How Soon Should I Take a Pregnancy Test after an Ovulation Test?


When you’re having trouble trying to conceive, you want to use every tool that’s available to you. For example, you might use ovulation test strips or even an ovulation test kit to help you know when the best time will be to try to conceive. These tools will help you have a good indication when you are ovulating. As you’re well aware, ovulation is the only time during the month when you can get pregnant, so you need to know when it happens. Having sex just before you ovulate or while you’re ovulating will give you the best chances at getting pregnant.

It’s tempting, then, to take that first pregnancy test within a day or two after you’ve ovulated and tried to conceive. You know from the ovulation test strip or the ovulation test kit that it was the right time to try to conceive. It can be frustrating while you wait to find out whether your plan worked, and whether you’re going to have a baby. This is especially frustrating if you’ve been trying to conceive for a while.

Still, you do need to wait a while before taking that pregnancy test. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to wait until the time when your period would normally have started. That’s the best time to take a pregnancy test – once you have actually missed a period.

To be sure, some pregnancy tests may work sooner than that. That’s just the optimal time for you to tell if you’re pregnant.

There are also high-sensitivity pregnancy tests that can sometimes detect a pregnancy earlier than the other tests. Understand, of course, that a negative result may still read on the pregnancy test if you’re simply taking it too early.

If you can hold out, you’ll face less anxiety. Once you’ve tested for ovulation and know it’s time that you’re going to ovulate, have sex several times over those few days. After the first couple days of when your period would normally occur passes, go ahead and take a pregnancy test. If it is negative, wait another five days to one week and test again.

  • wishful thinkin

    what can you take to help your progesterone levels

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  • nonita

    I mis my period 7 days now but no sign period comes or pregnant I was actives decal the month of August test is negative please can you guys tell me why this happen in 44 years old anyway. Thanks.

  • ayani

    my period schedule 20/24 last 5 months Sep 20 I get 2 days light bleeding & stop. It’s. Gone Sep 25/ 29 I tested pergnat but. Come negative did I tested early. Or. What

  • Vickie B.

    I’m not exactly sure what is going on. It sounds like you got a light period when you were supposed to. If you were pregnant, you should have gotten a positive pregnancy test when you tested. You should probably go see a doctor if you are concerned about why you cycle is behaving oddly.

  • autumn

    Well I take hcg test and it came back 2 lines and I have not had a mothy at all

  • Vickie B.

    Sound like you are pregnant :)

Last modified: February 10, 2013