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Ovulation Spotting

Some women who are trying to get pregnant are lucky, in some ways. They have a regular cycle of exactly 28 (or maybe 25, or maybe 30) days, and so they can easily enough predict when they’re ovulating. Other women never really know when they’re going to be fertile because their cycle is irregular, and […]

How Long Do I Ovulate?

The short answer to this question is that most women ovulate for one day, or about 30 hours, of their cycle. This is an average time, of course, and most women may be just a little bit longer or a little bit shorter, depending on how their body tends to work. Usually, however, it’s right […]

When You Have Ovulation Pain

While most women do not experience any sort of painful reaction during ovulation, it is not at all uncommon either.  In fact, there is even a special term that refers to pain during ovulation that occurs in the lower abdomen and pelvis.  This is referred to as Mittelschmerz.  Pain during ovulation may appear almost without […]