Believe it or not, but Robitussin could not only treat your cold but it could also help you conceive! An ingredient called, guaifenesin, helps thin and loosen cervical mucus in women to create a better environment for sperm. You don’t have to use the brand Robitussin, either, but any expectorant that has guaifenesin, Mucinex is an example, as the active ingredient may be used. Make sure there are no other active ingredients, however, because they could make conceiving more difficult.

If you are interested in trying Robitussin to help you conceive then the recommended dosage is 200 mg or two teaspoons. This should be taken three times per day orally and is just enough to improve your cervical mucus. If you feel your mucus does not appear to be loosening up or thinning out then you may want to take the maximum dosage as recommended on the bottle. It is recommended that you drink a lot of water, too, to increase the amount of mucus produced. You should also take a glass of water with each dose of Robitussin.

Women taking Clomid should know that this particular drug can cause hostile mucus in a large percentage of women that will make conception difficult. Women who are taking a high dose of Clomid will be able to counter the negative effects to cervical mucus by taking Robitussin.

Generally, it is recommended to take Robittussin for the five days before you ovulate as well as the day of ovulation. That means you will take Robitussin for six days during your cycle and this will create the best possible environment for sperm to make it to the egg. Those who take Clomid should wait until after they have taken their last Clomid pill and then start the Robittussin. Women should always consult with their doctor before taking any drugs, however.