I See A Faint Line On My Home Pregnancy Test, Am I Pregnant?

Faint line pregnancy test


I See A Faint Line On My Home Pregnancy Test, Am I Pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests use a sample of a woman’s urine in order to detect the ‘pregnancy hormone’ – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). hCG is the hormone that is created by the growing placenta soon after a fertilized egg has implanted in the uterine lining. Since hCG is present so early in a woman’s pregnancy, and continues to rise, it is one of the best indications of pregnancy.

Ultimately, the answer is yes, if you see a faint colored line on the pregnancy test, you are pregnant.


Types of Home Pregnancy Tests

There are three different formats of home pregnancy tests – midstream, pregnancy test strip and cassette.

All formats of test work well and are accurate. The only differences are the method of wetting the test with your urine and the cost of the tests.

Midstream tests require that urinate directly on them. Test strips and cassette tests require that you collect your urine in a clean dry container and then either dip the test or use a dropper to transfer the urine into the test.

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

The best time of day to take a home pregnancy test is first thing in the morning as urine that has been collected overnight is concentrated with hCG. If you want to take the test later in the day, be sure to limit the liquids you drink so your hCG is as concentrated as possible.

Ultimately, the best time, during your cycle, to take a pregnancy test is when you have actually missed your period. Having said that, most women don’t want to wait. You can typically begin using a pregnancy test about 4 days before your period is due.

It is however, important to remember that the accuracy of home pregnancy tests can vary between different women for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • The length of a woman’s menstrual cycle and ovulation can change from month to month.
  • The precise day that the fertilized egg was implanted may not always be known.
  • Every home pregnancy test will have a different hCG sensitivity level. If there are extremely low levels of hCG present then it is more likely to come across as positive first thing in the morning. Even though there are home pregnancy tests that are sensitive enough to detect pregnancy on the first day of a missed period, it is generally better to wait for about a week after a missed period before administering a home pregnancy test.

If you are testing before your period is due, and you are getting negative results, it does not mean that you aren’t pregnant. It could just mean you are testing too early.

Positive Pregnancy Test Results

A positive result will typically show up between three and five minutes. However, the overall reaction time of most tests is five to ten minutes. You need to read the instructions that came with your pregnancy test to determine the actual time frame for reading it. Reading after the specified time in the instructions can lead to inaccurate results.

All home pregnancy tests will have a control color line that indicates whether the test is working or not. A second colored line will show up once hCG is detected. Even if there is a faint colored line on the test, it can still be read as a positive sign, although it is suggested that you retake the test within the next day or two.

Reasons for Faint Lines onΒ Pregnancy Tests

Even though there are a number of different home pregnancy tests, they all operate on the same testing principle. As long as the instructions for taking the home pregnancy test are followed properly the test should be accurate.

However, there may be times when a home pregnancy test will show a faint line. As long as the instructions have been followed clearly, a faint colored line will indicate pregnancy. If you are seeing a colorless line, you can’t interpret that as a positive result. It could be that you are seeing an evaporation line on your pregnancy test.

There are multiple reasons for faint lines:

  • Taking the test less than eight to ten days after conception, can show a faint line as there may not be enough hCG in the body.
  • Each brand of home pregnancy tests have differing levels of sensitivity in detecting hCG. Β If your test has a sensitivity level of 20 MIU, it may display a faint line when hCG levels are at 20 MIU, while less sensitive tests will actually present a negative result. If there is at least 50 MIU of hCG in your body, then a 20 MIU home pregnancy test will exhibit a darker color line, while a 50 MIU test will instead show a faint line.
  • A urine sample that has been diluted as a result of large liquid intake can also cause a faint line. This is another reason why it is better to test with first morning urine, or at least hold your urine for three to four hours before testing.
  • A chemical pregnancy can also create a faint line. In this situation, implantation has occurred and hCG has therefore been produced. Nevertheless, the pregnancy itself is not viable and will be followed by miscarriage.
  • Honey

    Is this a positive test

  • Honey

    I hav 2 lines and one in faint but almost clear and other is dark should i consider it a positive result

  • yuritzy

    If I have a dark line on the control and on the other has a line but its faint?
    Does it mean I’m pregnant?

    • Twix

      Hii. Were u able to find out if ur pg o nt? Im going thro the same situation as urs

      • wanga zulu

        hai im in zambia and im a nurse but cant figure out the physiology

  • brittany

    I took one and it showed a dark line and the second line was really faint but after 10 mins the faint line disappears what does that mean?

    • It could mean you tested when your hcg level was very low. Test again tomorrow morning to see what it shows. Depending on the brand of test that you used, you could be seeing an evaporation line. This usually shows up on some of the test strips you can buy online.

      • Lee-Ann Venter

        hi vickie could you tell me if you see this?

  • Sclark12914

    I took a pregnancy test and waited and didnt see a second line. I therw it away and the next day was takin out the trash and thought to take a peek. So i saw a very faint line and now think im pregnant. Could the second line show up the next day even if im not pregnant?

    • wanga zulu

      if the line appears after 10 minutes then the results may be invalid

    • Mary Martinez

      So were u pregnant? This just happened to me…took a pregnancy test yesterday n this morning i saw it in the trash n decided to look at it n i was super shock to see a light line. My husband n i r just confused n i did take a digital but it came out not pregnant…we r super nervous cuz we have a bby that is barely gonna be 6months n its been in our minds all day!!

  • Help

    So i look a pregnancy test at first it didnt show up. After a day a faint line showed up.. does this mean im pregnant??

    • If you left the test and looked at it a day later, you can’t assume that you are pregnant. You will need to test again and view the results in the time frame stated on the instructions.

  • Kay

    Hey I took three tests today both showing two lines, but the second line is very faint. Is this still a positive result?

    • Wow! πŸ˜€ Those don’t look faint at all! If you see two lines, no matter how light, that is a positive result!

      • Pretty

        I have a question i took a pregnancy test today i got a dark blue line..i set it down cause they say wait til 3 to 5 mins in i was talkin to my daughter i forgot about it so when i went back to check on it i see a dark line in a faint line wat that means….

    • wanga zulu

      my dear the best is to do a scan so tha you confirm the diagnosis

    • Lee-Ann Venter

      if thats faint mine is invisible see

    • Guest

      Soool what does thiss mean is it positive?

  • TeeJay Marinucci

    What does it mean when I took a test and at 3 minutes it had one dark line one fainted line but then at 4 minutes there was only 1 line>

    • What did the instructions say? Typically they say you have to read results in a certain time frame? It could be that you are testing early and you don’t have quite enough hcg in your urine for it to show up darkly. Testing again in a day or two, with first morning urine should show you a darker line if you are pregnant.

  • jamie

    I got 2 postive test results and both had a faint line and I have a little spotting and it’s pink and brownish and the at the end of November I had same thing and I’m always regular on my periods. October 23 was my last regular period. Could I be pregnant?

    • If you have had two positive tests, I would say that you are pregnant. Have you been to the doctor about the positive tests yet?

      • Marsie Marii

        Hello can you please help me I just received this today and I’m very confuse with the results :(, thankyou

  • Michelle

    Hi all

    My period was due on 26 December and nothing yet. I took two test and came out with faded line. I’m confused. Am I pregnant. Boobs tender and now and again I have cramping feeling as if period going to start but nothing yet. I had an ectopic 2 years ago in right tubr and really praying for a healthy pregnancy to bring to full turn. But don’t want to shatter my hopes.

    • Well the one on the 31st definitely looks darker so I’d say you are pregnant! You should schedule a doctor’s appointment due to your past history. Congratulations!

      • michelle

        Hi Vickie

        Thanks for the reply. Well I have an update. After taking those tests I waited until Saturday and went to baby clinic and nurse there said that she doesn’t like the tests I took as they a midsteam ones from dischem and she said that I must get one of the clearblue ones.

        My partner bought me the digital one which is a two in one test and took it around 12 that day and to my surprise it first came up saying PREGNANT then came up saying 1-2. So one the test it means I conceived 1-2 weeks ago but test said that doctor will take it from when last period was which was about 4-5 weeks ago.

        I’m still feeling on odd occasions slight pains as if period is going to start but then goes away. But from what I have researched its normal.

        The big question is when can I go for my first scan as from what I have researched is that u wont see anything in early weeks. But with my history I’m just worried that if I go for a scan to late and I have an ectopic how will they know if I don’t go for scan?

        • Pregnancy is calculated from when you ovulated and conceived. Ovulation typically happens about 2 weeks before your period is due, which matches what the test said. As for the scan, you will really need to talk to your doctor. You are right, if you scan too early, you won’t be able to tell anything. Being in close contact with your doctor can help alleviate some of your concerns until you are able to get the scan and see what is going on.

      • Uyanga Sukhbaatar

        Does it look positive I can’t till cause the middle line us very faint

      • Pretty

        Tell me wat u think about dis i took dis test today in i let it sit for 3 to 5 mins but i forgot cause my bad daughter of mines.. So when i thought about it in went to go look at it it was 2 lines a dark in a faint line wat do u think

    • aidamaria

      I’m going through the same I went through 2 lost (pregnancy) and I took a test and had it come out like the one on top the 30th. I do feel like I may be but I don’t know if I should have my hopes high.

  • courtney

    i got a pregnancy test 1 week ago it was a clear blue one it came up negative the a week later i took a didnt test and it came back one dark line and one faint line could i still be pregnant

    • When is your period supposed to arrive? If you are late, try testing with your first morning urine with a clear blue. If you have two lines, no matter how light the test line is, it means the test is picking up hcg, the pregnancy hormone.

  • Acape

    Is there such a thing as testing at home too late in pregnancy? I grew concerned in December that I might be pregnant, with last intercourse being in early October or late September. That test came back very clearly negative. I have still had all the same symptoms that previously led me to be certain I must be pregnant so, a few days ago I used the second test, clear blue, and it showed the control line, but rather than the horizontal negative line it showed only a vertical line. I waited up to 10 minutes, and no change. What does the vertical line without the horizontal (minus) mean? Should I be worried still? That would leave me 3 months pregnant without having had any prenatal care, and already telling ex I was in the clear. So scared and confused.

    • Well, if the results are not showing up the way they should, you may have had a faulty test and you should test again. At this point, you should go to the doctor and have them check you out. If your normally regular periods have stopped then something is going on.

  • help

    My friend had test two days she came same result one is dark line second is faint line what is mean

    • Any line showing up that has color to it, even if it is very light, means that hcg is detected in the urine and that your friend is pregnant.

  • Brittney Long

    Hey everyone i took a pregnancy test today and the test had a plus and a line but five mins. Later it only showed one line the other lines was gone am i pregnant or should i test again im confused help plz

    • What brand of test is that? I would suggest that you test again, if you haven’t already, with your first morning urine.

      • brittney

        It was a cheap test im not sure the name

        • Have you taken another test since that one? What is a positive result supposed to look like with the test you used?

          • ilovemyhubby12

            Hi Vicki I’m due to ovulate tomorrow so should I have sex tonight I’ve had sex on the 15th plz let Me know

          • bre

            I have came on my cycle it only last four days my cycle normally last seven and the test i took it only supposed to be lines two lines for pregnant and one line for not pregnant but you see my test had a plus sign and a line

    • Lee-Ann Venter

      hey I got this yesterday and dont know what to think, my husband says its only showing cause i want it so bad but i dont care how much i want it my brain cant make hcg only a feotus can am i going mad or is this positive, i have used the same brand 6 times and never gotten an evap line as a matter of fact there was a stark absense of a line on all the others

  • pks123

    Hi, I am 1 day late in my period. Today morning i took out a test at home. It showed me a very faint positive line, which grew a little darker after 5 minutes. Does this mean I am pregnant? please check out the image. Its very hard to figure out in image thought. But with my bare eyes line seemed darker.

    • It looks positive to me. Taking another test the next morning should show a darker line.

  • Magz

    Hi I am due for my period today and I took a test and after 5 mins showed up positive but very faint am I pregnant confused?

    • It really depends on what the test instructions say. If you are reading it after the time they say to in the instructions, you can’t take it as a positive. Test again the next morning and if you are pregnant, the line should show up darker.

  • janu

    hai i get a faint line after 1 hr of the test in 3 different days , my period was delayed 13 days from now i have some singes like feeling week am i pregnent ?

    • Are you testing with first morning urine? Also after an hour can’t be taken as a valid result. If you are concerned, go and see your doctor.

  • Tjopper

    I took a test. but instead of it showing 2 vertical lines or no line in the test window, it shows a horizontal line. What does it mean?

    • Not knowing what brand test you are using, I can’t say. Ultimately, you should call the manufacturer and see what they say. You can usually find the telephone number on the instructions.

  • christine

    my daughter took 3 test and the one came up posititive and the other two was not the first morning urine

    • It could be that she took the tests very early in the pregnancy. Testing again in the following days with first morning urine should get you more accurate results.

      • Sommer

        Please help.. I haven’t been feeling well throwing up out of the blue. Took these test first thing in the morning. The one with th pink behind it I took first, then this morning took the other. I’m so confused an I have light spotting now.

  • Sarah

    Hi I had a mc boxing day, I should of came on today or yesterday still nothing…. I kno it early days but I took a test it came up with 2 lines and one get faint….. I then went and brought one from lloyds pharmacist which then told me I am not pregnant I am abit confused and thinking that my hormone levels must be to low to read can anyone tell me there opinion please. Sarah xx

    • Lee-Ann Venter

      hi it could just be the different brands having different sensitivities did that line show in the time frame if so you are prego. this is mine that hubby says is just in my head, or caused by my longing

      • Sarah


        I do believe brands are diff my friend had faint lines and she now has twins my other friend had faint lines and she now has a girl I think after my miscarriage Im Ega to have another baby,… I brought 5 more at the pound shop and it says if the colour doesn’t match like my pic it’s negative but other brands class that as positive I don’t kno!….. I’m kind of hoping for my period now take me out my miseary,.. I wish you all the best xx and sorry I carnt answer think we’re in the same boat lol good luck xxxx

        • Hmmm… ovulation tests are the tests that require the color match. For pregnancy tests, any line means hcg is present. Are you sure you got the right type of test?

          • Sarah

            So does that mean I’m not pregnant ?

          • You need to use a pregnancy test and not an ovulation test to find out. Take a pregnancy test and you will get accurate results.

      • Unfortunately, the picture isn’t too clear so I can’t say for sure, but there may be a second line there. Testing tomorrow should show up a darker line if it is positive.

    • That looks like it might be positive to me. If you tested again later in the day with the lloyds test, it could be that your urine wasn’t as concentrated the second time. It could be a very early positive and should get darker as the days go on. Testing again with first morning would be your best on seeing a more distinct positive result.

  • Sarah

    Hi I did do a post put its not on here I had a mc boxing day it’s 27th no period took a pound test had a faint line took a lloyds test said negative confused

    • Okay, so these tests are not what you want. These are ovulation tests and not pregnancy tests. I can see by the instructions.

  • annynjl

    hi there i got a faint positive on monday with a test brand that i have used about 15 times before and have never had evaporation lines even a week after recieving a negative, test also doesnt state its sensitivity at all it also does not state a time after which the test cannot be read. I am now so confused as I desperately want another child but am on the pill as we currently do not have the finances and in december and early January i did not take it correctly( I missed pills as hubby was illband had to stay at a faimily member with transport), so my hubby and i dont trust mynsymptoms as i have an ovarian cyst and we believe alot is due to my desperation for another baby. I just dont want to get my hopes up and break my own heart. please tell me what you think. attached is a picture.

    • This picture was posted on another person’s question below. As this doesn’t appear to be your picture, I can not offer an evaluation of the test.

      • annynjl

        hi vicki it was mine was commenting every where trying to figure out how to create my own comment thread, turns out it was positive but has lead only to a chemical pregnancy

  • Heather

    I’m pretty sure this is positive! 21 dpo…hpt taken tonight!! What do you think?

    • I’m not seeing a picture Heather? Did you mean to upload one?

      • Heather

        I thought I did! Opps I’ll try again

        • Unfortunately, it didn’t come through again!

      • Heather

        They’re a little hard to see in the pics but I’ve had 4 + tests with a faint line. It looks like I’m about 4 weeks 2-4 days..so still early

  • Quinntina

    Would you say positive or negative I keep getting super faint positives my last cycle was January 1st I also have irregular periods

    • As I don’t see a picture, there is no way for me to guess.

  • darkravyness

    I’m 12 days late for my period. I took this hpt about a week ago and since then I have had negative hpt results. I tested with that one in the morning and I did make the mistake of taking other tests later in the day. If I am actually pregnant I believe I would be 5 weeks along? My last period was 1/6/15. On the day my period was due I only had one instance where I wiped and had a dark spot of blood on tp. Sorry for the tmi. I have had slight cramps that come and go since my period was due. No morning sickness or anything. I have had some headaches and feel tired. The only problem is that when I took this test I remember the window that gives you a positive or negative result stayed blue and I didn’t wait the whole time for it to finish because I had things to do. So I looked at it a few hours later and it had a distinct blue line in both windows. I have never been this late for a period before and I made an appt to see a doctor on the 25th. Oh and the other tests were a different brand (cheap tests) the ones that showed negative results and the positive one was a cvs brand test. Could I be pregnant?

    • It looks like a positive result but since you didn’t read it in the correct timeframe, you can’t take it as a positive. You need to test again to confirm the result.

      • darkravyness

        16 days late now. I’m assuming it must have been a positive because I still haven’t had a period. Instead of wasting more time and money on hpt I’m going to wait it out and see the doctor on the 25th for confirmation. πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure at this point it’s positive.

  • sana

    I hve one line dark & 2nd hve faint pls ask me what is mean ?

  • Jane

    I took pregnancy test and the control line is faint then positive line is not visible.what does it mean?

    • It could be that you were just testing too early and the level of hcg in your urine was still very low.

  • zoe

    Hi I had this about 20 min ago am I pregnant or? As confused

    • Definitely looks like a positive pregnancy test to me. With pregnancy tests any line is a positive.

      • zoe

        Thank you for reply I did go out and get a clear blue one done it this morning and come up as pregnant 3+ so really happy just don’t know how far I am really as doctors won’t see me due to me moving in two weeks they say there is no point and to wait until I am at my new address so I am looking at like 3 weeks till I can actually see a doctor which is not really helpful x

      • ashley

        plz help me identify if its a positive test of an evaporation line.

  • rach ttc#4

    I think im pregnant but very early according to an online chart I would be 3 weeks and 3 days as I ovulated around the 17th feb. So I tested this morning with a cheap pregnancy test morning brand called suresign with a sensitivity of 15ml and got a very faint line when should I retest? Thank you

    • I’d wait until 3 days before your period is due to test again. Good Luck (and possibly congratulations!)

  • JHall

    Hey, I completely missed my cycle for the month of February and took two pregnancy test on the 25th and they were positive with faint lines, took one on the 27th and it was positive with faint lines…Now it’s March and still no period my breast and nipples get sore, I am completely tired, I had slight cramps like pulling or stretching that even goes down to my upper thigh area, gassy and noises from my stomach…Am I testing too early or what? I have had 2 miscarriages in the past with one being in this past August.

    • Actually, from what you are saying, the pregnancy tests keep coming back positive?? If so, you are pregnant. You should go and see your doctor and get a blood test done.

  • linda gannon

    Hi I took 4 pregnancy tests today 2 say 2 lines but faded and 2 has 1 line and I done the clear blue digital test it says pregnant 1-2 weeks help me please

    • Sounds like you are pregnant! πŸ™‚

  • Lynn

    Hi I have not missed my period however I got one positive pregnancy test and I feel pregnant but ever since I only get negative tests

    • Have you continued getting negative tests? If so, it could be that you suffered an early miscarriage. πŸ™

      • Ndatalah

        Hi there? my last period was on 03 April 2015 I start using Fertomed-50 and from 15 May I realize that am ovulating, we had sex for 3 days. On 30 April 2015 when I wz waiting my period I saw a spoting that last just for 3 days. From there since that spoting stop my breast start tender, bloating stomach, back pain and burning. Yesterday on 12 May evening I took a pregnant test and it came with faint line. In the morning I woke up and peer and from there I go and drink water, later I remember that I have to take another test and it just come with one line no faint line anymore. Right now am still feel backche, bloating stomach and in my vagina am just feel like am going to start my period all this days. Did this mean am pregnant?

        • I can’t say if you are pregnant. You will have to test again with your first morning urine before you drink anything. The fact that you added liquid to your system and you got a negative could be that you currently have a very small amount of pregnancy hormone in your system. Good Luck!

  • Congratulations!!

  • Marivie Escubil

    Hi, my supposed to be period is march 12, 2015, and I’m now 4 days late according to my period tracker. Before, before my period come I feel the PMS like sore breast and abdominal cramping. But now I didn’t feel anything just a little dizzy sometimes, feeling bloated, sometimes feeling nauseous and I once feel heartburn but I don’t have sore breast, abdominal cramping and even spotting. Should I try to take a home pregnancy test or not??

    • Considering your period is late, you can take a pregnancy test now.

  • ashleigh 1

    Hi everyone I am knew to this .I took a clear blue + -test it only showed one line so I put it down thinking negative a hour later there was two lines . I took a first response two days later negative . I am now 5 days late I never go past a 32 day cycle. What are your thoughts pleas.

    • That test looks positive, but it could be that you just had really low levels of hcg in your system. As it showed up after the time frame showing in the instructions, you can’t consider it a true positive. Have you tested again with your first morning urine?

  • Ash

    hi. I just took this pregnancy test half an hr before. The test line is faint. Am I pregnant or not?

    • I’d say pregnant. The darkness of the line doesn’t really matter. Any line means that pregnancy hormone was detected.

  • jessica

    Hi i really need to know im not paranoid here does this look positive to anybody?

    • AL

      which test is this i believe i just took the same one and had similar image and was not sure also..have you retook and are you pregnant?

  • jessica

    Here is another photo

    • Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there is a second line there. Have you tested again since you posted this?

  • Louise Paterson

    Hi please help… I mc on 20/2/2015, my hormones went back to zero and we started ttc immediately after, I have taken 5 tests over four days and all have faint positives but don’t seem to be getting any darker! I feel pregnant again but not as much as I did in my last pregnancy but I think I was maybe about six weeks gone before I tested and mc within two days. Am I just imagining things with this line? Would anyone say this is positive? I genuinely think I’m only about two weeks (four in doctors terms) I don’t want to make a big deal if it just yet so need opinions especially with my recent mc in my mind

    • Unfortunately, I am not seeing an image. When you posted this it would have been very light due to how early you would have been. Did it get darker for you?

      • Louise Paterson

        Hi vicki, no I kept getting faint test so went to GP and was transferred to hospital for bloods where they went from 21 to 49 to 215 I was then booked in for a scan as my urine results were showing negative. I had my scan yesterday and I am Infact about 4/5 weeks pregnant xx

  • Bee

    Could I possibly be pregnant or am I the only one seeing the two lines. Help please!

    • Not seeing any image so I can’t say.

  • Amber Lincoln

    very faint line should i retest?

  • AL

    There is a very faint line on my test can you tell me if you see it ?? I have missed my period by only 1 day spotted then completley stopped.

    • That looks like a positive pregnancy test. It would be a very early positive though due to the lightness of the test line.

  • Adam Torres

    What does this mean ??

    • That looks like a positive pregnancy test to me.

  • Marsie Marii

    Hello everyone I also took a pregnancy strip today but I’m very confuse with the results please message me what you think of it, thankyou πŸ™‚

    • Definitely looks like a positive to me πŸ˜€ Congratulations! The test line does not need to be the same darkness. If there is a second line, it is a positive result no matter how light it is πŸ˜€

  • lyn31417

    Hi!! What do you think bout this pic?? Am I pregnant???

    • Louise Paterson

      I definately see a faint line maybe just too early x

      • lyn31417

        Oh thank you Louise Paterson

        • lyn31417

          3 days missed period but now I have brown then red period but not that much I mean a little only, I always have heavy period even on my 1st day but this one is different

    • Definitely looks positive to me. Have you been to a doctor yet? Did you get a pregnancy test that showed a positive darker?

    • Definitely looks positive to me. Have you been to a doctor yet? Did you get a pregnancy test that showed a positive darker?

  • Sowmya Sri

    All my pregnancy tests are vertically strong lines tried with all brands but same result they are neither evaporation lines or disappearing after some time after test, went with ultra sound and doc said to wait as result is possible pregnancy, I am almost 29 now and completely lost trying all negatives before, I never got these kinda lines before, it was only I horizontal line at c region and test region were never shown, this is the first time and I am almost 10 days late so confused please help if anyone faced the same, gyn suggested to wait and see but I am unable to wait please help

    • I am having a difficult time understanding what you are saying. Did you get positive pregnancy tests or not? If there was no line in the test area, chances are you are not pregnant.

  • Are pregnancy tests still showing up positive?

    • lyn31417

      No so sad but I’m not preggy the doc said there’s no sign of pregnancy but he told me to come back after two weeks

  • Claudette

    Hey all
    I took the pregnancy test 4 times I checked in 4-5 mins and I get 2 lines 1 is dark other line is light,am I pregnant?

  • courtney

    I had 2 lines show up. The only problem I have is they were both supposed to be up and down…. the actual pregnancy line is side to side. What does that mean? Could it be a manufacturer defect? Its about a month and a half since conception could have taken place. And my first period was all of 2 days long with old spotting.

    • If the results were different than they show up in the instructions, you really need to take a different test until you get they type of results that the instructions indicate.

  • Vanessa Parker

    Hi, I have has 3 test in total, On Saturday 22/05/15 I had 2 tests, both came up with a faint line? Then on Sunday morning, I had another test, it was another faint line, but a little darker. I am soooo scared as in October I misscarried at 21 weeks πŸ™ I was diagnosed with PCOS and it had taken my partner and I 14years before I concieved (Naturally)

    • It sounds like you are pregnant. As you have a history of loss, you will want to involve your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Vanessa Parker

    Also How do I upload a pic?

  • jspascual

    Please help! I tested this morning. 5 drops of urine were loaded into the tester (first urine of my day as I have just woken up). The C line was obviously dark and it appeared in less than 10 seconds. I didn’t look at it after as I thought it’s negative, so in less than a minute I stopped checking on it. But after I finished showering, I saw the T with a very faint line. I’ve tested before, it always didn’t give me that 2nd line. It’s just the C for crying out loud. But now I’m seeing the T with a very faint line! For the life of me pls tell me am I pregnant? Pls check the image…

    • It looks positive to me, but due to the timing you would have to test again the next day to see if the test line appears within the time frame of the test instructions. It could be that the levels of hcg are just below what the test claims to test so it could just be a matter of a day or two before you get a definitive positive result.

  • Julie Marie Mcphail

    Hi there i haven’t had my period for a month now iv had a pregnancy test came up with two lines then faint line went away i don’t understand and never had it happen before

    • When was your last period? It could be that you are very early in your pregnancy so the hcg levels are very low right now.

      • Julie Marie Mcphail

        10th of April was my last period

      • Julie Marie Mcphail

        My last period was on the 10th of April

      • Julie Marie Mcphail

        Sorry the 10th was when it started 13th was when my period finished

        • Well, by now, you should be getting a stronger positive result. At this point, you might want to schedule an appointment with your doctor to get a blood test done to see what you hcg levels are.

          • Julie Marie Mcphail

            Ok thank you ill make a doctors appointment in the morning

          • Julie Marie Mcphail

            Ok thank you ill make a doctors appointment in the morning

  • Heather

    I just took a sure aid pregnancy test and I asked the pharmacist should it matter what it looks like after 10 minutes she said no discard it. Your not pregnant. But I took another one and this is how it came out after 8 minutes. I really hope I’m not pregnant

    • I am not familiar with the instructions for that pregnancy test. If you are reading it within the timeframe listed in the instructions, the test should be valid. Unfortunately, in your case, I do think I see a second line there but is is very very light. I don’t know what the incidence of evaporation lines are in that brand of test though. You will have to test again in the next day or two and use your first morning urine to see if the second line shows up even darker.

  • Heather

    And then they get darker after a while.What does it look like to you?

    • That looks like a positive result to me.

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • M Ruwandi

    hi, I got this result and it was a very faint line. I am so confused .plz. Am I pregnant.

    • Unfortunately, it is hard to say. That could be an evaporation line. Test again tomorrow with your first morning urine to see if you end up with a darker colored line.

  • Shada Watson

    How soon can I take a test if I got the iud removed on the 3 i only bled for 4 days and had unprotected sex every day since than now I’m having pregnancy symptoms.

  • bim

    Hey I take a pregnant test an it show two line an 2 hours later I take one more an it show one line what that mean

    • You read the test too long after the instructions told you to so you can not assume that is a positive result. I am sure you have taken another test by now so hopefully you got the result you were looking for.

  • Rowena Isamu Yakushijin

    Hi Vickie!!can you please help me.I took a pregnancy test today and it’s just faint color.

  • truth

    Hey, I took a test last Monday. I don’t know if it’s positive or not. Could you please check it for me?

    • If that is a pregnancy test and not an ovulation test, then you are definitely pregnant.

  • lizbeth

    Hey I need help

  • lizbeth

    Don’t know what that means

    • jessica comeaux

      I took a test like that, and it did the same thing. But I wasn’t pregnant.

  • Chelsie Griffin

    Hi! I took a pregnancy test yesterday And I see a faint line and so does my other coworkers my be dont.. But I’m not due for my period till the 12th. But I’m having symptoms what should I do goto the doc or wait it out.

  • Kay Fox

    I took two tests on Saturday both came back with two lines but one line faint (not as dark) I took another test two days later and two lines came up again but this time both were very noticeable!!! And yes I’m pregnant 4 weeks and 2 days (0: good luck everyone!!!!

  • Kay Fox

    I took two tests july 4th both came back with two lines but bottom line was lighter!!!! Took another test July 6th and came back with two lines but deffently darker lines this time!!! And yes I’m pregnant 4 weeks and 2 days!!!

  • Jay Wallace

    I took this test about 2 days ago (both are same test) at first it said negative so I threw it out, then when I was taking out trash something’s fell out & the text fell also that’s when I saw this faint line. I actually have 2 that shows this line this one is just a little more clear. I just tested again & it says negative bug you can also see the faint line coming in as well. Help please?

  • shaz

    I swear I can see a very faint line the photo doesn’t show much am I imagining this????????

  • gouthami

    hi i took two times with one week gap tests and both are negative when i saw and after few days when i cleaned wash room i saw the first one is having very faint line and the second one is negative and one month back i got abot so please help me am i pregnant or not….. πŸ™

    • Gouthami Gangula

      please someone reply for me

  • Chantelle Chappell

    I know the top was nothing i took that about 4 days ago and just took the bottom..what do yous think? :/

  • Lisha Bangma

    Hi I did a clear blue pregnancy test and it stayed blank then hour later both lines appeared would this mean im pregnant

  • Kezza

    I need help I did a pregnancy test yesterday morning n it come up negative but whn I’ve looked th nxt day they is 2lines but one is very faint one already got a daughter but tht never happened with my first am I pregnant ????

    • jessica comeaux

      I’m having the same problem! But the second line only took like an hour, or two to show. I’ve took three test, and they have all did that!

  • tonie

    My pregnancy test was very light Just about where u can’t see it. Do that me that them pregnant

  • bri

    I took four pregnancy test today. I used two with first response and the other two with clear blue. I took the first time at 1230pm which is first response and it said I am pregnant. I went back to the store and got clear blue took them at different times and said I am not pregnant. Then I took the fourth test it said I am not pregnant which was the first response. My period is 9 days late. What should I do ??

  • Emily

    I took a pregnancy test first thing in the morning and at first it was negitave then I came back 15-20 mins later and it looked like this. What should I do?

    • You should have taken another the next morning and looked at it within the correct time frame. Chances are you are pregnant, but until it shows up positive in the correct time frame, you can’t say you are absolutely pregnant.

  • Ace

    Hi! My last period was June 12-15 and now it’s July 31 so I decided to take PT. Can you please help me, the 2nd line is very faint. My hubby is so happy but I am not sure yet. I had miscarriage last year. Please tell me , is it positive? Thank you!

    • Any second line, even if it is light, it to be considered a positive πŸ˜€ Congratulations!

      • Ace

        Wow! Really? Thank you very much! πŸ™‚

        • Ace

          Yes, I had a check up and my OB said I am 7 weeks pregnant. πŸ™‚ Thank you,Ms. Vickie!

          • Congratulations!! Here’s to a happy, healthy nine months for you!

  • Alondra Ortega

    am I pregnant?? the first line is very faded …I just took the test yesterday but I’m confused and scared a little πŸ™ plz help…

  • Sarah

    Help! What does this mean? I am not feeling any of the symptoms even after 4 weeks. Also, I took a morning after on the day that I had sex.

    • jessica comeaux

      It’s a positive test. You pregnant! Congratulations!

  • angel

    Hi i just took my pregnancy test. One cane dark line and another one very light line. What does it mean am i pregnant or not

    • jessica comeaux


      • jessica comeaux

        Your pregnant

  • angel

    Hi is any body there to help me with answer

    • jessica comeaux


  • angel

    Again i took a test it showed very thin light line am i pregnant r not?

  • angel

    Today i done da test it shows like above pic am i pregnant

    • jessica comeaux

      Than yes your pregnant.

  • angel

    Is there any time limit to confirm da pregnancy test. Sumbody saying dat reading shuld b done with in 5mins…. after mins if it cums two lines it is not valuable is dis correct.. when i did my test aftr 15 mins another line came to visible am i pregnant or not plz plz plz reply me

  • Brittany

    My period was supposed to start the 7th now it’s the 14th. I have took 8 home pregnancy test and all have a faint line. I went to a free health center to take the quick clear 2 pregnancy test, but before I went a drink almost a gallon of water for a “clear ultrasound”, but they tested me and it came up negative so they would not give me a ultrasound. They sent me home with 4 I have took three and they all have a faint line. Please help.

    • jessica comeaux

      I’m pretty sure your pregnant.

  • angel

    But da T Line showed me aftr an hr am i still pregnant

  • Elizabeth

    I went four days ago for a blood test cause my pregnancy test came up positive but my blood test said negative. Today I took two pregnancy test and they both had two lines faint but two lines am I pregnant this is to much please help me

  • Jessica

    So does this mean i am pregnant?

    • It looks positive to me. If you took another one today, it should be much darker.

      • kree

        I have a 25 length cycle i have been keep up with it last 4 month’s after coming off depo last yr in august 2014 we have been trying since last yr; yesterday night i took a olvuation test it was positive when are my ovulation days my period Comes on different on different days of the month but always the same length im currently taking first response planning to become pregnant as well what should i do ?

  • Shanna

    My last period started on 7/28/15, my husband and i had unprotected sex several days around 8/8/15-8/17/15. Period should have started on 8/25/15 and it has never came, so now im 8 days late i think? I took a test on 8/30, it had a faint second line, i took another that afternoon, then two more the next day(yesterday) and one more today (9-1-15)all five have faint lines, so im assuming im pregnant, can you look and see if you agree? Tests are all lined up in order. Thanks!

  • Shanna

    Sorry the photo i just submitted did no justice for the faint lines, heres a better one..also wondering what the odds are of a chemical pregnancy with these all reasonably positive tests?i have never had problems of that nature, i have one son already but i still worry, just like any one would lol

    • πŸ™‚ They ALL look positive to me! Congratulations!

      • Shanna

        Yay!! My son is about to be 8, I have been waiting a LONG time πŸ™‚ Thank you for responding to me!!

  • Eman

    Hello can someone help me my period is late by two days still not had it I took multiple pregnancy tests and I could see very faint lines but I thought I was going crazy because my husband couldn’t seem to see anything. Today I took a clear blue pregnancy test and I got a faint line I looked at the test two minutes after I did the test (what it told me to do) I took the test with me to show my mother and my sister in law however that positive line is hardly there! So I am confused now am I or aren’t I pregnant?
    Thank you

    • That looks like a very early positive to me. Try testing again with your first morning urine and see if the results are darker.

  • sol

    Hello…so I’m supposly 3dpo and I did a test today and I almost threw it away wen I noticed a very light line. Almost couldn’t see it. Then it got darker. Am I pregnant?

    • Typically, you wouldn’t get a positive at 3 days past ovulation. It takes a while for the hcg (pregnancy hormone) to build up in your system. I’d wait a week and try another test. Perhaps that one is defective.

  • Laurie

    Hi, had unprotected sex whilst on holiday, My last period was on the 4th August, I should have come on on the 1st September I’m usually 21days off then 7 on.. I’m into my 4th day on the 7 days that I should be on and I haven’t come on. Took a test over a week ago and it was negative, took one a few days ago and it had a faint line, and just took one this morning and it has a stronger faint like. Shown in the picture the most recent on the left. I don’t know if I’m being paranoid, and I’m just late because I’ve got so many stressful events coming up at the moment, back to uni, driving test, getting married and then moving into married quarters (army).. What do you all think? So nervous, parents will be so disappointed in me if I am. Fingers crossed I’m not!! But these lines are freaking me out !!!

    • Unfortunately, those look like positives to me. I’d wait a day or two and take another one with your first morning urine. If they are darker, it would confirm that you are pregnant.

      • Marcela Peru on line

        Hi, I had my period from the 1st-5th of this month but very light, almost nothing. Then it stopped or I thought it had and saw some dark brown spotting the 7th. Today I had a blood discharge. I’m trying to get pregnant but got a miscarriage 4 months ago. I was regular after that. Why is this happening? Should I wait until my next period to try to get pregnant?should I see my doctor?

      • amyllia

        I have a question I have a newborn I had unprotected intercourse multiple times I hadn’t even had a period year but as soon as intercourse was over I quickly stopped bleeding altogether and I didn’t even have the large amount of discharge it’s like my body started acting like I didn’t just give birth I took a test and it is very faint gray positive I took it in the afternoon what gets me is the positive very faint line looks slightly crooked it’s only been six days since intercourse am I pregnant or not ?

  • Rein

    Hi,vickie. Last month my period only last 2days and half it was Aug.18 then after 10 days i got brown spotting til now. Then ystrday i took PT It was indicated T-darker one And control line faint in color. Pls help me? Bit worried.Thnks

  • Leigh

    Took a test friday early morning later around 9Am i started my period. Didnt check my test until thirty minutes ago theres a very dark line and a very very faint line. What does this mean…..

  • ashira mccambridge

    i had my period august 28-31 I had sex with my bf Sept 1,2,5, 6 and 8… on my period tracker my ovulation day is Sept 11… any Chance ill get pregnant
    t? Sept 8 I noticed my cervical, mucus is like egg yolk and we had sex that night. ..and he ejaculate inside me. we are trying to Conceive. .. today Sept 9 I feel pain in my lower abdomen….can i get pregnant? BTW I am taking g Materna

    0Β Β EditReply

  • Ayushi Gupta

    Hey…does this mean that m pregnant..??

    • Railey


  • Talitha.

    I took a test today that only shows a faint positive, but if I’m pregnant, I’m at least two months. Is this possible?

    • Talitha

      Would the line have to be darker?

  • Lihini

    16 dpo, took hpt today and yesterday. Both has Faint line. Im 2day late on period.
    Am I pregnant?

  • sammie

    I took a test and thought I seen a very faint second line but wasn’t sure so I set it aside and forgot about it yesterday and I just found it today and the line is darker does this mean I’m pregnant??

  • Richard Solis

    hey. I took four tests last week and all shows faint lines. is it possible to get pregnant if I and my bf had sex the from the last september 14? and my period supposed to be last saturday but until now i dont have it. help me please

  • ashley

    hey….. is this a positive line or evaporation line. cant distinguish.

  • ashley

    is this a positive result or could it be due to any other reason?

  • Andrea

    Does this mean positive or??

    • daya

      Yes it’s a positive .. Congrats

  • Lexie

    Do these look positive? Very faint lines to where I almost cant see them. The one on the right is in sun light but was 2 hours later.

  • Kylie James

    I took a test today that the positive indicator would be a t shape, however the vertical line is extremely light and I have to tilt the test to see it. Is this a positive?

  • arshia

    hi i have 2lines but the 2nd line is too faint is it positive

  • bs1

    Ive taken 4 tests. The second line always come out ‘faint’. My sister gave me these small cheaper tests to take. She said faint, its there, you’re pregnant! Ive heard of ‘false postives’ on them. So i went to buy a more quality brand. Line showed up faint..

    • Yaya Rodrigo

      That is a strong positive

  • Yadira Sida

    Hi everyone I don’t usually post anything on the internet but I am very confused. Here is my story 2 years ago I had 2 miscarriages (5 months apart) it’s been hell trying to convince again. My doctor prescribed me provera 10mil. I stopped taking it this month and now the whole month went by and still no period. Today I took 2 pregnancy test and one came out with a red line on the C spot and one very faded on the T side. The other test just came out plain negative. So I am very confused. Lately I’ve been feeling very tired and very dizzy also I am very sensitive. So I am wondering if you could please help me solve this wired out puzzle. By the way the pregnancy test brand is sure aid. Thank you

  • Caitlin

    I just took a test it had a dark positive for 2 mins then disappeared am I pregnant or what I’m so confused

  • Maria

    Ive been trying for 4 yrs, i did a pregnancy test early in the morning this came up,then i went to do the blood pregnancy test the same day in the afternoon and it came back negative i feel so confused ,i have pcos

  • nichole linicomn

    I’m take pregnant test yesterday morning and said I was pregnant it was two line but one line it was light then the other but then take pregnant test at night time I said I was not pregnant

  • Jade

    I’ve been feeling pregnant for a few weeks no but had loads of negative test . Friday I did two test what do you make of these thanks x

    • Christie

      Was this a BFP? I took one today and it looks just like this!

  • daya

    I took a test 5 days before my period is due and it came out with a faint line. Does it mean positive?

  • Jenny

    My husband and I recently started trying for a baby. Do these look like positive lines? All photos taken within testing time frame. Thanks for your input.

  • Jenny

    For comment below

  • Christie

    10 dpo…does this look like a positive or evap?

    • Breanna

      Mine looked just like that

      • Breanna

        Are you pregnant ?

      • Samantha

        mine looks like that exactly

  • Cel

    Last week I took a test and it was bright pink both lines a waited a week later and now th pregnancy line is not so bright am I still pregnancy or is this just an error and not pregnant anyone kno

  • Samantha Brown

    I took a pregnancy test two days ago it came out positive. I took another it said negative but the positive have a fainted line am I pregnant I’m confused

  • Bushra

    Hi, Every body my question is I had done intercourse on 17th dec 2015 and on 20th dec 2015 my last period start on 7th dec 2015 and next expecting date of periods should be 3rd of jan 2016, Today 25th dec 2015 I have taken urine pregnancy test in the morning and the result comes dark pink line on “C” and fainted light pink line on “T” after 10 minutes and then i check that strip after 6 hours again it shows light pink line of “T” is increased.what does it mean, m feeling some pain on my nipples area and boobs, and little tiredness also, am I pregnent or not.plzzz… help me.

  • Bee

    My last period was on 24th November and was supposed to get my period 22 December it’s now 27th December and took a pregnancy test 26 December and came back negative, today December 27 2015 I took another pregnancy test and this was my result… There’s an extremely faint line there. I’m scared can anyone help me?

    • Ladybug22

      My reply is above to you, bee. But for some reason my pic didn’t show up.

  • Ladybug22

    Bee, I’m pretty sure I see a line. Have you tested sense?

    I’m in a similar situation, but have not yet “missed” my period. My last period was Dec 10th and only last like a day and a half. Which is super weird.

    I took a hpt yesterday and I swear I see a faint line but not sure.

  • Flower31

    Hi can someone help me please I took a suresign pregnancy test today and there was a very faint pink line I’m due my period on the 6th January am I pregnant or am I just being paranoid any help would be appreciated thanks

  • Khackett

    I took 4 different tests in the past 2 days and all
    Of them came back with a faint line ! Anybody else see it?? My husband and I both see it but he doesn’t believe me that it could be in fact a positive test !!..

    • Stephanie soto

      I see it

  • Connie Ewers

    I wonder if someone can help? My period was due yesterday and my breasts have been quite full feeling and sore with sore nipples with no sign of my period. I took a test yesterday morning and the result was a very faint line thinking I was just hoping it was positive I checked with my Hubby who said he could see the faint line too could this mean I’m pregnant? Thanks in advance

  • Ashley Declue

    I see a faint positive but I’m not sure… If anyone could tell me what you think that would be amazing!!

    • Kellie

      I definitely see what your talking about. I would wait 48-72 hours and retest. That’s generally the amount of time it takes for hcg levels to double

      • Ashley Declue

        Will do! I just wanted to see what other people thought. Thank you!! πŸ™‚

        • Em

          Did it end up being a positive? Thats what mine looks like

  • Kellynn

    Can anyone help .. Im not sure if it’s a faint positive or an evaporation line? I’ve asked family and all of them are undecided!!!! Please help!!! It’s a first response.

  • Delcy

    Hi all, I took a HPT today evening. I was able to see a faint line but not really sure whether I was seeing things. Please help..

  • Delcy

    Hi all, I took a HPT today evening. I was able to see a faint line but not really sure whether I was seeing things. Please help..

  • shannie

    Hey ladies I’m not sure what to think of this faint positive since I didn’t use my fmu and since my period isn’t due for another 6 days am I pregnant or not please help!!!!!

  • dayle

    Hi ladies

  • dayle wade

    Hey ladies okay so I had my “period” last week it usually lasts 4-5 days with heavy bleeding I had one day of bleeding and it wasn’t heavy at all. I took this because I had vertigo in ER two weeks ago and I promised id take one on my own. We aren’t trying and use condoms. I took this and hot this. Is this a positive ??

  • dayle wade

    Sorry for all the comments

    • Kathy Baxter

      Mine this morning was like that was you pregnant?

  • Corrine Mysnyk

    Took pg test yesterday am first line is faint second line dark I’m not due yet for period been having nausea all week all day long the past couple days been having a pink color discharge in my underwear but not there when I pee or wipe what can this mean please help

  • Ilse Rubio

    Hi this is my test I need help am I pregnant or no my period was late for a week then I started to bleed & I was cramping it only lasted two days am not sure if am pregnant or not please help am anxious

    • Joy

      Hi mine looks the same…. Did you take another test yet?

      • Samantha

        3 of mine are the same as well and i just recently did a blueclear 1 and it has a dark line with a very light line with it so i want someone to tell me what does that mean and blood test came back negative

      • Lalitha Rao

        My period date has been crossed 17days. Today I did a pregnancy test. 2lines appeared…1 on control line its dark, another line appeared but just indicated as a line like mark it looks like 2lines but the test line is not in color. Am I pregnant?

      • Lalitha Rao

        This is my pregnancy test. Am I pregnant?

  • Keys

    For the last seven weeks I’ve been getting faint pregnancy lines (3) I took them a week apart. I have all pregnancy symptoms besides nausea. Please help I am so confused !!

    • Sara L

      I’m in the same boat. You should have darker lines by now. I doubt it’s a viable pregnancy if you don’t have a blaring “POSITIVE” by now. It’s a natural process… Not all fertilized eggs survive.

  • cyra khan

    hay any one can help me…??? i did pregnancy test on 7 march with small strip and came positive with dark line…and today i did it with new on i got faint line …what dose that mean…??? is that faint line is normal or i am losing my it..????

  • Paola

    Am I Pregnant?

    The Last time i had my period was Feb 20th, 2016 I get my cycle every 28 days but in between those days.. I had sex with my partner we would have sex, He would sometimes nut inside me, We are trying to have a baby…. My back has been hurting, I’ve been getting headaches, my breast would hurt, I would feel like I want to throw up but nothing comes out, When I eat I’m still hungry but sometimes I don’t feel like eating at all, I feel hot, Always tired, cramps…. I took a pregnancy test again on the 30th the first one is on the top I took that on the 24th and it looked like a very faint line

  • Vanessa

    Faint positive or evap line??? It showed up right away but I here bad things about blue dye?! I took this at 11dpo and now I’m at 13dpo and negative digital??

  • sha

    I took this one this morning and i saw this faint line. Im 3 days late and Im ttc. im so nervous. does this mean its positive?

    • Joy Valverde

      Any updates?

  • Emma Jackson

    Is this positive

    • tracey

      that’s how mine has appeared are you pregnant?

  • Vanessa Cooper

    Am i pregnant? All four of these have very faint lines

  • Joy Valverde

    Help I took this test by the afternoon but know my urine was probably diluted cause I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I have been nauseous, sore breasts, breaking out and a creamy white discharge with no odor. My periods are usually 5 days but have been having one to two day bleeds. Am I pregnant? It’s really faint, am I imagining things lol

    • Mary

      Yes!!!! You are!! A faint positive it a positive!

  • Mary

    Question: I am on the pill (I have stopped since there could be a possibility that I’m pregnant) I always get 5 days worth of mild to heavy periods on my sugar days. April 22 (the day I should have started my period.) I started discharging/ spotting lightly, brown. I spotted lightly for 2-3 on and off. By, Sunday the 24th.. That Morning I was done. Monday came cramping, sick to my stomach and diarrhea. I have taken blue and pink dyed pregnancy tests. All the blue tests have changed to a dark blue positives after an hour (I know I’m bad for looking!) I had on FRER test turn positive then disappear a few days ago. I took another FRER today and there was a faint positive and it looked like it disappeared, I took it apart 5 hours later and the positive was still there, just very light. I would be 5 weeks pregnant / 21 DPO- still no period. What do you all think??

  • cristy

    I took 3 pregnancy test all with positive faint lines. Could i be pregnant?

    • Tanisha Jones

      Yes!!!!!! Congratulations love!!!!

    • palesa

      yes it means you’re preg a faint line mean pos….talking from experience congrats…..

  • Lovelybutterfly

    When I took my hcg test it had a faint line along with a dark line on the C.

  • Antasha

    Hey my name is Tasha I took 3 pregnant test the first one I took last week with a very faint line yuh can bearly see I took one yesterday it’s still faint but it got darker.. What do I do. I had my period for 3 days I usually get it for a whole week.. Been ha ring very sore breast and been sleeping a lot.. Also been getting sick then I’ll feel better once I eat.. I be out of breathe from time to time.. Can someone help

    I did the picture in black n white so yuh can see the lines better

    • Emma

      I’m having a similar experience. I had faint lines at 10 dpo 12dpo and bleeding and a neg blood test 12 dpo, was told I had a chemical. I took a test lastnight (21dpo) and it was positive.

    • Andrea

      I would go to your doctor. It’s good to get early care.

  • Alma

    I took a test and I’m so confused I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not I see a faint line but I feel so pregnant . Could i be pregnant??

    • Alma

      I really see it I’m just not sure if I am or not pregnant

      • Minivee

        I see a line. Did it show up in the timeframe?

  • Nicole

    I can’t tell if it’s a faint line or I’m just getting my hopes up. My period is 21 days late and the first test I took was negative and I took it a week ago and then took another one this morning and I saw a faint line but could really get others advice…

  • Ashleigh Thorne

    I took a pregnancy test 3 day ago, it came out negative.. At first, but an hour later I was just messing around & looked & it had a very faint line. I took another pregnancy test the night before last & it came out negative.. I checked it this morning & now it has a faint line. What do I do, am I pregnant?? I need answers!

  • Sarah

    Does anyone see a faint line? Responses are much appreciated

    • Minivee

      I see very faint line Sarah. Im in the same boat its driving me nuts

  • Minivee

    Help i feel so pregnant. Im late by 3 days im just so impatient. The line if you can see it came up in 3 minutes. Ive taken 4 tests in total.. First two had faint lines. The following two no line.. Ive took 4 over two days sad i know but i just feel i am. What does everyone think or know what this line means? X

    • Sarah

      I see a faint line!

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