Why Was My Home Pregnancy Test Positive, But My Blood Test Negative?

Pregnancy test


It can be extremely frustrating when your home pregnancy test is positive but a blood test taken at your doctor’s office comes back negative. However, there are a few reasons why this would occur.

Remember that all home pregnancy tests are roughly 97% accurate when they are performed correctly. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health provides a few notes on how best to take a home pregnancy test:

  • Choose your home pregnancy test wisely. Some have a lower sensitivity level than others. This means that those tests will be able to detect hCG in your urine early on in your pregnancy.
  • Before using a home pregnancy test, also check the expiration date and read the instructions completely. Their research suggests that you wait for at least 10 minutes before checking the results.
  • Each day that you are pregnant, the amount of hCG in your urine continues to increase. Therefore, if you were to take a test immediately after the first day of your missed period, there will not be enough hCG in your urine yet to really show up on the test. Plenty of home pregnancy tests state that they are 99 percent accurate when used on the first day of a missed period. Nevertheless, research today indicates that most of these tests are not truly capable of detecting low levels of hCG that is typically present in urine this early in a pregnancy. Even if they did, the results are usually very faint. It is better to take a home pregnancy test at least one week after you have missed a period. In addition, testing with your first morning urine can help improve the test’s accuracy.

Receiving a positive result on a home pregnancy test simply means that there is a presence of hCG in your body and is typically a sign that you have become pregnant. However, that result could be a false positive; meaning that even though it is positive, you are actually not pregnant. False positives, according to WebMD, can occur if you have blood or protein present in your urine. There are also certain types of drugs, like tranquilizers, anti-convulsants, and hypnotics, which can cause false-positive test results on a home pregnancy test.

Blood tests taken at your doctor’s office are thought to be more accurate than home pregnancy tests, although they are not necessarily more sensitive. The blood test results are contingent upon the method and technique of how the blood was drawn, transported, and tested, as well as upon the lab itself.

A quantitative blood test, which is sometimes referred to as a beta hCG test, measures the exact units of hCG present in your blood, even the most miniscule amount. A qualitative hCG blood test, will simply provide a yes or no answer on whether you are pregnant.

Each lab varies as to what it considers a positive pregnancy test with common cutoffs for positive blood tests for pregnancy being 5, 10, and 25 units. Any level that is under five is considered negative, and a blood test that is only triggered at 25 units of hCG is not any more sensitive than several of the home pregnancy tests.

However, a qualitative pregnancy blood test may provide a negative result even though you are pregnant if you take any diuretics as they can interfere with the test results. The timing of this test is also important, as it will only show a positive after 7 to 10 days after you have become pregnant.

A quantitative pregnancy blood test is also affected by the use of diuretics, but it can fail to detect hCG even when you are pregnant if it is taken too early, or if the hCG levels are too low. Keep in mind that it does take at least 7 days after fertilization for this type of blood test to become positive. Very low hCG levels can be the result of an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, or an abortion.

It is highly suggested that you wait a few more days before taking another pregnancy test.


  • tara127

    a about a month ago i took a hpt it come positive i went to the doctor and got a blood test that come back negative i was 6 days late for my period 3days after i went to the doctor i got my period after my period i notice that my breast were heavy and full so i pushed on them milk started coming out this month i was 4 days late and only had my period for 3 days and my breast a still leaking can you help

    • BabyT

      Were u pregnant after all

    • racknstack

      pregnant. period came late, you had early miscarriage. that’s my thought. but I’m a PI, not a doctor.

  • Confused

    4 hpt and all positive – 2 different brands. @ 4 weeks did bloods and negative. Came home and have since done another 6 test over the last 3 days (1 first in the am and the 2nd in the evening) again all positive. I would be about 5 weeks, maybe 4 depending on my cycle. No blood or spotting. Tender breast, sore lower back, heavy pelvis. This would be my 3rd pregnancy. Thoughts?

    • Blood tests can be wrong. It would be best to assume you are pregnant and treat yourself as if you are. Give it a week or two and then go back to the doctor for another blood test and be sure to keep track of when you were getting the positive tests and the brands you are using. If you keep getting positive hpts, and another blood test still shows a negative, an ultrasound at around 6 or 7 weeks should be able to detect that you are pregnant.

  • Dee

    Did any of you actually end up being pregnant the same thing is happening to me? Would love to hear if you had a success story.

    • Courts

      I dunno if I am much help am one day before my period 4 home preg test postive had a blood test done on the 29th but neg In blood work but all my preg test have been after the blood worth by one day two days and today the test where two first responses and two digital clear blue so I am confused and a little upset

      • BabyT

        So are u pregnant??

  • Guest

    Can caffeine effect a blood test?

    • No caffeine does not affect the results of a blood pregnancy test or a urine based pregnancy test.

  • Meowmeow13

    I had a negative blood test and 6 positive urine testsl went today for sonogram. Nice loud heartbeat and could see baby moving! Turns out I’m 8 weeks!
    Moral of the story, labs and drs offices mess up!

    • Congrats!

      • Shena Humbert

        Just had the same thing happen to me! Went in to the doctor for routine blood work and they randomly threw in a pregnancy test (urine). Came back positive, so I was like great! Went in for a blood test that day and it was <1 hcg levels and they said I wasn't pregnant. I'm so confused. I plan to take an at home test to verify and may go back for another blood test. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

        • Desiree

          I had this happen to me yesterday. Did it turnout you were pregnant?

  • BabyT

    I got couple of positive home pregnancy test and then my period was 3days late so when I saw I went to the dr and did a blood test wjich came back negative. Im off my period and im cramping and nauseated.. am I pregnant or crazy

    • If you are getting negative pregnancy tests now, I would guess that you are not pregnant. Unfortunately, if you got positive results on pregnancy tests, you were probably pregnant but had an early miscarriage if pregnancy tests are not showing as a positive now. If you take another test and it does show a positive, I’d head back to the doctor and ask for another blood test as sometimes labs have errors.

      • BabyT


      • BabyT

        Hey I have a question I don’t know if you would be able to answer it but, I have a 1cm fibroid found out about it on 9/11/2014. Back when I was spotting and had a light 3day period. In August I when to the ER and they told me I wasnt pregnant now I have a fibroid and as of October I have no period and I haven’t had sex since July my husband is not in the country. I am having mild cramps and one night I had a rippling feeling deep in my abdomen on the lower right side. I all so took a cheap home pregnancy test($0.88) again during the day and it said negative. Should I be worried because of my fibroid cause my current OB/GYN hasn’t responded back to me as yet..

        Thanks in advance

        • Could the cramping been when you think you would have been ovulating. It could be that you ovulated on the right side and the pain you are experiencing mittelschmerz. http://www.babyhopes.com/articles/painful-ovulation.html If that is the case, it is nothing to be really concerned about unless it is REALLY painful.

  • babec

    pls help me calculate dis i saw my priod last month june 6th and it came out by july 12th but did not flow wel as befor i did a urina test it show positive while blood is nagetive what is problem with me pls help me am not my self i need an aswer

    • Are you still getting positive urine pregnancy tests?

  • HeatherLeigh

    I took 5 hpt all positive. Went to the doctors offoce, negative. I’m confused I feel pregnant… but not?

    • It could be that the hcg level was so low that the blood test didn’t pick it up. Try taking another home pregnancy test (or several over time), if they turn positive make another appointment with your doctor.

  • Caitlin

    My last period was June 1st. My period has always been on time I was just so buys with work and my 7 month old to realize my period was late. I took a urine test. It was positive. Bought another brand. Also positive. Went to an urgent care for bloodwork to try to estimate how far along I am. Got results to that a week later. They told me it was negative. I have since taken 3 more tests, including one that estimates how far along u are, and it said 3+ weeks which was as high as it goes. I have been having extreme nausea and fatigue and no bleeding. The urgent care assures me that im not pregnant. What should I do? I just want to know for sure either way.

    • You should probably go see your primary care doctor and have them do another blood test. If that comes back negative you will need to ask the doctor why you keep getting positive pregnancy tests when the blood test is negative.

  • feeling lost

    I have taken about 8 home pregnancy test all with the results of positive but went to the dr today for a blood test and it came back negative.. I haven’t had a period since june 30th and have been having pregnancy symptons.. i would be 6 weeks along could the blood test be wrong?

    • There’s always a possibility that the lab made a mistake. If you wait a week and take get another positive pregnancy test, I’d say another visit to the doctor is in order for another blood test.

  • Jennifer Salvador

    i noticed that the clinic i did a blood test for pregnancy used the same kit i am using for my urine pregnancy test, was this right?

    • Usually the doctor’s office sends the tests out for analysis so I don’t know. If they were able to give you results, maybe the test looked the similar but was specifically made for detecting pregnancy using a blood sample.

  • anonymous

    had a heavy flow last month after taking mifepriston tablet as descibed by my gynaceologist.then afterwardz i was given a certain tablet to stop the flow wich went on well.,,after three days i went for blood test and it tested negative..i have not seen my periods this month,and i did a home test and the results show positive..pliz help

    • You really need to talk to your doctor about that.



    • Your best bet would be to get the doctor to give you an ultrasound considering how long it has been since you got your period. That will definitely show whether or not you are pregnant.

  • gingin24

    I’m slightly confused….I’m exactly 8 days late as of midnight (Central time) I took a hpt test roughly an hour ago it came back neg. Now I’ve been frantically scrolling the web bc I’ve been taking the ovtc water pill “diurex ultra” and I did take two this morning so I’m semi aware by now I should have waited til the am urine but I’m seriously wondering if by me taking those pills this morn n testing in the pm if maybe my urine was diluted due to the pills…according to one site this is highly possible to be a false neg due to the timing and the diuretic pills that it hides hcg making it appesre to the test as no pregnancy exsist….but my question really is just when is it “ok” to retest and get a accurate result…. I’m 24 BTW and so I know I’m able to become pregnant…. I sense I am I have every obvious sighn including a missed period … Please some one help 🙁

    • So, did your period come or did you do another pregnancy test? Why are your taking the water pills? If you have a medical condition or have lost a lot of weight, that can cause a delay in your period arriving.

  • CountryGirl9353

    I am about a week late for my period I have taken 8 at home pregnancy test 4 different brands and all have come up positive. The two urine tests at the doctors came up inconclusive. but when i went and did the blood test it came up negative im so confused and not sure what to think anymore

    • If the pregnancy tests keep coming up positive, I would have another blood test performed. It could be that you are just very early in your pregnancy.

  • Mel

    Hi im stuck i been feeling nausea, been sick , had a dizzy spell which lasted 4 hours and felt very light headed i missed my period which was due 3/10/14 but never showed i been sick and i been having sharp on and off pains in stomach i have took 6 preg tests one was a clear blue which says i was a 1 – 2 i started getting yellowish discharge then next day brownish discharge i went to docs who sent me to hospital they did my blood test came bk negative and told me to cum bk sunday and have enough test and re take a preg test sunday i took a preg test today which i no was earlier then advised and it said 2 -3 weeks pregnant im scared that sunday there tell me ive miscarried

    • What did the doctors say when you went back for the blood test?

  • jacinta

    I’m about 5 days away from having my period , and have been trying for a baby. iv been feeling so sick, and have even woke up early in the morning and vomited. also getting a heavy feeling in my belly, my breast are really tender to touch and they throb sometimes too. I went to the doctors to get blood tests but I couldn’t wait for the results, I went home and done a first response pregnancy test, it came back with two lines , one was fainter than the other. I went to the doctors to get my results and he said It came back negative and my number was 4 , and it has to be over 5 to be considered pregnant, I told him I just had a positive test, so he made me do another one in the clinic and it came back negative. I’m really confused because I feel like I am pregnant but am not sure, is there any advice?

    • Have you taken any additional tests since you posted this? It could be that you just got the tests done too early. Waiting a couple of days can allow the hcg to build up in your system so all the tests, urine and blood, will show that you are pregnant.

  • Amber

    I have had 4 positive hpt. I had a blood HCG QN and the results were only 5.7. He wants to wait 2 weeks for another test. Terribly worried I took another HPT 1 week after the first positive and it is negative. Am I pregnant or not? Am I going to miscarry?

    • If you keep testing and the results remain negative, it would appear that you had a very early miscarriage. 🙁

      • dache

        Hi my last period was on sep.23 I was suppose to get my period on oct.21 I spot on the 17 and the 20 and then my breast was leaking on oct.24 and I took a hpt on my 29 dpo and it was postive I went and have blood work done Friday on nov.7 this morning I call they said it was negative what should I do

  • jazzy

    Hey I need help my last regular period was july 27 I miss my period the whole month of August but I camed back on my period september 20 but I went off my period on september 22 camed back on september 23 and went off on september 24 and I haven’t camed on my preiod this month of October so I did 2 home pregnancy test and both camed back negative I went to the doctor and they did 3 urine pregnancy test and they camed back negative and they did a blood test and it camed back negative but I haven’t been sick I been goin a lot of eat and a lot of sleeping and getting mad about thing like my mood swing and plus I do feel movement at the bottom of my stomach and I do have a pregnant line a the bottom of my stomach and there is a line coming in at the top of my stomach. Could I be pregnant and don’t know that I am pregnant?

    • If the tests keep coming back negative and your periods don’t return to normal, the only thing to do is have an ultrasound to see if there is a fetus. You will have to take to your doctor about that though.

      • jazzy

        Thank u so much

  • bp2016

    Me and my fiance have been trying to get pregnant we had unprotected sex while i was ovulating the same week about 4days after sex i took 2 hpt and they came back negative……then a week later I went to the doctor they gave me a beta hcg test and talked to the nurse she said it was negative…….so now a week later my period is like 4days late so I took another hpt this one had the week calculator on it and it came back positive and said 2-3 weeks which would make sense idk if I’m pregnant or not and am confused please help……

    • You were testing way to early before. Typically, you only can get a positive result on a test 3 or 4 days before your period is due. Sounds like you are pregnant 🙂

      • bp2016

        Thanks so much I think I am too

  • jazzyj

    I ended up having g sex with my bf on the 16 and 21 but I ended up coming on my period the 21 – 24th but it wasn’t really heavy I ended up taken two pregnancy testes but they bth cme bac positive but I went to the doc n they did blood wrk but there’s came bac negative can u help me

    • Unfortunately, you will need to ask the doctor why this is so. I’d suggest you make an appointment and take a pregnancy test right before going and bring it with you. Ask them why it would turn out like this.

  • LeleBowdre

    I missed my period by like 2 weeks but the home pregnancy test was negative. The clinic test was negative. My breast are sore, heartburn, mood swings, increase in eating, cravings, etc, etc. I have no idea what to believe. My body or the doctor.

  • Jessica

    I hope you can help. My period always last 5-6 days, but in September I had a 2 day period very light and almost no cramping. On October 29th my period began and it was mild and by that night I was just spotting. The next day (30th) I was barely spotting. And now I just have brown cervical mucus. I have taken 5 hpt’a and all negative. I asked my Dr. for a blood test and it came back negative. The only pregnancy symptoms I have is sore breast, darken areoles, and frequent headaches. I am confused.

  • Jessica87

    I hope you can help. My period always last 5-6 days, but in September I had a 2 day period very light and almost no cramping. On October 29th my period began and it was mild and by that night I was just spotting. The next day (30th) I was barely spotting. And now I just have brown cervical mucus. I have taken 5 hpt’a and all negative. I asked my Dr. for a blood test and it came back negative. The only pregnancy symptoms I have is sore breast, darken areoles, and frequent headaches. I am confused.

    • What did the doctor say the cause of your missing period was? If you aren’t pregnant, then you sound like you have some sort of hormonal imbalance going on there.

      • Jessica87

        The Dr. Doesn’t know what may be causing it but he scheduled an ultrasound to see what is going on. I just hope I don’t have anything bad.

        • The ultrasound will be good to see if you are pregnant. In cases where pregnancy tests aren’t working properly, the ultrasound is the way to know for sure if you are pregnant. Good luck.

  • Blanca23

    Took 3 pregnancy test all came positive with one faint line and other dark did blood work came out negative so I dont know if I am or not made an appointment with my dr to see if I am I have all the symptoms and suggestions

    • It could be that the pregnancy tests that you used were more sensitive than the level the blood tests picked up. Take another pregnancy test tomorrow morning and see if the test line is getting darker which would indicate that your hcg levels are increasing = definitely pregnant 🙂

      • Blanca23

        I did came out the same

        • Until your period comes, don’t give up hope as I think I see a light second line there.

      • Kaycar23

        Okay I need some help too because I’ve taken 2 First Response Rapid Response Pregnancy tests and both clearly came out positive and went to the doctor and she did a urine and said I was pregnant.. ordered a ultrasound and blood test. Blood test came back negative with an HCG level of 2 (which below 5 means not pregnant) and nothing showed up in the ultrasound. I’m having all symptoms of being pregnant and now I feel disappointed. has this happened to anyone?

        • How far along do you think you should be? Ultrasound don’t really pick up anything until 6-7 weeks after your last period started. Don’t give up hope until your period actually arrives.

          • Kaycar23

            Well I also have PCOS so I miss periods on a frequent basis… So that was hard to find out. I took the clear blue pregnancy test and it said pregnant 2-3 weeks.. Which would make sense why we didn’t see anything in and ultrasound but confusing why the blood had a negative test…. So now I’ve had 3 Positive HPT’s, 1 positive doctors urine and she even said when I was at the office, congrats! You’re pregnant.. So now the only thing saying negative is a blood test and ultrasound. 🙁 we didn’t think I could get pregnant so experiencing this has made me so excited. I’ve been trying not to stress because I know if I am that’s not good for the baby.

          • Oh, the waiting it out is soooo hard! I am sorry that you are going through this. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do is wait. As for the Clearblue tests, try again in a week to see if the “how pregnant” you are goes up. Good Luck!

          • Maha

            hi , my period was start in 5 nov and yesterday morning i do pregency test at 5 am and its gives to lines ,,, i go to hospital to blood test and its became negative ,, then i do today pregency test at home again and its one line ,,, and stil no period ,, i ask yestarday for hormonic blood test and the reaslut will shown in afternoon ,, what showd i do if its also negative ?!!!
            thank you for your responce

          • Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have had a very early miscarriage. This would account for a positive test result followed by the negative results.

          • Rosa14

            wouldn’t a miscarriage cause some type of bleeding? because i’ve had the same thing happen, but no bleeding

        • missmarie

          Did you ever find out an answer? I had the same thing happen to me yesterday.

          • kaycar23

            Yeah I did! I was 4 weeks and pregnant and just happened to have a bad lab result… 13 weeks now and everything’s healthy! What are they doing for you??

          • missmarie

            Hi thank you. That’s great to hear. I posted on your other one…. The long thing. Now just working on getting in with my primary to figure things out. Thank you. ☺

        • missmarie

          Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue. I had taken 3 preg test all positive 2 a week ago, 1 2 days ago just bc I was a little nervous and had a little spotting. It was way dark this time. I had to got o the hospital yesterday bc I was in terrible pain. And was actually worried about ectopic. But nothing shows on the the u/s. They ran blood work they said it was 1… Negitive. I might add that I have worked in healthcare for 14 years- everything from ER, nursing to surgery (as a hospital corpsman in the navy) and this was the worst care I have ever seen or been given. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they messed up. After I left without almost any care and no answers 8 hrs later (I’m guessing I passed kidney stones tho) I stopped an got another test, another brand and it turned positive as soon as urine hit it.

          I’m very confused…. 0 wbc in my urine which I read can create a false pos and my boobs are comming out of my bra…. Any ideas?

          • I would assume that they did the test incorrectly. You should probably schedule another appointment with your regular doctor and present all the information to her. At very least, you can press the doctor about why you KEEP getting positive urine pregnancy tests.

          • missmarie

            Thank you, I’m working on getting in now. It’s just so weird.

          • G. wright

            i don’t like the way that sounds i had almost the same thing and it was an ectopic just be careful and any strong pains you feel go to the er please

  • Kristen

    I am about five days late and got two home pregnancy tests that were positive. I went today to have my blood work done and it came back negative. I have an appointment set up next week with my doctor, but I am confused. I have been nauseous, exhausted, sore breasts, headaches, etc. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • It could be that the pregnancy tests you were using were just extremely sensitive. The blood test may have detected higher than what the pregnancy tests you used did. Also, labs are not infallible. Unless your period has arrived, I wouldn’t give up hope just yet.

  • Blanca23

    I post the other day about having 3 pregnacy test and then going to the dr to do blood work well it came out negative thought that wasn’t true so I waited and went back today came out positive and I’m 5 weeks pregnant

  • dache

    Hey I’m had a period on sep.23 and I was suppose to have one on oct.21 it never com I spotted on that 17th and 20 only when I wipe and still no bleeding on Oct .24 my breast was leaking I took a hpt on my 29th dpo and it com out positive I hade blood work done nov.7 and I call this morning nov.10 and said it was negative what should I do wait? Or go to the hospital help me

    • Keep testing with the pregnancy test to see if it keeps coming back positive. It could have been the tests you were using were super sensitive and detected the pregnancy before the blood test could.

      • dache

        Ok thanks

  • kelsey14

    okay i have been on the depo shot for 2 1/2 years.. i told the doc that i was due for my shot in sept but they argued that it wasnt due til oct.. which meant i was without BC for a 1 1/2 month.. well i got my birth control changed to the pill.. i had a bad reaction too..so im off of that.. and not on anything…i started gaining weight, throwing up really bad.. and have black outs…well i took about 15 hpt and they all came back positive but i did a blood test and it came back negative.. i am so confused and my doctor is sending me to little rock for a stomach doctor to do tests..but im scared to go because im not sure if im pregnant.. what do i do? advice please oh and i have bad discharge..

    • You really need to corner the doctor on why the pregnancy tests keep coming back positive if you aren’t pregnant. I would express all your concerns to the doctor that is referring you to a different doctor. If he doesn’t listen, find a new doctor who will.

  • Daroosa

    I am so glad to see other women are having the same issue. I’ve been in tears for days because I am so confused. My husband and I have been trying for a baby a year and five months now. I had a positive pregnancy test at home, then I went to the doctor. He ordered labs and it came back “not pregnant” but my period is 13 days late today. I cannot afford to buy another hpt. I’ve spent way to much money on them. But what do you ladies thing I should do? I’m so scared because I’m reading about ectopic pregnancy and I do not want to go through that! Pick kept begging my doctor for an ultrasound but they wouldn’t give me one. I swear I’ve got to be pregnant!

    • You will just have to wait until you have the money for another pregnancy test. If your period doesn’t arrive, the doctor should be able to help you figure out what is wrong if you aren’t pregnant.

      • dache

        I went to that hospital to see what’s Goin on cuz I feel the same way I had a home test positive and blood work negative and my last period was on sep.23 and my breast leak and all the sign I jus hope I’m not pregnant in my tube

    • Tishasue

      I have the some problem I have 4 urine test come back at the doctor office an the blood was not pregnant and they will not do a ultrasound they tell me the blood is always right

  • amita

    my blood HCG came out to be 29 but home urine test is negative. please suggest

    • I would trust the blood results as it shows you are pregnant. The urine test can be variable based on how much liquid you were drinking and the time of day you were taking it.

  • Hopeful :)

    I have had a missed period for 2 weeks now, i have always had my period my last one was October 14th to the 19th i did a test yesterday and today and them came up negative, all my test i did last week came up negative to, i did a blood test yesterday which i find out the results today, i am scared it will be negative, but then again could it be positive weeks or months later if i still don’t get my period?

    • What were the blood test results? In addition to pregnancy, there are lots of other things that can cause a period to be late.

  • Stephannie Jimenez

    This is the worst few days of my life!:(
    yesterday in the morning (12/03/14 i took a home pregnacy test it was a walmart brand similar to first reaponse it came possitive i thougth i was the best day of my life i was so happy been trying over a year this would have been my 3rd:( later that nigth i started feeling really horrible bad pain in my sides and back went to the ER they did a urine a blood test both came out a negative but i feel pregnat i feel diffrent dont knw what to do or think about this situation its been over a year trying and i thougth this was it but no luck i wonder why i had a possitive an in the er both negative!:(

    • If it was early in your pregnancy, it could be that the concentration of hcg wasn’t large enough to register a positive. Having a glass of water or two would dilute the concentration to the point of “not pregnant”. Don’t give up just yet. Test again in a day or two and see if the result shows up positive again.

      • Stephannie Jimenez

        thanks im going to test again maybe in the weekend all i feel now is that im cramping ALOT but if i was pregnat i should be about 6 weeks my last period was on oct 16 do u think that was still to early to detect it in the hospital with the blood test well they also did a urine both came out negative but i still cant belive in the that morning it came possitive?:(

        • Until you get a positive confirmation that you are pregnant, you just need to treat yourself as if you are. Sometimes pregnancy tests don’t show the correct results for some reason. If you keep getting negative results but your period still doesn’t arrive, at some the doctors should consent to doing an ultrasound to see if pregnancy can be confirmed that way.

          • Stephannie Jimenez

            im gonna look for a obgyn to see what they can do but im going to test again at home this weekend if it come back hospita then yes ill do that…thank u

  • Tasha

    Unprotected sex on 10/25/14. 7 negative hpt. Blood hcg of 1.5 on 12/3/14. Amy possibility of pregnancy??

    • Probably not. Something should have shown up with all the tests by now.

  • Bev222

    I had a positive pregnancy test in the morning on the 4th November and bloods done the same day in the afternoon. The results came back on the 5th as only 5hcg! I have since taken a few tests and they are all positive, earlier ones are faint but they have been gradually getting darker which is a good sign I hope. Also took a digi yesterday which was positive. I am having bloods again next week but I don’t understand how I can register a positive on urine tests that are not sensitive enough to pick up 5hcg and only 5hcg on blood test. This is really stressing me out. My last period was the 26/10.

    • Have the tests gotten darker? They should be.

  • Aubrey

    I have the essure have for 6 years always have had regular menstural cycles until recently last one was 10/17/14 I did take hpt got a positive went to the dr today he only did a urine and it was negative and I still haven’t gotten my normal cycle what could be going on I know a lot of women getting pregnant on the essure I’m also being scheduled for a sonogram

  • harmonie

    Ok plz plz help I have not had my period since 10/29 it was only
    One day had one neg test two positive went to doc blood said no they
    Rushed I’m feeling nauseous dizzy food smells odd oh and cramping
    Idk what to think my period has always been normal so why is this happening plz harmonie

    • As you have been to your doctor, what do they say could be causing this? If you aren’t pregnant, something must be causing these symptoms.

  • HelpPlease

    Did hpt and came back as positive. Been moody, sore back, very sore boobs and not into food as much as normal. Had bloods the same day that came back as negative. Worked out with the doc that I would be roughly 3 weeks along (max) and have been told to take another hpt in a weeks time.. Is this normal? Was told there is no hcg in my blood at all

    • If the hpts keep coming back positive, they the blood tests were drawn a little too early. If you have gotten more positive tests, go back and ask the doctor to do another blood test.

  • Tishasue

    I when to the Doctor and she was going to put me on BC for my periods so I had to take a pregnancy test 4 urine test came back positive. We have been trying to have a baby… so then she done a blood test it came back negative… they said my hCG was not high enough … I think I am pregnant…. What do y’all think…. I am going crazy….. She also said the reason it might be positive is cuz I was taking med. but I don’t take anything….

    • Well, have you taken any more pregnancy tests since then? If there are positive, I’d suggest getting your doctor to do another blood test.

  • Latisha

    I when to the doctor and she was going to put me on some BC to get my periods going right and blood pressure med. cuz it was a little high well she done a urine test an it come back positive I took 4 of them there. so she done a blood test that day…. I was so happy we have been trying for 3 years…. and I have been felling a little funny but I just wrote it off…. when so called an told me that the blood test was negative cue my HCG was to low it was hard …. I asked her why she said I must have been taking some over the counter pills but I am not im not taking anything…. What should I do I don’t want to start my meds an I am pregnant….

  • mia

    Hi Hiin the last couple of days I have taken in total 9 hpt and all came back positive I went to the clinic 2 days ago and they said it came back negative I went to the doctors today and also said came back negative I then asked for a blood test and she refuse to give me one she said she only gives blood test of the pregnancy test had came out positive I don’t know what to think I’m really hoping I am pregnant and that it’s to early for the hospitals to tell I heard they use. Cheap tests I really have my fingers cross to be pregnant

    • It could be that the tests they use are not very sensitive. Wait 3 or 4 days, take another test. If it comes back positive again for you, I’d go back to the doctor’s office. I would even take one of the tests you use and take it there to show them if you need to.

  • kams

    Hi, it’s our first month TTC and I started having pain in my lower left abdomen around a week ago. Took pregnancy test this morning (5 days before m due) and there was a faint 2nd line. Went to doctors and he did urine test that came out negative and said pain is due to urinary infection. Could I be pregnant ?

    • I would say that you are pregnant. 5 days before your period is due means your hcg levels would be very small. Drinking liquid before you went to your doctor’s appointment could have diluted the concentration of hcg so it was below the level of the test sensitivity. UTIs do not cause a positive pregnancy test.

      • yodeller

        Protein in urine can cause a positive pregnancy test. Happened to me and there are statistics on it.

  • cassandra

    took 8 pregnancy tests 4 were negative and 4 were positive went to the dr did a blood test they said it was negative. im so confused.

    • It could be that you are really early in your pregnancy. Have you tested again since the doctor visit?

  • Kimberly Proper

    I have taken 10 home pregnancy test and they all came back positive but I started bleeding lightly this morning another home pragnancy test still said positive the hospital pulled blood today and they said it came back nagitive so am I pregnant or not? ?

    • If you keep getting positive pregnancy tests, you need to talk to your doctor about it. Labs are not always 100% accurate. Wait a couple of days and then have the doctor do another blood test if you are still getting positive pregnancy tests.

  • annine1991

    I haven’t had a period since November of last year. I have taken 4 at home pregnancy test and they say I am pregnant. I just had a blood test from my doctor’s office done today and they say I am not pregnant. I feel like I am because of the normal symptoms and the fact that I have never missed my period before. What do I do about this?

    • Did the doctor do a urine test as well? At this point, you might have to ask the doctor if an ultrasound is possible. You would be far enough along for the baby to show up via ultrasound. If they won’t do that, then you need to ask them why you are getting positive urine tests and haven’t gotten your period.

      • ashley gibson

        I have talked to three different doctors. I have had some other tests done to rule out a couple of other things that the doctor thinks might be the cause of everything. I have an appointment on Friday to find out what is going on. My new doctor thinks I am but doesn’t understand why the test is coming back the way it is.

  • Heidi

    I am about 3 days late on my period. I took a Clarity Pregnancy test yesterday and it came out positive. I took another one, same brand, again this morning, came out positive again. There were two lines but the test line was much darker than the control line, but the control line still was fairly dark, not too faint. But when i went to the doctor, the blood test came out negative, with only 5.0 mlU/mL. why is that? Did i take the blood test too early? Could the HCG levels rise? Am I pregnant?

    • Well those tests look VERY positive. I would guess that if you waited a week and got another blood test done, it would show up as positive with a higher level of hcg.

      • Heidi

        Okay.. With that number, would you be able to tell me how far along I am?

        • The doctor might be able to but ultimately an ultrasound of the fetus is the best indicator.

          • Heidi

            Okay thank you
            Very helpful!

  • Kesha

    Period normally comes the 28th of every month. Last 7 days, bad cramps start a day before my period comes since I was 16 this has been the case. The month of February no period, March 3 just one spot as well as March 4. Took two a first response test both came out negative, went to the doctor blood test negative. But yesterday was very nauseous all day n had to run to the bathroom three times im also very very tired. Can I be pregnant

    • If all the tests are coming back negative, you can’t assume that you are. You really should talk to your doctor to investigate why you are feeling the way you are.

      • baby3

        I have taken 3 pregnancy test all positive different brands. Went to the doctors for blood test came out negative <1 hcg. I don't understand and I am now 1 day late.

        • I definitely see a line there. Have you taken any more tests since this one? It could be that the lab results were inaccurate. If you continue getting positive results, and the lines are getting darker, go back to your doctor and ask for another blood test.

          • Ayesha Naveed

            i m doing test at home and continuously getting faint lines i have do the test for about 8 to 10 times and 7 days have been passed periods didnt come yesterday i take a blood test and shocked it was negative in the morning i again check with the strip again the same faint line i m very nervous is it positive ?

          • It could be. The blood test could have been taken to early. It could also be the brand of pregnancy test you are using. I would suggest to try a different brand to see if you get the positive result with them.

  • Anxious

    Hi, my husband and I are ttc and lately intercourse has been quite painful. I took a dollar tree hcg and a very faint line appeared. I immediately brought a slightly more expensive ept and although it was in the afternoon, another faint line appeared. I thought I was prego and went to the emergency room (same day) because I thought the cramps and pain were due to an ectopic pregnancy. They did a blood test and it came back negative. Am I pregnant or could it have been a chemical pregnancy?

    • You need to test again with your first morning urine. If you are testing very early on, the hcg levels might not be high enough for a blood test to show up positive.

      • Bnice

        Hi I’m having same problems. Took 3 hpt an all were positive faint Iines. Went to doctor today 3/30/2016 and test and blood said negative. Lil pain on my lower right side. Showed test to nurse and she saw faint line too.

    • Brandi Anne Lindblom

      did you end up being pregnant because the same thing happened to me yesterday!

  • Corrie Lynn Aronis

    Feeling so discouraged . . . Friday, April 24th I got 3 positive HPT. My periods are spot on, very consistent and it was due Saturday the 25th. My period never came! I starting getting excited! I made an appointment to have bloodwork done because I am one of the unlucky few who have frequent miscarriages. This bloodwork was supposed to be the start of tracking my HCG and Progesterone levels. I got in for said bloodwork on Monday the 27th. I got my results today, and they told me I am negative for pregnancy. I have had 2 successful pregnancies giving me 2 beautiful daughters so I know I can have children. The issue with this supposed pregnancy is that Monday after my bloodwork I spotted a little brown-redish blood for a few hours no cramping, no clots. It stopped and there may be an occasional left over brown blood residue when I wipe after urinating. I’ve never had this before, and was told by a nurse they it could have been “implantation Bleeding” If that was true, then how could they tell me that I’m miscarrying again based on this failed blood test?? I’m not sure what to think . . . I am planning on testing myself with another HPT in a few days time to see if I still show pregnant but I guess I’ll know either way. I still have painful swollen breasts like I’m still pregnant and feel queesy often . . . should I write off this pregnancy as a fluke or is there any hope left to hold to?

    • I would hold on to the faith. Until you have a real period, there is always a possibility that it WAS implantation bleeding and that you will continue to get positive results.

  • Corrie Lynn Aronis

    Feeling so discouraged . . . Friday, April 24th I got 3 positive HPT. My periods are spot on, very consistent and it was due Saturday the 25th. My period never came! I starting getting excited! I made an appointment to have bloodwork done because I am one of the unlucky few who have frequent miscarriages. This bloodwork was supposed to be the start of tracking my HCG and Progesterone levels. I got in for said bloodwork on Monday the 27th. I got my results today, and they told me I am negative for pregnancy. I have had 2 successful pregnancies giving me 2 beautiful daughters so I know I can have children. The issue with this supposed pregnancy is that Monday after my bloodwork I spotted a little brown-redish blood for a few hours no cramping, no clots. It stopped and there may be an occasional left over brown blood residue when I wipe after urinating. I’ve never had this before, and was told by a nurse they it could have been “implantation Bleeding” If that was true, then how could they tell me that I’m miscarrying again based on this failed blood test?? I’m not sure what to think . . . I am planning on testing myself with another HPT in a few days time to see if I still show pregnant but I guess I’ll know either way. I still have painful swollen breasts like I’m still pregnant and feel queesy often . . . should I write off this pregnancy as a fluke or is there any hope left to hold to?

  • Ab

    My husband and I been trying for few months now and I went to the doctor and my urine test came out positive but when I came home and took a test it was negative. They are doing a blood test also but I won’t know it till Monday. I’m anxious to know the results. Has this happened to anyone. Could the urine test at doctors be wrong?

    • It’s not typical. False positives are pretty rare. You could have had too much liquid between the dr visit and when you tested again so the hcg was diluted. What did the blood test results come back as?

  • Hawk22

    Iv took 3 test one I think was invalid one I think is a positive and one negative, I always know when I’m due for my period but this month I really can’t remember and seems like it was a while ago

    • The middle one looks like it might be a positive. You will have to take another one with your first morning urine tomorrow to see if that line gets a bit more defined. Good Luck!

    • Holly Winton

      Im having same isue I’ve have several pos pregnancyt est including first response early testing all pos had some spotting Monday and went for blood work neg -2 go back today neg I should be be about 4w4d from what my fertility friend app says I’m 18 dpo

  • Brittany Rozie

    So I took 4 HPT and they all came out negative. I am 5 weeks late for my period. I had a blood test done and my doctor said that it isn’t 100% positive or negative. My breasts are sore and are much bigger, I am nauseated every single morning and night and my lower abdomen is starting to feel harder if I push on it. What should I do?

    • Consider that you might actually be pregnant and treat yourself as if you are – eat properly and avoid alcohol and smoking. Keep your doctor in the loop as the weeks pass if your period doesn’t arrive. At some point, your doctor will be able to do an ultrasound to see if you are pregnant or not. Your doctor should be able to tell you when that would be.

  • Jan

    I had a positive digital on Sunday jun 7th. Took another Monday morning first urine June 8th. It was negative. Went for bloodwork yesterday..hcg was only a 23. Took a first response today and it was very dark positive. What is goin on?

  • India

    My period was supposed to start on last Friday but i spotted instead. the first pregnancy test i took was positive. the next wo were negative. i took a blood test, it was negative also. my breast are very sore and still no period. what should I do?

    • Judy

      I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive next day I was bleeding heavy and clots went to the Er blood test was 12.6 and two days later the blood test was 6 what does that mean?

    • Judy

      Please help me someone I’m really confused.I took a pregnancy test and it was positive next day I was bleeding heavy with clots and I went to the Er blood test was 12.6 and two days later I went back to the hospital and the blood test was 6 and the bleeding stop so I did another pregnancy test and it was negative. CAN I still be pregnant?

    • Anne-Marie Hession

      I know old thread. But this similar to what I am going through. Just wondering what happened… If you don’t mind answering

      • Amy


  • lexi

    I have irregular periods, im 17 and if I were to be pregnant I would get an abortion. ive taken 7 pregnancy tests at home, 5 positive and 2 negative, but the 2 negative were a different brand ‘clear blue’. my mother took my to an abortion place I got an ultrasound, a pee test and blood test. my ultrasound said I was about 4-5 weeks. we went home and got a call back saying my blood test came out negative and they would like me to come back the next morning, it came out negative again and they wouldn’t fallow through with the abortion pills no longer because they said im not pregnant, it could be a blood clot of a heavy period coming that they saw in the ultrasound. I taken two more pregnancy tests and they came out positive still. I really am wondering if im pregnant or not.

  • Mrs shabz

    Thanks a lot my question is home pregnancy was faint and blood test was negative blood test was taken on 6th day of miss period my periods are regular am worried please help me miss period 7 days 6th day test result was negative
    Thanks a lot


    hi i am so confused. i have had 5 home pregnancy tests it is positive faint line is formed.but my blood hcg test negative . my last period was may 26.and today i started to bleed. am i pregnant.please help me

  • Pamela Timberman

    When I was 7 days late i took 4 tests 2 came back inconclusive the other 2 neg. I am now 40 days late and i got a positve yesterday… am i pregnant?

    • I would say you are pregnant 🙂 Have you been to the doctor yet for a blood test?

  • Alexis Joyce

    About 3 weeks Ago I Took FRER Test, And It Came Out Positive With Really
    Faint Line, Later That Day I Did Took Again But Was Lighter Than The
    First One I Did. Each Day Passed It Was Getting Fainter And Fainter,
    BTW, I’ am Irregular On My Period So I dont Know If When Does AF Will
    Come And Visit Me y Last Period Was May 13, Ayways I Did An Experiment
    And Mixed Tap Water With My Urine, I Read On a Forum That If Your HCG is
    high It wouldn’t Detect On Your PT, It Came Out Positive. Earlier Today
    Went To The Doctor Did Urine And Blood Test Both Came Out Negative. HCG
    Beta Count was <2.0. I have All The Symptoms Could I Be Pregnant Or
    The Lab Was wrong. Help This Is really Frustrating.

    • Have you taken any tests with your first morning urine instead of during the day? The blood test could have been wrong. If you keep getting positive urine pregnancy tests, you should go back to your doctor.

  • sam

    Since last Wednesday 7/29. I have taken 8 hpts. One was faulty and the others have come out positive. Three happen to be the clearblue advanced digital. Took once last Wednesday.Said pregnant 1-2 weeks. Took another on Saturday.Said the same thing. Just took another one this morning and that said pregnant 2-3 weeks. Had a doc app last Friday and that urine test came out negative. Got blood work done on Saturday and I’m waiting for the results. What are the chances that I am actually pregnant? If so, I would be around 4 weeks. Last period was June 30th.

    • If you got that many positive tests, I would say that you are probably pregnant 🙂

      • sam

        you think so? im still waiting on the blood results and I cant help but think that its going to come back negative too.

      • Sam

        I got my results back today. She said my hcg level was 98. Idk whether to think that’s a good number or bad number. Didn’t get to talk to the doc cuz he wasn’t in. But talked to the technician. What do you think?

        • Sounds like a positive to me. Anything over 5 is considered pregnant 🙂

          • Sam

            Does the number sound too low? The doc is supposed to call me today to review

  • Bri

    I took a hpt on wednesday- positive. I took another that night just 2 hours later, follwed by 4 more over the next couple days and all came back negative. I went in and had a blood test done today and am waiting for the results. What an emotional rollercoaster! My period is due this coming week but the waiting game is killing me. Anybody experience this, too?

  • Bgw

    Help! Got this result this morning but had a quant HCG this afternoon that said <2.. So negative. Period due in 2 days.

  • Brittany

    Help! Got this this morning, quantative HCG said negative <2…. Period is due in 2 days.

  • Beauty

    So Thursday i did an hpt test and it came out positive 1 line lighter then the other so friday the 28th i went in to my dr and did blood work i called in today and they are saying the blood work came back negative idk whats going on help please

    • Summer

      Did you find out if you are pregnant or not? I’m going through something similar. I had 2 faint positives on the 19th at night and the 20th in the morning and then I went to the doctor the 23rd because I started bleeding (WAY less than my normal period, but a little bit heavier than spotting and it only lasted 3 days and my periods have never lasted no less than 7 days. Ever.) and they took blood and told me Monday that there was no signs whatsoever in my blood work that I am pregnant and they don’t know why I got 2 positives. I still have all the pregnancy signs I had the week before I took the tests and I just feel like I am pregnant. We’ve been trying for almost 2 years.

      • Mother of 1

        Plz help im going through something like this my period was dou on Jan 7 but it start on 3 but it lasted only 4 days, my period have never last no less than 7 days I’m so confused I took 6 home pregnant test witch come out all faint positive and I went to get blood test it came out negative this is not my first pregnancy I had a son 7 months ago plz help

        • sang

          I have done 4 home pregnancy tests in different times.. and did a blood test today waiting for the result and I have 6month old baby girl.. finger crossed… hope u did another test or something what was the result??..

          • sang

            All came positive . Sorry forget to mention

  • Lurlzz

    I am stuck in a confusing situation.
    I started off with a UTI. on the 16th of Aug
    I had back pain on the 18th Aug
    I ovulate on the 14th and we had sex around the 11th.
    I would be around 4-5 weeks.
    I have been getting heart burn. Cramping in lower back and abdomen. I get nausea all the time. I have weird dreams. My food tastes bland. My sense of smell has heightened. I feel tired. And my belly is heavy. And I am constipated.

    I have taken heaps of urine tests. All negative.
    I took one blood test earlier on around the 16th. Negative

    I can feel that I am pregnant. But I can’t prove it.
    I really wanna go back and get another blood test and maybe an ultra sound. 🙂

  • Legend814

    I took a positive home pregnant test about 2 weeks ago and went in for a blood test the next day which came back negative- I took another this morning and it was also positive. I miscarried a month and a have ago- I carried 19 weeks so I assume those levels would be high and take a bit to come back down, possibly causing a false positive. However, I heard that since I was induced rather than D/C my levels would drop faster. I’ve had some changes in my body and my mind feels pregnant but I don’t know if these are post miscarriage feelings. Could I be pregnant? Or are my HPTs picking up on old hormones?

  • mckayla

    ok , so I last had my period on October 22, 2015 . I had unprotected sex around November 14, 2015 . I started spotting for like 1 day very pinkish color . I took 3 more hpt all different brands , all positive . so I went to the doctors and took a urine test which came out negative ? then a negative blood test !? I still haven’t had af come yet and if I am pregnant then it would be 5 weeks and 4 days today . am I pregnant you think ?

  • Gemma online

    I took 4 tests last week all were positive I took 4 more today 2 said negitive and 2 were positive.

    Am I pregnant ?

  • Veronica

    My boobs are not hurting as much anymore..Urine at plan parenthood last Monday said yes.. Blood work on Wed said yes.. Blood work from Friday say no.. Urine test yesterday say yes! Am I miscarrying? I haven’t had a period since Nov 10 and feel OK.. My moods have stabilized and breast are not as sensitive….

  • Terrica

    I wasn’t feel so good so i want to the hospital.. Vomiting and feel sick. When they was asking me question. So they as me do yu think I could be pregnant. I didnt know so take the test. Urine come out positive. They take to ultrasound can’t found nothing. So the take blood test it come out negative. The doctor said i wasn’t but the nurse said i should take a home pregnancy test at home in 4 week.. So all that happen come home have my period but it not normal I’m the cramps and pain.up and down….. I’m first time this is happen???? Help?

  • Yazmin

    Hey.. So my period was due 10/2/16 I got a positive with 2 different brands clearblue 1-2 weeks and a first response then a week and a half later I got a negative test And also a negative blood test stil no period.. I have no idea what’s going on I’m going back to my gp today to ask for an ultrasound as I’m very regular, has this happened to anyone else as I’m going out of my mind?? X

  • Alicia Firmin

    I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive I started to have spotting so I went to the emergency room they took a pregnancy test and it said that I was pregnant and they took a blood test and it says it was negative but when I got home I’m still having all the pregnancy symptoms

  • Lisa wilcock

    Hey guys,

    So I found out I was expecting a week ago today, my last period 24th Jan which would put me at 5w 3D had 6 positive hpts all different brands, including a clear blue digital at 2-3 weeks.
    Had my bloods done yesterday called for results today and all I was told from a receptionist was its to be repeated in a week?
    I’m waiting for the nurse to call back hopefully to answer my questions! As I’m unsure what it all means? No bleeding or anything a previous miscarriage in December.

  • Nicola

    Took a pregnancy test last week came back positive then I took one a few days later that was negative. Had bloods done says I’m not pregnant but took another test today which was positive.. So confused

  • diamond

    Okay, I had my last period on January 25 and I got a depo shot on February 1 and I took a pregnancy test on the 21 and it was positive and on February 25 I took a blood test and it was negative and also the next day I took another test and it came up positive now I should let you that this is not my first time getting pregnant on depo

    • DawnicaRose

      Being on antibiotics can stop depo from working.

      • Anonymous

        Yes it can !!

  • Janel Ortiz

    Last week I took 4 pregnancy tests one came back inconclusive two came back positive one was slight positive the other was an obvious positive one came back negative so yesterday I went to the doctor the emergency room and it came back negative blood work I myself am thrown because this ihas never happened as i had four children and my last child that I had was stillborn at five and a half months because a five-and-a-half inch cyst on my right ovary so that’s was my concern and felt like the blood work would be definite as I’ve never had an issue but I had a period On February 28th for a day and a half I’m really floored and have made numerous phone calls today and even nurses were stumped at the fact that the blood test did not come back positive and said it cannot be that I’m pregnant

  • Samantha

    hey guys im worried i had 3 pregnancy test and all come back 1 dark line and a faint line on each of them and got blood test on tuesday and blood test come back negative so what does that mean and i also have a urine infection

    • Samantha

      can someone please tell me

    • Brooke

      This literally just happened to me!!! Do you know what was wrong or if u were prego?

  • Buffy

    I’ve token a few home test and they all came out positive, well the same day I had blood work done and it came back negative, but when I went I only missed my period not even a full day bit something told me I was pregnant. I’m having sore breast lower back hurts and I have a little spotting. Could I be pregnant?

  • Melissa

    I’m 5 weeks 1 day pregnant and on 29th of March took 3 pregnancy test came back. Positive and only today some spotting but didn’t know what it could be so I took another test and its negative what do u think it is help me

  • Kyra

    In February I had taken 2 at home pregnancy tests (First Response) they both came back positive. On the 24th of the same month, I started to spot very light pink which only showed up on the toilet paper. This happened on & off til the 28th. Being scared I went to the clinic that evening, they gave me 2 pregnancy tests, which also came back positive, faint, But, still positive. That Monday I was given 1 Blood test at the Dr.’s office came back negative. That same day my period started, lasted four days (reg 7). But, the whole time I was lactating, milk was coming out, But, March and April have been on time, and since then I have taken 1 test two weeks came back negative. My question is, has this happened to anyone ? Could their be a chance I miscarried ? or Could I just be pregnant ?

  • Miranda Sweet

    I miscarried in Dec, 2015 and been trying to conceive ever since… Jan 13th AF came, Feb 12th AF came, March 16th AF came… now its April 22 and AF is still not here… I got a blood test done yesterday and it came back negative.. Ive had spotting for one day last week… but AF always comes in heavy and has NEVER been 6days late…I feel like I’m pregnant, but it could just be false hope… could I still be pregnant.

  • sarah

    2 faint positive HPT 1 extremely faint (wouldn’t be able to see it unless in the sun squinting) and 1 negative HPT and now I am slightly bleeding, blood only visible when I wipe. Can anyone help me? Has anyone had this? Am I pregnant? I am booked in tomorrow for a blood test to confirm pregnancy but now I am bleeding I am unsure 🙁

  • Sarah

    I took an early response pregnancy test got 2 positives a week later I started to bleed made doctors app bleeding only lasted 2 days my periods are min 5 days the did blood test ( I was still bleeding) got results it’s negitive but she wants me to come in if I miss my nxt period can a blood test be a false negitive?

    • Samantha bowen

      I right now am having the same issue have u found out what happen?

  • Cindy

    Hello same problem with mine. My period has always been consistent each month but the dates is the only different. My last period wag January and still haven’t had my period now. Last March I asked my doctor to have my blood tested coz all the home pregnancy test always negative. Then they said it came out negative. So last week Tuesday went for a general problem check up and they said the urine test came out positive.. me and my husband were so happy coz we have been trying to have another baby. They took my blood for testing the same day then the next day Tuesday I received a call from my doctors office saying the blood results were negative. So they said I wasn’t pregnant. I have another problem appointment on may 4 to take some tests and ultrasound. I don’t have any pregnancy symptoms aside from cramps and lower back pain. And sometimes I felt like something is moving inside my lower abdomen. Can I be pregnant? Or is it a sign of some problem? I’m so scared

  • Emma

    Hey y’all! I have a problem and I’m not sure what to do. I hope someone can help. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure over 5 years ago and my chances of getting pregnant are slim to none. My husband and I have been through SO many ups and downs. BUT Last week I started getting that nauseous feeling and I have been more tired than usual. My husband brought home a pregnancy test just to see. It was positive. I was shocked so of course I went out and got more. Took them in the mornings over the course of a couple days. I ended up with 4 positives and 1 negative. Then I went to the doctor today for a blood test and it was negative. How can I get 4 positive tests? Should I take it for what it is and leave it alone or could it be possible the blood test is wrong and I am pregnant?

    • Savanna

      Did you find anything out??

  • anonymous

    I havent got my period for 1month meaning last month it is may 3 2016 and i still didnt get my period i got blood work and took a.pregnancy tesr they bpth were negative could i still be pregnant

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  • ShaQuita Farmer

    Hi my name is Shaquita i have a question ..april 18 i start to bleeding a little and it stop..so i took a at home ppregnancy test and it was positive. .ok wed may 11 i start bleeding and sharp pain and now i am still bleeding i took another home pregnancy test and it said negative. .what should i do or do you have any idea wat going on with me

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  • Emma1344

    I’ve had a few home tests which are positive. I have PCOS I’ve had no birth control for 2 years. However, I had a blood test taken yesterday. They only managed to get a tiny bit of blood and it has come back negative. I’ve had no period for 8 weeks now I’m completely exhausted. Could I be pregnant? Also, could PCOS have affected the blood result?

    • jo

      Hello I am going through this now. Literally exactly the same. Have you got your answer?

  • jeramae

    Im 22 days delay of my period, bec. Of stress at work and some problems i thought i was coz my breast become big/sensitive I didn’t try to have pregnancy test. June 11 In the morning my blood comes this is my 2nd time experienced last year and this year same month of May… My question is on my 4th day of my period i went to a blood test, is there any possibilities that i will got positive results even if i had my period?

    • Sam

      Did you find out anything? I’m in the same situation. I took several at home tests, 2 clear blue was positive (one on Monday and one Sunday– 6 days apart) and then the cheap $1 tests were negative. Went to the dr Thursday, urine and blood work was negative. Even did an ultrasound and didn’t see anything.

  • Dan Cruickshank

    Hi I really need some advice over a week a ago I went to the doctors because I was getting negative and positive tests so had bloods done and scan bloods were negatives nd they couldn’t see anything in the scan so week later still no period and been feeling sick and stuff so re tested on Monday had three first response test which were line and faint line so positives then 4 pound ones which also had faint lines so took two digitials and both said pregnant 1-2 so tang docs they done pregnancie test there come back negative so came home didn’t feel right so used a cheap one and got a positive so confusing :/

  • Rebeca

    Hi I need some advice..so I had a IUI on may 22 and my doc told me to do a pregnancy test on the 5..so it came out positive next day I did another one and it came out positive. .I waited few days and I did another and it came out positive I did 6 of them in total and all of them came out positive. ..so I started spoting yesterday it was really light it went away and it came back the next day so I went to the ER. And the did a blood test and it came back negative. …I’m so confused right now I don’t now what to think could I still be pregnant? Can a blood test be wrong? Please help

  • Joy

    Hi I took a pregnancy test it came back positive 1-2 weeks pregnant and went to get blood test came back negative

  • Joy

    And the test was 99%accurate clear blue.

  • Katie Tiffney

    I had a clear blue digital tell me pregnant 1-2 weeks. I was so excited because I have been trying to get pregnant for 9 years now. Went to my Dr. and all tests came back negative. Still no period, over a month late, breasts are very sore and swollen, not sure what to do now.
    I can certainly say I will no longer be purchasing any clear blue products again since it seems this is an on going problem with their tests based on many people having the same thing happen.

    • Veronica

      I had same thing happen last week. I hadn’t had period since July. I took clear blue digital w week estimater and it said pregnant 1-2… took (2 tests) made an appt to confirm then two days later I started bleeding lightly and I was confused so they got me in earlier.. did their in office test and it was negative and he did ultrasound and saw nothing.. did blood test and it was a 2.. at this point I’m so discouraged.. idk what to do.

  • Whitney Frank

    I had a miscarriage in may 6 2016 and i had sez a week later on june 4 2016 i took a home pregnancy test n it came out positive ok i took another on the 11 of june it came out positive. The i took another it came on the 22nd of june back positive then i and i took one on the 4 th of july it came back positive then i went and did a ultrasound on the 16 they said they dont see nothing then i went to my doctor he gave me a blood test it he said its has 5 h and that im early but didnt give me a ultrasound but told me to go do another blood test but i haven’t spot r had my period since the miscarriage. Im so lost and comfused cuz i been having these pregnancy symptoms

    • Whitney Frank


  • dawn

    Can someone help me about 2 and a half weeks ago I got 3 very faint positive hpt so I went to the hospital and got a blood test it came back negative but I felt in my gut something wasn’t right so I took another hpt 10 min after I got out of the hospital and it was positive it’s now 2 weeks later I’ve taken a total of 11 tests 4 different brands including 2 digital ones all positive and the non digital ones lines have gradually gotten darker as time goes on – I desperately want to be pregnant my Dr appointment isn’t for another week can someone possible shed some light on what’s going on not kknoqingis driving me crazy

  • Kandy

    Were you pregnant?

  • Heather’s

    So I missed my period like 5 months ago no sign of it by the way want to the doctor all iron an blood work came back negative I happen to take a at home pregnancy test today positive result I am so list. All the signs for being preg are there too even my grandma says so what I am doing wrong I am going crazy

  • Heather’s

    I have not had my period in 5 months. I benn to the doctor all test have came back negative. I happen to take a home preg test it was postivd . Before that it was negative what am I doing wrong base going crazy

  • Juliete

    One day at 1 in the morning i took an early pregnancy test n it looked like it came out negative but i checked again in the afternoon and it was positive. Then i took 2 more and they came out negative em i pregnant or not ? My stomach has been feeling a lil weird

    • Well, you can’t assume you are pregnant. The “positive” result you got was well after the time frame that the instructions would have had in them. If you had been drinking a lot of liquid during the day, you could have had a diluted hcg level in your urine that didn’t show up when you tested in the afternoon. Test again, with first morning urine and make sure you read the instructions within the time frame stated in the instructions (usually within 5 minutes).

  • Lulu Mackabee

    I feel so pregnant belly is getting big so I went to Dr they did urine test which came in negative then turned positive after 4 minutes then they did blood test. Went back for results dr said what prenatal pills do I want then he flipped my chart paper and said no your blood test is negative then handed me a paper asking me to pay for a 100% prgnancy test which I don’t know what he talking about. They did ultra sound nurse couldn’t see anything she said I could be less than 5 weeks. I don’t know what to believe I still have all ptenancy symptoms. What do I do. Please help I’m very scared

    • The only thing you can do is wait some time and treat yourself as if you are pregnant. If you don’t get your period in a couple of weeks, go back to the doctor and they should be able to see the baby on an ultrasound.

  • Kayla

    Hcg level 5. One advice nurse says I’m fine and the other says I’m negative. Took a hpt and there was a VERY faint positive line.

    • 5 is the cut off for a positive diagnosis. You really need either a darker urine test result (would show the hcg is rising) or another blood test that would show a higher number. Good Luck!

Last modified: June 3, 2014