Is it Possible to be Pregnant if the Pregnancy Test is Negative?

Can you still be pregnant if the pregnancy test is negative?

When you’re trying to get pregnant, one of the most frustrating things is to take one pregnancy test after another and to have them all come back negative. However, did you know that pregnancy tests can show a negative result but you might in fact be pregnant? This article is intended to discuss why this can occur to provide you with more information if you ever find yourself in this situation.

However, if you would like to reduce the likelihood of this happening, it is important that you allow your period to occur before taking a pregnancy test. This gives your body a chance to secrete high enough concentrations of human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, to ensure that even the least sensitive pregnancy tests can accurately tell you whether or not conception has occurred.

Reasons Why a False Negative Pregnancy Test Might Occur

If you don’t already know, a false pregnancy test is when you take a pregnancy test and it comes back with a negative result when you actually are pregnant. This can confuse some women. However, there are a few well-known reasons why false negative pregnancy tests can occur:

  • Taking a Pregnancy Test Too Early – If you haven’t calculated your time of ovulation properly, if an implantation occurred later than you might have thought, or if you took a pregnancy test before your period is due, you might end up with a false negative test. Often, having too low of a concentration of hCG in your body before taking the pregnancy test is one of the primary reasons why a test will come back negative even if you are pregnant. Pay attention to the sensitivity of the pregnancy test that you’re using, especially if you’re taking the test before your missed period. Tests that only require an hCG concentration of 25 mIU can be used 4 to 5 days before a period is due whereas others might not be able to detect pregnancy until after your period has passed. The best precaution that you can take to ensure your result is accurate is to wait until after your period to take a pregnancy test, regardless of the sensitivity of the test that you choose to use.
  • Improper Technique – Errors in technique while testing can be another common cause of false negative results. If you didn’t dip the stick according to the instructions, or if you used a midstream test and didn’t get the test saturated enough, you might have used improper technique while taking the test.
  • Delayed Reaction Time – When it comes to pregnancy tests, timing is everything. Each pregnancy test that you purchase will have a specific reaction time that you must adhere to because if you don’t, your results will be inaccurate. As a result, you might have false negative results even if you are pregnant.

At-home pregnancy tests can be a challenge. If you take a test and get a negative result, it’s best to wait a few days before taking a test again. Generally, a negative result can mean three things. Specifically, it can mean that you aren’t pregnant, you took the pregnancy test too early, or you took the test incorrectly. If you’ve received mixed results after taking multiple tests, the best way to get an accurate answer is to visit your doctor for a blood pregnancy test.

  • shannon

    Hi i had a 2 day period on the 20th of September i done 4 test two where strip ones and came positive 2 where asda ones and was negative i am due on in a few days but no period symptoms witch is unusual for me could i be pregnant or is it stress related?

    • RR Franz

      It could be both . If some of the test came back positive you do have hCG in your urine… stress can also make you late. I would go with the positve result though…. hCG is only in the body when pregnant > unless you are taking hCG suppliments for weight loss

  • RR Franz

    You can be pregnant and still have a negative result : there is another reason that you could be coming up negative. There are four types of pregnancy hormone the human body produces not just one. The test used today test only for type A hCG, (the most common in humans in early pregnancy). Yet there are three other types not tested for (all four types are usually produced in the third trimester) …The reason you would still be having periods is because hCG needs to be in enough amounts to trigger the pituitary gland to stop the period.
    If you believe yourself to be pregnant even when having periods (because other pregnancy symptoms appear) take care of yourself as if pregnant . Take herb supplement to decrease mentreal flow for at least 5 months , by then you should be able to know weather you are pregnant for sure …Advice from a mom of six (with period, early negative until after 5 months babies)

    • Jewelz

      OMG reading your post. Im so nervous

    • Jewelz

      OMG reading your post. Im so nervous

    • Sam

      Did you take blood tests with negative results before reaching five months, or just HPTs?

    • Jess

      How did you end up finding out you were pregnant?

    • Brianna register Bri

      Thanks so much for this information because I took a pregnancy test and it said positive and I had a period. After having my period my doctor did another pregnancy test and said it was negative and maybe I had a miscarriage cause my hcg levels were low but, I still feel pregnant I feel movements and I’m going for an ultrasound Wednesday so hopefully I find out then. Because they have me thinking I have miscarried my baby.

      • babyhopefull78

        I’m confused my period was a week early I bleed for 1 day real light amount of blood..did home pg test neg.doc did a pap and said cervix had blue tint.labia is swollen and vulva is kinda like a purple color..blood test neg..I’m confused can I be pregnant.

      • Gaby Barrientos

        hey @briannaregisterbri:disqus so what were your results because i went through the same thing

        • Brianna register Bri

          A miscarriage….

    • Joanna

      Hey this happening to me right now I feel like butterflies or small movement but I have periods and test are negative

      • Kaitlyn

        This is happening to me right. Ow

    • Sandra Lavilla

      I havent gotten my period this month and i did a test and it came out negative im late and this never happend to me and im afraid to go to the doctors what should i do?

  • Gaby

    hi I haven’t had a period in 3 months I’ve took multiple of tests and they have all came out to be negative wat should I do ?

    • Neelam

      i’ve missed mine since one month now and all test are coming negative.. im confused as i get my period every month..but missed my period last month..

      • Jewels

        I haven’t had a period in 4months and my blood work and stuff are negative and people say I’m getting bigger I don’t know…

        • Brittany

          The same thing is happening to me and idk what to to

          • If your period has been missing for several months and you think you are pregnant, if you can convince your doctor to do an ultrasound, a fetus should show up on the scan.

          • marie

            I haven’t had a period in 3 months just some spotting and I’ve tested negative in all the HPT tests I’ve taken and the blood test ….im trying to get an ultrasound now…because I still feel off and i’m having pregnancy symptoms !

        • Yaya

          That’s what EXACTLY is happening to me && I just don’t know what to do anymore???

      • Confused teen

        I am getting bigger but like a baby bump bigger and throwing up but regular periods and negative results but craving foods and I’m hungrier

        • If the tests are negative but you are having pregnancy like symptoms, you should really go and see a doctor about it.

      • mbali ziphokuhle

        I dd happened to me I took lot of pregnant test comes negative but I was pregnant maybe it’s to eary to show

    • bianca

      Where you pregnant after all

    • Ceira

      Same here I’ve haven’t had my period in 3 months and I go to the doctor and the test keep coming back negative but I’m getting bigger and have most of the symptoms of being pregnant

  • shiela

    i’am delayed for a i decide to use a pt kit but the result is negative but i feel that i’am pregnant what should i do?

  • Maggie

    My husband and I had been using the ovulation sticks which showed I was ovulating Feb 2-4 my period was supposed to start on Feb 10th but did not start until Feb 24th , I started spotting, and had a medium to light period I usally have a very heavy one.. I have taken several pg test but all have come back negative, is it possible I am/was pregnant?

    • RN

      That’s not the correct time period for conception. If you have a 28-day cycle, you ovulate 14 days after the start of your last period.

  • s

    This also does not discuss producing false-negatives. When my mother was pregnant with me, she had periods until she was nearly 5 months along with no signs or symptoms. With my sister, she thought she was pregnant and took test after test and all showed negative until she ended in the hospital for an infection and then they told her at 4 months along! You can never be 100% sure with at home testing!

  • Joy

    Hi everyone, I had a 4 day period this past month and I have been having many symptoms of pregnancy. I already have a 21 month old daughter so I am aware of the symptoms that occur. I am getting negative tests but I didn’t miss a period yet for the next month because I am not due for it yet. I have just been feeling a lot of symptoms but I may be testing at the wrong time. I am going to see if I get my period on June 4th when it’s due and then If not I will take another pregnancy test.c

    • Me

      So what happened?

    • Sally

      Sooo she’s like two. Your daughter. So annoying!

      • Courtney

        We use months up to age 2 because the difference between a 15 month old and a 21 month old is solo huge. It’s pretty standard. It’s weird that you find it annoying and felt the need to share that.

      • Courtney


      • Melissa Marie

        Lol right

        • sam

          I’m in the same boat , got my period 20 April 15 and nothing yet, did a preg test negative st Dr as well as blood work also neg , took a test again 17-06-25 got a faint second line nurse advised to take pregivitimins , there after another test 27-07-25 and negative result .I’m so confused , and husband thinks I’m lying or imajing , and getting his hopes up for no reason πŸ™ :(, he’s taking me back to the nurse today, I’m so scared that its going to be negative but I feel very pregnant I’m suppose to be 13 weeks if my gutfeeling is spot on, but id rather know forshure . These things can cause so many problems .

  • bryanna

    Hi last month i was pregnant. but i had a miscarriage. this month i am 11 days late and feel pregnant again but I’ve taken four tests all saying negative. could i still be pregnant?

    • If the tests keep showing negatives, you probably are not pregnant. As you had a miscarriage, it could be that your body is just trying to regain it’s hormonal balance. This could account for your very late period. If you doubt, you can always go and see your doctor to discuss your concerns.

      • Shyla Braye

        I thought I had a miscarriage last month.. I am now starting to show but still getting negative tests

  • jhen

    I’m delayed for 2,months and I took a pt but it shows negative.. My boobs hurt I felt I’m pregnant.. Is it possible to be pregnant even if the pt keep showing negative? Thanks

  • Angie

    Me and my boyfriend had sex about a month ago. A couple weeks passed and my boobs were very sore I couldn’t even sleep on my stomach. I was having cramps and having nausea on and off. It stopped and I started my period a week earlier than usual. I took a test while on period it came out negative . I’m still having nausea here and there. I can’t throw up ! Can I be pregnant ? Oh ya I feel like I’m getting bigger on my stomach . My diet hasn’t changed so I don’t know .

    • Shyla Braye

      I’m going through the same thing. Except me and my boyfriend had sex 3 months ago and nothing about the way I’m eating has changed and it looks like I’m starting to show already but I keep getting negative tests , my breasts hurt a lot and I feel sick but can’t throw up

  • naomi

    well I have tooken sseveral test .. they tell always tell me I am not .. but I am having back pains in the lower part of my spin and throwing up ,feeling sick and headaches, and stomach cramps… I have a iud as my birthcontrol.. could I still be pregnant.. ??????

    • The IUD is usually a very reliable form of birth control. If you keep having negative tests, you may want to visit your doctor to find out what is going on in your body that is causing the symptoms you are having.

  • Melissa James Black

    Hi. I have had the IUD Mirena since Nov 2013. It has been wonderful and I got it because I was having heavy, painful cycles. I haven’t had a cycle since Jan of this year. Plus I have had gastric bypass surgery 2 and a half years ago and Ive lost over 100 pounds and we were waiting til after the first of the year to try the whole baby thing until after I talk with my doctor. But for the past 2 months I have been feeling strange. It has started with mood swings that usually lasted one week out of every month to now it has been consistant for the past 2 maybe 3 months. For the past month I have been feeling movement. It was sporadic at first that I dismissed as a spasm and now has been a daily thing for the past week and I feel it several times a day. Its little thumps and like this roll. Ive taken 2 pregnancy tests and both have come back negative. I feel this sort of bloated or fullness feeling right in the center of my abdomen like there’s a small ball in there and it all feels tight. I feel like Ive gained weight but not because of my eating habits. Now I have this fatigue around early afternoon that hits me like a ton of bricks. Ive never been pregnant before and Im 38 so Im clueless. I do have an apt next week. Just wondering can the mirena affect a pregnancy test?

    • An iud will not affect the results of a pregnancy test. If you feel that you are pregnant, you need to see a doctor right away though because an iud will interfere with the fetuses growth. It’s not very likely that you are pregnant, but you might want to visit your doctor for a checkup to find out why you are feeling the sensations that you are.

      • Melissa James Black

        I do have an apt for this coming Thurs. It just doesn’t make sense how that my stomach is pooching out practically overnight and that Im feeling these movements and that they have been getting stronger and more frequent. Im not in any pain so it is a bit of a mystery. I have read many stories of women who were pregnant on Mirena and had negative pregnancy tests. So I guess I wont get any real answers until I see my doctor. Just all very weird.

  • Tabitha Zuver

    Is it possible to get pregnant only on BC? The OBG-N told me that when he put me on BC and I’m still confused by it

    • It’s not likely but it is possible. No form of contraception is 100%. The only thing that will make sure you don’t get pregnant is abstinence.

  • Shyla Braye

    Hi , I think I might be 3 months pregnant and starting to show but I keep getting negative tests could I be pregnant? This would be my first baby as I am only 16. I don’t really have any symptoms. Could I be pregnang?

    • If you keep having negative tests, you probably are not pregnant. But if you really think you are, you need to go to a clinic and see what they say.

  • Amanda Weldon

    So I haven’t had a period for almost going on the past 3 months, I feel kicking and rolling and am currently on methadone I’ve had two daughters before and never got positive tests until six months could this be the reason and could there really be a little one inside me. Please help?

    • If you have that type of history, you really need to go to your doctor and have him to an ultrasound. You need to make sure that methadone is safe to take while pregnant.

  • Seema

    Hi.. I had all the symptoms of pregnancy last month..but somehow got my periods which lasted for 2 days and prior to my periods..I had this pinkish brownish I waited for this month..just to confirm things..this month also have experienced the same spotting which lasted for an hour or so n I have missed my periods..took the test which turned out to be there any chance of me pregnant or should I consult a doc

    • Me

      I am so interesting what happened next.. Are you really pregnant?

  • Seema

    Hi.. I had all the symptoms of pregnancy but somehow got my periods last month which lasted for 2 days n prior to my periods had experienced some pinkish brownish spotting so thought I might not b pregnant but this month had again experienced the same spotting which lasted for an hour or so n have missed my period..Took a test which turned out to be there any chances of me pregnant or should I consult a doc?

    • You really should see your doctor if your cycle has changed so drastically and the tests are coming back not pregnant.

  • bryanna

    I’m three weeks late. I’ve been pregnant before but had a miscarriage I’ve only had one period since the miscarriage and my breast hurt very badly and from time to time I feel sick but am also hungry a lot. I’ve taken four pregnancy tests but they are all negative. Could I still be pregnant?

    • Well, if you haven’t had a period, then the possibility that you are pregnant is there even if the tests come back negative. It could also be that your body is trying to regain hormonal balance after your miscarriage and things are just a bit out of whack at the moment. If you are concerned, you may want to contact your doctor.

  • Natasha

    Ok I’ve just had my implant taken out after 3 has it was about to expire,for the pass 2 weeks I have been eating like a manic and my belly has expanded like when u pregnant with both my children,I’m 29 and have 2 kids,I’ve been to the gp and clinic and all test have come back negative,which is confusing because my belly has never been like this except when I was pregnant and I’ve always been thin even whist pregnant,had blood test today to see if I am as they don’t understand why my belly looks pregnant,could I possibly be having a ectopic pregnancy?

    • It could just be your body’s reaction to trying to regain it’s normal hormonal balance after removing the birth control. What did your doctor say?

  • hay93

    I had a late period on 31st august and tests are saying negative. How much longer should I wait to try test again?. I’ve been a little moody and really tired lately sleeping mostly all day. Could I be pregnant ?

    • If you had a period, but later than normal, it could be that you had a very early miscarriage. The symptoms you are having could be your body trying to clear the hormones that had built up before your period arrived.

  • chels

    I’m suppose to start my period today but have not. i may be stressing to much about it i took a hpt this morning it was negative. i was pregnant before and felt this same way. boobs are extremely sore and numb and I’m hungry and sleeping a lot. coulf i have taken test to.early what should i do?

    • It’s possible that you took the test too early, though testing the day you are supposed to start your period usually gives accurate results. It could be that you just have a hormonal imbalance that is causing you to feel odd.

  • Samii

    Hi, I think I may be pregnant. For the past two Sundays I’ve been getting nauseous, irregular bowel movements and throwing up. Lasts around 6 hours, during this time the only thing that gives me a break from being sick on the 6 hours is when I have a shower and let the water run over my belly.. Afterwards I feel fine. I’ve put on weight. My stomach is getting rounder (I usually have a very flat tight stomach). I’ve been getting lower abdominal cramps every so often. I noticed these symptoms two months ago and have had unusual periods since. I have gone to the doctors and they think I’m pregnant but all the urine tests come back negative. Could I still be pregnant?

    • It’s possible but the only way to tell now if the pregnancy tests keep coming back negative is to have your doctor give you an ultrasound to confirm,.

    • Me

      So did you found out?

  • debbie

    My daughter had artificial insemination back in July she has had a light period since even though they said at the clinic it would be heavy she has done 2 clear blue tests both negative but she has been sick and is constantly nauseous and keeps going to the loo even in the night what do we think?

    • It sounds like something may be going on, but it would be best to contact the doctors who did the artificial insemination to find out what they think.

  • Me

    I know this is weird but I am really worried. So, for about last 2months I am feeling really tired and sleepy. Last month I got my period few days earlier which NEVER happened before (I always get my period 3-4days later). It was shorter than usual (2-3days) and I had less blood than usual. Week later I started feeling nauseous. I would wake up in the middle of the night nauseous having mild chills all over my body. Than I started feeling not tired and sleepy but EXHAUSTED! (I was on a long trip with my fiance so I thought I was just being tired of driving and walking all day long). But every day since then I felt the same. I love eating but this time I had some kind of aversion to food which is so unusual for me. I was hungry all the time but I lost my appetite probably because I was nauseous and few times I had a strong urge to threw up that I could barely stand that. I had to pee all the time. My breast were really sore. A lot of people thought I was pregnant. I had my nose bleeding and I was feeling like I am sick, but I wasn’t. My discharge wasn’t like usual, I had it more than regularly. When we came back from the trip I was feeling dizzy and threw up few times. And then I got my period and this time it was more unusual than last time. I got it earlier than usual, first it was pinkish, it wasn’t like blood at all, then next day it was lighter red than usual and I had just one or two pads all day long(usually I change at least 6 pads). Next day it was similar like the first day. And I wasn’t in any pain like I am regularly. But I was sure I wasn’t pregnant since I got period, so I went to take blood test to see If everything is ok with me because my doctor thought I was anemic but my blood results were excellent! Then I took pregnancy test in the afternoon and it was negative. I probably wouldn’t think that I am pregnant anymore, but I still feel really tired and nauseous, I have to pee every second, my back hearts, I am hungry all the time and I still cannot sleep well, I even woke up once feeling nauseous and for the past 5-6days I have constipation and sometimes diarrhea. Is there any possible way that I might be pregnant since I have red that a lot of women had similar experiences like I did and they ended up being pregnant. Not to mention mood swings, I cry like a baby, I am really nervous and sometimes anxious and all the others symptoms of pregnancy except that I got really unusual period and urine test was negative. Since I got my period I haven’t talked to my doctor about a possibility of pregnancy and she said I am just tired because of the trip. Please let me know what you think.

    • I think you really need to address all your symptoms with your doctor. They did blood work, but did they test you for a uti? A lot of the symptoms you are having are similar to those that you could have with a uti.

  • monika

    5 days late still no period tests keeps saying negatives can I still be with child or am I going to get my period?

    • That’s hard to say. There are lots of reasons you might have a late period. Until you finally start your period, you may want to treat your self as if you are pregnant just in case.

  • Cheyenne

    I took a test and it was a very faint line but positive and than I decided to take two more the next week and they were negative and I’ve missed my period what should I do

  • riya

    I have pcod and my period often miss for 2-3 months. I got my last period in july and not yet again. But this time i am having some indications like that of pregnancy. Can i do test now for any positive results? I mean after probable 3 months?

    • Well, you can try, but due to the fact that you don’t have regular cycles, it is hard to pinpoint when you ovulated. If you are having pregnancy like symptoms, I’d say test. If you get a negative, get in touch with your doctor to see if they can figure out why you are having the symptoms that you are.

  • sky

    Can any help I had sex the start Aug got a period for 3 days last week in Aug done 2 test said negative and hospital done one as well that was negative no period since Aug but I only found out I’ve high grade abnormal cells with lower back and pelvic pain could this be why I’m not getting a period

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “I’ve high grade abnormal cells” Does that mean you have some sort of infection? If so, then that could account for you missing your period.

  • klove

    I was she to get my depo shot the end of July. I didn’t get it. It’s now mid to end October and I still haven’t had a period. I don’t feel pregnant and my husband thinks I am. I’ve taken quite a few hpt and they’re all negative. However,I have gained weight, boobies are tender and a little bigger, tired a lot, hungry all the time. Not she if he’s right or if my af is on its way. Waiting is hard. What do you think?

    • Pregnancy is always possible if you are having unprotected sex. You might want to visit your doctor to find out why your periods have not returned. If you aren’t pregnant, it sounds like your body has a major hormonal imbalance happening.

  • kedra

    I had been on depo since may and had a due date on august 27 and missed my shot, then on October 28 I started spotting brown blood then October 31 it because red , but stop on November 2, 2014, could I be pregnant?

    • You have too many variables to consider to make a good guess. When was your period due? Were you spotting when your period should have been there? Did you have unprotected sex when you were ovulating? Did you take a pregnancy test? Basically, it’s possible but without all the details, it isn’t possible to guess. It could be that your body is trying to regain it’s hormonal balance and you had breakthrough bleeding due to that.

      • aexl

        i took the pregnancy test this afternoon,and it turns out to be negative. could there any possibility that i’am pregnant?

        • Unless you get your period or a doctor confirms that you are not pregnant, the chance of pregnancy is always there.

      • aexl

        i’am two weeks delay but my boob hurts,is there a possibility that i’am pregnant?

      • aexl

        please reply ma’am.

  • dakota

    I haven’t had a period for 3 months now had spotting back in august and that’s it had blood and urine done both come back negative im only 20 and do have a one year old it feels like I can feel movements and my stomach is getting harder dr said they don’t investigate till its been a year so confused right now any solutions??

  • dakota

    I haven’t had a period for 3 months now I am 20 with a 1 year old, have had urine and blood tests both come back neg. I can feel movements and a lot of pressure down there it feels like it did when I was pregnant with my son dr said they don’t investigate until I haven’t ad a period for a year really confused and need solutions please?

    • If you have a history of pregnancy tests not working, then you might want to try and convince your doctor to give you an ultrasound, Sounds like you might need to find a new doctor if your doctor will not listen to you.

  • jz

    I have been having pregnancy symptoms for a few months now. Excessive weight gain (which Ive always struggled to gain weight), tender breasts, exhaustion, nausea, sensitive to smells, food cravings, cramping at random times etc.. My stomach looks like I could be pregnant and my boobs wont stop growing. Im 24years old. I’ve been on birth control, though Ive missed a day or two in prior months so its possible I am pregnant. However I still get a period each month, its just much lighter the past few months and I havent had as much cramping during and it isnt as painful of cramping. The blood is usually a brownish color, occasionally light pink. Im still taking birth control. Any test I take is negative. I’m starting to feel completely crazy. Any advice?

    • jz

      oh, and add in an INSANE amount of heartburn

      • You might want to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. They do sound like pregnancy ones, but it could be that your body isn’t handling the hormonal birth control very well.

  • MSK

    Hey all. Got a lot on my mind. I had my LMP on 8th August, the second one after the birth if my son who was born 8 July last year. I started feeling sick in September and was diagnosed with diabetes. Started off with the meds but was still feeling funny, nauseous and light headed. I did a couple of test in Sept one had a faint +ve line and the other was -ve. Symptoms persisted and I did some more last week(November), one negative, the other with a faint +ve lie, and the last definitely positive. Interestingly, my sugar level is now normal and I am not on any medication,and even the nausea is subsiding. I cant get to the hospital now as I am in a quarantined area because of Ebola but I just need to know how far gone and if I should ask for any medication now. I have headache most of the time and feel so tired. Also was my diabetes gestational or what as even though I am not taking any medication it is within normal levels for more than a month now.

    • Wow, you have a lot going on there! I would talk to the doctors that are in the quarantine area to find out what they think about medications and to see if they can help you figure out how far along you might be.

      • tcg

        Hey my tubes have been tied for 13yrs now I have been nausea and throwing up an haven lower back pain could I be pregnant.

        • It’s not likely. Did you take a pregnancy test?

  • Katie May

    I’m irregular and always have been ive been on bc for 5 yrs and eventually this yr it was regular. For 3 straight months I was having a normal 30 day cycle. In October I was ovulating my period ended Sept 19 but I started work. I spotted a little bit thought my period had started but nope false alarm. I have taken so many tests especially after my mother in law asked me after I was pregnant bc I had been so tired and emotional. I mean I was passing out in the car and slept from 7:30pm-5:30pm the next day which is abnormal for me. Ive gained weight and even started craving pickles and chocolate but im weird like that too. I have breast tenderness and im super moody like yesterday I started bawling my eyes out for no reason just in the middle of dancing with my husband. Im so worried. Any opinions? Hopefully its not a false pregnancy. Ive missed my period for 2 months already.

    • Have you gone to see your doctor about this? Definitely sounds like pregnancy symptoms, but it could be something else going on with your system if you are really not pregnant.

  • sharon

    I missed my period on the 18 and i take the test 3 days later… first it came postive the next day it was negative and i still didn’t have my period…

    • Have you continued to take pregnancy tests? If you got a positive, the test picked up the pregnancy hormone. If you only got the one positive, it could be a sign that you had a very early miscarriage.

  • tamra

    I have takin 3 test and all said negative and the next morning they say positive

    • Chances are you are pregnant and you were testing too early for the negative tests your received.

  • sam

    I had my period a couple of days early n it lasted two days i took a test the day it stopped but came back negative

    • It could be you just had something going on with your system that caused a slight disruption in your cycle. Illness, change in work schedule or exercise intensity can cause cycle changes.

  • shy

    I took 2 clear blue home tests came back positive… took a different test came back negative. Been throwing up. Nauseous. Have a lot of pressure down there. And look like im starting to show. Can I be pregnant??

    • If you keep taking the clear blue tests, do they come back positive? You might want to contact your doctor to get a blood test done to find out what your hcg numbers are.

  • luluround2

    I was 7 days late with sore nips so I tested, bfn and then thought a flo came but it was very light and on and off for two days which was unusual. My breasts and nipples got sorer and sorer starting the day AFTER that bleeding ended as well as short waves of nausea started. They still are very very very sore. Yesterday, I took a test and it was faintly positive within seconds – But, I used another test with the same urine and there was no line, very white, bfn. Had BFN after BFN since but breasts and nips still so sore, tired, heartburn and nausea. I feel more pregnant now than when I actually was 6 mos ago before a 6 week miscarriage. Plus I have had a baby before years ago. What is your opinion?

    • It sounds like you might be pregnant but you might want to go and see a doctor to explain your symptoms and see what a blood test reveals.

      • luluround2

        I have an appt next week, Dec 18th 2014, but I do have a fibroid so even if sh does a pelvic she won’t be able to tell. I heard about the “hook affect” but insure. My symptoms are stronger w/sore breasts, waves of nausea after/during eating, heartburn which is crazy for me, and very bloated. Just want to feel normal again especially if not preggers. I will keep in touch. :0)

        • You would have to have really high hcg levels to experience a false negative due to the hook effect. If it is the hook effect, you can test it out yourself. Collect your urine and dilute it with some water. That will dilute the level of hcg and the test should be able to pick up on it. Good luck!

          • lyndseyw

            Hi vickie.. I need some advise, I missed my period on the 1st Feb done pregnancy tests from the 2nd of Feb they showed a dark line then a faded one I took a wee test on the 6th Feb an it was more accurate then later on I tried a clear blue which said I was pregnant I was 1-2 week’s on Sunday the 8th Feb I started getting brown spotting and also slight cramping that got worse into the night was told by the out of hrs doctor that I had to rest an take paracetamol. But today (Monday 9th feb ) I spoke with my own gp he told me to rest an it could be a lining of my period, take paracetamol and rest in bed. Later on it got worse like clotting an sharp pains. So to try an put my mind at rest I took another test that said negative but why would a more accurate test like clear blue tell me I was pregnant then do a wee crap test an it say I’m not pregnant. But I know you can have a period up until your 6 weeks till 3 months into a pregnancy??? It’s been so stress full an worrying. Because me an my fiance have wanted this baby for so long to have it took away… can you please help me with advice thank you..

  • savanah saucedo

    i haven’t had my period in 4 months i toke 2 pregnancy tests at the doctors office but they are negative wat should i do?

    • You really should talk to your doctor to find out why you aren’t having a period. Besides pregnancy, there are other reasons (usually hormone imbalance related) that can cause your period to stop.

  • ealx

    i’am two weeks delay but my boob hurts,is there a possibility that i’am pregnant?

  • ealx

    i took the pregnancy test this afternoon,and it turns out to be negative. could there any possibility that i’am pregnant?

    • The chance of pregnancy is always there if you had unprotected sex unless you get your period or a doctor confirms that you are not pregnant, .

  • Megan

    Hi everyone. So I haven’t had my period in 2 months now and I’m having all the pregnancy syymtoms. But I have taken nine test. Only 3 were negative. What should I do?

    • Ummm…so 6 were positive? You should go see a doctor and get a blood test to confirm that you are pregnant.

  • _jamie40

    I’ve been having bad headaches and a really bad stomach ache. I feel like I’m pregnant but not sure. I took some pregnancy tests but they all came back negative. I’ve been sleeping more and been having nausea but haven’t thrown up yet. I also been having back pain and leg cramps. I don’t know whats been going on with me but I’ve been feeling really sick. And I also have to pee more and my boobs feel sore time to time. I’ve also had a short period last month and haven’t had a period this month.

    • If the tests keep coming back negative then I would guess that you are not pregnant, but have something else going on with your system that is causing your cycle to be off this month. Have you see a doctor yet about this? A blood test should be able to see how much hcg is present in your blood if you are pregnant.

  • Worried

    Im 17 and on depo but im always tired and have mild cramping the kind you get before a period my sides are hurting also im having headaches and I get hot flashes and get light headed a lot and when I lay down I get heart burn and have to pee and I havent been feeling myself I took a cheap pregnancy test like a few days after these symptoms it showed negative I feel like im getting bigger though its been like a month now should I test again or no?

    • You can, but chances are you are just having a reaction to the birth control. How many times have you had the shot?

  • wazine

    im delayed of almost a month already and took four at-home pregnancy test and all is negative. i took the test in different days. i have my monthly period every month.i experience many symptoms of being pregnant. i dont know if im pregnant or not.

    • You should probably go see a doctor at this point to get checked out.

  • scared

    I’m on the pill but missed and my fiance and I decided to have intercourse could I possibly be preggers scared to death but also very excited this will be my first kid I’m 30 don’t know how to tell my family if in am took one test but showed up a no

    • It really depends on what birth control you are on and if it stops ovulation. It also depends on where in your cycle you had unprotected sex. The only way to find out at this point is to wait until your period is due to arrive and test then.

  • Janella

    I had my period last nov 2… After 2 weeks i had spotting and lasts for 4 days… I took pt 3 times but it says its negative… Now i still dont have my period… Could i be pregnant?? Im so confused…

    • Do you typically have a normal 28 day cycle? If you do, then you should have had your period in Dec at the beginning. Until you do, there is always the possibility that you are pregnant, until a doctor definitively says you are not.

      • Janella

        Well my normal for me was 35 day cycle.. Cos i usually late for like 1 week…I was just confused why i had spotting after 2 weeks after i had period…

        • Typically when you have that it is due to ovulation bleeding, which is normal for some women. Considering you have longer cycles, that may not have been the reason for you. It could be that you have a hormone imbalance that is causing breakthrough bleeding.

          • claire 77

            Hi I’m 37 and I have regular 28 day cycles, me an my partner have sex 4 days a week. I had a early period which was light 1st day, heavy 2nd and only dark red/ brown last y, so lasted 3. I have had the nausea but not sick and ache in back and vaines very visible around nipples but no tenderness. I should of had my regular period 3 days ago but all negative tests. But feel pregnant, when should I test. Trying for 2 yrs. Thank you

          • So when was your period actually due?

          • claire 77

            I had that bleed on the 16 was not due a period til 22nd. Thanks for reply

          • I’d wait a couple of days and test again. If still negative at that time, you might want to see your doctor just to get checked out.

          • claire 77

            All my symptoms have gone, I have tested every day all negative I think it was a messed up period, just the symptoms were so weird even the flu symptoms in morning, I have regular cycles but pcos but no affects of it. I have Dr’s Monday but they are not helpful with me getting pregnant I wanted some meds to help but I haven’t had any. I’m not getting younger and scared of never getting pregnant.

          • If your doctor doesn’t work with you for the PCOS then you might want to try herbal fertility supplements. You might do well with It helps with the fertility, the problems caused by pcos and helps with egg quality.

          • claire 77

            I have tried conception tablets which didn’t help before, thank you anyway.

          • How long were you taking them for? If you took the supplements for 3 full months and didn’t get the results you wanted maybe the doctor route is best for you. Also for your pcos, you really want to look into myo-inositol. If you look at the bottom of this page,, you will see the scientific studies – they are very promising for helping women with pcos get pregnat.

          • claire 77

            Hiya yeah I took them for 7 months I had such high hopes for them

          • Heathernewman9123

            How do I ask my own question on here I’m new

          • You go to the top of the page and then go to the bottom of the article. There is a box there where you can ask a question that is on your own thread.

          • Nicole Vivier

            Hi Vickie I had sex on the 20th 21st 26th 27th Jan and my period was due on the 27th Jan I’m 4 days late and im very regular having a 28 day cycle….I have been feeling really sick in all mornings for the last couple of days and for 2 days now my stomach feels really weird has been making like growling noise won’t stop.
            I feel a bit of cramping to.
            Is there any chance I could be pregnant and is it to early to test?

          • Nicole Vivier

            Hi Vickie I had sex on the 20th 21st 26th 27th Jan and my period was due on the 27th Jan I’m 4 days late and im very regular having a 28 day cycle….I have been feeling really sick in all mornings for the last couple of days and for 2 days now my stomach feels really weird has been making like growling noise won’t stop.
            I feel a bit of cramping to.
            Is there any chance I could be pregnant and is it to early to test?

  • Reyna

    Hi I am 16 years
    I used the pregnancy test yesterday and the results came out negative I haven’t had my period I am 8 days late I had sex (unprotected) on Dec 10 its been 3 weeks
    I’ve been eating alot every 15 min peeing alot and sleeping more what can I do can some one help me out

    • Unfortunately, if you have a normal 28 day cycle you could have been ovulating around the time you had sex. There is a chance you are pregnant even if the test is negative. Hopefully you will get your period soon.

  • Mia

    Hello I am now 4 months late, last period was August 24th. My doctor put me on birth control with hopes of my period starting, if nothing happens she is concerned something is wrong. Possibly cysts she suspects. Numerous negative urine tests . My stomach is very bloated and distended. I have ibs but ibs bloating builds up during the day after food intake, my stomach is bloated 24/7, had ibs for 6 years so I know symptoms. She has ordered an ultrasound so now I wait…. I’m very concerned and scared. I’ve also been feeling fluttering, felt movement with my daughter at 13 weeks and have a tilted uterus so I know its possible. I am sleep deprived and stressed from my 8 month old so I wonder if that’s taking a toll on my body. Just wanted to vent and see if maybe had a similar situation? Thanks!

    • I am sorry you are so stressed out πŸ™ Hopefully the ultrasound will give you some answers. If you aren’t pregnant, it could be that you have PCOS that is causing your cycle to be missing. Good luck getting answers that will help relieve some of your stress. (You’ve got an 8 month old so that stress will still be there πŸ˜€ )

  • Shannon

    I’m 32 yrs. old. I haven’t period 6 weeks! I took 3 times are negative! Today, I have medium brownish spot. Can I be pregnant? We try getting pregnancy! πŸ™

    • If you normally had periods every month then you might be pregnant. But if you had irregular periods, you could have a hormone imbalance that is throwing your cycle off. If your period doesn’t arrive soon, you might want to go get checked out by your doctor.

  • Yayatiti

    I never get my period it’s rare when I do but my nipples have been very sore and hard and I’m tired all day took a home test and negative results

    • It sounds like you should go and see a doctor if you are trying to get pregnant. Lack of a period will greatly reduce your chances of conceiving.

  • Krys

    Hi my partner and I tried having a baby early sept and I never got my period that whole month in September but in October, November, and December I’ve had literally a two day period and it’s not heavy what’s so ever but test keep coming out negative but my belly is growing. Before this my period had always been regular and 4-5 days idk what to do? My stomach also feels weird like moving but i don’t know if it’s just me because I wanted it so bad. Please help me figure this out.

    • Have you been to a doctor about this? By this time, if you are pregnant, they should be able to tell with an examination.

      • Krys

        I went to the e.r yesterday because I swear we felt a kick but my urine test still came out negative but I made a appt with my gyno next week. It’s just so crazy because I been nauseous and just having symptoms of pregnancy but negative test. Idk but I feel crazy.

  • Sam

    Hi.. So my story is confusing.. I Was on birth control for 5 yrs on and off. My bf and I had sex dec 12,13,14,15 all unprotected! I’m very bad at taking the pill during that time I missed the pill by 2-3 days. We broke up a week and a half later and I decided to stop the BC. About 2 weeks later I started to feel sick, dizzy, nausea, very sleepy, stomach pains, cramps, horrible headaches, sensitive nipples/boobs,emotional,back pain . So yesterday jan 7th I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Are all my symptoms from stopping BC? Did I test too soon? I feel crazy!! I feel pregnant but tests say I’m not. Plus I have huge baby fever. Help anyone? Plus the depression of the break up and heating him tell me I’m preg drives me insane.

    • Unfortunately, there is no way to really tell what is going on. Coming off birth control can cause all the symptoms you are having but so can pregnancy. The unprotected sex and missing some pills can definitely lead to pregnancy. When was your period supposed to happen? If you test around that time, you should get accurate results with a pregnancy test.

      • Sam

        Normally while on the pill it would be on the 1st. But when I got off the pill I had light bleeding for 2 days on dec 26-28 so I thought maybe that was my period. But symptoms continue. I took 2 pregnancy test one on the 7th and 9th.. Both negative. What do you think?

  • lindsey

    i have been completely stressed lately I was supposed to get my period five days ago and have taken about five test all negative even went to the doctor for a pee test. But I still missed my period and been having all the pregnancy symptoms I don’t know what to do. I know with my son I took test after test all negative then one day I was feeling sick went to the doctor and she told me I was pregnant when I went to the OBGYN they told me I was around 14 weeks pregnant but when I tested just 12/11 weeks earlier It showed up negative is it possible my body keeps low HCG levels when I am pregnant or that HPT don’t work for me someone please HELP me…..

    • You might want to address with with your obgyn. Considering your history of not getting positive tests, the doctor should be able to help you figure out if you are indeed pregnant.

  • lindsey

    Can Anyone help me ??

  • Sam

    I just retested jan 9th (today) it said no! Sucks these symptoms don’t go away. Anyone? Advice? Opinion? Is it symptoms from stopping BC?

    • Jade Simone Atkins

      How many have you done? Try going to the doctor explain your showing symptoms and tell them you’ve taken a home test but shown negative an ask for a blood test

      • Sam

        Hi.. I’ve done 2 tests! Jan 7 and today Jan 9. I stopped taking BC so the symptoms may just be because of that. Its frustrating these symptoms don’t go away!

        • Jade Simone Atkins

          I’d go see your GP ask for a blood test to be on the safe side

  • Jade atkins

    I’ve been on the pill for 4months now and keep missing my pill from time to time. This past week I’ve had tender breasts to the point where I am struggling to get dressed and sleep, they are really sore and I’m in a lot of discomfort. I have also had some stomach ache and back pain. I have taken some home pregnancy test this week and all said negitive. Why am I showing signs of pregnancy? Please help

    • Sam

      You could be having a reaction to the BC! Even thought you have 4 months on it your bodies reaction to it can change. It’s happened to me! I’ve been one a pill for months even years and there’s a point where my body didn’t accept it anymore. You could be having symptoms of being on BC. But yet again they are symptoms of pregnancy. I’m the same way right now:(

  • Jade Simone Atkins

    I’ve been on the pill for 4months now and keep missing my pill from time to time. This past week I’ve had tender breasts to the point where I am struggling to get dressed and sleep, they are really sore and I’m in a lot of discomfort. I have also had some stomach ache and back pain. I have taken some home pregnancy test this week and all said negitive. Why am I showing signs of pregnancy? Please help

  • Dyslexichearts


    I had IVF in December, my original test date was 2 January. I tested on 1st January with Clearblue Digital and it said Pregnant 1-2 weeks. Took same test the next day, same result. But on 4 Jan, I did another and it said Not Pregnant, until now ( 10 Jan), I was thinking I miscarried but have not had a bleed yet. I cracked open the digi test and there were faint lines where the result lines should be. Could I still be pregnant? My last period was 3 Dec, I normally have 35 day cycle. I am due for ultrasound on 26 January, but I can’t wait. If I miscarried, should I not have bleed already by this time? Thanks.

    • Dyslexichearts

      I was hoping I am one of those women whose hcg levels are low but can go on to have successful pregnancies. I am still taking 8 mg progynova a day and Crinone Gel every night. I am really praying hard for this to be successful. Our local clinic doesn’t do bloodwork so that’s really crap and have to wait for the fertility clinic’s ultrasound to find out.

      • Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can say to make it better for you. It could be that your system is a bit off if you were pregnant and that it could take a little longer for your period to begin. Having said that, it is possible that you have a slow grower that is just taking it’s time to have steady hcg levels.

  • 3hree

    No period December, still no period now! Unusual, Ive been having light pink discharge now and again and I’ve seen a dark pink almost red discharge I could definitely tell it wasn’t a period! Negative pregnancy tests, more recently a week ago. Cramping on and off! Kinda scared to go see my doctor, dont know what to expect to hear! I only have one tube! November, Oct, S, A, J, July, normal periods. My husband and i have baby hopes, but I don’t think I can have anymore kids bc I only have one tube.

    • You can definitely have a baby with only one tube as you have ovaries on both sides. As long as there is no blockage preventing the egg from traveling to the uterus, it is possible. You might want to go and see your doctor to discuss your concerns.

  • Nikki

    I have had Essure for almost 4yrs now..this is the first time I have gone 3 months without a period. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and all came back negative… I’m very fertile. My boobs are sore, I feel like I’m cramping, I’m always crabby, and I’m always tired…what should I do??????

    • Go and see your doctor. She should be able to confirm that these are just normal side effects of the birth control or perhaps change your birth control if these symptoms as too bothersome to you.

  • Hales

    I had unprotected sex on Jan. 10th, and my boyfriend came. I had had a period on Jan 1-Jan 7th. I took the day after pill on Jan 11th. But now, I think I have started another period now. I started bleeding on the 18th, and it didn’t seem like a period. No clots, and very lightly colored blood. But now, two days later, there are clots and it’s darker in color. Why is this happening? Could I be pregnant?

    • Not likely. It is most likely breakthrough bleeding due to the morning after pill. Your hormones are a bit out of balance. You should be able to take a test now if your period hasn’t arrived.

      • lily

        i have the similar experience. last period was feb 15-20 had unprotected sex on march 1 and took postinor2 on march 2 in the morning, had bleeding on march 8 for 3 days. and until now april 15 still havent got my period yet. 3 HPT all negative, ultrasound on march 21 negative did HPT again on april 8 still negative. please help me, could i still be pregnant?

  • Victoria

    I have mostly all symptoms of a pregnancy test, i waited 4 weeks and took it and it was still negative. I’m very confused. I have no clue whats going on with my body.

    • You should probably go and discuss this with your doctor.

  • Amber2015

    hello, I have a normal 28 days cycle and this cycle I ovulated around day 20( kind of late) I ve been trying to get pregnant for 8 months now, and this is the first month, I miss my period. I did the ept test but came out negative at day 31( 3 days after missed period) I have some pregnancy symptoms, could I still be pregnant ? when should I test again?

    • Until your period comes, there is always the possibility that you are pregnant. It could be that your period will be lengthened due to when you ovulated though. You a pregnancy test should work now for you.

  • Infernolynx

    So this was the first period I’ve missed. I’ve taken a pregnancy test when I was three days late for my period, then waited when the next week came along, I took it when I would normaly expect my period (which would be wensday) but both tests tested negative. I took them correctly, I’ve taken them before but I still have not gotten my period! During the time I was waiting for that time of the month, I got spottings along with a clear gooie pink discharge. So I’m still a little worried. I’m not getting cravings, or any “normal” pregnancy effects. But the two obvious things I’ve noticed is my lower stomach feeling tighter? And of course missing my period. Has anyone else had this same thing happen to them? And if you have, did you turn out pregnant or not?

  • Christine

    I am a week late and TTC. I have had 2 miscarriages, both very early- the last one being 2 months ago. I got my period after the last one right on time (28 days). Now this month I’m late with 2 negative pregnancy tests. I’m not under abnormal stress and after my last miscarriage they checked my thyroid which was normal so I’m not sure why I’m late. I emailed my doctor and she didn’t seem concerned. I am having some pregnancy symptoms but they could also be period symptoms. How long do I wait before I contact the doctor again? Before when I was pregnant I found out right at 4 weeks so is it safe to say I’m not pregnant having 2 negatives at around what would be 5 weeks?

    • Well, if you haven’t gotten your period, you can’t really say you aren’t pregnant even if you had positive tests previously. If you still haven’t gotten a period, you might want to go and see your doctor about it. There may be some tests that can be performed to see if you have a hormonal imbalance that is causing the delay.

  • Nicole Vivier

    Hi Vickie I had sex on the 20th 21st 26th 27th Jan and my period was due on the 27th Jan I’m 4 days late and im very regular having a 28 day cycle….I have been feeling really sick in all mornings for the last couple of days and for 2 days now my stomach feels really weird has been making like growling noise won’t stop.
    I feel a bit of cramping to.
    Is there any chance I could be pregnant and is it to early to test?

  • rachael

    I need answers please..
    I wait a good 3 weeks before taking a pregnancy test. I had my period the very next day but it was lighter than my typical period? Does that mean anything?

    • If you continue getting negative pregnancy test results, it is most likely just an odd period. Keep track of when your next one should start (about a month from when you saw this last one) and if you don’t get your period on time, you might want to go and visit your doctor to find out what might be causing the delays.

  • Shanghai girl

    Im taking birth control pills , and last month was very little blood for my menstruation after my pills finished so i took a pregnancy test and the result is T is cleared but the other line is faint . Is it pregnant or not???

    • I am confused as to what the test looks like. If you are unsure, you should test again to see what it says.

  • Melissa

    I haven’t had my period since dec 19-26 . I didn’t get my period all of january but on feb 10- 11 i was spotting really light not enough for a tampon or pad. I have taken at home tests but they have been negative. I went to a pregnacy center to also get a test done, which was also negative. I still haven’t had my period. Help???

    • If all the tests keep coming back negative, then it would seem that you have some sort of hormonal imbalance that is causing your period to not arrive. You might want to go and talk to your doctor about this.

      • candies

        wel i got a blided ovum novermeber and i try get bk prgo in jan i get my period on the 16 to the 19 and it normally cums 5days am getting fat belly get big an i only throw up wen am cleaning my teeth i get bk my period feb an the same feelings all test show neg so am confuse i really nd my bbe can i be pregnant and dntv no?

  • melaa

    My last period was December 14th and I haven’t got it since I’ve taken at least 5home pregnancy tests all came back negative the first to weeks of February I got really nauseous to the point were I had to sleep with a bucket know it comes and gose also i cant sleep on my stomach because i fill like throwing up i just cant get comfortable the only position I can stand is on my side also I have noticed I’m loosing weight except in my stomach its bigger and at times it gets hard and heavy and recently I’ve felt my stomach tight I’ve also been getting head aches and I normally don’t get head aches and I’ve been really tired WHAT SHOULD I DO

    • You should go checked out by your doctor.

  • leody

    im 44 yrs old and my youngest 13, i feel bad coz im delayed for 2months but i took pregnancy test but the result is negative. i dont feel any signs and symptoms of pregnant instead my tummy became bigger.i do my exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes but now i stopped because im afraid what happen to really stress i dont want to be pregnant because of my age.Please help what to do.

    • Chances are you aren’t pregnant if the tests come back negative. It could be that you are having perimenopause symptoms instead.

  • Avery C

    I have a question I had a 2periods in a month but they were a week apart I had sex the 14th day away from my regular period is due I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms I took a test during the time I’m supposed to get my period but came back negative.? Did I test to early?

    • You might have. If you haven’t gotten your period, test again.

  • Wary Columna

    My last period was January 17th. I have no symptoms of being pregnant. Ive taken 4 pregnancy test and all four of them have been negative. I have a doctors appointment on Friday. How possible is it to be pregnant even if the results were negative?

    • It happens but it isn’t very common.

  • sarah23

    ok so my period is 3 weeks late. im gaining weight and im nauseated but i dont throw up. my boobs hurt and all i ever want to eat is grilled cheese but ive taken 6 test and all of them are negative. im so confused as to whether or not im pregnant

    • Maybe you need to go and visit your doctor to discuss your symptoms. Ultimately, a doctor will be the one to figure it out if the tests continue to be negative for you.

      • rizza

        Hi i gave birth to my 2nd son last dec 31 2014 an up to the last day of january i have a blood from giving birth then its gone after 1 wik ny period coming feb7 and up to 4 dys then it gone again after that i hve missed period .we have sex unprotected last march 7 after 1 month i feel something than never i am breast feeding mother im always hungry hving headache evrytm i smell something i feel to vomit.but i use pregnsncy test and its begatve i am confuse if i am pregnant..sum help me

  • Penny

    The last period i had was on the 8th of january ending around the 15th i had sex on the 19th and 20th and havent had another peiod sense then. I have heartburn extreme hunger all day and i pee alot. Also i have been having pains/cramps in my lower stomach . I took a home pregnancy test that came back neg but im not convinced its right. Help

    • Unfortunately, all you can do it visit your doctor so they can do examine you to find out if you are pregnant and if not, help you figure out what is going on with your system.

  • Hopeful!


    My husband and i have been trying for a baby since around january 25th. We have had unprotected sex a lot during feb especially. I am just wondering what the chances are of being pregnant? I have been getting a lot of symptoms, but i have done 6 at home tests and they are negative. I am hoping we have done the tests to early. My periods are due on the 9/3/15 but i am not getting any of my pre menstrual symptoms (which is usually only a sore lower back). My tests were negative until i was 6 weeks with my first baby.

    • Did your period arrive? If not, and you are still getting negative tests, I’d go and see your doctor considering you didn’t get a positive until 6 weeks with your first baby.

      • Hope

        My period never came but i did start bleeding four day after they were due which never happens and it was different to my normal period, a lot lighter and different colour to normal. Did a test on saturday and it was negative but i would have only been 6 weeks on monday. confused.

  • ashley

    I always take home test i did not have a period last month and still waiting to see if i have mine this month andy test cameback negative all the test i took for my other kids came back negative when i was two mknths pregnant with them how could that happen and then i go to doctors and boom im pregnant home test dont work but doctor insists pne taling one befor making an appintment

    • Are you going to the same doctor that you did with your other kids. If so, he should know that the tests don’t work well for you. It’s rare, but for some people, home pregnancy test just don’t work well.

  • Brandi

    I haven’t had my period in 3 months. I have every sign other than morning sickness. I gained two pounds. I always feel hungry. I have been cranky too. I don’t know if this is normal but I have irregular periods.

    • Have you taken a pregnancy test? You might want to talk to your doctor about your irregular cycles to try and figure out the cause if you aren’t pregnant.

  • Penelope

    Hi there. I have mirena IUD. I had surgery(diagnostic lap) on 1/14/2015 to look for endometriosis. I started what the Dr said would be my period on that day. It lasted 6 days. I had a morning of spotting Feb only on toilet paper. No other bleeding that month. According to my period tracker I am 27 day late. I had one negative home pregnancy test and then another test a week later one with a very faint, my eyes could be playing tricks on me, positive line at 11 days late. I took another pregnancy test two days ago from the dollar tree and again very faint line j almost thought it was negative. I’ve been beyond exhausted, appetite is ok, I want specific foods though, my bras that I just bought last month no longer fit cup wise… and I am very bloated no matter what I do. I’ve had lower back pain. Not a ton of cramping… just feeling way off. Could I be pregnant?

    • You definitely have the symptoms that would indicate that. You might want to visit your doctor to see if she can find out what is going on. If you aren’t pregnant, your symptoms could be because of a hormonal imbalance.

  • WowZers

    In Mid December I felt the worse crapping and could lay on either side or my stomach for almost two weeks, I was having Lots of clear discharge I swore I was pregnant because I never felt anything so weird in my life, others were saying because of the discharge I was just having a painful ovulation… I had intercourse with my fiance before after and during that time frame, I ended up having my period about a week late and it was very heavy for 10 days… In January I only had light spotting, In Febuary No Period at all. Im waiting for March Period, Ive been testing monthly all negative, honestly I think I might have an etopic pregnancy i feel pressure and slight pain on my left side sometimes…Im just waiting for my period to come sucks not knowing.

    • The atypical heavy bleeding could be a sign of an early miscarriage. Though the pain was not typical at all. You really go and visit your doctor to see if there is something going on that needs attention.

      • WowZers

        Thank you, Im having simular feelings right now the cramping pain is in a different spot but im still in pain feels like my belly is trobbing.. I couldnt lay on my stomach or side last night… I took a prenancy test(negative) this morning and an ovulation test(inconclusive 2 faint lines) so im just at a loss as to whats going I was really gassy from both ends last night too, Ive had zero appetite.. plus no periods so many pregnany signs with no pregnancy, Doctor tomorrow so we shall see.

  • What did your doctor say about it? In addition to pregnancy, there are other issues that can cause the same type of symptoms as you are having.

  • dianne

    hi. i had unprotected sex last feb 25 and got a light brown spot on the third day (feb 27).im expecting my period last march 8 but unfortunately no signs of period until now. im experiencing a mild cramps, back aches, and i always feel hungry even if im not. i already went to my obygne last sat (mar14). i had ultrasound and found out that i have a thickened endometrium and polycystic ovaries. but my doctor said that eventhough i have that i can still be pregnant. is it possible? i already take 3 pregnancy test and turns to be neg.

    • Unfortunately, with the conditions you have, it will be more difficult for you to get pregnant. If you keep getting negative tests, you are probably not pregnant this month. The conditions you have can cause an imbalance of hormones in your system and if you have a thickened endometrium, your estrogen could be out of balance. In order to help figure out when you are ovulating, you might want to take ovulation tests to pinpoint ovulation.

      • dianne

        but my obygne told me that i can still be pregnant? is there even a slightest chance? πŸ™ please. i want a baby.

        • dianne

          and im confused. my periods are regular. ive never been delayed. why is that i have polycystic ovaries?

          • You really need to have the conversation with your doctor about this. If your doctor said pregnancy was a possibility, then listen to his advice.

    • Unfortunately, with the conditions you have, it will be more difficult for you to get pregnant. If you keep getting negative tests, you are probably not pregnant this month. The conditions you have can cause an imbalance of hormones in your system and if you have a thickened endometrium, your estrogen could be out of balance. In order to help figure out when you are ovulating, you might want to take ovulation tests to pinpoint ovulation.

  • B3

    Hi, I jst wanted to share my experience I have a 6month year old son, and my husband and I wanted try for another child, I took pregnancy tests just before my period due date on the due date and day after and all were negative, but I was late so I took a test a week later and it came up positive 1-2 weeks so false negatives can happen x

  • demi

    I had my implant out on the 6th of feb this year and ive been having unprotected sex with my partner every day even when ive been ovulating. ive been having signs that im pregnant like feeling sick but it wont come up, tired all the time always going the toilet my belly is going into a bump shape but ive take tests and they come back negative. what should I do?

    • You should probably go and see your doctor. Depo is very reliable, but the side effects can be very similar to what you are experiencing. You might want to consider changing the type of birth control you are using. You can also get the doctor to give you a blood test just to make sure you aren’t pregnant.

  • mo

    Im two week late . Took three home pregnancy all say negative. Feeling bloated, sensitive to smell and have cramps. And sometime I feel movement inside. Please help

    • At two weeks late you wouldn’t be feeling fetal movement just yet. The fetus would be way too small. You might want to go get checked out by your doctor to find out what is going on if you keep getting negative results and don’t get your period.

  • gg

    I was rapped on December but I had sex with my boyfriend on January , I had my period in those two months and they said im 7 weeks pregnant , a few days ago I had an ultra sound and was told I’m 14 weeks pregnant. What do I do ? I’m worried and terrified

    • Unfortunately, with the variation of dates, it is hard to determine when the baby was conceived. The only way to tell for sure would be to wait until after the baby is born and do a paternity test with your boyfriend if he is willing. πŸ™ I am sorry you are in this horrible situation.

      • rizza

        Hope i find answer

  • Claire

    Hi i was due to have my depo injection in October but we have decided to try for another baby. I’m feeling pregnant atm It feels as though I could be about 4 months movement in my belly can’t get comfy back ache and nausea on and off and awful heartburn just like with my last but I have had two negative tests should I go to see the doctor?

    • You should go see the doctor if you are having pregnancy like symptoms. If your period is missing, then they can do tests to see if you are pregnant.

  • Thalia

    So i took a test on friday evening and it was positive and took another test it was neg. And i throw up everyday since thursday . I feel little movements in my stomach and today i woke up with pinkish creamy Bleeding in my underwear … Can I be pregnant or what ?

    • Are you pregnant? Taking your test first thing in the morning will give you the best results.

  • Bri

    I had sex with my husband the day before he left for deployment and we didn’t use a condom and he didn’t pull out. I am 36 days late and my nipples have been very sore the past couple days. And I am having a weird type of pressure in my Lowe right hip/tummy area. I took a test and it came back negative. Could I still be pregnant?

    • Well, it really depends on if you were ovulating at the time. If it keeps coming back negative, then I would suggest going to see a doctor to see if something else is causing the pressure.

  • Nikki Pedersen

    My body isn’t right… I had sex about two weeks ago and I bought a text but I’m debating whether I want to take it or wait.. I’m 15 and I’m scared

    • Sorry you are so stressed out πŸ™ Eventually you will have to find out though. If you know when your period is due, you can test a day or two before then. The chances of pregnancy depends where in your cycle you were. If you had sex close to when your last period ended, the chances of pregnancy are smaller.

  • vijaya

    hi I haven’t had a period from last two month. I’ve took multiple of tests like that TVS.but there is no pregnacy.But recently my report is positive .how’s this possible. I am socked.

    • I would suggest that you take another pregnancy test first thing in the morning and see if the result is positive again.

  • Taylor

    so I’ve been on birth control for about two years now. Had it implanted after the birth of my second baby. Two and a half weeks after my last period, I started experiencing small amounts of brown spotting and severe cramps. Attributed it to iud Skyla birth control. About a week or so afterward started having symptoms I had during both of my previous pregnancies(moodiness, tender breasts, frequent headaches, dizziness, nausea). Thought I’d ride it out before I jumped to conclusions, now I’m 5 days late for my period, still with all of the same symptoms. Mind you my cycle comes like clockwork. Took one test tonight which came out negative. Has anyone else experienced this? What was the end result?
    Thanks in advance

    • Could your body be off due to stress or illness during the month? Sometimes changes in exercise level or work schedule might make your cycle change.

  • tiera

    I had my normal period beginning on the 24th of March on April 1 I had unprotected sex with my partner on April 6th I started experiencing light bleeding that became heavy without any clots like my normal period I took a pregnancy test today at the hospital it came out negative but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me I have never had this problem and I’m getting a lil scared something’s wrong with me have anybody else experience this

    • Assuming that you have a normal 28 day cycle, with is what your ovulation calendar shows

      Friday 3rd April 2015 – A little bit fertile

      Saturday 4th April 2015 – Fertile

      Sunday 5th April 2015 – VERY fertile

      Monday 6th April 2015 – Time to ovulate

      It could be that the bleeding you saw on the 6th was ovulatory bleeding which can happen. If the doctors can’t find anything wrong, I wouldn’t worry about it.

      • tiera

        I have a 26 day cycle would that make a difference

      • Nicole Merzon

        Hey Vicki, first day of my period was April 1st I had sex the 11th twice, and then the 13th, for the past couple months I’ve gotten my period on the first. Could I be pregnant? I tested yesterday and of course negative. I want another baby so bad and I hate waiting πŸ™

  • Sophia

    Hi i had unprotected sex last january 17 but i got my period after 10 days but it is unusual it’s color brown and it only last for three days. The first and last day were minimal but the second day is quite heavy. I got my period irregularly, sometimes every 2 months and sometimes every 1 1/2 month. I have no period for almost three months and i took 3 hpts and it was all negative. Is it possible for me to get pregnant? Or it is the stress ( stress of getting pregnant because i don’t want yet to be a mother) that makes my period delayed? I’m looking forward for yout reply. Thanks. Btw, i do not feel any symptoms of pregnancy.

  • red


  • Natalie

    My LMP was Feb. 25th, tested positive with a HPT April 9th. Retested this weekend for the fun of it and multiple tests now result as negative. Still no period or bleeding of any sort. I “feel pregnant”, my OB appt. is May 5th but not knowing or understanding what is going on is driving me crazy! Based on my LMP I would be 7 weeks, 2 days pregnant, I would think that would be far enough along to get plenty of positive test results, right? I am an RN so I do understand the way the female body works and I already have 2 little boys, a 4 year old and an 8 month old. My hair is falling out excessively and has been for several months but other than that nothing really crazy is going on other than my usual pregnancy symptoms: really hungry all the time, darkened areolas, sensitive breasts, emotional, etc., Any idea what could be going on? TIA

  • Olivia

    Hello! I’ve had regular periods for the last 5 months but I’m nervous that I am pregnant, I just have a nagging feeling! I’ve taken 4 home pregnancy tests all negative and I’ve also had a pelvic ultrasound looking for tumors in my uterus but nothing was found. Would this type of ultrasound pick up a pregnancy that was over 3 months?

    • At 3 months, a fetus would be visible on the ultrasound.

  • asma

    Hi.. I had my period 3days late this month(on 17th April). It was not as heavy as usual but lasted for 5days as usual. It was not spotting or light, but just not that heavy. I took a HPT on the 5th day and it came negative yet I feel or rather want to believe that I might be pregnant. The only thing outside of normal that I am feeling is mild light headedness( I feel somewhat dizzy and out of balance all the time) since around 15th April and a strange feeling of tightness in my abdomen. Please advise me. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • If you are getting a negative test and your did have a period that lasted as long as normal, you are probably not pregnant. If you are concerned about the physical symptoms you are feeling, you might want to go and talk to your doctor about them.

  • Natalie

    No one replied to my post so I am going to repost. Thank you: My LMP was Feb. 25th, tested positive with a HPT April 9th. Retested this weekend for the fun of it and multiple tests now result as negative. Still no period or bleeding of any sort. I “feel pregnant”, my OB appt. is May 5th but not knowing or understanding what is going on is driving me crazy! Based on my LMP I would be 7 weeks, 2 days pregnant, I would think that would be far enough along to get plenty of positive test results, right? I am an RN so I do understand the way the female body works and I already have 2 little boys, a 4 year old and an 8 month old. My hair is falling out excessively and has been for several months but other than that nothing really crazy is going on other than my usual pregnancy symptoms: really hungry all the time, darkened areolas, sensitive breasts, emotional, etc., Any idea what could be going on? TIA

    • Unfortunately, it is hard to say what is going on. While uncommon, sometimes pregnancy tests stop showing positive results or don’t show a positive result at all despite the woman being pregnant. You know your body and the lack of period and symptoms definitely point to you being pregnant even if the tests are not showing the confirmation results. πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  • Natalie

    No one replied to my post so I am going to repost. Thank you: My LMP was Feb. 25th, tested positive with a HPT April 9th. Retested this weekend for the fun of it and multiple tests now result as negative. Still no period or bleeding of any sort. I “feel pregnant”, my OB appt. is May 5th but not knowing or understanding what is going on is driving me crazy! Based on my LMP I would be 7 weeks, 2 days pregnant, I would think that would be far enough along to get plenty of positive test results, right? I am an RN so I do understand the way the female body works and I already have 2 little boys, a 4 year old and an 8 month old. My hair is falling out excessively and has been for several months but other than that nothing really crazy is going on other than my usual pregnancy symptoms: really hungry all the time, darkened areolas, sensitive breasts, emotional, etc., Any idea what could be going on? TIA

  • mom2alexis

    Hi. I had the mirena in for two years. It came out on its own April 15th. My husband and I were very active april 10th and 11th before it came out. On April 17th-19th I spotted. For the last week or so I have been having headaches 2-3 times a day, having to pee more often, fatigue, my face has been breaking out, lower back pain, and a lot of mood swings. I have taken a home test and it was negative. Do you think I could still be pregnant?

    • mom2alexis

      Made a mistake. It came out on the 14th not the 15th

  • Lebogang Ramafalo

    I thought I had a miscarriage last month.. I am now starting to to have pregnancy symptoms but still getting negative tests,could I be pregnant?

    • You might want to go and see your doctor so they can determine if you are pregnant, and if not, help you figure out what is causing you to feel the way you are.

  • Lebogang Ramafalo

    I thought I had a miscarriage last month.. I am now starting to to have pregnancy symptoms but still getting negative tests,could I be pregnant?

  • shanell

    Hi i need some answers i haven’t had a period since January 28 its now april 30th i took over 7 pregnancy test an they all came out negative i have put on a lot of weight an do have pain in my stomach from time to time im scared if its not a pregnancy it may be something serious… help please

    • You really need to go and see a doctor to find out what is going on.

  • Lyteka Freeman

    Hi I recently gotten married, and my husband and I have been regularly having unprotected sex. I came on my cycle as usual, March 27th. Last month I haven’t came on at all. And still to this day. I have taken two tests, and both have shown in the circle one line, and in the box two lines. One was an equate pregnancy test and the other was an e.p.t test. On the box that always has the one line, is the one that had the plus sign, which is highly strange. That has never happened to me before. My husband is having my symptoms as well as I. Can I be pregnant? We are really hoping I am.

  • Nicole

    I need help guys! Im so confused! Ive been to my OBGYN about a month ago because i thought i was pregnant since my breast were producing milk; unfortunately, home pregnancy & blood work all came back negative with the exception of my horomone level being really high( pituitary gland ).. A week later i get a call from my OB- saying congratz ” we need you back in for a bloodtest again to confirm your pregnancy” I couldn’t believe what i was hearing . Everything was negative and my horomones were the only sign that said yes!

    On the other hand, im dealing with cravings , nauseas, fatigue , bloating & i noticed my tummy is a bit rounder & firm.yet, i normally have heavy 6day periods , now there only 2-4 & spotty all throughout … Before all this i had lost over 20lbs & now my husband is dealing with the same symptoms! I obviously think were pregnant.

    Weeks later, my OB calls again… Its been a “yes “, “no” situation everytime they call. And to make matters worse , they won’t do a sonogram just to see if i have a baby, the empty sac , or tumor. Im getting so overwhelmed .. I had a mri done the other day to check out my Pituitary Gland.. Turns out its normal & that i dont need to have it removed . But that pregnancy isnt the answer & she doesnt know what could be wrong .. Someone please help me in anyway, maybe words of wisdom… Im so confused & fed up with all this … Noone can get to the bottom of this πŸ™

    • Sorry to hear that you are so up in the air about what is going on. Maybe you need to get a second opinion from another doctor?

  • Paige Wesley

    I’ve had sex 50-100 times unprotected my boyfriend has came in me each time,he has two kids outside our relationship so he’s fertile.My period was two and half weeks late and only lasted three days.I took a test a week after that negative.That was about a week and a half ago.I’ve been very very emotional,I’ve had a loss of appetite and I’ve had fevers&thrown up a few times.I have many fertility problems,so I don’t wanna get my hopes up.When should I take another test?

    • Fever and throwing up are more typically a sign of a virus and not pregnancy. If you know when your period is due to arrive next, test a day or two before then.

      • Paige Wesley

        I no longer have been having fevers.But I still am vomitting every now and again.This morning too.But I’ve taken two pregnancy tests.So I’m not sure anymore.Thank you for the input.

      • Paige Wesley

        I had unprotected sex days before,during,and after i ovulated this month .How long should i wait before i test&did i time it right?

        • You will want to wait until 2 or 3 days before your period is due to take a pregnancy test to see if you get your positive result. If you were having unprotected sex during your fertile period, then yes, you timed it right.

          • Paige Wesley

            I had my period a week after i posted.But I’m having vaginal cramps and vomiting.Any suggestions??

      • Paige Wesley

        I had unprotected sex before,after,and the day i ovulated.How long should i wait to test?&is the timing right?

  • Karen Moreno

    I got my period twice last month. But this month it literally looks like I have a baby bump.

  • Sabrina

    hello. i have one child already but i been trying for number two. the first time i tried having a baby it didn’t take so long to get pregnant. i had got on birth control for a 1 and half after my first child. then decided to try for baby number two. so i got off of my birth control. i have been having unprotected sex with my husband mostly everyday but everytime i take a pregnancy test it comesout negative. idk what is going on.

    • Do you know when you are ovulating and how long have you been trying to get pregnant? How long ago did you stop birth control and what type was it?

  • Lilley

    I’ve got the contraceptive rod in since June 2014 and no periods and since the beginning of the 7th May 2015 I have had spotting of blood, my boobs have grown up a cup size, my stomach is really bloated and when I’m waking up I feel like I wanna be sick but nothing is there, I stopped spotting on 21st May 2015 and I was concerned and went to my d9ctor and he said to do a pregnancy test so I took a pregnancy test the 27th May 2015 in the evening and then another one in the morning 28th May 2015 and they both come back negative. What Can I Do Now HELP!!!

    • It could be that your body is starting to react negatively to the birth control. You need to talk to your doctor to find out what your options are if you can’t deal with the side effects.

      • Lilley

        I had to go to hospital in the end as they thought the pain was coming from my appendix :/, my overies were scanned and all fine so they think I could have a grumbling appendicitis :(, but at least I’m not in pain anymore. Thanks for all your help

  • Amber

    Hi.. I missed 2 periods and I took 2 pregnancy test and they both came back negative.. I’ve been having symptoms. I’ve been eating a lot more and peeing a lot at night and during the day.

  • Rae

    I’m 3 weeks late for my period, and i’m having symptoms like fatigue, bloated, windy, heartburn, going to the toilet much more frequently and having more regular BM’s – (we’re talking 2-3 times a day) yet my boobs dont hurt. I’ve done 3 pregnancy tests and all came back negative, i had bloods done on Friday just gone and my results this morning are negative still. I’m seriously confused as my period is nowhere in sight and i’m never late. Most times sex can bring my period on or when i bear down on the toilet – still nothing in both cases. Can someone advise as i have no clue what is happening?! Thanks

    • Unfortunately, I can’t really help you out here. You might want to schedule an appointment with your doctor to get checked out.

  • constaince

    I have been tracking my period and they have all been consistent, either 21 or 26 day cycle, it has been 33 days since my period. Is it still to early to take a test?

    • If you are pregnant, you should see it if you take a test now.

  • Dana

    I’ve been tested for times if I am pregnant and it came back negative every time but my period is twelve days late. Could I be pregnant still?

  • Dana

    I’ve been tested four times for pregnancy and it’s came back negative every time but my period is thirteen days late. Could I be pregnant still?

    • Until you get your period, there is still a possibility that you are pregnant. Unfortunately, pregnancy tests might not work well for you, so if you are pregnant, and the tests keep showing negative, the next stop is an ultrasound to see what is going on. Those can’t really tell until 5 or 6 weeks after your last period started.

      • Dana

        I went to the doctor and it was negative again. My period is now two weeks late. Could I not have one due to stress? If I don’t have one in a month does it mean I am? I had unprotected sex twice.

        • Stress can cause your period to not arrive. What did your doctor say about your situation?

          • Dana

            That I am not pregnant and stress can cause a period to be late. To wait a couple months before I come back to see if I have a period.

          • If you go another month without a period, I would go back to your doctor and ask for testing to find out what is going on.

          • Dana

            Wait until the end of June or end of July?

          • It’s really up to you.

  • Christina

    Missed my period last month and been taking test they all say no so have a blood test tomorrow to see if I am…. All my blood work is good I am healthy so idk why this would happen if I wasn’t…… My boobs hurt I have heartburn so idk…

  • shanonjewel

    Ok so here is my issue I have been TTC for about a year with no luck. This past month we made sure we tried every day sometimes twice a day. Last week I had a UTI. 10dpo I started my period I had it for two days. It was like a normal period but a week early and only lasted 48 hours. Because it was normal flow I dismissed the possibility of implantation bleeding. I have been having twinges in my lower abdomen. Then I took a test and I looked like maybe a faint positive. I don’t want to get my hopes up ….but what do you think. Can a uti cause a false positive ….. And can implantation bleeding be a moderate flow?? This is the test below.

  • Tanisha

    Ok I have had my tube tied and burned for about nine years. I am having all the symptom of being pregnant I even feel movement during the day but mostly at night. I have 5 kids so I know how it feels to be pregnant My cycle has been irregular sense I had my tubes tide. I have an appointment on tomorrow I don’t want anymore kids but I Don’t want to have an ectopic pregnancy either. I have taken 2 text that read neg. I’m stressed because I feel it moving everyday for the last 2 weeks. Have anyone had this before

  • Jessica

    Hi I haven’t had a period in two months. I am very tired sometimes and the. Can’t sleep others. I have been very hot all time time even when it’s cold in the house . I have also had negative pregnancy test I bought from the store . Plz help me

  • danitra

    I had a baby July 20th 2013 got off birth control around July 2014 I haven’t had a period since January 2015 unit may 2015 and it was for probably 3 days haven’t had one since after that I be feeling a lil cramps in my stomach face getting fatter but every test says negative

  • Andrea Davis-Caples

    We tried on June6-June7 2015, I am having symptoms just like my other 2 kids when I was pregnant with them. With them I knew I was pregnant almost as soon as it happened. I have terrible back pain, and pelvis is so crampy and just alot of discomfort, boobs hurt every so often but not constant….. took 5 tests this morning all negative, did I test too soon…..

    • Pregnancy tests are usually most accurate if you take them 2 or 3 days before your period is due. Any earlier than that will most likely give you inaccurate results.

  • disqus_2ucpZbSqwu


    • If you had a positive urine and blood test, then you are pregnant. I am unsure what you mean about the doctor saying that you aren’t pregnant if the doctor has a blood test that says you are. You can’t get an ultrasound to confirm for several weeks.


        Hi, I’ve been trying to convince after three known miscarriages and one unknown was having continuous unprotected sex for the past two weeks after my last period have a history of pcos and fibroid on the 26th June 2015 my blood pressure spiking at 190/101 and climbing when I got to the health center a urine pregnancy test was done with a faint but clearly visible positive result couldn’t believe it I went home and redid the test on the 28th June 2015 at 12:53am and got the same results now later that night after drinking a lot of water to pass urine for the hospital lab test it came back negative twice the doctor said that my last period could have been a miscarriage that’s why I got the positive results earlier but the thing is I wasn’t having sex for 2 months prior to the last period and 3 days before that period I took five pregnancy tests all were negative and after the period

  • Christina

    I took a hpt and it came up positive. Had to go to the emergency room 2 days ago bc I was cramping in my lower abdominal area had a urine test and blood test done and both are negative. Today I went to the bathroom and wiped had a little bit of red blood just a strand nothing after that though. Now I’m not cramping at all. What does this mean?

  • Christina Cash

    I haven’t had my period yet and am overdue. Tubes tied. Went seen doctor and they said no. Pregnancy tests are negative. But still having all the signs of pregnancy. It is driving me nuts. Would an ultrasound or blood work be better?

    • The ultrasound would be definitive. But you have to wait a month or longer until you can actually see anything on the ultrasound. You can typically see an embryo at about 6 weeks with a vaginal ultrasound.

  • Guadalupe

    Hi so I wanted to ask if I mightmight be pregnant or what should I do? I had sex on April before I had sex I already had my period so swx on April then on May on the time of my period I only spotted for 2day then on June i didn’t get my period or blooded so is it possible that I could be pregnant now I took 2 home test but came out negative and now till this day I haven’t gotten my period what should I do? I’m confused!

    • If you aren’t getting a regular period and are having unprotected sex, there is always a chance that you might be pregnant, unless a doctor has figured out what the cause of no period is besides you being pregnant.

  • stacie Campbell

    I missed my period on the 3 of this month and I have taken 3 home pg test and all them have been negative wht do I do

  • Caitlin

    Okay so I had unprotexted sex 6 weeks ago. Also got the mirena put in a week later. I have been spotting here and there which is normal for having the mirena. But this past week I have been having morning sickness, frequent urination, weird cravings, pressure in the pelvic area and lower back, and also my boobs are a little sore. I took 5 at home pregnancy test all came back negative. So I went to the doctor urin test came back negative. My doctor wants me to come back in 2 weeks to have another test done. Because with symptoms it sounds like I am pregnant but all tests are showing negative Could I actually be pregnant and tests showing negative?
    I would like to know the possibility due to the fact that if I am it is very dangers for me to still have my mirena in.

  • Riv

    Hi my sister inlaw took two tests the other day they came back positive and then today took two more and they came back negative so then she went to the doctors and they even said it was negative what does this mean?

  • Sophia

    Hi, I know everyone’s going to say that I’m not pregnant but I would just like to see it. So I may or may not have had sex around the beginning of May (there was excessive drinking involved), but I can’t remember if anything happened. I’m pretty sure it was only oral, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyways, I got my period for May and June. Then I learned women can bleed like their periods (heavy and clots n’ all) and still be pregnant. So I took two pregnancy tests and they came out negative. The first showed a definite negative result, but I don’t believe I waited the proper amount of time. So I took a second one and it came out negative but the second line (next to the negative sign that shows it worked) was very faint. Then today, I went to the bathroom and a lot of mucus like vaginal discharge and a good amount of blood came out (not like a period, but more than a few drops). Am I just being super paranoid…

  • Eve

    Can someone help me ? Well my last period was on June 23-29 I then had unprotected on July 7 and my bf came in me then we had sex again July 9 he pulled out. I was supposed to start my period on July 21st but its the 28th already I took to home pregnacy test both came back negative.:/ could I be pregnant?

  • Shannon

    Hey ladies,
    well im writing of course because i think there is a possibility i am pregnant. Okay my period was due July 26,2015. instead it came on july 25,2015 at 3:30 a.m. and went off on july 26,2015 around 4:30. I was bleeding heavy like a normal period, so when i got home i showered, changed the pad and wore it for the remainder of the day still no sight of my period. on the 27th of july 2015 i wore a pad just in case it decided it was going to leak out of there yet still nothing but when i wipe i see spots of blood on the tissue, on the 28th of july 2015 i wore a pad all day and still nothing was coming out but as i said before when i wipe i could see spots of blood. so today is the 29th and still no period or sign of spots on the tissue or anything. I took a pregnancy test at the doctors and it was negative. my question for you ladies is should i wait another week or so before performing my own test or what? My period always lasts 4 or more days and it always on time, what do you ladies think is going on?

  • tiegan

    I would normally be on my period every 2 weeks but I have missed 2 months and my pregnancy tests keep coming back invalid, what should I do?

  • caren Abrahams

    Hello everybody…the 18th July 2015 I spotted and the following day now my breast is sore and my nipples I did press my nipples to find that it released thick white creamy whiteness and liquid I took the test yesterday as well to find a big fat negative

  • Shakila

    I missed my period one month and I have heart Burns I took one and it said it I’d negative what should I do

  • candy

    Hey guys! Ok I had my last period July 14, 2015. During my ovulation day && fertile days, we’ve been having unprotected sex. Now I’m a week later for my period. I’ve taken 7 tests so far. All negative. My periods are normal so I’m confused.&&the symptoms are all there!

  • Omayra

    June 22nd got my period it left way to early lasted 4 days.. July 8th I called my doctor to tell her my stomach is swollen .I took a pregnancy test came back negative. .. okay that’s fine .. July 22nd came I spotted that day didnt seen my period sense. Aug 10th took another test at the ER .. and it came back negative. Found out I had cis in my ovaries .. no period came in Aug. So I took a pregncy yest Aug 25th and I’m PREGNANT ‘- β™‘ I knew it. So I possibly might be 10 weeks πŸ™‚ Thank God for this blessing <3 nothings impossible

  • Kimberly

    Hi so my last period was on the 29th of June, my cycle is 45 days and I have never missed a period. I’m now 4 weeks late. I have taken pregnancy test and they’ve all been negative. I also went to the doctors and the blood test came back negative. But I have this feeling like I am pregnant. Someone help? I don’t know what to do

  • Arely C

    Hey you guys, i need some advice… My last period was on July 13-15. My next period was supposed to be somewhere around August 11-13, Nothing yet…. I am irregular but it just means my period usually comes a week before or a week after. Its Sept 10 today and still no sign of my period. About a week or 2 ago i was experiencing vomit and nausea, lately i have been getting somewhat dizzy and this week my breast have been so sore and swollen. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, 1st one a week after my missed period-Negative; 2nd one about 2and ahalf weeks after-Negative, and 3rd Today-Negative… I am unable to go to the doctor due to my work schedule and since im new i dont want to be asking for days off…. But i will if i have too. Also my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant since the beginning of the year, so all those negative preg test break my heart!! πŸ™ Can anyone advice me something? Thanks so much!

    • HopelessChris

      I would definitely go to the doctor to get blood drawn, it could be a strong possibility that you are pregnant. Good luck sweety

  • ep

    i didnt have my period last month i havn’t had sex in 5 months and i took a pregnency test and it said negative what should i do?

  • tgirl

    i had abortion august 15 ,please when am i suppose to see m y period because i had unprotected sex after the abortion and up till now,i have not seen my period

  • Domonique Soden

    Hello, my last menstrual was 9/3/15 me and my hubby had intercourse on the 7th 8th 9th and up till the 18th my menstrual Is 24 days Im bloated, nausea and tired a lot, can I be pregnant?

    • HopelessChris

      If you are its too early to tell. Wait and see if you miss your next period, and then you can test get get your blood drawn to detect earlier.

  • Megan

    My period is 16 days late. I took 2 pregnancy tests and they both came back negative. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy though. My period is always on time so it is weird that I am missing it. What should I do?

    • HopelessChris

      Have your doctor draw blood, because if you are pregnant it will show through the blood, good luck

  • laxey

    I am 5 days late on my period and both text came back neg. could still be peg.

    • HopelessChris

      There is always a possibility. There can several reasons why your period is late, the most obvious is pregnancy, stress your cycle is changing. If you took a test and it’s negative, and you feel pregnant, it could be a chance that you ovulated late, and your body have produced enough HCG hormone to detect pregnancy through the urine. Retest in a week or so if your period have not started if still pregnant, go see your doctor and have blood work done pregnancy can be detected through blood ascearly as 1 to 2 weeks after conception. Good luck sweety.

  • Hunid Status

    I had a miscarriage August 30, 2015, I was 6 weeks along, I have not got my period yet, and I have been having sex, I feel some pregnancy symptoms, sore breast, fatigue, cravings, I took two two pregnancy test one on September 24, and the other on September 29, and they both came back negative, could I be pregnant, but just too early to detect HCG Hormone, or my symptoms could be PMS, since they are so similar to early pregnancy signs??

  • Melissa Roak

    I was 6 days late and then i get a light period and now im getting breast tenderness an d nausea. Am i pregnant

  • Ebo

    I feel pregnant sore tingly heavy boobs with burning sensation nausea and gagging worst at mid afternoon till I go to bed bloated have to keep undoing my jeans headache on and off cm keeps coming and going gassy on and off constipation hot flushes on face head and top of kneck/sholduers
    Thought I had a bladder infection took antibiotics but turns out it was not an infection mild hemroid (lump on bum hole) told im either pregnant or its a virus to early to test 6 days before period (negative) swear my boobs look bigger and darker
    I keep arguing with my boyfriend
    Not my normal pms symptoms lower back cramps cold feet make it worse cramps in top of legs my body keeps making clicking sounds generally feeling like crap I feel stressed about it all so probably making symptoms worse? I just want my period to hurry up and get here or at least get my posative results

  • leslie banks

    i have a question, i hadn’t been sexually active in over 2 years until early October 2015. i’ve never really had any problems with my periods over the years except that they have been light or very short (2 days). over the last 6 months, it seemed like i had one twice a month which was also not normal for me. well they have been coming around the 28th of each month or a day or two after. well i had sex in early october, my period comes early around the 23rd and lasts about 3 days. well i have weird cravings, a big appetite, lots of fatigue and i feel like my bladder will explode, belly continuously growing, breast tenderness, a little nausea and i took two pregnancy tests but they showed negative. any ideas? i’m actually going to the dr tomorrow to find out what is going on because i’m not normally a big girl, always been skinny and never feel like i could eat a cow like i do right now.

    • Kittie

      How did you get on as I’m in a similar situation x

  • AmAiDal23

    My last period was on October 27th 2015, I have a 24 day cycle, and I had sex on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of November. Today it’s the 16th, I have tested 4 times in the last week or so, and all of them came back negative but I have symptoms. If I had symptoms wouldn’t that mean that it would show up on a pregnancy test of I was pregnant? How could I already be having symptoms If the HCG isn’t strong enough to show up on a pregnancy test?

  • Gris

    I took a plan b on August 14th and started my period the same day. I have had sex (with the same person) on 5-6 seperate occasions since then. I know plan b can mess up a person’s menstrual cycle & I haven’t had my period since then. We have used the pull out technique, not the brightest idea. But now I’m getting nervous. I have taken so many pregnancy tests & they all come out negative. Is there a chance that I can be pregnant? We’re fine with that but I’m worried something is wrong with me. I’ve scheduled a blood test but it’s no I’ll December 23. Anyone else gone through the same thing? Or taken a plan b?

  • Cheyenne Propeck

    Im on the depo shot but i was 3 weeks late to get it and me and my bf were having sex between that time it has been 2 months now and ive been having all the symptoms i took an at home test and it came out negative i might have done it wrong or something i had also taken it in the afternoon and right when i had to pee could that be the problem? Also how long shall i wait to take the second one? And is it possible that i could be pregnant but my depo shot is covering up for it? Please help

    • destiny_17

      No your depo will not cover it you probably need to take a pregnancy test first thing in the morning when you have to pee for the first time of the day

  • Ash

    I have a prolactinoma tumor. Was on cabergoline for a year. My period has been every 28 days now for the past 10 months except last month it was 1 day late. This month it never came. I’m 2 weeks late. I took a first response it said -negative instantly so I thru it out riget away. My mother gave me shit said I’m suppose to wait ? Last week I had white discharge to n like stomach spasms ..

  • ken

    my period has been on a 28 day cycle for years. Then the last three months I have been late and I took so many test and all came back negative even the urine test at the doctors. If i am pregnant I would be almost 8 weeks but not a positive sign yet. But have all these pregnancy symptoms.

  • Espinoza ^_^

    Hi….. I havent had a period in 2-3 months. And ive take. Pregnancy tests but they have came out negative. I mean i have a few systems; bigger/ sensitivity to my breast. My stomach has gotten a bit bigger in the past month or so and i havent changed anything. And im seeming more tired than usual, and needing to pee more than my usual as well….. Idk what to believe. Im afraid im pregnant, but those test keep saying no.
    And i dont have insurance or spare money to go to the doctors and get a blood test. But like….


    • Deb

      I’m having the same thing!!

    • Kittie

      I’m going through the same think had bleeding but only a few days and not heavy but I’ve felt movement and have a bump shape all the symptoms ext but last time we did it was begin of august test said no but did two before it better ones and could see faint lines on both I feel I’m going mad πŸ™ x

      • Espinoza ^_^

        I mean, both lines are on there faintly anyways its just which shows up greater. But if both faintly get darker then you could be pregnant.

        And im afraid they’re false negatives. Like they’re suppose to be positive, anyways. I guess ill just take another later on this month or whatever again. Since i stupidly keep having unprotected sex.

        This is NOT because i want to get pregnant btw. I dont mind using condoms. But the thing is, when we (my boyfriend and i) buy them thinking well use them but we dont need them. Or use them within 2-3 days.

        But when i dont is when apperantly we want to most of the time. And we’re not pushing the other person to wear one or not, we both agreed either or is fine. There is that ‘problem’ So this isnt me hoping i become pregnant.

        My boyfriend and i believe were both too young, but now we came to terms if i ever do become pregnant it wouldnt change anything between us we’re just adding a person we made out of love. And well have to change what we do outside of each other and start thinking ‘family wise.’

        But its still that worry, since we both kind of dont want children (or a child) right now.

        I ranted IM SO SORRY.

  • morgen

    Wow I took one it came out negative to and im feeling tingaling and moving in my belly my belly is not growing do I only had my period for3 days when I usally have it for 5 after my man came in me I spoted in urine and I had pain dosn there and cramping in my belly efter that I got my period for 3 days so could I be prego its posibble to be prego while on period and even do your belly dont grow

  • Kittie

    Don’t know where else to ask as don’t want family talking about me, here’s the thing last time me and partner last had sex was first week of august been together 10 years so not that unusual lol, my periods have always been bang on to the day but had 3 scatty light ones usually last a week 3-4 days at most and not when should get them, I’ve felt movement and have a swollen stomach, always getting backache at the bottom headaches and always needing a wee and feel dizzy and sick on Wednesday did two test can see a faint line on both, got two boxes there cheap ones though 3 said neg don’t know what to do, what’s the likely hood

    • Kittie

      Meant two scatty x

    • Graziella

      Spend the money on a good test to put your mind at ease, and usually my friend always told me even if it is a faint line a line is a line lol. Good luck!!!!

  • Buttercup

    Hi everybody my last period was October 31 2015 and I haven’t gotten it sense and it’s December I’m having all the pregnancy symptoms so I took a test that I have had in my bathroom for a few months and it come back negative which I was surprised any thought?

    • juicy11

      That test could have expired. Make sure when you test, the test is valid:)

  • destiny_17

    Ok so who knows when it could’ve happened as me and my partner have had sex a lot I’ve been having all the symptoms of pregnancy for 1 week now spotted 2 days very lite like and I took a pregnancy test at health department is there a way I might have taken it to early and also if they gave me a depo shot because it showed negative will it hurt the baby if I am pregnant

  • Taryn_16

    On the 28th of November me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex it is now the 8th of December and I haven’t felt my best I’ve felt sick frequently I’ve puked every now and then, my stomach gets this fluttery feeling and I get a lot of cramps, I’ve felt bloated and constipated, I pee more then usual and I get headaches more and my boyfriend has realized I’ve been moody lately I’ve done 2 pregnancy tests and both negative, I need help I have no clue whats going on

    • Erica Lynn Lutes

      You might want to go get an actual blood test done instead of just a urine test. Some clinics will do them for free.

  • maitu

    My period is 2 and. Half month late and pergancy test isnegative. What I do? And doctor says nothing pergancy????

  • Keishla

    Mine is 8 days late and taken 3 pregnancy test and get negative result.

  • Erica

    I had a period Oct. 8, 2015 then found out I was pregnant on Oct. 20, 2015. I then had a period on Oct. 29, 2015 and another on November 23, 2015. I had taken pregnancy test between both periods (3 test) and they all showed negative. On December 21, 2015 I had taken another pregnancy test and it showed positive. Could I still be pregnant from October or could this be a new pregnancy? I haven’t had any pregnancy symptoms but a missed period.

    • CamMiller

      I am interested in what is going on as i am going through a similiar situation. Have you had a dating scan? This could help determine how far along you are πŸ™‚

      • Erica

        I do not have money to go to the doctor

        • Erica Lynn Lutes

          you can try going to a free clinic. All they want is your ID usually. They can do a blood test and an ultrasound for free.

    • Christine

      To Erica,

      What did your doctor say?
      Are you pregnant?

  • Emy

    I haven’t had my period for 8 months, all tests come back negative but I’m having all the symptoms. What should I do?

    • Dequenis boomba

      Woman you would know by now u not pregnant it’s probably a hormone imbalance call your ongyn

  • Lorry

    Pls help me. Last Aug 21, 2015 we had a sex with my partner but there’s no penetration. I’ve been 2 months delay, so I decided to go to the near clinic for check up. They use pregnancy test and the result was negative. They gave me a medicine for 3 days, after 5 days I already experienced menstruation. The same with november. But in this December my menstruation was delay agad and I took pregnancy test again it was negative. What should I do now? Help me pls.

  • Erica Lynn Lutes

    I have been throwing up for going on two weeks now. I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I decided to take another test to be sure and it came back negative. So, I bought another box of tests and took both of those and they both came back negative. I’m still throwing up and I don’t know what to do. I haven’t had a period since November but I usually only have three or four a year anyway. Anyone else have this issue?

    • BreAnna

      I usually only get mine 3 or 4 times a year as well and I’m having symptoms like breast sensitivity and abdominal pain but my tests all came back negative. I’m going to go to the future and have them do a trans vaginal ultra sound. That’s probably the best way to tell.

  • Corrina Tate

    Hi, I haven’t had a period for almost 4 months now. despite numerous tests coming back negative i still have symptoms such as peeing very frequently, my bladder feels constantly full, nausea although that has recently passed, extreme bloat, fatigue and slight weight gain. i have sought doctors help on a few occasions and i just get dismissed saying missed periods are normal. 4 months missed normal??? i’m so confused as i don’t know what else it could be :/ x

    • Graziella

      Why aren’t you going to the doctor? They can give you blood work and confirm for sure!!!

      • Graziella

        Go to a different Doctor

  • Ceaira Riley

    My period is now five days late, and it usually runs like clockwork. I have taken three home pregnancy tests and they have all came back negative. When I got pregnant with my son it showed a positive four days after my missed period. I am really confused on whether or not I am pregnant. I am a type 1 diabetic so if I am I need to get the proper care fast. Should I go to the doctor for a blood test just to be sure? Thanks In advance!

    • Lauren Sahin

      Hi I’m in the same exact situation and also type 1 diabetic. Did you end up being pregnant? I was wondering if that would affect the test because mine are all neg too but they weren’t when I was pregnant last time

  • nichole

    i am not sure if i am pregnant or not, i took a test it said neg, but it did the same thing with my daughter every test i took said neg till i was 6 months along, im not sure if i am and cant make to the doctors till next month, i got in a fight with my sister we threw hands, 2 days ago, i have been having bad back pain since this happen and yesterday i started bleeding heavy that i go threw my clothes, no cramps no other pains just bleeding bad with bad back pain, i cant make it to the er or to my doctor right now please someone help

    • Amanda

      Hey i just seen this and i hope your doing better. Please keep me up dated. Praying for you.

  • Colleen

    Hey guys, Im over 2 weeks late, and usually my period has been on time. The only time when my period was acting up was in October 2015 but I was still spotting for the full 5 days. I’ve done 5 pregnancy tests 3 came back unclear and 2 came back negative. I haven’t really had any weird symptoms only a little nauseated sometimes after I eat, abdominal pains that are a little bit different than pms cramps. My boobs are sore but only if I poke at them. I’ve had unprotected sex once. I don’t know what to think. Am I pregnant? Is anyone else in the same situation as me? Im not trying to get pregnant but if I was then I’d be very excited because I’ve always wanted a child. I don’t have any kids so I don’t know what to expect if I was ever pregnant. These past 2 weeks I’ve had cramps that have come and gone. They definitely feel a little different from my normal pms cramps, but I just assumed that it is, yet my period hasn’t come. I’m just worried that if I am indeed pregnant what I should do because I wouldn’t wanna do something wrong and end up hurting it. I don’t even know if I’m making sense. There are so many emotions running through my head. Thanks for taking your time to read my comment πŸ™‚

    • Kim

      Were you preggo?

  • Shoni

    Okay, I have never done this before but I need answers. My last Period was at the end of December/very beginning of January, I have been sexually active with my husband and we have not used protection once since then, i’m now 16 days late, every pregnancy test I have taken has come back negative, but I feel all the symptoms one would feel while pregnant. I have gone to the doctors and have had blood work done and both said that I am not pregnant. One year ago I had a miscarriage due to the fact that my HCG levels were not rising fast enough and my blood test this time around said that my HCG levels are almost non existent but still no period. Any help?

    • Shoni

      Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Andrea

      I’m having the same problem and I still think I’m pregnant. And if you haven’t gotten your period yet i think there’s a good chance your pregnant hope everything works out for you☺

    • Tabzo Njesh Arthur

      Am in the same situation too

  • Nikki Smith

    Sooo i don’t really know what’s going on. My boobs have become very tender and sore. They have been like this for awhile. I tested today and got a negative results. Today is 4 days before my projected period due date. Could I still possibly be pregnant?!

    • Abigail Clark

      Hi, I was just wondering if you ever found out you were pregnant or not? What you wrote is exactly where I’m at right now.

    • CANDICE Moss

      I’m going through the same thing..My Boobs are sore too..I had my I.U.D removed on the 29th of March..My husband and I made love on my Birthday which it’s March 31st..I took a pregnancy test it came back negative..What should I do …we recently slept together again.

  • Lizzie McBride

    I had an irregular period and I’m still having early symptoms. I’ve taken 4 (2 clear blue and 2 first response.) tests. Only one said I was pregnant (the first response) But the rest were negative. But like I said I’m still having symptoms. Could I still be pregnant?

    • Christine

      To Lizzie McBride,

      Are you pregnant?

  • beth

    Can anyone give me some advice I came off my pill beginning of January I had a period the end of Feb I was due to have another one end of march it was a week late and when it came it lasted only 3 days but wasn’t like a normal period it was brown then red then back to brown nothing heavy though I had sex march 10 about the time I would ov been ovulating since then I have been very nauseous had lower back pain so tired and have no energy but hav getting negative hot doctor tried to say it was a big surely I couldn’t be having pregnancy symptoms for almost 5 weeks if it was a bug.

  • Andrea

    I’ve been breastfeeding my 14 month old baby girl and I’ve been breastfeeding only at night for awhile now and I finally got my period March 15 it lasted 7 days. My boyfriend and I are trying to have another baby so we had intercourse around the time I was ovulating and now im over a week late and I have all the symptoms of pregnancy but I keep getting negative tests and 1 negative blood test. I believe I’m pregnant but the doctor told me to wait a couple more weeks and take another test. I should know what pregnancy feels like I have a 4 year old girl with her I found out 4 days before I missed my period and my 14 month old I found out 4 or 5 days after I missed my period but the week before I had a negative test and the doctor said there was no chance that I was pregnant but I knew I was and proved him wrong. I’m glad I’m not alone in this☺

  • Cathy

    So I ended my period 3/16 , had sex 3/17 he finished in side i took plan b 3/18. Also had sex 3/19 but he did not finish around 3/24-3/28 i had bleeding. It is now april my period is two weeks going on three weeks late. HTP’S have all been negative but im cramping as though my cycle should be here im not bloated but now since sunday my breasts are sore. HELP!

    • Kallie

      I bet the bleeding is caused by Plan B. Since it is an abortion drug, maybe you did conceive that day and the Plan B is just doing it’s job, terminating the pregnancy. See a Dr. Good luck!

      • Tamara

        Plan B is not an abortion drug. It is contraceptive at a higher dose to trick your body into thinking its pregnant. It does not cause abortion. My youngest is a plan B baby.

        • Kim

          Am experiencing something similar.. Am 20, my period ended 08/18 and I had sex 08/19 and 08/20… I took no plan B because of course #safeperiod… My period was due 2 weeks ago, I’ve never been late. I took a home preg test and it reads negative. Never been preggo before so I don’t know how I should feel but am having slight back pains, cramps & tiredness… No nausea or anything like that… But like I said I’ve never been late. Is it possible am pregnant?

  • Janett

    I started my period 3/16 -3/21 My boyfriend and I had protected sex on 3/28 and 4/9. I didn’t get my period for april my cycles tend to be 28-30 days at most. I started having pregnancy symptoms tingly heavy breasts, feeling tired all the time, backaches, a bit of cramping going to the bathroom constantly. so I took HPTs on 4/30, 5/1 both came out as negative. On 5/3 i started bleeding but it was very light and only lasted 3 days unlike my other periods.5/7 took another HPT was negative but I’ve been having all the same symptoms and now every time I wipe I have very small amounts of blood like tiny spots with or at some point with clear discharge ends up looking pinkish a color. At this point I am very confused has anyone been in the same situation as I am?

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  • Kennedy

    In desperate need of some advice!!! I am over a month late and have had 6 negative tests. I need some help!

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  • Keri Stover

    My name is keri I am two months late have minor pain in my stomach and get tires easy . have taken a home pregnancy test was negative and have had a tubes tied what do I need to do

  • Victoria

    My name is Victoria and my iud recently fell out its been almost a month but my periods r irregular and I’ve token about 20 or more pregnancy test n they all say negative there’s times were I will be laying down and I feel movement or something and I do feel like throwing up every here n there but it’s not everyday n my back will hurt n I’ll have stomach pain I am tired a lot more then usual n I’m always hungry n idk what to do

  • Dawn

    Hi ,I’m 38 . I have had 4 children .my youngest is 4. I do not remember my period in may and I know I have not had it yet in June. The last I know for sure is April 19 I was 3 days on period because I had to pre admission testing for a neck surgery on April 27. I don’t really keep track because my husband had a vesectomy. But I could bet you a million dollars in pregnant. I feel the same I have with all previous pregnancies. Missed period, nausea, frequent urination,dizzy wavy feeling, dry below, I just know.
    Problem. 4 urine tests and one blood test came back negative . I know it’s not impossible but I want to hear who is older like me and says it’s possible lol .I’m going crazy. I’m being told by mom and freinds it’s menopause. …at 38 with all these symptoms. Does age affect hcg levels and perhaps I just had it done too soon because I know my body so well I feel I may be too aware and tested earlier then others would.
    Thank you everyone

    • Jessica

      Hi Victoria you and have exactly same symptoms like I did 3yrs ago I had same feeling test after test negative. Comes 5 months I got more pain go to doctor nothing just pain well like a week after out of fun I took a test guess what positive I was shock went back to the doctor and yes I was pregnant 6months few days with twin yea

  • Elizabeth

    I am 28 and my husband and I did the baby dance on April 11 I haven’t missed my periods but the are lighter than usual and I have alot of pregnancy symptoms but blood test at doctors office is negative is there still a chance that I am pregnant?

    • Michelle

      Hey Elizabeth…. I have the same question. I’ve read some instances online of women having negative blood and urine pregnancy tests for most of their pregnancy. Depends on your genetics and how God made you. Every woman’s pregnancy is different. Some women have low hcg levels and that’s why they have negative tests despite being preggo. πŸ™‚ hope this helps! Best wishes!

  • Lace

    I had unprotected sex and took postinor 2 the next day. After one week I had my period that lasted for 4days before the expected date. It’s been nearly 3 months, my breast is sore and am always having fever. Could I be pregnant?

  • nicole

    need help, I am 3 weeks late on my period, my fiance and I have been trying to have a baby for months now, this is the first time my period has not been on time, i have symptoms and everytime i have taking a test it has been negative, is there a chance i could be pregnant?

    • Yes, until you actually have a period, there is a chance that you are pregnant. If the tests keep coming back negative, you may want to visit your doctor to get checked out.

Last modified: November 22, 2014