Is it Possible to Ovulate Twice in a Single Cycle?

Many women assume that they ovulate once per cycle and that’s that. However, studies have shown that many women ovulate more than once a month. This is certainly a good answer to the question why the rhythm method does not work like many assume it would. In fact, in one study 10 percent of the women ovulated more than one time in the same month. Similarly, all women examined by Canadian university researchers showed that the women had two waves of maturing eggs at the same time. That was not in line with what many had assumed for years regarding female ovulation. Interestingly, while some women may ovulate twice during a cycle there may be some cycles where they ovulate once and other cycles where they don’t ovulate at all. Nobody knows exactly why this is and until more research can be conducted it will be another mystery of the human body.

This may be part of the reason why women conceive non identical twins 10% of the time. If there are two waves of eggs then it is possible for conception to occur twice during a cycle resulting in pregnancy with twins.

For the moment, doctors and researchers are baffled by how this occurs and why. So, women can simply track their cycles, as they have for years, and hope that they ovulate at least once.

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Last modified: February 10, 2013

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