How Does The Cervix Change At Ovulation?

Ovulation and Ovary

Just as each woman’s body is unique, so too are their individual signs of ovulation. The cervix is the passageway into your uterus, and you can feel it change throughout your cycle. Checking on these changes can help you determine where in your cycle you are. During different phases of your cycle, your cervix will behave differently. There are two main phases for the cervix – the infertile phase and the period where the cervix is approaching ovulation.

Most women have a menstrual cycle of 28 days, but it is also normal to have anything from 21 to 35 days. Some women have irregular menstrual cycles, which can greatly affect their chances of conceiving. There are those who have more than one menstrual period a month (shorter menstrual cycles) and those who have longer menstrual cycles with fewer menstrual periods a year. The cervix changes throughout the menstrual cycle.

You can check the position and texture of your cervix by inserting your clean, middle finger into your vagina up to at least your middle knuckle. Notice how it feels, and then continue checking your cervix throughout your cycle.

The Cervix during the Infertile Phase

During this period, the cervix seems to be elongated and off-center so it can rest against the vaginal wall. The cervix will feel firm, similar to the tip of your nose. Furthermore, the opening will feel dry. Finally, the cervix is easily reached at this time, as it lies low in a woman’s vagina.

The Cervix Close to Ovulation

Increasing estrogen levels force the cervix further up into the vagina the closer a woman is to ovulation. As a result, the cervix comes across as positioned more centrally in the vagina. It also appears shorter and straighter in addition to feeling softer. Rather than feeling like the tip of a nose, the cervix now feels like your lower lip. As ovulation approaches, the cervix begins to relax allowing the cervical opening to open up enough for a fingertip to penetrate.

Differences in Cervical Fluids

The role of your cervix is to create fertile cervical fluid during ovulation to help the sperm travel easily, as well as to block the entrance to the uterus when you are not fertile.

After menstruation, you will experience little or no discharge. Your first cervical discharge will appear moist or sticky, will be either white or cream colored, and will continue for a few more days. However, this is when your cervical mucus will be the thinnest, and clearest, and will be in copious amounts.

This thin cervical mucus will gradually increase until you hit your ‘cervical mucus peak’. When you are at your most fertile, your cervical mucus looks like ‘egg whites’ and is indicative that you are about to ovulate. This discharge will be slippery and colorless and indicates your best chance at conception.

The Cervix After Ovulation

Once ovulation is complete, the cervix will return to its infertile state – normally within 24 to 48 hours. Since each woman’s body is different, you have to remember that the normal cycle does not apply to everyone and if changes in the cervix are going to be used to aid in conception, it is important to calculate the ovulation phase as accurately as possible.

  • munekita

    Can I get pregnant even if I had my tubes tide 7yrs ago…I been feeling weird I took a pregnancy test but it came negative vein from my left breast hurts ..I been having pain by my belly button and sum pressure down their ..can I be pregnant????

  • Vickie B.

    It is rare but it can happen. You should go to your doctor to get a checkup to make sure you aren’t pregnant and find out what else could be causing these symptoms.

  • mary

    Can a person with elongated cervix and no other anatomical problem of uterus or tubes can conceive normally

  • Vickie B.

    I would think so, but you really need to ask your doctor about that.

  • blessed

    Me and my boyfriend are TTC and for the past 2weeks starting on the 15th of December i have been feeling different tender breast nausea really tired..put that could be from the insomnia i been having for a week..lower left abdominal pain i have been craving sweets and salty foods…but some articles that some craving can come from a poor diet..i been having vivid dreams…of doubles like twin boys..or twin older boys…just weird dreams..i took a pregnancy test on the 21&22..both BFN..i was sure i Ovulated on the 15th i had that egg white discharge. and i also had egg white discharge on the 23th i checked my cervix it was high and closed..i checked again for the past 2days ny.cervix is center soft and closed when i pull my finger out there’s a white discharge TMI sorry…my period doesn’t start till January 4th…but i been having cramp for 2weeks not hurting cramp Could i be pregnant

  • Vickie B.

    Well, if your period doesn’t start until the 4th, you most definitely tested too early. You should wait until about 4 days or less before your period before you take the pregnancy test to get more accurate results. How do you know that you ovulated on the 15th? The egg white mucus is more likely when you ovulated. You usually ovulate 14 days before your next period starts (around the 23rd).

  • blessed

    I figured I ovalated on the 15th is because I had that sticky clear mucus.And I also had that sticky clear mucus on the 23rd.And on the 24th I had that white discharge on my finger when I was checking my cervix.Thank you so much for texting me back..I guess now I just have to wait and see lol..ugh..Don’t have the patience but I guess I’m going to have to and if I am pregnant or if I’m not I’ll be sure to update and let you know :)

  • blessed

    Me and my boyfriend also BD on the 15,16,18,20,23,24..Thought I’d throw that in there lol…But my fingers are crossed and I’m hoping and praying that I am but if I’m not then I’ll keep trying :)

  • Vickie B.

    Well, it looks like you timed it perfectly if you ovulated on either the 15th or the 23rd! Good luck!

  • blessed

    I went to the bathroom today around 5pm and i had this brown discharge in my panties i have never had this the brown stuff usually come after my period..but my period isn’t until January 4th..can you please help me on this…it would be very help full

  • blessed

    Hi vickieB. …I was checking my cervix and when i put my finger in..there was blood very light pinkish so i waited mybe 3-4minutes i checked again and there was no blood at all just creamy discharge on my finger my cervix is high soft and closed…I’m a little worried because my period doesn’t start till January 4th…can you please tell me what this mybe

  • Vickie B.

    That could be implantation bleeding you are seeing there. I’d say take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant.

  • Vickie B.

    I can’t say what the issue is. It could be implantation bleeding. Take a pregnancy test.

  • Madison Cheyenne

    Hi I am 15 days away from my period and I checked my cervix and it is pretty low but wet and open. What could this mean ?

  • Madison Cheyenne

    Have you found out if you are pregnant?

  • Vickie B.

    That would indicate that you are around the time when you will ovulate. How long is your cycle typically. If it is 28 days long, you would probably ovulate at 14 days before your period arrives.

  • Katherine

    My cervix is swollen, is this normal during ovulation? Thank You.

  • Vickie B.

    A swollen cervix isn’t typically a sign of ovulation. It will change in hardness and position, but swelling isn’t usually part of the changes. You might want to get checked out by your doctor to make sure there isn’t something else going on.

  • Gwen

    Hey Vickie B. I’m two days away from my period and I checked my cervix. It is low, medium soft ness, and it’s open. My fluid is thick creamy and egg whites. I’m also have right and a little left pelvic pain. Do you think I may me pregnant?

  • Vickie B.

    Well your period is due today, did it come? If not, did you take a test?

  • Gwen

    I took a test and it was a BFN. My period came four days late. I started on the 26th. But it’s a light flow so I don’t know. Now since the 18th I been cramping. So I don’t know maybe it just came late due to stress or my worst fear early menopause.

  • Vickie B.

    If you are concerned about early menopause, your doctor can do blood tests that will let you know for sure. Stress will definitely cause problems for your cycle. Don’t worry too much about it. If you are prone to stressing, visit your doctor and get some concrete answers.

  • Gwen

    Just out of curiosity can implantation bleeding come after your period was due and can it have a few blood clots in it?? Just wondering!

  • Vickie B.

    Not typically but it really depends on if you have regular cycles.

  • Pinksytle

    Hi Vicky…I have a normal 30 day cycle with a regular period. Mid cycle I had spotting for few hours and then it stopped also had mild cramps. Now its one week prior my periods I have been feeling sick,,adnominal pains,,sore throat only at night actually I just feel like my periods due in 3 days! Recently I am experiencing a creamy white discharge in my vaginal walls…what could this mean???

  • Vickie B.

    The mid cycle spotting could have been ovulatory bleeding. If you had sex around that time, you might have gotten pregnant and the symptoms that you are currently having could be caused by that.

Last modified: January 23, 2015

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