Can You Still Conceive If Sperm Leaks Out After Having Sex?




Human sperm cells


If you have been trying to conceive for some time, you most likely suffer from mild paranoia as well and double-guess everything. Such as being worried when you notice that your partner’s sperm leaks out of you when you stand up after having sex and you desperately hope that this does not negatively affect your chances of conceiving.

The good news is that that leakage, or even going to the bathroom right after sex, does not dampen your chances at all. In fact, Planned Parenthood explains that once the sperm has entered your body, there is virtually nothing that you can do to try and get the sperm out again. Those spermies are there to stay!

You can still certainly become pregnant, even if it feels like ‘everything’ is coming out afterwards. This is because the strongest and fastest sperm will have stayed behind, as they will be well on their way to fertilize the egg by the time you stand up or go to the bathroom after having sex.  Do not be disheartened; keep in mind that you only need one very strong and quick sperm to fertilize your egg. This means that even if most of the sperm does leak out of you, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of sperm still swimming around inside you.

If you are still worried, there are steps that you can take that will help as much sperm as possible stay in your body. Such tips include:

  • After sex, place a couple of pillows under your hips to elevate them. This technique utilizes gravity to help those little swimmers swim faster to reach the egg. If the egg is ready and waiting, then fertilization is bound to occur.
  • Snuggle with your partner for a few minutes after sex. According to WebMD lying in bed for 10 to 15 minutes after intercourse, or before going to the bathroom, can help provide ample time for the sperm to reach the cervix.
  • If you know that you are in your fertile phase and are ovulating, or at least close to ovulating, then do try to have intercourse as much as possible.
  • There are certain positions that you can try that may be more beneficial to couples trying to conceive, such as missionary or rear-entry. These positions help to ensure that the sperm is deposited as close to the egg as possible so that it does not have too far to swim.

Just remember, only one good sperm is needed, so it is perfectly OK if some leak out after having sex. Try to relax and enjoy this special time with your partner.



  • It’s mostly seminal fluid along with some cervical mucus that comes out (so tends to happen when cervical plug breaks down ie just before ovulation) so yes most sperm/swimmers get left behind against the cervix 🙂

  • hardwork

    My husband and i are trying for a baby. There is an age difference between us. He has been tested and everything is still good with his semen…even though the concerntration has thinned into water like, and very little is produced now. we have tried knees to chest, lying flat, pillows under me, and we have even fallen asleep through a whole night after intercourse and still the semen litteraly pours out of me.
    Is any at all staying inside me?
    How can i keep all of the semen in?

    • If the doctors say his sperm is healthy, the consistency of the semen really isn’t an issue. While not fda approved for this purpose, you can use Instead Softcup (search amazon for it) to put the semen in and then insert it to is stays up against your cervix. It can be pretty messy to get it in place, but it does the job.

  • hotlips

    Me n my boyfriend just had sex last night and he come in side but the sperm came out when I went to the bathroom

    • There is a good chance that not all the sperm leaked out. It only takes one good swimmer to fertilize the egg.

      • EBY

        Me and my men friend had sex 3days now but for that 3days the sperm came out after 2-3 hrs of having sex,

        • You still have the chance of getting pregnant.

          • nath

            I am 23 yrs my husband and i av married fr 7months now and we are trying to get pregnancy.but after having sex and intercourse all the spams came out.. and after 2 days i got period..why it happen and what is the reason that i got period after intercourse

  • toya

    I had a son and I’m trying to get pregnant with my new boyfriend but it’s not working

    • How long have you been trying to get pregnant?

      • grace

        I have been trying for more than a year now am worried

    • Kimberly

      hi toya, I’m trying to get pregnant as well and someone told me about fertil aid. I never knew what it was so I looked it up on google and gave it a try and I must say it does work at least for me and it has many great reviews. I had purchased fertil aid for men and fertil aid for women and count boost for men as well. Now my cycle was wacky and in just 3 weeks of taking it I got positive ovulation tests and now my cycle is regular and I ovulate every month. I would suggest give it a try and see what happens. Good luck to you.

  • AngelLove

    My husband and I have been trying for a baby since October there are times that alot of semen comes out no joke it’s alot and although rare times where nothing comes out. But I’m still not prego. Are we doing something wrong?

    • Jags

      The stuff that is coming out of you is just semen and the crappy sperm.
      It can take a perfectly healthy couple up to a year to get pregnant. Are you tracking your BBT or using OPKs?

  • Jags

    “If you know that you are in your fertile phase and are ovulating, or at least close to ovulating, then do try to have intercourse as much as possible.”
    NO. WRONG. Once a day at the most, or every other day. Having sex more than once a day will not help. In fact, it could hurt your chances. You are completely depleting his sperm, so if you have sex too soon after the last time, he won’t have much sperm to give. It takes time for his semen and sperm to replenish.

  • Opagasty

    I am 26 yes my husband av married fr 3yrs now an no pregnancy

    • If you have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years and are consistently having sex around ovulation, then you should probably go and see a fertility doctor to find out what is going on.

  • hira

    My husbands semin drips out during intercorse. It seems like all the semin leaked out on bed and me and nothings left behind into my vagina . Semin keeps dripping out of me tge whole day. Is it semin or its my vaginal discharge that drips out during sex?

    • Probably both. If the sperm are healthy, they should be able to swim up through your reproductive system even though some is coming back out.

    • Probably both. If the sperm are healthy, they should be able to swim up through your reproductive system even though some is coming back out.

  • nangilena

    I had a sex last night and I’m feeling very week I’m running a temperature my money keeps on leaking why it is happening?

    • If you are running a fever, you probably should see your doctor of you don’t start feeling better soon.

      • Erica

        Vickie b
        Hi I’m Erica and I wanted to ask you something i had sex with my bf on 6/5 and he came Inside me and no protection and the next day I got my period and it wasn’t that heavy only lasted 3 days the second day was light and the 3rd day just spotting! And I’ve been having cravings Can I be pregnant ?

  • nangilena

    I don’t want to be pregnant I had sex last night what should I do?

  • Desperately trying

    Me and my bf have been ttc for a little over a year now. I had my daughter when I was 28yrs old now I’m 34 and would love to have another child. I have a 28-30 day cycle and my fertile window is supposed to be 21-26 February. We had sex on the 21, 22 and again on 24 February. I lay down for only five minutes after he ejaculated then a few hours after, when I inserted my finger I got ewcm. This only lasted for about an hour, then it was back to watery milky cm again. Could I have ovulated? Could it be possible for me to get pregnant? So confused

    • As you had unprotected sex during your fertile window, you definitely have a chance of being pregnant. You should be able to test now to see if you are pregnant.

  • Nervous nelly

    My mother and sister have “tilted utruses” I’m not sure if I do, but if I do is there anything different I should be doing to help get pregnant? My mom and sis both had kids in their 20’s, I’m 31 and know still young but alread have few health problems (not related) that I know of. But I’m so worried I’m not going to fall.

  • karen

    My bf and I had sex during my fertile days and 2 days after i ovulated but the first time he cum inside it came out the second time it didn’t and this 3rd time it felt like everything came out. Is there a chance I can still get pregnant?

    • If you had unprotected sex before you ovulated, and that is when he ejaculated, then the chance of you getting pregnant is there.

  • Katie Holloway

    Me and my husband had sex about a little over a week ago and he came inside but when I got up to pee nothing came out. I’ve had sudden throwing up and fatigue the past few days. If nothing came out could I have gotton pregnant?

    • If you had unprotected sex around ovulation, you have a chance of getting pregnant.

  • Katie Holloway

    Me and my husband had sex about a little over a week ago and he came inside but when I got up to pee nothing came out. I’ve had sudden throwing up and fatigue the past few days. If nothing came out could I have gotton pregnant?

  • Shanty

    Hi. Last year until this year January my mens cycle is usually 28-29 days. Then February it changed (probably bcoz I was stressed then). It was abt 31. My last cycle was March 13. My fiance came inside me (spoon position) and I stayed in bed for abt 5 mins and went to the cr. I had a bit of a cough and I felt some liquid spilling. Now with this, do I have the chance to get pregnant?

    • It is still possible even if some of the sperm leaked out.

  • Fatema

    My husband and i have been married for four years, and we have just decided to have a baby, but i feel like all the sperm comes out! Even when i tried to not move at all and sleep, the next morning it STILL came out! should I be worried? and how soon can i find out that i’m pregnant?

    • It isn’t anything you should be worried about. The sperm is still able to swim even if you think it is all leaking out. You can normally test a day or two before your period is due and get accurate results.

  • dakota

    Me and my boyfriend have been trying for two months now and still nothing and i have been on the depo shot before but been off it for awhile can someone help

    • Two months isn’t a long time for trying to get pregnant really. Do you have a regular period now?

  • Yasmeen

    hi me and my husband trying first time after 4yrs marriage i want to get pregnant but i am over weight and every time we do sex all sperm or may be some sperm came out after that. I wanted to knw if i lay down at the right hand side is there any problem or its gud…

  • Is this the first time you have let the sperm stay put after having sex? Semen liquefaction does happen with time so it really isn’t anything to worry about. As for finding out when you are ovulating when you have an irregular cycle, you would benefit from basal body temperature charting or use ovulation tests to pinpoint when you are ovulating.

  • Jas

    So me and my husband had sex on CD 10, I’m two dpo and my breast are tender and somewhat painful to lay on. I’m kinda worried because the only time they ever hurt is when I’m pregnant but my period is like 12p days awayaway. This may seem crazy but I know my body. Should I do I have anything to worry about?

    • If you had unprotected sex on cycle day 10, there is a chance there was viable sperm waiting for the egg when you ovulated. I’d wait two days and take a pregnancy test to see if you did get pregnant.

  • Rae

    Hi. My fiancé & I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years now and nothing seems to be working. He has a child in a previous relationship, but we went to the doctor and he said his sperm count is low, oddly. So he’s taking medication to help that, but now every time we have intercourse the sperm leaks out of me. Has anyone had this problem or knows if the medication actually works?

    • You need for him to get tested again after taking the medication to see if the sperm count has gone up. Sperm leaking out doesn’t mean that no sperm got to where it needs to be. It really depends on what his sperm count is. If you are concerned, you can always stay laying down with your hips up on a pillow after having sex to help the sperm pool against your cervix.

  • elzet

    Hi Vickie b.I’m 25 I went for a ghd on the 30th march and I’m clean and had intercourse since then i have been taking pregnancy test but negative every time is it to soon for me to take a home pregnancy test and what is my chances of being pregnant please help hope to hear from you thanks

    • When is your period due to arrive? You could be testing too early. Testing a day or two before your period is due will give you more accurate results.

  • Liza

    Me and my fiance have been trying to Have a baby for the past 2 years Now.and nothing has happened lately after we have sex about a hour or 1hour&1/2 later I get lower abdomen pains is this normal? Or what should I do? Please help

    • I don’t know what could be causing the pain. You might want to discuss this with your doctor.

  • MzMae

    My bf usually comes in me first time then after that on my body somewhere. I usually get sick to my stomach afterwards (which is one way i know he did cum). Another way is that it usually leaks out. Well… The last time we had sex i felt him go soft inside of me Tmi but i was really wet but didnt smell any cum(which i usually do). My question is that because i felt him go soft inside me did he cum ? And why didnt it leak back out if he did?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you 🙁 You will have to pay attention to other encounters and see if it is the same.

    • AC

      If he came, it’ll leak out refused less. There has been a few times that my boyfriend hasn’t been able to go, and all the times he wasn’t able, I didn’t leak either like I wouldn’t normally do if he had went !

  • nath

    I am 23 yrs my husband and i av married fr 7months now and we are trying
    to get pregnancy.but after having sex and intercourse all the spams
    came out.. and after 2 days i got period..why it happen and what is the
    reason that i got period after intercourse

    • Well, you got your period due to the fact that you ovulated earlier in the month (about 14 days before your period started) The sperm had nothing to do with you starting. As for the sperm coming out, it isn’t a big deal. It may look like it “all” came out but it didn’t. If you are trying to get pregnant you need to have sex around the time you are ovulating.

  • Chelle

    Where trying to get pregnant but after the miscarriage in December I can’t get pregnant for the life of me!!! Why is that?????

    • Is your period back to normal? You could try an overall fertility enhancer like FertilAid to optimize your reproductive system, homonally speaking.

  • britany

    Hi I’m 25 and I’m trying to get pregnant my husband and I had sex last night. Some did come out not alot and today I’m ovulating. My question is did m y egg release today. I’ve had a headache all day and I’m dizzy.. I have egg white mucus that’s very clear and streachy..

    • There is no way to tell when your egg actually released unless you are charting your basal temperature or have a doctor monitoring you. The symptoms you are having can be hormone related which would indicate that ovulation is near or has happened.

  • Jenn

    My boyfriend and I had sex early last week, he pulled out, but this morning I had light pink spot on the toilet tissue after peeing. I checked the calendar and I could have been ovulating at the time we had sex. Could this pink discharge been from implantation?

    • It’s possible but it could also be from other issues as well. No way to really tell.

  • Kiana Rios

    Me and my wife had sex today she is 33% fertil an is ovulating is it a chance she will be pregnant

    • I’m not sure how you know she is 33% fertile but if she was due ovulated soon (within the next couple of days) then you have a chance that she could get pregnant.

  • Jackie

    I think I’m infertile….

    • If you want to get pregnant and you think this is the case, you might want to visit your doctor to get a fertility checkup to see if that is actually the case.

  • jasmine

    Hi Vicki we have beautiful 20 month old son and wld love another one my cycle is every 28 days had cycle on the 12 of may and finished on 20th we had sex last night this morning and the whole day a had strong period pain I’m guessing I was ovulating so we had sex again tonight once we were done 5 mins later my little one woke up for breast feed would there be a chance I can get pregnant and asking coz off the gravity

    • If you had sex when you were ovulating, your chances of getting pregnant are still there despite the fact that you got up and were moving around.

  • Kelly Gray

    Hello. My husband and I are doing self insemination. It has worked without any sperm leaking around when we did it during my fertile period. We did it tonight, it is two days before I ovulate, and sperm has leaked out. Can I still get pregnant? We have been doing it every three days since my last period.

    • There is a good chance that not ALL the sperm leaked out. It only takes one getting to where it needs to be to result in pregnancy 🙂

  • Zainy faraz

    I want to ask I feel all sperm from my husband come back what is the solution for that may be my tube blocked do i need a opration or cut tube something like that pls reply

    • It is very unlikely that the scenario that you stated is the case. Actually VERY unlikely. The ejaculate coming out is normal. If you are concerned about the sperm travelling to where it needs to be, stay laying down with your hips on a pillow for 1/2 an hour after you have sex. That will allow the semen to pool against your cervix allowing the sperm to travel more easily.

  • Amanda

    Hello, I have been trying to conceive for about 5 years with my husband and still no luck. I have an 8 year old and I ovulate regularly. What could be the reason?

    • If you have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years and are having unprotected sex around the time you are ovulating, it’s time to involve your doctor. Both you and your partner should get checked out to see if there is something going on internally that is hindering your chances of getting pregnant.

      • Giselle Reyna

        I know this sounds weird and all I was ovulation on the day we had sex on jun 7 and I’m suppose to get my period tomorrow and white stuff keeps comin out of me his cum went inside me is it possible I am pregnant

        • Giselle Reyna

          Can anyone help me

          • Michy

            Can somebody tell me that if you have your period one day and stops then the next day it comes back on then stops for another day then come back does that mean you can be PREGNANT cuz it happened to me I had mine for the last two weeks and it’s been doing that can I be PREGNANT

  • LindaOhLinda

    Me and my fiance have been trying to get pregnant. But I leak a lot and worry I won’t have my chance. I’m under weight and hope that doesn’t affect me from getting pregnant. My monthly period has always been off. It usually switches from these days every month; 15, 17, or the 18th. I never know when I’ll ovulate.

    • Being underweight can affect your ability to get pregnant, but if you are having regular periods, then that is a good sign. Your period date will vary from month to month. Your best bet for finding out when you will be ovulating is to track your period and count the number of days between the day you start bleeding on your period to the day before the next period starts. The date your period starts will vary depending on if there are 30 or 31 days in the previous month. Once you have tracked the number of days in your cycle for a couple of months, you can estimate that you will ovulate about 14 days before your next period starts. Another way to find out definitely when you are going to ovulate is to use ovulation predictor tests. Once you get a positive result result, that means you will ovulate within 24 to 36 hours. It takes the guess work out of figuring when you will be ovulating and increase your chance of timing it right for pregnancy.

  • Candace Kenraean Petersen

    My boyfriend semen is very watery not thick at all does that mean he can’t have children we have been trying for 3 months now and nothing

    • Three months isn’t really long. Watery sperm doesn’t mean there isn’t sperm but can indicate an issue. He really needs to go his doctor and see what the doctor says. He might recommend a semen analysis if the watery consistency is a cause for concern.

  • k

    I just had sex with my boyfriend last night and his sperm came out like a ball and I stop taking my pills 2weeks ago can I still get pregnant

  • Kiyla

    I had sex last night with my boyfriend and his nut came out like a ball can I still get pregnant? ??

  • Gayatri

    Hi Vicky
    I have installed an app that calculates my ovulation dates based on my periods. It shows the highest possible days for pregnancy as 24th may to 6th june. Exact ovulation date showing as 3rd june. I cd not do sex during these days but dis it on 6th june which is after 3 days of my actual ovulation date. Do u think dere r chances of me being pregnant ?today is 8th june and my nxt period is due on 17th june….plz reply soon 🙂

  • vincent

    My wife and I have been trying for a yr to have a baby. She has a child already from a previous relationship. I went to the doc for sperm analysis and it was good. She was on clomid and still nothing. What’s going on?

    • Micht

      When I have sex it always leaks out I want to have a baby we have been trying the last 3 months and still nothing it makes me mad

      • Michy

        Can Some body please tell me how to get pregnant I haven’t gotten my period for the month of August yet so please help

    • Michy

      Can somebody please tell me how to get pregnant me and my boyfriend has been trying the last 3 months

  • Katy

    My fiancé came inside me the other night 6/8. It’s 6/10 now and I’m in my fertile window. Have been since 6/7. I ovulate on the 12th. Always have had regular periods since my first daughter was born almost 4 years ago. My question is, and I know I sound crazy but all day today at work I was sick to my stomach, headache, really hot, my coffee turned me off this morning and I keep feeling a cramping feeling in my stomach. Is it possible to already have conceived? I feel crazy for thinking it could be the case but I really don’t know.

  • Amanda

    I have been off my birth control (ortho evra patch) for 9 months and i cant seem to get pregnant and we have been constantly trying since i got off could it be my previous bc

  • anonymous

    Me & my ex boyfriend just had sex, & he put sperm in my vagina, & now I’m standing up. Will I still get pregnant?

  • Sjram

    My boyfriend and I been trying to have baby for almost 2 yrs with no luck. We are both in our early 40’s. I have a period every month my cycle is every 24 or 25 days. What are we doing wrong?

    • Have you been to see your doctor. Both you and your boyfriend need to get tested to make sure everything is working as it should and that there are no issues that would stop you from being able to get pregnant.

  • Megan

    I had sex three days before I ovulated and then again the day after I ovulated, what are the chances that I could be pregnant? My period isn’t due till the 13th of July

    • Kendra

      I had unprotected sex on the 28th of June which I believe was day 3 of my fertility window. my period is due the 15th sounds like we are in the same boat! I hope chances are high! Hoping for a bundle of joy!

  • m.ram

    I have a tilted cervix my husband and I are trying to conceive will this affect us at all we have a 4 year old but took a while for us to have her

  • amy

    I recently got back together with my boyfriend on 6-5-15 we are engaged now and are trying to have a baby, we have had sex every day since 6/5 if not more than once a day, he cums inside me every time. I’m not to sure when I’m supposed to start my period, I was on my period on 6/5 so I think I should of started by now If not within a couple days. I took a test this morning and it came back negative. Could it be to early to tell if I’m pregnant??

    • Katy Sharma

      It can depend on the test too. Some tests dont read positive until so long after a missed period

  • Promise

    I had unprotected sex with my partner 6days ago and that day is my last day of fertile period and i dont want to be pregnant. Hw possible is it? Can i check the pregnacy test nw?

    • Georgia

      Is it possible to get pregnant on the last day of my period?

  • Promise

    Please i need an urgent reply

  • justine

    My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years now n we did 2 times n I miscarried we are now trying again we have tried everything at home n still nothing any help

  • Jesse T.

    Hi Vicki B! I hope this is the correct place to ask this question. My husband and I have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We are currently seeing an RE and I have been on fertility meds for the last two yrs. my question is we recently started using a conception cap or soft cup during ovulation. My husband ejaculates into the cap and I plave it on my cervix. Well some days I notice there’s still semen or sperm left in the cap when I remove it and some days it doesn’t seem like there’s hardly any. Is it normal to have semen left over in The cap?

    • hez

      Try adnus castus ordered from puritans pride and evening primrose oil capsule ,u cant buy strong enough agnus castus or(vitex)here strong enough anymore only take for 2week after period tho from first day of bleeding they work I had unexplained infertility n had clomid to no help

  • Kaylee Southworth

    Hi! Me and SO have been having sex since I got off of my period and every time he has cummed in me besides once, we had sex 2 days before ovulation what are my chances of getting pregnant ? And also every time he does I go too the bathroom and go pee I know that hardly helps but it may be helpful

  • isabella

    I had my period the 12 of this month .. but lately i been feeling sick nausea and headache as well .. took a pregnancy test came negative? What are my chances of me been pregnant?

  • isabella

    It might be to early to say but last period was the 12 of july and ended the 14 .. me and my husband had sex and the 19 i started feeling sick with nausea and headache .. what are my chances of been pregnant? I only been marry for 7 months

    • It’s unlikely if you have 28 day cycles. You would typically be ovulating on July 26th so you wouldn’t’ be able to get pregnant from sex that early in your cycle.

  • Promise

    I had sex early this month and it seems am ovulating that day and sperm entered inside me. Nw i suppose to see my menstra period but hv not seen it. I have been stressing my self much all this while, could it be that am pregnant? Or is it the stress that is seizing it?

  • chadra

    Had period 7/9 had sex 7/25 early morning 5am to 9am took plan b around 10 by 1130 found my panties wet which Wasn’t at first. Took shower and went to slp. Just found out around the time of sex I was ovulating. … wtf I need some answer waiting 2 weeks is hell

    • umair ilyas rehmatullah

      can you clear out your question

  • Promise

    No i have not

  • Promise

    I have not done that but mine breast is paining me and the part side of my stomach is hooking me.

  • Brandi Brinson

    I need help my boyfriend and i have been trying to concieve for 8 months and i finall concieved and had a ectopic pregnancy 2 months ago now we r trying again do any of you know if im more fertile now i dont want it to take 8 months again i know im having a lot of nausea everytime i eat i really dont have an appetite i had a period two weeks ago and now i feel like this but took a test yesterday and its negative please any suggestions help

    • If you had a period two weeks ago, you would be more likely ovulating and feeling sick. You won’t be able to test for pregnancy until closer to when your period would be due.

    • umair ilyas rehmatullah

      after ectopic pregnancy wait for 3 months. than try to baby.
      only take pregnancy test when you are due your period.

  • Josee-Ann Edmund

    Hi V.B i had tons of unprotected sex during fertility, two days before I ovulate and my bf break inside of me but I pushed it out. I want to know if I would get pregnant??????? I’m scared n only 21

    • Yes you have the chance of being pregnant due to the amount and timing of unprotected sex you were having.

  • Liam

    Hey V.B I need to ask you something.
    Me & My Partner have been trying for a baby for 4 Months now she stopped the pill April semen keeps leaking out of her we have tried everything any ideas? Reply ASAP Thanks

  • Alena

    Hi I have a question. I had my period on the 8th-14th of this month & then I had unprotected intercourse where my partner ejaculated in me twice so I want to know if there is a chance i’ll get pregnant?? Please message me back ASAP! I’m worried. Thanks.

    • It really depends on how long your cycle is (the number of days between two periods) and when you had sex. I can’t make any sort of guess without that information. Ultimately, if you had unprotected sex, then there is a chance of you getting pregnant.

      • Alena

        Thank you. It came so I’m safe. 🙂 Thanks for replying tho.

  • Maria

    So my period came June 4 – June 8. That was my last period, I’m trying to get pregnant but I have taken at least 8 pregnancy tests and they all keep coming out negative. I still haven’t gotten my period. My boyfriend & I been having unprotected sex for a while now. Idk what to do.

    • umair ilyas rehmatullah

      take a scan, you should be fine.

  • Bethany

    I have a question y partner and I has it alot sex but past two days all the sperm has come out why is this

  • Roopa


    We had intercourse on the day of ovulation and still I got my periods.

    We have been trying since an year and I don’t see any luck.

    Could you please suggest what would have went wrong.


  • Michelle Gana

    My boyfriend thinks I might be pregnant because I have been acting weird since he ejactulated in me almost 2 weeks ago and I’m supposed to start my period in 3 days what should I do I have been feeling tired and peeing more and I feel fatigued and tired and my nipples seemed to be bruised what do u think

  • Ash

    Hi my last day of my period was the 31st July today 11th August I had sex and he came inside. Is there a chance of pregnancy??

  • Sabrina

    Hey Vickie B I had sex with my boyfriend last night. He came inside me. A lot of the cum came out of me. I was bleeding light pink then brown then light red on the 9th of August. The bleeding lasted for two days. An I had cramping which lasted for 10 minutes last week. I was wondering if the bleeding was my period? An if I could get pregnant?

  • Evy

    Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for 2 months now. For some odd reason I didn’t get my period for 4 months and my period was pretty normal before that. I took many tests but all were negative. I finally got my period this month and it finished the 6th of august. So I’ve had intercourse with my partner at least 5 times and he has ejaculated each time. I’m not sure when I’m supposed to ovulate because everything has been thrown off task since I haven’t had my period for awhile. I don’t want to get my hopes up thinking I’m pregnant when I’m not. I also don’t want to waste so much money on pregnancy tests if there’s no likely hood that I’m pregnant. I just would like to know what you think about it.

    • Unfortunately, due to the fact that you didn’t have a period for 4 months, it would suggest that your cycle is off for some reason. If you were having a normal cycle every 28 days or so, I would guess that you were fertile around the 14th or so. If you had sex around there, you should be able to take a pregnancy test within the next couple of days to see if you are pregnant.

  • Xosunshinegirl

    hi, my boyfriend never finished inside me he masterbates then when he is about to cum he shoves it inside me, we want a baby, is there still chances of conceiving if he puts it in and he is about to cum?

    • Yes, it is still possible. As long as the sperm is deposited into your vagina, the possibility of pregnancy is there.

  • jessica

    I have been with my husban since I was 17 I got pregnant and had my son I have been fight with Cyste on my ovary for 8 years and I had a misscarage 4 years ago I want another kid but not have regular periods please help me I really need it my husband and I are praying for another one so bad and we belive that god is working on me to give me that wish I have my first period after having my son at 8 months it has change by time now I’m down to every two months it was 4 than 3 god is gonna give me that dream I want a girl so bad

  • April

    Is it common to still have a period after becoming pregnant?

    • carmina


  • Georgia

    Is it possible to get pregnant on my last day of my period? If so how likely?

  • Unknown

    Im 16 and i had sex with my bf yesterday and we think he came inside me but we arent for sure. Im on birth control but i forget to take it sometimes i took 3 of them right after. Im scared and have no idea what to do.

    • Niss

      Don’t have sex if you can answer those questions on your own.

  • Jen

    Hi i got my period september 1st and i had sex with my bf on the last day of my period and he cummed inside of me i took a different brand of plan b pharmacist said it worked the same its been almost a week and im having cramping, help what are my chances of getting pregnant? Please respnd asap

    • umair ilyas rehmatullah

      atleast have sex 15-20 in your cycle to see positive result, there are short expiry for semen. you need fresh and health semen in your body. hope that answers your question

  • neelam

    i had sex with my partner and his white discharge started leaking i had tried this for two mont hs but still i am not pregnant is dat i may never get pregnant

    • umair ilyas rehmatullah

      keep trying

  • Octavia Bandoo

    For over 5,months now we have being trying all that happens is the sperms running out….. We broke up I tried with my new bf the first time d sperms didn’t run but d second time it does now my period is early an it came hard an now their r a jus few spots in my pad… I am really worried an afraid to go an see d doc…..

  • maria

    Hi my fionce n I are trying to get pregnant n we have been trying for 4 months already n no luck on getting pregnant in scared cuz it’s gonna be my first child and I didn’t know I was going to have difficulties to conceive I have used a period tracker which helps me write down when I had my first period n my last and when I have sex and also it shows me when are my high fertility days n my ovulation but I feel like that doesn’t help can you help me

    • umair ilyas rehmatullah

      try on different time of the day. intimate once in every 36th hrs. do bit stretches and exercise. read for the best position to conceive.

  • carmina

    Hi, I’m 21 years old. I’ve been trying to get pregnant and it’s been 7 months that me and my bf have been having unprotected sex and still I’m not pregnant. My cycle varys from 25 to 27 days . Can I get some help or better ways to conceive?

    • umair ilyas rehmatullah

      causes: too much sex, not on right time, drugs and alcohol and smoking.

      solution: know your ovalating cycle, have sex in once in 36 hrs. eat healthy and rich foods.

  • Bailey Bruce

    Me and my boyfriend is trying to have a baby we have had sex for 3 days now what’s my change of having a baby

    • umair ilyas rehmatullah

      depends on your menstrual cycle and your partner’s fertility.

  • Mix Up Queen

    I had unprotected sex the 5th of October and my bf came inside me and the same day my period came…. Can I get pregnant? Then on the 21st of the same month he came inside me again.

    • umair ilyas rehmatullah

      very less chances. female egg if not consumed by semen it comes out in a form of period. so technically cannot be pregnant.

      • Sivalingam Canjeevaram


  • Elizabeth

    Hi , so I had my period , & I finished it already , my husband & I had unprotected sex , he came in me but I was still bleeding? Is there a percentage of me getting pregnant or due to me still bleeding there’s no percentage of me getting pregnant?

    • Desirée Heaton

      Not likely hun

  • Joselin Hernandez

    Hi, my husband and I are trying to conceive aND I have a period tracker app which also tells me when I’m fertile and when my ovulation day happens, I have been having it for about 6 months so I’m pretty certain it has tracked my cycle days, any who we had unprotected sex on Sunday which is two days before my ovulation day and I layed down for about 25 minutes before I went to the restroom. And I was wondering will the sperm live until Tuesday?

  • nishay romero

    Hi me and my boyfriend are trying to conceive and we had sex for 3 days before my ovulation day and the day before my ovulation day I started bleeding after sex and also today which is the first day of ovulation and its light pink will his cum stay inside and still get to where it needs to go if I’m lightly bleeding?

    • doc. J

      If u bleeding u need to go to the hospital

    • Nikki

      Actually, this can be a sign of implantation bleeding, though they say that won’t occur for another 5-10 days after conception. It could also just be a sign that your vagina is slightly irritated after intercourse.

  • karina

    Hi my name Karina I been trying too get pregnant my bf been butting sprem into me and I have it got pregnant at all and sometimes his sperm leaks out like I really wanna get pregnant he’s my everything I’m19 we been ttogether 2 years and has worried that I’m not what couldbe the pproblem??

  • MonkeyBaby

    Hi, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 7months. Last month Dec my period is late and delay for almost 7days, but it came on the 8th days. I was very upset. So my period came on 19dec and last for 4days. I did download some app for my ovalution day and it stated on 2nd Jan. We did have sex 3days before I ovalute and on 2jan after midnight. I hope this time round is successful and I hope I am pregnant. So when can I take my pregnancy test? Few days later or wait for my period due day? Please give me some advise. Thanks

    • Doc j

      Try havin sex the day u get off your period once u hav sex prompt your but up so nothing leaks out try not to make so much movement lay there for about 15-20 mins

  • Nikki

    Hi, I’ve been trying to conceive and no such luck. I had intercourse with my lover 5 of 6 of my “fertile day” I have a app that shows or suggests my fertility and ovulation. What else should I be doing ?

    • Reysah

      Use ovulation kits. Cheap ones are One Step and in the other end of the spectrum you have Clear Blue Advance Fertility Monitor which retails for about £119.

      Also keep an eye on your cervical fluids – really good indicators and some women also get an extra hint about ovulation – they get light cramps.

      Good luck

  • Christina

    My fiance and I have been trying to have a baby since last August but my main problem is I can’t produce a period on my own I take medication. I can feel when I’m ovulating an we have sex an still no luck

  • Fednard Morris

    i have never been so happy since when i found out the good thing Dr Eghodin did for me… i am dorian and i live in sweden i was been barren for the past 6yrs since i was married, i have tried all i could to conceive a baby at all cost but No avail so a friend of mine introduce me to Dr Eghodin who reside in Africa, he is a voodooist and also a white witch Doctor who his spirit, is the spirit that brought in the mother of all unclean souls, and that of the once that are also clean,his a great herbal Doctor and also a spell caster.. so i tried all i could to get his contact and i emailed him so we chat and i gave him my part of my story and later on he decided to help me with a spell to conceive, and also gave me the procedures i should follow, so he requested for me to buy some items in which he will use to cast the spell, so i put all my effort to make sure i send him the money to buy the items because i was so eager and my mother inlaw was already on my nerves… so i sent him the money and he bought the items to cast the spell… after he was through with the spell, he phoned me and also told me that in the night i should make sure i make love with my partner in which i did… to my surprise, i went for a medical checkup and i was been given a goodnews that i am pregnant… i am so happy that all my hope were not lost because if it wasn’t for Dr Eghodin i won’t have been giving this testimony…. so if you think you are having similar problem like mine kindly contact Dr Eghodin now on his email at ( ) he is always waiting and i pray he helped you through your problems friends… ( )

  • chloe walsh

    i have had my implant out today i am just woundering the chances of pegnancy because we had sex this morning and both 2 days befor and my ovulation day is tomorrow what is thr possibility x

  • chula

    I had my inplant on for 3 years and 4 mths i toke it out feb the 6 i had my period the 9 of feb by march they told me i was already 8 to 9 weeks i have been askeing can did i get pregnant when i still had my inplanon and no doctor has ever answerd that question directly one doctor said no you can’t get pregnant becuse even thoue your inplanton is out of date their is still hormons that will not make you pregnant b it that is not true at all now i have a 4 mth old baby girl

    • King_Devil

      How do i get that inplant

  • Jazz Pickering

    I had sex Thursday May 5th 2016 and he entered semen inside me. Now around the time we had sex I was getting minor period cramps because my period is supposed to be coming soon. Because he put his semen in me is it possible that I’m still pregnant? My period hasn’t come yet but it should be soon if it’s going to or not. Idk

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  • Jamie

    I had sex May 17, 18, and 19th. I ovulate on the 23rd, so my period tracker says and it’s 14 days after I had my period. And the 19th was very close to midnight. Could I get pregnant!? I’ve been tryin since January!

    • Chasity

      Same here i have the same exact days! What end up happening? I read we could test between the 30 and today and should get a positive..did you cramp or bleed any??

  • nicole

    Hi I was,10wks pregnant, the dr couldn’t find the heartbeat and they forced me to get a d and c bcuz they said i had a miscarriage…But during that time i didn’t have any bleeding or cramps and my cervix was clised so i didn’t understand how i was having a miscarriage…That was march 1st , now it seems like i cant get pregnant at all….why

  • jen

    Hi v.b i.had my period on 23april.but during May i didnt go on periods i toke 2 pregnancy test came. negative. IVE been having alot of unprotected sex during that time, and semen comes out.on 15 June i recieved. My periods,when i come off it i had sex again,pls hlp im trying to get. Pregnant

  • Abdul khan

    Me and my wife want a baby we are trying for baby till last one year but we didn’t success. The problem is her period is always delayed and her period is just for 3 days. I have doubt that spurms didn’t reach the egg is it possible that spurms didn’t reach the egg please rply me on my email

  • dillip kumar

    Me and my wife want a baby we are trying for baby till last 2 month but we didn’t success. The problem is her after sex the sperm come down into the vagina. please rply me on my email.thanks

  • Sam

    I and my wife want a baby we are trying for baby till last 7 month but we didn’t success. The problem is after having sex the sperm come down into her vagina.what the problem is this?please rply me on my email.thanks

  • L

    So I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and cum came out of me two days after in a big glob and I’ve been on the depo shot for 3 weeks. Am I protected?

    • If you had unprotected sex three weeks after you depo shot, you should not be able to get pregnant. The birth control should be fully effective at that point.

  • alicia

    i had the depo shot once, and me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby 2 weeks later. will it still take up to a year to get pregnant?

    • There is no way to tell how your body will react. You could end up returning to your normal cycle quickly due to you not being on the shot very long.

  • Beccaa

    this is what i was worried because me and my husband have been trying for 2 months and every time he would cum in me i would get up and it would all come out as if it was impossible for me to get pregnant . we are still trying hoping we are expecting soon.

    • If you stay laying down with your hips propped up on a pillow, the semen will pool against your cervix, allowing the sperm to travel up through your cervix into your uterus and to your fallopian tubes. Once they are through the cervix, they will not fall out when you stand up and the excess semen flows out.

  • Aru

    Will working out in gym daily prevents from getting pregnant. ?

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