Can You Still Conceive If Sperm Leaks Out After Having Sex?




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If you have been trying to conceive for some time, you most likely suffer from mild paranoia as well and double-guess everything. Such as being worried when you notice that your partner’s sperm leaks out of you when you stand up after having sex and you desperately hope that this does not negatively affect your chances of conceiving.

The good news is that that leakage, or even going to the bathroom right after sex, does not dampen your chances at all. In fact, Planned Parenthood explains that once the sperm has entered your body, there is virtually nothing that you can do to try and get the sperm out again. Those spermies are there to stay!

You can still certainly become pregnant, even if it feels like ‘everything’ is coming out afterwards. This is because the strongest and fastest sperm will have stayed behind, as they will be well on their way to fertilize the egg by the time you stand up or go to the bathroom after having sex.  Do not be disheartened; keep in mind that you only need one very strong and quick sperm to fertilize your egg. This means that even if most of the sperm does leak out of you, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of sperm still swimming around inside you.

If you are still worried, there are steps that you can take that will help as much sperm as possible stay in your body. Such tips include:

  • After sex, place a couple of pillows under your hips to elevate them. This technique utilizes gravity to help those little swimmers swim faster to reach the egg. If the egg is ready and waiting, then fertilization is bound to occur.
  • Snuggle with your partner for a few minutes after sex. According to WebMD lying in bed for 10 to 15 minutes after intercourse, or before going to the bathroom, can help provide ample time for the sperm to reach the cervix.
  • If you know that you are in your fertile phase and are ovulating, or at least close to ovulating, then do try to have intercourse as much as possible.
  • There are certain positions that you can try that may be more beneficial to couples trying to conceive, such as missionary or rear-entry. These positions help to ensure that the sperm is deposited as close to the egg as possible so that it does not have too far to swim.

Just remember, only one good sperm is needed, so it is perfectly OK if some leak out after having sex. Try to relax and enjoy this special time with your partner.



  • UpNorthDonor

    It’s mostly seminal fluid along with some cervical mucus that comes out (so tends to happen when cervical plug breaks down ie just before ovulation) so yes most sperm/swimmers get left behind against the cervix :)

  • hardwork

    My husband and i are trying for a baby. There is an age difference between us. He has been tested and everything is still good with his semen…even though the concerntration has thinned into water like, and very little is produced now. we have tried knees to chest, lying flat, pillows under me, and we have even fallen asleep through a whole night after intercourse and still the semen litteraly pours out of me.
    Is any at all staying inside me?
    How can i keep all of the semen in?

  • Vickie B.

    If the doctors say his sperm is healthy, the consistency of the semen really isn’t an issue. While not fda approved for this purpose, you can use Instead Softcup (search amazon for it) to put the semen in and then insert it to is stays up against your cervix. It can be pretty messy to get it in place, but it does the job.

  • hotlips

    Me n my boyfriend just had sex last night and he come in side but the sperm came out when I went to the bathroom

  • Vickie B.

    There is a good chance that not all the sperm leaked out. It only takes one good swimmer to fertilize the egg.

  • toya

    I had a son and I’m trying to get pregnant with my new boyfriend but it’s not working

  • Vickie B.

    How long have you been trying to get pregnant?

  • AngelLove

    My husband and I have been trying for a baby since October there are times that alot of semen comes out no joke it’s alot and although rare times where nothing comes out. But I’m still not prego. Are we doing something wrong?

  • Jags

    “If you know that you are in your fertile phase and are ovulating, or at least close to ovulating, then do try to have intercourse as much as possible.”
    NO. WRONG. Once a day at the most, or every other day. Having sex more than once a day will not help. In fact, it could hurt your chances. You are completely depleting his sperm, so if you have sex too soon after the last time, he won’t have much sperm to give. It takes time for his semen and sperm to replenish.

  • Jags

    The stuff that is coming out of you is just semen and the crappy sperm.
    It can take a perfectly healthy couple up to a year to get pregnant. Are you tracking your BBT or using OPKs?

Last modified: May 22, 2014

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