Can You Take Home Pregnancy Tests Before Missing a Period?

Most mothers-to-be today look at early detection as something that is immensely important. This is especially true for women who begin experiencing symptoms of pregnancy before missing their periods. However, how do you know whether you should wait to take a test or if you can take one before your period while still getting accurate results?

Waiting Until After You’ve Missed a Period is Often Best

Most drug stores today offer a wide variety of pregnancy tests that you can buy over-the-counter. Each might use a different method to help detect pregnancy, ranging from urinating into a cup and then dipping the stick in the urine to putting your urine into a special container with the use of an eyedropper and urinating on the test itself.

Amenorrhea, or missing your period, is often the first sign that you might be pregnant. It’s important to remember that even after you miss your period, it might take several days for your test to show you accurate results. Because of this, you might have to take multiple tests before you have a positive determination that you are pregnant.

Some women choose to have blood pregnancy tests done instead. Blood pregnancy tests measure the concentration of human chorionic gonadotropic, or hCG, in your body which typically reach high enough levels 10 days after ovulation to be detected.

There are highly sensitive pregnancy tests that can detect pregnancy up to six days before ovulation, which is around eight days before your cycle begins. However, this increases the potential for false negatives. Another possibility is that you might be experiencing a chemical pregnancy, meaning that you will test positive although the pregnancy is going to result in a miscarriage. Of course, negative urine tests aren’t always the best indicator, especially because it’s possible to become pregnant later in your cycle.

Once one to two weeks have passed since your period, or three to four weeks have passed since fertilization, you can confirm that there is a fetus developing with a transvaginal sonogram. Six to seven weeks after your last period is the point at which a heartbeat can be detected and you will be able to see the fetus itself.

Are Home Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

In general, home pregnancy tests claim to be between 97 and 99 percent accurate, however this statistic can vary. Each brand’s sensitivity to hCG is different, and if you aren’t using the test properly, results will be less accurate. It is typically best to take multiple tests from the same brand to get the most accurate results.

Detecting Pregnancy Before You Miss a Period

Women who take pregnancy tests too early often don’t have high enough levels of hCG in their body for accurate detection. The most accurate time at which you could take a pregnancy test is if you take one around the time of your period.

Negative results can sometimes occur because you aren’t actually pregnant, or because you might be ovulating later than you think. Many issues that happen during pregnancy can affect levels of hCG in your urine as well. If you ever have a negative pregnancy test, take another test shortly thereafter. If you still believe that you’re pregnant, it’s best to talk to your doctor.

Blood pregnancy tests are always the most accurate way to determine whether or not you’re pregnant. Results from these tests are available after 24 hours and can be taken as early as eight days after fertilization occurs and hCG is present in your body.

  • Charmaine

    thank you this helps alot. I’m nerves I’m suppose to start my period tomorrow.

  • Jamie

    thank you so much. i tryed it yesterday and it was negative but its prob bc i wasnt close to my pd yet. thank you!!!!

  • Lyns

    We had a miscarriage a two months ago. I tested yesterday (6 days before I’m due for my period) and the digital one said I was pregnant. I had taken 3 answer ones and the line was really faint, but at least with this one I got a “pregnant”. So here’s hoping this time we will continue to get good news instead of bad! I also drank wheatgrass which is suppose to help with fertility I heard! Good luck ladies!

  • Lyns

    Jamie, with my first child years ago I didn’t get a positive until a week after my missed period! So fingers crossed!

  • earthsmagic

    Congratulations Lyns!

  • tya

    I took 4 preg test came back all neg, which i feel like i was prego.. My LMP was March 4th, 2013 and now its been 8 days since i haven’t got my period.. This morning i woke up, first thing in the morning and took another test, came back ”Not pregnant” as i can see the other blue line were very light which were positive.. Does it count or can i still be pregnant?

  • earthsmagic

    What brand test are you using? For most tests, if you see two line it means you are pregnant, but you said it came back “Not pregnant” Did the test actually say “Not Pregnant” or are you interpreting the results as a negative? If you are using the same brand test for each of your test, it might be helpful for you to use a different brand. Maybe the test you are using isn’t as sensitive as it could be.

  • Shayela

    I took a home pregnancy test two days ago, which would be about 3 days before my period is supposed to come and it came back postitve, so I took a second one and it came back postive. how accurate are these tests when taken before missed periods?

  • Vickie B.

    Most pregnancy tests on the market will pick up a positive at 3 or 4 days before your period is due and they are pretty accurate. You have a better chance of getting a false negative than a false positive. Congratulations!

  • DH& 3

    Hi…I am only 5 days dpo and am REALLY hoping I am pregnant. My last cycle was 5/5/2013. I have purchased a test (first response-6 days sooner), should I test Mon/Tues/or Weds? UGHHH the waiting is agony. Thanks for your help…

  • Vickie B.

    Tuesday would be a good day for you to test. The longer you can hold out the better though because the earlier you test, the larger the potential for a false negative result.

  • Pinky

    Hello. My last cycle started 5-1-13 and I had a faint positive the 27th and 28th using Walmart equate brand. Period is not expected until June 3. 33 day cycle

  • Z4

    Ok. I’m 26 no kids. But I’m a little nervous. My LMP was May 18.. Well on the 16 I was active… And the morning of the 18. Should I be nervous about June???

  • Vickie B.

    If you have a regular 28 day cycle, you would have ovulated at the end of may and your period would be due around now. Having sex on the 16th and the 18th (be in in May or June) would not be timing to worry about.

  • HDub

    I have a 24 day cycle…. does the 3, 4 or 5 days before missed period still apply? I am 8 dpo today and that is 4 days before my period.

  • Vickie B.

    You could try try testing. Did you get a positive ovulation test? If you aren’t pregnant, you might want to try herbal supplements that help lengthen your luteal phase ( the days after ovulation).

  • Emily

    I had a period last month starting on the 3rd or 4th and ended on the 6th. I have very short periods. I have been feeling nauseated and sleepy recently. I missed my period last week. I took a test yesterday morning that came back negative. When should I take another one? I am 6 days late.

  • Shelly

    Hi, I have a 32 day cycle. Lmp was June 9th. I am due for my period tomorrow but am concerned I am pregnant. My husband and I have only been using spermicide. Test says negative. Can I trust this?

  • Ashley84

    I have a 32 day cycle. LMP was July 6th. When can I test?

  • Alisha

    Hi I have been trying to get pregnant for awhile now I had my period July 20 thru the 25 th, I had sex August 4-8 when I thought I was ovulating today is aug 15 would a pregnancy test be accurate?

  • Vickie B.

    If you typically have a 28 day cycle, our ovulation calendar shows that you would have been ovulating on August 2nd. If that is the case, you would have missed your chance to conceive this cycle. If you had timed it correctly, a pregnancy test should have worked now.

  • Ana SoIndependent

    im confused idk if I have a 28 day cycle or 32 day cycle because my period is irregular but im supposed to get my period on sept 27 when can I take a test if idk what my cycle days are????? too a test todat at 9dpo and neg

  • vanessa

    Hello. So I had my last period on September20. So my on oct 6th would of been my ovulation day in which I had intercourse and again on the 11, and the again the 16. Im suppose to have my period tomorrow. Is there a possibility I can be pregnant. I havent took a test.

  • Vickie B.

    If you had sex on the 6th, your timing would have been good to catch ovulation. There is a chance that you are pregnant.

  • Raye

    I’m not entirely certain when I’m due either a week to fortnight away, had sex three times in the last 2 weeks where my husband and I have not used contraception and came off the pill a month ago.. I know there’s a chance but what’s the likelihood?

  • Chelsea

    Hi, my last period started about 23rd dec-27th. Have we already missed the best time to conceive?

  • Kay

    I still have a week to go before I am due my period, however I am having bad lower back aches, random nausea, eating food I usually don’t like, feeling really tiered and even though I am dieting, I am gaining weight! My husband and I are actively trying for a baby, and have been for just over a month, but I had a period a week after we first began trying. I took a test about 9 days ago and it was negative, but my symptoms were not frequent as they are now. We had intercourse on everyday of my ovulation. Would a home test pick it up this early? Or do I still have to wait?

  • yana

    i have pcos so i am not sure of the period frequently and when should i test

  • Whit:)

    Ok I Usually Have My Period between The 1st and 5th of the month .. and it lasts 3 days . In December I got my period on the 28th (which was the 2nd time that month .) and it ended on the 30th .. On The 1st of January I had sex with No condom .. and In January between the 1st and 5th I Did NOT Get My Period . I don’t know if I should wait til February to see if I get my period or if I can take it now . Is there a possibility that I am pregnant ? HELP !!!

  • slccmom

    can you test 7 days before your period and get an accurate result?

  • Guest

    A friend of mine has the same problem as I do with not having regular periods.

  • oasis

    hi my last period was april 1st to 5 then i had intercourse on the 20th we used pull out method but without any condom. but still im kinda worried is there a great chance for me to get pregnant? please help! thank you

  • Nicole

    My son was conceived with pull out method. Always a chance

  • Nicole

    My son was conceived with pull out method. Always a chance

  • Toby12

    Hi need help I think I’m pregnant but I due on in 5 days and my preg test keep say native y help

  • tina

    So I had sex a day before my period and I am niw 14 days late when should I take a pregnancy test

  • saly

    i had a period on 16th june and i had the ovulation.when i have to take pregnancy test

  • sadie

    I had unprotected sex on the 5th and now have a period can I still be pregnant? I’m worried I might not be!

  • kristen

    so according to my chart, my most fertile day was june 7th. I had sex that day. ive been feeling pregnant since then, I have a son so I know how it feels. im due for my period in 4 days, so could I be pregnant?

  • Vickie B.

    You should consider taking a pregnancy test to see what it says. Most of the drugstore brands should give pretty accurate results at this point. You can also wait a day or two and get even more accurate results.

  • kristen

    I have took several home pregnancy tests and they were negative, I even took one today and it was negative…I feel pregnant!! I have the nausea and everything…but the fact that I had unprotected sex the day I was the most fertile makes me lean more towards being pregnant

  • Ginge

    I had sex on the 5th and 6th of this month my period is due on the 13th could I be pregnant? Or have I missed the chance

  • roxana

    I had my period on June 26, it lasted until July 1st. My cycle is 28 days. I had unprotected sex on July 4,5 and July 9,10..when should i test?

  • CutieKutie86

    My last period was June 19-23. My ovulation app said I ovulated on the 27 of June. I had unprotected sex on the 28th and 29th of June. What are my chances that I am pregnant?

  • Vickie B.

    Hmmm, it sounds like your cycle is off by the dates you shared. If your period started on the 19th and your app says you ovulated on the 27th, there are only 9 days there instead of the typical 14 days. If you have a regular 28 day cycle, you should have ovulated on the July 2nd. Also, if you really did ovulate on the 27th, the chances of you getting pregnant on the 28th / 29th are slim as you need to have sex before or on the day of ovulation in order to have the highest chances of getting pregnant.

  • Vickie B.

    If you plug your information into our ovulation calendar, you will find this information:

    Thursday 12th June 2014 – A little bit fertile

    Friday 13th June 2014 – Fertile

    Saturday 14th June 2014 – VERY fertile

    Sunday 15th June 2014 – Time to ovulate

    Wednesday 25th June 2014 – A home pregnancy test may work now.

    It looks like you haven’t hit your fertile time for this month yet.

  • christa

    I am trying for a baby. We have been trying continuously and his boys are swimming.
    I should be on my period as of a few days ago.
    My areolas are slightly darker, nausea, headaches, really thirsty all the time, fatigued, constipated, hadst, and extra discharge, cravings, etc.
    my test this morning my test said no, though. I really should be ..could I be?

  • sarah smith

    I had unprotected sex a coupke days after I got off my period in july and its been about 2 weeks. I’m not suppose to start my period until the 12th of this month(august) Is it too early to take a pregnancy test?

  • Vickie B.

    Yes it is too early. The earliest you would want to try and test is about the 7th of August, but closer to the time your period is due will give you more accurate results.

  • Vickie B.

    If your period has not started yet, I would test again and if your period doesn’t arrive in a couple of days, I’d suggest seeing a doctor to find out what is going on.

  • Amey

    I’ve had 3 faint positive pregnancy tests. My period isn’t due for another 4 days. Could I be pregnant and when should I notify my OB?

  • Vickie B.

    If you test again and the line is getting darker, I would say contact your doctor for confirmation that you are pregnant.

  • Bre

    So I recently went off my birth control a month ago because I’m ready to have a baby. My period ended Aug 4th and my husband and I have had unprotected sex everyday from August 7th- August 14th, a day before I’m suppose to ovulate. We didn’t have sex on the 15 nor the 16 I’m hoping my chances are still high to conceive considering I didn’t have sex the day of nor day after ovulation. I’ve been feeling fatigue, nausea and slight cramping.

  • shaikh


    I ovulated on 6 aug.. had unprotected intercourse on 28 Jul 2nd aug and 5 aug ..

    My period is due on 20 aug.. usually I get cramping same day of my period. But this time I had a terrible cramps on 14th 15th aug.. ya slight cramps on 16th aug also.. I had a white discharge on 16 aug (no itching or any kind of smell).. I don’t want to take a pregnancy test till I miss my period. I also got bad acne..

    Can any 1 help me know of these are pregnancy symptoms.

  • Katrina

    My last period was July 17th. I had intercourse on July 31st and Aug 4th. My exp cycle date is Aug 16th. I took a pregnancy test on Aug 16th at night. It’s now Aug 18th and no period. Is pregnancy possible and should I test again?

  • Vickie B.

    You can take another test especially if your period still hasn’t started.

  • Vickie B.

    Well, They could be but not necessarily so. The only way to tell is by taking a pregnancy test. You can take one of the drugstore brands about 4 days before your period and still get an accurate result.

  • laiken

    I ovulated on the 13th august, and my partner and I had unprotected sex in the 8th, 11th and the 13th. I’m due for my period in 7 days and was wondering if it would still be to early to take a test and when I should take one?

  • laira

    i want to be pregnAnt my due date is 29 aug n i dont about symptoms of ovulation. Can take test at home before due date

  • Vickie B.

    Most of the drugstore brands are accurate at about 4 days before your period is due but just because you get a negative doesn’t mean you are not pregnant. It could mean that you need to wait and test again closer to when your period is due.

  • Vickie B.

    The earliest you should try a home pregnancy test would be on August 25th. Closer to the date would provide more accurate results though.

  • Vickie B.

    The earliest you should try a home pregnancy test would be on August 25th. Closer to the date would provide more accurate results though.

  • laiken

    Thanks Vickie!
    I tested today, couldn’t help myself lol, got a negative result, I am now going to wait and see if I get my period and if not I will test again :)

  • baby mama

    My ovulationes test its been positive 5 days in a row up until the 15 of august. We had sex for all the period. When can i test?

  • Vickie B.

    It’s odd that your ovulation test was positive all 5 days. Typically you only get a positive for about 24 hours. Perhaps the second line wasn’t quite as dark as the control line for a couple of those days? If you ovulated on the 15th and you have a typical cycle, you probably can start testing on Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week.

  • A

    I had my last period on august 5 and we had unprotected sex on the 11. Is it possible that I could have gotten pregnant that soon? This would be my third pregnancy. I have been having light spotting for the past couple days and lots of cramping and today I started to feel sick to my stomach. I got pregnant really easy with my first 2 but I don’t remember all of these symptoms but with my first two I wasn’t really aware of it since we weren’t actively trying to get pregnant.

  • baby mama

    My test was a very strong positive for the all 5 days. Never happen befour.

  • Vickie B.

    Unfortunately, there really isn’t any way to tell. It seems a bit early for you to have ovulated. It could be that something, non ttc related, could be going on with your body. If you are really concerned, you should contact your doctor about it.

  • Jay

    I got my period August 16th and it lasted four days. I stopped taking my birth control on August 19th. My boyfriend and i been having unprotected sex almost everyday since the 19th. I’m due for my period in 5 days. I’m starting to have really bad back pain and stomach cramps. Could I be pregnant or is it just from my period coming? Should I take a pregnancy test, if so when is best to take one?

  • Jay

    I forgot to mention my ankles and feet have been hurting a lot lately.

  • Vickie B.

    You have to many variables at play to make a decent guess. Unless the birth control was the copper iud, it usually takes a little while for your body to regain hormonal balance. They symptoms could be from either option, or something not related to either your period or pregnancy. Most home pregnancy tests on the market will give you an accurate result about 3 days before your period is due.

  • Tina

    I had my period August 4th my cycle lasts 29 days, my period is due sept 2nd. My most fertile days were august 16-21. We had intercourse those days and after. Can I take a pregnancy test before sept 2nd? I’ve been feeling very tired and nauseous.

  • 4eva7ove

    Hello…for the past four months I have consistently had a 28-day cycle. I had unprotected sex the day (Aug 28) before my expected period (Aug 29). I understand the chances of being fertile during this time are low. However, I am now five days late. Is it too early to take an at-home test? Thanks very much for any advice!

  • A

    I had my last period on the 13th augest nd have had sex every other day since nd almost every day during my fertile window I’m due my next period in 7 days and took a home pregnancy test today and it was negitive does this mean I’m definitely not or is there still a chance?

  • jackie


  • Vickie B.

    Typically, most pregnancy tests on the market today can be taken about 3 or 4 days before your period is due and get accurate results.

  • Vickie B.

    Well, it is unlikely that you would get pregnant at that point in your cycle, but you typically have to wait about 14 days before you will get a positive pregnancy test after conception takes place. You have a while yet before you can test. Chances are something not pregnancy related has disrupted your cycle. You will probably see your period before you would get an accurate pregnancy test result.

  • Vickie B.

    No, that doesn’t mean you aren’t pregnant. Very few pregnancy tests will show a positive that far in advance of your period due date. You really need to wait until 3 or 4 days before your period is due if you want more accurate results.

  • Vickie B.

    You are testing too early. You need to wait until 3 or 4 days before your next period is supposed to start before you can get accurate results with the pregnancy test.

  • jackie

    Thanks Vickie you have given me my hope back cause I thought for sure we would get pregnant this month cause I had tracked my ovulation very well and we had sex for a whole week during that time. Just couldn’t get the time line down on when I could get a positive test. So you said I need to wait 3 to 4 days.

  • jackie

    Oh yes I forgot to tell u that for the past 5 days I have been having cramps like fluttering feeling in my lower left side. Its a on again off again thing

  • Vickie B.

    Good luck! It looks like you timed everything right :)

  • jackie

    Hey vickie its jackie again on what day do u think will be the best to test again and maybe I will get a positive

  • Vickie B.

    You should get accurate results if you test on Wednesday. But having said that, you can’t rule out pregnancy until your period actually arrives. So if you get a negative, don’t give up hope right away.

  • Heather Jackson

    Hi Vicki I did the ovulation calender my periof was from aug 20th threw aug 26th and it says my ovulation day is on sep 5th I still have a week and a day til my next period but im bloated I get nausea out of no where and im really tired a points can I be pregnan?

  • Vickie B.

    Pregnancy can cause those symptoms but so can a host of other issues. Take a test at around 4 days before your period is due and you should get your answer though :)

  • lorena

    i am on the exact same boat same days and everything the only difference is that i just took a preggo test today and it too came back negative. its frustrating i should be getting my period on the 10th. I feel neauseous my breasts are super super tender especially my areolas and i have on and off cramping and back aches…

  • Lore

    I feel sick to my stomach sore breasts a lot of white milky discharge cramping on and off today i felt a random pain shoot up my private and a metallic taste that will not go away its been approx. 6 days with this annoying taste. i am supposed to start my period on Sept 10 and ive taken about 6 pregnancy tests and all are negative. AHHH soo frustrating however looking back to my last pregnancies i’ve always found out i was pregnant when i was 8 or 10 weeks pregnant. HELP!

  • Vickie B.

    By any chance do you still have the same doctor as you did with the previous pregnancies? If you have that history, you can probably tell them that you want an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

  • jackie

    Hey Vickie its jackie just wanted to update u my period arrive on yesterday which was tuesday the 9th I contacted my obgyn and we r planning to do a iui this cycle have a ultrasound set up for next friday and she put me on clomid. She also said that a iui might benefit us better cause the liquid flow that my husband to help carry the sperm through I guess he doesn’t make enough. Have u heard anything like that before

  • Bebe

    @TINA Those are the same exact day I had my period and and the Day’s I was fertile and Had sex also and my period was suppose to be due on the 2nd Of September and I am actually 12 Day’s late and Haven’t taken a pregnancy test because I think it’s to soon to get Pregnant. I don’t know I’m a bit confused can I be pregnant or is it something else?!!

  • Bebe

    Hey, so my last period was on August 4 and my Fertile Days were from the 16th to 21 and I had sex on the 19th of August! My period was suppose to come on September 2nd. I’m actually 12 Day’s late and Haven’t done a pregnancy test yet! Is it too soon to be pregnant or can I be actually pregnant?

  • Vickie B.

    Based on what you said, you might want to take a pregnancy test. If you had sex when you were fertile and now your period is late, you could be pregnant.

  • Vickie B.

    You should take a pregnancy test :) You timed it very well and your period isn’t here. You can usually get accurate results with a pregnancy test the day of your missed period.

  • tracy berry

    Hi my name is tracy I no this is old threads but need advice after havin a miscarriage in july at 8 weeks ive been tryin since to become pregnant I have 21 day cycles and my last period was 3d September I finshed my cycle on 6th September had intercourse the 6-7-and 12 and so on in september and my period is due on the Saturday next week in 7days I have swollen boobs feel pregnant sick exhausted very clear blue viens leading right to my nipple area I have taken a test first response even tho I no probably to early and was negative but am sure I am pregnant I should have waited till next week on Wednesday four days befor my period to test but couldnt help myself would be grateful if anyone else could tell me if they think I am or if I timed my ovalation right thank u.

  • Vickie B.

    If your period is due on Saturday the 27th, and your period started on September 3rd, your cycle length is 24 days long. With that information, the ovulation calendar shows the following details. :

    Wednesday 3rd September 2014 – First day of your cycle
    Tuesday 9th September 2014 – A little bit fertile
    Wednesday 10th September 2014 – Fertile
    Thursday 11th September 2014 – VERY fertile
    Friday 12th September 2014 – Time to ovulate
    Monday 22nd September 2014 – A home pregnancy test may work now.

    Having sex on the the 12th looks like it was timed correctly, but that is based on if the numbers you gave above are typically how long your period is.

  • jan

    my husband and I had sex 2 weeks ago around my ovulation time according to my period tracker app. We had it the on a Monday and Wednesday with me ovulation on Wednesday. The following week(last week) I had cramping off and on for like 3 days. I’m due to start tomorrow 9/24/14. I woke up Monday with cramping like I was about to start but haven’t had it since. I have had episodes of some nausea, mouth watering like I was going to throw up but nothing every happened. My breasts feel extra heavy and are sore at random times. I took a pregnancy test sunday and then one today, both in the afternoon and both were negative. I’m trying not to be discouraged, but I kind of am. I’m praying so hard that it’s in God’s will for us to be pregnant. Do you think i’m over thinking it all. You think there’s still a good chance I COULD be pregnant and it’s just too early. I know tomorrow or the following days will be a sure sign I am or not (whether I get my period or not). I HATE over thinking everything. any advice will greatly be appreciated.

  • klaree

    I need help please some one help i need answers well. Me and my husband had sex on Friday the 19 its been 5 days already we didn’t use protection and well ive been feeling really weird ive been getting nauseous my breasts are starting to hurt ive beein getting a light bleeding not much but a little my period is supposed to start in like 3 days but ive been getting this symptoms what should i do i don’t know what to do its my forst baby (if am pregnant) please some one help !

  • tracy berry

    Tha k u vicky I had sex on the 6-7-13 September I was goin of my last day of period to calculate the next thought thats how I work it out:/ I still havnt had my period I started period 3d September but finished in the mornin of 6th September and had sex 6-7-13 and ever other day since I still havnt had period and feel really pregnant boobs really dark now n white spots on areola n swollen could I have gotten pregnant I hope so I thought I wasnt due period untill tomorrow Saturday 27th not good with calculating things.

  • Vickie B.

    If you have a normal 28 day cycle, you wouldn’t have gotten pregnant on the 19th if your period is due on the 26th. You would have had to have sex around the 12th in order to have gotten pregnant.

  • Vickie B.

    Well, you can’t rule out pregnancy until your period actually arrives. Did it arrive for you?

  • Vickie B.

    If you have a normal 28 day cycle, you wouldn’t have gotten pregnant on the 19th if your period is due on the 26th. You would have had to have sex around the 12th in order to have gotten pregnant.

  • jazzy

    i have a question… i have an irregular period normally i take birth control pills to regulate n stop my menstrual cycle…August i had a full period… In September i had a 3 day period… I haven’t been taking my birth control pills.. i have been taken prenatal vitamins n u have thrown up twice within the last day n a half… Could i b pregnant??

  • Tyriana

    My last period was September 4,could I be?

  • charity

    I had a tubal 9 years ago, but my period was just spotty last month, my boobs hurt so bad I don’t want them anymore, I feel sick all the time, constant headaches and crazy dreams. I’m a smoker, and now smoking cigarettes are making me sick. Like I said the last was just spotty for 2 days, and this one is still 7 days away, but I know my body. I feel like I did with my daughter. What do I do?

  • Vickie B.

    Until you get your period, pregnancy is always an possibility.

  • Vickie B.

    A tubal is usually pretty effective in preventing pregnancy so you have that on your side. A pregnancy test should give you accurate results tomorrow or the day after. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? Could you be experiencing peri-menopausal / menopausal symptoms?

  • katie

    I was due to get my period on the 12th, had sex on the 11th, and haven’t gotten my period yet. Tests say they can detect before your missed period but it was so recently that I had sex… How long should I wait to take a test in this scenario?

  • Vickie B.

    If you were due to start on the 12th, sex on the 11th most likely would not have ended up with a pregnancy as you typically ovulate about 14 days before your period is due. If you have an irregular cycle, that rule would not apply though.

  • Yajaira

    My last period was on Oct. 3 and I had sex when it was over on the 9th, 12th,14th, 16th and 20th on my chart it shows that my ovulation day was supposed to be on the 17th, is there a high chance that I can be pregnant??

  • lacrisha

    I had a miscarriage September 1st and had at have a DNC on the 5th i started my regular period that day last till about the 12th it’s now October 21st no period could I be pregnant I haven’t had any symptoms?

  • amanda

    I had unprotected sex with my husband on October 2nd and on the 5th as well, but later that day I ended up getting my period for 3 days. Then we had unprotected sex again on the 16th 18th and 19th. Is it to soon to take a pregnancy test? We are trying to have a baby.

  • Rayshaun

    Me and my husband had sex oct 7th I’m on birth control but ran out that Monday so I was two days without birth control I had really light bleeding wednesday morning not enough to be a period but that evening I took my way because we’re not ready to start a family just yet. I was fine until a couple of days ago oct 21th I got a really bad head ache and I was very nauseous and a week later I’m cramping and still Severely nauseous. Should I take a pregnancy test an if so would it be to early to take one??

  • Vickie B.

    You timed having sex correctly if you did ovulate on the 17th so the possibility of being pregnant is there. If you are, a pregnancy test should show up positive on 10/28 or 10/29.

  • Vickie B.

    Actually, if I understand the dates you posted, you are already late for your period this month so you can test now.

  • Vickie B.

    Looks like you timed having sex correctly if you have a normal 28 day cycle. You should be able to test at the very end of October and get accurate results with the pregnancy test.

  • Vickie B.

    “took my way”? What does that mean? Did you take a morning after pill? It could be that your hormones are unbalanced and that could be causing the problem.

  • ellen

    my last period was oct 4th my firtile days was 18th I had sex that day and on 11th im due my period on 1st of nov do ye think it wud be to soon to take a test

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