Tips on Improving Sperm Count

There are several situations where your sperm count can be temporarily reduced. Lifestyle induced low sperm count can typically be reversed, over time, by adjusting your lifestyle and eliminating the offending activity.

Lifestyle Changes To Improve Low Sperm Count

  • Extreme Exercise – Studies have shown that heavy duty, long distance cycling and other extreme exercise can cause problems with the sperm formation and and sperm count. On the other hand, moderate exercise will greatly improve your sperm quality by helping you lose weight, if needed, and reduce overall stress.
  • Daily StressStress in your day to day life can contribute to lower sperm count. Meditation and moderate daily exercise are two ways to reduce the effects of your daily stressors.
  • OverheatingHeat around the testicles can hamper the production of healthy sperm. Wearing lycra shorts, or tight underwear, can over heat the testicles, imparing sperm production. Routinely soaking in a hot bath, jacuzzi, or sauna will have the same effect.
  • Body Weight – Studies have shown that men who are clinically overweight or clinically obese have higher incidence of low sperm count and poor overall sperm quality. Losing the extra weight can bring the sperm paramaters back into a normal, healthy range.
  • Missing Nutrients – Your diet can play a big part in the quality of your sperm. It has been found that deficiencies of certain nutrients, like vitamin C, selenium, zinc, and folate, can play a part in low sperm count. Changing the foods you eat, or adding high quality supplements, can help normalize the levels of these fertility friendly vitamins and minerals.
  • Additions and Excesses – Drugs, smoking, and alcohol are all vices you should eliminate if you are trying to get pregnant. All of these can negatively impact your sperm count, sperm motility, and potentially your sperm’s ability to fertilize your partner’s egg.

    Last modified: February 10, 2013