How Soon After Ovulation Will Conception Occur?

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People who are trying to have a child will go to great lengths to increase their chances of achieving pregnancy.  One of the most commonly asked questions relating to this quest is  “ how soon after ovulation will conception happen”?

Keep in mind that it is almost impossible for conception to occur at any time during the month, other than a short time period after ovulation.

What is Ovulation?

According to Web MD, ovulation normally occurs about two weeks before a woman’s period, and is the process whereby a group of eggs begins growing into tiny sacs filled with liquid, which are called follicles. It is during this time that a woman is at her most fertile and able to conceive a child.

What is Conception?

Now that you understand what ovulation is, it is important to understand what happens during conception. Conception occurs when the sperm meets the egg and fertilizes the egg inside one of the fallopian tubes, thus producing a new life. After a few days, the fertilized egg will travel to the woman’s uterus where it will implant itself into the wall of the uterus.

The only time when there is an egg in the fallopian tube, is during ovulation. The egg has the ability to survive for up to 24 hours when it is in the fallopian tube. Some women are luckier, and the egg will survive for up to three days after ovulation, almost guaranteeing that conception will occur – although these cases are extremely rare.

The best chance of conception happens when the sperm meets the egg almost immediately upon ovulation.

Can I Conceive After Ovulation?

There have been cases where women think that they have fallen pregnant while on their period. This is more common with women who have extremely short cycles. What happens is that the female could start ovulating immediately after her menstrual cycle and still be bleeding while she is ovulating leading her to believe that she is still in one phase of her cycle when she has in fact already moved on to the next stage.

Another factor that can make it seem like conception happens after ovulation is when ovulation itself occurs later in the cycle than usual. There are plenty of reasons for this, such as illness, dietary changes, an increase in physical activity, and, of course, stress. Other factors that can make it look like conception has occurred after ovulation are, irregular cycles, stress, bad diet, and travel. Stress, diet, and travel all have an enormous impact on a woman’s cycle and can cause delays in ovulation. Ovulation can sometimes occur as much as a week later than expected due to these factors.

It can appear as if conception has occurred during your period, although this is quite rare. This is usually the case with very short menstrual cycles, where you could start ovulation right the very next day after you have done menstruating. On the opposite end, if your periods are longer, it could be that you are still bleeding long after you finish menstruation, and while you are actually ovulating.

If you have a typical 28-day cycle, try to conceive on the 10th, 12th, 14th, and 16th days of your monthly cycle because these are the optimum times for conception to occur. This timing will also account for later-than-normal ovulation as sperm can survive for up to five days in a woman’s body.

  • 3kids:)

    Iwas wondering I am 41 and have 3 children I seem to be pretty fertile as have quite a few pregnancies. I ovulated yesterday(13/03) and had unprotected sex on the 10/03 is there any chance that the sperm lived long enough to meet up and fertilise an egg?

    • earthsmagic

      Well, it is possible. Sperm can survive up to 5 days past ejaculation if all the circumstances were perfect. (Sperm health of your partner and the cervical mucus environment for you.)

  • robin

    I had sex on May 11 and May 18 my calendar says I ovulated between May 13-18. My average cycle is 31 days but there where 35 days in my last cycle. When did I concieve?

    • Unfortunately, since you don’t know when you actually ovulated, either of those days could have been responsible for your pregnancy. Ovulation only happens on a single day and how far pregnant you are would depend on the actual day you ovulated and not when you had sex.

      • nase

        is it the problem for someone with no constant time of menstrution?i mean ovulation cycle below 28 days?

  • Over45

    Is it common to have a faint trace of blood when you ovulate and is it to late to conceive when that happens?

    • Taylor

      No it is not uncommon. If you have cysts Your cyst could have burst when you ovulated. Same happened to me. And no you still have that 12-24 hr window before the egg dies.

  • joyeeta bhadra

    My period irregular ..after 40-45 days….i will try to conceive last february ..when my ovulatiton date..plz answer me…..

  • Stacy

    i had unprotected sex last night and this morning, today is my ovulation day
    i removed my right ovary 2 years ago
    can i still get pregnant??????

    • Yes as you can still ovulate from the left ovary. You might want to ask your doctor to be sure though as they are more intimately knowledgeable of your medical history.

      • Stacy

        They say it might be difficult but I was pregnant twice before
        But because of circumstances I miscarried
        And they weren’t planned

  • doll

    Im 33 years old and diagnosed with hydrosalpinx with mild dilation and free peritoneal spill and underwent iui 4 days back. I have been prescribed susten 200 and lupride injection. I feel dizzy after taking susten 200. What chances of pregnancy

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know. You might want to discuss this with your doctor.

  • Miranda

    I had sex with my boyfriend 4 nights ago. I ovulated on the 12th and had sex on the 13th. His cum went inside me. I start my period on the 26th. Could I be pregnant?

    • It’s possible as the egg can surivive 12 to 24 hours after ovulation. You should be able to take a pregnancy test on Sunday to find out if you are pregnant.

  • hheekna

    My last period was on the 1st of this month(may) I’ve had sex loads of times this month…..I’ve come on my period every 1st or 2nd of each month since I had my twins 4 months ago…Could someone help me out to when I might of been ovulating?? Thanks

  • Sharina

    I was wondering if I could be pregnant if I had sex on 5/13, 5/16, and 5/17. I track my periods and it said that my ovulation day was on 5/17. So is it possible I could have conceived??

  • Linda Elane Bestdefinedas Hous

    My dr said I ovulated on dec 22 2014 last period was on dec 8 so they say. I have 28 day cycles. I had sex on dec 24. But dec 22 would be incorrect information fron the dr since I had sex on the 24. So is it possible the dr may be wrong or is it still possible for me to get pregnant during the 24 since you said ovulation is the day tge egg would live. But I’m pregnant now. I need answers. But also as well I had sex on the 16th. Which sperm was it that caused this pregnancy

    • Most likely it would have been from the sex on the 24th.

      • Linda Elane Bestdefinedas Hous

        Thank you sooo much. I really needed to know because I had two partners and I’m committed to the second partner who I got with on the 24. And the 16 was the first partner. I’m thankful. Thank you so much.

  • nihar

    my wife had menstrual cycle in last month i.e. 6 May 15. i was out side since then. i came on 7 jun 15. we are having unprotected sex as it is safe period. however, till now my wife does not have her period. ee carried out a pregnency test on 16 jun 15, which is found to be negative. please. advise.

    • If she is missing her period, and the pregnancy tests are negative, you might want to visit a doctor to get a check up to find out what is causing the delay.

  • Unfortunately, it is hard to say what is going on. You had sex around the time you were ovulating so the chances of you being pregnant are there. If you have normal monthly periods, your period should be due around now. If it doesn’t start and your period doesn’t arrive, you should probably go and see your doctor.

    • Brandi Scott

      is the bottom ( june27 ) a positive ?

  • 4kids

    I was wondering could I get pregnant the the after ovulation? I ovulated the 13 and had sex on the 14th, could I be pregnant???

    • Abi

      Hi.. just being curious as I’m in the same situation. Did u get pregnant by bd-ing the next day of ovulation? I’m dying to know. Thanks

  • Bobbs99

    Hi. I ovulated (according to digital test) from the 18th -20th July and had unprotected sex on the 18th. When would implantation occur if I conceived?? And, when would I be able to test for pregnancy? Thanks

  • Taylor

    My period started june 16 & ended on the 19th of june….i had unprotected sex on the 22 and my cycle length is 25 days. I track my cycle and it says my fertile days were june 22nd-28th & ovulation day was june 27. I had sex on july 1st protected but the condom popped & we were unaware til after. I took a pregnancy test mid-day on july 13th & got a faint positive & then a morning test on july 16th & got a bright positive….is there a way to determine which sexual encounter caused this pregnancy

    • MRsJO24

      If your ovulation date is correct, then the encounter on the 22nd would be the one that lead to pregnancy, since your egg would have died before the encounter on July 1st. But this assumes that you did in fact ovulate on the 27th. There is always room for error when using an ovulation predictor app, or any other method of tracking that has somewhat broad guidelines for ovulation prediction. Even if you ovulated the 26th or 28th, it would still be more likely that the 22nd was the encounter leading to pregnancy.

  • Brandi Brinson

    Im really needing help IM not sure when I ovulate and my last period was July 17th and the ovulation calendars say i ovulate the 16th I have unprotected sex everyday and my boyfriend ejaculates in me almost every time I took a PT friday but I think that would be to soon do you know if its possible to be pregnant we are really wanting to start a family

    • Your dates seem to be off. If your last period started on the 17th and you have a 28 day cycle, you would have been ovulating around July 31st. Your period would be due around the 16th or so. If you had sex around the 31st, you have the chance of getting pregnant.

  • Brandi Brinson

    I also had an ectopic about 2 and a half months ago

  • JRFR

    We are hoping we nailed a baby this time! What do you guys think ?!

    Last menstural ending date ; August 12
    Lovey Dovey days ; August 15-17
    Fertile according to my app ; 13-23
    Ovulation day ; August 19th
    Next menstural starts ; September 5th

  • Deborah

    My last period was July 4th 2015 ovulated on July 18th I have sex on July 17 and July 18 he ejaculated I missed my period it’s 19 days late but I ovulated again onAugust 15 and had sex on August 15 & technically very early on 16. Should I take a pregnancy test now or wait until I miss another period?

    • Randi

      If your period is 19 days late… then yes you should take a pregnancy test.

  • toya

    My conception was on the 24 of June same day of ovulation I had sex on the 21 22 23 and 24 so what day did I get pregnant

    • Starquitta White

      Yours sound just like my question

  • MIMI

    Please help. It is 9/3/15 and I tested positive for a pregnancy test, but I just had my period on 8/21/15….im confused and lost. I thought if I concepted then I wasn’t supposed to get another period. So how am I pregnant? When did I get pregnant??

  • Keisha

    Last period was August 28th ended September 1st when did I ovulate?

  • samantha


    I am TTC for a few months now my periods are as follows July 5, July 31, Aug 26, Sept 19. Since the amount of days in my cycle each month change how do i know when i ovulate as each month my cycle could be shorter or longer by a few days. For September my period was on Sep 19 ended Sept 23. Ovulation Calculator says my fertile window was Sept 26- October 1 as it say i have and average of 25 days in cycle. I had sex on Sept 24, Sept 26, 27,28,30 October 1,4 & 5. What are my chances of catching ovulation ? really trying to conceive. Could i be pregnant? next period should be around October 14 per period tracker. I do not have any signs that i know of to show that i did conceive. when would i start to notice them?

  • ben tri in

    I have been ttc for a while now. every month i believe i have and then I havent. this month is different. I have been seriously wathcing my 36 day cycle and i feel as tho i am. my question would have to include that I have had regular sex with my husband at least every other day, i get pain when my egg is being released, and then have breast tenderness, all of this has occurred this month but for the past three days i have had excruciating pain in my pelvic area, sometimes on one side, sometimes throughout but it is nonstop. is this normal for indicating conception and pregnancy?

  • Annah

    Hi, my boyfriend and I are trying to decide what day we conceived on. We had sex the 8th of October, and again on the 11th. We are due the 2nd of June. What date more likely caused the pregnancy?

    • Annah

      I meant the 2nd of July

  • staey

    Hi I had miscarriage in September. I was only 3 to 4 weeks I got my period in October it was 4 days late so this is November am due my period in 6 days I did ovulation. Test stripes last monday I got postive then got the usal u get with ur cervix. I started drying up on the Thursday it did the dead on 10th 14th 15th I have between 28 to 29 on cycle can I get pregnant

  • Rida

    I was diagnosed with high prolactin of 37,my doc put me on dostinex for 4 weeks, I had my period on the 4nd week which was on the 7/11/2025. After the completion of the dostinex I had a blood test on prolactin and it was 0.8. I was ask to do a 21day progesterone test and my level was 164.9. Is it possible to fall pregnant with this positive results

  • Ana Solorio

    Hi, so my question is if i had unprotected sex on Aug 10th and Aug 12 and i got a positive test on Aug 29th but when i went to my dr on sept 21st to see how far along i was he said i was 8 weeks pregnant which is too far along if the time i had sex was 6 weeks ago not 8? And my bf thinks its strange and not sure if hes questioning but im confused as well as to when i could have ovulated and concieved

    • Kim

      Your due date is calculated at 40 weeks from your last period (even though you didn’t actually conceive until about 2 weeks later), since many women don’t know when they actually conceived. So you’re “pregnant” for 2 weeks before you really are.

  • kay kay

    Hi,my last period was on the 12.19.2015 , i have a 31 days cycle, i had sex on the 1 .1.16 and the 1.4.16 .i miss my period can you tell me when i ovulate,?

  • Lea george

    Posting for someone “My original due date was August 31, so my LMP was 11/25. i was bleeding at that time. Then they said 9/2 and 9/6. I have irregular periods and spot often inbetween. I had sex on 11/26, I think one other time between then and 12/3, started another period on 12/3. Had sex on 12/4-5, and again on 12/9. Each due date coincides with either LMP, but the ovulation is way off. With my LMP being 11/25, conception supposedly happened 12/9. Going by 12/3, conception would be 12/17. Read a few things that said 12/13 is more likely. Its all close. Would 12/9 be more likely because I had sex that day, or is it 12/13 with sperm from the 9th?

    • Help!

      I have a 29 day cycle

    • Lynne

      Sperm lives up to 5 days inside you so it could be.

  • Help!!

    So my last period was April 9th. I had unprotected sex with my partner April 4-8 then April 10-12 then I slept with some stranger the 13..”unprotected “. And then me and my partner had unprotected sex April 14-17. And then again april 22-24. My ovalating time is to be believe to be the 19-25 of April. And I just found out I’m pregnant!!! Would there be a chance I’m pregnant with the strangers baby?…

    • Help

      I have a 29 day cycle!!!

      • Lynne

        You would have ovulated on the 23-25th depending. Sperm can last up to 5 days so the sperm from the strainger would have died by the 18th so no real chance it’s the strangers baby.

    • HowieBowie

      It’s your partners not the stranger

    • Wickedc92


    • Wickedc92

      DNA test is the only way to tell having sex with two guys in two days.

  • Sara

    Hi i need major help. I have been charting my ovulation since november. My chart says i was ovulating from 4-10 february. I had sex with my partner on the 6/7 and then someone else on 12 I found out i was pregnant on 16th march is the baby my partners? My scan dates dont add up as they say i concieved on the 17/18 feb but i wasnt ovulating. Im so ashamed and hoping its my partners please help!! Xxx

    • Lynne

      Sounds like you ovulated later than you think and it’s not your partners. Did you take an OPK or how were you charting? Apps that average dates are notoriously wrong.

    • Wickedc92

      If you conceived on the 17th it’s not your partners…. it doesn’t take 10 days for implantation to begin.

  • Emma

    If my ovulation date is the 5th of November when did I conceive my baby? My due date is 28th of July

  • carmen

    My Husband and I are trying to conceive for the last 4 months, and this month my period ended on CD4 still had spotting on CD5 . we took a break and we had intercourse From CD9 till lastnight CD12 but i recall seeing the Egg white Cm on CD10. i was getting cramps from CD8 i am not sure whats happening but hubby and i really want a baby. is it alright to just carry on intercourse until CD23, Please can someone experienced help me

  • Taylor Ross

    I Have A Question! The Doctor Said My Due Date Is March 15, 2016 But I’m 7 Weeks And 2 Days Pregnant Today .. The Doctor Said Something About July 21, 2016 But Not Sure If They Were Saying I Ovulated On That Date Or I Convieved .. I Had To Of Been Ovulating Around June 8th Right Because How Far Long I am ? I Need Some Advice because On June 23rd Night I Slept with My Ex Boyfriend Then On July 21 And Everyday Before I Slept With My Partner I Don’t Keep Track on The Days We Have Intercourse But My last Period Was The End Of May , Maybe Ended In The Beginning Of June I Don’t Have Exact Day Of Period Does Anyone Know When I Was Ovulating Or The Father Could Be ?

    • Wickedc92

      You would have conceived on June 8th so whoever you had sex with the couple days before June 8th is the father.

  • aleah andrews

    Hey everyone i have a question ?my cycle is 28days and i have been tracking my period. Ovulation is 28july-august 1 and my fertile window is july 28-august 2 my bf and i had sex tonight i wanted to know if i have a chance of conceiving btw it will be my first baby if i do

  • ?

    Ladies I have a question I had sex 3-4 days before I ovulated , which was the 8th of Aug. but I’ve been feeling weird I’ve had cramps , my boobs are sore and symptoms like if I where to get my period but I don’t get it until the 21 ! Why do I feel like this , if the other times I’ve ovulated I’ve never felt like that ?

  • Katelyn larrauri

    Hey you guys I have a question? I have have a 25 day cycle and I only bleed for 1-2 days and maybe a little spotting on day three. Does this make it less likely for me to get pregnant? Could it mean that I am infertle?

  • Chucks

    So I have a question.i have a 28 days cycle..I been tracking my cycle I was fertile on the 11 had sex that same day… Is there a chance I might get pregnant?

  • Vanessa Perez

    I have a question i am mother of two but this time around seems like everything is new, i had my period august 10,2016 to august 14th 2016 and now i got home took a test just because im so wanting to get pregnant and did some things went back and their is a faint line this is the first time this has happen when taking a test ive tooken alot and they are negative and stay likee that blank but this one is faint line could i be??????? Cant wait till tomorrow to take another……any advice

  • samantha

    Hey everyone me and my boyfriend are TTC . We’ve been trying for 3 months . I have a 31 days cycle and I downloaded a ovulation calendar on my phone . My calendar said I ovulate on the 29th of this month but on the 27th I had a sharp pain on my right side. My boyfriend and I had sex on the 26th and the 27th . Could I be pregnant ? And when should I test

  • Joy

    If I ovulate and conceive at the beginning of the month will I miss my period at the end of that month or the next one?

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