Cramping and Ovulation

Ovulation Cramping


Cramping isn’t uncommon during a woman’s cycle, but it’s most likely to occur closer to menstruation rather than near ovulation. Cramping is common during your period and the week before, but it’s less common during ovulation. Still, some women do experience a connection between cramping and ovulation.

How ovulation works

To understand where this kind of cramping could come from, you need to think for a minute about how ovulation works. During ovulation, an egg is released into your fallopian tubes. If it’s not fertilized, it starts to disintegrate. It will eventually break down and pass from your body during your period.

Recognizing ovulation cramping

This process is painful for about one in five women. This pain resembles cramping, although it should normally feel different from menstrual cramps.

Most often, ovulation pain will occur in your lower abdomen. It will happen around two weeks prior to your period. It will usually be on one side or the other, because it’s only occurring on whichever side releses an egg. This cramping may last for a couple of hours or as long as a couple of days.

The causes of ovulation pain

There are a number of things that can cause ovulation cramping. It might be a ruptured or emerging follicle. It could be a symptom of another problem, including endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or even appendicitis.

If you have pain every month during ovulation, you should talk to your doctor. It may be indicative of another medical problem, which can often be treated. Your doctor can do an exam, use blood tests, ultrasounds and more to help diagnose what exactly is going on.

Ovulation pain isn’t always an indication that you have a fertility problem. Some of the causes of ovulation pain – such as endometriosis or PCOS – can contribute to fertility problems, of course.

Talking to your doctor and getting to the root cause of ovulation cramping will help increase the likelihood that, if there is a fertility concern going on, you will have the necessary tools to address it.


  • tracy

    I’m 43 I’m ovolated today but had sex with my partner who is 54 on Thursday could I be pregnant or not

    • Anonymous

      You can be pregnant.

      • tracy

        Thank you its hard to know az been trying for 6 months

      • tracy

        Thank uou but at my age it’s hard to remember what I should feel

    • It’s possible. How do you know you ovulated when you think you did ? The likelihood of pregnancy would also depend on your partner’s sperm health. Age and lifestyle play a part in that as well.

      • tracy

        I did a test on the Saturday am

        • It’s possible based on timing as healthy sperm can survive up to 5 days after ejaculation. A positive test on the ovulation test means that you will ovulate within 24 to 36 hours.

          • kisha

            I had sex last night and tested positive for ovulation today so could i be pregnant soon

          • kisha

            I had sex last night and tested positive for ovulation today so could i be pregnant soon

          • Sperm can survive up to 5 days after ejaculation so it sounds like you timed intercourse well if you are trying to get pregnant.

          • maria

            I had sex the whole week I was fertile …not the day I was ovulating but the day after and I’m expected to get my period in 4 days and I took a test today and it came out negative did I test too soon? And was it because it was a cheap test?

          • 4 days could have been too early. And as for the pregnancy test, it really depends on the sensitivity level. Test again in 2 or 3 days and you should get more reliable results.

          • HappyK

            Following this chain. I had ovulation symptoms the past two days. Lower back pain, cramps. But it’s gone today. Does that mean that my ovulation was complete and I am not pregnant? Or do those symptoms go away until 8 – 10 DPO to where the pregnancy symptoms could start up again. It’s way too early to test.

  • tracy

    I did the ovulating test and it had 2 lines and my partner is 54

    • It’s possible you are pregnant, but the timing could have been a little bit off. If you are pregnant, a pregnancy test should detect it at the end of this coming week.

  • tracy

    Thank you we did have sex all the week befor except Friday and Saturday and Sunday but did monday and Tuesday and Wednesday of this week my next period is due the 2 December here’s hoping as we been trying since January this year

  • tracy

    Was looking at my note book at my last period was not normal as full bleeding for 2 days then light bleeding in day time for 3 days but nothing at night only day time been using seven seas trying for a baby pill it has vitamins and minerals for pre conception and early pregnancy with folic acid with iron and vitamin d .first day of last perion was 31 October and off an on until the tuesday 4 November could i be pregnant or is it to early as did have sex on my light days and every day until last Thursday and Friday but ovolated on the Saturdaythe 8th test had 2 lines on it help

  • janet031

    Im a little scared the week of thanksgiving I was supposed to get my period but didn’t on the 1st of dec I spotted so I took a pregnancy test it showed positive but I’m still bleeding light on n off n when I use the bathroom is there something I should be worried about cuz in my past I had a couple of miscarriages n a etopic pregnancy me n my husband been trying to have a baby for the past 5 years I just pray that everything is OK if u know anything that might help I would appreciate cuz all I do is read n reqd n get stressed

    • Considering your history of miscarriages, you really need to be under a doctor’s care to make sure everything is progressing as it should.

  • disqus_xHkUEwtJ5r

    i had the first day of my periods on 30th November and soon after it seemed as if i had an early ovulation (3-4 days of sticky transparent discharge).We had sex on 3,4 and 5 December. However, on 15,16 and 17 of December i had first pink and then brown, red and almost black discharge (few drops per day) and quit some cramping. the cramping stopped since 3 days, and i don’t have much of other pregnancy symptoms. Today i did a urine test but was negative (i know it is rather early as i have 10 days left until next period is due) but could i still be pregnant? thank you!

    • It’s possible. The spotting you saw could have been implantation bleeding. You should wait a week and test again to see if you get a positive result.

  • disqus_xHkUEwtJ5r

    thanks so much for the answer. i hope blood test will show earlier. i am too impatient 🙂

  • Monica

    My LMP was dec. 13. Had sex on ovulation day and the previous days as well. Took a pregnancy test yesterday and was negative. 🙁 I just don’t understand how I got pregNant with my last child when I wasn’t even trying and avoided sex during fertile period And now that I wanted to get pregnant in dec I didnt, my period is supposed to start on January 10th. Or do you think maybe I tested to early? ( I used early ept test)

    • If your period is due the 10, you probably tested too soon. Typically pregnancy tests return accurate results 3 or 4 days before your period is due. Also, keep in mind, only about 30% of couples will get pregnant during the first month of trying.

  • samantha costabile

    Trying to conceive took clomid…my period was on DEC 19 it ended DEC 22 we had sex from the 25 of Dec to Jan 3. But the 4 the of Jan was my ovulation day and we did not have sex does that mean I missed my chance this month

    • If your partner does not have any issues with his sperm, you should be okay as sperm can survive up to 5 days after ejaculation which would have covered when you ovulated.

  • samantha costabile

    How long after ovulation should Iwait to take a pregnancy test and which one is the best to usr

    • If you have a normal 28 day cycle, waiting until you are 10 or 11 days past ovulation would be okay, though waiting until you missed your period is best. Any of the brands you can buy in the drug store will be fine. Most people like the Clearblue or First Response brands.

  • Angelique

    had sex on the 8th, same day as ovulation, I’m super tired, and my appatite is all out of wack. I know it is too early to test, but could I be pregnant? posaibly?

    • If you had sex when you ovulated, the chance of pregnancy is there. You can probably test around the 19th to see if you are pregnant.

      • brittany

        Hey Vickie! I have been trying for a baby for a little bit now. I usually have my period the 29th through the 3rd but this past month I started the 28th and it was very light and it was a red/Brown color and I had no cramping. I don’t know when I should be ovulating but I’m cramping today.

  • ybba

    hi..i have missed period for 1month..I test it positive but the test line is faint… after a week it’s become negative and now my lower abdomen and back is cramping…what do you mean by that… pls help

    • If you had a positive test and then a negative one a week later, it could mean that you are experiencing an early miscarriage. It could also be possible that you didn’t take the test right. Before thinking you are going to have a miscarriage, test again in the morning with your first morning urine to see if the positive result returns.

  • tasha

    I had sex on Dec 14. I had my period Dec 16. Here it is January and my period hasn’t came. On January 16 I spotted alil blood but since then I haven’t bleed anymore. I took a pregnancy test on Jan 17 and it was negative. I don’t know why my period is not here. I have always had a regular period. Could I be pregnant?

    • If the pregnancy test is showing a negative, you are probably not. Having said that, if you are concerned, you can go to your doctor and get a blood test to see what results that gives.

  • deva

    hii, how soon can i take pregnancy test? my last period was on 26th dec on an average of 31 days..i thik my ovulation happend on 12th jan bcoz i had slight cramping ont that day morning..had sex at night?? when can i take pregnancy there any chance that i can be pregnant??

    • You could take a pregnancy test today or tomorrow. You can get implantation cramping but it doesn’t typically happen that quickly. Implantation usually happens 6-8 days after ovulation.

      • deva

        Hey dear..thx for the pregnant..

  • sarz1702

    i have been ovualting for the past 3 days hubby and i had sex 18th fri sat and on the sun i was cramping bad and have felt yuck all day on the saturday night when we where having sex it hurt a little bit what does this mean please

    • It could be that you were having ovulatory cramping or it could mean something else. If you continue feeling bad, you might want to visit your doctor to find out what is going on.

  • Becky

    My LPM was Jan 4, took clomid and had a follicle scan at day 16 because im on a 33 day cycle, the scan showed i have 3 follicles on 25mm, on 17mm, one 12.4mm, anyhow now my breast are very sensitive, and im starting nausea waves, however I tested and its negative 🙁 my next period is due Feb 5. My bbt is 97.5 until yesterday and jumped to 98, am i testing too early? Me and hubby have had lots and lots of bedroom time

    • For a 33 day cycle, you are definitely taking a test too early. The earliest you want to use a pregnancy test is 3 or 4 days before your period is due to arrive. You’ve got about a week before you can get accurate results.

  • JAM07

    Hi, age 28, 2 FT pregnancies (ages 5 & 7), no misscarriages… been trying for 13 months unsuccessfully. Bought a basil thermometer. Here’s to waking up early to track!

    • Good Luck! Have you gone to see your ob/gyn about how long it’s taking you to get pregnant this time?

      • JAM07

        I spoke to him during my last annual and he didn’t seem too concerned. Told me to start a prenatal vitamin etc. That was a few months ago. Now that it’s been over 12 months I am going to schedule a follow-up.

  • Baby-boy

    So I had my period on jan 14th (28to 29th days cycle), and took ovulation tests 1/26 11 pm – high (clear blue digital), morning on 1/27 around 10 am it show peck, was feeling wet all day. Then came home to take another test it at 6 pm, it didn’t show peck anymore. check cm, it wasnt streaching yet but just wet. chk cm at 11 pm it was clear, thin, streaching more then 1 inch, it was wet inside but not running out. 12am – 1/28, had some cramping (did the bding at a little after 12am), so does this mean I’m about to ovulate or did the ovulation test error? trying for a boy since I have 3 princesses already. Help? Hopefully I didnt mess it up…

    • Well if you are trying to have sex as close to ovulation as possible, then due to the cramping you felt, it sounds like you got as close as you could have.

  • Jamie Lee Wood

    TTC since October 2014. I have cramping every month one day during ovulation. Is this the day I actually am ovulating? Also I was on birth control up until Aug last year and this has been happening since then, does it sound normal, like maybe I just never felt it because the BC was masking it or something?

    • It depends on what type of birth control it was, but some types will actually stop ovulation all together. If that was the type you had, and the cramping started after you stopped taking it, it sounds like the cramping could be a sign that you have just ovulated.

      • Jamie Lee Wood

        It was Yasmin and it’s generic, I don’t know if that one stops ovulation. We have been getting frustrated TTC even though it’s not been that long, just trying to be positive that this is normal and not to worry about possible infertility problems till we have been trying for atleast 6 months or a year. I go to the dr. In May for my annual so I will be addressing my concerns then if no BFP and hopefully he finds nothing wrong.

        • Yasmin does try to stop ovulation so what you are feeling could be ovulation. Three months seems like a long long time, but hopefully you will get your positive before you go and see your doctor in May.

  • AkirrasMama

    I had the mirena since May 2012 & I had it removed on Dec 30, 2014. My last period was on Dec 19, 2014. We are trying to conceive. On Jan 7, 2015 I had slight pinching pain on my lower left abdominal area. On Jan 14 & jan 15 I was having back pains which made it hard to sleep. On Jan 18 I had WCM. Jan 22 I had EWCM. On the 24th when I wiped after using the bathroom there was a light brown mark ontop the TP. Jan 26 I then again had WCM. On jan 28 and 29 my CM became thin white and creamy. Yesterday Feb 3 my Cm had a little bit of Yellowish color. I took a pregnancy test this morning feb 4 and it came back negative. I’ve had irregular periods so I don’t really know how to figure out when I’m ovulating or supposed to be expecting my next period

    • The best way for you to figure out when you are ovulating would be to either chart your temperature or use ovulation tests (though that could get costly with irregular cycles). You can also try and regulate your cycle by taking an herbal supplement like FertilAid for women.

  • universally favored

    I had a miscarriage in September, I was 10 wks but showing at 7 wks. In October I had severe stomach pain for 4 days and bleed normally
    November normal timing. December I calculated that I have a 34 day cycle. And it came like clockwork in. For the month of February I am 2 days late. Could it be because I did not ovulate or pregnancy. And I have had cramps prior to my period date

    • Did you take a pregnancy test or did your period eventually arrive?

  • Mrslewis1821

    Is it possible to feel cramping the day after Ovulation I have this app on my phone that tells me the day I should ovulate Which was the 3rd as the app stated but what was weird for me was that Af was way off last month the app said I was suppose to start Af Feb 22 I started feb 14 at first I thought it was implantation bleeding because it was bright red and I was just spotting went and took a shower waited 20 after that it was no blood and about an hour after that it was more blood like it was Af it lasted only 3 day’s which wasn’t normal for me mind you the app that I’ve been using (my days) has always been pretty accurate I’ve been feeling nauseous lightheaded and fatigued for about a week now I have like a cramp but not like the cramp I get from Af it’s not as painful I’m just really confused but I have been doing the baby dance the days I’m supposed to (still following the app)…..what could this mean?

    • At best, the apps are just an approximation of when you should ovulate. In order to know for sure, you need to track ovulation with ovulation tests or basal temperature charting to find out exactly when you are ovulating. As you were way off last month, your app could be off too. Have you taken a pregnancy test considering the symptoms you are having?

  • Aimee

    I had sex on what was supposedly my ovulation day according to my online ovulation app, that was on the 26th of March, since the 30th of March I have had such a sore side and just weird feelings on my left side, can anyone tell me what this could be? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, can’t help you there. If you are still having pain, you should probably go and see a doctor.

  • Your fertile days would have been:

    Friday 10th April 2015 – Fertile
    Saturday 11th April 2015 – VERY fertile
    Sunday 12th April 2015 – Time to ovulate

    There is definitely a chance that you are pregnant, but there is no way to tell if it will be a girl or not.

  • Girl1

    Good day, my husband an I have been trying to have a baby about two months now. I was diagnosed with PCOS and this month for the first time I took Clomid. I also use Metformin. I used an ovulation calendar and it said that my ovulation day is the 05/20/2015. My husband and I had sex 5 days after my period had finished and we had sex on the day of my said ovulation. The 21st of this month I got a slight cramping in my abdomen. Could you tell me what this means or what to expect?

  • PRO

    The date of my periods is upto 5 days now…. but few days before I had a pain in my lower abdomen. ….but 2day I feel vomit…. I didn’t use any test ….am I pregnant

  • ty

    I had sex on my ovulation date and I had cramps not bad cramps from 2-4dpo and I had twinges and sort of a tingling sensation in my tummy 5dpo at maybe 1am also the pains are mostly on the left side the cramps being so early is unusual for me and lasting that long I also had vivid dreams and one time it felt like my face was on fire just some things weren’t like my PMS I’m now 7dpo but have a 34 day cycle this month so a app said I would implant 9dpo am I pregnant or just anxious this 2 week wait is getting to me

    • Amanda

      Updates you your story please?

  • laura

    I had unprotected sex on the 13th day of my cycle and now I’m cramping, I have I’m supposed to start my period on the 3rd of July could I be pregnant?

  • Laura

    I had unprotected sex on the 13th day of my cycle and now I have cramping I’m not due to start my period until the 3rd of July do you think I’m pregnant.

  • poh lin tan

    I’m 39 yrs old. Previously when I was younger, i ‘ve cramps on my first day of periods. But now it’s been a few months, I get tummy cramps for a few days before my periods. And when I hv the cramps, I worries a lot : eg : when is my period showing? How come is not here yet? This month I’ve been having a lot of medication too. And i’m going to start working soon that’s on the 6th of July 2015. At first, I am suppose to start on 1st of July but I postponed because I worried I might hv period pain on that day and it won’t look nice for 1st impression. How to overcome all these worries and anxieties w cramps but still no periods yet? It supposed to come around these week. I’ve hyperthyroidism also. Pls help. Tq.

  • Gicenia Valentin

    I’ve had my tubes tied for 5 yrs now, my last period was on 8/4/15 normally my menstrual come at the very ending of the month but laat week I was experiencing a bit of cramping and a bit of breast discomfort could there a possibility of heing pregnant or could it be that my cycle us changing.

    • You really should contact your doctor. Typically having your tubes tied is very effective in preventing pregnancy. If you heading into menopause age, it could be that perimenopause is causing the symptoms you are having.

  • azonto

    Am kindof confused as this has never happened to me before.
    I am a 24 year old who has experienced irregular periods for the past 10 years.
    I took some suppliments this year and i have been constant for 6 months.
    The last day of my period was august 1, i had sex with my patner on august 8.should have started ovulating around august 10 or so.. on august 13 i had an unusual brownish discharge. I have been developing cramps since august 16 in the lower abdomen…and also some pain around my ears and also a funny sensation in my mouth esp the gums.
    Could this be pms or is this possible pregnancy.
    My period should be due on the 28th.

  • Galinah

    Hi. I had my first IUI Wednesday morning. It was an unmedicated cycle, but they did give me a trigger shot the day before. The rest of the day of the IUI I had what I described as light cramping. I know this was likely caused by the procedure itself.
    It is now the wee hours of Thursday morning (approx. 12+ hours after IUI) and I was woken up by more intense cramping on the same side I know I had the leading follicle.
    I’ve never had this kind of cramping with ovulation before. Certainly nothing that would have woken me up!
    Is it possible that what I am feeling is the actual fertilization of the egg?

  • brittanie

    Hello lady I had s-x September 3 and I start my period September 14 or the 13th my question is could I get pregnant ? My ovulation day is September 9 or 8 I believe .

  • maria123

    After I has

  • maria123

    After I had sex like 2 days after I had period pain feelings in my lower belly for about 3 days and its stopped now I get it sometimes but it’s very rarely I don’t have sore boobs either but I always get bloated after ive ate and my back hurt sometimes and I get cramps in my legs sometimes my areola has got a light brown outing on it and I always feel like I need a toilet but never seen to always be able to go I jusy don’t know if I’m pregant or not

  • Michelle

    Hi I had sex on Thursday unprotected he pulled out. Started my ovulation 2 days later and now I’m having mild cramps, is that a sign of pregnancy? I’ve had mild cramps during ovulation before…

  • TTC

    I am looking for answers…

    I ovulated last Saturday and pretty sure I felt it, this Sunday, 8 days past ovulation I had period cramping but no sign of my period….
    I have had lower back pain and been sleeping a lot more and longer….

    I am hoping to get a BFP but scared to get a BFN.

    Has anyone experienced the same symptoms and either been pregnant, or not ???

    Looking for answers 🙂

  • Cort

    Me and my husband have been trying for a while. I have a 24 day cycle. I start Jan 3-5 and had sex on the 10th, 12th, and 14th. I think those were my ovulation days could I possibly be pregnant?/

  • betty

    I am trying for pregnancy. My average cycle length is 34 days.Today is my CD27 saw heavy cervical mucus with white patches. What it means?

  • TT

    8 months back I had an ectopic pregnancy and now trying again. last nite was my second last day of ovulation and after being with my husband I experience a very sharp menstrual pains, they were as is I could push blood out. I drank some period pains pills and in few minutes fell asleep. my ovulation was not wet at all more especially the last three days, including today it is so dry. my period came on the 22 February, so painfull and heavy until the 23 morning and everything stops until the 24th morning then it started again with pains for only maybe 3 hours and that was it. on the 25th and 27th I had very light and brown discharge and that was all. I never had my period like this before. I tested more than three times and the tests came back negative. as im typing both my abdomen/ pelvic area are painful. it makes it difficult for me to bend

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