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Does Having Sex A Lot Cause Low Sperm Count?

Low sperm count is a problem that affects many men. Roughly half of the infertility problems encountered by couples are caused by male infertility. The most common form of male infertility is a low sperm count.

“Normal” sperm count, as defined by the World Health Organization, is characterized by:

  • The concentration of spermatozoa should be at least 20 million per ml.

  • The total volume of semen should be at least 2ml.
  • The total number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate should be at least 40 million.
  • At least 75 per cent of the spermatozoa should be alive (it is normal for up to 25 per cent to be dead).
  • At least 30 per cent of the spermatozoa should be of normal shape and form.
  • At least 25 per cent of the spermatozoa should be swimming with rapid forward movement.
  • At least 50 per cent of the spermatozoa should be swimming forward, even if only sluggishly.

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These numbers amount to averages; Having a sperm count below these numbers does not guarantee that a man will be unable to father a child; likewise, having a sperm count higher than these numbers does not guarantee that a man will be able to father a child.

There are a variety of factors that can cause low sperm count, including stress, genetic causes, nutritional deficiencies, the use of prescription or illicit drugs, obesity, varicoceles, infections, and smoking.

How frequently a man has sex can impact his sperm count. A man’s body does need to have time to replenish his supply of sperm. Experts are not entirely agreed on the amount of time it takes for a man to rebuild this supply, and the time may vary from man to man as well. Most researchers suggest that a man ejaculate no more than once every day and a half, or 36 hours, when they are trying to conceive.

However, you may be surprised to know that having sex too infrequently can also impact a man’s fertility. Sperm that have been produced more recently tend to have better motility and normality. Over time, sperm that has been produced but not released may lose its vitality. Waiting more than a week before ejaculating may result in poorer quality sperm.

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Last modified: February 10, 2013

The information provided here should not be considered medical advice. It is based on the average experience of women trying to conceive and may not be what you may be experiencing. It's not meant to be a replacement for any advice you may receive from your doctor. If you have any concerns about your cycle or our ability to get pregnant, we advise you to contact your doctor.