If You Are Taking Depo Provera For Birth Control, Can It Affect The Results Of A Pregnancy Test?

Depo Provera and Pregnancy test results

Getting to know Depo Provera

Depo Provera is a birth control method that is used by women. It is a progestin only contraceptive injection, otherwise referred to as a medroxyprogesterone acetate injectable suspension, which is taken by women only four times a year. Depo Provera is considered safe for most women who cannot use conventional birth control pills because it contains no estrogen, such as those who smoke, suffer from leg pains, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, are over forty years old, or have sensitivity to estrogen.  Compared to other hormonal birth control methods, the shot is safe if you have just given birth and can even be used safely whilst breastfeeding.

According to WebMD, Birth control with Depo Provera begins as soon as the first shot is given within the first five days of your menstrual period and it lasts for at least three months. How worry free does that sound ladies? No more worrying about organizing your pills and taking them on time!

What does Depo Provera do to my body?

Each Depo Provera injection that is administered every three months, keeps your ovaries in a dormant state for that same period of time, which results in no ovulation. Since your ovaries are not releasing any eggs, this means that you will not be able to pregnant.  Apart from stopping your ovulation, it also decreases your menstrual bleeding and can also stop it too. An extra lining is formed along the uterine wall during menstruation, in anticipation for a fertilized egg. However if the egg is not fertilized, then the extra lining is sloughed from the uterus, which results in a period. Depo Provera works to prohibit the growth of this extra lining in the uterus; and without a thick uterine lining, pregnancy cannot take hold, and the drug, therefore, acts as a contraceptive.

Depo Provera and Pregnancy Tests

Some of the side effects of Depo Provera can mimic the symptoms of early pregnancy. After your scheduled shot, you may experience loss of your period, weight gain, dizziness, changes in appetite and more. These symptoms can lead women to think they may be pregnant. While the symptoms may point to being pregnant, the pregnancy test will most likely be negative. Have no worries that this is a false negative result, because the ingredients in the depo provera shot do not interfere with the pregnancy test’s ability to accurately detect pregnancy. If your test shows a negative, then you are not pregnant. If by some chance, you do get a positive pregnancy test, you should contact your doctor. A positive result would mean you are pregnant and part of the very small percentage of women that have a birth control failure while using depo provera.

Due to how the shot works, your chances of being pregnant are very small. Studies show that Depo Provera is 99.7% effective in preventing pregnancy when the shot is received on schedule.

Stopping Depo Provera

When you decide you would like to try and get pregnant, you can stop getting the shot. Keep in mind that the statistics show that it can take up to 6 months for the shot to fully leave your system. During this time period, you may find it harder than you expected to get pregnant.

Since Depo Provera prevents normal menstruation by inhibiting the growth of the uterine lining, many women experience a complete loss of their periods for many years. This can be very difficult and frustrating situation, especially if you are trying to conceive. Without a normally recurring period, it can be tricky trying to figure out exactly when you ovulate; which makes it very difficult when you are hoping to become pregnant.  Therefore, if you have come off Depo Provera, you should be aware that it could be quite a while before your body returns to normal.

How long will it take to get pregnant after stopping Depo Provera?

Once you have received a Depo Provera injection, there is no way for those chemicals to be removed from your body. Therefore you will have to deal with any side effects as best as you can. Studies have shown that it usually takes, after the last shot has been given, around four to ten months before you can try to get pregnant again. After roughly two years of being Depo Provera-free, your body should revert back to how it was before you started on this birth control.

You can try to jump start your system back into reproductive wellness by taking fertility supplements, like FertilAid for Women, to help get your hormones back on track and your reproductive system working as it should. Once your hormones are back on track and ovulation is occurring normally again, your chances of getting pregnant will increase.

Things to think about before deciding to go ahead with this method of contraception.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor and ask him to check your current health situation and explain to you some of the side effects that you could possibly experience by taking Depo Provera. Keep in mind that if you are wanting to have children in the future, that being on Depo Provera may make it harder to conceive, or that conception may take a few years.


  • Elaine Dela Rosa Fernandez

    i had my last shot on November 30, 2013 and i was 10 days late to my due date of shot.i didn’t had my period last December so i used a pregnancy test but the result was negative..is it possible that the injection contraceptive can affect the result of the pregnancy test that i used? i still don’t have my period now..is it possible that i am pregnant because i had a late shot?

    please respond asap…thank you!

    • T

      I have taken the shot for years. One of the best side effects, in my opinion, is that my period goes away. Prior to depo, I had terrible periods verging on endometriosis. According to everything I have read, depo doesn’t affect pregnancy tests. Its possible, but very unlikely that you are pregnant.

    • Mandy Norris

      You might be cause I was pregnant but the shot will kill your unborn baby to

  • shellbell

    can I be pregnant while still on the shot because I have been having morning sickness I have been on it since I was 16 and I am now 25 almost 26 in may and I have been feeling sick to my stomach every morning been having mood swings and everything that I have read

    • Mandy Norris

      Yes cause I am 23 I was pregnant but I took my next shot and they did not tell me the depo shot would and will kill my unborn child and I am not going back for my next shot in June the eight cause I am try to have a other baby and this time I am going to do it right by my baby’s safe and my own safe to cause I feel bad that I had a miscarriage due to take the depo shot and I am not take no more depo shots either I am done with taken depo shots. Cause my bf and I wants to try again and this time I am taken prenatal vitamins pills twice a day and firlitery pills three times a day

  • Kiilina

    I am on the depo shot and have been for almost three years now. I knew when I got the shot that I might have some mild symptoms like I was pregnant but for the past two weeks I have been nauseated, very very moody, emotional and it seems that I’m eating a lot more. I was a few days late on getting my last shot and I had sex during those few days because I didn’t know I was late on the shot. Is there any way possible that I could be pregnant? If not, then why is the depo affecting me so differently now? Since I got my last shot I’ve been normal except for about two weeks ago I started to feel different so I am very confused. I figured if it was the shot then it would have affected me sooner. If anyone can give some helpful advice it would be so amazing.

  • Jackalyn

    I took the depo shot only 3 times a little over 3 years ago. I still have not had a period and now EVERY SINGLE ONE of my eggs are DEAD because of it. I am 20 years old and I have not had any periods since 2011 and I will never be able to have children because of this shot. I do not recommend it to anyone.

  • tina

    I’ve been using depo for 2 1/2 year nd now I Been Off of It Since 2012 me and my boyfriend trying to have another baby bt it seem like I cant get pregnant until now That depo really got the best of me… can anyone tell me what im doing wrong.

    • Unfortunately, depo is notorious for making it hard to get pregnant after you stop getting the shot. You can try to rebalance your hormones by taking an herbal supplement like Fertilaid.

      • porshae

        I was on Depo shot for about an year in a half. two months off it I got pregnant with my first child. And I didn’t even know I was pregnant at all until i was five in a half months then I’m slim. No symptom or nothing.

    • Unfortunately, depo is notorious for making it hard to get pregnant after you stop getting the shot. You can try to rebalance your hormones by taking an herbal supplement like Fertilaid.

  • Deja Ullrich

    I got the depo an June 5 ,2014 on July 7 was the last time I had sex and I haven’t had my period and I been feel like I’m pregnant and i took a pregnancy test it said negative! I have 5 month year old baby I breast feed so the shot is different for me I need help!

    • Lack of a period can be a side effect of the depo shot. If you are really worried, call your doctors office and talk to them. I think what you are experiencing is actually typical depo reactions.

  • Jaiy21

    I think it has been two years , Im not for sure when i first got off the shot. But i was about 18 when i stopped but now Im 20 ! When will i be able to conceive ? I have been feeling a little pregnant lately my stomach is starting to get round . Someone help ????

    • Unfortunately, there is no way to be able to tell. Every woman’s body is different. Have your periods returned to a normal cycle? Did you take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant based on your symptoms? Maybe a doctor’s visit is in order for you?

  • hunny

    I got the shot after my period was over but the nurse didnt tell me how long I had to wait before having sex with no extra contraceptives. I come to find out it may take a week after I had the shot since it wasnt while I was on my period. could I have got pregnant? I took pregnancy test but they have came out negative and I think its because I havent missed a period yet. I had some spotting here and there but im not sure.

    • It really depends. Depending on when you were having sex, it could have crossed when you would have been ovulating. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until your period is supposed to arrive and test again.

      • Me

        So I stopped my depo shot in February and had a regular period on the 17th and ha unprotected sex and haven’t felt the same sence have all Simptoms of pregnancy but I’ve taken 2 88 cent tests sence and both said negative and my stomach has been twitching at random times and I keep having hiccups could I be pregnant ?

  • Erica

    I had unprotected sex in November. I get my depo shot on time without fail. I have taken five(5) pregnancy test and they were all negative. I still have doubts and concerns that I may possibly be pregnant. Is there a possibility that I am pregnant?

  • pregers

    I took the shot maybe 3 times then stopped it has been 8 months and my period came back regularly after 2 months of being off of it what are the chances of me getting pregant.?.

    • If you are having a regular period, then your chances of getting pregnant should be the same as for everyone else.

    • pucka

      Your chances are high. As soon as you do not go back for a shot your body will then go back to normal it may take awhile. But I was on depo for 9 months and two months later I got pregnant. But did end up having a miscarriage.

  • KenyaB

    I was due for my second round of depo shot late January but decided not to go! And my period hasn’t come on, its a month and a half late! Could I be pregnant?

    • If you have been having unprotected sex, yes pregnancy is possible. Did you take a pregnancy test? Depo is notorious for really messing up cycles so that could also be the reason for the delay.

    • Mandy Norris

      Might be

  • Scldtrs

    I took 3 shots of depo, my next shot was due on January 23,2015. I didn’t go back because I just want it out of my system and didn’t like the side effects, I gained 10+ pounds. Ever since I began depo it completely cut my cycle off and have not gotten it for about almost 10 months now. My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex and our concern now is me being or becoming pregnant, which we don’t mind at all! In the afternoon of March 8, 2015 I took a pregnancy test and was negative. Should I test again with morning urine or wait and see if my period comes? If so, how long more should I wait for my period unti next pregnancy test?

    As pregnancy symptoms go, my breast are tender, I have all kind of cravings, I get nauseous out of the no where and I’ve been having a white milky discharge, with no odor for about 2 weeks now.

    Thank you in advance and hope to hear from some one soon because no one seems to answer my question else where.

    • Have you had a period since you stopped the shot? Unfortunately, it can take your system a long time to recover from being on the Depo. If you haven’t had a period yet, you can take a supplement like FertilAid for Women to try and regulate your system. If you have had a period, you will want to wait about 24 days after that to take a pregnancy test (assuming you have a 28 day cycle.)

  • blair

    Hi ladies in new to this discussion.i have been on depo for the last 5 years so my boyfriend and I have decided we want a baby so I was due for my follow up jab January 23 and I never got it,so I had cramps 2weeks ago and yesterday I had brown discharge in the morning and a period b4 the day end now I’m on my second day Bt it’s not a heavy flow but the blood is very red so I’m happy to see AF after six weeks of stopping the depo. Could this possibly mean I’m ovulating?

    • It’s possible if it stops. If it continues for a couple of days, it could just be your period showing up. The cramps you had two weeks ago could be due to ovulation.

  • shay

    I took the depo shot 3 times in 2010 I have been off since Dec. in 2010 I have a period once a year and me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant since 2011. I still have not conceived yet. We have sex 3x a week probably more than that. Im 22 and he is 23 I dont know what to do.

    • First thing you should do is go get checked out by your doctor to see if you have anything like PCOS that is causing the lack of a period. If you check out okay, you can consider taking a herbal fertility supplement to help get your cycle regulated and ovulation happening each month. To increase your chances of pregnancy, regular ovulation is pretty essential.

  • kaylah bruce

    Hello, I am 18 I recently started depo vera in dec of 2014 and it is currently 2015 and my next shot was due on the 13th of march 2015 and on that day I had protected sex and the condom bust 3 different times and there was sperm inside them so it got inside of me , I know sperm can live inside of the body up to several days I’ve had nausea and mood swings is it possible I may be pregnant??

    • It’s possible but not likely. Have you taken a pregnancy test? Have you missed your period/

  • isabelle

    I’m pregnant a couple weeks I’m 16 and my mother does not know today she is taking me to get a shot will it affect my baby

    • You need to fess up to the pregnancy. The depo will affect your hormone balance and that could harm the baby.

    • Pucka

      Depo is ment to prevent pregnancy, not a vitamin. So it is very very possible for it to affect the baby. I was on depo for 9 months and got off two months later i then got pregnant, which ended in miscarriage.

  • isabelle

    I’m pregnant a couple weeks I’m 16 and my mother does not know today she is taking me to get a shot will it affect my baby

  • nessa12

    Hi I’m Vanessa quick question I stop taking the shot 2 years ago and I still can’t get pregnant and me and my bf really wants a baby wat do I do :/

    • Are you getting a regular period? If not, you might want to consider taking a herbal fertility supplement to regulate your cycle. If your cycle is regular, it could be that your bf is the problem.

      • nessa12

        My period is a 28 cycle

        • Then you need to track your ovulation with ovulation tests to make sure you are having sex at the right time to get pregnant.

      • kim

        Could I be pregnant? I’m a week late on my depo. I’m very fertile and always had irregular cycles. I had unprotected sex 3 days after my depo was due and he came inside of me. Could I be pregnant

  • nessa12

    Hi me and my bf are trying to have a baby I stop taking the shot 2 years ago I still get my periods and I still can’t get pregnant my period always come I need help

  • Taylor Buchman

    I got my shot on Feb 3. I didn’t wait the week before having sex, I waited 3 days. Could I be pregnant? This was my first shot and it was not right after my cycle that I got the test. My last cycle was Jan 11.

    • It’s possible but a pregnancy test now would let you know for sure.

  • Steph

    I am around 7 weeks pregnant but about 5 weeks ago I had the contraceptive injection. Will this harm my unborn baby?

    • You really need to talk to your doctor about that.

  • Steph

    Just to add I wasnt aware that I was pregnant at the time of having the injection

  • Floridagirl

    My daughter had her depo shot maybe a couple of weeks ago. They said she wasn’t pregnant, so they gave her the shot. She started feeling bad so she went to the emergency room. They said she was. They can’t find the baby on the ultrasound. Is it too early?

    • Yes, it would be too early to see anything via an ultrasound.

  • Gem Xo

    Hey, i had my merina coil removed because it fell out of place after 3years!! I got the pill injection the same day. I’m really regreting getting it. I’m really moody, my boobs are like boils, and I’m getting period cramps but no period?and headaches. I’ve only had one shot my next one is in May. Will I stop feeling this way after my next one ? It’s all new to me

    • The side effects you feel will vary from woman to woman unfortunately. Some women have a difficult time dealing with them and opt to not get the next shot due to that fact. You might want to discuss this with your doctor to see if the side effects you are experiencing typically die down after a while.

    • The side effects you feel will vary from woman to woman unfortunately. Some women have a difficult time dealing with them and opt to not get the next shot due to that fact. You might want to discuss this with your doctor to see if the side effects you are experiencing typically die down after a while.

  • Christin b

    Can I be pregnant on depo? I’ve been having diarrhea every morning and after I eat curtain things. I have cramping like I use to when I had a period. My belly is more round than usual..

    • It is possible but highly unlikely. Could it be that you just have some sort of virus that is causing your symptoms?

      • Stephanie Outing

        I just found out I was pregnant yesterday but I took depo on April 9 what will happen in this pregnancy

        • Unfortunately, you will need to contact your doctor about that to find out if there is any extra monitoring you will need considering you have the shot in your system.

  • ecka joy

    i was on depo for 9 months and during my shot i have irregular bleeding for the first month but in the last month of my depo i dont have any period so i stop using it. last december was the last month of my depo and i dont have period and stop using it,so until now i dont have period,is there a risk that i am praegnant?

    • Typically if you are not having a period, that would indicate that you are not ovulating. If you are not ovulating, then you can’t get pregnant. Having said that, you can never be sure when your body will decide to ovulate again so if you are having unprotected sex, there is a chance that you could end up pregnant.

    • Typically if you are not having a period, that would indicate that you are not ovulating. If you are not ovulating, then you can’t get pregnant. Having said that, you can never be sure when your body will decide to ovulate again so if you are having unprotected sex, there is a chance that you could end up pregnant.

  • ecka joy

    i was on depo for 9 months and during my shot i have irregular bleeding for the first month but in the last month of my depo i dont have any period so i stop using it. last december was the last month of my depo and i dont have period and stop using it,so until now i dont have period,is there a risk that i am praegnant?

  • Kassie

    I got my shot in January and I am due for my next shot April however I missed it. on march 13 I experienced bleeding which seem to be my period. that last 6-7 days .I took a ovulation test on march 30. it show a light line, which got darker other couple other testing. I feel very sick. could I be pregnant

    • If you didn’t get a shot when you were supposed to and are having unprotected sex, there there is a chance you could get pregnant.

  • Chelsead

    I’ve been on the repo for about 1 year I’ve only had 3 shots total. My last shot was in December of 2014, and my next appointment was March 4,2015. I did not go to that last appointment as me and my fiancé are trying to have a baby! About a week or more after not going to my appointment I did have some spotting but nothing heavy or enough to use a pad or tampon… Last week I starting feeling very tired, cravings of different food, sick to my stomach often and everytime after I eat my mid and lower stomach just feels like it’s tightening up and it feels crampy and hurts kinda… I have pretty much a the symptoms of pregnancy except for the sore breast.. I took a pregnancy test yesterday(it was just a cheap one) and it said negative. I was so devastated. Could I be pregnant?? Please respond!!

    • It’s possible, but not likely. Your body is probably trying to get back to normal hormonal balance after stopping the Depo.

  • kate

    I was due for a shot in december 2012. I didn’t have it because we were trying for number 2. Early February 2013 i fell pregnant!
    Wasn’t expecting it to happen that quick!
    I am now on it again but have been feeling sick these last few days like when i was pregnant with my daughter in 2013. Have done a home test that was negative but thinking of going to the doctor’s soon.

  • Sara

    the last day for the week or so that you are able to get the depo shot was april 23rd. I’ve been having cramps that go into my back, nausea, headaches, been really tired, super hungry and emotional for the past 3 weeks. Could I be pregnant? or are these signs of depo withdrawl or something. I usually get slight cramps, but never any of these other effects/

    • If you were having unprotected sex and did not get your depo shot, pregnancy is possible. The symptoms you are having could also be due to your body trying to regain hormonal balance.

  • WorriedAndConfused

    I’ve heard that a rapid weight loss could effect the way the depo works, is this true? I’ve lost just under a stone in 4-5 week due to being unwell but now worried that it may have affected the way the depo shot worked, I’m due my next shot in a few weeks.

    • You really need to contact your doctor about that and use a condom while having sex if you really don’t want to get pregnant.

  • Katelyn

    iv been on bc for awhile. Pill for a couple months now iv been on depo provera shot for almost a year therefore i have no periods. Me and my boyfriend used a condom but it broke is there anyway i could become pregnant?

    • If you aren’t having periods, it would indicate that the depo has stopped ovulation. If that is the case, you wouldn’t get pregnant with the broken condom incident.

  • doa

    I bearly took the depo shot monday when i got my first period this month…
    It’s now sunday and it’s suppose to be my last day on my period!
    But im not peeing blood but when whipping i find a little?
    Is that okay? Is it going to stop soon?

  • Ana

    Could i be pregnant i am currently on the shot but find it unusual that when i get the shot every 3 month i always have a period. my last menstrual period was February the 10 2015 and I’m starting to notice changes in my behavior, appetite, weight gaining. but every time i take a pregnancy test it comes out negative

    • Probably not. It could be your body reacting to the shot. You might want to talk to your doctor about the symptoms you are having.

  • Ana

    what should i do

  • Lalo

    I got my first shot April 10th, the second and last day of my period. it’s now may ninth, when I would be expecting my period. I’ve had cramps all week but no period. my boyfriend came inside me, a week after I stopped taking clindomyacin, which I heard can affect birth control. so after that, I took a plan b pill just to be sure. but then i later found out that im too heavy and that plan b may not even work on me. should I be worried that im pregnant?

    • Unfortunately, you have too many variables that could affect the effectiveness of the birth control. You might want to call your doctor to see what they say.

  • Queen314

    Hey, Vicki quick question. I have not been regular taking my depo I got in July 2014, didn’t get it again until Jan of this year I missed it due to the unrest in Ferguson. sad my doctors office had to switch locations due to everything going on. so finally in Jan after my period I got it again. my period has never stopped it actually was somewhat normal then one day but I would get random one to two day bleeding but not heavy at all. I just found out yesterday I missed my shot and can’t get it until I have another. Before I found out I noticed frequent urination, which is very usual because I have a bathroom fobea and I can normally go 10 hours without using the bathroom and notice I can only make about 7 now which I found unusual but whatever I’m on depo. today started having nausea throwing up in my mouth and toilet twice. But still pushing it off because I know its not common to get pregnant on depo. I did take a dollar test from family dollar last week with my cousin to find out if she was pregnant mine was neg which I suspected. But this nausea and vomiting has me questioning but the depo is supposed to stay in your system for while. But I also know I am very fertile I had twins 12/23/13 and found out with them at 3 weeks of being pregnant 2 weeks after taking out the implenon :_(

    • Every woman’s body reacts differently. As you were able to get pregnant last time almost immediately, my guess is that our body recovers quickly from the hormonal birth control. As you are late for the next depo shot, you could be pregnant. Test again with your first morning urine with a non dollar store test just to make sure. If you are having physical symptoms, and the pregnancy tests keep coming back negative, you might want to see your doctor to find out what is going on.

      • Queen314

        thank you i am going to the hospital today because i am getting a white milky discharge. hopefully all is well. the woman of the phone said she think i am pregnant but im still like i was on the depo

      • Destiny14

        I’ve been off my depo since October and still no luck with pregnancy. I got my period in January and it’s been normal I get it every 30 but still no luck what do you think I should do Vicki?

        • Are you having sex at the right time? Are you tracking when you are ovulating?

  • betty

    i had my depo injection in september last yr,av been having my menses normaly even after stoping the injection.i had the injection once. since december till know av been tring to consive but i hvnt gotten pregnant..its my 6th month know,wat can you recommend me to do inoder to get pregnant faster,

    • Well first thing is to find out if you are actually having sex when you are ovulating. Do you know when you are ovulating or are you just guessing?

  • A

    Hi I first started Depo October 7 of 2014 a day after I started my period and took a my second shot in January I was due for my 3rd shot on March 25 which I talked to my dr about not getting and switched to the bc pills which I took for only 2 weeks because of another health issue I had going on.. I’ve been having unprotected sex due to the fact that me and my partner decided we were ready and I spotted for about 3 days back on April 4th.. Haven’t spotted or had a period since. I’m not sure what my body is up to because I’ve read Depo takes about 6 months to get out of my body so by any chance can anyone give me a piece of mind about my health or mystery periods?

  • nitra

    My last shot was MAY 2014, I was due at the end of JULY 2014 but never went back. I had a little little spotting around nov. 2014 but only lasted for a day or two. In Jan. 2015 I had a 7 day period, but did NOT have one in feb. or march. April 2015 I had a 7 day period again, and I also had my period for the month of May but did not cramp as much. Do you believe I am able to get pregnant now?

    • It usually takes about a year for your cycles to return to normal after stopping depo. If you have another period next month, it would look like your chances of getting pregnant are greater is it looks like your cycle is back on a regular basis.

  • Noks

    Noks here

    my next shot was supposed to be on the 6th of April but I missed it. I hadn’t had my period ever since i stated preventing last year. It been a more than a month now having unprotected sex… could i be pregnant?? i mean i dont have periods mos.

    • As you don’t have periods, the chance of you getting pregnant is pretty small. It normally takes about a year for your system to recover from Depo.

  • Michelle Adamson

    I’m very scared. I read early that the depo shot could cause infertility (I knew nothing about) and cyst on the ovaries. I have been on the depo shot in July will make 3 years. I have several shots during these 3 years. I was 14 when I got on the shot and I am now 17. I got it every 3 months and never missed and appointment. I plan to have children someday In my twenties but I don’t know if I’ll be able to have any. Everything I have read that people say is that they have took only a couple shots and aren’t Able to have children. I am so worried and stress I got on the shot because I would bleed so bad I had horrible periods when I had it i haven’t had my period and almost 2 1/2 years. Please someone give me just a little bit of hope.

    • Unfortunately, it is hard to say how your body will react. I would suggest you find another form of birth control so your body can work on getting back to normal BEFORE you are ready to get pregnant.

  • Starz Angel

    I have never had spotting or bleeding on a depo shot and I have been taking it for a year and half and now I have blood when I wipe I had a few stomach problem last month nothing now but I still find blood and a couple clots when I wipe could I be pregnant ? If this is a maybe I need to know before I take shot again

    • You really need to talk about this with your doctor. It could be that your body is changing the way it reacts to the depo and you may need to think about changing your birth control.

  • Sofia

    Hello everyone, I had my last depo injection on 19 March 2013, nearly 2years ago. A come on as normal every months normal the start every month and hasn’t come on this month so it be nearly 3weeks, but took a test and it was negative. Could it be too early? R why hasn’t a come on.
    Confused about it.

    • It sounds like you need to talk with your doctor about this issue as there is no way to tell what is causing your delayed period.

    • Kim1988b

      This has happened to me I had my last shot July 2014 and my periods returned in January 2015 I have had regular periods ever since but I’m 5 days late now but the pregnancy test says negative so I’m a little confused I am trying for a baby so it would be great news but I am a little worried that it’s the depo causing it still x

  • lafaye

    Ok I need help I had sex with my partner on May 9 and we was planning on having a baby, he ejaculated inside me multiple times and 2-3 days later I was scared and went on ahead and took the depo povera shot knowing that it would possibly stop me from getting pregnant I need help knowing that if I went take the depo shot 2-3 days after I had sex could the depo shot stop the pregnancy or am I pregnant I took a pregnancy test 2 days ago and it came out negative but it wasn’t two whole weeks yet and my menstrual cycle doesn’t come on tell the 30 of May & I got the shot and I don’t know if I’m going to see a menstrual cycle or not

  • Brittany blango

    I have a question I was due for my depo on April 15 and I didn’t go get it it’s been a month and some days now. I have been very moody and today out of all days I feel really sick. With my other two kids I didn’t have morning sickness but I feel really sick. It’s been feeling like my breast are wet so I do feel a lil wetness but idk what to do..

    • It could be your body trying to regain hormonal balance and that could be causing the symptoms you are feeling. You can also take a pregnancy test to find out if pregnancy is the cause.

      • Brittany blango

        Yes I think that’s what it is because I took a test and I’m not pregnant

  • Mamoya Letseleha

    I’m on depo and never missed a shot. I’ve stopped being on my periods since November 2014 and yesterday I saw my periods again. I’ve been having sex with my boyfriend, so I wonder if is possible that I’m pregnant?

    • If you saw your period, the chances of you being pregnant are small. You might want to discuss this with your doctor though to see if the mystery period is something you should be concerned about.

  • molie

    It’s been 4 months since I’ve born my baby. I’ve took my depo last Feb 8, 2015 and my next shot due in May 8, 2015. But I didn’t take the shot. I had unprotected sex last May 9 and last May 17. My boyfriend didn’t ejaculated inside me. I took my shot in May 21. I’m afraid to get pregnant because my doctor told me to avoid to get pregnant because of my hypertension. I don’t have my period yet but the last I took depo. I always have period and since I took my last shot I’m always experiencing cramping. Is there a possibility that I’m pregnant?

    • Chances are that the delay in the shot wouldn’t have resulted in pregnancy. But if you are concerned, talk to your doctor.

  • traci

    I’m just wondering how would I know if pregnant? I just had a baby in Jan (3 months early,) I had the shot at 6 wk post op check up so in late March I think. I still had symptoms but was told that’s normal so ignored. But now I’ve the have same weird lil feeling on my only side with ovary. I was sucking in gut earlier and felt and it hurt which did the same thing when pregnant with my first. I don’t know how to tell if I’m pregnant on the depo or not. Had sex after shot but not since, bleeding and spotting finally stopped but now I always seem moist and I feel Tender there :/

    • Unfortunately, this sounds like something you should talk to your doctor about.

  • sucitta

    I have been on depo since feb. 26 of 2014. My son was born the 22 of 2014. I Have been on the shot for a total of 13 months. Now being may i feel as though im pregnant. i have a dr apointment tomorrow ….. im lactating, iv been nauseated at times and feeling like passing out its im supposed to get a shot tomorrow but i wil not. I belive that my pee tests are false negatives. Im wondering if a blood test will be more acuarate. I also have random fluttering on one side of my stomach at times and i find myself going pee every 10 to 15 minuets. Also only have pain on oneside and its front and back i need help to what to ask my dr. Please reply asap…..

    • The blood test might be more accurate, but it could also be your body reacting to the birth control. Your doctor might be able to help you figure out what is going on. If you are not pregnant, then you might want to consider changing your birth control if the side effects are becoming too bothersome.

  • Cheldays

    I had the depo on my 6 week check up after birth, I hadn’t had my period before having the depo, Its now been 10 weeks since I had my baby and still no periods..should I be concerned? I had a tough time time through labour and had to have a forceps delivery will this delay my period?

    • sucitta

      You probly wont have a period due to the depo

    • Some women do not have periods while on depo. If you are concerned, talk to your doctor.

  • Patsy Watsy

    I was 6 years with depo.I took it off and in my fourth month of being clean got pregnant.without the fertility pills or anything.And my bby is fully healthy.No complications 40 weeks and 1 day.Everybody is different.

    • Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • andrea vila

      Hello!! From the moment you stopped taking depo until u got pregnant, did u have your period? I know someone that got off depo and got pregnant within 2 months, never got to see her period. I got off depo 1 month ago, have pain as if I goes going to have the period but nothing, can I still get pregnant ?

      • andrea vila

        I’m 25 years old and been with depo for 1 year and half, before then another year and half, stopped to ” clean up” for a month or 2 and got my period,

  • Faith Roberts

    hello im 19 years old and i have been expercing alot of pregnacy symptoms thinking i might be pregnant if i am in 4 days ill be 3 weeks pregnant about less than a week ago i was so pale and sick i had nasuea in the morning it was so bad i wanted to puke for the last couple days its been like that the third day it wasnt bad ive had lower back pain cramping headaches milky white discharge bloating costipation tiredness dizziness cravings that i normally dont crave but starting to moodyness emotional to some sort of things shortness of breath my breast have gotten alittle bigger they feel tender i drink alot of water now than usual i eat alot now and i think i gained alittle weight on me my belly starting to get alittle rounder and i had some other symptoms to im on birth control depo shot as well could i be pregnant i had my shot may 7th and had sex may 22nd could i be pregnant?

    • You really need to talk to the doctor that gave you the depo shot. All these symptoms are very pregnancy like, but they can also be the side effect of the shot. The doctor can help you figure out what the cause is.

  • concearned

    I was on depo about 2 years ago. I stopped and it took me a year to get pregnant which is normal. While on the shot I only got my period every 3 months a week before my shot was due and it lasted 3 weeks. I never gained weight or had any side effects from the shot other than a weird period. we decided to try for another baby so I stopped it and after our son was born I went back in and got another shot. I went in for my 4 week check and they gave me my shot just like that no pregnancy test. we did not wait to have sex before we went to the 4 week check up. I have been having an upset stomach and have not started a period and my shot is a few days late. I am worried that it is possible that I am pregnant they set me appiontment for in the morning. I was woundering if anyone had a similar experiance?

  • kc

    Hey so just a question I was meant to get my lasyt depo shot 30th april I decided to not go for my next depo as we are trying to get pregnant its now been 6weeks and nothing much I have had a very small amount of spotting only lasted a day I did take a pregnancy test but it came back negative I have been short of breath alot and extremely tired.. been a bit moody some times feel sick then fine after a few hours and random cramps. Ive been told that these can also be side effects to coming off the depo? Is it possible im pregnant? Last time I stopped getting the depo I got my period like normal and no side effects so unsure what to do?

  • tibella

    I had my first depo shot August 2013 and my last February 2014, April the 26th 2015 I hade a period. I have never spotted or anything previous and my period was a full 7 days. My period haven’t returned but I can’t help but to feel pregnant! I boobs have swell and I have gone 2 sizes up, I feel constantly exhausted but can’t sleep! Is this the affect of coming off the depo ?

    • It can take a while for regular cycles to return with the normal side effects. Have you taken a pregnancy test to rule out the chance that you are pregnant?

  • pickles

    So I started depo on feburay and missed my shot that was supossed to be on april and yet its june and i havent got my period is that normal im 20years old

    • Unfortunately, every woman is different. Depo can really mess up your cycles and take a while to regain them once you stop. If you are concerned, talk to your doctor.

  • Lauren Dixon


    I only started the depo shot at the start of the year after the birth of my son in November. Had periods with the first. I had my second round 23rd April one day late to when it was due. I haven’t had any bleeding since 4 weeks before then which lasted 2 weeks. I just have a gut feeling I’m pregnant and I’m experiencing pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs, urge to pee more, eating more in the evening. I randomly get small pains in my abdomen every few days like my period is going to start soon but doesn’t. The other week there I had a pink tinge on my pants when I went to the loo and that’s been it.
    Any guidance please?

    • Depo can cause pregnancy like symptoms. If you think you are pregnant but the tests are negative, you really need to talk to your doctor about that.

  • Gricelda

    I had my first shot last month. I got it durring .Y period. The day I got It I had a heavy flow and the same day it ended. My period this month was due the 13. I’m late. I feel cramps but no period. Is there a possibility of pregnancy? 3 at home tests were negative. 2 first responce and 1 clear blue

    • The depo shot will i shift your hormonal balance and that can affect having normal monthly cycles. If you are getting negative pregnancy tests, the chances of you being pregnant are pretty slim.

  • Krystal

    Hello , I did my first shot of the depo on March 30th I got it a week after I got my period . I was supposed to go back for my second shot last week but I didn’t go due to the horrible side effects I was experiencing. But I have had unprotected sex with my fiancé . Is it possible that I could have gotten pregnant ? I haven’t had a normal period but I have been spotting for over 2 weeks now .

    • If you aren’t using birth control and are having unprotected sex, there is a chance that you could get pregnant. At your fertility will return eventually since you didn’t get the second shot, but there is no telling how long that will actually take.

  • Anna

    Hello i just gave birth last june 2 and after 3weeks i had unprotected sex with my husband. Is it still safe? And can have depo shot even if my mens doesnt return yet?

    • Melinda

      I wouldn’t the first 6 weeks after having a baby you are the most fertile you will ever be I’d be doing a preg test and waiting till they come to get the needle

  • Anna

    Hello i just gave birth last june 2 and after 3weeks i had unprotected sex with my husband. Is it still safe? And can have depo shot even if my mens doesnt return yet?

  • Momo

    Hi so I’m 19 and I was on depo for a number of years but stopped getting the shot last year in September. My periods have been regular until lately. Me and my fiancé have been having unprotected sex the whole time knowing it stays in my system for awhile and have been fine until lately… This month I haven’t had my period for 8 days and was light spotting those 8 days and cramping as well as bloated nauseated and sooo sleepy. I read that spotting can be a sign of the embryo planting itself… I took a cheap .88$ test an negative. My spotting stopped for 2 days we had sex and now I’m spotting again… To early to tell that I’m pregnant ? Or am I just having a crazy period this month? HELP PLEASE!

  • Jess

    Hi ! I need someones help ASAP im so worried . So i took depo for 9 months and i didnt tale my shot on december 2013 , me and my husband have been trying to have a baby & we have failed every single time . What should i do im starting to get really concerned

    • You should probably go to your doctor to get checked out to make sure everything it working as it should. Your system should be back to normal by now regarding the Depo shot, but maybe it is taking longer than normal for your fertility to return. A doctor would be able to help you figure out what is going on.

  • crystal

    I have been on the depo shot for 3 months my next shot is in August but I been having really bad pains in my stomach it tightens up. I have taken a pregnancy test and came up negative. I am bleeding on n off for a month. But the cramps in my stomach I am worried what could it be? Please help me thank you

  • Clara Smith

    I’m 19 and i just ahd my depo shot today (july 20) but my appointment was 6 days earlier. does being 6 days late taking my depo shot mean i have to wait to have unprotected sex another week like my first shot? Or can i can i have sex on the 25th? I haven’t seen my fiance in 7 months and I’m seeing him in New Mexico Saturday.

    help me please?

  • Stephanie

    Hey girls! got my first and last shot January 28th 2015, Bled that day for 5 days, then no periods for feb or march I was supposed to go back the 22nd of April but didn’t, started period on the 24th of April bled for 1.5 MONTHS. Stopped bleeding June 16th, had unprotected sex July 4th, 6th, and 8th…No period and negative pregnancy test. so, help?

  • Stephanie

    Hey girls! got my first and last shot January 28th 2015, Bled that day for 5 days, then no periods for feb or march I was supposed to go back the 22nd of April but didn’t, started period on the 24th of April bled for 1.5 MONTHS. Stopped bleeding June 16th, had unprotected sex July 4th, 6th, and 8th…No period and negative pregnancy test. so, help?

    • Stephanie

      Oh and i’d like to add I am very regular 30 day cycle OFF birth control…

      • Dang, that depo is some powerful stuff! It can really mess up your cycles and getting regular again can be tough. Unfortunately it is hard to say what is actually going on for you because your body could still be trying to get back to normal.

    • Stephanie

      Oh and i’d like to add I am very regular 30 day cycle OFF birth control…

  • Lenette

    September 2015, it will be 2 years since I had my last shot of depo. I had my first period after 6 months regular at the end of every month and then it switch to every 15th of the month. We already have a 7 year old and before her, I was on depo for 1 year, stoped and after 6 months I was pregnant. Now we’re trying to get pregnant again and went to see a gine. She said both my ovaries are covered in cysts and there is no ovulation, even after she gave me fertilaid for a month. Although I do get all the symptoms of ovulation. Up till now I still have my period every 15th of a month. Yesterday, 1st of Aug I started bleeding though I already had my period. Seems my period is switching again. Hope this article is correct in stating that after 2 years your body will be normal again.

  • Arthsia Getonmalevel Anderson

    I’ve been on depo for 9 years and my last shot was in March 2015 haven’t had a period an been having morning sickness an night sickness to took several pregnancy test and they all have been negative feedback

    • it could be that your body is just trying to regain hormonal balance. Usually, when women have been on depo as long as you have, it take well over a year for the menstrual cycle to return to normal unfortunately. If you are concerned, you should go and see your doctor.

  • Ashley

    I’ve been on depo for 7 years now and I love it. I just have some worries, when I’m working out and I start running I begin to bleed? Why would that occur? Also when I have an orgasim I bleed after but not every time it happens. Why does that also occur? Help!

  • Chocolate30

    I had my 1st child may 30 and 2 week later I got on the shot and I just received my 2nd shot September 9th in between those time I have had unprotected sex but only had 2 male injections is there a possible way I may be pregnant because people say my child is moving out the way?????

    • Chelsea

      Im having the same problem, but i only had 1 shot 4 weeks after i gave birth to my baby and did not have sex until 2 weeks after i got the shot. And now im having all kinds of pregnant symptoms and everyone keeps telling me my baby is moving out the way for the next one. I took a pregnancy test it was negative but then the next day i had even worse symtpoms like adominal pain, excessive gas, nausea, back aches. I need to know if i should take a blood pregnancy test.

  • Jasmine

    hey, i have been on the depo for 3 years. and got off of it on June 16, 2015. my fiance and i started trying to have a child. i started experiencing all the signs of pregnancy. i have had back pains, abdominal pains, varicose veins, stretch marks, gained weight in my stomach and my legs. so, we went to patient first they just said that it came back negative but, they didn’t have any emotion then we went to the hospital and they said that i just had a uti but the medicine that they gave me didn’t work because i wasn’t having any types of pain in my vagina, then just this morning i just took a home test and it came back negative, plus the first time i took a home test it came back positive put the lines where faded. i just need to know if its possible to be pregnant on the depo and for the test not to show up or if its just part of just coming off of the depo.

  • DKS

    I am 18 years old and have been married to my wonderful husband for 4 months now. I was on the depo shot for four and a half years, my last shot was due October 20th but I did not take it as to my insurance going out and also my husband and I decided we want a child of our own. Also, the week before my shot was due I had a “period” that lasted 3 days. We started having unprotected sex a little over a week ago and starting yesterday I started noticing that I’m slowly starting to urinate more, my breasts hurt, I got heart burn from eating 3 little scoops of salsa, and the smell of taco bell (my usual favorite place to eat) smelled repulsive to me and made me want to vomit, and also the past two morning I have awoken with nausea. Could I possibly be pregnant? I plan to test next week but would like some advice on the matter.

    • I guess it’s possible, but having been on depo for 4 years, you’d be the exception to the rule for how long it take fertility to return when you come off depo. It usually takes about a year (or longer) for regular cycles to return. The symptoms sound like pregnancy symptoms, but it could also be your body trying hard to regain hormonal balance. Good luck when you test!

      • Bernice Ricalday

        I actually skipped a shot due on the month of February in 2008 and got pregnant in March. I gave birth to my second child on December 17, 2008. I was 20 at that time.

  • Bernice Ricalday

    I don’t get one at all. I’ve been on it for 2 years now and don’t remember when was my last period.

  • mystery2424

    Hi so maybe you ladies can help me here. I have been on the depo shot less then a year. I have had no symptoms or side effects on the shot besides not getting a period. Well I missed my shot that was due October 30th and then the first few days of November I had unprotected sex. Around November 10th I noticed some light brownish/pinkish spotting only when I wiped and it only lasted 3 or 4 days and it was on and off only lasting a few hours during the day. Its now November 19th and I haven’t spotted since it stopped, my cervix is very high up and has been since last week (I have been checking) and now my breasts are beginning to be tender and sensitive. I tested last night and got a negative result but maybe I tested too early? Is there a chance Im pregnant or is it just withdrawal from the depo shot?

    • It’s hard to say if you haven’t been having periods. If you have been having unprotected sex and didn’t get your scheduled shot, then the possibility that you are pregnant is there. Having said that, you could be seeing the effects of your cycle trying to get back to normal after you didn’t get the shot. If you keep having weird symptoms and negative pregnancy tests, you might want to have the doctor check you out.

      • natalie

        I’ve been on the depo for a little over a year. November 11 was my last day to get a shot and I didnt. However because the shot is still in your system there is a chance that the bleeding and the beast tenderness is the hormones. My breastfed are tender and I’ve been off the shot for 5 days. Although I’m not spotting, I spotted throughout the shot so it could be your hormones.

        • Becky Billy Canniff

          I’m in the same boat I have had back Bain for two weeks I’m always hungry and tired my boobs hurt and got bigger now I get nauseous at night went to the hospital they told me I’m not pregnant and I’ve gained 10 lbs

  • Sage188

    I’ve been on depo for a little over a year & haven’t seen a period until last month it lasted for about 20 days & during that period of time my husband & i had sex & he ejaculated in me . Now im having pregnancy symptoms but i was told I couldn’t be pregnant on depo .. Can i be pregnant? And how long shall i wait to take a pregnancy test

  • Diamond

    I’ve been on depo for about 2 years now, and I missed a shot and it’s been about 3 weeks… my nipples aren’t leaking but there’s a little substance coming out when I squeeze them.. I’ve had unprotected sex and I’m worried I could be pregnant! Please help!

  • Jolanda

    so i got my first depo shot on August 15,2015 i was supposed to get the second one on october 30,2015 but i didnt go back due to horrible side effects, was bleeding the whole 3 months of the depo shot. i stopped bleeding on the 20th of november and i been having unprotected sex since then and now my brest is hurting, there tender and sensitive and i haven’t had my period since i stopped bleeding on 20th of november and i been having nauseas also. could i be pregnant? or maybe is just normal final side effects from the depo shot?

  • Monique

    Ive been on depo for almost about two years my last shot was in august 18 and i was supose to go back november 18 but my and my boyfriend are now deciding to have a baby weve been trying for like about almost 4 weeks straight but i know they say its hard to get prego right after but the weekend after i was supose to go back for my shot i was having alot of milky watery discharge i know its not any kind of infection could it have been that i was ovulating ? Also ive been feeling really queezy like nauseous and today i notcied when i wiped there was like blood but very light it was like pinkish so im confused is just my body trying to get its way back to normal or or could it be early signs of pregnancy I’ve taken like 4 pregnancy test and They all have been negative

  • April

    I have been on the depo for 2 years. And i only got my needle last month ago in nov 2015. But i have my periods well looks like havey bleeding, headaches, going to the toilet vomiting at 4:00 am in the morning. Moody. Etc.. And i’m not ment to get my periods for 3 months. Does this mean the needle didn’t work on me? Or coulf i be preg or am i just bleeding because i’m stressed? I have no idea..

  • caitlyn peake

    I have been on depo for 2 years , I got my last shot in June , was supposed to go back in September but didn’t , I am having unprotected sex with my husband , I have not had a period since I got off the depo shot , but we had sex at the beginning of November and it is now December and I’m having a lot of smytoms of pregnancy, headaches , brown spotting , mild cramps , nausea , dizziness , mild food cravings , moodiness, stress , etc. Could I be pregnant .

    • Mommyoftwo

      Wow! Similar to me! I’ve been on for 2 years also and my last shot was June & I didn’t go back in September. Now I have no period what’s so ever & am having pregnant symptoms.

      • Genevieve Gen Sonier

        Well I’ve been on it for almost a year and just missed my shot last week and trust me I’m not pregnant cuz I havnt been sexually active but I’ve been dizzy soar everywhere and no period only today I bled a tiny bit and it stopped but it’s been over 9 months since I’ve had any intercourse and I’ve been on the needle and I sort of feel pregnant at times

      • Mommy of Lexi

        I got pregant right after I got off and started the pill there was no time for me too I never had a break in my birth control a month after I stopped the depo I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant with my daughter I never had a period at all so I had no idea then I had a light bleeding so I though that was it nope just spotting that comes with pregancy I been back on the depo and I have taken 3 test and I still think I’m pregnant I’m bloated moody have headaches on edge of crying I get nauseous over small things but like I said I took 3 test and all negative I’m freaking me out my daughter is 3 months I been off my depo almost a month and no period after I missed my shot and I haven’t had sex since I missed it either since my husband is out of town

  • Mykayla Stroehlein

    I’ve commented before.. But I can’t find my comment… So I was on the Minnie Pill for about two months. I missed 4 pills. Had unprotected sex on a Sunday then the day after.. Monday. I had a depo shot. If I was in the process of becoming pregnant would the depo shot have ruined the chances of me actually becoming pregnant.? This all happened less than a week ago. Someone please help.!! As soon as possible.!!

    • Angela

      They should not have allowed you to get the shot after having unprotected sex.

      • Mykayla Stroehlein

        Well they didn’t know about it… But if you don’t know the answer to my question please don’t comment. This is serious..

    • Ally

      When I went on the shot I had unprotected sex (I went on it because the condom broke and my boyfriend and I decided maybe we needed another protectant) and I didn’t tell them but I just waited it out turned out I didn’t get pregnant from having unprotected sex before the shot. If you take a test and you just got the shot and your positive the shot shouldn’t have an effect on the baby. Many more people have been pregnant on depo than you would think!

      • Genevieve Gen Sonier

        That’s a 50/50 chance this is why the doctors always take the test before the shot

  • Chelsea Larks

    Someone please help ASAP, so I was on depo for about a year my last shot was due September 30 2015, and I missed it I only had like 2 periods on depo it was more like spotting. October 22-27 2015 was my first period after depo then November 12-15 2015 was my last, I’m late and have had symptoms sore boobs and frequent urination I’ve tested they all have been negative is it possible for me to be pregnant and should I retest?

  • Mommyoftwo

    I have always been on and off depo. But when I stop using depo my period comes days later and last for about 5 days. My last shot was the 1st week of June and now that I am off, I haven’t had a period since. Which is weird because I always come on when I go off depo. Now I am having pregnant symptoms. My breasts are very sore and tender. My nipples hurt really bad. I have little pimples on them. My breasts have gotten bigger. My tummy have gotten bigger. I took 2 HPT & they both say negative. I took a urine at my doctors and a blood test. Both say negative. My doctor checked my cervix & said it feels like early stages of pregnancy or like I am about to have my period. But still no period. I am convinced that I am pregnant. I already have 2 children. I have the same symptoms as my last 2 births. What should I do?

    • Genevieve Gen Sonier

      Go to the hospital get blood work done that’s a better way to find out if you’re pregnant

  • sarah b

    I am new to the depo injection if your coming to the end of one of the injections is it still safe to be intimate near the end of the jab

    • Genevieve Gen Sonier

      Yes as long as ur on time for your next dose

      • destiny

        What if you get your shot on the very last day of the 12 weeks?

      • Ashley

        I was supposed get my shot the 23rd of sept but i didnt get it til the 26th. I had unprotected sex on the 25th. Cant i get pregnant? I had sex the beginning of the 14th week and my shot the 14th week.

        • You really need to discuss this with your doctor. They will no best what the chances of getting pregnant if you are a couple of days late getting your shot.

  • chelsea

    Hi my name is Chelsea I got my depo provera shot the 17th on November for the first time I have had unprotected sex since then and not until a few days ago I was in the shower nd I had to get out due to dizzyness and nausea i sat on the toilet and puked out the food i had the night before and that morning and I always want to sleep now I wake up every morning to go pee nd my boyfriend had left a hickey on my boob nd it turned into a bruise I took a pregnancy test two weeks ago but got a negative is it possible I can be pregnant ?

  • Angel

    I have had white discharge does this mean depo stopped working? Its first time I have discharged and I have had three shots.

  • leslie orozco

    i am soo scared! i got on the shot 2 weeks after my period and had unprotected sex 2 days later! im a month late, could i be pregnant ?

  • Genevieve Gen Sonier

    Ur suppose to get the first shot 2 days into ur period

  • Jennifer

    I have been on the depo shot since I was 16 or 17 and I’m now 22 and I missed my last shot and it’s only been a few days, my husband and I haven’t used protection. I have wanted a baby for a long time, but he says he isn’t ready, but also I’d it happens it happens. My next doctor appointment is the 8th of March that’s two weeks away and I wanted to know what my chances are for getting pregnant in that time frame.

  • Lorinda

    Hi ,,

    I want to know if there’s a chance of pregnancy , I use to be on depo shot for about 3-4 years and went off about a year ago for 3 months and back on it for 6 months(2shots) and then went of again 5 months ago and got period back straight away and it’s always normal and on time every month and had unprotected sex 3 times in one week and same week as my calendarsays I was ovulating and currently am today 7 days late of my period … No symptoms yet and got 3 negative tests so far …

    Should I wait longer or is it only a false alarm ?
    Really appreciate some help and opinions on this …

  • Leaann

    On March 17,2016 I went and got my nexplanon out and got the depo shot all in the same day. had sex aweek before and the day before getting it switched and have had sex a few times since all unprotected my dr told me I should be fine and won’t get pregnant but from all I’ve read it seems possible. Has anyone has the birth control switch and/or got pregnant on the first shot if depo? If so, did you take a home test and which brand? Just trying to be cautious cause if u end up I don’t want baby harmed.

  • Stephanie

    I got my last Depo shot in September of 2015 never went back for my next shot in December. I’ve had two periods one in January and then February. Haven’t had one in March or this month. My periods have always been regular till I got the Depo shot and now I don’t know when to expect my next cycle. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. But no luck yet. I’ve been taking many pregnancy test all say there negative. Can the Depo cause a false negative?

    • Vikki

      Yes it can say negative but can be possive go to ur doctor or see if u can get an early scan hope that helps x

    • dana

      This same thing is happening to me. I had my last shot in Sept 2015 and I had my last period on march 10th 2016, but havent had one for april . And I have been taking pregnancy tests. They all say negative.

      • Sunshine

        I was having the same problem had my last cycle in begining of March then didn’t have one til April 17 but it was only 3 days. I also spotted two days before. I’m so confused and I wasn’t on depo

  • Vikki

    Hi I was due my depo on the 24th march and im three weeks late for it I had unprotected sex at the week of depo due ive got all the symptoms of being pregnant sore boobs peeing lots and feeling sick and really tired
    Is it possible I could be? Thanks x

  • Amy Pendergrass

    I got was suppose to go back and get on my deposit January 2015 I’ve been off since than my period didn’t start back til July of last year I’m currently trying to have a baby.. my breast are now leaking took a pregnancy test and it came out negative has anyone else had this happen to them????

  • Kashare Lewis

    I have been getting the shot for 2 years.. And i just recently found out i was pregnant. I dont understand this any one else no why

    • Shannon

      Did you get pregnant while the depo was in your system ?

      • Kashare Lewis

        Yes the depo was in my system and i got pregnant. It was a big shock

  • Heather Serr

    I got my first depo shot on jan 18 my next shot was due march 18 and I missed it it is now April 30 and still no period taken moltipol at home pregnancy test and all negative. Please help and I have had light light spotting for a day

  • ShelbyLynn

    So I first got the Depo in July of 2015 and was supposed to get another one In September of 2015 but missed if I haven’t had my period yet but I had unprotected sex it’s only been 5 days since I had sex and I’m having signs as if I was pregnant it’s to soon to tell though if I am or not I started bleeding I don’t know if sex triggered my period or if I actually am bleeding I am having terrible hip and back pain but like I said I don’t know if it’s my period also I only bleed for like 2 days do you think if I went and did blood work that they can tell me if I’m pregnant or not being it only has been 5 days since I had unprotected sex

  • Sunshine

    I’ve had pregnancy symptoms before I got on the depo. The doctors took a blood test but it was negative. I had unprotected sex 3 days after my shot was given. I’ve got my shot on April 20. It was the first time I had one. I’m not sure what’s going on. The doctors have no answers. I hear that plenty of women are pregnant even though they are on the depo and there test come out negative. I’ve been nauseous, tired I’ve had fatigue, cravings. Does anyone have any similar symptoms?

    • mgartman

      I do and i havnt had a period since july but now im spotting also and im due to get the shot again in october

  • melissa m

    I’m 23 I have a one yr old daughter. I started depo month after she was born.. I had 4 shots of depo already.. Well I’m post been due for my 5th shot first week of April.. Since time I gotten depo I had light bleeding and all.. Last time I had any bleeding was January 2016 when I had my last depo shot. Is it possible to get pregnant from missing one shot even if been on it barely a year?? Im bout little over month late from getting my depo shot.. Me and my husband always have protected sex.. We been having protected sex ever since I been due for my shot.. I have not had any bleeding since january.

    • melissa m

      I meant we only and always hve unprotected sex We never use protection

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  • Phoebe B

    I had my last depro jan16 n got signs of early pregnancy but constantly getting negative tests

    • Veronica Thomas

      Having the same problem but I was suppose to get me shot Feb12 had unprotected sex a lot but this last time on July 3 I been having early pregnancy symptoms but got a negative test… I don’t know what to do

  • ivette Garcia

    my first and last shot was on Oct 2015 and I was supposed to get my second shot Jan. 2016 it didn’t since then I haven’t gotten my period and I took a pregnancy test on April got negative results but in may 2016 I did another pregnancy test and came out positive I’m so confused

  • Ms marrero

    I had my depo shot two months ago supposed to go in June 26 but I had my period may 12 and my husband and i had unprotected sex may 26 and 27 and I started spotting for a couple of days a week later after are encounters it was a pinkish light blood and a little cramping i was supposed to get my period June 9 and I have not gotten it online it says i could be 4 weeks pregnant. I have dizziness weak Ness appetite gone bad back ache the whole nine yards just haven’t had any morning sickness yet

    • jenn McIntyre

      I’m kinda in the same both with you I lost two month period February and March then get shot in late April now since last too weeks I’m dizzy appetite changes and back ache cramps all over my stomach no morning sick Ness what’s wrong did a test it show negative and I’m going to do a next one because imnot feeling right what could be so wrong I’m confused.

    • Rashelle

      My last shot was around April 12 and the test they did said I was not pregnant. But I have not had my period since March 15. I have been feeling kinda sick in the morning and I’ve been peeing alot and feel like I’m starving even though I just ate a big meal. The other day I thought I felt something move in my stomach. My next shot is July 12. Should I wait till then and talk to them about how I think I might be pregnant or should I get a pregnancy test now

  • Krystal Wentz

    I had a miscarriage in April this year and surgery a week later. Once my cycle “resumed” June 1st, I called my doctor to receive the depro vera shot on the second day of my only 2 day cycle. I am a week late now. Is this the shot taking effect or should I be worried about being pregnant again? We’ve been having unprotected sex starting the day after my shot as well.

  • Sophia Saldana

    Hi so i havnt been on the depo since may and ive been feeling pregnancy symptoms since .. Is it possible that i might be pregnant ?? I breastfeed my daughter so i never got my period since i had her shes almost 2 … And i feel like something moves in my stomach .. Test come out negative . Please help

  • Samantha

    I’m 17 and just got my first shot 3 weeks ago and am now having symptoms of early pregnancy but took a test a week ago when it all started and it came back negative. Is there a chance I’m pregnant?

  • MArcela gil

    my last depo shot was given 5/11/16 I was supposed to go back aug 10 to get my shot and didnt go back i had unprotected sex like on the same day I was supposed to get it and 2-3 more time after that is there a possibilty I can come out pregnant.

  • mgartman

    I had the depo shot in july and im due to get it again in october and i havent had a period since july but got one sunday and it ended monday nite and now im spotting and having pregnancy symptoms ,id there a chance im pregnant?

    • You shouldn’t be if your shot hasn’t run out, but the fact that you did bleed a bit makes it sound like your hormones are a bit off. I’d suggest that you contact your doctor and ask them.

  • Angelica Dung

    Hey I have been off deposit for 3 month now . me and my partner had sex on step 27 and the next day I had my perioddd . can I be pregrant ??

    • You won’t be pregnant from sex on the 27th if your period started the next day.

  • Stephanie

    I got my shot after I had my son on April 27. Me n my husband have been having unprotected sex not even a week after its been almost 6 months can I b pregnant ???

    • I’m confused. You only had one shot and didn’t go back for additional shots? Have you had a period?

  • Sarah

    I’m 18 years old on September 9th I got my depo shot and a few days ago I started to have light breakthrough bleeding but now it’s getting heavy , i wanted to have sex but I started the breakthrough bleeding what do I do ??? I want the bleeding to stop I wanna be able to take something I need help .. also when I first got my shot 2 or 3 days later I had sex with my boyfriend and he cum in me .. is it a possibly I (MIGHT) be pregnant?

    • If you had the shot within the first seven days after the start of your period, you are protected from pregnancy immediately. If you are concerned us a condom until you can check with your doctor about the bleeding you are experiencing.

  • lisette

    I was on the depo for 7 years my last shot was due in February but I didn’t get it. I never got my period or spotted it had completely stopped for those 7 years. Had unprotected sex on 9-9-16 and on 9-15-16 I started spotting that was a pinkish/brownish color that lasted about 5 days. Could it be implantation bleeding? Could I possibly be pregnant? I’ve heard of woman getting pregnant with out getting their period after depo so I’m curious. Having symptoms such as tiredness, frequent urination, tender breast. Took a hpt 10-3-16 and it came out negative.

    • It’s possible, but due the the time you were on the shot, it is likely your body trying to regain hormonal balance. As you don’t know if/when you ovulated it is hard to say when you could actually take a pregnancy test.

Last modified: November 29, 2014