage/mg. The brand I used was from nature’s way and I started taking 1 400mg pill 3 times a day for a week total of 1200mg a day, then the second week I took 2 pills in the morning & 2 pills at night total of 1600mg a day and became pregnant asap. Hope this helps, unfortunately every woman is different what may work for one may not work for another, but there’s no harm in trying.

      • chelsie

        did you get your period when you started vitex or waited until you had your period and then start vitex?

        • Christine

          I started taking it immediately mid-cycle. I took it for about 25 days and now I’m on AF so I am taking a break for 5 days. I will resume taking it on the sixth day.

          • Rosie Queen

            I just started taking vitex. does it make you lose/gain weigth? Any side effects. I take metformin 1500 mg a day. 2 vitex @ 400 mg, 1 folic acid and a prenatal vitamin.

      • trudy

        I am 23yrs I have been trying to get conceive for 3yrs now have ave pcos Dr put me on clomid and metformin no luck I have heard of vitex and its benefit I want to know will it help me to conceive if I talk it

        • Elisha

          I am 41yrs I have been trying to conceive again since I miscarried my first baby back in 2007 I was told I have PCOS also I tried everything didn’t work so I went to my GNC Store bought the Nature’s Way Vitex and GNC’s progesterone cream back in June then in July I had my cycle here it is August 12 2016 I took my first home Ovulation Test for the first time since my miscarriage and I got a Positive Ovulation Test. so what you should do is get the home ovulation test and test when your cycle is done I used the walmart brand I wish you lots of Blessing and good luck

      • christal barrett

        I take mines at different frequencies as well…

  • Aly

    I was diagnosed with PCOS & was never ovulating. I started Vitex for about 3 weeks or so before I became pregnant. My question is, is Vitex still safe to use during your 1st trimester? I’ve heard different things such as I should wean off of it, then I hear to keep taking it until you’re 12 weeks because it can prevent miscarriage. I should mention also that I was diagnosed with Uterine Polyps 3 years ago & so there might be a chance of miscarriage but if continuing taking Vitex should help should I keep taking it. I am about 5-6 weeks pregnant & everything is good so far, what do you suggest? Has anyone gotten pregnant on Vitex & still continued it till 12 weeks & had a healthy baby? Please help, don’t know if I am doing more harm than good to my baby, I just don’t want to take a chance for m/c

  • Mrs.Dee

    I have been taking Vitex for about 2 months other then heavy white discharge and weight gain I haven’t seen much of a change. I was diagnosed with PCOS in June. My fiance and I just want to bring our fab five to a super six to complete our family (plus my son an only child needs a sibling). Currently I’m taking 500mgs once a day tomorrow I’m going to bump up to 1000mgs, is there anything else I can try?

    • Lexuss Salazar

      I actually take it 3 times a day but mine are only 400mg. It’s helped me alot! Good luck

    • christal barrett

      You can try maca root.. .it’s natural as well it’s a super food available in extract, capsules and powder form.. .very good for regulating periods which in turn increases your chances of conceiving. I also have PCOS and ttc. I just started taking them 6 days now coupled with the vitex.. .I would recommend upping the dosage. I’m already ovulating and experiencing feelings of getting my period. Just watching to see what happens… I’m excited and lord knows I want a child so bad.. .

    • Elisha

      i have PCOS to I also went 6 months without my cycle I went to my GNC Store bought the Nature’s Way Vitex and the GNC progesterone cream used both twice a day back in June come July I had my cycle and now that August is here I took a Ovulation Home Test and it came out Positive give them a try good luck

  • RS

    I started taking Vitex two weeks ago and got a period on day 16. I stop taking BC and haven’t had a regular cycle until now (1 year 1/2 later). I did three cycles of clomid, which all failed. I was diagnosed with PCOS. I do have a 7 year old so hoping for baby number 2. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • YM

    Is it ok to combine clomid with vitex for pcos

    • Angela Marie Milliron

      No, vitex can reverse the effect of clomid. Do not take them together.

  • Michelle Dobbs

    I haven’t had a period in over 6 months and none of the tests I’ve taken have been positive. Even went to the doctors to get blood work done and nothing. I just started to take vitex and I feel like I’m going to get it but it doesn’t show up. My husband and I would like to start a family but im fearing with pcos that I won’t be able to. I over think alot. Im hoping this works for me.

  • Preddie Tammy

    Last year my period only came 3 timess for the year and this year it only came in January, I just visit a herbal store and ask what would suggest for hormone imbalance and the lady gave me vitex the brand is from nature’s way I haven’t been to the doctor to do no test or nothing I want to one of these days but i think I am diagnose with PCOS but going to start take these tablets tomorrow morning hopefully this works I will update .

    • Summer Lynn

      Any update?

      • Preddie Tammy

        Well it’s been like 3 weeks now and they are days I feel like my period is on its way I get cramps but nothing come,hope fully before all the pills finish it does come ,will make an update.

        • christal barrett

          How many times a day do you take them ? And you may want to try maca root also it’s a natural supplement as well also recommended for the regulation of periods. It can be taken alongside the vitex. .. Don’t forget to answer the question

        • christal barrett

          How many times a day do you take them ? And you may want to try maca root also it’s a natural supplement as well also recommended for the regulation of periods. It can be taken alongside the vitex. .. Don’t forget to answer the question

    • Elisha

      The Nature’s Way is the one I also took back in June had my cycle in July and then tonight Aug 11,2016 I took a home Ovulation Test and it came out Positive so the Vitex works I do have PCOS and I miscarried my first baby in 2007 Good Luck if your trying to conceive

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  • Preddie Tammy

    Thanks much I will continue until I see the change I know it takes time.

  • Michelle Dobbs

    Thank you

  • Abreeanah Shock

    Can I take Myo-Inositol pills and Vitex extract pills together?

  • Alexis Jade Russell

    Can I take them with my prescribed progesterone ?

  • deedee nelson

    This is not true. It doesn’t take months for everyone. I took vitex on a Sunday and had my period by Thursday. I started taking it twice a day and the day before my cycle I took three. And the day of my cycle I took one. I am a BSN RN but I prefer herbals over synthetics any day. Continue to pray and ask God to touch your body and he will do it.

    • Maivis

      Got my AF within a month too and ov for the first time in years

  • Elisha

    Just want to give everyone my input 2007 I miscarried my first baby 2012 I was told by my OBGYN that I had PCOS she prescribed provera never got pregnant from it and then my body got so used to the provera that the provera stopped working all together. still no signs of pregnancy So I used google to see if I could find something to help me and Vitex came up so I read up on it I have type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. I went to my GNC Store asked them for the Vitex started taking it Back in June. Then in July I started my Cycle I went for 3 weeks since my cycle was so messed up. In 3 weeks me and my hubby will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary Aug 26,2016 I started cramping again and this evening on Aug 11,2016 I took a home Ovulation Test for the first time since 2007 I got a positive Ovulation Results so the Vitex works we are hoping we conceive and I will let everyone know if we do become pregnant I am so happy right now and excitied. so if you are really unsure about using Vitex give it a try don’t give up if it doesn’t work as fast for you as it did me everyone’s bodies are different. I only bought one bottle and didn’t take the whole bottle before I started my cycle. Good Luck to everyone TTC.

Last modified: January 23, 2015