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Can The Day Of Conception Determine A Baby’s Gender?

Believe it or not, the day of conception can indeed contribute to how a baby’s gender is determined. While it may sound like an old wives’ tale, there are very specific scientific reasons that this may be the case.

To understand how the day of conception can determine babies gender, it is necessary to know a little bit about what it is that determines gender. Much to the chagrin of Henry VIII, it is the sperm of the male partner that determines babies gender. Had this fact been known in centuries past, it is likely that history may have turned out very differently than it has!

Essentially, there are two different types of male sperm. There are the sperm that produce boys, and then there are, obviously, the sperm that will produce girls. The sperm that produce boys tend to swim faster than the sperm that produce girls, and they get to the egg faster. However, these sperm have a shorter lifespan than the sperm that produce girls. The sperm that produce girls swim slower, but they will often last several days longer than the sperm that produce boys.

To try to determine your babies gender, you can time the day of conception. If you are trying to get pregnant with a girl, you should have sex a few days prior to ovulation. Thus, the sperm that would produce a boy will die off before you ovulate, and will not have a chance to fertilize your egg. This will also give those sperm that would produce a girl the opportunity to get to your egg.

If you are trying for a boy, your day of conception needs to be different. To try to have a boy, you will want to have sex during the time that you are ovulating. Some people have even suggested that you put the day of conception off until the very end of ovulation, although this, obviously, creates a higher risk of not becoming pregnant at all.

Ultimately, the day of conception will not guarantee a babies gender, but it may be able to help.

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Last modified: February 10, 2013

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