How Long After Ovulation Can You Take A Pregnancy Test?

Excited, happy woman in bathroom viewing pregnancy test

You are tracking your cycle and you know when you ovulated. You timed the baby making sex perfectly. You’ve got all fingers and toes crossed that this time will be THE time. Now comes the torturous wait to take the pregnancy test.

Yes, you’ve heard from all the sources that it is always best to wait until you’ve actually missed your period to take a pregnancy test, but you also know that most of the tests on the market say you can test before that point and you NEED to know right now!

Many women start testing way too early in their eagerness to know. Doing that can line you up for disappointment and false negative results. You will have to spend more money and endure more stress when you have to test again.


Don’t Take a Pregnancy Test Too Soon

It is important to remember that it takes time for your fertilized egg to become implanted in your uterine wall. The time frame varies from woman to woman, but research shows that 85% of pregnancies start producing hCG between 8 and 10 days after ovulation. The pregnancy hormone (hCG) level will start out very low after implantation and will double every 2 to 3 days.

For example:

Let’s say your fertilized egg implanted at 8 days past ovulation (dpo). If you have a normal 28 day cycle, that will be 6 days before your period is due. Maybe by the end of the day, your hCG level is at 5 mIU.

If you wait two days (4 days before your period), your hCG level should be around 10 mIU. Depending on the sensitivity of the pregnancy test you are using, you might be able to get a very light positive result at this point. It’s not likely, but it is possible.

If you were able to wait two more days (2 days before your period), your hCG levels would be around 20 mIU. Your chances of getting a distinct positive result is much better at this point. Most of the pregnancy tests available today are able to detect at around 20 – 25 mIU of hCG.

Not every woman will get results this early. If you happen to have a slow moving fertilized egg that doesn’t implant until 10 DPO, you will not get a positive result until closer to when your period is due.

Also, the doubling rate of the hCG is a variable. The hCG typically doubles every 2 to 3 days. If your hCG is doubling more slowly, a positive result will not show up until later.

So, When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test?

Unless you are a glutton for punishment and have a large disposable income, waiting until 2 or 3 days before your period is due or 11 or 12 days past ovulation to test would be a good option. But know, a negative result at that point does not mean you are not pregnant. It could be that you are still testing too early based on when your baby implanted and how fast the hCG is doubling.

If you can hold out and wait until AFTER your period was supposed to start, you will get the most reliable results at this point.

Blood Based Pregnancy Tests

If you just can’t wait, you might be able to get quicker results by visiting your doctor for a blood test. Blood tests will measure the hCG in your blood so it bypasses the possibility that your urine is not as concentrated as it needs to be to produce a positive pregnancy test result. That morning coffee and other liquids may contribute to false negative results very early on in your pregnancy.

Depending on the lab, a positive result will be between 5 mIU and 25 mIU of hCG in the blood sample. If the result is at the lower end of a positive result, you will likely have to go back and get another blood test just to make sure the amount is going up.

The accuracy is variable though depending on the lab your doctor uses and what level of hCG is considered a positive result.

  • Momma wannabe

    My husband and I are actively trying to get pregnant. I have been using ovulation tests to track my ovalulation. I got a positive ovulation last wednesday, which means I ovulated on day 19-21 of my cycle. I had some light brown spotting today. If I successfully conceived it would have been last Wed or Thursday. Could this be implantation bleeding and when should I plan to tale a home pregnancy test? Thank you in advance for any advice!

    • sammy

      hi momma wannabe , was it a positive test when u tested hun , my hubby and I are planning

  • KeepinBlitzesAway

    This information seems very old, and is inaccurate. You can get home tests that will detect as low as 10miu. This lower threshold for miu allows you to test MUCH sooner, getting an accurate result as early as 8dpo (though some women don’t build up to 10miu until day 10 or later, so if you want to test early and get a negative, I’d retest to be safe, since they are cheap!).
    They are INEXPENSIVE (I got 10 tests for under $14), so you can start testing on day 8, and don’t feel bad about testing everyday for the next week in case you are anxious.

    Wondfo pregnancy test 10 miu, I got mine on Amazon.

    • Wondfo tests are not 10miu. They are 25miu. There are 10miu tests but our experience has shown them to be variable in results.

      • KeepinBlitzesAway

        Wondfo offers both 10miu AND 25miu.
        Would love links to any info you have on clinical trials. thanks!

        • What’s the url to an amazon listing where Wondfo sells the 10miu? We sell the wondfo brand on this website and they didn’t have 10miu when we ordered wholesale from them. We used to sell the 10miu tests and we received way too many complaints about them not working as they should have – negative results when people are definitely pregnant. They did work for the majority but we were never able to really figure out why the results were not consistent across all users.

          • sherniece

            hi i ouvlation on the 9th of may 2014 but i have sex on the 7th i was at my high poirt… is there a changes i could get pregnant or be pregnant

          • Kay86

            I’m in the same boat as you are,I ovulated on the 4th of May and I also had intercourse that very same evening,could I have a chance of being pregnant,can someone please help us out with that,when should I test

  • wanttobemommie

    My window of ovulation was the 4-6 of oct. Which I stopped bc the period before. I have had cramps headaches.peeing more. Moody and 6 days late on my period. But I took a hpt and it came out neg today.(18days after intercorse) could I be pregnant or. Is the neg test probly righr?

    • It’s hard to say, unfortunately. The first months of coming off hormonal birth control can really mess with what was originally a normally occurring cycle.

    • wanttobemommie

      I was on the nuva ring. Which does jot go thru your blood system. So I was told there would be no with draw symptoms. And it been about 3 weeks and my boobs are hurting more and more. Im peeing more and more. And I been cramping 3 weeks now. Took 3 test one each week and all neg. But I have pcos and thyroid problems. So idk is a pee test would work at onlt 3 weeks

      • The nuvaring can cause hormonal imbalances when you stop using it. It can take your system a little while to get back to normal. The only way to know if you are pregnant or not is for a positive pregnancy test or for your period to come.

  • Samantha H

    My period was sept 12 and we had unprotected sex randomly all month. That was my first period off of my iud. Took two pg tests today and neg. waiting til my period decides to show up or not. Thinking about testing in a week again, do you think I could be preggers? I’m hoping so!

    • It really depends on the type of iud you were using. Some IUD’s use low dose hormones which alter your hormonal imbalance. If you were using one of those it can take a while your your system to get back to normal.

      • Samantha H

        Thank you for getting back to me:) I’m not pregnant this month and you are right! I went to my dr and she said the same thing to me about the iud. It took me about three months to get pregnant with my son after we took out my first iud.

  • Gemma

    Hi I have PCOS and been trying for a baby for a few years, dont have regular cycles but have come on 35-37 last 2months. we have had clomid treatment once in December and blood tests showed I ovulated..was unable to make next appointment so done a home ovulation test day 21 and came back positive. Anyone know how reliable these are with PCOS or was I likely to have a false positive ovulation result? Or with PCOS could it say im ovulating but im not actually producing a suitable egg? Any help please?

  • Hopeful, but Anxious!

    Hi! I have been TTC for over 2 years and have just finished my first cycle of Clomid this month. I took it on days 5-9, which was the 9th-13th. I used the opk’s up through the 23rd (stopped only because I ran out, and understood ovulation was to occur generally between the 5th and 10th days after last dose). Ultimately, I didn’t have a positive kit result at all, but assumed that maybe I missed the window because I only tested twice a day over a couple of days, and in the past I’ve had very short windows where the hormones show up (using the opk’s). I’m wondering if its at all possible to ovulate much later during one’s cycle on clomid? I typically ovulate between the 11th and 13th day of my 28-day cycle. I’m wondering because I’ve been super dry-no detectable cervical mucus until a couple of days ago, and today (Feb 28th) was the first day it was very slippery/eggwhite consistency (sorry about possible TMI!). The last time we tried was on Sunday (the 23rd, and 10th day after finishing Clomid). Now I’m wondering if its at all possible to be just ovulating now, with the husband gone all day?! Ugh…so anxious!

  • Amy Lyrock

    I had my copper based iud taken out last month and we had sex 2 weeks straight through ovulation and everything. I have sore breasts, nausea, every symptom from my prior pregnancies except a positive test. I am not suppose to start until Wednesday I feel pregnant. What do you think my chances are? I have never had a problem conceiving before.

    • Kimberlee

      I had the same and had it removed may 16 2013 still no luck, I go in 2 weeks to see if it messed me up 🙁

    • Youknow

      You know what would help, not being a home wrecking whore and stealing someone’s husband of 8 years. Then try to have his baby because you’re grasping at any chance of allowing him to support you and your 3 children.

  • curious mind

    Please help me …
    I took to pregnancy test the sametime just now. One digital and one with the lines …. the digital one said no and the one with the lines had 2 line but one was very faint but i can see it ….. my period suppose to come one the 17th …. but i have every pregnancy symptom so thats y i checked. But which test is accurate

    • It could be that you have a low level of hcg in your system and the digital test did not pick up on it. Test again in a day or two, first thing in the morning before drinking anything. If you are pregnant, you should get a darker, more prominent test line.

  • curious mind

    Should i take another test?

  • nikki

    Hi I am 44 and going through menopause and it been 2yrs since I had my period can I still get pregnant

    • If you haven’t had a period for that long, chances are you are menopausal which means you will not be able to get pregnant. To be sure though, you should talk to your doctor and have them test your hormones. They will be able to say whether or not you are truly menopausal.

  • mommy12

    if i had sex the same day i ovulated how long do i wait ro take a pregnancy test

  • Guest

    My husband and I trying to get pregnant, and we had sex 8 days after my period so now I’m feeling dizzy every times and I lose some weight, I took 2 pregnancy test 3 days before my miss period they are negative and my breasts are very sore and tender do you guys can help me cause I’m very stressful

    • Until your period arrives, there is a chance that you are pregnant. If your period does not arrive and the tests keep coming back negative, you might want to contact your doctor to find out what is going on.

  • idontunderstand

    I don’t understand why my test why my test was negitive. I had intercorse three times during my fertile days last time was 2 days before ovulating. We didn’t use protection and he didn’t pull out all three times(trying to conceive) but I took a clear blue 4days before period test, I took the test two days before expected period. But I did my research so we could conceive makes no sense that I’m not pregnant. Help !! Why would my test be negitive I am 23 too so healthy age

    • You have to realize that even with perfect timing, it can take time. It is a game of percentages:

      30 percent get pregnant within the first cycle (about one month)

      59 percent get pregnant within three cycles (about three months)

      80 percent get pregnant within six cycles (about six months)

      85 percent get pregnant within 12 cycles (about one year)

      If you drink, smoke, use drugs, are over/under weight, then you will be negatively impacting your chances of getting pregnant as well. Are you using ovulation tests to confirm that you are actually ovulating when you think you are?

      • Veincy

        Hii Vickie..m from India,HV posted here fr d first tym,m 26 n planning to concieve since 4 yrs,I Neva gt pregnant.. HV pcos and got laparoscopy done in Oct ,hv not ovulated after Oct at all my periods r irregular and m on obimet sr 50mg,I found out on google DAT vitex is helpful but I don’t think gyno over here will prescribe me dat wat shld I do I feel lyk all d doors r closed fr me

        • Vitex is an herb. Not something your doctor needs to prescribe. You can typically get it at a health food store. (At least you do in the United States. I am not sure how you would get it living in India.)

      • Tasia Boo

        I have a question? If my period usually come on the ninth of every month but in febuary it came on febuary 4 i had un protected sex on feb 13 feb 16 febuary 21th febuary 25
        And so on i been feel nausea tired stomach pain when could i take a pregnant test again cause all of the test saying negative i feel very strange…

        • You could probably test in a day or two and get accurate results.

  • dee

    I need help ! I ovulated March 9, 2015 thru March 13, 2015. My husband and I had intercourse all week with hopes of conceiving. Only 2 days later I’m nauceous have painful headaches, my husband has been throwing up as well, could it b possible to have these symptoms so soon? Also we had intercourse during my last cycle through ovulation. Someone pls help me

    • If your husband is throwing up, I would guess that you two have some sort of virus. You should be able to test about 3 days before your period is due to find out if you got pregnant this month.

  • Leanne

    Hi. Hubby and I did the deed on 5 March 2015, my cycle tracker says I was fertile 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 March and Ovulated 8 March, we only did it that once as we are not trying nor are we preventing… Is there a high chance I can get pregnant from that one time and when should I test? I’m expecting my period to start on Sunday 22 March 2015…but just can’t wait lol

    • As healthy sperm can survive up to 5 days after ejaculation, you timed it well for pregnancy. 🙂 You might want to wait until the 20th to test as most tests on the market will give you accurate results if you are pregnant at that point.

    • Whoops! I just noticed that is was an older post. Sorry for not replying before now. Did you get a positive pregnancy test?

      • Leanne

        No 🙁

        • I am sorry to hear that. I hope you have success soon!

  • Reyna Perez

    I had unprotected sex and he came in me, on March 27th and I ovulated on the 29th. I took a blood pregnancy test 5 days after I ovulated on April 3rd, and on April 7th the results came back negative. I’ve honestly been feeling different. Was it to soon to test? I need someone to please answer back. Thank you.

    • Yes it was early. A pregnancy test will give you accurate results about 2 days before your period is due.

    • Kayla Jackson

      It was most likely to early to test.

      Have you tried testing again?

  • Tanya Wells

    Is it possible to get pregnant even when he has low sperm count I would like to know

    • it is possible, but it is harder.

      • Christine

        I heard smoking Marijuana lowers sperm count. What if u smoked heavy for years but quit 2 months prior to having unprotected sex with a girl 5 days before her ovulation day.

  • brandi

    @amylyrock:disqus @earthsmagic:disqus hi im brandi , so im 7dpo . my last mp was 03/22 a week later I notice the egg white from 4/2 -4/6 my ovulation date was 04/05 me and my partner sexed 6/5/4/3/ I been feeling bloated , dull cramps , seen a SINGLE dot of blood yesterday 4/12 the day of my implantion date . . I haven’t realy seen no discharge now im on the “waiting train” my next expected period is 4/19 im hoping she don’t come but I just need a lil advise should I be excited .

    • Did your period come?

      • brandi

        yes im still trying

  • Angielou123

    I ovulated yesterday and had sex 3/4 days ago. Shall I still have sex today or tomoro or will that be too late?

    • brandi

      yes it might be to late to late the day of and the day after best result

    • Kayla Jackson

      I read online that before you ovulate you should have sex 1-2 days before ovulation and also on ovulation if you are trying to get pregnant.

      Hope this helps(:

  • Angielou123

    I ovulated yesterday and had sex 3/4 days ago. Shall I still have sex today or tomoro or will that be too late?

  • Kayla Jackson

    So I’m trying to get pregnant I ovulated April 16 we had intercourse on the 15&16 when should I take a test? I’m not sure if it’s me or my bf because I have a 6 year old and I don’t know why it’s taking so long for me to get pregnant again.:(

    • You can take a test a day or two before your period is due.

      • Kayla Jackson

        Okay well I haven’t taken a test yet and I am two days late my boyfriend’s mom said to wait for a week if my period still doesn’t start test I just want to know now how soon should I test?

        • Kayla Jackson

          I went to my dr and tooj a urine test I am 4 days late now the results were negative tho they said if I don’t start in a week to go back.

          • You should be able to test as soon as you miss your period, but the longer you wait the higher the concentration of hcg will be. When you do decide to test, make sure you use your first morning urine as the hcg is most concentrated before you eat or drink anything.

          • Kayla Jackson

            I just had the blood test done today I should know by this afternoon I will let you guys know I am now 12 days late from my period so we will see(:

          • Kayla Jackson

            So when I took the blood test the results came out negative idk what’s going on im keeping faith I am now 17 days late so by Friday I will take another test.

  • Christine

    I don’t normally track my ovulation. I have not been on birth control for years but I know I’m very fertile since I have 5 kids already. But I do track my periods. My friend told me about this period app for your phone. So I downloaded it the other night. i am a little worried now. I had sex around 1 am may 2 Without protection and this app said my fertile window Starts may 2 and my ovulation day is may 7th. I know sperm can stay in ur system for upto 5 days. Should I be concerned. My husband was always a heavy weed smoker for years But he quit smoking for 2 months prior to this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Unfortunately, it is hard to say if pregnancy could happen. It would be a pretty small chance because you do have a longer time frame to wait for ovulation. Most of the sperm will die a couple of days before you actually ovulate.

  • Shyegrl81

    Ok so I have been reading all of these different forums like its my job & going crazy. Finally I am deciding to get some input as to what the heck to do or what to think…..Ok, here it goes, I had the nexplanon implant removed on 4/10/15. Still have not had a period, however, I am 99% sure I ovulated on 4/30/15. Not to give tmi but I had the “egg white” cm for 2 days before that date & the most on that date. My fiance & I had sex the couple days before & all the way through that following weekend not missing many days in between. After that, starting the weekend of 5/8/15 I started having symptoms such as mood swings, nausea, severe fatigue, slight cramping. I have no idea how long my cycles are, I didn’t get a period while on nexplanon or for the 5yrs prior while using the mirena. On 5/12/15-5/14/15 I had really bad cramping. If I were to calculate based on the day that I ovulated I was figuring my period would show up around 5/14/15, and with the cramping I figured it had to be on its way. Well today is 5/15/15 & still no period & still keep getting negative pregnancy tests. Without getting a period, without knowing how many days my cycle is how am I possibly supposed to know when to test & if I have tested & gotten negatives up until yesterday (5/14/15) should I just give up? Thank you in advance for your advice.

    • While the egg white cervical mucus is a good sign of ovulation, it doesn’t necessarily mean you ovulated. Your body will be trying to get back to normal after your years on hormonal birth control so you will see signs of things coming back over the coming months. Having said that, some women return to fertility pretty quickly. If you were to have gotten pregnant this month it should be showing a positive result now or very soon.

  • gaby

    hello ladies im confused i had my period on march 17.2015 which i found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks had a chemical pregnacy causing me to bleed at april 28.2015-may,3.2015 and after this bleeding stopped i got a negative pregnancy and went to clinic on may 5 and may 20th and both still negative and next period was expected on may,26.2015 with my period tracker but no period so far so on may,7 i took a hpt and was a BFP and on may 28 with my first morning pee it was negative what can this mean??

    • What has your doctor said about this? It could be that you need a blood test to confirm whether or not you are pregnant.

      • Gaby Barrientos

        i go in for a blood test tommorow still no period and still negative pg test i took an opk test on june 4 was posiitve until yesterday went back negative june 8 im just no sure if its possible to get a positive opk without having a period

  • prayingmom

    Hey I miscarried on May 6 , 2015 at about 4 weeks and my cycle lasted close to two weeks on and off but I’m pretty sure I ovulated on May 19 . Me and my fiance had sex on May 15th and 20th and I’m wondering am I pregnant because I haven’t had another cycle yet and before the miscarriage my cycles were averaged to be 25 days apart.

    • I’m sorry to hear of your loss. If you know you ovulated on the 19th then you timed intercourse well for achieving pregnancy. You should be able to test on Wednesday or Thursday to see if you are pregnant. Good Luck!

      • prayingmom

        Thanks . I’m not sure if it was ovulation but my vagina area was much wetter and I had some thick mucus discharge once when I wiped so I’m pretty sure it was ovulation , I looked up other symptoms to confirm signs of ovulation . But again thanks because I started testing today , which was too early .

      • prayingmom

        Hey I took a test today and it came out negative . I still fell nauseous and was cramping all day Sunday and Monday but now I have no cramps… Could it be my period is just late ? I scheduled an appointment with my ob but it isn’t until Monday .

        • promy

          Hie prayingmom how far are you now

  • promy

    Hie everyone, I had depo in October 2014 for my first and last I didn’t have period from October up to February, it was on march 3 when I have some spotting which takes 7 says to stop and I have the other spotting in April 2 and last on 5, on 1st may I started taking pregnacare since my husband and I we are trying for a baby and on 13 may I start bleeding it was a heavy one it didn’t stop up to when stop taking the pregnacare and start on folic acid the thing is I have the ovulating test on 29 may which comes positive is there any chance I can be pregnant without getting my normal periods???

    • If you had sex when you got the positive ovulation test, then yes there is a chance that you could get pregnant. It could be that your body is returning to normal operation now.

      • promy

        Thanks for replying since my fingers are crossed I can’t just wait to have positive results

      • promy

        Hie again sorry ti bother am just wondering how long does the ovulation last, because I just had the other test now and it shows positive so confused

        • That doesn’t really look like a positive to me as the test line is a bit lighter than the control line. An ovulation test is only positive when the test line is the same darkness or darker than the control line.

  • Emilyfc

    Please help, i am so lost

    I have been on depo for 3 years and didnt go back for the next injection that was due last year november.

    Since then my periods havent returned properly but ive been getting them, so on 18th may 15 i had sex, then started my period on 19th may 15, i went and got the morning afterpill on 20th may. My period ended on 25th may and i had sex on may 27th and the condom split, but i didnt think anything of it as i just finished my period (silly me) i started to do some research and downloaded a period app which said i was due to ovulate on the 2nd June 15. I read my fertile period is a few days before and i had sex 6 days before, i also read sperm can live in the vagina for up to 7 days, i had been checking my CM a few days before ovulation and it was thick and dry, on and after the day of ovulation it was white and a bit watery, today it has gone back to being thick.

    is there a chance i could be or become pregnant?

    • Sperm can only survive for UP TO 5 days after ejaculation. The vast majority of them do not last that long. I don’t think you would have gotten pregnant with the broken condom issue unless you are off on your estimation when you would ovulate. To add to your stress, the Morning After Pill can cause odd changes in your cycle so your period may show up later due to that.

    • Sperm can only survive for UP TO 5 days after ejaculation. The vast majority of them do not last that long. I don’t think you would have gotten pregnant with the broken condom issue unless you are off on your estimation when you would ovulate. To add to your stress, the Morning After Pill can cause odd changes in your cycle so your period may show up later due to that.

      • Emilyfc

        Thanks for the reply, He did come inside me tho, so could there be a chance or definite no?

        • If you had sex 6 days before the chances of being pregnant are very very slim. But since you have no way to confirm when you actually ovulated, you can’t say there is no chance at all.

  • Tatum Peters

    hi, I just got off the depot provea shot about 3 months ago. I had unprotected sex on May 30. I had very clear and slippery cm that day also. He said he “did his business” three times inside of me. I am not planning nor preventing getting pregnant. I took two ovulation test the next day and they both came back positive. I am now extremely fatigue and constipated. My next expected period would be June 18. When should I take a test???

    • If you think you are pregnant, you would want to use a test 1 or 2 days before your period is due. You should get a positive at that time if you are pregnant.

    • If you think you are pregnant, you would want to use a test 1 or 2 days before your period is due. You should get a positive at that time if you are pregnant.

  • Jessica

    I’m suppose to start June 17th, I feel pregnant, my husband and I have had a lot of sex and I was ovulating and fertile, I took a test this morning and it said negative and my ovulation app said it’s too early and levels want show up that soon. My period was may 10th last month and.lasted 3 days

    • If your period is due on the 17th, the earliest you might get a positive test result would be the 14th. You are testing way too early.

  • Curious

    Hi. I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not… I’m 9 days past my cycle and I’ve taken 2 pregnancy test on two different occasions and both came back negative. I have not had any menstrual cramping of any kind (in which I usually do), what is the best advice for my situation at the moment?

  • Nicole

    Hi, my husband and I are trying for our first. My cycles are very irregular and still haven’t gotten very far trying to chart our first year. I have been off of birth control for 4-5 months now and have been using natural oils to help regulate my cycles. It is all natural and would only help assist in having a period more regularly which would help to have more regular ovulation’s. I recently bought ovulation tests to start tracking exactly when I ovulate. I’m in the process of looking for a new doctor as mine is all for birth control and won’t give me more options. She says my periods are irregular because I don’t ovulate but she ran tests that proves that isn’t true. Right now we are trying not to get our hopes up we have let them up and got disappointed a few times now. My last periods start date was May 7th and it lasted 7 days. I am now on cycle day 43. The last few months I have been around 36-42. The longest I have went in the last year was 52 days. We weren’t charting very much this month and since my bbt thermometer stopped working I used a regular thermometer roughly around the same time every morning. I wanted to share this as I have charted from the 22nd on and have had 19 days in which stayed high which my charting program stated it signaled pregnancy. We had sex May 21st which the next morning I was spotting a little bit and my boobs were extra sore. We also had sex June 3rd. We aren’t sure when I ovulate either time may have been during ovulation. I personally think I ovulated around the 21st due to symptoms. If so I could be 3 or 6 weeks pregnant. For the past 4 days by the afternoon into the evening I am struggling with nausea, dizziness, lower stomach cramping, and constipation/diarrhea. I know this isn’t a sickness or food poisoning. I have also been a little bloated and more tired. I noticed my boobs have been more itchy and hurt a little however, I have also been tanning for the summer and got a tiny burnt last week that may cause that. Not wanting to believe I could be pregnant and get let down again. I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning with first morning urine and it said negative. For some reason it just doesn’t seem right I really think as much as I don’t want to get let down again, I think I am pregnant. I don’t even feel like I really peed on that test correctly even though the line was there. Should I trust the test and say I’m not pregnant or should I retest? What do you think? Also, if so, should I retest in a few days or wait a week?

    • If you are having the symptoms, I would test again if your period is still not here. I would wait a couple of days to test though. Good luck!

  • Ciera

    I found out

  • Ciera

    I found out I was pregnant in mid April…unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage in late May. I was 9 weeks and 2 days. But after some minor blood loss an ER ultrasound confirmed the fetus had died:( While it was VERY SAD, my body naturally expelled all traces of the pregnancy (No D&C needed). About 2 weeks after the miscarriage was over I felt myself ovulate, I even wiped and saw brownish mucus that looked a little blood tinged. I have been having sex with my husband frequently since the bleeding stopped. Keep in mind, I continued to take pregnancy tests after the miscarriage to track my HCG levels and make sure they were returning to normal. Now on 6/18/15 I’m having serious pregnancy symptoms! Sore breasts, bloating, bouts of nausea, mild headaches, fatigue, and mild cramping. But EVERY test has been negative. I really want to get pregnant again soon! Any suggestions??

  • Marie

    Hello i’m 44 and I was suppose to have started somewhere between 7 and 11 days ago….I’ve taken some tests and they show negative…but I’ve also taken some ovulation tests and they’ve shown negative too. So I don’t know if i’m testing to soon or if I should be worried due to my age….I really don’t want to have to go to the doctor to soon just in case it wouldn’t show up on his tests too. My main concern is that I don’t want to do anything that could be bad for the baby (just in case) if i’m pregnant. I have some of the symptoms on the “LIST” but I don’t know if that’s because i’m pregnant or for some other reason….any suggestions???

  • mommagraening

    Hello there…So I got my IUD out July 2014 and have been TTC ever since. I didn’t get a period after my IUD was taken out until Oct when my Dr gave me provera to force a cycle. Then I cycled on my own in Dec and then again in March also in March I started Clomid. I took Provera again in May to force my cycle and then followed up with my clomid as well. What I don’t know is if I was to test the 12 days after ovulation (had a positive OPK ) if I would get an accurate HPT result since my cycles have been normally longer. Any idea? Thank you

    • What does your doctor say about your odd periods? Did they test you for PCOS? Well, as for when to test, it is hard to say. Most people will be able to use a pregnancy test about 2 weeks after ovulation and get a positive result if they are pregnant.

      • mommagraening

        Thanks for the reply. My doctor hasn’t gave me the PCOS diagnosis yet and stated that as long as I cycle every three months then there isn’t much to worry about. I have opted to do the provera and clomid every month for better chances at getting a positive HPT. I forgot to mention that I have had 3 kids 9,8,3 (with my ex husband) that are all happy and healthy. I am just so confused on what is going on with my body and want it back to normalcy

        • If you are trying to get pregnant, irregular cycles really cause an issue 🙂 If you think you have pcos like symptoms, you might want to get your doctor to check it out and if he refuses, you might want to look at finding another doctor. If you are actively trying to get pregnant, you definitely want to try and get a monthly cycle happening so you have more chances of getting pregnant in a year. Did you have regular cycles before you had the IUD in?

          • mommagraening

            I did not have irregular cycles before getting the IUD in. I went through a very stressful divorce and I just quit having cycles after my daughter was born in Aug 2012 I had the IUD placed in April 2013. I will call my Dr to get more info on the PCOS and what we should do from here on out. Thanks for all your quick replies

          • mommagraening

            Hello Vickie B. I just wanted to update you on great news. I am currently 5+ weeks pregnant and will go in next week for an ultrasound to confirm due date etc!!! Yay boy it’s been one heck of a year of trying but I am glad we never gave up! Thanks for all your advice!

  • Brandi Scott

    @earthsmagic:disqus im ttc and being trying for a while… my period just got back on track last month i come on the 10th…. so i came on june 10 got off june15 fertile window from 21-26 and had intercourse the entire window with using pre-seed … now what ? the two week wait ?

    • You are going to have to wait until 2 or 3 days before when you think your period is due to start to take a pregnancy test. Though, as your period just came back, the appearance of your next period might not be when you think it will be.

  • sierra

    I had sex right after my period stopped my period came on, on June 18 and stopped on June 21 and u had sex June 22 can I be pregnant ???

  • Stephanie Fantasia Windle

    I had sex June 28 which was day 15 of my cycle, which according to my calendar was the day after my fertile window ended. My last period started June 14-18. Today, July 2 I have been experiencing slight nausea. Should I be counting from June 14 to now, which means I am two weeks pregnant or do I count from June 28 to now which means its only been 5 days since possible conception and then it would perhaps be too early to experience any symptoms. Also I am noticing that I still have a small amount of wetness/stickiness down there.

  • Brittany Kirby

    I’m 2 months late I already took a pregnancy test it told me not pregnant…should I was 2 more months to take the test again

  • Deonna

    My boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby. My period started on the 25th of June and I had unprotected sex on the 7th,9th,10th, and 11th. My cycle is 28 days. And I feel like I’m pregnant should I take a test?

  • Neicey

    I had my last period the first week of June today July 15th and still no period. My breast are full and tender. I have been tired and moody. I want to test so bad that I am otw right now to buy a very cheap pregnancy test. I think I am pregnant but I will soon know as anxiety is driving me crazy. If I am it will explain a lot of things like the headache I have right now. Lol. My fingers crossed. I have been trying for 3 years with my husband. God bless us all.

    • Neicey

      It was positive. I’m 10 weeks now. Due n March

  • Marquita

    Hi. I have been trying to get pregnant. i have already ovulated. Why am I still getting two lines on my ovulation test?

  • Vanessa

    I’m starting to believe I may have Oed yesterday (Wednesday)! I had been having dull abdominal cramps like AF is on her way ,but I don’t think so… not just yet! I took an OPK and the test line was stoner than the control ,so I’m assuming I did ovulate. And now the cramps and lower back pain are are completely gone this morning! However, I slightly felt that way last week Tuesday but not as intense. My hubby were able to get a quick BD in last evening! So we BD’ed Sunday and yesterday (Wednesday evening). Thinking I Oed last night. As well as a coulpe times last week when I thought I Oed and a day preO and post.

    What do you think my chances are this cylce!? We’re both young healthy adults. I am 21 he is 25. First baby. We don’t care about gender just a healthy little one !
    I got off bcp roughly 30 days ago.

  • ashley

    I had sex sept 7th we noticed the condom was left inside me the next morning i took it out and it was empty. Could i gt pregnant that way and is it to soon to test. Help me plz im confused

  • Tiffany loving my 3

    If my period was Sept 9th to Sept 19th and Ovulation was Sept 19th when should I test? SINCE SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 everyday I’ve tested since then until today October the 3rd my ovulation tests been showing two lines, what does this means? I CAN’T spend the syndrome due to I have no feelings in my breast due to a breast reduction.

  • Tiffany loving my 3

    If my period was Sept 9th to Sept 19th and Ovulation was Sept 19th when should I test? SINCE SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 everyday I’ve tested since then until today October the 3rd my ovulation tests been showing two lines, what does this means? I CAN’T spend the syndrome due to I have no feelings in my breast due to a breast reduction. I used Clomid to help conceive for the first time. So far all happen is headache, sickness out of no where, nausea, pain in back a little, pain in lower right abdomen area and tiredness can’t say if it’s from work or not really haven’t had any taste for food this has happen with my 1st daughter…
    I have type two Diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • Tiffany loving my 3

    If my period was Sept 9th to Sept 19th and Ovulation was Sept 19th when should I test? SINCE SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 everyday I’ve tested since then until today October the 3rd my ovulation tests been showing two lines, what does this means? I CAN’T spend the syndrome due to I have no feelings in my breast due to a breast reduction. I used Clomid to help conceive for the first time. So far all happen is headache, sickness out of no where, nausea, pain in back a little, pain in lower right abdomen area and tiredness can’t say if it’s from work or not really haven’t had any taste for food this has happen with my 1st daughter…
    I have type two Diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • Tiffany loving my 3

    If my period was Sept 9,2015 to Sept 16th and Ovulation was Sept 19th when should I test? SINCE SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 everyday I’ve tested since then until today October the 3rd my ovulation tests been showing two lines, most are dark at both lines what does this means? I CAN’T pend the syndrome due to I have no feelings in my breast due to breast reductions 4 times less then a year. I used Clomid to help conceive for the first time. So far all happen is headache, sickness out of no where, nausea, pain in back a little, pain in lower right abdomen area and tiredness can’t say if it’s from work or not really haven’t had any taste for food this has happen with my 1st daughter(tiredness for work, never really had to urinate much and lost of taste for food I had to make myself eat)
    I have type two Diabetes so I take metformin 2000mg a day and high blood pressure.

    • DaniAHassertt

      Tiffany, those test are not positive. The test line must be as dark or darker than the control line. Only in pregnancy test does just two lines mean positive. I’ve used those same tests before.

  • sharon

    had sex during period and after am I pregnant

  • Tiffany loving my 3

    If my period was Sept 9,2015 to Sept 16th and Ovulation was Sept 19th when should I test? SINCE SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 everyday I’ve tested since then until today October the 3rd my ovulation tests been showing two lines, most are dark at both lines what does this means? I CAN’T pend the syndrome due to I have no feelings in my breast due to breast reductions 4 times less then a year. I used Clomid to help conceive for the first time. So far all happen is headache, sickness out of no where, nausea, pain in back a little, pain in lower right abdomen area and tiredness can’t say if it’s from work or not really haven’t had any taste for food this has happen with my 1st daughter(tiredness for work, never really had to urinate much and lost of taste for food I had to make myself eat)
    I have type two Diabetes so I take metformin 2000mg a day and high blood pressure. On 10/07/15 I got a negative on my pregnancy test and on 10/09/15 I experienced heart burns for the 1st time out of my Life, pain in my lower back area, FEEL like I have to vomit but it’s not coming up. What could this be?

  • Beebee

    So I got my period last month on the 4th I’m late I had sex on the 21st I’m always feeling sick and noshes I took a test and it said negative is it to early to tell if I’m pregnant?

  • mommy-1

    Hi i was hoping someone could help me. My period was 4 days late last month now i started my last period on Nov 17 it lasted until the 20th i ovulated on the 26th and my period was due dec 9th. Here it is early in the morning on the 13th of Dec. Would it be wise of me to wait a few days then test or should i test today since I’m 17-18 dpo?

  • Alexis1978

    My first day of cycle is Nov 25, and took clomid on cycle day 5-9, I had unprotected sex on cycle day 17 only, is it possible I can get pregnant? When to test for pregnancy please???

    • Leelee

      It’s possible but you you have to have sex every other day starting the fifth day AFTER your last Clomid pill. Every other day for five sessions. But take ovulation tests so you know your peak. Clear blue gives you the best and easiest understanding for ovulation prediction. After your ”peak ” (when you ovulated) wait ten days and then go get a blood test.

  • Samantha

    Hi ladies I am hoping to get some advice from someone on here. I got my period on January 25, thought my cycles would be the same as when I was on para guard, (28 days long ) but I bought clear blue ovulation testing and got my solid smiley face on the 11th day of my cycle so does that mean my cycle is only 22 days long or just 28 still and ovulated early? I had sex with my husband on the 4th due to solid smiley face!!!! Today is the 15th can I test now or do I wait ? At this point I do not know how long my cycle is but I know when I ovulated. PLS HELP!!!

    • Amber

      I am in a similar boat! I stopped taking BC, and started my period on the 30th of January. I started using ovulation tests, and got a circle on Saturday the 6th, and a smiley face on Sunday the 7th (high fertility), and the flashing smiley face on Monday the 8th (peak fertility). I had EW mucus on Monday as well. We sex’d on both Sunday and Monday (he left for work Tuesday morning, so we could only get those two days in). Because I was on birth control for the last year, my cycle was 28 days long, but I got that smiley face on day 10 and the flashing smiley on day 11…. soooo when can I take a pregnancy test? Technically I am on day 26 of my 28 day cycle, but I took a test Sunday night before bed and got one “error” messsage, and one negative.

      • Jessica

        You could possible wait a week to two weeks or two days before your missed period

  • Viviz Davalos

    i haven’t got my period for the last 3 months so i used an ovulation test itwas positive and i had unprotected sex with my husband that same night. how high are my chances of getting pregnant?? please help.

  • Amber

    I didn’t ovulate until day 23 (February 25th) of my cycle and I am now on day 32 (March try 4 days late) with no period how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test

    • Jo

      I’m in the same position today – did you find out 🙂

  • Cool mom

    Hi everyone,

    So, I took off my copper IUD after 4 1/2 years on Feb 18th. I had sexual intercourse with hubby Feb 19-21 consecutively. And some other days the following week. Well, my last period was Feb. 10th. I had sex last night. And today, I woke up bleeding a bit. I have taken like five tests (last one today), and are all negative. Is this my period or implantation bleeding? I have two children.

  • Badia Islam

    I need help I had a period on march 1 was the first day ,I didn’t ovulate til April 1-2 when should I test for pregnancy

  • Kisses

    Help!I have a 31 day cycle.My lmp was 04/02/2016.I had two baby losses.One ectopic 07/17/2015 and 02/17/2016.Now I know it’s soon, but I keep getting positive ovulation test 4 days in a row so far.I already feel nauseated and lightheaded. Tested for pregnancy it said negative. I have hypothyroidism so I’m on weight loss medicine from my weight loss clinic.What do I do,cause it’s important for me to find out what’s going on?

    • lstyles

      Just curious if you are testing in the morning? You could get a false positive if you are. Just wait till later in the day. And for the sickness and light headed, i’m going through the sam thin right now. I have been trying to increase my red meat intake for more iron. Seems to be helping. Good luck.

      • Taciana Dormeus

        I ovulated on the 8th of July was suppose to get my menstrual on the 29th of July I missed my period and now I’m 4 days late just took a test this morning and got a negative I don’t know wars wrong I’m usually regular with my cycles it’s making me paranoid….

        • lstyles

          I took test after test and had negative results even the blood test came back negative. Don’t know what my body was doing but I was over a month late. Take another ovulation test. When your pregnant the LH will be high enough to give you a positive. I got my first positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks pregnant. Not sure when I ovulated but it wasn’t when I was supposed to. I’m now 11 weeks. Good luck!

  • Bee

    I had sex on the 13th and 14th and if i’m right my ovulation was on the 14th how soon should I test?

  • Tiffany Hunter

    My last period was March 27th and ended March 30th. I normally have between a 28-31 day cycle. According to my period tracker I would have ovulated April 13. My fianće and I had unprotected sex and he came inside me April 16th. My period is now on day four of being late. This is when my period should have stopped. I have taken pregnancy tests at home and they have all came back negative. Could I still be pregnant?

    • Rantam

      Hi..Iam also facing the same with same dates. .anyone pls reply. .

      • Tiffany Hunter

        Finally on May 2nd I took a digital pregnancy test! It was positive! We are expecting our 3rd kid 2nd pregnancy. Had twins the first time. Find out in a few weeks if we are having one or multiples again!!!

        • Unique Davis

          How many days past ovulation were u im going thru the same thing right now im bout to be 20 days past ovulation tomorrow

          • Tiffany Hunter

            On May 2nd I was 19 days past ovulation. That day I finally got a positive test.

    • Jessy

      U ovulated on 10 12 13 of April u wasn’t ovulating on 16 so If u are pregnant it was one of ur ovulation days

  • ashlee mcgee

    Hello, I’m getting worried!! My last period was Feb 16, 2016. I had a pregnancy test taken on April 21, 2016 and it came back negative! I’m not stressing and this the longest time I haven’t had my cycle!(I’m 45 days late) Now it is may 11, 2016 and still no sign of period. The only symptom I had was nausea, and that was in April. Should I test again or wait to see if I start. Oh my scheduled period would have been may 2, 2016.

    • Amanda G Hankey

      If you have a thyroid problem that could also make you late. Just thinking about how you are will stress you out.

  • annessa

    my depot got expired so i need my another shot , but im waiting to my period,its april 22,2016 got my depot expired and its almost 2 weeks may 14 and my period is not coming, im i pregnant,im irrestable lately.

  • Unique Davis

    31 days past ovalation

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  • carolyn

    if I had unprotected sex on my ovulation day can I be pregnant ?

    • Crystal lopez

      Maybe I would buy a test if you have missed your period

    • Teddie

      Me 2 and I just wonna know the same thing

  • Sheanda

    I had my cycle june 9-13 had sex on june 19 2016 which was fathers day night… I tioj a ovulatiion test Monday morning it was positive had sed again on tuesday night should i test next week? ??

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