How Common Is A False Negative Pregnancy Test And What Causes It?

Negative Pregnancy Test

Using Home Pregnancy Tests


Home pregnancy tests are one of the most common methods used to determine pregnancy. They work by measuring the amount of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) present in the woman’s urine. When detected, hCG is a reliable indicator indicating that you are pregnant. With most standard home pregnancy tests, it is recommended that you wait until you have missed a period so that your results will be more accurate. If you are unable to wait for that to happen or need to know sooner, you may perform the test at around 12 days after the time you believe you may have conceived. Most commercially available tests have around a 97% accuracy, provided the instructions are followed correctly and the results are read in a timely manner. Many pregnancy test kits contain at least two pregnancy tests so can test again if you are unsure of the result or just want to see the positive result again.

What is a False Negative Pregnancy Test?

A false negative test indicates that you are NOT pregnant when, in fact, you are. This can lead to quite a bit of confusion and anxiety. To avoid this error, you must be aware of the possible causes for this result.

What Causes a False Negative Result?

1. Testing To Early

One of the most common reasons for a false negative result is testing too early. In order for a pregnancy test to show accurate results, you have to give your body time to produce the levels of hcg (pregnancy hormone) that the pregnancy test needs in order to trigger a positive result. Most of the tests on the market today will show a positive result around the time your period is due which is why it is recommended that you wait until you have actually missed your period before testing. Even the tests that advertise the ability to test 3 or 4 days before your period might not give accurate results at that time due to the variation in when implantation, and subsequent production of hcg, can occur in each woman.

2. Not Following Test Directions

In your intense desire to find out if you are pregnant, you rip open the package as soon as you get home, pee and soak the test. Did you look at the instructions before you did that? There is a chance that you didn’t and that could negatively affect the the reliability of the test results. Some tests will tell you how long to dip or urinate on the test. Wetting the test for too little time or for too long can create unreliable results.

3. Reading Test Results at The Wrong Time

Be sure you read the test results within the time range listed in the pregnancy test instruction. If you read the results too early, well you could have missed a positive because you weren’t patient enough to allow the full reaction time to pass. Reading the results after the time period has passed can also cause stress and inaccurate results. Can anyone relate to seeing a very faint line on the test 2 hours after tossing a pregnancy test, with what you thought was a negative result, in the trash can?? Well, while it might be a positive, you should never consider it a positive at that point. Any changes in the test that you see after the time frame outlined in the test instructions has to be considered invalid. Test again with a new test and follow the directions well this time. Using a timer will help avoid any time related invalid results.

A negative result on a home pregnancy test COULD mean that you are not pregnant, that the test was performed too early, or that there was a problem with the technique or timing. If you suspect that you are pregnant and that you received a false negative, wait for a few days and test again. If you obtain different results with other home pregnancy tests, it is highly recommended that you contact a healthcare professional and have more specific tests done to get a definite answer.

  • jj

    I took 4 pregnancy tests before a missed period, 1 normal pregnancy test which came back negative, the same day but later on i took a strip pregnancy test which came back positive and the test line was ALOT darker than the control line, and the next day i took 2 strip tests at the same time around 5:30pm that were negative, does this mean that i got a false positive?

    • earthsmagic

      Hi JJ,

      Were all the tests from the same brand? If they were different brands, it could be that the one you got the positive result on was a higher sensitivity than the other tests. If you had been drinking a lot of liquid before the tests that you took at 5:30, it could have diluted the level of hcg in your urine so the test couldn’t pick it up. Did you take another test this morning?

  • jamima

    About a week ago I took a home pregnancy test, and the result came back positive, 3 days later I took 4 strip tests, but they were the ones that said if the control line were lighter than the test line then its negative, but my friend who’s always used the same strip test said that her results were the same as mine, which still had 2 lines, then I took another one 2 days ago and the result came back negative, so I’m confused to say am I pregnant or not?

    • earthsmagic


      Typically, on pregnancy tests, any line is a positive result. It sounds like you are talking about ovulation tests. On ovulation tests, you need to have the test line be the same or darker than the control line in order to consider it a positive. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is if you don’t get your period. I’d suggest you purchase another pregnancy test, from the store, to test with.

  • jj

    Hi, and no they were the different brands and the one i got a positive on was the kind of strip tests they use in clinics, and i had been drinking quite a bit and no i haven’t took one this morning but i’m taking some more tomorrow morning x

    • earthsmagic

      Good luck!

  • Bethany Brawn

    My family history is that we don’t test positive until after 5 months, if at all. There has been many surprise babies in my family, but my doctor won’t listen to me about it. She insists that it’s impossible. in the past four weeks I’ve had many pregnancy symptoms (nausia, headaches, certain fod smells upsetting my stomach, puking, itching, diarhea, gas, wild mood swings and so on). Does anyone have any advice? I took an ept wich was neg, then a first signal 88 cent test which had one strong line and one very faint line. (barely a shadow)

    • earthsmagic

      Hi Bethany,

      The test that had a very faint line could have been an evaporation line if it was a very cheap test. Your doctor should be listening to you in regards to your family history. Maybe a switch to another doctor would be in order? Until you get confirmation that you are pregnant, treat yourself as if you are. Once you are a month late for your period, an ultrasound should show the baby’s heartbeat – if you can convince a doctor to do one. Good luck!

    • I had a shadow on my test once too. So faint almost couldn’t see the line. Nine months later we had a baby boy. Good luck!

  • sunshine

    hi i am about a week and a half late on my period. i have taken a test and it said negative but i still havnt started should i take anothe 1 or just wait for my period to start. my bf and i are getting a bit worried !!!!

  • Drsj

    I got my periods on 3rd feb 6 days prior to previous cycle doctor prescribed progesterone pills as I had bleeding only for one night and then brown discharge very minimal and also preg symptoms after 5 days I was asked to take hpt but negative, so I stopped the pills and now I got periods again on 14 th feb similar one night flow and brown discharge don’t know wat it could be, tomo I hav appointment with doc but can’t resist till then πŸ™ reply thanks

  • Ann

    Hi there,

    Okay, the last time I had sex with my boyfriend was on November 30th. Since then, I have technically had 3 periods, but all 3 only lasted about 3-4 days and were extremely light (as compared to my regular 6 days-heavy flow). I have taken 12 pregnancy tests since then (the most recent one done this morning) and they have all been negative. But for some reason, I am still not reassured. I have gained a small amount of weight in my lower stomach, and that freaks me out. Are the chances likely that I could possibly take 12 negative pregnancy tests, and still be pregnant?

    • Ann

      Side note…I’m hoping for a negative result at this point in my life.

    • earthsmagic

      Have you been to the doctor to discuss this? It could be that your system is out of whack, hence the change in how your periods are. There have been cases where the tests are negative but the woman was still pregnant. Your doctor would be the best bet to find out for sure.

      • Fafa

        Visit a doc

  • Fafa

    I last saw my period on the 10th of January and arnd 19’20 january l saw blood again…bt if lm nt wrong l ws supposed to see my period on the 8th of feb but l ddnt …l took a test on the 8th n it ws negative ….and l took another one on the 20th of feb and its negative …wat cld b the reason for delaying period…or cld b it a false negative result

    • earthsmagic

      Unfortunately, there are many reasons your period could be late. Stress, illness, changes in your schedule, changes in medicine you are taking, and hormonal changes are just a few. If your period doesn’t return to normal, you should go talk to your doctor about it.

  • K

    So I took a pregnancy test that has been sitting in my van for months in the cold, just opend It, and peed on it. It came back negative, how accurate is this? I’ve had cramping, but its gone away with no blood. Also I feel fat maybe im just fat. Thanks!

    • earthsmagic

      Well, I wouldn’t take it as 100% that you are not pregnant. If you didn’t allow the test to come back fully to room temperature, it may not have given you accurate results. Are you late for your period yet?

  • Akak123

    I was on cerazette for 6 months and stopped taking it a couple of weeks ago as I felt awful on it. I had periods on and of with some of them being more like spotting. I have not had intercourse since the beginning of December and had spotting in January but am waiting for my first “proper” period to start. Because of the lack of periods on cerazette I have been constantly paranoid I have been pregnant and since the end of December I have taken about 6 tests which a have all been negative. Is there still a chance I could be pregnant ?

    • earthsmagic

      I wouldn’t think you would be pregnant as long as you were taking cerazette every single day. When you are taking hormonal birth control, it can really mess with your periods. Actually some women like the fact that their periods disappear or become very little in duration. It is going to take a while before your body returns to normal with regular periods.

  • Jenny

    I’m a week late with no sign of period coming. I’ve had an increase in appetite, sore breasts, headaches, and moody. I took 4 tests which all came back negative. I know it’s not an ectopic pregnancy because I don’t have those symptoms. Should I wait to test again or call my doctor? II just don’t want to get my hopes up. Thank you

    • Jenny

      I forgot to mention that my periods have always been regular and the last time I missed like this I was pregnant with my son

      • earthsmagic

        I would think that either option is good. Though, having said that, you will have to go visit your doctor if you get the positive anyway πŸ™‚ Yes, I know, not much help. πŸ™‚ Basically, you need to do what will feel best for you. Good Luck!

  • ash

    Had unprotected sex 9 days ago! I took a pregnancy test this morning and lastnight both resulted negative! I’m on my period now this period color is a little brighter then normal,I did take the day after pill.what’s the likely Hood of me being pregnant????

    • earthsmagic

      Based on the information you are providing, my non-doctor guess would be that you are not pregnant. If you are concerned, I would suggest you contact your doctor regarding your concerns.

    • fly


    • Not likely at all. The pill you took is hormone based so it can change the way your cycle appears.

      • meg

        So I had a period last month at the very beginning of the month which is when I always have my period I was expecting to have my period the 2nd of this month wich was yesterday I woke up thinking I started my period because there was a little bit of blood when I went to go wipe after going pee…but it stopped after that my dicharge is completely clear and I have never had that happen before but every pregnancy test I take is showing up negative and I have followed all of the steps

  • NH

    Hi, my husband and I have been trying to fall pregnant for 9 months. We started using ovulation tests 3 months ago and we’ve had intercourse around the fertile time as well as other times. My monthly cycle is regular and 29-30days. I’m now 6 days overdue my period. I’ve had slight cramping but not the same as usual period cramp. I’ve noticed egg-white discharge for the last 2 weeks which isn’t offensive, just more than usual (I usually get it around a week before my period for a day or so) and I’m feeling bloated and moody. I’ve taken a test which was a cheap no-brand test, it showed negative πŸ™ should I buy a brand name and wait a few more days?

    • earthsmagic

      Trying a name brand would be good. You will want to do a little research to find out what has the highest sensitivity. Usually First Response or Clearblue brand names are good.

  • middnite

    Hi there,i’m kind of confused hopefully you can help,
    I got my A/F 27th Dec and 27th Jan, i had sex on the 7th Feb and 10th,my doc told me,that in order to conceive you have sex from the 14th day,followed by just have sex 2-3 times every week,but my neighbour and friend told she wrong,it’s 12, 13, 14 days are the best time to try and conceive hence confusion,thank u

    • earthsmagic

      Based on the information you provided, you cycle is 31 days long. Plugging that into our online ovulation calendar, ,

      It comes back with this information:

      Sunday 27th January 2013 – First day of your cycle
      Saturday 9th February 2013 – A little bit fertile
      Sunday 10th February 2013 – Fertile
      Monday 11th February 2013 – VERY fertile
      Tuesday 12th February 2013 – Time to ovulate
      Friday 22nd February 2013 – A home pregnancy test may work now.

      Sex on Feb 7th would be a little to early but the 10th would have been perfect timing.

      • middnite

        thank you so much,erthsmagic for answering my question,now
        i’m kinda nerves in case it says neg,i did one last week around the 20th but said neg,might have been to soon, might wait see if A/F comes on the 27th.again thank you and I’ll let you know what happends. πŸ™‚

        • middnite

          o.k at 4.30am i thought there no sign of my period coming so i bit the bullet,and did a first response it said if you do it one the day of period,it’s 99% accurate and i got 2 dark lines,IM PREGNANT i keep pinching myself, and staring at it, thank you so much earthsmagic,my partner teared up when i woke him,and showed him,i Wish everyone who is trying the best of luck,don’t loose hope. <3

          • earthsmagic

            Congratulations! Here’s to a happy, healthy nine months for you and your growing family πŸ˜€

          • middnite

            thank you so much,you gave me hope,and today i have to go back for blood test, cos they cant find my vain yesterday,i almost faited when she showed me how much blood they need,totally worth it.thank you again god bless xxXX

          • Lsr01

            Hi there sorry to butt in, I was just curious of what type of pregnancy test you used the first time when you tested negative? I’m really loosing hope πŸ™ Congrats on ur BFP!!!!

  • Okay, my fiance & I have been trying to get pregnant. We haven’t used protection in over a month & a half. Usually my period comes on the 28th, but I decided to take a pregnancy test this morning because my period came on the 18th last month….keep in mind I’ve been experiencing all the symptoms except for a missed period, but the test came back negative… is there anywayy this is a false negative or did I Maybe just test too soon?

    • earthsmagic

      Unfortunately, with out more specific details, like how long your cycle is (the number of days from the start of your period to the day before the next one starts) it is very difficult to know.

      • My cycle is pretty normal. Usually 5-7 days, then i get my period again within 28-30 days. I’m not on birth control NPR do I take any medications.

        • earthsmagic

          Hi Kendra,

          As you said your period came early last month, it could be that you are just testing at the wrong time. It sounds like something has thrown you off. Do you keep track (write down) the dates of when your period starts? That may be a good way to know sure when you should be ovulating. Don’t lose heart. It can take several months (or longer) for people to get pregnant even when they are timing everything perfectly and their systems are working as they should.

  • kaelsm11

    I got off the pill 1/25 and started my last period 1/26, we did the deed just about every day from the 9th to the 20th (honeymoon). We are really hoping to be pregnant but a took a test yesterday and negitive. I’ve had nausia, had cramps about a week ago, and haven’t started my period. My question is, I’m not sure if I took the test too early since I have no clue how long my cycle is. How long should I wait? And is more diffucult to get pregnant right away after being on the pill for 3 years? Any recommendations?

    • earthsmagic

      Unfortunately, it really takes a while for your body to return to normal after coming off hormonal birth control. Your periods will most likely be off for a while until your body levels out hormonally. Normally, now would be the time to take the test. If you are concerned, you might want to talk to your doctor about how long it should take to get back to normal fertility.

  • Lazan89

    Hi, my fiance’ and I have been trying to conceive since last year. we succeeded but unfortunately we had a m/c. We got pregnant again, which also ended in a miscarriage. I finally got a D&C on November 16, 2012 and got my first period after on December 16, 2012 (Was Not Fun AT ALL!!!) It lasted about 10 days but hasn’t returned since…I’ve taken test after test after test with a negative result each time…Could there still be a possibility that I’m pregnant??? Should I try a different brand??? BTW: My periods were NEVER normal but was told after the D&C it would have.

    • earthsmagic

      I am sorry to hear of your losses πŸ™ It almost sounds like you have a hormonal imbalance that is causing the miscarriages and the irregular periods. Did the doctors test you to find out why your periods weren’t normal?

  • chelle

    Hiya i was on depo shots for 6 months, my last one was the begging of August. My periods came back on the 23rd Dec then i had another on 21st Jan then i had some spotting on the 1st Feb not enough to wear a pad. It only lasted half a day. Then on the 9th i had unprotected sex and 3 days later on the 12th i had some pinkish spotting. I havenβ€˜t had a period and ive been feelin very sickly for about a week. i have had some achy dull headaches but put that down to the cold weather, i then started going to the toilet quite alot it kinda feels like i havent emptied my bladder properly i jus thought i mite have a urine infection. so i decided to do a pregnancy test but it came back negative. I have got 2 daughters aged 3 & 5. So i know how pregnancy feels. Also im 25. Very confused.

    • earthsmagic


      It almost sounds like you should go see a doctor in order to rule out other things causing your symptoms.

  • Bell2012


    • earthsmagic


      Unfortunately, I don’t know what to tell you πŸ™ If the period doesn’t appear and the tests keep coming back negative, you really should go see your doctor to find out what is going on.

    • goodgirl247

      I haven’t seen my period too for about a week, done like 15 HPT test, they were all negative. To ease my mind( cause there was still no sign of a period) I went to my doctor, had a pregnancy test and it was negative(thank God). So I’m noticing discharge and I guess its an infection( not sure). From what I’ve heard blood tests are very accurate so I believe my results

  • Megan

    OK So I took a pregnancy test on Sunday and got a negative…I was supposed to get my period on Monday but didn’t get it. It is now Wednesday and no period…do I need to take another test? Do you think that I got a false negative?

    • earthsmagic

      You can’t rule our pregnancy until your period arrives. If you test again and it is still negative, you might want to visit your doctor. Also, if you have had a change in your schedule, started / stopped medication, been super stressed and so on,you could throw your cycle off.

  • Bell2012

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for a response and as of today still haven’t gotten a response back.

  • dream

    I m very regular in my periods since it started. N now its 6 days past from the expected period date.I took Home Preg test e.p.t. today which came negative. M I pregnant or not? I don’t see any symptoms of pregnancy except missing period. If I take as I m pregnant, this is 6 th week.
    What should I do ? I m very tensed.
    Plz tell me what is the best time to take hptest?

    • earthsmagic

      Hi, If you are already 6 days late, a hpt should already show a positive result. There are many reasons your period could be late. Stress, illness, changes in your schedule, changes in medicine you are taking, and hormonal changes are just a few. If your period doesn’t show up soon, you should go talk to your doctor about it.

  • Lsr01

    Hi, my period is due on the 10th I took one of those target brand 5 day sooner pregnancy test, and I got a bfn πŸ™ could I still be in the run or am I out now? Also I took b6 and epo for the first time this month as I read its supposed to help with conception, I was wondering if that could’ve possibly made me ov late or affected my cycle in anyway? Thanks in advance.

    • earthsmagic


      Until you get period, there is always hope πŸ™‚ Whenever you start any supplement, you can end up changing your cycle. EPO can cause changes in the length of your cycle, until your body gets used to it.

  • Dani

    Hi I’ve been EBF my son and at 16 months my period finally came back! My husband and I have been ttc for a while now I was normal the first month then last month had my period on the 4th now it’s March 8th and still no period I took a hpt and it was negative πŸ™ do you think it’s because I’m still EBF my son? He’s a little over 18 months now.

    • earthsmagic

      I think the EBF is still playing a role in your ovulation. It may be your body is trying to return to full fertility but will just take a while to find level ground.

  • victoria

    I’m Usually regular on my periods. My last period was Dec. 24,2012 ive been having signs and sypmtons of pregnancy, this would be my 2nd child. I have had some mild cramping and really alot of discharge, its clear to white. Ive taken 5 Pregnancy tests within this last 2 months please help..

    • earthsmagic

      Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do for you here on Considering you used to have regular periods, you might want to make an appointment with your doctor to find out what is going on for you.

  • Ashley

    I had my last period 2/12/2013 had sex on all my fertile days then in 03/01/2013 I had some brown spotting for 3 days, have been feeling nauseous and boobs sore and tired took a home pregnant test this morning 03/11/2013was negative ? Can I still be pregnant ? Was that implantation ?? πŸ™ need help trying to get pregnant


    • earthsmagic


      If you have regular 28 day cycles, your period should have arrived yesterday. If it didn’t come, I would suggest another pregnancy test. – Vickie

  • Ash

    I had my last period 2/12/2013 had sex on all my fertile days then in 03/01/2013 I had some brown spotting for 3 days, have been feeling nauseous and boobs sore and tired took a home pregnant test this morning 03/11/2013was negative ? Can I still be pregnant ? Was that implantation ?? πŸ™ what is the likely hood o it being false negative or does it mean I am not pregnant

    • earthsmagic

      Until your period arrives, all tests until them could be a false negative. Your period is the only thing that will show that you are not pregnant.

      • Ash

        Thank you ok took a test tues was negative was not my first urine and took another one again right now a different brand and was negative and still no period ? Should I take another one or does this mean I am not pregnant I feel pregnant and I have 3 other kids and tested postive with them just not this one if I am is that normal ?

        • earthsmagic

          How long is your cycle normally? Based on our ovulation calendar, it shows that your period would be due today if you have a 28 day cycle. Testing again would be okay if your period doesn’t arrive, but if a week goes by and your period still has not arrived, you might want to make a doctor’s appointment just to make sure everything is okay.

          • Ash

            The ovulation calendar you have said I Gould have started the 11th. I had a iud inserted last year and got it taken out in December and inserted a Nuva ring in mid jan and took it out before that February 12 and started my period was very light and only for like 4 days I had unprotected sex the month before on my ovulation dates so I dunno if I could be pregnant since jan or newly pregnant . What do you think ? Think I am pregnant ? I feel like I am πŸ™ I just don’t know why I am not getting positive pregnant test

          • earthsmagic

            Oh, then that could be the cause of the delay. The nuva ring is a hormonal form of birth control so it probably threw you, hormonally, all out of whack. Depending on the type or IUD that can also be hormonally based as well. If the tests keep coming back negative, I would guess that you are not pregnant and that your system is just trying to regain it’s balance. .

          • Ash

            Still no period ! Did not test today, when should I test again ? Still feel pregnant even though test negative πŸ™ what is the longest wait to get positive

          • earthsmagic

            As you had the hormonal bc, it is really difficult to give you any estimates. Usually, with the sensitive pregnancy tests on the market today, you would know before your period would be due. A test should definitely give you a positive after your period should have occurred. I would guess that you are not pregnant, but you may want to visit your doctor to discuss this just to make sure.

  • KasaiCrimson

    I’m 19 years old and Idk what to do. My periods are always regular, 6-7 days long, every 28 days, 29 at the latest and a heavy to medium flow. The last time I had sex was back in Jan. but it was on my fertile days. Come Feb. my period was a day late and shorter and way lighter than usual. It was about 3 1/2 days long and a light-light medium flow. Now it’s March and my period is 8 days late. I’ve taken 6 pregnancy, 2 in Jan., 3 in Feb., and 1 today and they were all negative. Help?

    • earthsmagic

      I would suggest that you go and talk to your doctor to see what could be going on with your cycle. In addition to pregnancy, there are some things that can make your cycle longer or less regular than it once was. Stress, illness, changes in your schedule, changes in medicine you are taking, and hormonal changes are just a few.

      • KasaiCrimson

        I’ve been way more stressed than this and I still got my period faithfully, I’m not on any meds or BC and I’m not sick as far as I know. My period always comes and it’s never this late, it’s now going on 11 days of being late.

        • earthsmagic

          If you have never been late like this before, I would suggest you make an appointment talk to your doctor.

          • KasaiCrimson

            Yea I really should go, it still isn’t here. I just don’t wanna pay for a doctor visit cus my insurance isn’t up to date.

          • earthsmagic

            If you have a planned parenthood near you, you should be able to get affordable care there. Also, if you choose not to go, be sure you are treating yourself as if you are pregnant until you are sure that you are NOT pregnant – eat well, avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs, take a prenatal vitamin. Good luck.

  • Jayme

    Hi, I just went off the Nuvaring last month. Lately I’ve been feeling tired, crampy, and having unusual excessive burping :/. I should have started 2 days ago and have not yet, but have been having cramps and slight back aches. I don’t know if I’m pregnant or of these are just symptoms of going off the Nuvaring. Anyone have similar side effects of going off the Nuvaring? Or could I be pregnant?

    • earthsmagic

      Pregnancy is always possible if you have having unprotected sex. Having said that, though, as with any hormonal birth control, it can take a couple of months (or longer) for you cycle and ovulation to return to pre-birth control patterns. Every woman is different. If you keep having the symptoms, taking a pregnancy test might be in order and if you still keep feeling “off” you should discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

  • lourdes

    My last period was jan 25 2013, I took a dollar tree test maybe a few days after i expected my period, feb 23, but no+ line, i may have waited to long for results. now march 14, still no period, just lots and lots of discharge but no spotting at all and havent had any spotting since my last period! can i be stressing my body into not having a period?

    • earthsmagic

      Have you taken any other pregnancy tests since that first dollar tree test? If not, you may want to just to rule that out. Stress can most definitely affect your period. There are a lot of things that can cause a delay like stress, your weight, starting or stopping new medications, birth control, and medical issues like PCOS. If you are having a lot of discharge, you might want to talk with your doctor about all of this. Your doctor should be able to help you figure out why your period is late.

      • lourdes

        no i havent taken another…i still am getting ewcm all the time like my body is trying to ovulate! not on medication, but have gained weight recently due to stress eating. thanks for your response!

  • shauna2013

    I had a regular period jan, 09 2013 then feb 07 2013 i bleed for four days that was light enough i didnt need a pad. Took pregnancy test right after feb 07 period and it was negative. Took another test two weeks later negative. The. Two days later positive. I am now pregnant and was wondering should i go by my feb 7th period as my last menstral cycle even tho it was so lite or my jan 9th. Is possible the first few test it didnt show up on? Im showing already and shouldnt be if im only 6 weeks but the negative test are throwing me off.

    • earthsmagic

      If you are showing already, my guess is that you are farther along. There have been cases where the pregnancy test doesn’t show a positive when you would expect it to. You will most definitely want to visit your doctor in order to get an ultrasound done to find out just how far along you are.

  • tjam

    I think I am just today 2 weeks pregnant. The pee tests seem to start showing a second faint line but I went n took a blood test last week at a place n it was neg but they didbt ask how many days past my period I never missed my period till this month n I’m 7 days late n I think I concv on march 5th I go to obgyn on fri . Even with negatives but never missing my period till now u think I’m pregnant

  • yhan

    Hi, i was 10days delayed before i took a pregnancy test but it was a negative result, then the next is 14days but again negative result. im normal,,it possible for false negative?

    • earthsmagic

      Until your period arrives, you can not totally rule out being pregnant.

  • Becca

    I was due for my period on 3-16, and when it didn’t show up I took a test, It was positive, but it took a long time for it to show a positive result. Then I retested yesterday, and it was negative. This morning I saw the test in the trash and it said positive. I am so confused, I have been trying for 2+ years to have another child, but every time I have been pregnant in the past the test was positive right away.

    • earthsmagic

      Sorry for the delay Becca! Did you get a positive result that showed up quicker?

      • Becca

        nope. I started my period yesterday, so no luck. It was probably a chemical pregnancy. I found out one of the medicines I have been taking could cause a positive urine test even with no pregnancy. I appreciate your response.

  • bmjohnson

    Today i am roughly 13 days late for my period
    I have taken 4 tests all negative last one was Saturday morning. My cycle is normally right around thirty days give or take a few. January was so late i didnt start til Feb first. So it was 41 day cycle. With my first child i had a blood test the day of my expected period and when i went to the ob about a week later their test(urine) Was neg. So im thinking i.could pg but all the tests ive taken were neg m going for a blood test today so i guess ill find oit.
    Does this happen to alot of people?

    • earthsmagic

      Hi! If you listen to the pregnancy test manufacturers, it typically doesn’t happen. πŸ˜€ BUT based on the feed back I’ve seen on this post, it appears that it happens more frequently that you would think!

    • carolnz

      bmjohnson I’m going through the same! apparently it happens to a lot of people, did you find out the results of your blood test?

      • neisha

        hi..last month my period came for two days..then this
        month still nothing..I took a home pregnancy test
        .negative..went to the clinic.negative..I got to the doctor Thursday..idk whether to get my hopes up or not
        .so confused

    • prinsessD

      This is my situation now, my cycle is normaly on time but i was supose to start on the 7th of june and still havent but iv gotton all negitive urin results even when i went to the hospital but havent had a blood test.. I had unprotected sex multiple times, do you think i could be pregnate and if so why am i getting negative results?? If i am pregnate i would be 7 weeka exactly today..

      • facebook

        Hi i am Ama i had my period on the 5/6 Feb but expected to have the next either 6 or 7 but still no sign am i pregnant.
        I need had a pregnancy test twice all profed negative so am i pregnant or what

        • Until you get your period, the possibility for pregnancy is there. If the tests keep coming back negative and your period doesn’t arrive, you should make an appointment with your doctor to find out what is going on.

    • Terri

      When I was pregnant with my third child. I took a home pregnancy test at 7 weeks and it was negative. Then went to the doctors 3 weeks later and found out I was actually pregnant and was 10 weeks along. So I would follow up with the doctor if you don’t get your periord.

      • Leslie

        That was awesome Terri. Thank you

  • Brittany

    I had Unprotected sex 3 times on Saturday 03/09/13, i was not worried about being pregnant or the fact i am on birth control; But for the fact it was a different brand one then the one i was on the previous month i hear i dos not protect you the first week. I starting getting Sympoms on the following Thursday 03/14/13, yes i know 5 days later. Its been almost 2 weeks and the symptoms have not gone away. Im not hungry the though and smell of food make me nausous. I randomly get dizzy especially in the shower. My boobs are extremely sore and swollen. Everything hurts, im tired all te time because i cannot sleep at night.

    Am I Pregnant?

    • earthsmagic

      Until you take a pregnancy test, you won’t know if you are pregnant. Considering you have switched BC methods, it could be that your body is reacting to the new levels of hormones in the birth control. If it continues to be a problem, talking to your doctor would be in order.

  • wishful.thinker

    I have been having all the signs of pregnancy, and even signs i dont normally have before af. I tested this morning and got a bgn.My period is due today and still hasnt cum since then ive been more tired,bbs hurt alot more horrible backache(symptom i dont normally get before af) and my cm is really milky(creamy) no strong odor and im cramping a bit on my left side. Could i have gotten a false neg and still be preggers..oan my period is usually 28 day cycle..never late

    • earthsmagic

      Most of the time, when the pregnancy tests are negative, you usually are not pregnant. False negatives are relatively uncommon. Common causes of delayed periods include stress, illness, changes in your schedule, starting a new rigorous exercise regimen, changes in medicine you are taking, and hormonal changes are just a few.

  • Suzanne Wythe

    I have 3 children my oldest is 16 with my 1st son and 2nd son who 15 now pregnancy tests came up trumps with my daughter who 7 now i new i was pregnant but tests said negative my doctor took tests and said i was not pregnant i did bleed every month but i knew i was pregnant. The doctor told me im having a fantasy pregnancy and its in my head however i knew i was pregnant and my dad knew i was 6 months of them saying i was crazy made me crazy to go to hospital and complain with tummy pain they said they think its cist on my overies back so they finally gave me a scan to life of me guess what yes the lady said oh my god your pregnant i got a pic took to my gp and shuved it in his face saying fantasy is it oh year i must be dreaming he was shocked now i am not sure now if tests are negative all time i dont feel pregnant but i got morning sickness i have not been on my cycle for 2 months now i get bad interjestion every time i eat greasy food im sick and tired alot i done 2 tests from pound land they both said negative i dont know whats wrong with me i dont want another baby right now so i hope im not pregnant but how will i know think cos im depressed alot my hormons are low any ideas pls thankyou . Suzanne w

    • Suzanne Wythe

      I also forget to mention that even tho i had unprotected sex he come out before ejaculating so i dont see possible that i can be pregnant i am elergic to rubbers and latex so always had un protected sex never had this before tho

    • earthsmagic


      Unfortunately, based on your history, the way to totally confirm if you are pregnant or not, would be to convince a doctor to ultrasound you, to see if they see anything, It could be a fee that you would have to pay. If your doctor won’t listen and you have this atypical history, it might be time to visit doctors until you find one that will listen to you and hopefully give you an ultrasound.

      • Suzanne wythe

        Ty for your advice i done another pregnancy test and it had faint line my GP (doctor) said its there faint or clear line its possitive to re assure me my GP done there own test and faint line to apparently my hormons are low so thats y its faint. However i don’t under stand that but i get bad back feeling sick doctor recons im only about 6 to 8 weeks but morning sickness was 3 months in previous pregnancy could me stressing cause me be sick ? I am eating more than usual and people are noticing this makes me feel in comftable thankyou for your reply i certainly will try see if i can get ultra sound and let u know progress thankyou Regards Suzanne Wythe

    • angel007

      I also have three kids and have missed my period. not likely that im pregnant because my husband had a vasectomy. we have been trying to adopt another child through an agency but no luckyet. if you are pregnant, you are blessed. I would . love another one πŸ™‚

  • Valkyrie

    What are the chances of a false negative if it’s been 5ish weeks since I’ve had sex? It wasn’t unprotected..something just went wrong so we stopped. But I’m worried. My period was a week late but it still came and it seemed normal. I took two HPTs before my period then two after (about a week after my period finished) and it was still negative. It was a digital one.

    • earthsmagic

      Based on what you are describing, it would look like all indicators are pointing to you not being pregnant especially if your period came as was basically the same as in past months.

  • KDC

    Last time I had sex was about two weeks ago, my period is late. I got three one dollar dollar store pregnancy test, and all three showed negative, but I still haven’t started my period. I really do hope I’m pregnant, because my boyfriend just passed away, and I want this little piece of him. I’m going to be crushed if I’m not, but.. Is there still a chance I’m pregnant?

    • earthsmagic

      I’m sorry for your loss πŸ™ Until you get your period, there is always a chance that you are pregnant. Based on your timing of having sex, there is a chance, if you have normal 28 day cycles, that pregnancy is definitely a possibility.

      • KDC

        Okay well, on the 27th I got my period, along with some EXCRUCIATING cramps, that I could only cry and scream about. After that my period was pretty normal, except it wasn’t as long as usual, it was about 5 days when it’s usually 7, it ended on the 31st. So I figured either I was having a weird period, or I had miscarried. But, I’d moved past it, and accepted that I wasn’t pregnant. But, this morning, April 4th, I woke up at 4:30 and threw up, and threw up again at 5:30. It’s almost two hours later, and I still feel nauseous. Also, there’s a slight pulling/tugging/ twisting? sensation both in my stomach and lower abdomen. When that feeling happens it tends to make the nausea get worse for a minute. So I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up again. But, I’ve read articles where many women experienced heavy periods, even all throughout their pregnancy. So I’m wondering, is there still a chance I’m pregnant? Or is it food poisoning, or a stomach bug. (I haven;t had any diarrhea as of yet, nor fever.)

        • earthsmagic

          I would suggest that you take another pregnancy test and see what it says. If you are not feeling well, perhaps a trip to see your doctor is in order especially if you are feeling bad for an extended amount of time. Considering the extreme stress you have been under recently, I wouldn’t be surprised if your body is having a hard time being as healthy as it would like and may pick up more “bugs” than usual. Stress would also account for the odd period you had.

  • hope

    Hey, well my last period was Feb21, 2013 I was expecting my period March 21… im usually a 28day cycle. My period is now 5 days late. I went to get a urine test at planned parenthood today it was negative. You think it can be a false negative?

    • earthsmagic

      It would really depend on when you had sex. If it coincided with when you would ovulate, then there is a possibility. 5 days late isn’t too terribly late, especially if you have been worrying and stressing about the possibility. If it still has not arrived in a week or so, I would suggest visiting the doctor to find out what the cause of the delay could be.

  • HS

    I recently started taking microno (mini pill) and I didn’t get my period to a test 9 days later and it tested negative im still breastfeeding my lo but still havnt got my period

    • HS

      I did how ever get my period for the last 4 months but not this month

      • earthsmagic

        If you just started taking hormonal birth control, that could definitely cause a delay in your period. If you are concerned I would suggest that you contact the doctor that prescribed the birth control and see what they say.

  • jdm2007

    OK so I have been off my birth control since July of 2012 and have had regular periods since about 31 days apart give or take a day. My last period was feb. 8 2013 but it was very abnormal for me. Mine are usually very heavy with lots of clots but this one was extremely light and lasted a few days longer. Well the whole month of feb I had unprotected sex at least 5 times. I have not had my period for the month of march and according to my calendar Im 16 days late. Also the week before my missed period I spotted 3 days in a row very very light (this is not normal for me) I took one test the 3 days before my missed period it was negative one test 5 days after still negative and another test 10 days after still negative. Usually I have little signs of my period coming and I have had none. Is it time to see a doctor or should I wait and see if I skip April too.

    • earthsmagic

      I would think that a doctor’s visit would be in order. There are some things that will cause a delayed period like stress, illness, changes in your schedule, starting a new rigorous exercise regimen, changes in medicine you are taking. If you choose to hold out another month to see if it comes back normally, treat yourself as if you were pregnant – no smoking / drugs and take a prenatal vitamin.

  • Techn9na

    Hello! I am in such a panic and would love and appreciate some solid advice or an opinion. Okay my last period was February 22nd, it is now march 30th. So that makes me around a week late! I’m 20 yo married and never been on birth control. I been freaking out doing the vitamin c and parsley thing for almost two days. I’ve taken 3 preg tests at home all in the morning. All spaced out a day between each other all negative but I’m still not sure on the results.. What should I do? I’m not read for a kid. We are usually very careful. But I haven’t been this late before in my life. I’m very scared! please, any help would be beyond greatly appreciated. Ps I don’t want to go to a doctor about this. I want to know if there’s anything I can do to fix this myself first! Please no one judge me! πŸ™

    • earthsmagic

      There are some things that can make your period late like stress, illness, changes in your schedule, starting a new rigorous exercise regimen, changes in medicine you are taking to name a few. Have you had any of that in the past month? I know you don’t want to go to the doctor, but sometimes you have to do the things you don’t want to. Using the concoction you are may or may not help you. If you are not wanting to get pregnant, it may be time to consider some sort of birth control or get counseling through your church to help you come to terms with the fact that if you have sex with no protection, pregnancy is always a possibility.

  • wanting a baby

    i am so confused i need help
    so here it goes…
    my doctor put me on the nuvaring in feb 2013. i was taking it correctly and in march i took it out on the 10 for my free week and got my period on the 14.well on the 17 i was.due to put a new ring in so i did…now here is were it gets tricky on the 23rs of marh i decided to discontinue nuvaring and took it out (6 days after putting it in) i started havig unprotected sex that same night also on the 24,25,26,30 etc….(today is april 5) so been having unprotected sex.from 23 till now…i had what i considered withdrawl bleeding on the 27th of march it was about three days long first day was light second day heavy and third barley anything mostly brownish color….today april 5 i took a preg test which came out negative my period is due on the 11 of april…should i consider.myself.not pregnant or did i take the test to early???????oh btw ive been gettig a bunch of preg symptoms….headahes nauseas abdominal pain frequmet urime sensitive smell constipation heartburn etc….plz help

    • earthsmagic

      You are actually testing about 6 days before your period is due so, if you are pregnant, you may be testing too early. Wait a couple of days and try testing again to see if the results change. When you stop hormonal birth control, it can take your body a while to regulate the hormones so the symptoms you are having could be due to that. Sorry that didn’t clarify things for you. Your situation could point to either outcome at this time.

  • ken

    I had unprotected sex a couple times about two weeks ago, I missed my period four days ago and took two tests and got negative results on each. I don’t understand why I would be missing my period if im not pregnant according to these results.

    • earthsmagic

      There are many things that can cause a disruption in your cycle besides being pregnant like stress, illness, changes in your schedule, starting a new rigorous exercise regimen, changes in medicine you are taking, for example.

  • lareinaSerrada

    im 16 & had unprtected sex & know for a fact he did cum in me. my last period was feb 25th and i have tken a pregnancy tedt (3days ago) and it said negative . but i dont understand y my period is so late …Any help??

    • earthsmagic

      There are some things that will cause a delayed period like stress, illness, changes in your schedule, starting a new rigorous exercise regimen, changes in medicine you are taking. If your cycle was regular up until February you might want to visit a doctor to find out what is going on.

  • Jazz

    My husband and I are trying for baby number 2. I came off birth control 22nd nov 2012 due to it causing problems for me. I had all my hormone levels checked 2weeks ago and all is well and had a scan on mon 25th march to check all was ok. The internal ultra sound showed that I had just ovulated and the sonographer told me they saw an egg shell. (She used the technical term) I have had regular 26/27 day cycles, however this month I had some light brown/ pinkish spotting and pains 2 days before I was due and what was a very light bleed once on toilet roll on the 2nd day but that was it. I took a test on Sunday afternoon and it came up negative. We assumed that was true however I now have tender breasts which I never get. My last period was 11th march. Surely is couldn’t have been implantation bleeding this late on?

    • earthsmagic

      If the tech showed that you had just ovulated on March 25th, it could have been implantation bleeding as implantation typically occurs between 6 and 12 days past ovulation. Good luck!

  • Amy

    My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 4 months. This month I’m a week late for my period, which is usually on time. I took two pregnancy tests, from different brands and they both came back negative. Is there anyway I could still be pregnant?

    • earthsmagic

      Until your period arrives, there is always a chance that you could be pregnant. Good Luck!

  • A

    Hello, I am currently on the pill and have been for the last 5 years.
    My partner and I only use the pill for contraception.
    My menstrual cycle is a dream. I get minimal aches and pains, finish my pill packet on the Sunday and my period is always with me by Thursday evening.
    However, 3 months ago my period was two days late (which never happens to me!) and when I finally got it it was a light pinkish colour or like a brown discharge (sorry about the tmi!) also my periods are quite heavy and this period was extremely light!
    This has happened for the last two months only each time my period is coming later, is lighter each time and is only last around 3 days (5 is the norm).
    The last two months I have had sore breasts, felt nauseous (not been sick though) and have had excruciating pain in my stomache, like something’s trying to claw it’s way out.
    I have taken 2 pregnancy tests – both negative. There has been no change or stress in my life so I can’t understand it.
    Could the tests be wrong or could something else be wrong with me?

    • earthsmagic

      Based on what you are saying, I would suggest you talk with your doctor about the change in your cycle. They should be able to help you figure out why you have experienced such a change.

      • victoria

        Hi vickie b. I am late on my period than when i usually get it every month & i took a pregnancy test , results came back negative . is it possoible i took it to early ? I mean i have all symptoms..

  • Mfs2060

    Im 16 year old, I have not my boyfriend not use Condom. But it is only 30 sec in my Vigina, but his pre cum is not ready yet. It is cause get pregant? I’m so stress!

    • earthsmagic

      Unfortunately, any sexual activity without protection could end up in pregnancy. It really depends on where in your cycle you are. Pregnancy only can occur for a very short time during the month, right around when you ovulate.

  • Jenn

    I suffer from PCOS, I don’t always Ovulate. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 2 years now. In the last three to four weeks I have noticed my energy level had dropped. I feel like I’m hungry all the time. Then when I eat I feel stuffed and sick. My husband says my ta-tas seem larger, but my friends all say it looks as if I lost weight. My feet have really been bothering me too. I have taken a pregnancy test the other morning and got a negative result. With my 11 year old I didn’t find out until I was close to 7 months. I don’t want to wait that long to find out. Can PCOS affect the HGC levels? Or is it all just wishful hoping?

    • earthsmagic

      Based on my research, PCOS doesn’t affect the pregnancy test results. Based on your past history, you may want to discuss with your doctor about possibly getting an ultrasound to find out if you are pregnant as the pregnancy tests have not been reliable for you in the past.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I see a lot of people are using the Dollar Tree test. I used three they all were negative. I read on the box that the test are temp. sensitive. I really can’t afford to spend 15$ or more for a Clearblue easy or whatever have you. I was on the Nuvaring until Nov. 2012, barely got periods. Dec. 12 and Jan were lite and decreasing in distance between periods. Before the Nuvaring I had 23-25 day cycle and was rarely late and alway got my cycle. I seemed to be hitting my normal pattern for Feb.14 and Mar. 8 with my regular 23-25 day cycle and regular flow. Here the thing, I have had an infection since Feb. and been on antibiotic. They are not supposed to cause issues with pregnancy tests. And I have had sickness before and still never missed, I have never missed a period period. But I did not have sex. there was however genital to gential contact with pre-ejaculatory fluid and I know you can get pregnant from that. I should have had my period April 1 and it still is MIA. Like I said I am concerned about how the tests were stored. I have mixed emotions about being pregnant. I would be okay either way. I am following up with my Dr. on the 29 of April. But lets face it. I do like to drink occasionally and I am a smoker. I know the risks. Can you talk about storage and the likelihood that the test were damaged 2-30 degrees celsius is the recommended storage.

    • earthsmagic

      Typically the pregnancy tests come with a desiccant pack that will absorb any moisture that is caused from freezing. You usually can allow the tests to be at room temperature and still are able to use them. Though having said that, they all have the disclaimer on them. We ship pregnancy tests all year long, to mailboxes all over the US, and they all work just fine. I am fairly sure that many have been left in subzero temps until the purchaser gets home from work.

      As you have an appointment on the 29th, it really isn’t that long of a time to assume that you are pregnant and to make the lifestyle changes you would if you are pregnant. That way you can make sure that you are providing the healthiest environment for the potential baby (if you are truly pregnant).

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Oh…I did not take them all at the same time. I could spend the 15$ but really don’t want to to have it come up false. But at the same time i don’t want to stop my way of life. If I were pregnant, I would stop pronto because I know the issues they can cause.

  • princesslily


  • Lizzy

    I am not too sure of when I would be ovulating. I had intercourse about 3 1/2 weeks ago (He works in another state for the time being). I got what I thought was a normal period right after I got home from my visit. It was early but for the most part normal bleeding. I read about dicidual bleeding and based on the information given that consists of normal “period” like bleeding. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I was thinking it could be too early to tell? I have a Dr. appt next week. I understand I probably am not pregnant but there are so many contradicting articles.

    • earthsmagic

      You should still be able to detect if you were pregnant, at this point, if you had conceived 3 1/2 weeks ago. A pregnancy test usually shows up positive within 2 weeks of conceiving.

  • confuzzled

    I am really confused, trying to find an answer right now.

    My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about 4 months now. I used to have irregular periods, but since I lost about 30lbs my periods have regulated again and as far as I know I have been ovulating on time.

    Anyways, my period was due 4 days ago now and still no show. I am crampy, but not like period cramps. More sharp than a period pain, which is like a deep tissue ache for me. I’ve been craving some odd things, which I know isn’t necessarily a pg symptom but paired with sore breasts, absent period, cramps, nausea and sensitive pallet (teeth brushing is agony, trying not to throw up!) it just kind of is one more thing!

    I did take about 4 tests, 3 different days. One 2 days ago, one the next day, and 2 today. All negative. My husband has 2 sons with his ex, and he said with her they were both a negative for her as well. He said she left the test sitting there for a week, and it turned positive. I’m really having trouble believing that, and I’m trying to figure out if that could be connected through the male or not? I’m guessing not.

    I think it’s time I see a doctor, any feed back?

    • earthsmagic

      Do you track ovulation with ovulation predictor tests? You could be guessing about the wrong time if you you are not sure.

      Your symptoms are very much pregnancy like. I keep hearing stories about tests not showing up positive for people and they ARE pregnant. I don’t know what causes it but it is definitely worth seeing your doctor about it. Be sure to give the doctor the information your husband shared with you. Good Luck!

  • Brittany

    I quit my birth control on Monday the 15th of this month and I’ve had unprotected sex on the 10,11,13,15 and one day this week. I’ve taken two pregnancy test and they were negative. But I am still having symptoms of pregnancy could I have just taken them to early or am I not pregnant?? Please help

    • It typically takes awhile for your system to get back to normal after birth control. The type of birth control will also play a part in how long it takes to get back to normal hormonally speaking. There is no way to tell if you are pregnant unless you know when you should have been ovulating.

  • Princess17

    I have had irregular periods for a few months now, and i had unprotected sex 5 days ago during the time i should normally get my period. I still havent gotten it and i took a dollar store pee test it came up negative is that to early? How long should i wait?

    • Unfortunately, based on the fact that you have irregular periods, unless you knew for sure you were ovulating (like by using ovulation predictor tests which can get costly if you are irregular because you basically have to test all month long), there is no way to really tell when the right time to use a pregnancy test would be.

  • patriciaskindoc

    I had a period on march 4th and have a 31 day cycle april I had spotting on the 3rd and a light bleeding the 4th and the 5th brown spotting do you think that was implantation bleeding

    • The timing is right. Based on our ovulation calendar, you should have ovulated around March 20th. Implantation bleeding around the time you saw the bleeding is a possibility. Good Luck!

  • Worried96

    My girlfriend is approximately 3 to 4 days late and we did have unprotected sex and had a condom break. I got her 2 pregnancy tests and she took one yesterday morning and the other this morning. Both negative. But how do you explain the missed monthly? She said she doesn’t even feel like she’s about to start like usual so I’m worried. Please help

    • There are many things that can cause a disruption in your cycle besides being pregnant like stress, illness, changes in your schedule, starting a new rigorous exercise regimen, changes in medicine you are taking, for example. If she doesn’t start soon and the pregnancy tests still keeps showing negative results, a doctor’s visit would be recommended.

  • Jen

    I’ve taken 2 pregnancy tests that were positive, 5 days apart. My period is 10 days late and we are trying to conceive. Yesterday I had some pink discharge and since then I have had a light brown discharge. This morning I took another pregnancy test, a different brand, that was negative. I’m so worried, but my doctor said this is common. Any thoughts?

    • Tori

      Your doctor said it was common if you’re pregnant or not pregnant?

    • I would suggest testing with another brand of pregnancy test. If a new brand shows a negative, I would definitely contact your doctor again. Good Luck!

  • Tori

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months now with no luck. I have a 30 day cycle and give or take a day or so I’m pretty regular.

    This past month out of frustration I bought the strip ovulation tests and used them as recommended. I didn’t test positive for ovulation at all. This of course got me worried that there is something wrong with me and that I’m for some reason unable to have children. I talked to a good friend of mine who’s a nurse who told me that since I’ve never had a abnormal pap exam come back then I shouldn’t be worried.
    Well now I’m almost 2 weeks late and I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. Does anyone have any ideas of what may be going on?
    If anything changes I’ll be sure to update πŸ™‚

    • Alena

      OMG!i have same story as u do!also trying to get pregnant for 6 months,and finally bought the ovu strips and didnt detect anything!so will be more than happy to hear any explanation!eh..and good luck to us!and hope God will hear us and send a little present from heaven…

      • Tori

        I’m soo glad I’m not the only one!!

        • Alena

          :-))Did you go to any doctor and ask whats going on??Cause i am going crazzzyyyy and so desperate!:-((

          • Tori

            No, I haven’t gone to the doctors yet. I’m taking another test if I haven’t started my period by Sunday. That would put me at almost 3 weeks late by then. I’m going to give it a month and if I still haven’t started by then I’m definitely going to the doctor. I didn’t feel like being a couple of weeks late warranted a doctors visit.

            Let me know if anything changes for you πŸ™‚

          • Jenni

            Im glad to hear that I’m not the only one ladies. I’m sixteen days late today. My husband and i are trying to conceive so I stopped my birth control in February and have had crazy side effects ( fatigue, nausea, headaches… Etc) Began going to an acupuncturist about two months ago and I feel much better but my cycles are still not 100% regular, but I’m usually 3 to 5 days late, never 16 days. I have taken 2 tests about a week ago and they were negative. Im so confused because i felt like i ovulated and i also showed a positive ovulation around what was supposed to be my ovulation time. I’m new to this blogging thing I just feel like I need to vent can’t really talk to hubby about this since he won’t really understand and I don’t want to worry him. I have scheduled an appointment to see my OBGYN because I’m getting a little worried. Only a little lightheaded and more discharge than usual no other side effects.

    • Regarding the ovulation tests, how often did you test? With the ovulation tests we sell, we suggest that testing twice a day would be a good idea, just in case you have a short (less than 24 hr) LH surge. It could be that you just missed the positive result. I’m not exactly sure how a negative pap smear would affect ovulation, unless you had been treated for cancer. I’m not a medical professional, so I may be misunderstanding what you are saying. As for being 2 weeks late, I’ve seem quite a few posters saying that they are late with repeated negative pregnancy tests. They never come back to confirm pregnancy or not, but I do know that I had a pregnancy that didn’t show positive for a long time (was 13 years ago so I can’t remember how late I was before a positive showed up) and I had a friend who was pregnant and the tests never showed she was pregnant. Good Luck and I hope you get an answer soon!

      • Tori

        I tested two times a day. I followed the directions on the box. I usually tested in the morning when I woke up and then again right before I went to bed.
        My friend just said I shouldn’t worry because I’ve never had any abnormal pap smears and no other things in my medical history to indicate infertility.

        I plan on testing again on Sunday if I haven’t started by then.

    • Tori

      Just wanted to update yall…
      I did end up starting my period but I was about 3 weeks late when I finally did.
      Good luck conceiving ladies!!

  • Mel

    Hi I am a little worried I might be pregnant but I took two hpt and they came out negative . I had unprotected sex and I am pretty regular with my period and I started three days early but it was really really light and just stopped a day and a half later can I be pregnant? When I took the hpt test my urine wasn’t a lot so I don’t know if I got a lot on the stick but does that even matter?

    • If you didn’t saturate the test well enough, the test won’t be able to give you a reliable answer. I would suggest taking another one to see what the result it. There is a chance you could be pregnant with that sort of change in your cycle, but the only way to be sure is to get a positive pregnancy test or wait to see if your period arrives as it should next cycle.

  • Amanda

    I haven’t got my period since march 8th and it is now may 10th have taken 4 test and different brands too all came back neg. I have sickness here or there. I have no clue whats going on help?

    • Unfortunately, there is no telling what is going on. I’d suggest that you schedule a doctor’s visit and see if they can figure out what is going on.

  • Bella

    Hi my last period was 23/04/13 I normally have 29-30 day cycle we had sex a lot around ovulation time I have taken a few different pregnancy tests always first wee in the morning but all negative I have cramps as if period is going to arrive but it’s not here yet and for past 5 mornings I have been wretching to be sick I’m also more tired than normal could I still be pregnant even with negative results

    • Bella

      I also feel very bloated and this would be my 4th baby

    • It is possible that you are pregnant. If your period doesn’t come in the next couple of days and the tests still keep coming back negative, a visit to the doctor may be in order.

  • Tcup

    Ok so my lpd was 4/4/13 had the merina put on 4/23/13. Doc said use protection for the first month. I’ve had the merina before so I know my cyle which is the same as if I never had birthcontrol. Anywho, we didn’t follow docs order and started having unprotected sex on week 2. I still haven’t had my period and I’m tired, nauseous, pee a lot, very moody, and eating like a pig w/o gaining a lb. I have 2 kids and this feels very similar. I took a hpt and came back negative. False negative perhaps?

  • karen O.o

    So im regular on my periods i had sex on january 23 (i havent had sex since then) and we used condom (people say theres always that one chance it can rip) i took a plan b pill the next day just too make sure. Two weeks later i took a pt and it came out negative and i thought it was because it was too early
    The next day i went to the doctors and did a physical test and my pregnancy test came out negative and it was early in the morning. The doctor told me that once a test is negative it cant be wron but if its positive it can be a mistake. So theres two negative tests right there i started on bcp and my periods were still normal i only took them for 3 months and then i stopped because i would forget them and i would spot in between. After that i still got my regular period . Im scared that i might be pregnant because sometimes my stomach is a little big and somtimes its really flat(im a really skinny person) my first pregnancy i missed my first period and thats how i knew i was prego and when i took a test at 3rd month it came out negative and the only symptoms i got were tiredness; soar breasts and skipped period and thats it. I took a pt yesterday and it came out negative (again). Could i still be pregnant??? Shouldnt it of read positive now if i was (because if i was the i would of already been 4months). PLEASE I NEED HELP! !!! My co-workers tell me that i definitly am not that its just all up in my head.

    • If all the tests keep coming out negative and you took the plan b, the chances of you being pregnant are pretty slim. If you are really concerned, you should talk with your doctor to find out what is going on.

  • Amber

    I have missed my period for the last 5 months but every test I take comes up Negev I feel what I think is movements but I don’t know what they are I feel them everyday I have a son who will be a year old in two weeks and my body is still making milk any kind of help would be nice

    • You really need to contact your doctor about this if the pregnancy tests keep coming back negative. The doctor may be able to help you figure out what is going on with your body.

  • cora

    hi,, i wanna ask if I’m pregnant because its been 36 days since my last menstruation and had my pregnancy test already twice but the result was negative… i had contact last month May16 took contraceptives 1 week before and after my unprotected sex… and May 27 i had bleeding.. now I’m experiencing vaginal discharge..

  • cora

    hello,, just concern if i am pregnant or not.. cause i had two pregnancy test already and turned out negative… its been 36 days from my last menstruation… i had unprotected contact on May16 but before that i took contraceptives pill 1 week before and 1 week after,, then May 27 i had bleeding for 3 days that i have to use sanitary napkins,,, is it still possible that i am pregnant??

    • Until you get your period, there is always a chance that you are pregnant. Due to taking contraceptive pills, that can really mess up your hormonal balance so that could be the cause of what you are experiencing.

      • cora

        hi vickie should i do the pregnancy through blood now?? or its too early for me to do it,,, i dont feel anything except for i have vaginal discharge that looks like scanty milk creamy to watery…

  • t

    I missed my period and have taken three pregnancy tests. All of them came back negative but the results showed up as soon as i peed on the stick. I still have not had my period. Is it possible to get a negative test result that fast?

  • kat

    I took a test at 10 days after sex and it qas negitive then i took another at 14 days and again it was negitive so would i be pregnant? I feel just awful im also have the implonon inplant and have pocs as well. She i takr another test its been 3 weeks since then and i havent started my peroid yet.

  • Rachel

    Ive been on implanon birth control for 7 months now and had my last son 9 months ago. After taking it the first couple months my period was pretty heavy then slowly became less and less. This last month I have only spotted some and had a lot of pregnancy symptoms. I have been bloated a lot, had cravings, my breasts have grown bigger but not sore, I was having white discharge but woke up this morning and it was yellowish pink, sleeping bad at night, sometimes when I eat foods it taste funny to me like its gone bad but no one else, constantly hungry, find myself sweating all the time more thatn others, at night in bed my boyfriend will try and cuddle and he said my body feels like and oven. I took a pregnancy test at home four days ago and it came up negative. But its hard to believe that im not. I have two boys already and I just get this feeling in my body that im pregnant like some moms do. While using birth control we pull out but sometimes we don’t because he feels the birth control is protection enough. Any information would be very helpful πŸ™‚

    • As this is a hormonal form of birth control, all the symptoms you are having could be side effects of the implanon. You may want to contact your doctor and express your concern about it and get their opinion.

  • jakei724

    Please help. I had breast pain 3 weeks straight. Took a test and neg. Now they have been hurting 2 weeks. I went to er july 3 and now july 17. I have breast pain, nausea, stomach pains. Urine test was neg at er. What do I do?

  • Lydia

    I usually have a very regular period that starts 28 days after the first day of my last period. My last period was on July 7, 2013 and I’ve had unprotected sex on the 19 and 22 and 27. I started having cramps like I was going to start my period the 23rd thru the 25th but didn’t get a period and it was to early to be my period. I started having cramps again on the 31st of july thru the 3rd of July. I’ve taken 3 tests, twice on the 2nd and once on the 3rd and all are negative. I’m supposed to get my period today but haven’t. Not sure what to do or think.

  • Bluegirl8

    I have a lot of pregnancy symptoms, I have the metal taste in my mouth, swollen tender breasts, nipple discharge, some mild cramping, smells are strong and some make me very nauseated, I wake up nauseated, I am extremely tired and my period is about 2 weeks late. I took Plan b one step when I had a condom mishap and I believed I was protected by it for 24 hours so I had unprotected sex during that time. Withing 20 minutes after taking it however I felt nauseated but I did not throw up and honestly thought I was simply having a mild panic attack as I do have those occasionally. I had spotting a week after taking Plan-b I read this is normal, however it could also have been implantation bleeding. Regardless after my period was several days late I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, this was before I had all these symptoms. Taking another test wont be an option for another week as I am on vacation with my family and last thing I want to do is alarm anyone. (I am 23 but unmarried and my parents are old fashioned) I know Plan-b cannot prevent ectopic pregnancy and can in some cases increase the risk. Needless to say I am worried sick and cannot wait to get home and take the test I have stashed at home and go to the doctor. I also would hate to tell my family I am pregnant before I know if it is even a viable pregnancy. I am extremely worried any advice or support from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

  • Vana

    I am 38 years old and trying to conceive for 7 years, have had issues with my tubes being blocked, had surgery to unblock them but doctor said they were unblocked at the time of surgery about 10%. About 7 weeks later I had a HSG done and it revealed my tubes were blocked again. I have always had a normal period and normal ovulation. Now, I am over 2 weeks late for my period which has NEVER happened to me.I have taken 2 home pregnancy test and both negative..I am worried that if I am pregnant that something is wrong. I have heard a lot of women say they have taken home tests and they got a negative result but they were definitely pregnant.

  • Me

    So here’s the deal. I had my period on July 5th then in August I started on the 6th… & roughly lasted till the 10-11th of August. Me and my bf had unprotected sex on August 14th & he didn’t pull out. It’s now septemember 11th & I haven’t got my period yet. With my period I always get massive cramps and have to take midol th first day. No signs of it coming. Only thing is my boobs feel sore which I usually get right before my period also. But it’s been a few days of that and still no period. Also w my period I usually get super moody and emotional, & nothing. I took a test that was expired at night and it was neg. then I bought a new one and took it yesterday night at it was neg. now this morning the (11th) I took it ( to try the morning ) & still said neg. I drink lots of water throughout the day, and happened to be drinking it till about midnight and took the test at 5:30 am. Could this dilute it & give a false neg? Is it possible that I’m preg? I just don’t get why I haven’t started my period or got a positive. HELP!

    • Anything is possible until you get your period. Typically you want to not be drinking for at least 2 hours before you test so the 12 to 5:30 is an ok time frame. Lots of things can cause a disruption in your period – illness, stress, change of exercise program, gain/losing weight, change in sleep schedule.

  • gallina

    i took plan b twice,and then had period after having takn the secnd plan b.Now i am freaking it says my period is to come one the 25th of septermber but i took the pregnency test 2 times and both came back negative.WAHT DO I DO??? SCARED???

    • If the test came back negative, there shouldn’t be a problem. If your period is due the 25th, then you aren’t even late yet. You need to keep in mind that the Plan B can upset your cycle due to the hormones in it. Stress can also cause your period it be late.

      • gallina

        Thank you so much!!!

  • Suzie Q

    I missed two months and started with a lochia bleed (light) that has gone on for two weeks now.
    I took 2 pregnancy tests, did everything right (I am a nurse) and both were negative. I have my suspicions that these little flutters I am feeling are not gas at this point.
    Going to doc for a blood test, but if I recall correctly, at certain weeks during your pregnancy (unknown which at the moment), your HCG levels drop and then they rise again a few weeks later.
    Where all I am feeling flutters means I have been pregnant a while or possibly multiples. Or maybe I am just insane and menopausal without any other symptom at all, other than an occasional headache, like everyone else swears I am. No hot flashes. No mood swings. I feel great…like I am when I am pregnant! been saying this for two months now. sigh……Maybe the whole batch of tests were faulty?

    • stacy

      currently I am 6 days late took 3 test and all negative…I am almost 40. I have had bouts of nausea and sensitive nipples….I so frustrated. there is def chance I could be but the tests say no. I too am a nurse. I keep reading women who had negs for weeks and weeks than go to md to find out that they are preggers. so annoying I just wanna know so I can plan my life

    • nikki

      I haven’t had mine in almost a month now. I’ve had unprotected multiple times and we’ve been trying, we’ve been dating since September 10th and it’s now September 30th. I’ve taken two tests. So far both are negative, but I’ve also gained a little weight and my body just feels different and I just FEEL pregnant. Any feedback? Advice?

      • Just keep taking the pregnancy test until you get a positive or your period arrives. If you don’t get the positive and the period doesn’t come, you might want to head to your doctor to see if they can figure out what is going on .

  • Jacks mum

    I did a pregnancy test 3 weeks ago & it was negative, I did one today as my period is 7 days late & it was a strong positive, not faint lines. My last period was very short & I actually felt pregnant . Could it be that I was pregnant back then? Or is it possible to get a positive result within that 3 week window? Going to doctor tomoz to get tests etc as my last pregnancy was ectopic. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • A.Nonymous

    Hi all. I quit birth control about a year and a half ago and have had seldom periods since (it was always consistent on the pill). I went or a time frame with no sexual activity until I had sex (we used a condom and it didn’t break) in may 2013 and took plan b as well (3 days after) to make sure. I have take around 5 home pregnancy tests (all spaced over the past 3 months) and they’ve all come back negative. I have for about the past two weeks felt pain/stabbing cramps in my lower stomach/female region and little twitches of muscle also. What are my chances of being pregnant? I can’t exactly afford to get a blood test or go to the doctor and I’m not ready for this at all. Btw I’m 22 years of age.

    • Unfortunately, there is no telling what your chances of being pregnant are. You did take precautions so you shouldn’t be pregnant. The fact that the pregnancy tests are negative is a good sign. As for the “symptoms” you are having, it may be wise to find the funds to see a doctor because it could be some other issue that is causing the pain.

      • babydust

        hey just wanna now something i had a mc and did an dnc now ive been late 2 weeks no period light brown discharge for two days and negative pregnancy and negative blood test any suggestions anything will help…thank you and happy mothers day

  • Allexus

    Hi! Okay so me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex a lot, I can’t remember the last time we used condoms. I was taking birth control all through the month of August (the pill) and I got my period when the pack needed which was at the end of the month. I started taking them again the beginning of September, then I got sick around sept 12th and my mom told me to just stop taking the birth control. So I stopped on the 12th of sept then the next day or so I got my period again. Me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex since I’ve been off the pill and I haven’t gotten my period since around sept 12 and it is now Oct 13th, so I’m assuming I’m technically a day late. I have taken 3 pregnancy test. Yesterday I took one around 7:00 pm and it said “Not pregnant” ( the test was the brand Clear Blue) then early this morning around 8 am I took another one and it said 1-2 weeks pregnant. Then today around 11 am I took another and it said “Not pregnant” I did not drink much before the 3rd test and when it took the 3rd test, it was my 2nd time peeing for the day. I have no symptoms except a day late period which I’m hoping is just because I stopped the birth control. All of the test were the same brand. Please help.

    • Typically, if you get a positive pregnancy test, you are pregnant. False positives are pretty rare. As you are just a little late, it could be that your system hasn’t had the time to build up a high enough level of hcg in your urine on a continual basis. You will want to test again in a day to see if you continue to get a positive result. If your period does not arrive and you continue to get negative test results, you will want to visit your doctor to find out what is going on with your system. And, I am pretty sure you are already aware of this, but if you don’t want to get pregnant, and you don’t want to use a condom or other sort of contraceptive, the only way to avoid that is to not have sex at all.

  • jax

    I am 8 or more days late (think af started sept 13th but not to sure 28 day cycle) and for 2-3 days i was getting light pink spotting but it only happened once or twice a day and it’s only on the tp when i would wipe and it was VERY little. No spotting anymore though. I have been tired these past few days, more tired than usual and i’m getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night. was also getting dizzy spells the other night. Feeling a lot more “moist” down there? But i took i pregnancy test around 8pm 4 or 5 days ago and it was a big fat negative. Before i took the test i drank like 4 bottles of water to make myself need to pee..
    i took another test 2 days ago in the morning and it was negative again.
    I just want to find out if i’m pregnant or not already!! it’s making me want to cry!
    also been hearing a lot of “gurgling” noises coming from my stomach for the last 4 nights..

  • Jill G.

    My last period started on September 14. I have a longer cycle than most women. My calendar said that my period was supposed to start on October 19. My husband and i have been ttc for 2 months. I am almost 2 weeks late now, and have so far had only negative test results. I currently have been very nauseous and find the urge to urinate quite frequently. I am frustrated and now scared of why I am not getting my period… Please help?

    • Do you have a medical condition like PCOS that would cause odd cycles? You might want to contact your doctor to see if you have some sort of hormonal imbalance that is causing the long (and now missing) cycles.

      • Jill G.

        I have never been diagnosed with PCOS. But it if means anything, I was recently hospitalized in September with extreme pain in my uterus area, and come to find out I had two cysts on my ovary, one that burst and one that was about to burst…

      • Samantha

        Hi i took a clearblue test an it seemed to already have a faint negative line on it before i took it. An i got a negative result. i am 9 days late

        • There shouldn’t already be a faint line on the test when you take it. I would say that the results you got were invalid due to what appears to be a faulty test. Get another test and test again.

  • morgansays

    Hey all, had a period on Oct 11, and about 26 days in my cycle. So keeping that in mind, my fertile days would be the 17-23, with the 22nd being the technical most fertile day. Had unprotected sex every night from 19-23. Projected period would be the fifth, but I did just take a test that came back negative, using first morning urine. But, I also had a laparoscopy done in august, but I feel like that wouldn’t have an effect anymore, as I feel all healed, along with my scars. What are the chances that I could in pregnant? I just finally want a baby and our seems so impossible and hopeless…:(

    • The timing was right on if you ovulated when you thought you did. You should be starting your period about now so if you haven’t gotten it, you may want to take another pregnancy test.

      • morgansays

        Hi, Vickie, I just tested this morning, the test came back negative, and today is supposed to be my projected period. So, I honestly hope I don’t get it, and the tests were wrong. It does happen, I just hope that’s what happened to me. Keep me in your thoughts, as I will with you. I will keep updating.

  • confused

    So I was over two weeks late for my period. I took two home tests, two days ago, now I have started bleeding. I am so

    • Were the tests positive? Unfortunately, it sounds like you could be having an early miscarriage if they were positive. If they were negative, it could just be a case of your period being off due to something that is going on in your life (stress, weight loss/gain, change in work schedule etc).

  • astand2013

    Hi I have missd my period I was due to come on a week ago and still nothin I have just taken a pregnancy test and it has come back negative but when I conceived with my son I tiok a test when I was about 6 weeks pregnant and the positive line was very faint could my test be negative because of the hormone levels not being strong enough plese help.

  • Sandra

    I’ve had 2 pregnacy test done at hospital both came back positive, but had bloods taken too and said I was not pregnant, how dose this work?

  • erin

    hi I had contraception on the 18th but later found out that my ovulation day was the 17th but I was still fertile that whole week. Only a day or two later I started noticing an increase in appetite ,discoloration on my nipples, abdominal pain ,mood swings, nausea, an fatigue. I thought it was way to early to have these symptoms but they continued up until now 12 days after contraception . I woke up this morning and noticed bleeding so I went to the hospital and they gave me a pee pregnancy test. The results came back negative and they told me it was just my period. My period wasn’t due until the 10th it was the 30th they said it was early and sent me home. Could I still be pregnant?

  • Laura

    Hi guys I need some advice I’m so confused right now! I had a d&c because of a miscarriage on oct 14. I still have t had a period :-/ obviously we have had sex since I’ve taken tests one last week was a very faint positive but I did one today and it was negative.before the positive I had like 4 negs so I’m confused

  • dmarie19780

    i was supposed to start my period 7 days ago , I took a test this morning and it is negative . my husband and I have been trying for a baby for a year with no luck , I don’t want to get discouraged but do you think I might be pregnant? how long should I wait to take another test ?

    • Did you try another test yet? Are your cycles typically normal or do they vary month to month?

  • Marie

    I started feeling “strange” a couple of weeks ago. My stomach didn’t really hurt, it just felt really sour, and I felt weak Strong smells made me a a little sick, and I got heartburn and my stomach burned almost every time I ate. For a couple I days I felt very weak and a little dizzy. I just thought I had a virus an hoping it wasn’t the flu. I never got fully sick, but stil continue to be fatigued and have a weak stomache. I didn’t even think about maybe being pregnant until 5 days ago because I kept gagging when I brushed my teeth, and I remembered my friend said she did that when she was pregnant. I told her what was going on, and she said she had almost all the symptoms I was going through. But I have been on birth control for years, but I didn’t take it at the same time every day. I also had completely forgotten I was on antibiotics from November 14-24. Today is December 14th. I did have a period, but it was lighter than normal and lasted longer than normal. Also, I only had to wear a tampon once and wore only a panty liner the rest of the days. This is definitely not normal for me. I took a test on Tuesday night and it was neg. I took another Wednesday morning bc I heard it is more accurate in the morning, and it was neg too. I still feel weird about it all though. Excuse me for being gross, the past three days I have had a lot of discharge and it is a whitish color. But not like a yeast infection. I read that this is a possible sign of pregnancy too. Could the two tests I took be wrong, even though I kind of still had a period too??

    • molly

      Did you ever find out if you were pregnant or not?

  • laura

    IM so confused i am 2 months late and i have had mixed results with different brands of pregnancy tests i have a scan on Xmas eve so will know for sure but I am scared i have all the symptoms of pregnancy what’s wrong with me

  • Brenda

    Hi, I had unprotected sex on December 13th and 14th. Today is the 30th. I have had so many symptoms but still when I went for a urine test at a walk in clinic today it said negative.
    I started with the spotting (light pink), within a week and a bit, then my cramps started about a week ago. Had a couple of days where I got so tired all of a sudden it was crazy. Saturday was cleaning house and had to stop and run to sink and throw up! I can’t have a sip of water without running pee and today at work I was sitting at my desk and thought I was going to faint! That was weird. My breasts are sore and the cramping is really bad. I can barely eat, feel nausea all the time and when I do eat only little bits at a time. A friend who has had children before told me I better get checked out.
    Can a urine test at a walk in clinic as apposed to a home test still come back negative? Even the doctor said it would seem I was pregnant with everything that has been happening with me. Everyone says it sounds like I am pregnant. When should I wait to get another test and what kind should I ask my doctor for? Blood or urine? I am so sad I got a negative today.

  • mjmblh

    I am usually regular like clockwork. I have NEVER been more than a 29 day cycle. Today is day 31. I got a negative test last night. It was a Dollar Tree test. Are those typically accurate?

    • Wiggle D

      Dunno, but I would NEVER trust a dollar store test. Things sold at Dollar Tree are inexpensive for a reason.

  • slinay

    Today I am 9 days late for my period. I usually run on a perfect 28 day cycle and I’ve never been late before. I have unprotected sex all the time, but he always pulls out; except we are not 100% sure he pulled out all the way a month a ago. I took 1 pregnancy test last night that gave me an immediate negative, but the one I took this morning had 1 hard thick line for negative but there was a faint second line beside it. Im uncontrollably irritated all the time, I want to eat everything and I have started crying at the drop of a hat. Am I pregnant?

    • You can’t take the test you took at definitely yes because you read it long after you should have. I’d suggest you get another test and take it again. You might want to try a different brand this time so see if you get a clearer result.

  • Dmrivers

    Okay so me and my girlfriend of 5 years engaged in intercourse, and she feels she may be pregnant. We had sex on the 12th, and her cycle was due later that day or the day after. Shes experiencing quite a few of the early symptoms. Could her cycle just be pushed back? Im 19, and shes 17 and comes from a not so supportive household, for lack of better terms. My parents arent so supportive either, and having bills i dont know if i can afford to pay for an abortion. Neither of us can afford a child right now. Im really freaking out. Any information or advice would be golden.
    I’ve been praying and hoping that she isn’t. :/

  • indy

    We have been trying to get pregnant for approx 2 1/2 to 3 yrs now and I started feeling nauseous throughout the day for the past 8 to 10 days. We took two tests both negative and I went thru my period cycle and just finished today. I haven’t felt well and today I became lightheaded and dizzy…nearly felt as though I was passing out at one point. What r the odds of it being pregnancy vs. a bug or something? I appreciate all feedback, thanks.

  • babydust

    hi everyone i need alittle advice dont now what to doi had a misscargrge 1month 1 week and 2 days i missed my period a week and 2days ive had a negative pregnancy test and negative blood test and brown discharge just one time any suggestions happy mothers day to all

  • Taylor

    My period is 2 weeks late. Me and my boyfriend had protected sex with condoms. I’m not on birth control. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests that both came out negative. Could I be pregnant?

  • candy ssdcxd

    Hi. I am almost 2 weeks late. I have taken 3 test results all negative. I have had a bleed after sex but was ok straight after n still no period. I am trying for a baby. But confused what’s going on n don’t want to bother doctors.

    • Unfortunately, the only way to really figure out what is going on is to have a doctor help you figure on what is happening in your body.

  • Mamaof2

    I am on the birth control micronor and I haven’t missed a day once, I was spouse to get my period 3 days ago but only got spotting. for a couple weeks now I have been getting sharp pains, the last couple days I have been getting nausea and I just started to get vomiting today. I have already been pregnant 4 times the last 2 ended in miscarriage and I had a ovarian cyst burst last year that caused my last miscarriage and was also the reason for why I am on birth control. I have already taken 2 pregnancy tests that where both negative (one in the morning and one at night) But I am still worried I might be pregnant. What should I do??

    • I’m sorry you are going through this πŸ™ If your pregnancy tests are showing a negative, I would try again with them on another day and if still negative, go and see the doctor that prescribed the micronor to see if they can figure out what is going on.

      • Maisie

        Hi I took a pregnancy clear blue digital test and it came up with pregnant 1-2 weeks I took the same brand the next day and it came up not pregnant and I have bought a cheap one this morning and came up negative can you get a false postive I’m really worried help me!?!!!!!

  • tj

    I Had My Period In Jan Didn’t See It In Feb Saw It In March And Didn’t See It April And May Now It Came In June I Took A Test It Came Back NeG My Breast Is Swallon And I Really Don’t Know If I Am Pregnant Could It Be Possible For Me To Be Pregnant I Am A Bit Confused

  • Cramer

    Ok here’s mine I usually have Reg periods but in April I had on on the first of the month and then after we had sex not protected it happened the last week of the month, I would think usually I start on the 7 n it came like on the 28 well that particular one was crazy too I don’t usually be heavy on Day one but I was actually super heavy and hurting bad that lasted like 2 weeks then nothing and it has been since. now in the time since I have had sex.again which was like last week Friday and he did pass into me so I did the day after pill… still no cycle n boy I thought it was coming but nothing and all I want is sweets to eat and my pee smells like Apple juice and I been pooping alot and peeing alot… I did take two test and both were negative ..gaining weight and hungry all the time feet sweeling.just holding Now n waiting idk.

  • dorita

    I know my period should have been on may 23 but now it june 12 and i have done 2 pregnancy test and they both came out negative. i also did a a blood test and it came back negative

    • At this point you should probably get your doctor to help figure out what the delay is. It sounds like you may have a hormonal imbalance.

      • Babyboy

        Hi . I have this situation that i get 2negative results. I am now 3weeks delayed.. Supposedly my menstruation should be on july 2. My last menstruation period was on may27 and end up june1. I have 35 cycle.. Since then on my 1st week i get sick. I nauseated, i dont eat a lot. On the 2nd week i took preg test but it was neg. i feel hungry all the time and crave for sweets. I love cooking but when i sauted onions and garlic it made me nauseated and it was disgusting smell. My breast sore and i had different cramps which i havent experience when i had my period it was really different. On the 3rd week i took pregtest but it came all negative.. I have all my symptoms morning sickness starving frequent urination breast sore back ache i alwalys feel dizzy i usually want to go to sleep. I dont want to cook coz of that aroma i smell. Still i get pregnant? I took different brands. I had multiple unprotected sex with my partner on june 14 and we also had on june29-july3 because i know i was safe he get through in me 3x.. But then my period did not show up . It is possible that i am pregnant or just am i assuming that i was preg?

  • kate

    Hi i have a problem, i tested positive at the clinic, then again i used home test it say nagative i went to Lab it says nagative again i went to the doctor he doesnt see nothing.. what is all that?

  • kate

    Hi please assist me am confuced… am getting different tests.. at clinic i got positive pragnacy test.. and i bought home test its says nagative.. i went to Lab for blood test its says 5,0 nagative again i went to the doctor he dznt.see nothing am confuced i might be pragnant or what??

  • danielle Smurthwaite

    I’m 4 days late for my period and feeling sick tired moody urinating a lot and breast are tender could any help

  • Dacha

    I’m 4 days late for my period which my period is always the same date every month. I’m feeling sick tired moody urinating more tender breasts but just took a home pregnancy test came back negative can anyone help!!

  • Lilly

    Hi, my periods have been messed up since I started on the depo shot however I’ve been off of it for about a year but I switched over to the pills. Well I haven’t taken the pills in over four months. Finally last month June 23 and stopped on the 25th. I had unprotected sex June 30th using the pull out method. This month which is now July I was suppose to start on the 21rst I started cramping thinking I was starting. I cramped from the 21rst-25th but never bleed. I took a pregnancy test on the 29th of July and it up negative. Could it possible a false negative?

    • It’s a possibility but not likely. Depo is notorious for really messing up the hormonal balance. It takes many women a LONG time to actually get back to normal cycles. Without knowing when you actually ovulated, you can’t even know if you had sex at the right time.

  • dollface

    I’ve done around 13 test Clear blues. Come back I am pregnant But I’m scared I’m not pregnant?! Need help?

    • It’s pretty rare to get a false positive pregnancy test. With that many positives, I would guess that you are pregnant. Go see your doctor to get confirmation.

  • McDonald

    I’m 2 months late on my period I’ve had morning sickness nausea headaches cramps back pain slight bleeding and negative pregnancy tests! Help??

    • Those do sound like pregnancy symptoms but if the pregnancy tests are showing negatives, it may be something else going on with your body. You might want to visit a doctor to see if they can find out what is going on .

    • DiegoDawg

      So did you ever find out that you are pregnant?

  • Chelsea

    Hi, I was on the depo shot. I stopped using the shot in june, and had unprotected sex after it. I haven’t received a period since june however, all my pregnancy tests come back negative. Could I be pregnant or is it just the effects of the repo wearing off??

    • Unfortunately, there is no way to really tell what the cause is. Stopping birth control can cause a change in your cycles so that is possibly the cause. Many women have a hard time getting back to a normal cycle after they stop taking depo.

  • BlueLilac

    Hi everyone. πŸ™‚ I am 26. I am 8 days late on my period and I have no signs of it starting. My tests keep coming back negative though. :/ Yesterday, I noticed orange specks when I wiped (sorry for the tmi) and some of them were streaked. Does anyone know what this could be? I am very confused because I have never seen this. I think that my tests should have come up positive by now though if I am pregnant. Reading what some other people have posted though makes me wonder. Lol.

    • It could mean that your period is on it’s way. Did it arrive?

  • LaShelle Pollard

    Ok I got my period twice in one month Aug 4th and 31th then started spotting for two days (light pink) want to the doctors today do the pee test came back negative but having symptoms like having to pee a lot very emotional etc very confused

    • Twice in a month isn’t a problem. Looks like you have a 28 day cycle. If the tests keep coming back negative, you might want to ask the doctor to investigate what is going on with your body.


    so apparently i’m 3 to 4 weeks pregnant i started bleeding heavy Sunday 9/28/14 morning went to the hospital and was told i’m miscarrying that my (HCG) level was a 3 and tha’ts a sign of a miscarriage they recommended me to planned parenthood and was told they couldn’t help me and now today Tuesday 9/30/14 morning i have light spotting so i took a pregnancy test and it came back negative i don’t know that to do i’m going to a different hospital to get checked i’m terrified of the results

    • I am sorry you are going through this. I hope you get the results you are hoping for when you visit the other hospital.

  • KHaas

    I havent had a period of over 2 months and they have always been normal. ive taken a million test and all were negative even the one at the hospital. everyone says stress but im not a stressful person. i feel little flutters. and for awhile i thought it was gas. but it happens more often than not. i have many headaches and i rarely get headaches. my breats hurt and that isnt normal. i rarely have pms symptoms sincr i was 9 and started having periods. ive also had mood swings and hot flashes and im normally cold and a happy person. maybe im crazy but it doesnt make sense. i dont understand. HELP!

    • Have you gone to the doctor to see if they can help you figure out what is going on? Unfortunately, the only real way to rule out pregnancy when all the tests are negative is to have an ultrasound performed at your doctors office.

  • Lorilove

    I’m about 2 weeks late, I’ve taken a pregnancy test (2 to be exact) both were negative. Ive never been this late before. Maybe a day or two. Could the tests have been wrong?

  • Samantha Lynn Ledo

    I have a big question I am currently on birth control . The one that goes in your arm I been nauseous and all the normal symptoms I got when I was pregnant with my daughter I had took 2 pregnancy tests at the same time 1 was positive and one was negative but I took a blood test and it came out negative ?? I need some answers badly πŸ™

    • If you got positive result on one of the tests, I would continue testing to see if you continue getting them. It could be that the levels in your blood were too low for the lab to consider the blood test as a positive. Only more time and a higher hcg concentration will provide a continuous positive result.

  • Blueyez

    I have been nausea/throwing up here and there, my bf thinks my smell has gotten crazy, I have ate a few things that i wouldn’t usually eat, been alot more tired, I have went to the bathroom more then usual a couple days, I’ve experienced some cramping. We have been TTC in the last few months but no baby dust happening yet. My last period was Sept 4 I believe and according to my app I use, my period was due 9 days ago and I still have no period. I had a white stringy discharge like 2 days after my pd was due (sorry for the TMI), I haven’t experienced sore boobs or spotting, my period has been regular and on the 4th of each month if not a day or 2 after but its been accurate. My bf thinks I am pregnant but I told him I wasn’t, so I had a ClearBlue test and took this morning but it said “Negative.” So do I go with that or is there still a possibility that I could be pregnant and the test isn’t reading right?

    • It could be that your period is just late. There are many things that can cause the delay

      There have also been many cases where pregnancy tests just do not register the hcg levels for some reason, resulting in negative results when they should be positive. Unfortunately, there is no real way to figure out unless you involve your doctor’s office at some point or if you period finally arrives.

  • taylorg

    I have taken multiple pregnancy tests, some have been positive, but most have been negative, what does that mean?

    • When are you taking them? Are they different brands of test? Are you drinking liquids before you test? All these variables can result in varied results. As 2 days have gone by, if you are pregnant, the tests should be becoming more positive by this time.

  • britni

    My period is four days late today so I took a test this morning when I woke up and it was negative? Is this normal and could I still be pregnant.? I didnt find out I was pregnant with my first until I was around 5 or 6 weeks along. Any suggestions would be great.

    • Unfortunately, if you had another pregnancy that would not show up on pregnancy tests, pregnancy is always a possibility.

  • Katie Marie

    You ladies are giving me hope we are indeed preggers. My period is now 16 days late. First time it has ever been this late. My husband and I are ttc for our first child. I went off my BC in the beginning of June. I was having regular periods up until now. However, I have taken 4 hpt and all came back negative. What are the chances I am still pregnant? I have had some very unusual feelings in my abdomen, pelvic region and even under my ribs!? Tender breasts and nipples and even some slight wooziness. Today I started spotting a little brown, but very little. I want to be pregnant so bad, but trying to stay calm and unbiased about these “symptoms”. I go to the doctor on Friday and I am really hope for some good BABY news!!!

    • Katie Marie

      Update: AF came today. ☹ 18 days late! I am suppose to go to the docs tomorrow, but if my flow is too heavy I was told to call and reschedule. Will most likely reschedule. I need my annual and would like to know some reasons why my period was sooo late this month!

      • Sorry this month didn’t work out for you. Hopefully you will get some answers when you see your doctor.

        • Katie Marie

          Thanks, me too πŸ™ I rescheduled my appointment for 2 weeks from now. I am just so baffled by this long cycle I just experienced, and hoping it was a fluke and not a new trend! :-

      • Brittney B

        Katie, I just read your post.. I’m currently 5 days late and have some of the same symptoms. I have a more detailed post above, or on my profile. So sorry AF decided to show up, especially so late. That’s frustrating, I know. πŸ™ I feel that this will be the case for us as well. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  • mmoore

    So, I had been taking my birth control regularly and I began to feel just completely wiped out. Headache, nausea, abdominal cramping, light headed. I have only thrown up once, but I think that was also stress. I had my period about 3.5 weeks ago and am due to start next Monday. I stopped taking my birth control as soon as I thought I was pregnant and took a test. Which was negative, but I think it may have been too soon, so I took another one first thing this morning and that was negative too. Getting frustrated because I’m afraid if I’m not pregnant it could be my Endo.

    • Sounds like you should schedule a visit with your doctor due to your symptoms if you turn out to be not pregnant. Pregnancy tests should pick up on a pregnancy 3 or 4 days before your period is due but, of course, it is best to wait until you are late with your period to be sure.

  • Brittney B

    Totally new to this, so I hope my questions/explanations makes sense.. We’ve been TTC for 3 months, but have had no luck. 3 years ago we had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and we have just started trying again. (That pregnancy was unplanned, though we were thrilled.) My husband and I had sex every single day the week I was due to ovulate this month. I’ve only been tracking my cycle for 6-8 months. (my period and ovulation, no temperatures or anything.) My cycle is typically 29-31 days, give or take a day. AF is never exactly on time or to the date, but it’s always here within a 1-2 day window… However, I am currently 5 days late. We made every attempt to get pregnant this month, but I’ve taken 3 First Response Test and all 3 were negative. I waited to take the test after my period due date had come and gone. I do have cramps as if AF is about to start, but it hasn’t started. I have had some light spotting (pinkish/orange in color), but nothing more than spotting and all I wore was a pantyliner. My boobs are sore, as they always are before AF and I have had headaches. But no real nausea or anything to really make me think I’m pregnant- other than missing my period… My question is, should I be concerned? Is this something I should visit my doctor for? I would love to be pregnant, but these test really say otherwise. Just curious as to why AF isn’t here and who else has experienced this. I’ve had no change in diet, routine, exercise, stress, sleep, or anything that would typically add to setting it back.. Obviously, I know no one knows why by just reading my post, I was just hoping for some advice. Just not sure when I should be alarmed.. Thanks in advance.

    • Did your period finally arrive. It sounded like it was almost there based on what you said in your post.

  • hopefull

    i am currently 10 days late… have taken abt 9 yesy and all negative… however i have the nausea, tender breast, tired, i was cramping last week but its stopped abt 3 days ago… could i be pregnant? i want answers… its is frustrating getting neg. results and still no period… iether way i have an appt on wed… keep you all posted πŸ™‚

    • Good luck at your appointment. Hopefully they will be able to figure it out for you!

  • Fern

    I usually get my period every 2 to 3 weeks so mostly 2 times in a month my last period was the very last week of September 2014 I didn’t have my period at all in October and we r in the first week of November. I am now going on 5 weeks with no period. I took a clear blue digital test and it came back not pregnant. I do not wish to b pregnant I have 1 child already I just find it very strange I didn’t get my period at all in the last 5 weeks what could b the chances?

    • Actually, you have very short cycles that would indicate you have a hormonal imbalance. Most women have 28 day cycles. It could be that, for some reason, your body is trying to get to where it is supposed to be. Ultimately, as long as you don’t have a period, the possibility of pregnancy is there. You might want to talk to your doctor about this.

  • MonroeSky

    Supposed to get my period on Nov. 8th took a few HPT both negative took a blood test today – negative also but I have never missed a period I have been a few days late though …I have cramping and bloating with headaches I feel like im gonna start my period but it doesn’t come had unprotected sex several times on Oct. 26th & a few times after could I have tested to early?

  • Clarissa

    I am not sure if I am pregnant or not. My period is 1 week late and my pregnancy test came out negative. I am concerned because about 2 weeks ago, I visited my doctor and they detected a high concentration of leukocytes in my urine. Is it possible that my body may identify my baby (if I am pregnant) as a foreign substance and attack it? Can I have a possible miscarriage of this is the case, hence I’ve had miscarriages in the past?

    • Typically your body will not attack a pregnancy and they would most definitely not be found in your urine if that was the case. It sounds like you are battling a urinary tract infection. Illness can cause your period to be late as can several other things.

  • Pamela Tidmore

    my grand daughter hadd her monthly then o oct 20th was with a guy the week she woukd be ovulating then she was bleeding again .her pcp put her on the depo shot after a pregnacy test and a blood test both negative . it was to early to tell . do you think she maybe pregnant .

    • It is really hard to tell. Was she bleeding around the time she was ovulating or when her period was due?

      • Pamela Tidmore

        no she had her regular period then on oct 30th she had bleeding for about 2 days or so , she went to the dr nov 4th thats when she took the depo , she had a regular period on oct 9th but the dr said the 2nd time she bleed was a regular period which it wasnt .

  • Pamela Tidmore

    my grand daughter hadd her monthly then o oct 20th was with a guy the week she woukd be ovulating then she was bleeding again .her pcp put her on the depo shot after a pregnacy test and a blood test both negative . it was to early to tell . do you think she maybe pregnant .

  • Shanae

    I am now 2 months late on period. The first month i had taken a home pregnancy test, another at my local gp and i also had blood tests which were all negative and this month i started to have a little pink discharge. Could i be pregnant or is there something else that could be wrong here?

  • kaitlin1996

    I had unprotected sex on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1. About 5 days after I started having a very light pink spotting when I wiped. I took a pregnancy test 4 days ago and it was negative. My nipples are very sensitive and I can see the veins in myboobs. Can I still be prepregnant?

    • Do you know when you should have been ovulating? That is the only way to tell if you were having sex at a time when pregnancy was possible.

  • jessicarhili

    The first day of my last period was oct 14th i had unprotected sex on the 7th or 8th of nov. Im have all sympoms but breast tenderness i have taken nomorious hpt and they’re all negative does that mean im not or is it to early.

    • How long are your cycles? (The number of days between the day you start your period to the day before the next one starts) If you have a 28 day cycle, you would have missed when you were ovulating as that typically happens on day 14 of your cycle, which would have been the 28th of October.

  • BrittanyBee25

    We have been TTC for about 8 months now. I am normally pretty irregular getting AF every 3 months but for the first 5 months straight I got it every month then nothing. I started taking fertilaid about 2 months ago but AF is still not here and it’s almost been 4 months usually I never go past 3 months between periods. I’ve been taking at home tests and even had a urine test done at the hospital all negative. I’ve had nausea / occasional vomiting, cramping, and sore breasts for about 1 week. Any chance it could possibly be a false negative or the fertilaid throwing it off?

    • FertilAid does not affect pregnancy test results. Do you know why you have such irregular cycles? PCOS can cause that. If you do have PCOS you might want to add myo-inositol to the supplements you are taking. It has many scientific studies showing it’s effectiveness in returning normal cycles to women with pcos.

  • CC

    Hello I’ve never done this before so Idk really what to say so please bare with me…
    My period is due today, I took a total of 5 test these last 2 days, 2 test came back very faint positive and the others neg. I haven’t really had any symptoms other than cramping and lower back pain, Every now and then I get tingling in my nipples. But I guess my question would be am I pregnant?

    • You could be. Now that two days have passed, if you are pregnant, the positive tests would be getting darker “You’re pregnant” lines.

      • CC

        Hello, I just took 2 more pregnancy test and they are also positive not super dark but you can see them. I took the strips out of the container so that I couldn’t get a shadow line and I wanted to make sure they weren’t grey tinted. I’m so nervous I’m just trying to make sure everything is right… I don’t wanna get my hopes up.
        Fingers crossed the baby sticks… (if of course I’m pregnant ) I should be 4 weeks 3 days I have a 26 day cycle lmp was 11/4

    • jade

      Yes I am still breastfeeding. I didn’t even think of that as a reason. Lol. I assume since it came back I should be getting it every month still.

      • If your baby kicked into a nursing marathon or had a growth spurt this month, that might have caused the cycle disruption.

  • jade

    I am so confused. My period use to be every 30 days on the dot. After my first pregnancy its been a little different. I am 13 months postpartum. My period returned at 9m pp. In September I got my period on the 8th. In October it came on the 11th. This November I noticed my sense of smell heightened like when I was pregnant and I’ve been having cramps like I was about to start my period. I am now 3 weeks late. I took 3 tests and they were all negitave. πŸ™

    • By any chance are you breastfeeding your baby? That could cause odd cycles. If you don’t start soon, and the test is still negative, maybe a visit to the doctor might be in order. They may not be able to say definitively what is going on, but they should be able to help ease your mind a little.

  • Kim

    The doctor put on the pill to make my period normal when I was on the pill I had to stay in bed because my period was so bad it would start running down my legs but then it stopped after I stopped taking the pill but I haven’t had my period for 4 months and pregnancy test said negative and the I spotted and then it just stopped could I be pregnant

    • It sounds like you have a hormone imbalance. If you haven’t had a period in 4 months, it is unlikely that you are pregnant. You really need to go back to the doctor and explain what has been going on for the last 4 months. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

      • Jill

        Hello! I’ve been wondering if I’m pregnant, I’m 11 days late and my period is regular that last for 3 days. I’ m experiencing all the pregnancy symptoms and I had 2 pregnancy test that are both negative. I don’t if this could be also related to sign of peri menopause bec I’m 45 now? Please would u help me? Thanks.

  • karma

    Hi. Im on the pill and get my period spot on every month. This month it was 3 days late n i had like spotting. But theb 3 days later i got my period but bit lighter than usual. I have been feeling sick, husband says i look like a have put weight on, i have also been tired. Have done a few pregnancy tests (4) all said negative

    • If you are taking your pills correctly and on time, you shouldn’t end up pregnant. How many days are you away from your period starting again? If you are testing 4 or more days early, I wouldn’t consider the tests valid.

  • Fa

    Hi .. informative article πŸ™‚

    Ok for my last three cycles – it has been 28 days/35 days/27 days. (Not charting or temping or anything by the way but had intercourse every 3/4 days from CD13. On CD29 this cycle, felt extreme fatigue – had been going to bed at 7pm in the evenings too! CD30, quite exhausted, emotional and rundown – 3 coldsores ugh! Night of CD31 I have pink spotting. Next morning, pink spotting on and off through the day – sometimes darker/brownish but only when I wipe and none on liner. CD33 Brown mucus after bowel movement (SORRY!) Pink/light watery red spotting on and off throughout CD33 and CD34. Today is CD35, back to light pink spotting sometimes when wiping after toilet, but pretty much gone. (TMI) My AF is usually very red with clots.

    Sensitive gag reflex since CD32. Yesterday smells that I usually love were making me nauseous and on and off gag reflex sensitivity throughout the day. Very mild and weird pinching cramps on and off from CD32 continuing to today. Normally I get very heavy painful dull aches that stop after first day of period. I took two HPT cheapies on CD29 & 32 – both negative. And yesterday I took FRER hpt – negative again. Does it sound like I could be gettting false negatives? I wouldn’t know when to go to the doctor without seeming silly!! Its the weird spotting combined with pinchy unusual cramps and gagging that’s thrown me!! I dont have any sore breasts though there was one day last week when one of the nipples was itchy but it passed.

    I’d really appreciate your knowledge and advice! πŸ™‚

    • Did your period finally arrive? The weird symptoms sorta pointed towards pregnancy, but the cold sores said you have something else going on with your body as well.

      • Guest

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        a month ago

        We have been TTC for about 8 months now. I am normally pretty

      • Fa

        Nope… spotting stopped CD35. Cramping and nausea continued. Went to doctor CD39 – negative urine test and she said cramping and nausea was acid reflux. I thought lower pelvic cramping wouldn’t link to acid reflux AND that itself was a pregnancy symptom. But she said she had never met anyone who had gotten late negatives and ended up pregnant… Hmmm. Cramping twinges and flutters the odd time now only and nausea gone. Only other noticeable things was feeling violently ill after three glasses of wine over a five hour perioD on CD40. That’s never happened before! And vivid dreams.
        I’ve no idea what to count as CD1 for this cycle…
        Thanks for your reply by the way!

        • Well that doctor’s visit must have been really unsatisfying. If your period doesn’t arrive over time, I would definitely have your doctor revisit the possibility that you are pregnant. Despite your doctor never seeing anyone who was pregnant with negative test results, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It just means it is pretty rare but based on what I have seen from comments from other people, it does happen. Having said that, considering the nausea is gone, and the other symptoms have subsided a bit, it is possible that your doctor was right about the acid reflux. What did she say about why your period has gone missing?

  • Jen

    Hi Everyone! My husband and I just started TTC last month. I missed my period this month. This is the first time I have ever missed a period. It always arrives within a day or two of when it’s expected, but not this time. I took a First Response test a few days before my missed period, because I was starting to feel some pregnancy symptoms, but the result was negative. Took another test four days after my missed period, still negative. Any suggestions on next steps to determine if I’m possibly pregnant? Thanks for your help!

    • When you say missed, do you mean late? Or has a whole month passed? Normally, First Response tests are very sensitive and accurate. Have you had a particularly stressful month or had a chance in your work schedule? There are other things that can cause a late or missed pregnancy besides pregnancy. Maybe a visit to your doctor is in order. They may be able to help you figure out why you were late this month.

      • Jen

        I know there are other possible causes of missed periods, but I haven’t been under any stress and, as I said earlier, I’ve never missed a period before. It arrives at the same time each month and is always within 1 day of when it’s expected. It’s been a week since my period should have arrived and there’s no sign of it, so I think a visit to my doctor is in order. I know a few people who have gotten negative HPT results but still been pregnant, so I guess a visit to the doctor is my next step.

  • Beckah

    I came off contraception in August and downloaded myself an ovulation calculator to keep track of my periods. Had a small spotting when I came off the pill and the month after a small short period then have had a period EVERY month there after (cycle roughly 24/25days) my last period was 27th November lasting 6 days.. I am now day 35 in my cycle.. I have done a few tests (1, 2 days prior to period due date, 1 Xmas Day & 1 Sunday) and all are negative..
    I am day 10/11 of missed period
    I am NOT stressed or Ill otherwise I would have put it down to that.
    I have a 3 year old son and didn’t find out until I was 8 weeks pregnant with him, so don’t know if my hcg would have been low with him or not..
    Could I be pregnant?!!

    • Were you testing and getting negatives with your son as well? If so, I would keep that in mind and treat yourself as pregnant until you know for sure otherwise. I’d schedule a visit with your doctor in a week or two and explain your history with your son. Ultimately, if the tests keep coming back negative, the only way they will be able to confirm pregnancy is with an ultrasound, but you will have to wait a while before that is a possibility due to the embryo having to grow to a point where they will be able to identify it. Good luck.

      • Beckah

        I only tested at 8 weeks as my periods were all over the place so I had told myself I wasn’t pregnant and I was infact pregnant. Still no sign yet.. Will be going another 5 days and do another test if nothing will go to doctors.

      • bbgon

        Hi, my last period was nov. 27. It stopped dec 4. My pd was pretty regular but now im 7 days late. Ive been having some light red/brown discharge (I only see it when I wipe.) I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. My back has been hurting for a week now. And ive been exhausted. A little abdominal pain.

        • You might want to go to a doctor to see if they can figure it out. They symptoms you are having can also indicate that you have a UTI / Bladder infection.

          • bbgon

            Ive had an UTI before nothing like that. Im giving it a week or so if no period by then im goi g to get checked. Didnt know UTI/ bladder infection could cause late pd

          • If you body is stressed with some other sort of illness or stressful experience, it can cause your cycles to become irregular.

  • Maggie J

    I could really use some advice. I know there’s a lot of “Am I Pregnant?” posts all around the internet but I’m really needing someone’s advice. I am 19 and my husband & I have been married a year. My periods took a nosedive after I got off birth control (small dosage to help with skin) in 2012 but for the past 6 months my menstrual cycle has been consistent. My LMP was November 25 (2014) and it’s still missing as of January 8th. I know we had sex on the 12th when I was ovulating (according to an online tracker), as I had gotten home from a trip. My cycles are roughly 30-31 days. I received 2 light positives from a pack of internet cheapie tests but don’t know how reliable they are since I tested negative with an “Answer” brand.

    So my question is, has anyone gotten negatives at around 6 weeks pregnant (or 2 weeks late) and were in fact pregnant?

    Thank you, I appreciate any advice/help.

    We don’t have insurance currently but I am planning on visiting a doctor to see how much a blood test would cost.

    • If you are pregnant, you should be able to test again with the same tests you used before (if you have more of them). If you are pregnant, they should be darker positives now.

  • Hether Thomas-Anderson

    Hi I have a situation and was wondering if anyone else can relate and what happened. Ok first off I have 4 kids al ready ( boy 9, girl 7, girl almost 4, and a boy 8 months old)and I am only 30. so that being said ever since having my first baby I have had this problem with my period. I bleed 24/7 unless I am on the pill no one knows why I just get told that some people are like that. So I literally control when I get my period and when it stops. As soon as I take them by the second day the bleeding stops. I’d I miss a pill I’m bleeding by the second day ( nice reminder that I forgot the last one) so normally I take all 3 weeks of the pills and by the scone sugar pill I’m on my period and I get a regular med to heavy cycle for at least 5 days. We’ll after the birth of my last son I tried the iud it didn’t work I bled for over a month and took it out so then I tried the Nuva ring it worked perfect but I was allergic to it I think ( made me very dry sore and swollen with a constant burning effect ) well I tried that for 2 months thinking I just needed to get used to it and it would go away well I was wrong so I gave up and went back on the pill well for 2 months it was back to normal and had pretty normal-heavy periods for 3 months well I was expecting my period the Sunday before new years eve but I didn’t get it then on new years eve there was a tiny bit of light pink with clear discharge( I’ve been having a lot of milky a while ago and now clear discharge) but that was it I though my period was coming but nope it never show just had the light pink for only 2 wipes that day….well now I’m almost 3 weeks late and all my tests are negative and I haven’t started my new pack of pills bec I never got it and I always bleed unless I’m on the pill or when I was pregnant all my other pregnancies came back possitive but what else could it be or why is it not here or if I am why are 5 he tests coming back no I just had blood work done so I’ll have to wait and see about it but can you get a possitive on blood work if you have been testing neg on hot and your 3 weeks late?

    • It sounds like you have a real hormone imbalance that causes you to bleed 24/7. It’s possible that the blood work will show a positive after all the negative home pregnancy tests, but it doesn’t typically happen. Hopefully your doctor will be able to figure out what is going on with your cycle. Good Luck!

  • Courtney

    I am currently only one day late. I took a test and it was negative. I feel nauseous and constantly hunger and have to pee frequently. What could it be?

    • Test again tomorrow and see if the test results change. No telling what could be causing those symptoms if you aren’t pregnant. Lots of different things can cause that.

  • Hannah

    I could use some advice. I am 26yo and I’ve been off the pill since last July, and had a regular cycle once I was off (normally 28 days, and lasting 5-6 days. This is also what my cycle was like before I took bc). From Nov. 28th-Dec 1st I had unprotected sex, then took the planB one-step 48hrs after the first occurrence. I got my period on the 8th of Dec. as normal, but it was incredibly light, mild cramping, and only lasted 3 days.
    Today, I am 17 days late for my expected period, and have been experiencing nausea, constant hunger, frequent urination, wooziness, light cramping, and tender/sore breasts. There is also a thin white discharge, which is not normal for my cycle. The 2 pregnancy tests that I’ve done have come back negative, despite the symptoms, and I am wondering if 1) My hCG levels could be hard to detect? I normally drink a lot of water, could that be part of it? 2) would a test at an ob/gyn be any more sensitive than those found over-the-counter?

    • Well, the PlanB can mess up your hormones for a bit so that could be the cause of the weird period and the weird symptoms. Having said that, you should have returned to relatively normal cycles by now. Your symptoms do see very pregnancy like so it is a possibility. If you take a pregnancy test first thing in the morning before drinking anything, the hcg levels should be concentrated enough to be detected. A urine based test at your ob/gyn would probably give you the same results as the at home ones. If you can get your doctor to do a blood test, that should be a better indicator of how much, if any, hcg is in your system.

      • Hannah

        Thanks for the wisdom Vickie! I had a very faint positive this morning, but after all the negatives, I don’t want to get my hopes up until I get the blood test done next week. My fingers are crossed!

  • bmore

    I was supposed to get my period on a Sunday. It came on Tuesday and only lasted until Friday and wasn’t heavy at all. Usually I have heavy periods. I got back on birth control around September and my periods have been normal but this one was the first that’s been super light. I also noticed I didn’t really shed any uterine lining. I took a pregnancy test a week after my period start date. (Took it Monday and my period started except late on Tuesday prior) and my results were negative. Woke up Tuesday morning and took it and It was also negative. Am I okay? I was late by a day like three times with my birth control so maybe that affected it, but why didn’t I shed my uterine lining? Or did I take the test too early even though i thought i waited enough time?

    • It doesn’t sound like you are pregnant. You might want to check with the doctor who prescribed the birth control to see about the issues you are having. As for the pregnancy testing, if you were trying to find out if you got pregnant in the prior month, then the tests would have been accurate. If you are trying to figure out if you got pregnant this month, you are testing too early. If you have a normalish 28 day cycle, you will want to wait at least 24 days after your period starts to take a pregnancy test.

  • Caitlyn

    Hi. So, I haven’t had my period in about 10 weeks & and have been having unprotected sex with my husband the last few months. I took 4 tests when I was 3 or 4 weeks late, they were all negative. My period is now 6 weeks late… Despite the 4 negatives, could I still be pregnant, and is there a possibility I could get another negative even though I’m actually pregnant?

    • Until you get your period, pregnancy is a possibility. Sometimes pregnancy tests don’t work for people. I haven’t been able to find any scientific documentation on why, but there have been plenty of anecdotal reports by women who were actually pregnant even with negative pregnancy tests. The lack of period could also indicate a hormonal imbalance, PCOS or even Menopause. You should contact your doctor and get some testing done to figure out what is going on.

  • Ag

    I’m about for months late with my period. I’ve taken many (6+) test that all have came out negative. I’ve taken these test after my period never appeared, the second month after and the third month after. All negative. I have no pregnancy symptoms. Can all pregnancy test be wrong? Or am I really not pregnat and I should go see a doctor?

    • Well, it’s hard to say what is going on. No matter what the cause, you should probably go and see your doctor to get checked out. If you aren’t pregnant, then something else is going on with your body that is causing a lack of period and the doctor should be able to help you figure out what it is.

  • Emz

    Hi my last period was the 18th-23rd dec I’m always on time but I’ve been on the pill all along I was with my doc in dec and she changed my pill brand which I started after my 7day break. But I’m now 14 days late I took a test last week was neg is this normal to happen when you change your pill??? I’ve started my second mth now on this new pill as normal

    • If the pill had different hormones or different levels of hormones in them, you could definitely have a cycle change.

      • Emz

        I’ve gone from dianette to microlight cause the dianette is so old and is higher dose I’m prone to clots cause of my age she said

  • Ms.Flipper McCaskill

    SO I Had Sex ON 01/02/15 and after check realized I was actually ovulating on 01/04/15 .
    2 weeks the 11th I started being gassy , having hot flashes, headaches, backaches, was super tired even when I got plenty of sleep , super emotional toward my boyfriend , extra thirsty all the time even when I drank water I’m still thirsty ,nausea , increased hunger nothing ever really taste the same anymore like not satisfying anymore so I make myself eat at times , breast feel more softer but firmer and a little fuller , bloated feeling comes and goes. . Cramps started like 01/12/15… and lasted all the way till like the ……01/19/15. Then on…. 01/22/15 took a test got a faint but noticeable, positive . Saturday 01/24/15 cramps started back but a little more achy or intense and uncomfortable kinda heavy feeling kinda like menstrual but not so much the same legs wer achy arms to all I wanted to do was lay around , the 24th also was the exact time my cycle was to start I had slight bleeding which I thought was implantation bleeding because it only lasted 3 days with the last day basicly spotting light pinkish in color .The 24th- 27th NO More spotting as of yesterday the 28th or This morning the 29th . But I took another test a like 2 hours ago and it said negative but I still feel all the same symptoms of pregnancy so I need help if anyone can help !!! Plz Do…

    • Adding all the liquid to your system and then testing probably diluted your hcg to the point of the test considering it a negative. I am sure you have tested again since then. The lines getting darker?

  • sally

    I’m on the pill and usually am pretty good about taking it, not at the same exact time, but usually before I go to bed. A couple times I missed it, but took it the next morning when I remembered. My periods usually last around 6 or 7 days, but my last period only lasted two. My period this month is about 6 or 7 days late. My boobs are swollen, and I’m moody which could be pms. But for the last two weeks or so I have been breaking out horribly on my chest, an excessive amount of discharge, and I have been extremely gassy, all of these are extremely rare for me. I also have been really crampy, eating way more, and have had an abnormal bathroom routine. I took a test yesterday evening it was my fourth urination of the day though and it was negative. I’m worried though. Should I take one first thing in the morning in a couple days or does it just sound coincidental?

    • You should take it with the first morning urine to make sure. It could be that your body has decided that it doesn’t like the birth control you are on. It might be time to visit your doctor to discuss the symptoms you are having.

  • LightKate13

    I am trying to figure out if i am pregnant or not. I have never been on birth control and my menstrual cycle has always been fairly consistent, perhaps a few days off here and there. I had sex three times, using condoms. My period is now 1.5 to 2 weeks late and i taken 3 first response pregnancy tests at varying intervals of these 1.5 weeks, all came back negative. I have been getting random cramps here and there but nothing too bad. I have been getting a weird feeling in my lower left abdomen area, where cramps normally happen but only on left side occasionally. prior to my missed period i was not eating much and drinking a lot of alcohol, could this cause a late period?

    And at what point if i don’t get my cycle should i go to the lengths of contacting my doctor and setting up an appointment?

    • Well, if you are late and concerned, then you should go and see your doctor. Unfortunately, I can’t really offer any sort of information as I am not a doctor.

  • Jojo29

    Hi I am 29 years old and 10days late for my period. I took 2 pregnancy tests an both negative. But they weren’t first thing in the morning, I also drink a lot of water! Could this have affected it? Do you think I should go to the clinic and get a blood test? Or is it still too early?

    • I would take a test first thing in the morning to see what the result is. Drinking a lot of water can dilute the hcg in your system. If you get a negative result, maybe a visit to your doctor would be in order to investigate why your period is so late.

  • Cheyenne0506

    I’m almost 2-3 without my period now but my body had been acting weird since my Implanon(birth control) ran out back in March, since then I would have a period one month & skip the next. It did that same cycle until December 2014 or January 2015 now if I don’t start this month, February, that’ll be 3 consecutive months without a period. I started getting certain pregnancy symptoms like itching of the breasts, craving chocolate & sweets, & my moods been fluctuating, along with friends noticing a “glow” to me but I just took a HPT & it came up negative. Might it be a false negative? What could be wrong with my body to cause all of this to happen? Is it possible to test to late for the HPTs to have a correct answer? Should I take another HPT or just set up an appointment with a Dr? Should I just get a blood pregnancy test done? Please help me to understand because my 1st & only sons pregnancy was positive immediately, got most symptoms except for morning sickness & no cravings at all. However I have had two miscarriages in my life once when I was 15 & one within the past year but both took 2 months to fully expel the fetal mass then my cycle went back to normal for me both times except for the recent one went back to this past years normal, as explained earlier. So what should I do about my situation? Please email me as soon as possible. Thank you for any help you may give to me. Also I’m only 22 years of age if that maybe an essential factor in what’s happening to me.

    • Unfortunately, hormonal birth control (the implanon) can really mess up your system for a long while. Have you seen a doctor about your missing period? First thing I would do, considering your odd symptoms is to get you doctor to do a pregnancy blood test. If that comes back negative, then you might want ask the doctor what the cause could be. If they aren’t very helpful, you may want to look into herbal supplements to get your cycle to come regularly.

  • Sarah

    I am now 10 days late and I just took a pregnancy test and a positive on this test would have been a vertical blue line, a negative should have been nothing, I got a horizontal blue line at the bottom. I followed the instructions, can someone please tell me what happened?

    • Without looking at the instructions, there is no way to tell what is going on. You should call the customer service line on for the test you used, or buy a different brand and test again.

  • Bbarrow

    I’ve taken mutipul texts and they have all been negative my so an I have been trying to get pregnant for some time now and since November I have not had a period at all not even spotted the er won’t text me unless it’s an emergency I just need anwsers!!

    • Unfortunately, if you are not having a period, the chances of you actually ovulating is slim. You need to ovulate in order to get pregnant. You need to talk to your doctor about why you are not having a period.

  • Sadiqah

    Hi I thought I started my period last Monday but it was pale pink blood and stopped after two days. Then the following Monday I thought I started my period again but it has been pink watery blood if u can call it that. Its now Saturday and I’m bleeding a little more and it is red but very thin blood unlike period blood. I’ve done many tests and even though my tummy pain has gone I still feel tenderness in my nipples and I’m highly sensitive to taste and smells. I’m very sensitive to salt and the taste of many foods have changed. I did a test 2day its negative but I have children thank God and am familuar with pregnancy symptoms but the negative test results are making me seriously doubt myself. Anyone else had similar problems and been pregnant?

  • Tiffany

    I had a baby 6 months via C-section. No longer breast feeding & on the mini pill. Started having cramps 16 days ago. I spotted for 3 days 8 days ago and lasted until 6 days ago. I can’t remember the last time I had breakthrough bleeding (common with the mini pill). I have been taking preg tests for the past 3 weeks, all negative, all different brands, even googled which are the most sensitive to hcg (25mg) and tried one of those with first in the morning urine. I am still cramping from time to time and having a little nausea, possibly due to stress of this. I started having constant urges to go to the bathroom since Friday. It was really bad over the weekend and I was so uncomfortable, so I drank tons of water & cranberry juice and it helped and subsided on Monday. I am still having those urges, but not nearly as bad as I did on the weekend. I also feel pressure on my abdomen and bloating. It’s starting to annoy me when I sit down sometimes, but it’s better than when I am constantly standing. I have a little bit of a lower backache and pain on my lower left side of my abdomen. Anyone ever have this problem? Could I have a uti? Could I be pregnant? I have been fairly good with taking the pill on time everyday and also using protection.

    • Reading your description, and as a UTI sufferer, your description screams UTI! Go and visit your doctor to see if that is the issue. You can also buy test strips at the drug store that can test your urine to show if you have a UTI as well. If positive you can go to the doctor to get antibiotics to get rid of it.

  • KellzNew92

    I took 3 tests last week which were positive did 2 today and are negative, if last weeks tests are true I should be 6 weeks. Got bloods taken just waiting for results so confused and worried

  • Sophie

    I am late for my peroid by 5 days done 3 tests all negative had pink spotting here and there.. Can anyone help me pleasse

    • Are you testing with first morning urine? Until you get your period, there is a chance that you are pregnant if you had unprotected sex around the time you would be ovulating.

  • Ayakamiya

    Hi, if I was pregnant it would be 2 and a half weeks now,
    I took two home preg tests and both were negative, but my period is at least a week late now, almost a week and a half. (My last period was 26th feb, now it’s April 2nd, so it’s been 36 days, and I usually have only a 20-24 day cycle) I had unprotected sex a lot between March 14 and 16th.
    Other things that might contribute is in early Feb I had a Urinary tract infection and before my last period, on Feb 20th and also in the end of January I took morning after pills (I-pill).
    Additionally. I strangely got my period 3 times in February, the second time very lightly. I assume the morning after pills have messed up my cycle, and maybe this month or more it’s skipping? So after two negative tests and that other information, 2 and a half weeks in, is it still possible I am pregnant? The only other symptom I have is fatigue.

    • The weird periods in Feb. could have been because of the morning after pill in January. Some women’s bodies don’t like the hormonal changes caused by the pill. If you keep getting negative tests, I would chalk it up to the pills. Wait two weeks and take another test if you still haven’t gotten your period.

  • monika sharma

    hello, i m really confused and its bcmng hard to wait, i am 6 days late on my periods, with two negative home based test and one blood test on 4th day. how long should i need to wait….really wants to get pregnant…:-((….what are the chances now.

    • Until you get your period, there is always a possibility if you normally have a regular cycle. If you don’t get your period and the tests keep coming back negative, you might want to go and see your doctor.

  • TaylorGarcia

    Hi well I last had my period on Feb 20th then when I got off of it about a week later . My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and well I haven’t gotten my period since then . I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms but I’ve taken two urine tests and they came back negative . My boyfriend and I don’t know what to do . I have a pregnant stomach .

    • Maybe you need to go to the doctor and get a pregnancy blood test done.

  • TaylorGarcia

    Hi well I last had my period on Feb 20th then when I got off of it about a week later . My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and well I haven’t gotten my period since then . I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms but I’ve taken two urine tests and they came back negative . My boyfriend and I don’t know what to do . I have a pregnant stomach .

  • Jess

    So I’ve been getting a period every month but it’s always 3-4 days late. Everything I take a test it comes back negative. My cousin once was pregnant with no symptoms (still got her period, no weight gain..etc) and one of my other cousins can’t take the urine tests as they don’t work for her. I have taken tests and they all came back negative. But I’ve been moody, my stomach is hard, people keep asking me if I’m pregnant. I really don’t know. I’m scared. My pregnancy with my son the test came back positive right away. A lot of food doesn’t same good to me anymore. I don’t know what to think and if I am it would have been January or feb 1st that I got pregnant. Should I get a blood test done? I don’t know what to do anymore. And I have no one else to ask.

    • A blood test would be a good step. Though, if you are getting a period every month, even if it is late, that usually indicates that you are not pregnant

  • MsesRuth

    I had a miscarriage on 12/31/14, and I had a period on 2/2 &3/2 but I was supposed to have a period on 4/2, but I had a very light period to come on, on 3/28.. It was very light only using a pad a day.. Now I do know that me and my boyfriend had sex on 3/10,11&12 and I started ovulating on 3/13-19.. I have had sensitive nipples, I’m very tired, I can’t seem to get full, and I had that bleeding four days before my period following a brown spotting.. I took a pregnancy test on 4/8.. I feel very pregnant..

    • Based on what you say here, my calculations say you would be ovulating on the 18th. If that is the case, you had sex too early to result in pregnancy. If you continue getting negative tests, and you don’t get your period, you should make an appointment with your doctor to see if they can help you figure out what is going on.

      • MsesRuth

        OK.. Thank you very much.. Because according to the doctors and my cycle coming every 28 days my most fertile days are the 13-18of March do that’s when they told us to try.. Two days before, again during and a day after ovulation.. So now I’m really confused..

        • You only can get pregnant once you ovulate. Healthy sperm can survive up to 5 days after ejaculation which is why, if you have sex early on in your fertile period (the 13th) the sperm might still be alive and able to fertilize your egg once you ovulated. The closer to ovulation that you have sex will increase the chances that the sperm will still be alive to fertilize the egg.

  • Jesse

    Okay so today would be day 12 past possible conception date me an my fiancΓ© had sex multiple times an my body has been saying weird. I started feeling nausea almost all the time an just recently have been getting sick, I’ve been getting more headaches lately, my stomach feels like it’s always flip flopping, an I have been getting what feels like cramps, I have also noticed a slight increase in my appetite. But I took 2 test so far one on about day 9 an one at about day 7 but they have both come back negative. Could it be possible that I am getting false negatives or could it be something else?

    • You would have been testing too early. Did you end up getting a positive pregnancy test?

  • Nelly

    Hi there, I am on the same boat,

    • Did you end up getting a positive pregnancy test?

  • Brooke

    I was due for my period on April 9th and it is now the 15th with no period. However, on the 10th (one day after my expected period) I had severe cramping, vomited and had a very light spotting (one time) during the mid day. Since then I’ve been waking up with heart burn and I’m nauseous most of the day. I took an at home pregnancy test (clear blue) last night which came back negative. Is there still a chance that I am pregnant?

    • Did you end up taking another pregnancy test?

  • Kai DesChanel

    My last period was just a few days after Valentines Day and I had unprotected sex on March 1st-4th and currently April 19th and there is no sign of my period. I took a pregnancy test 2 days ago and it read negative, but now after reading this I am pretty sure I did not pee on the stick long enough (it was only like a second or two) so I am thinking there is a very high possibility that I may be pregnant, what do you guys think?

    • As you didn’t take the test right, and not with first morning urine, did you test again and get a positive result?

  • sabrina

    Hi I’m 2 days late iv just done a pregnancy test at 4.30 today and it was positive normally only get the line come up after the morning urine with my other pregnancy’s but this has come up in the middle of the day thanks

    • Sounds like you are pregnant πŸ™‚

  • Ninah

    Have been married for 6 months now, am a bit curious, my last period was on 3rd of March 2015 and today is on 4th May,2015 I did the home kit and it tested negative what could be the problem!? am not using family planning and my periods are regular, this the first time it has delayed for 2 months. please help

    • Unfortunately, I can’t guess what is going on with your system. You might want to get a checkup with your doctor to see if she can help you figure out why your period is so delayed.

  • me

    I have taken several tests and they are negative. I went to the doctor and had a blood test done and again negative. Lately I have been feeling like I have some movement, I missed my period in March but had some days of bleeding in April. I have taken another pregnancy test on May 2nd with the results being negative but still feel movement. Should I be worried that maybe I could be pregnant?

    • You really need to talk to your doctor about what you are experiencing. At this point, an ultrasound might be able to see if there is a fetus.

  • Me

    I have taken home pregnancy test and they are negative. I have also had a blood test done and also came bk negative. I did not have my period in March and in April I bled a few day. Last pregnancy test was done may 2 and again negative but I can feel movement and I feel my stomach tighten up. Should I be worried that I could be pregnant?

  • Tamera

    I have always had protected sex and took birth control pills. I got an sti and took antibiotics, 4 days into the antibiotics, I started bleeding for 2 days. I took a pregnancy test about 3 weeks after protected sex and got a negative result but my tummy is bloated and I’m always passing gas. Am I pregnant?

    • Unfortunately, antibiotics can influence the effectiveness of your birth control. At 3 weeks after having sex, you should have gotten a positive result if you were pregnant though. Maybe a doctor’s visit is in order?

  • NG

    Hello, my period isn’t due until 3 days from now. I took a pg test today and it was negative.. My LMP was April 2. I usually have a 35-39 day cycle. Did I test to early?? My husband and I have been ttc(having sex once to twice a week)

    • Unfortunately, without knowing when you ovulated and when you had sex, it is hard to guess if you were able to get pregnant this month. As your period should have come by now, did you get a positive test?

  • luckyloo

    Hi, I had been sexually active the week after my last period, which was march 8th. But i had a missed period in April. And now this month I had a stringy brown discharge instead of my period. I have taken 6 pregnancy tests and all have come back negative. Is it possible to be pregnant? I have also been stressed out tins more than normal in the past two months.

    • Unfortunately, both could cause the missed period… being pregnant and huge amounts of stress. If you keep getting negative results and your period still is missing, then you should schedule a visit with your doctor to see what is going on.

  • Dorothy Ann Johnson

    How do a pass menopause woman find out if she preg or not when no period because HCE onlny found when miss perido so if no perido HCG want be found right 27 went through menapous

    • Unfortunately, that would have to be something you discuss with your doctor.

  • Rayjean

    I have always had normal periods and last month I had sex when I was ovaluating and he did not pull out. Now I am 5 days late but the home pregnancy tests kept saying negative. And I have pregnancy symptoms I never experienced before. Also 9DPO I wiped and saw pinkish discharge. Then I never got my period ( I usually have heavy period that always come on time). Now I’m 5 days late and confused.

    • The 9 dpo spotting you had could have been implantation bleeding. Are you testing with first morning urine? If so, what brand of test are you using?

  • Neo

    Hi, I m a single mother of a 1yr and 11 months child.. Can you please help me out here…I am sooo stressed!!!!!! Last week wednesday (13/05/15), that was my 3rd day after my menstruation I had unprotected sex with my boyfrnd. On monday the 11th, my breasts became sore and when pressed the milk started coming out, I became thirsty than normal, constipated and moody. I bought a pregnancy test yesterday (20/05/15) and tested this morning (21/05/15) which was my 7th day after uprotected sex. The results came out negative. Am i pregnant or should i repeat the tests? Do pregnancy tests reflect true picture after 7 days of uprotected sex? I am worried that I m pregnant. Please help me here

  • Ellen

    Five and a half weeks ago I had sex with a condom. It didn’t break, it didn’t slip off, and we checked it for holes afterwards. I had a period two weeks later, though it was lighter and not quite 7 days. Now, 6 weeks later. I feel so out of sorts. I am nauseous everyday, I have headaches, and I have to go to the bathroom every hour. For a minute today, I was so dizzy I could’ve fallen over. If I were expecting, I would be about 8 weeks. The kicker is that every pregnancy test I’ve taken (too many to count) has been negative. My period is due again tomorrow but I can’t help but be afraid that I’m expecting. Does this sound like pregnancy or particularly nasty PMS?

    Here is the timeline just in case the story got confusing.
    April 7th through the 16th

    April 18th
    Sex with condom and potential ovulation day.

    May 1-9
    Period (4 days early)
    Bled for a few days, spotted the rest

    My period is due tomorrow but I’ve been so stressed that I think it’ll be late.

    • It is really hard to say. If you have been diligent with your birth control, the chances are small. If your period is odd again this month or late, I would got to the doctor just to get a blood test to be certain. If you aren’t pregnant, a hormonal imbalance could be the cause of what you are feeling and the odd periods, but only your doctor would be able to figure this out. Good luck.

  • midga

    I’m 17. On the 1st March I had unprotected sex with my bf the day before my period was due, however he didn’t ejaculate inside me and within 24h I got the morning after pill and that month my period was 6 days late. I’ve continued to have regular periods since then. And since then I’ve had protected sex twice. However the last few weeks I feel as though I’ve put weight on and my stomach has gotten harder. I’ve taken 2 boots pregnancy tests, each a day apart – both negative. I’m currently on my period now, but it’s come early (31’st when it’s usually on the 2nd). I feel paranoid. What is the likihood of me being pregnant?

    • If you have your period, the chances of you being pregnant are pretty slim. The odd timing of your period could be due to the morning after pill. It can disrupt your hormones a bit. Give it a month more and you should return to normal cycles.

  • Job

    Hi am late 3weeks my cycle is always normal if I am stress it 1or to days late and that about it I went to the doctor i took a test there and it came back not Pregnant what’s going on I need help .

    • What did your doctor say about that? Are you sure you had unprotected sex when you were ovulating? Unfortunately your cycle can be knocked off by many different things besides pregnancy – stress, work schedule changes, sleep changes, extreme exercise, weight gain or loss.

  • patrice

    I took a pregnancy test 4 days before my cycle was suppose to start but it actually started a day later but from as the way i feel i never feel pain and pressure this much EVER ON MY PERIOD! Could i be possibly having a misscarriage i have all the symptoms all of them (yes i read up on them)

    • You would have to get your doctor to give you a blood test to see what your hcg levels are to verify a pregnancy and then miscarriage.

  • Kaitlin

    So I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in 3-4 weeks. I take the pill and i’m
    usually pretty good about taking it. On the last day of the active pills
    (so the last one of the third week) I took it about 25 hours late and i
    had drunkenly unprotected sex the night before (he didn’t come inside
    but still unprotected multiple times in a row). I told him I had
    forgotten it and took the morning after pill within 24 hours just to be
    extra cautious. Since it was the last week my period usually starts 4
    days into the inactive pills, and instead i got some brown discharge and
    then bleeding started the last day of the sugar pills. I had somewhat
    normal bleeding 3 days into my active pill and then a little more brown
    blood. I’ve been extremely stressed about this and i’m not sure if i’m
    over reacting, i’ve taken a pregnancy test many times just to make sure.
    Help, am I overreacting?

    • Most likely the change in your period is due to you taking the morning after pill. You added more hormones on top of the birth control you were already taking. It sounds like your body is just trying to get sorted out hormonally now.

  • Kate

    May 25th I took three home test that were all positive. Three days later I took two more because my husband didn’t believe me and they were positive. But that same night I start bleeding and had a blood clot so we took another one and it was negative the next day I went to the doctor and she confirmed I was in fact still pregnant but the bleeding conituned for a few days so we bought 2 more since we had traveled back home on Saturday it was positive but the one I took today was negative. Am I still pregnant? Or did I get a false positive.

    • With all those positive results, they were not false positives. If you were bleeding it could be that you had a miscarriage. You really need to go see your regular doctor to see what you blood hcg levels are.

  • irene njeri

    Hi,my last periods ended 14 days ago and i still have 2 more weeks to have the periods again because i do count my days. After my last periods i had sex with my husband and he used the pull out method like we have done for the last 3 years which i have never gotten pregnant.well lately ave been feeling tired,weak , my stomach is bloated,constipation and last night i pressed my nipples since my breasts have been heavier and they discharged light milkish watery liquid.i took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. Pliz help me know if i am the one who took it earlier or maybe this signs are just nothing?? Help?

    • If your period is due in 14 days, you should actually be ovulating around now. As for the symptoms you are having, I am not sure what the cause of those could be. They may not even be related. If you are concerned, maybe you should go and see your doctor.

  • Sunny

    Hi I had sex 4 times 2 times out of that I didn’t use protection . I took a pregancey test the next day It came back negative should wait again & retake it ?

    • You will need to take a pregnancy test 2 or 3 days before your period is due to get accurate results.

      • Sunny

        I’m irregular so my period come when it feels like it what should I do nowb

  • faΒ₯Ρ”βœ―β˜ 

    Hi I’m fayth. I’m a month late on my period ..took 2 home prego tests and both are negative. Help! I’ve been nautious and have had to pee alot and my ututus is tight. I don’t know where I should go from here. Am I pregnant? My nipples usually get hella sensitive before my period but nothing has happened. Please help me

    • You need to go and see your doctor so you can get checked out. There are other reasons why your period can go missing besides pregnancy.

  • AWM

    I had unprotected sex with my fiancΓ©e on 5/31/15 , my ovulation day is 6/4/15.. He did ejuate in me. I had an D&C on 12/03/13 for having a miscarriage. I have 32 day cycle . I been on time every month until now and I am 11 days late. All test can back negative until this date. I have been tired, moody, bloated, gasses, heartburns. Could I have ovulated late OR could I be pregnant.

  • Hi, Vicky! I know everyone here is asking “am I pregnant, am I pregnant” and I know you aren’t a human pregnancy whisperer or anything and I know you don’t have any way of giving definitive answers, but I, too, am curious about your input on a couple of things. πŸ™‚

    I think it necessary to start that I have a mirena. I am just over my 5 year mark and have put off replacing/removing it because my husband and I were undecided on which route we wanted to take next. Thus far we have been enjoying 5 blissful years without any (other) birth control and we haven’t had any problems, but the time for another child is kind of now or never. Since we didn’t know what we wanted to take place at this appointment, we hadn’t made it yet. So long story short, I have an IUD but it has essentially reached its “expiration”.

    Just recently I noticed that my breasts looked fuller and that peaked my curiosity as my breast never swell or change in size. Long, TMI, story short, I was able to express clear liquid. Which has always happened in my pregnancies. I immediately started thinking about other signs I had overlooked or mistaken and realized that I had in fact been more tired lately, I thought myself looking unusually bloated (which almost never happens), my hair has been falling out by the truck loads (that always happens during my pregnancies also), and I’ve been hormonal and experiencing break outs. Everything all of a sudden pointed to pregnant. So naturally I had my husband pick up a pregnancy test.

    I wasn’t sure of the timing since I have been mostly period free these last 5 years, but I went ahead and took it that day. The test came back seemingly negative…or so I thought. Hours later there was a faint line. I know you said to disregard positive results after the given time frame but the last time this happened, I turned out to be pregnant with my son who just celebrated his 10th birthday. It had turned out to be accurate. So just to be sure this time, I took another….and then 5 more. All have given me these same uncertain results. I have taken them over a 6 day time span, each with first morning urine, but the results never become any clearer; negative then to faint positive.

    Like I said, I know you can’t read over the internet whether I’m actually pregnant, but I wondered what your thoughts on this were. If it makes a difference, I checked to feel the strings on my IUD and I couldn’t feel them. (although I never really could though my midwife said they were there) I know it hasn’t fallen out, but I am worried it has maybe become displaced? My question is if having the IUD in general could effect results. I know the smart thing to do would be just to go to the doctor, and I will, but our co-pay is quite high and I was hoping to have a clearer idea before I went that route. I was hoping for some peace of mind in the meantime. I also know about the risk of ectopic pregnancies with an IUD in place, but I also know the signs and symptoms of an ectopic and I haven’t experienced any pain or anything. Could it be that it’s just too soon for those particular symptoms to become a problem for me?

    I also wondered how or why a test could pop up positive a few hours later and not be accurate. I know that a pregnancy test works by picking up HcG, and if that’s what gives the positive result, how could it show positive, even hours later, if there is no HcG to detect? Is there a scientific reason for this? It doesn’t much alter my uncertainty in my current situation, I was just curious why this is. πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for taking the time Vicky and for answering so many women’s questions!

  • Cherry

    Hi, I am 31 and TTC for 3 years now. 15 days back my doc. put me on Ovares to boost my egg quality and no. It is my 29th day since my last period and I am expecting my periods now. I usually get my periods on 28th day. Two days back, i saw just a very small strand of blood with white discharge on the tissue paper. I thought my periods will begin, but I still have not gotten my periods. Today, I took a HPT that claimed to have 25ml sensitivity, but it came out negative. Every month I get hopeful around this time and feel terrible when i get my periods. Do you think I could be pregnant this time? Or is the delay because of this new medication?

  • Noraisah

    i tested last monday on the 10th there was a faint line
    i went to c a doc yesterday evening he said its negative.
    since i still have one more, i tested again and it shows positive ..
    im sadly confused now πŸ™

  • marie

    I had unprotected sex at the start of
    june….and then I missed my period and started feeling off….I took a test mid-june and it was negative…then I had spotting on the first of july…so mid july I took 2 more home tests one was negative and the other one had another line that was barely there…it was more negative then positive… in the early part of august I had a blood test and still got a negative….but I still feel off…queasy , tired , problems with food , vomiting , back aches , heart burn….so I’m wondering could the tests be wrong??? could I be pregnant ??

  • Destinee

    hello im 22 years old started realizing my period is becoming regular since june 7th then july 8th or 9th i had my last period. Now we are on August once it past August 11th I was starting to wonder then 8 days pass and i have been taking pregnancy tests Clear blue and First response come back not pregnant and pink negative line. Now i have a brown discharge but it was me checking threw my hospital gloves i have at home since i have a little bit of an yeast infection. When i pee nothing comes down and with toilet paper nothing. Sorry for all that! lol but yes i found some brown discharge. Is it still possible that I could be pregnant? I know I will have to take another test if the period doesnt come down this week. Just want to know if its possible.

  • conie

    Hi I am Conie….I just need some advice I am now 13 days late of my period as i track my period….my period last month was August 1st till 4th of August…I already make 2 pregnancy test and came out negative….I was already went to the gynacologist and he said i am 90% not pregnant…by the way we had sex with my bf at August 20 and after a few minutes I took a morning after pill….is the morning pill affect my period…it just drive me crazy of I don’t have my period….Please give me some answers….

  • Sandra

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if I can get pregnant. I had a first child but during childbirth my uterus came out with my child. The doctor immediately put it back in. Well I still get a period, but now I’m irregular. Is it possible that I can get pregnant.

  • Jessica

    The last time i had my period was Nov. 19th. It is now Feb. 4th. After 1-2 weeks after my period being late i had brown and clear discharge. I took 2 pregnancy tests and they both came out negative. I then, stopped thinking about it for a few weeks until recently. I noticed the veins on my breasts were getting darker. Uterus feeling tighter and harder, back aches, nausea , and feeling tired. I took another pregnancy test today and it came out negative. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Do you think im recieving false negatives?

    • Brooks Oscarson

      What happened??

  • Sonya Blade

    Hoping anyone can help me out. We’ve been TTC baby number 2 since November. I went off the pill in October. Had a period November 9, December 11, and January 10. My cycles are usually 30-32 days long. I usually get my period between the 6th-11th of the month. No signs of AF, I feel like there’s more fluid from my vagina (if that makes any sense) and my breasts are sore. (although that happened once when I wasn’t pregnant) I took a First Response test yesterday and it was negative although idk if it’s because I took it too early, I took it wrong or I’m not pregnant. Is it possible I got a false negative? I didn’t find out I was pregnant with my first until I was 8 weeks if that helps. Just really hoping this month is my month. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help. (:

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  • Pearls

    Hi! So Im actually very late on my period. I also had unprotected sex with my boyfriend about a week ago. A few hours later, I took the morning after pill. My period still hasn’t come. Im very late and worried. I took a pregnancy test at night, but it showed negative. Was it too soon to take it? Is it bad to take it at night? What should I do?

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  • Evelina Chamness

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  • Britty-Bat1990

    i’m four months late on my period, all pregnancy tests i’ve taken say I am not pregnant. i just started ovulating. could something be wrong with me?

    • How do you know you just started ovulating? Have you see a doctor about your lack of period?

      • Britty-Bat1990

        I haven’t yet. but I know because when you ovulate there is a clear gel-like substance that comes out of the vagina

        • That’s called cervical mucus and when it is clear and stretchy, it is a sign that you will be ovulating soon. You could have some sort of hormonal imbalance that is causing your period to not arrive. If you were ovulating when you saw the cervical mucus, then you should be getting your period about two weeks after that.

          • Britty-Bat1990

            I was in a very stressful relationship for the past year. recently we broke up so possible the stress may be a factor

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