Why is There a Brownish Tinge to My Cervical Mucus?

Cervical Mucus: What is It?

Cervical mucus is one of many types of vaginal discharges and like the rest, it serves a very important purpose in your body. The primary roles played by cervical mucus are with regard to conception and pregnancy, especially when it comes to allowing for fertilization after intercourse. It is also important to note that hormonal fluctuations can change the composition of cervical mucus throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle as well.

Additionally, cervical mucus serves as an indicator of your reproductive health while also providing you with information about your fertility. If you ever want to check your cervical mucus for this purpose, you can do so with your fingers or even with toilet paper if you prefer.

Throughout the majority of your cycle, your cervical mucus serves an invaluable role by forming a thick plug that stops sperm from entering your uterus. Before ovulation occurs, the volume of your mucus will increase while also thinning out and becoming stretchy. This happens as a result of increased levels of estrogen in your body that occurs in conjunction with ovulation.

Why is There a Brownish Tinge to My Cervical Mucus?

While most women assume that there is a problem with their body if their cervical mucus is brown, this generally isn’t the case. In fact, there are many reasons why you might have a brownish tinge to your cervical mucus, so there is no reason to panic.

The most common reason why you will experience a brownish tinge to your cervical mucus is because your body is releasing old blood that might still be remaining from your last period. Additionally, a brown tinge is often present during ovulation, if you have experienced a ruptured follicle, or due to trauma to the cervix. Of course, this doesn’t always mean trauma, since trauma can be something as simple as sexual intercourse or possibly an infection.

Less frequently, you will experience a brownish tinge as a result of implantation, meaning that you are pregnant. Following ovulation, a mature ovum is released and can be fertilized if there is a healthy sperm present at the time of its release. If this occurs, you are likely to get pregnant and when an ovum implants itself into the uterine lining, blood is often released. While this isn’t a large amount of blood, it is often enough to make your cervical mucus brown. Often, most women won’t even notice if they have a brownish tinge to their mucus. If you don’t regularly conduct cervical mucus checks, you aren’t likely to take notice of this change either.

As you can see, there are two main things that a brownish tinge can mean when it comes to your cervical mucus. Most frequently, it is an indication of either ovulation or implantation. It is always beneficial if you take the time to monitor changes in your cervical mucus over time, especially because it can tell you so much about your reproductive health and what is occurring in your body. Of course, it can also serve as a tool in helping to predict ovulation and plan pregnancies when you’re also monitoring your basal body temperature.

  • melly93

    Brown cervical mucus and stretchy almost a week after period. Intercourse before,during and after period then this kind of mucus.What can it be?Confused.

    • Tanya

      I’m having the same thing. A little brown blood with with a little brown mucus. Could I finally be pregnant after 13 years of trying!?!?!?!

  • cassidy Crawford

    I went to the bath room this morning urinating. The flow of my urine is slow if im on my period so looked in the toilet just as i look,cm had fell the toilet tinged with brown blood. Its a day before my period. And i fall asleep everday at 12pm just so uncontrollable tired.

    • It sounds like your period could be on it’s way. If it doesn’t come, you should definitely take a pregnancy test.

      • cassidy Crawford

        I came on

        • If you continue to be unbearably tired, you might want to get your doctor to do some blood work to see if your iron levels are low.

  • Valerie :)

    Hello there can someone help me I thought I had my period on the 15-19th it was very light I was supposedly ovulating on the 30th I had sex on the 25’27’28 now yesterday I started spotting brownish and today its brownish with clear discharge what could that be ? Fyi its the first time I see spotting since 2 months ago when I was only depo

    • Based on the timing, that could just be ovulatory bleeding. When the egg is released, sometimes a bit of blood is as well.

      • Valerie :)

        So whats the possiblity of being pregnant? Sorry for my questions Im just curious

        • If you did ovulate on the 30th, pregnancy is a possibility as healthy sperm can survive up to 5 days after ejaculation.

  • Brandi

    Hey ladies, I’m a bit scared. I was on the depo shot for the first time. I bled every day for 3 months. I never get back on it. A month after being off the depo I got on the bc pills. I took all but 3 pills at the end. It’s been a month now with out any bc. Lately I have been spotting very light. Then I go pee and there is a little blood when I wipe. For 1 day I used one tampon. Hardly any blood at all. But when I pulled it out it had a deep darker brown color. I have cramps here and there. Thinking maybe I was pregnant. I been taking test. Negatives. Then today I went pee and it was a slow flow. Then I look down and there hanging a long stretchy goo which was as long as my hand. Had a blood tinge to it. I pee. A lot and I’m always falling a sleep real early. I have gained weight. I have no insurance. What can this be I need help.

    • Sorry, but unfortunately, I am not a medical person and have no idea what is going on with your body. If you think you are pregnant, you should take care of yourself as if you are pregnant. Maybe you could go to a planned parenthood to get care since you do not have insurance?

  • nishu

    Hii I had miscarriage on 18 march after that each month I had 5 days brown discharge before periods. Anyone experienced this??

    • This sounds like something you should talk to your doctor about.

  • layla

    hi i am having yellowish clear stringy discharge with a brown tinge to it i have not yet stater periods and im 14 years old i had this brown tinge a month ago around the same time. im worried what is this?

    • It sounds like your body is trying to get ready for when your period starts fully especially if it happens around the same time of the month. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

  • Melimoo94

    hi new to these kind of conversations, I’m 20 years old me and my partner have been trying for a baby recently, last week I was on antibiotics and haven’t taken my cerezette mini pill for about a month I was due on my period yesterday but no sign not even today, I’m normally very accurate and on time iv had no pains or anything I normally get before I’m due on, but today when I wiped around 4pm it was like a light brown goey discharge with no smell, what could this be please? along with this iv been highly ‘leightweighted’ when it’s come to drinking an alcoholic beverage, tender boobs, craving for sweet stuff, overly tired, waking up in mornings feeling sick. Please help

    • If you haven’t taken your birth control, it could be that your system is trying to get back to hormonal balance. The discharge you were having could be the beginning of your period starting.

  • Sarah

    I had light, brown spotting intermittently on April 24. The timing was a little early for ovulation bleeding based on my cycle, but only by a couple of days. In the past, I’ve noticed a bit of pink blood when I’ve ovulated. Do you think the fact that it was brown this cycle could mean that I ovulated on the 23rd or perhaps sometime overnight? In other words, is it likely that the blood in my CM was 12–24 hours old by the time I noticed it?

  • Denise05

    I’m having brownish tint to mine. I’m 27 and I have never had this before. Could it still be ovulation if it’s never happened before, or should I go buy an pregnancy test?

    • It could be but if you have had sex recently, it could be because of cervical irritation. Usually it is nothing to worry about but if you are concerned, you can contact your doctor.

    • ujju

      today i too gave same after 15 days of menses 🙁

  • Amanda

    Hello! I got off BC about 3 months ago (April). This month (June) I was fertile/ovulating from the 18th-22nd. We had sex on the 18th, again on the 20th and every day after that. Last week (8 days after) I started to get horrible lower back and abdominal cramps (almost identical to menstrual cramps) that haven’t gone away, and I’ve been very tired. 2 days ago I noticed that I had thick white VM and today it had a slight brown tinge to it. I’m supposed to get AF in 5 days…. I’m trying not to work myself up and get excited because I’m not nauseous and my boobs arent sore… Is my body still adjusting off of the BC or could I possibly be preggers?

  • cloud10166

    Hi.. Me and my girlfriend had sex every week. Then suddenly, her period was shorter than expected.. Abouy 20 or 21 days after the beginning of her last period.. Then after a week, we made love again but with clothes, so i noticed in the edge of my shirt that there are stains that probably came from her vagina… I don’t know what is the meaning of this.. We do withdrawal method and i’m lil’ sure that we made it safely…

  • Holly

    I just stopped taking my BS tablets about a week ago and now there is a light brown discharge? ,e and my boyfriend did have sex during the time I was taking the tablets is this normal or am I pregnant?

    • Holly

      I mean my BV tablets

  • Lilian Martinez (Chibi-Chan)

    I got my period last week and now I have gooey beige colored discharge instead of my normal white/ clear discharge for ovulation. This is the first time it has happened to me. Earlier this morning it looked like I was spotting, which made me think my cycle changed and I was getting another period but nothing happened yet.

  • Lindsay

    Hi there,

    We have been trying to conceive for the last 18 months and unfortunately aren’t having any success. We are I going tests but the most apparent reason seems to be my non-existent hormones which at the moment is rendering me infertile.

    The doctors gave me a 15 day course of progesterone to kick start my period as I hadn’t had a period for 136 days. Usually this would not be a problem but under the current situation it worried me. I have since had two ‘normal’ cycles. However this time seems a little different. I have just had a short period which ended after two days, I now have a brown vaginal mucus/discharge but instead of the usual egg yolks consistency it’s lumpy and brown. I’m not in pain but slightly worried. Any advice would be grateful.

    • It almost sounds like old blood that you are seeing. As your hormones seem to be out of whack it could be your body returning to your hormonal imbalance after the progesterone is out of your system. You might want to discuss this with your doctor to see what they say about your “symptoms”.

  • Ashley Hoffman

    I am 3 days from ovulation and for the last three days I have had brown cervical mucus/brown blood only when I wipe. Last night some flew off the toilet paper to the floor it was so much(sorry tmi). But anyways I have had little cramping and other then that acne and just got over having a one day stomach flu, followed by a cold. Just for 5.5 years ttc #2 I haven’t ever seen this so is this a good indication of ovulation. I took an ovulation test yesterday and it was negative, so not sure what to think of this.

  • Amy

    Hello I’m a 20 year old women with two kids I just got off the depo last month Jan 23rd. An I noticed that day I had white discharge. And its happened up till two days ago. I now have cervical mucus mixed with brownish pink. In it. I got mild cramping and been more tired lately my BBs are very sore the cm increased 3days ago. Could this be Implantation or my period coming back. My last baby was born two years ago an I never experienced implantation with her I took a test and it showed faint positive. But not sure if it would be this faint yet? Im around 11DPO if I did Ovulate on the 23rd although my periods are irregular can someone help me please. Thanks.

  • Chanel

    Hello, I had a period March 14 but had sex on March 28 condom broke and I took plan b 2 hours after. I then got my period April 6 and for about 3 days now ive had little blood on the mucus and now its yellowish brownish? Could I be pregnant?

  • Sami Jane

    Hi there. Im 24, i havent had a period in coming up to 4 years (gyno is aware of this, but cant figure out why!). Im not on birth control, havent been. For 2.5 years.
    My partner is infertile, so im not worried im pregnant. Before the last 4 years my period was SUPER irregular (7 months of harsh/blood-clot ridden bleeding, all the way to nothing for 3 months). Was on the pill to level it out, and still didnt bleed when i was supposed to.
    Now for some reason im getting a white-brown discharge. My CV is usually white, like watered down craft glue. Now its clearly got a brown tint to it. I recently had a vaginal allergic reaction to a lubricant that my partner thought would be fun. But im healed from that.

    Any ideas of WTH is happening to my body would be greatly appreciated.

  • Alice Walker

    (Warning: May contain TMI.) Almost three weeks ago I had Bacterial Vaginosis. I went to the doctor for antibiotics (5 day dose) and it cleared right up. About a week prior I noticed cramping (thinking it could be because of the problem), I ignored it. Even after finishing the antibiotics (causes cramps) I’m still having dull cramps. I should get my period around the 25th of this month. (I am on birth control). Besides the cramping I’ve had a couple symptoms of pregnancy such as fatigue, mood swings, and a tan, stringy colored discharge. The first two could just be stress or me being paranoid; but does anyone have an answer? I would appreciate some advice! Thank you in advance.

  • laura

    Hi guys.
    I was 10 days it arrived on the 11th day the tests were negative as I tested when 5 days late. It was a rather light flow for being that late, there was no darkness or clots, and was a constant on and off bleed from the 29th to the 31st aug/1st sept.
    I had sex 2/3 days after I finished the bleed, the next day I had a very light tint to my cm. It only happened twice although at one point I did notice a red dot within the mucous (sorry tmi) the day after that I had what felt like period cramps at 3am then in the afternoon. I have done another test and that was negative also. What is going on has anyone else gone through this?

Last modified: March 7, 2014