How Long After Conception Does Implantation Bleeding Occur?

When you are trying to get pregnant, you are always looking for clues to let you know that your hopes and dreams are on their way to being reality.

One of the initial signs that women look for, as a sign that they are pregnant, is implantation bleeding.

What Happens Before Implantation

Before implantation bleeding is a possibility, there are several steps that need to occur in your body.


On average, your ovaries will release an egg (ovulation), into your fallopian tubes, 14 days before your period is due. Your egg will survive 12 to 24 hours after ovulation, and then will start to disintegrate, making conception impossible.


If your timing for intercourse is good, there may be a lucky sperm waiting to fertilize the egg (conception) upon release. Healthy sperm can survive up to 5 days after ejaculation in the woman’s reproductive tract. Optimally, having sex, as close to ovulation as possible, will increase your chances of conception.


Once conception has occurred, the fertilized egg, will travel down the fallopian tube to the uterus. As the egg is traveling, the cells will continue to divide and grow in size. When the egg arrives at the uterus, it will attach to the uterine wall (implantation) and start to produce the hormone that pregnancy tests detect, hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). The time required for the egg to travel to the uterus and implant is usually between 7 and 10 days.

When the egg implants, some women experience implantation bleeding. You may notice a small amount of blood when you wipe, after using the bathroom.  The blood is typically a light pink or brownish tinted color.   The amount is much less than when your period starts. When the egg implants in your uterus, it develops a layer of cells, trophoblast, which surrounds the egg. The trophoblast provides nutrients to the growing egg by burrowing into the uterine wall. As it pulls the egg into the endometrium, a small amount of blood can leak into the uterine cavity, causing implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding does not occur with every woman.   Usually only about 30% of women will experience implantation bleeding.  You will usually see implantation bleeding 4 to 7 days before your period is due if you are one of the 30%.

  • Trish

    Hello. So I ovulated4/29 and had unprotected sex4/27-5/1. I had a blood test 5/8 with a negative hcg result… my period is due5/18 is there any hope?

  • Niki S

    Hi vicki, my lmp was 4/ partner and i had sex 4/23-4/28. Based off the info provided in an ovulation tracker, the following dates were my fertile/ ovulation period. On 4/30 I took the morning after pill. AF is supposed to start 5/12-13 respectively. My question is Do you think I could possbily be pregnant? I was out of the 72 hour period of the PlanB to work at effectively. Thank you!

  • Brown sugar

    I had unprotected sex the same day my period stopped and now 2 weeks later my breasts are really tender… could I be pregnant?

  • Jennifer

    On the early morning hours of 6-7DDO I woke up with Strong
    Cramping in my left side. Cramming was on and off throught the morning and mid day. I also has a lot of thicker CM as well the morning I woke up and on and off through out. I did not experiance any implantion bleeding. Could implantation still have took place?

  • brittany

    OK I have a question so I’ve been tracking my period on a period tracker app
    It tells me when I’m fertil and when I’m ovulating my boyfriend came in me about 2 days before and then agian one day before I was fertile and once agian when I started being frtile about 3days ago I don’t think i started ovulateing yet but today I woke up and went to the restroom and found blood spots on my underwear its only a little bit and it was brown like old blood and it was only on my underwear not when I wiped and didn’t continue I’m supposed to start my period in 15 days idk if it’s implation bleeding or what it is can some one please help me

  • ssedani

    I had my last period on April 27th. My husband and I had sex may 4th 8th and the 15th. My next period is predicted around the 26th of may. Yesterday I noticed my areolas are bigger and my left breast is slightly larger then the right. Today I started to have some brown spotting but very light. Normally I get really dry before my period but not this time. I took a hpt on the 22nd, i think it was too soon. I am just trying to figure out if my period is slowly coming or if I could be pregnant.

  • jessica

    Had unprotected sex April 19th, my LMP was March 28th. I had my period April 27th. I felt dizzy and nauseous the past 2 weeks ago and feeling so hungry in the morning and sleepy, too. And haven’t had my period yet. Is there any possibility that I could be pregnant?

  • 19BAW82

    So….I had what I thought was my first cycle after childbirth ( Still breastfeeding and my little guy is nearly a year) on 5/13. I had a very light cycle. Only one day did I actually use a tampon ( regular or light). The rest of it was light enough just to use pantiliners. It lasted 4 days. It is now 5/27 and I’m having light spotting, am bloated, and crampy. My husband and I have had sex since my period but I have been paying attention to my cervical fluid and I haven’t noticed any “fertile” signs. Would this be implantation?? I took a pregnancy test last week b/c it occurred to husband and that the “cycle” I had could have been implantation bleeding but the test was negative.

  • meeeeeee

    I had my period on May 25-31. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend the morning after. The next day I was fine. But for the past 3 days i’ve been spotting (brownish discharge). I’ve been feeling light headed. What can this mean??? Help!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Borbon

    So i had sex the next day after my period. And have been having sex. I had sex again on the 12th day after my period and while having sex my husband notice a little spotting could this mean am pregnant?

  • alexldr

    Is it possible to still get your period while being pregnant? I have a strong feeling that I am pregnant but i took the test 3 times and it came up negative and i got my period on the 11/6 I had sex on the 25/5. My ‘period’ only lasted 4 days and it was 1 and a half weeks late, the blood was a really bright red colour and on the last day it was a really brown-ish colour. Could it be implantation bleeding? I can’t get to a doctor for another few weeks so I don’t know what to think. I’ve also been getting cramps, headaches, dizzy and some people say I even have baby brain. My lower abdominal is quite hard. Help?!

  • alexldr

    Also the smell of fast food makes me feel really ill, and the past few days i’ve been really close to throwing up.

  • Mrs.Elliott

    I had my last period on May 14th, My husband and i had sex on May 26th (2 days before my expected ovulation date) I missed my period this month, the last day of my missed period was 2 days ago. I’m feeling nausea after eating, sore breasts, breathlessness, fatigue, and menstrual like cramping but not as bad as when I’m on my period. Is it too early to test?

  • Adriana

    I had my nexplanon removed the 4th of June and had unprotected sex since then.two days after I had it removed I had cramping 24/7 and then a little bit of spotting.could I be pregnant.

  • Countrygurl89

    I usually have pretty normal periods, except for the last couple months i’ve been having a period every 9 to 10 days lasting from 6-7 days. My last period was on 04/11/2014 and ended 04/17/2014 I had sex on 05/05/14 – 05/07/2014. I’m having some pregnancy symptoms. Could I be pregnant? Is it to early to take a pregnancy test. Help!!!!

  • Ginger1986

    My cycle started on 06/01/14 it ended 06/5/2014 I went out of town 06/13/14 my bf and I made it to our room about 12 ish we had sex but according to logics it was a new day according to my ovulation calander I was at my most fertile point well today is 06/26/14 and my I’m bleeding but it’s pink when my cycle comes on it’s usually heavy day 1-3 I have been monitoring it all day.. I am a pretty regular person so I’m not sure if it’s a regular period in between bleeding or implantation. Can someone please shed some light on this?

  • Ginger1986

    My cycle started on 06/01/14 it ended 06/5/2014 I went out of town 06/13/14 my bf and I made it to our room about 12 ish we had sex but according to logics it was a new day according to my ovulation calander I was at my most fertile point well today is 06/26/14 and my I’m bleeding but it’s pink when my cycle comes on it’s usually heavy day 1-3 I have been monitoring it all day.. I am a pretty regular person so I’m not sure if it’s a regular period in between bleeding or implantation. Can someone please shed some light on this?

  • Nichole

    Hell I have a question I am a 41year old the last time I was pregnant was 21 years ago today .that how old my older daugther is my youngest daughter is 18years old so all of this is new to me becoming pregnant again the fast time I got my monthly was supposed to be on may 7 2014 but didn’t get it till may 8 n it was only for one day so I be been late for my monthly now for 25 days late now :-)

  • Nichole

    Could I be pregnant.

  • navygirl26

    Hi , I just have a quick question for everyone . My cycle has ben confusing me lately so im just unsure . On 07/30 my bf came in me . (we have unprotected sex every time but last night he just didn’t pull out .) Now , what im wondering is , is it possible that I could still get pregnant from that even though my period is supposed to start in a couple/few days ? I have a period app that I log and track all my periods and sex and everything and that one says my period is 2 days late . My cycle was weird in May and I had my period then 5 days later had another . so since then its been all messed up . so I got a new app and just logged my most recent period and that one says my period is supposed to come in 4-5 days … im confused and I just want some opinions . please and thank you .

  • Princess Athena

    Hello Mam.
    I have a question. My period is kinda irregular but i think my period is next week. And i have sex on June 30 and i have a bleeding yesterday. and now there’s a lit bit blood again. what could that be.

  • Asma Black

    hello, i usually get my periods in first few days of a month. my last period was on 2nd june and i had unprotected sex on 25th of june, and today is 7 of july but im still not getting my periods. im also not noticing any symptoms of pregnancy. my question is, is there a possibility of me getting pregnant? are there still more days left to see the first symptom of pregnancy? or im totally okay and i should wait for my periods? because im fasting too, so is it a possiblity that its delaying because of fasting?
    and im only getting white discharge till now

  • Kels

    I had sex the 25 of June and then again the 2nd of July. I had an internal ultrasound done the 25 and was told I was ovulating. Today is July 12 and I am experiencing light pink spotting and some slight cramping. I took two test earlier this month but both came back negative. Could I be pregnant? If so what date would be the one I actually conceived on?

  • Vickie B.

    Based on what you are seeing, the light spotting could be implantation bleeding. If you wait 4 or 5 days and take a pregnancy test, you might be able to get accurate results on the pregnancy test.

  • Vickie B.

    Oh, and if you were ovulating on the 25th, then you would have conceived around that date.

  • Vickie B.

    You would not be pregnant from sex on the 25th. You usually ovulate about 14 days before your period is due and that is when you could get pregnant. Most likely, the delay in your period could be due to your fasting.

  • chrys4777

    I have a question. I got my period on June 11th I had unprotected sex on june 19th & 20th (which would be my ninth and tenth day) ten I had blood whwn I wiped on June 26th and there was blood then nothing on the 27th and then 28th blood again whwn I wiped. My period was due 4 days ago I took a tw xt 4 days ago and it was negative. Does anyone know what could be happening? Prwgnant or maybe just late? Thank you

  • mis3387

    I had my normal June period june 3. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for a while now but decided not to use the ovulation tests during the june cycle. June 30 comes around and I start my period (I have a normal 27 day cycle). After my period ends which was a good normal flow I started my ovulation tests but grabbed the pregnancy test on accident. The pregnancy test came back positive. I did probable 10 pregnancy tests after that all positive. I called the ob they did two blood tests and the hcg went from 547 on Thursday to 2000 something on monday. Tuesday I experienced some pink spotting so I called the dr and they had me come in for a so no. They found two sacs but no babies. They said the measurements were 5 weeks which matched my hcg level. I am so confused and worried. How could I have a period and how are my numbers going up but there are no fetuses on the ultrasound

  • veronica

    hi! m just 20..i have normal 28 days cycle with painful periods that time my periods date was 1/5 and i had unprotected sex with my boyfreind on 25/4 . my periods got delayed and i had them on 6/5. then after my periods got over i felt bloated stomach and after 21/5 i started feeling sick. i got headaches and fever and felt sleepy all the time but then there was infection in my eyes too. then in july i suffered from lose motions and again my periods delayed the next month i got periods on 12/6 and got periods for 3 days. i checked for pregnancy two times results were negative. For past 1 month my stomach is upset. also i was on diet for past 1 month. and i urinate frequently.
    now again my periods are delayed. m feeling familiar pain in my pelvic for last 4-5 days but there is just spotting but no periods. is this because of dieting or something else? also m having spotting and traces of brownish discharge but not normal periods. shall i wait for some more days or go to the doctor right away? please help

  • itzel

    I just had a baby 5 weeks ago via C-section, I had sex with my bf on July 5 (unprotected) and around July 9 I started to feel cramps and bloating and it’s lasted for about a week now. I also had leg cramps and lower back pain. Could I possible have gotten pregnant again or is it just another after effect of the c-section?
    P.S he didn’t ejaculate inside of me

  • Vickie B.

    I would think that the chances of you getting pregnant are pretty small. You should probably contact your doctor just to see if what you are experiencing is typical of how the body reacts after having a c-section though. It is probably nothing but having a doctor say that can relieve your mind.

  • Vickie B.

    Dieting and illness can cause a delay in your period so if the tests keep coming back negative, it would appear that other issues than pregnancy is causing your delay.

  • Vickie B.

    The only way to know for sure if you are in the process of having a miscarriage is to have them check your blood levels again (if you don’t start bleeding on your own). If the numbers are still going up, I would not give up hope. Though if they are going down, that would confirm the empty sacs. Another possibility is that they just did the ultrasound too early and another one in a week may show that the fetuses are visible. Good luck!

  • Vickie B.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to tell for sure. It could be either option.

  • Wannabpreggo

    Hi, this is my first time on this cite, or any cite. I am 40 with no children. I started my period on June 19, 2014 and then I started bleeding again on July 6, 2014, without having any cramps or anything. My bleeding wasn’t as heavy and it didn’t last the same amount of time as my regular period. It lasted I believe 3 days. My tampons felt very uncomfortable so I started using pads. Can anyone please help me to figure out what’s going on with me?

  • Vickie B.

    It sounds like you may have a hormonal imbalance going on. You may want to just wait and see if it happens again or your cycle shifts. If it does, you might want to contact your doctor about it.

  • Wannabpreggo

    I have been to the doctor. They said my anatomy is better than they thought it would be. Everything looks good. I’m just going to wait and see. Thank you

Last modified: June 1, 2014