Can I get Pregnant with Endometriosis?

Women with endometriosis are frequently concerned over how their condition will affect their chances of conception. Many studies have been conducted and it is known that women with endometriosis will experience more difficulty beckoning pregnant than a woman without the condition. In fact, up to 20% of women will not become pregnant due to the endometriosis according to studies. The vast majority of women with endometriosis will be able to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. However, there are women who simply will be unable to.

Women with endometriosis generally experience a higher miscarriage rate than women without the condition. However, surgery may be performed to help these women remove the excess tissues and help women become pregnant.

Those who have endometriosis who are interested in getting pregnant should continue to try. There are some ovulation drugs that can help including Clomid and others, but this is on advice from your doctor. When other factors are not present like male factors, irregular ovulation, or cervical factors

Some women have undergone surgery to reconstruct their female anatomy. As a result, these women have a higher chance of becoming pregnant.

It’s important to keep in mind that each woman is different and every case of endometriosis is not the same. Some people may experience significant pain with their endometriosis and have significant problems becoming pregnant while other women may have mild endometriosis and little to no problem becoming pregnant. Because of this it is recommended that each women see a gynecologist and determine the extent of the problem. In some cases, women with endometriosis are not able to become pregnant due to other factors, such as a male factor, that has nothing to do with their endometriosis. With a doctor’s care, knowing what course to follow is much easier.

  • I have a friend who suffers from endometriosis. She had an operation 3 years ago and she can’t get pregnant. She is going to adopt but still trying.

  • Cheryl

    its crazy i was told i have this and now i read i could be one of the 20% of woman who dont get pregnant im 30 yrs old and thats all i want is my own child not someone elses

    • Lauren

      Cheryl you don’t deserve your own child!!!! I was Adopted or according to you ” someone else’s child “. And I was given a beautiful life! I’m Glad God gave you this condition!!!

      • Brooke

        That’s a bit harsh Lauren… U need to realise other people have different aspects on things….

        • Brooke

          I hope ur “god” punishes u for ur comment

    • Kira

      Any news on your condition? I noticed this post is 3 years old. Any success in pregnancy?

  • Kira

    …Lauren… wow. And we can all see why Cheryl should have her own child. Because its apparent that your were raised by heartless assholes.

Last modified: February 10, 2013