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Can a Pregnancy Test be Negative but I Still Miss My Period?

As you might suspect, missing your period but having a negative pregnancy test contradict each other. So, taking the time to consider each situation is essential. Why are you missing your period if you aren’t pregnant, and why is the pregnancy test negative if you have missed a period? To make an ultimate determination for either of these questions, a blood pregnancy test is generally in order.


Reasons Why You Might Miss Your Period or Have a Late Period

If you take a pregnancy test and it comes back negative, there are several reasons why you might have a missed or delayed period, including:


  • Increased Stress Levels – Stress is a common culprit of missed or delayed periods, especially because it interferes with hormonal signals from your brain. This can block ovulation, causing your cycle to break from its normal pattern.


  • Problems With Your Thyroid Gland – Like stress, issues with your thyroid gland can also affect your hormonal levels and result in a late period.


  • Issues With Weight – If you’re extremely overweight or underweight, you might experience missed or delayed periods on a regular basis.


  • Strong Birth Control – If you’re currently taking strong birth control or are on Depo-Provera, your periods might cease altogether. This is expected on some of these medications, and shouldn’t be feared. However, if you aren’t on medication and still aren’t experiencing a regular cycle, there might be something wrong.


  • Potential for Premature Menopause – This is extremely rare and unlikely, however it can’t be ruled out. Menopause occurs prematurely in some women. By getting tested for FSH in your blood on the third day of your cycle, you will be able to determine whether or not this unique situation is the cause of your missed or delayed periods.


Of course, if you still don’t experience your period weeks after it was supposed to occur, you might want to take another pregnancy test. Another solution is to pay a visit to your gynecologist to have a professional opinion regarding what is wrong. After comprehensively considering your medical history in combination with current issues, it is often easier to determine what is wrong and come up with a solution.


Reasons Why You Might Have a Negative Pregnancy Test

It is important to always remember that the pregnancy tests that you take at home aren’t 100 percent accurate. Sometimes, this means that you have missed your period and actually are pregnant, even if urine pregnancy tests suggest otherwise. This is referred to as a false negative, and can be caused from multiple factors such as:


  • Taking a Pregnancy Test Too Early – Pregnancy tests are extremely different from one another and while some can tell you that you’re pregnant extremely early, others cannot. It’s always a possibility that while fertilization has occurred, your body hasn’t yet secreted enough human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, to make a positive determination of pregnancy. It takes time for levels to become high enough for detection, and by taking a test too early, you’re likely to get a false negative result.


  • Personal Errors in Testing – If you don’t use a urine test properly, you might also have a false negative result. This could mean that you didn’t hold the test in your urine stream or did not dip it well.


  • Following Instructions Incorrectly – Time is of the essence when it comes to home pregnancy tests. If the test sits for too long, the results will no longer be accurate. This can also cause false negative results.
  • I want To Conceive

    I have used no protection with my husband since the beginning but i do not get pregnant my period is very irregualr and sometimes black i need advice… i want to conceive but it is very hard i do not want to go to the doctor because i believe its God’swill buts its getting ffrustrated.

  • Sara

    I wana ask dat i hav 30 days in my average cycle.
    I got periods on dec 6 but today its 16 jan and i dint get dem..
    I dint had sex.. M 21 years old and i had severe headache and pain on my lft side of face doc gav anyibiotics .. It happened on 30 dec till 4th dec
    Kindly tell me da reason why its happening it vz nva late bfr

  • ayda

    hi…my period delayed 9 days now..but when i test my urine..it shown ..negative…anyone..i really dont now if im really pregnant…help me…im confused…

  • brittyboo888

    I had my period feb the 17 till the 22 and had intercourse on the 24 two days before ovulation Im currently 3 days late and my breast are sore and having light cramps but nothing no spotting or period I took a test after being a day late it sh owed negative when should I test again please help

  • rhodes

    hi, i do have some medical problems which means its hard for me to conceive… i came off my pill 3 months ago at the beginning of January, its now my third month (march) and I’ve not come on but pregnancy tests say negative, is the pill still in my system and can this affect the result of the test??

Last modified: March 2, 2014

The information provided here should not be considered medical advice. It is based on the average experience of women trying to conceive and may not be what you may be experiencing. It's not meant to be a replacement for any advice you may receive from your doctor. If you have any concerns about your cycle or our ability to get pregnant, we advise you to contact your doctor.