Does Pregnancy Change Your Cervical Mucus?

Women who are trying to get pregnant often look for any sign that indicates that they have succeeded. The most obvious sign that a woman is pregnant is a missed period. However, particularly with couples who have been trying to conceive for a long time, waiting for an entire cycle to pass before having some sort of indication that conception has occurred can be extremely painful.

Subsequently one of the most popular ways to track ovulation and pregnancy is by looking for signs of changes in the cervical mucus. Just as the cervical mucus changes throughout the menstrual cycle, so too can it change during pregnancy. In order to understand how this happens, you will have to understand how the cervical mucus works and what changes occur normally.

What is the Cervical Mucus?

Cervical mucus is simply a liquid that is excreted by the cervix. It is created by the hormone estrogen and is found in women throughout their menstrual cycle.

Your cervical Mucus is a jelly-ish matter created by your body during your monthly cycle. It is similar to egg whites – especially the closer to ovulation you get – and is an integral component to conception. Not only does your cervical mucus help the sperm survive inside your body, but it also helps it to get close to your egg for fertilization.

How does the Cervical Mucus Change During a Woman’s Cycle?

During a normal menstrual cycle, a woman will have varying levels of cervical mucus. No cervical mucus will be present for three to five days after menstruation ends. From the sixth day, small amounts of cervical mucus will begin to appear and will be white to cloudy to clear in color. However, it will also be very sticky. The cervical mucus will begin to increase as you start getting closer to ovulation and will appear moist, sticky, and white or cream-colored, similar to hand lotions. The cervical mucus will also be at its most fertile during ovulation. Fertile cervical mucus is clear and stretchy and has the consistency of egg whites. When a woman is ovulating, the amount of cervical mucus produced will be at its highest. Once the period of ovulation is over the cervical mucus will be thicker and the amount will be less. Just after a female’s menstrual period, the amount of cervical mucus produced is at its lowest and somewhat dry and white.

Changes in the cervical mucus during pregnancy

The cervical mucus continues to change during pregnancy so it can be a good indicator of how far along a woman is. During early pregnancy, an increase in the production of hormones, especially estrogen, will cause vaginal discharge consisting, in part, of cervical mucus.  In addition, there is also an increased flow of blood to the vaginal area during pregnancy.  A variety of secretions from your cervix and from your vagina can cause vaginal discharge.

During the later stages of pregnancy, the vaginal discharge will increase and appear different from the vaginal discharge that is common seen during the early pregnancy months.  This is because it can be comprised of cervical mucus that leaks from the mucus plug as the cervix starts to become thinner and dilated.  The vaginal discharge will now look like egg whites – just as it did when you were ovulating.  In some women, the entire plug may come out as one big glob that is rather jellylike in shape.  Often, when you lose your mucus plug, it will also have a tinge of blood.

If your discharge is watery or bloody prior to your 37th week of pregnancy, it is possible that you are leaking amniotic fluid.  If this is the case, you should contact your health care provider immediately.

Go to Your Doctor

If you experience watery or bloody vaginal discharge prior to your 37th week of pregnancy, it could be because you are leaking amniotic fluid.  In this situation, you must get in touch with your doctor immediately.



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    Hello…I had an sex on 26th Jul & thn condom broke but my husband didn’t ejaculated… My last period was on 29th June…it is now 2nd Aug..I had not my period yet..for the last 2-3 dazs only little white sticky mucus is discharging….What might be the cause…is this the sign of pregnancy?? I did pregnancy test 2 dazs b4 it was -ve…but the test kit suggested to do the test after 2 dazs if ur period doesn’t cum

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