What Are The Chances Of Becoming Pregnant When You Have Sex on the Day you Ovulate?

Defining Ovulation

Ovulation is the process by which a mature, single egg is released from a follicle that had developed in the ovary. The luteal phase determines the time of ovulation within your menstrual cycle, generally lasting approximately 12 to 16 days.

The process of ovulation is something that occurs rather regularly, typically happening around day 14 of a normal 28-day menstrual cycle. A short window of 12 to 48 hours marks the time in which an egg can be fertilized after being released from the ovary. During this time, you are most fertile and therefore, the likelihood of becoming pregnant is much higher.

Why is Ovulation the Best Time to Try to Get Pregnant?

Typically, the most fertile time of the month will begin four to five days before ovulation and ends anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after ovulation has occurred. These numbers are figured from the fact that sperm are able to survive within the body for four to five days and eggs can live for 24 to 48 hours following their release. Because the egg’s lifespan is short-lived, it is imperative to attempt conception during this time.

If you choose to have intercourse directly before or on the day on which ovulation begins, it is important to note that the sperm can live within your reproductive system. This means that sperm will still be available after ovulation, putting them in direct contact with the egg. As you might suspect, this greatly enhances your chances of becoming pregnant.

Having intercourse extremely close to the time of ovulation means that you will greatly enhance your chances of becoming pregnant. In fertile couples that experience regular cycles, there is a 25 percent chance of becoming pregnant during each period. This means that 75 to 85 percent of women will become pregnant within one year if they are having intercourse without using protection, such as birth control. Of course, this makes knowing your fertile days even more important. Additionally, taking note of cyclic hormonal and physical changes that occur regularly with your menstrual cycle is imperative as this too can help increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

How do I Know When I’m Going to Ovulate?

Ovulation comes with many physical signs, giving you a good idea as to when it will occur. Some physical signs that you might experience include:

  • Increased Amounts of Vaginal Discharge
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Discomfort in the Lower Abdomen – There are approximately 20 percent of women who will experience discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen while the egg is leaving the ovary. This condition is known as “mittelschmerz” at can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.
  • Changes in Cervical Mucus – Before ovulation, cervical mucus is generally cloudy and thick in nature. However, right before ovulation, it will become clear, slippery, and stretchy in a state that resembles raw egg whites.
  • Basal Body Temperature Shifts – Right after ovulation, your body temperature can increase anywhere from 0.4 to 1.0 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • sky

    What happens if you have sex one day before ovulation?

    • You might get pregnant.

      • Rebecca lawrence

        I had unprotected sex on my first day of ovulation….Although I used birth control pills couple of hours after…please wat are my chances of getting pregnant…am really scared.really scared

      • Babygirl

        Can you get pregnant if he finished inside you the day after you ovulated

  • mimi

    anyone here?

    • Yes.

      • Mel

        If we had sex again after he cummed on his hand what are the chance of me getting pregnant it was a day before ovulating

        • It’s possible, but not very likely.

  • alex

    What are the chances you’ll still have next period if you conceive during ovulation

    • You wouldn’t really be having a period if you were pregnant. It would be considered early pregnancy bleeding. If you are pregnant and are experiencing any bleeding, you should see your doctor.

  • Stacy

    I had sex on my first fertile day. What are my chances of becoming pregnant

    • It depends. No way to really tell if you were successful in getting pregnant though until you test at the end of the month, around the time your period is due.

      • Rebecca lawrence

        I had unprotected sex on my first day of ovulation….Although I used birth control pills couple of hours after…please wat are my chances of getting pregnant…am really scared

        • crazyrockydays

          Hi, I have the same dilemma. Did you get pregnant?

  • Tammy

    Im 2days past ovulation and experiencing pain on one side. And I have cloudy white discharge. My boyfriend and I had sex before and during ovulation.

    • How do you know you ovulated? The pain you are feeling could actually be ovulation pain.

      • Tammy

        It’s been four days and I still feel the pain slightly. Im not sure im hoping.

        • Well, if the pain is lingering like that you might want to visit your doctor to make sure everything is okay. Ovulation pain doesn’t typically last that long.

        • Well, if the pain is lingering like that you might want to visit your doctor to make sure everything is okay. Ovulation pain doesn’t typically last that long.

  • Sana

    Hello iam over weigh how to get pargnet

  • yamilex

    if I had sex on February 12 and I used a calculator website that said I ovulated yesterday, but I have a period calendar that says I ovulate tomorrow which is February 17 , my last priod was on the 3rd of February is there a chance that I could be pregnant?

    • You have a small of getting pregnant from sex on the 12th. Healthy sperm can survive up to 5 days (maximum) after ejaculation in your reproductive system. Your chances of getting pregnant are higher the closer to ovulation you have sex.

  • tbaby1896

    I had a period on January 30th and it last for 3 or 4 day On February 5th i had sex n on the 13th on ovulation day can i be pregnant?

    • Not likely if you ovulated on the 13th. Sperm can only survive up to 5 days max in our system. It would have died by the time you ovulated.

  • Breezy

    Okay I had cum injected into me on my ovulation day, what’s the chance I’ll get pregnant?

    • The possibility is there as you had sex when you were ovulating.

  • Mary

    This whole article is inaccurate. The birth CONTROL method I used before my daughter was completely based on you’re infertile AFTER you ovulate and you are most fertile the few days before ovulation and you should start being careful about sex at the end of your monthly period until after you ovulate. I know it works because I used it for years successfully before we decided to try for my daughter. And by using the same method to purposely have sex before I ovulated we were able to conceive the very first time we tried. You are not able to get pregnant at any time. You only have a short window every month and you NEED to have sex in the 3 days before ovulation for maximum possibility of conception. Afterwards is too late. Where do they even get this ridiculous information?

  • danielle

    According to my calendar I have I am supposed to be ovulating tomorrow I had sex last night and my boyfriend ejacualated inside me. What are my chances that I will be pregnant?

  • shayla

    Is it mostly for me to get pregnant the day before ovulation

  • chiluv

    I saw my period on the 23rd of Feb and I had sex on 7th of march and on the 8th suppose be my ovulation time, pls what are the chances of getting pregnant?

    • You timed it right so the possibility of pregnancy is there.

      • Naj

        I had my period on the 23rd feb lasted for about 5days and I went to my husband on the 3rd March…. And we Litterally makeout everyday and I havnt seen my nxt period since. Now. Am having mixed feeling in my body. Cld it be that am pregnant???

  • Ddawg

    What about if you had sex several times unprotected during your most fertile time (and it was confirmed ovulation). And it was within 12 weeks postpartum? Higher than average chance?

    • I was looking for research on this matter, but there is a lot of second hand information about you being more fertile after giving birth. If you are sure you ovulated, had sex around ovulation and aren’t breastfeeding, there is definitely a possibility.

  • adam

    i had sex after 9 days of ovulation. so what are the odds of conceiving?

  • toya

    What happened if I had sex the 2nd day of ovulation but during sex my discharge was real thick is that a bad sign. I personally feel like the guy I was with has a low sperm count because he has no kids am I likely to get pregnant I’m confused

  • Sarah

    My cycle is every 26 days, my last cycle was on April 10th and lasted until April 15th. I started using my ovulation kit on April 16th and received a faint postive line up until April 19th. On April 20th I received a postive line. We had sex from April 17-19, he ejectulated each day inside me. What are the chances that I could be pregnant? Can you ovulate without seeing the cervical mucus? Confused, please help

    • You can conceive with no fertile cervical mucus but it is more difficult. The sperm use the cervical mucus to travel in your system. You might need to use a fertility friendly lubricant like Pre-Seed to help. You timed it correctly so the chance of pregnancy is there.

  • Rae

    What is the probability of me being pregnant? I had unprotected sex 3.5 days before I ovulated. I ovulated yesterday and I’m still having cramps. I’m 25 years old and never been pregnant or on birth control.

    • It’s possible as sperm can survive up to 5 days after ejaculation.

  • Jamie

    I came on my period April 26 I been having sex as much as every other day since I came off (May 2nd) my period cycle last month was 28 days but sometimes it be late I had sex on the 2nd 3rd 4th 8th 9th 10th and the 11th wat are the chances of me being pregnant

    • You might want to bookmark our ovulation calendar so you can figure it out on your own http://www.babyhopes.com/ovulation-calendar.html

      Based on the data you listed, this is the results:

      Sunday 26th April 2015 – First day of your cycle
      Wednesday 6th May 2015 – A little bit fertile
      Thursday 7th May 2015 – Fertile
      Friday 8th May 2015 – VERY fertile
      Saturday 9th May 2015 – Time to ovulate
      Tuesday 19th May 2015 – A home pregnancy test may work now.

      Based on that info, it looks like you timed sex well for getting pregnant. 🙂

  • Well, it is hard to say if you weren’t sure when you were ovulating. If you were ovulating and you had unprotected sex, the chance for getting pregnant is there.

  • Ana Martinez

    I had a mc on 31st of March got my period on 29th of April I ovulated from 8-13 dtd 3 days in a row… Now I feel cramps and I’m dizzy can I be pregnant this soon??

    • Well, you would have gotten pregnant as soon as conception happened at ovulation if you are pregnant. You won’t be able to test until at least the 25th though.

  • KMA

    Hi, i came on my period on 5th May and came off on the 8th May, my cycle is currently 28 days and I had sex on the 16th & 17th May – according to my chart this was right in the middle of my Ovulation period. Can you advise if there is a possibility of me being pregnant?
    My partner works away and I only see him at the weekend so this does limit our time for having sex in my Ovulation period unfortunately. I’ve never tried for a baby before and any advice is very welcome. Thank you

  • Marcia Jean Turner

    I had sexual intercourse 5 times the night I started my period.what are the chances of getting pregnant

    • If you have a period about every 28 days, then the chances of you getting pregnant at the start of your period is pretty slim. Women usually ovulate around 14 days before your period arrives.

      • Marcia Jean Turner

        No period every 28 days sometimes they are 15 days apart and other times they come every 21 to 23 days

        • Well, it is impossible to say what the chances of pregnancy are with the varied cycle lengths. Normally, ovulation happens 14 days before your period starts, but when you have a cycle length of 15 days, I don’t know when you would have been ovulating.

  • Marcia Jean Turner

    But I also have severe endometriosis

  • Silver

    So I had sex the 30th and found out today is when I ovulate. What are my chances of getting pregnant?

    • It’s possible, but the percentage has been getting smaller as very healthy sperm can survive UP TO 5 days after ejaculation. So conceivably there could be sperm there to meet the egg when you ovulate.

      • Silver

        I have occasional stomach pains some worse than others idk if this is a sign or me just being paranoid

  • Karen

    I had sex 9 days after my ovulation.
    Is it possible to get pregnant?

    • If you are sure your ovulated 9 days ago by using ovulation tests, then the chances of you getting pregnant are pretty small at 9dpo.

  • Tatum Peters

    Okay, I had unprotected sex on the 30th of May. I have been off of birth control for over two months. He ejaculated in me three times he told me. What are the chances of me being pregnant?

    • It is impossible to say what the chances are. It really depends on when you would be ovulating. If that happened around the time of ovulation then the chances of pregnancy are there.

      • Tatum Peters

        I took two ovulation test the day after sex and they both came back positive. I also had very clear and slippery cm the day we had sex.

  • Nae

    I had unprotected sex the day of ovulation, there was no ejaculation inside of me and no prior ejaculation before intercourse. What are the chances of pregnancy?

    • Without ejaculation, the chances of pregnancy are pretty small.

    • Without ejaculation, the chances of pregnancy are pretty small.

  • towsin

    I had unprotected sex on my first day of ovulation….Although I used birth control pills couple of hours after…please wat are my chances of getting pregnant…am really scared

  • cat

    I checked my ovulation calendar it says that I am fertile from June 2 til the 7. I have intercourse from June 1 until June 5 he ejaculated inside. What are my chances to get pregnant?

  • Azael

    I had sex 4 days after my period and then the next day, is my chances of getting pregnant high?

    • It’s possible depending on how long your cycle is. Wait until 2 or 3 days before your period is due to take a pregnancy test. You should get accurate results at that point.

  • Vicc

    I had sex on my period & every day I was fertile but missed my ovulation day & had sex the next day.. He ejacculated inside of me just about everyday. What are my chances of getting pregnant.?

  • Lisa

    I had sex 2 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation also the next couple days. Will i get pregnant?

  • Thaejle Domingo

    What happens when you have sex 5 days before the start of your fertility window and 9 days before ovulation? What are the chances of getting pregnant?

  • britt

    My ovulation is suppose to be today and two days ago my husband came inside of me and yesterday as well. What are my chances of getting pregnant?

    • Your chances are pretty slim if that is the only time during your cycle that you had unprotected sex.

  • Carol

    I had sex last night and realized it was my ovulation day, what are the chances I may be pregnant.

  • Jessica

    I had sex right before I started to ovulate I started to notice a little pain near my right ovary and my boyfriend told me he ejaculated inside me am I at high risk of getting pregnant

  • Tamara Thurman

    Hi, I started on the 30th and it ended on the 4th. We had sex on the 5th, my period tracker said the 5th was my first day of fertility. What are our chances of being pregnant?

  • Jeanelle

    I am new to this site but my last period was 6/27/15 my fertile window is 7/6/15-7/11/15 the 11th being my ovulation day. I noticed on the 7th discharge sticky and on the 9th discharge more sticky and thick and we has sex the 7th and on ovulation day the 11th. What are my chances of becoming pregnant?

  • Thaejle Domingo

    What happens when you have sex 5 days before the start of your fertility window and 9 days before ovulation? What are the chances of getting pregnant?

  • Hona khan

    When will i ovulating..??? I want to conceive..?This month my period comes after 23 days.. when will i ovulating.. ?? on 12 July 2015 my period started and my flow was very slow and stopped on 3rd day on 4th day having little spotting.. on 5 day onward of my cycle some mucus comes out that was like creamy watery and sticky and some time yellowish… on 17 18 19 and 21 july(12:10am) i had unprotected sex.. and on 21 july after 1am my mucus increases and is like egg white… and now at 11 am it’s decreases abit… please tell me when will i ovulated when will my egg released… and how many days i should to do unprotected sex… please help me out.. i got married on 10 april 2015…

  • linda ortega

    Wat if I had unprotected. Sex on Sunday ND my calendar on the app says I ovulate today but I haven’t had my period since April but i know I’m not pregnant is there a chance I can get pregnant soon

  • Kelly

    I had unprotected sex day before ovulation, i have been experiencing lower abdominal cramps, aches all over the body, at times nausea and my cevical mucus is clear and strechy. Is there any chance i might be pregnant.

  • kei

    I had unprotected sex 2 times a day for 3 days & he pulled out. It was during my ovulation days what are my chances of being pregnant?

  • morgan

    I had unprotected sex 2 days before my ovulation date what are my chances in being pregnant

  • Christine Kirkpatrick

    Hi my husband and i have been trying to have a baby and i ended my period on the 5th and the first time he ejaculated inside was the 8th and ever since then he has ejaculated 3 other times in a week. I was joping aomeone can tell me what are the chances of me being pregnant. I have also been cramping in my adominal area and was feeling bloated as well.

  • angie

    Had unprotected on my first day of fertile window. He came inside is their any chances of becoming pregnant since sperm can live up to 4 to 5 days?

  • [email protected] Jodi

    Hello I’m due to ovulatbe between the 17th/18th. Me and my husband baby danced on the 16th early morning. And I had my hips elevated, legs up on the wall for a good 45 minutes. Now my tempt is higher then normal. Can somebody help me what are my chances of conceiveing?

  • Minerva

    My period ended August 2 I had sex the 8th 11th 14th and 16th all days my boyfriend came in me. What are my chances of being pregnant my period tracker says I’m fertile the 11-17

  • unique

    I had unprotected sex the day of ovulation and my partner did not pull out,i am having lower abdominal pain and very light bleeding. What are the changes that I may be pregnant

    • The chances are there as you timed sex during when you were the most fertile.

    • Nichole

      In the same boat did you find out if you were pregnant?

      • unique

        I go to the DR in the morning to find out, Ive been feeling sick and very tired the past few days.

  • Elizabeth

    Me and my husband had sex on Aug 14-18 every night. I had my last period on Aug 4. What are the chances of getting pregnant this month. We have been trying for 4 months already.

    • Chelsie

      Try have sex earlier like day 11 or 12. You mighy be missing it.

    • Tessa Jones

      I had sex with my bf.. He wore a condom as we always do. But when he came inside me, the condom broke and we didn’t know. This happened the day before my last fertile day. Within 12 hrs I took the plan b..I am overweight but wasn’t sure if taking the plan b would help me from becoming pregnant. We had sex on Mar 26 and my pms is expected to come around April 10-13.. Is it possible that I’m pregnant?

    • Tessa Jones

      It seems from what I’ve been reading that it could be possible.. But always get a pregnancy test done to make sure.. Or even blood work can tell faster ..

  • Kerri Moore

    I had sex Saturday and my ovulation day was Friday and he Cummed in me three times and I’ve been having sharp pains in my stomach and lower abdomen for the past 3 days, and it hurts when I lay on my stomach and I feel sick all day long. What are my chances of being pregnant?

  • ashira mccambridge

    Hi Vickie b…
    i had my period august 28-31 I had sex with my bf Sept 1,2,5, 6 and 8… on my period tracker my ovulation day is Sept 11… any Chance ill get pregnant
    t? Sept 8 I noticed my cervical, mucus is like egg yolk and we had sex that night. ..and he ejaculate inside me. we are trying to Conceive. .. today Sept 9 I feel pain in my lower abdomen….can i get pregnant? BTW I am taking g Materna

    • chanel

      Hi a shirt I think you and I are on the same boat I tested again today and it’s a negative. Have u gotten any results

      • Chanel

        Sorry for spelling I meant Ashira

        • ashira mccambridge

          its ok chanel 🙂

      • ashira mccambridge

        hi 🙂 nope, i didnt do any test yet :).. but lately i felt really really tired, and i feel like i dont want to see and have sex with my bf lol

      • ashira mccambridge

        plus i craved for fried eggs in the middle of the afternoon

  • Kayla

    I had sex two days before my fertile day and he nutted in me could I be pregnant ?

  • Stormy

    I had sex on my ovulation day, I know I was ovulating because I took a test. My bf and I had sex that day and he came n me……ive had every symptom of being n the early stages of being pregnant. …. right now im currently 11dpo and I took a clear blue test n got a bfn am I testing too early? Ive had nausea headaches lower backaches my nipples have been sore vivid dreams everything. Also I took 2 cheap walmrt brand test and they showed negative and then turned positive the next day? So confused

  • Nicole

    I just have unprotected sex on the second day of my period. We are trying to get pregnant. Will I get pregnant real easy?

  • Zoe Lily-elizabeth Briscoe

    Hello. Me and my partner have been trying for over 5 month with no luck 🙁 I have an app called clue and my fertile window ends today I ovulated yesterday and we have had sex atleast 6 times leading up to yesterday and 2 yesterday and he didn’t pull out on any occasions. I’ve got sore nipples and lower back pain. And stomach cramps what is the percent chance I’m pregnant?

    • OB Nurse

      You could possibly be pregnant. These are the main symptoms my patients come in with and 8/10 end up having positive pregnancy test…good luck

    • Alex7ra

      You may be but the egg is unlikely to have implanted by now so those are unlikely to be pregnancy symptoms. I get those symptoms post ovulation regularly.

    • Rissa Guerrero

      Very high

  • michelle

    (I am 3 days into my cycle) I had unprotected sex that day(ovulation bleeding) Next day I didn’t bleed. But the day after I started bleeding lightly what are my chances of being pregnant. ??????

    • Alex7ra

      If you are only three days up your cycle, ie your period started three days ago you are unlikely to be pregnant

  • Jamaine7

    I need HELP!!
    My boyfrined and I had sex multiple times before and after my most fertile days. I’m not on any contreptives and he did ejactualate inside me many times. Could I be pregant!?
    By schedule my period is due in 7 days but 4 days ago I had a little bit of blood come through that only lasted a day. Is it to early to take a test!?

    • Alex7ra

      Yes you could be. The bit of blood could also have been implantation spotting. It is probably too early to take a test. You can get some tests that are 50 percent accurate four days before you are due

    • Rissa Guerrero

      Your change of being pregnant is high due to the fact that you y’all did it before you ovulated because sperm can stay in you for up to 5-7 days and after I don’t think so but I’m in the same situation with my bf and the blood means you spotted that’s one pregnancy sign

      • Rissa Guerrero

        *chance, I’m in the same situation with my bf because he finished in me 5 days before I was ovulation and the first day of my ovulation sycle

  • lina

    my ovulating date ended oct 4th i had sex oct 5 what are my chances?

    • Alex7ra

      How do you know when your ovulating date ended? If you had definitely ovulated you are unlikely to get pregnant if you have sex the day after

  • Jean

    Me and my boyfriend had sec 4 days after my fertal fays and he did not pull out can I be pregnant?

  • Tellie Lashay

    Mi period started 11/1/15 and end on 11/5/15 iv had unprotected sex with mi boyfriend every day since mi period ended it’s now the 21st what are the chances I’m pregnant

  • Hannah

    This may sound absolutely horrible, But im 15 and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex today. My period was around the first of the month..What are my chances of pregnancy…?

  • Mely Cartagena

    Me and my husband had sex two days before my fertile day window started and that makes me like 6 days away from my ovulation day what are the chances I can get pregnant?

  • Kelly

    Me and my partner had sex on the 23, 24th November. My ovulation was 25th November. I’m expecting my period on the 9th December. What are my chances of pregnant Bear in mind I have no pms signs or no period as of yet.

    • Marissa

      Your chance is high. Sperm can live up to five days in the fertile mucous lining of your cervix

  • Babygirl

    Can you get pregnant if he finished inside you the day after you ovulated

    • Rissa Guerrero

      Yes the chances are medium high

  • shay

    I had sex 2days before my period do that mean i could be pregnant…. But i also came on my period could these be my last one???

  • Rissa Guerrero

    My boyfriend ejaculated in me 5 days ago and also again yesterday ( the first day of my ovulation cycle) could I be pregnant? I kinda wanna be but also scared on what my parents would say and family . what are the chances of me being pregnant?

    • Gracie Deputy

      Your chances are very high.. If you released an egg in that time most likely you will become pregnant. I’m in the same boat with my husband. Have to wait to either have my period or miss it

      • Rissa Guerrero

        But is it true that sperm can stay in you for up to 5-7 days? Thank you for helping me out I really needed some closure lol thank you so you really think I could become pregnant with a. High chance?

      • Rissa Guerrero

        Thank you! And even if it wasn’t a lot of sperm well like medium could I still get pregnant ?

        • Guest

          Yes, it only takes one…

        • Makayla

          Did you find out if you were pregnant

  • Freya

    My boyfriend ejaculated inside of me last Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I haven’t been on the pill since October 2015 due to the fact he’s been away with work. My period was about the 17th Dec. It’s been a week since its happened and I missed my period which was meant to be on Sunday. I woke up with heavy lower abdomen discomfort this morning and when I cough it not pleasant plus I finished my antibiotics the Monday before I saw him. Would you think it’s a sign of a early pregnancy in a week of ejaculation?

  • Nicole

    Im currently in my fertile window it started monday and ive had sex with my hubby wed and thursday is there a good chance of getting pregnant???

  • Divya H. Balondra

    We are trying to get baby before 6 month till now I’m not pregnant
    What is the reason…….
    Can I go to gynecologist?????
    Plzzz replyyyyyy
    When I get pregnant

  • Celeste

    me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex 4 times in a row for less than 2 days and i do believe it was 2 days after my ovulation but im not positive when it starts exactly seeing i have really bad memory on how long and when i start i know it starts at the end of the month and lasts 5-6 days. is it possible for me to be pregnant?? we have one child together and i have another child by another man, ages 3 and 2 so is it possible for me to be pregnant now?

  • Chonitia ‘Lanell

    My boyfriend and I had sex 5 days before my ovulation and he ejaculated inside me ….. He also ejaculated inside me the day before ovulation and the day of…. What are the chances of me being pregnant ?

  • shannon

    i started ovulating the 9th of march, and i had unprtected sex the same day. could i end up pregnant?

  • Diana Castillo

    My bf ND I had sex during my fertile window like the 2 day being in fertile window this app said fertile score is 9.0 I’m not sure when is the day I ovulated but is there a possibility I could get pregnant?

  • Dominic Remaro

    I find all this so interesting. When my wife and I conceived both our boys 19 months apart we knew nothing of this stuff. We were young and both boys unplanned. I could look at my wife sexy like and it seemed she could get pregnant. Our first boy who’s 12 now she was on the pill. Well she was bad at remembering to take pills. Obviously. Still is. I lay her vitamins out for her every single day so she will take them. Things you do for those you love. Anyway we were young in our first place together. She was 20 I was 23. And she fogot the pill here and there and she was with baby within one single month of not taking it every day. Boy number two? Was born 19 months later. So he was conceived a year after Frankie was born. Once again not planned. But she wasn’t on anything and I knew this. We did the whole pull out thing? Yeah well that can work if you pull it off right… Ha ha! And one time! One time! I did not. We were making love and it was very intense very passionate and I just felt so close to her and she and I climaxed at the same exact time and I just figured… Ah heck! This is my wife woman of my dreams mother of my son. I pulled her close and just let it rip and held her pressed to my chest. I figured… What’s the chances? Of one single time? Well found out. Was it worth it? Oh yeah it was. Both boys unplanned but not unwanted. I call them my crimes of passion. Born out of my love and deep desire for their mom. They are 11 and 12 now and we have a very happy family so it all worked out great. But now looking back I think I know why we conceived so easy. First thing is we had LOTS as in TONS of sex. Still do. Freaking love the women to the ends of the earth and have NEVER not wanted her bad. So chances we had sex during her ovulation? 100%. Because we had it every single day. Somtimes a couple times. Hey we were young and had our own place and madly in love. So sex in the morning and making love before bed in the eve was normal. Also with our second son? She was ovulating during that one time. Looking back she had all the signs. And while I have read different things? Her climaxing could have helped. Not tooting my own horn but I think it helped I made her climax my number 1 priority every time we had sex. Didn’t matter what it took. Penis, hand, mouth all 3 two at the same time whatever. And it makes sense to me that a woman when she climaxes her cervix opens slightly and she tents and a suction type of contraction happens. So you would think that would help. We are done now having kids. And after Tony she has always been on IUD. But I often wonder… If we actually planned one more? Could we still do it that fast again? But my advice for couples trying to conceive? Have LOTS AND LOTS of sex. But not just any sex GREAT sex. Dirty passionate sweaty sex. And time your climaxes. And if he isn’t getting you to climax? You might want to have a talk with him. Or just put that hand down there yourself during and do it yourself. But most of all? Have lots of sex and do it because you love this person. I think when it’s done in a mechanical way without the passion and lust? It may take longer.

  • Theresa Mc

    I had sex on March 26. My bf was wearing a condom and he ejaculated inside me. The condom broke after realizing. I went and got the plan b within 12 hrs if having sex. I am overweight.. And read that the plan b is less effective being overweight.. Based on my app I was on the 2nd of my last days for ovulation. My pms is not schedule to start til April 9-11… Wanted to know is it possible that I could be pregnant? My breasts have bee very tender…and feeling other symptoms of pregnancy.

  • Cherelle Leach

    Hi me and my bf are trying for a baby. I have used an ovulation calculator on the net and it said my fertile window was 13th -18th april 2016. We however had sex on the 7th and 8th of april and since saturday i have felt nausea but not actually been sick, ive had headaces and felt tired. Can anyone give me some advice of if pregnancy could have happened. I feel like im being paranoid because i wznt it to happen so much.

Last modified: March 4, 2015