Can Blood Tests For Pregnancy Be Wrong?

As a general rule, blood tests for pregnancy are more reliable than urine or home pregnancy tests. But they can be wrong. That means, they can show false negative or false positive results in some women. To understand why this can happen, let us understand what blood pregnancy tests are, how they work and what do their results mean.

Blood Pregnancy Tests

A pregnancy blood test or a pregnancy serum test is a test that measures the exact amount of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), in the bloodstream.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone that is produced by the placenta of a pregnant woman. It is detectable in the blood and urine within 10 days of fertilization. There are two types of blood pregnancy tests, namely, quantitative blood test which measures the exact amount of hCG in the blood and qualitative hCG blood test which gives a simple yes or no answer to whether you are pregnant or not.

Blood tests can detect a pregnancy earlier than a home pregnancy test (about 7-12 days from possible conception) and can also measure the concentration of hCG hormone in your blood (this is useful information for your healthcare provider in tracking certain problems in pregnancy). If you suspect any symptoms of pregnancy like delayed menstrual period, breast tenderness, pelvic pain, irregular spotting or vomiting. You must get a pregnancy blood test done to confirm or rule out pregnancy.

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What do the pregnancy blood test results mean?

A healthy pregnancy is expected to show a normal pattern of HCG levels over time. In a pregnant woman the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) increases throughout the first trimester, then gradually decreases over time. In the first trimester, a woman may have this test done repeatedly to see if the level rises normally. If it doesn’t, the pregnancy is often considered in trouble. After childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion, the level should quickly decrease to zero.

Wrong results with blood pregnancy tests

The test may fail to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) even when a woman is pregnant if the test is done too early. It takes at least 7 days after fertilization for the test to become positive. In most cases, by the time a woman has missed her period, the test will be positive if she is pregnant.

Greater than normal levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) may indicate:

  • a tumor of the placenta with death of the fetus
  • multiple pregnancy, such as twins or triplets
  • ovarian cancer and other types of cancer in some cases
  • a normal pregnancy
  • blood or protein in the urine, which can interfere with the result
  • use of medications to prevent seizures, drugs to treat Parkinson’s syndrome, or phenothiazine drugs, such as chlorpromazine, by the mother

Lower-than-normal human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels may indicate:

  • ectopic pregnancy
  • a miscarriage, or abortion.

How reliable are blood pregnancy tests?

Home pregnancy tests are around 97% accurate when done correctly. However, a blood test is more accurate, but not necessarily more sensitive. The results depend a lot on the lab, methodology and technique of the blood test performed.

A quantitative blood test, usually called a beta human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) test, measures the exact units of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the blood. That means it will detect even the most minimal level. There is another type of blood test sometimes called a qualitative human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) test. This is a test that simply gives a yes or no answer to whether you are pregnant.

Just like home pregnancy tests, labs vary in what is considered a positive pregnancy test. Common cutoffs for positive blood tests for pregnancy are 5, 10, and 25 units. A level under 5 is considered negative. A blood test that is only triggered at 25 units of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is not any more sensitive than several of the home pregnancy tests.

  • Taenika

    A few months back I had this happen to me. I have VERY irregular periods due to having the implanon removed and my partner wanted me to take a home pregnancy test, so I did and it came back positive so did the other two that I look. I went to the doctors a few days later and they gave me a urine test which was positive then ordered a blood test. I had the blood test that day and a few days later I got a phone call saying that the result was negative. I still have not had a period since. Does anyone know what might have been the cause of this?

    • earthsmagic

      What did your doctor say about this? In our experience, what you described can happen when you have an early miscarriage.

      • brenda katty channel

        please can you tel me what is happening with my condition .

        • kkiernan

          My lamp was April 3 2014 I had my Korean removed may 16.. on May 31 I got 2 positive results with home pregnancy tests. I ended up in the er on May 10 because of a sharp pain I was having in my ovary. Long story short doc tells me my blood work was negative for pregnancy. I have taken 2 more hpt with negative results. I have when my last actual period was or when I could have been ovulating. I’m basically going by when my iud was removed. I have 4 children and was hoping for a 5 th. Any feedback……oh and still no period.

  • Brenda Katty Channel

    Can anyone explain to me what is going on with my situation at the moment cos am an irregular period patient .But since febuary the 22 d last date of my period .I had a two blood test positive and I had an home test urine tested Negative and since then up to this moment have not seeing my period yet .And i don’t know if am pregnant or not cos have being having pain under my belly and breast tenderness has well .

    • earthsmagic

      So, two blood tests have shown a positive? If that is the case, it would appear that you are pregnant. What did the doctor say?

  • missens

    I went in for IUD counseling they took blood to test for std. Days later I called the 800 number they provide and had 2 messages. The first was a negative on std’s. The 2nd message was for pregnancy results which seemed odd because i asked them if they were testing for pregnancy at the office they said no. So the message said i was positive for pregnancy. I took 2 home tests which said negative, and got an ultrasound she couldnt find anything. Now im on my period. I dont know what to think, i guess its possible they gave me someone else’s results. Thoughts?????

    • As the Dr. checked with an ultrasound, I would guess that the lab made an error. Unfortunately, that happens more often than they would want people to know.

  • kai

    I had a missed miscarriage last may, it turns out that the doc did not do d Nd c properly and I had to get it done again, after 3 months I starred trying for a baby n cud not succeed, now I tested this month four days before my period n got faint lines for 4 results a little darker then other in 2 days respectively then I went for blood test n it came positive. Today is my period date and I went for u/s doc says its too early and can’t see anything yet I have little cramping plz help

    • If you took pregnancy tests and they came back positive and you had a blood test come back positive, then you are pregnant. You typically can not see the fetus until you are 5 weeks pregnant. If you were supposed to start today, you will have to wait 3 more weeks before something could be seen.

  • KC

    Ok so my period is late I have been having cramps for the last 4 days and still nothing. I expected it on Friday I went to the doctor and got a blood test recieved results today and it was negative. Can a blood test be wrong this late in my cycle?

  • Leah

    My cycle is like clock work. I run on a 25 day cycle, and have for 10 plus years. I started to notice symptoms such as nausea, frequent urination, a feeling of pressure in my lower abdomen, and my cervix is hard as a rock. I was due to start my cycle this past Friday, I took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive, although the second line was much lighter. On sat I had some very light spotting although I continued to have positive home test until monday. On Monday the home prego test showed negative. My Dr apt was on Tuesday morning. The Dr ordered a urine and blood test. Both came back negative. I’m not sure if it was a beta or qualitative blood test. I still haven’t started my cycle, and still have the symptoms. I am concerned because I take anti seizure medications that lower the folic acid levels, I took the meds up until Friday, and haven’t been on pre-natal. Do you have any input that may be helpful for me?

  • Elle

    My period is now 2 1/2 weeks late (usually a very reliable 28 day cycle). I took many hpt and had a few faint positives at first and a few negatives. I opted for a blood test yesterday and it came back negative. I have sore breasts, slight cramping, very fatigued (I just ran a half marathon at the end of April and now can barely get through 5-6 miles without breaks). I eat very healthy and exercise daily. I typically drink a glass of wine or two a day, but can’t even stomach the thought of alcohol. I am confused and frustrated. If I am not pregnant, I think something is wrong with me. Or, I’m concerned about an ectopic pregnancy. Any suggestions?

    • Could it be that you had a early miscarriage and your body is just trying to get back to normal? If you are really worried, it would be best to talk with your doctor to see if they feel something is amiss.

      • Elle

        Is it possible to have a miscarriage without any bleeding?

  • gen

    I have to have blood test done out of five preg. only two ever showed up on a dip stick and one did not even show up on blood test yet they are all born healthy.

  • blueskydarkness

    My first blood test was almost a 6 last week 5 days later almost a 11 3 days later a 0.50 how do I know what to believe??

    • Unfortunately it sounds like you may have had a very early miscarriage. Your doctor would be the best person to discuss these numbers with.

  • tay

    I have gained roughly 25 pounds in a month only in my stomach and boobs, have several other pregnancy symptoms, and even felt this weird faint vibrating thing under my belly button last night that my bf could feel when I put his hand there. My belly is even rounded and hard. I have taken about 6 hpts and they’re all negative. I went to my regular physician and got a blood test which also came out negative. I don’t think its a hysterical pregnancy, as I’m perfectly willing to accept that I’m not pregnant if I’m not. But I even get little beads of clear fluid coming out of my nipples of I squeeze them some. What the hell ya know? Any thoughts?

    • You really need to lay all these symptoms out for your doctor. An ultrasound would tell for sure if you are pregnant.

  • Daljit

    My lmp was April 8th and I got my first bfp on May 11th and had a beta done on May 17th. That came back at a 2! I kept getting a positive at home on the first response early results even till today. Had another beta done on Wednesday and that came back at 3. I am so confused what is going on? If my level was at a 2/3 hpt should not pick up that low level! I have irregular cycles and few symptoms like nausea and frequent urination couple weeks ago but nothing now. Help!!

    • Unfortunately, it sounds like an early miscarriage. 🙁 You would be surprised at how early the pregnancy tests on the market today can pick up. They are usually quite a bit more sensitive than the companies will advertise. If you have continued to have positive pregnancy tests, I would talk with your doctor.

  • tlc817

    hey i have took two pregnancy test that both came back positive. I called the doctor to make an appointment which was on Friday. today I woke up and I had slight bleeding which when I wiped it was gone. I called the doctor and she examined me and said that there was no bleeding but told me to get lab work to check my Hcg levels. I think I am having abdominal pain in my lower stomach but I don’t know if its a mind thing because I am so scared about miscarriage. please help me so I wont freak myself out

    • Many women have bleeding in early pregnancy. As long as it isn’t prolonged, it really isn’t anything to worry about, especially if the doctor checked it out and didn’t see any fresh blood.

  • CC

    I had my last period on the 1st may and my doctor has said I’m 6 weeks pregnant from this date. However my blood test results have come back that I’m 2-3 months pregnant? Can they get this wrong with bloods?

    • The blood test would show the quantity of hcg in your blood. There could be a couple of possible scenarios. 1) Some women do bleed around the period time while pregnant. It isn’t typical, but it does happen. So you could have had this happen.

      2) You have a twin pregnancy (which would result in a higher hcg level) which won’t be picked up until you have an ultrasound.

      Good Luck and congratulations!

  • shannon

    I had a miscarriage last month on may 12th I took two hpt that came up negative but I went to the dr and had a positive blood test. Could the positive be because of my miscarriage last month?

    • It can take a while for the hcg to drop to zero. Did your doctor say what the level was? The only way to really figure out is to compare the results of this blood test with another blood test in the near future.

  • Beryl

    Good morning,
    I have all the indications that I’m pregnant but it is a bit difficult to believe. I even had milking. I had a blood test both for beta and prolactin test 4 days ago. Beta is 2,0 (negative) but the prolactin is 37. This morning I did a home pregnancy test which was clearly positive. I will definitely get a new blood test but I have a slight vaginal infection as well as a great desire to further investigate my high prolactin levels. For both cases I need treatments or test that will harm the pregnancy. So in the case of a second negative blood test, should I ignore the results of the recent urine test?? Or can it be that only the urine test was able to detect a real pregnancy?? my doctor is being difficult and insists I should avoid the pregnancy if the new blood test is negative .I’m just worried to harm it if it is there. Thank you so much!

    • Beryl

      By the way my period is 10 days late which is a first for me in 14 years

      • Unfortunately, in your case, I really can’t suggest anything as this needs to be something you and your doctor work out for your best interest. Are the tests you need really something that has to be done right now. Can they wait for a week or two? If you keep getting positive pregnancy tests, you need to ask your doctor to explain why that might be happening if you are not pregnant, as the blood tests suggest.

        • Beryl

          Thank you so much for your advice and support. We had two more blood test and 8 days later the blood test got 427 (day 1 hcg 2 , day 5 hcg 91 and day 8 hcg 427). Although it’s still a bit low, it shows that perhaps there was a little someone afterall 🙂 now I will repeat the blood test a week later to see how it goes and of course we need the ultrasound as well.. Thank you once again and I wish all mothers good luck with their hcg journey. Wish us luck !

    • Vance


      Just from personal experience there is such thing as a false positive. It is called a chemical pregnancy. Your body basically produces the hormones but you aren’t actually pregnant. I had about 7 positive tests once, went to the OBGYN to find out that I wasn’t pregnant at all. It isn’t extremely common but it happens.

  • Sarah

    Last week I had a blood test done to see if I was pregnant, it was a stick yes or no only blood test taken no measuring my hcg levels. it came back that I was indeed pregnant. Now, today I went to the doctor to see where to go from here. They drew more blood to test my hcg levels but called me this afternoon saying they tested my blood from last week and it was negative and did not test any of my blood today to see if I was or not. My question is, would the test results be accurate today considering they were running my blood from last week? I’ve never given birth before but I’ve been having a few signs of pregnancy the major one being that I constantly have to urinate as usually I rarely do. I was not expecting this so all I know is that my period was during the last week of last month. But the kicker is my period began this previous Friday and I worked all weekend and it seemed like I had a pretty regular period usually mine last for roughly 7 days, today I had off which would be day for and I am no longer bleeding. Is it possible I could still be pregnant?

    • Unfortunately, based on what the doctor’s office did, I don’t know what to think. Maybe you had an early miscarriage and your system is just trying to get back into balance hormonally which would may have accounted for the 4 day period. Have you taken a home pregnancy test? It would be interested to see what would show up there.


    All looking for feedback in regards to the subjects discussed on this forum. My wife has been 12 days late, still no period and today she went for a blood test. The blood test results were negative and she is very sad. My wife has never been this late and we want to know the facts if she could still be preggers. Can any shed any lite on this situation or stories to keep our spirits up.Guest

    • joel

      im 5days late and my blood results were neg. 🙁

    • Until her period arrives the potential for pregnancy is there. I see stories frequently enough to know that both home pregnancy tests and blood tests occasionally do not pick up a pregnancy even though the woman is pregnant. If her period doesn’t arrive and the tests keep showing up negative, further investigation by her doctor will be in order.

  • Bb

    Hi, about a week ago I started feeling sick and just not myself, I was waking up hungry although having good meals, tired, crying over anything, sore muscles, head aches and light bleeding… Not fresh… For the past week and 1 day still bleeding but still brown and a little clotting.. No period pain either.. Had blood test came back negative… Period was due in two days, what’s your thoughts should I re test?

    • The potential for pregnancy is always there until your period arrives so I’d wait a day and test with a home pregnancy test.

  • Vance

    I have a question, hopefully someone can answer it. About two months ago I started getting signs of being pregnant. Vertigo, dizziness, food aversions, sore breasts, nausea, headaches, basically the works. My period was about 10 days late, I did get it but it only lasted about 3 days and was not heavy as it usually is. I felt pregnant at the end of April by the way, late period was on the 27th of May. Around the 18th of June I went in to my doctor telling her I feel pregnant, but every at home test is negative (I went threw about 30 of them lol). She did blood work ( I am not sure if it was qualitative or quantitative) called me back and said it was negative. The symptoms still have been occurring. Today I took a test and low and behold it was positive. While I am quite excited and so is my husband, we are both worried. If I in fact have been pregnant as long as I feel I have then something may be wrong with the pregnancy such as ectopic. Many times a tubal will take longer to register because the hormones do not reproduce as quickly as they should. I also have had a presacral neurectomy. That is when they sever the nerve bundle attached to the uterus, women with bad menses from endometriosis have that done sometimes. Basically you lose any sensation of pain associated with cramps, labor, etc. So if it is a tubal, I wouldn’t feel pain from it because of this procedure I had done a while ago. It is Saturday so I obviously can’t get into the doctor, I just wanted to see if anyone has any input on the situation or have ever had a similar experience? I tend to have very high anxiety so I am rather nervous and worried right now and will continue to chew my nails off until I get to the doctor. As I said, any advice, personal experiences, or opinions would be very welcomed. Thank you.

    • Cara

      Hi. I have endometriosis and experienced an ectopic tubal pregnancy one year ago. Have you been back to the doctor yet? I suggest you get an ultrasound done right away to make sure your fallipian tubes are patent.

  • Vane

    I been trying to get pregnant for 5 years now and I missed my period for the first time.. Im always on time I was suppose to get my period June 20 and it’s July 2nd took like 5 urine test with negative results do I went to the doctors to take a blood test and had a negative result too.. I’m very confuse cause this never happen to me before please help

    • Carrie

      Hi my name is carigan and im in that same boat I have every symptom of pregnancy but everything is negative and I even feel flutters in my stomach from time to time so im not understanding!!! Help??!!

      • mary

        Carrie im having the same issue as you are.. im so confused… did you ever get an answer
        Thks … mary

        • Louis

          Hey guys, there is a condition called pseudocyesis that may explain what is happening. Sometimes all of the symptoms of pregnancy occur without an actual pregnancy. Hang in there, and trust that God has a plan for you.

  • austin

    Here I have a good one for you. My husband has been deployed for 4 months now. In jan before he left thought I was pregnant took a test it was neg. A month ago still having pregnancy sytoms I had a blood test and it come out neg. I feel kicking and movement. I have a baby I know what kicking feels like. But for the past two months I feel movemwnt and now kicks. And yet still negitives blood test so…yeah idk what to think? Is it possible to go your whole pregnancy with false test?

    • Unfortunately, there is no way to know for certain unless you get an ultrasound and actually see a fetus. If you do get confirmation some how (blood test, urine hpt, or an ultrasound) be sure to come back and let us know.

    • Sharon K

      So I’m curious, did you wind up being pregnant/having a baby?

  • Amanda

    I had my last period first week of feb and I have not had one since I have taken several home tests and two blood tests a month part only had 1 positive with the home test doctor does not know what is wrong I feel weird popcorn like feelings in my stomach all the time I keep telling myself its gas but I know the difference and the last 2 months my breasts have been severely sore I thought it was because I was gonna start my period but idk now. Doc said he wants to do tests but I have to wait till I’m 6 months late for any serious tests idk what could be going on I’ve gained about 30 lbs since feb but the doc still says I’m not pregnant. I have had to pee a lot more and I feel like my bladder gets fuller faster I seriously think I might be pregnant but with all the negatives I’m doubtful can someone please help me !!!

  • Jenn Joy

    I just got married in June and we both want kids, I have been feeling pregnant and have about 90% of the pregnancy symptoms. I have taken 4 hpts and all have come back negative. I get so emotional at thedrop of a hat lately and I’m not an emotional girl. I have pain in my lower abdomen that is on and off sometimes its just a twinge sometimes it lasts for hours. I went to the doctor and she wouldn’t listen she said it was dysmetabolic syndrome and did a blood test the same day for pregnancy. I’m concerned that it may come back negative too, but that I am actually pregnant. Does that ever happen?

    • Sometimes it does, but it isn’t very common. If the symptoms you are having are also symptoms you would see in the syndrome, it would more likely be the cause. Are you late for your period yet?

      • Jenn Joy

        I am late as of Friday and I’ve been pretty regular every other month four five years. Im just a little concerned cause she wants me to take provera and you’re not suppose to if you’re pregnant because it can injure the baby

        • The average cycle is every 28 days. I would trust what your doctor says in regards to this. But I would really discuss all your concerns, in depth, with your doctor before you start taking provera. If you feel that your doctor is disregarding your concerns, changing to a new doctor may be in order.

  • heather k

    My LMP started june 22-24.. my ex and I had intercourse on july 10th.. the very next day something felt “different” on the 12th I had a strange pinching sensation near my right ovary area. I have been feeling ill increased body temp and urination abd cramps clear vaginal fluid the past 2 day. Woke up this morning with extreme nausea that passed. Went to er and had a blood HCG of 0.9 which they said absolutely no chance I’m pregnant. But reading this article has me curious if they might be wrong? Wouldn’t it be early fo implantation? Plz help. I’m confused and feeling pregnant!

    • If you have a normal 28 day cycle, the ovulation calendar shows you would have ovulated on July 5th. The timing of intercourse would have been too late to result in a pregnancy.

  • Samantha

    So I was supposed to get my period on July 11th, it showed up 4days later on the 15th and was extremely light, barely anything on the tampons but it has become slightly heavier and today it is gone It is definitely not my normal period. Normally the first day I’m stuck in bed in a lot of pain or in the bathroom throwing up. I can fully function now and have little cramps. I had my doctor do a blood test but it came back negative. Was it to early to test or am I just not pregnant?

    • Emily Rose Shelley

      That happened to me too, did you ever find out what the situation was?

  • Sravani

    I was unmarried.i met with my boy friend on 15th june with condom and i took an i.pill too.still now i didnt get my period.i did my home pregnancy tests 6 times up to date i got only negative 6times and i went to a gyenococlogist she gave me a meprate tablet to get my period i completed my dosage i still didnt get my period and then she wrote blood pregnency test and it results negative…stil i didnt get my period…what to do now?

  • miss123

    my husband and I have been ttc and this month I was only 1 day late but the first day started with light brown spotting then I only had my period for 2 days(light) it always lasts 6-7 days. I took preg. tests-negative. Blood Work negative. If I calculated correctly we would have conceived between 7/4-7/6. Did I test to early for preg. tests and blood work?

  • miss123

    my husband and I have been ttc and this month I was only 1 day late but the first day started with light brown spotting then I only had my period for 2 days(light) it always lasts 6-7 days. I took preg. tests-negative. Blood Work negative. If I calculated correctly we would have conceived between 7/4-7/6. Did I test to early for preg. tests and blood work?

  • Volleyball_Chick

    I am pretty sure my last period was July 8th (or earlier) through July 13th. I have not yet had it – and I have not experienced any “spotting.” I had sex for the first time ever with my fiance of five years on July 27th – July 28th (depends on the time – like it was around 11PM… so not sure if that matters). I have not yet had my period in August and I am concerned that I am pregnant. My period is usually normal – like 28 days cycle. I hardly ever get it pushed back. However, when I was in college – I would get stressed from time-to-time and it would push back my period.

    QUESTION: Could I have got pregnant if I had sex that night? Not sure when I would have ovulated. I am not interested in having a baby now because I am currently planning my wedding. When are the most likely chances of you getting pregnant? Like, do you count the first day of your period or last day of your period? I don’t know! Also, could I just be super stressed because it was the first time I ever had sex?

    This is the longest I have skipped my period. It has almost been 40 days and I am freaking out. I did 3 HPT and they all came back negative. I did 2 on missed period day 5 (night) and one the following morning since I heard that is the time you are supposed to do it. Okay, well I did it around 3AM – so I hope that time is okay! After I did those tests, I still did not believe it because they could be defective. So I went to the doctors. On missed period day 7, I did a blood test – the next morning they called and informed me the test was negative. So okay, that is fine, but where is my period!!!

    QUESTION: Should I take a HPT on Sunday morning? I just want to know… 🙁

    Last week- I started to feel weird. Last Sunday (August 11th) I woke up with this killer charley horse. Now, I do get them from time-to-time, so its not like unusual. This whole week has been strange. I hardly got ANY sleep because I was not tired at all. I hardly had anything to eat because I was not hungry at all. I felt like I was going to throw up most of the time so it was very random. Sunday and Monday night I had killer night sweats. I couldn’t sleep at all – I was soaking wearing NO clothes. However, I have not had that problem at all since Monday night. For this whole week – I had trouble going number 2 for the bathroom if you know what I mean. Just last night, I finally went number 2 and it was kinda like diarrhea.

    Recently, I have changed my workout schedule. In July, I started this new routine. This month, I picked up and started to improve my schedule from July because I missed a few days. Since August, I have been to the gym 9 out of 17 days. Usually, I lift weights so I am not sure if that could have messed up my period schedule? I also started to drink protein shakes back in July – so not sure if that could have done something to my body… idk! Or could I have too much protein in my blood that could have caused incorrect blood tests?

    I think I have been feeling better – but it could all be in my mind.


    • Our ovulation calendar shows the following for July, based on the information you provided:

      Monday 8th July 2013 – First day of your cycle
      Thursday 18th July 2013 – A little bit fertile
      Friday 19th July 2013 – Fertile
      Saturday 20th July 2013 – VERY fertile
      Sunday 21st July 2013 – Time to ovulate

      Based on your timing, you would have had sex after you ovulated making getting pregnant not possible.

      You have taken the tests, had a blood test and they all came back negative. I would trust the results and assume you are not pregnant.

      You have a couple of things that could cause your cycle to go wacky.

      – Changing your exercise intensity
      – Changing diet
      – Change in stress level.

      If you are really concerned, you may want to ask your doctor about it, but if you give your body a chance to get used to the changes you have made, you may notice regularity returning.

  • Cortneytucker57

    I am 14 days late, went to the dr. When I was 12 days late and they did a pee test which came back positive I got a call on the 14th day of my missed period saying that my blood test levels were too low saying I was not pregnant. Is there still a chance that I am pregnant?

    • Until you get a period, there is still a chance. If you don’t get your period in a week or so, I would suggest that you get the doctor to do another blood test to see if the levels are raising at all.

  • confused

    My last period was on june 21. I did have light spotting when I whiped only near the time I should have had my period. I have taken hpt they all say negative yet stilll no period I have all the symtoms exept morning sickness. I just turned 47 could I be pregnant or is it menopause?

  • BGrundlingh

    My last period was started on the 16th Of July, I am now 3 weeks late, my breast are very tender, especially around my nipples but all the home tests have come back negative. Can I be pregnant?

  • Christa Marie

    Hi im feeling pregnacy systoms but i took two prego test both came negative can i be pregnant

  • Kaylie

    I am currently 3 weeks late on my period. My last period started on July 17. I have had unprotected sex and I have done 4 pregnancy tests up to this date. I had one done at the hospital at 10 days late it was a piss test and it came back negative a week later I took 1 more home pregnancy piss test and it showed negative a couple days later I did the same and still negative. On the third of September I went to the doctors and took a blood test that came back negative. Is it possible that I could be pregnant and it was just to early to tell?

  • becky

    Hi I’m a mom to 3 and after my third child i had my tubes tied 5 1/2 yrs ago and always been on time since then until now my last period was July 28 I’ve been having the same symptoms I did with my 3pregnancies but had a bata hcg blood test done came back neg should i be worried or just wait

  • laura

    I am almost certain i had a miscarriage on Saturday but when i had my bloods checked at the hospital it came back negative? But there was a fetus that i seen but i dint take it to the doctor i was to scared so i cnt prove what it was, is there anything else it could be? I had all the symptoms of miscarriage and missed 2peiods so in almost certain? Thanks

  • Kara


    Okay so here is my situation. A little over a year ago I miscarried. September came around and I was four days late but I had been getting a lot of comments before I had started that I looked like I was getting a “pouch”. (Like I was pregnant). My boyfriend was concerned because he said I had been acting just like I did when I was pregnant a year ago and ended up miscarrying. So on the 3rd day that I was late I went and had a blood test done to see if I was pregnant. It came back negative. About a week and half later I ended up getting a bad sinus infection. Well during this infection I started to obtain sharp abdominal pains off and on. I went to the doctor who put me on sudafed. It has been a week since I got sick and now I have random symptoms that I am unsure of what they pertain to. (either the infection or me being pregnant) For a week now I get sick every morning when I wake up. I still have a bad cough but I also have symptoms of nausea and dizziness throughout the day. Especially when I get up and be really active, I will get hot flashes and then get nauseous and dizzy. Do you think I could be pregnant?

  • Amber

    I’m 11days late, which is so not usual. I’ve never been this late before. I took a urine test 4days ago and it was negative. I don’t have any other normal pregnancy symptoms but I can’t understand why all of a sudden. Plus I haven’t had intercourse in 3months. I was in the emergency room for severe dizziness about 2months ago. They said they ran a blood test to confirm i was not pregnant before doing a ct scan and said it was negative. Would a urine and blood test give a false negative in that amount of time from conception?

    • Most likely not, but if you are worried, you should go to your doctor and ask for a ultrasound. If you are pregnant, the baby would most definitely show up on an ultrasound now.

  • ADE

    I had last menstrual period on the price25th, of Sept,my husband told me to get a pregnancy test because am having all the signs and symptoms. The blood tests are all positive, started sporting today ( 19th).the scan did not show anything. Am i pregnant

    • What do your doctors say? If the blood test showed a positive result, you are pregnant. Spotting during early pregnancy is not uncommon but if you are worried, you will want to talk with your doctor about it.

  • Angel

    Hi Vicki,

    I took four pergnancy test and I saw faint lines on sone of them for a positive result. I went to the doctors and i came up negative on two pee test and one blood test. But I can’t believe it I’ve been getting really randon migraines, im starting to feel nausea and I’m getting back pain like i never have before. It hurts near my tailbone my butt and to my thighs. Would you suggest me to wait out a couple weeks. Because if I am pregnant i think i should be about 3 weeks now. I don’t know i have this gut feeling i am because i know my body very well and I’ve never had back pain or headaches like this before.

    • Has your period arrived yet? If not, has you gotten any positive results on your pregnancy tests?

    • Tara

      I was three days late, positive pregnancy test at first…back pain, headaches, nausea, fatigue and pelvic pain…symptoms I never have before my period…tenderness I breasts was the only typical thing. Few days later started spottin an then bleeding. Took another hpt and it was negative and a blood test..also negative. Weirdest thing. I still can’t explain it

      • Unfortunately, it sounds like you had a miscarriage.

      • Brooklynn

        I am going through the same exact thing. My pregnancy test said positive today at the obgyn. I am 4 days late and waiting for my blood work results Monday. I started spotting when I left. This bass happened to me before. The doctor gave me a pee test about 5 years ago, it said positive and blood work came back with hormones at zero saying I’m not pregnant. I hope it isn’t happening again. I am now worried until Monday. Why would a teT say positive and blood work say negative? Weird is right!

        • GARYMAX

          ladies this is my experience of doctors but before i go on remember that every woman is different. i was having all the symptoms of pregnancy tender breast, morning sickness, back pain and tummy aches, i have my period every month 26 days cycle never miss my last bleeding was so heavy lasted 4 days i had to use 4 pads per day so i did’nt consider it as implantation bleeding. however the symptoms i was having lead me to do 4 test using first responds all say neg. still was not convince went to the hospital did blood works it also come back neg. i went home still having back pain and all i then went to a different hospital did a pee and a blood test but that those too say neg. the doc. told me its just hormones i was not convinces but what else could i do my husband says to me while in bed that same night lets go do a ultra sound so the next day we went did a ulra sound and behold a very strong heartbeat with a fetus at 23 wks i was so happy i was laughing and crying at the same time. i ask for a pic.of my baby girl yes a girl. im now 26 wks pregnant and both me and my baby are doing great some of these doctors leave school too early. and dont have a clue of what there are doing. i went back to the first doc. and told her i even showed he my baby pic. she say she dont understand y my blood came back neg. so ladies listen to your bodies and pray to God only he knows whats going on its all ways good to get scound opinion i got 3 lol so just put your faith in God hope this give u some hopes but as i said every woman is different

  • Britanny Bowers

    I haven’t had a period since August. 2013 blood test show neg for pregnancy. Which doesn’t surprise me. If I were I would have to be around 8 weeks and I seriously doubt the test could be wrong. What else can stop a period from coming for two months?

    • Have you seen a doctor about this? Stress, PCOS, other medical issues, weight loss / gain, increase in exercise can all cause a change in your cycle.

    • Sandy

      Endometreosis can make ur period 2months late along with pcos have ur dr to check u for that I have gone threw this at 22 and I’m 27 now and it
      seems like I’m going threw it again and this can give you the same symptoms of being pregnant

  • Jen

    I’m late, taken four hpt’s and just had a blood test—all negative. I’ve had headaches, nausea, lower back pain, white discharge, lower pelvis cramping, slight breast tenderness. I’ve been pregnant three times before (1 miscarriage, two healthy children) so I know the symptoms. My last period was October 13-18, 2013. I’m so confused and stressed about this. I feel like I’m going crazy! Anyone going through a similar situation? Please help!

    • marian cruz

      same thing here, im nauseaus, my lower back hurts, my last period was sept 26 all negative results but no period. i need help figuring this out

    • Myranda

      Yes! I so know what you’re going through! My period is about two weeks late all home tests are negative and the blood test is negative. But I’m nauseous, have back aches, headaches, pelvic pain, and breast tenderness. I have only had one test that was positive and it was only a couple days ago. But the blood test was negative. I’m so confused!!

  • worried

    I have the essure birth control. I am 1 week late if not longer. I have heard of women getting. Pregnant on this. I had light bleeding one day almost like diluted red water. For like 5 minutes. I have had nausea and all the symptoms cramping but no period. I tested on the 16 and it was negative. Did I test too early? My last period was in December last day was about the 14th could I be pregnant?

  • mzzbarker

    I had my last period Jan 24th, Feb 7th I took a hot and it was faintly positive…I bought 3 more of different brands and they were all positive. I went to the doctor a and he did a blood test which was also positive. Yesterday (2/22) I began to spot. Today (2/23) I bleed every time I void (pee) as if i’m having a period. I bought a hpt today (2/23) and the result was negative…am i pregnant or not? Should I call my doctor?

  • Kristie Meleen

    2 positive confirm hpt then negative <2 blood test, last p beginning February had sex 17th n 18th unprotected?
    HELP last week I done 2 hpt one faint both visible positive bloods done 3 days later <2 negative, period late by 9 days all symptoms no bleeding at all n slight yellow discharge is the hpt wrong or the blood I'm trying to get another blood done but Dr thinks I'm a nutcase used a friends paperwork for another test today just waiting for results, what would make a test a false positive, has anyone experienced this before l had ectopic 4 yes ago

  • Suzanne

    BLOOD PREGNANCY TESTS CAN BE WRONG!! It is VERY possible to be pregnant with negative urine and blood tests! This is what is known as a “Cryptic Pregnancy”. I have created a support group for this on Facebook called “Cryptic Pregnancy Support Group”

    • Ecenia Amaya

      I got my Norplon on…my last period was on 1/31/15 i spot it on feb but ever since then i have not see my period i been nauseas breast tenderness feel something kickin in my abdomen i get alot off craving my clothes dont fit i been getting back pain my ribs been hurting for last few days i had taken severals pregnancy test but all negative i gone to the hospital cause of pain in my ribs doc send me for a blood test and the results were negative and also i cant sleep on my stomach and if i do i feel like im suffocate someone goin through the same thing please help

      • If all the testing for pregnancy is negative, it could be that your body is not dealing with with the Norplon. You may need to discuss changing your birth control choice with your doctor.


    I have a baby bump and just spotted, however, all my tests were neg from blood and urine. What could be happening. The doc dont want to do anymore testing to rule out other things. What do I do?

    • Toni

      What ever happened?

  • H

    I am a few days late. I have all the symptoms and I got 2 positive pregnancy tests the other day but when I went to my doctor’s office yesterday they ran a pregnancy serum blood test and it was negative. When I had my daughter they did both quantitaive and qualitative because they wanted to know the numbers of my hcg level. they did not do this this time. could I still be pregnant?

  • kerry

    I was due on my period 20/4/14 I was being sick at the same time every day, really tierd and emotional, never came on so I went to the doctor. they did a blood test for pregnancy on the 13th may and it came back negative. I still felt like I had morning sickness, bit faint at times and tierd so 23/5/14 I did a hpt and it was positive. could the doctors blood test be wrong?

    • hozban

      I’m in the same situation, were you pregnant? I would appreciate your response.

  • OLA

    I av been TTC for 9yrs with so much done. Recently I av started feeling all d symptoms of pregnancy and I opted for blood test which came out negative. My last period was 21st April 2014 and yet to see it. My average cycle is 26 cos it’s sometimes 27 or 28. Pls what do I do next. I am so confused.

  • Crystal

    hi name is crystal on May 17th 2014 I was supposed to start my cycle last time I had a cycle was in April but in May I started antibiotics so I may 17th my Cycle never started I didn’t notice until that Sunday when I started my new birth control I had taking home test they came back negative and a blood one that said negative there in a middle of doing another blood test cause they think the other one was to soon I know the symptoms I’m having I’ve had to Cycle for 10 years now I have never had a problem On or Off birth control I know my body and something ain’t right I have a daughter the symptoms I’m having are the same I need some help

  • Kat

    My periods are irregular, I never know when they are gonna happen, how long they will be, or how heavy they will be. I was having unprotected sex and when my period was 4 days late( which isn’t unusual) I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I took another pregnancy test when I was a week late because I didn’t have any normal menstrual symptoms but I had tender breasts which isn’t normal for me, it too came back negative. I also started what I thought was my period that same day I took the second pregnancy test. My period was extremely heavy and lasted for 7 days. After it ended I started having unprotected sex again and 7 days after my period ended(today) I took a pregnancy test, it came back positive. I took a second one and it was also positive. I went to the hospital and had a blood test done and it came back negative.. When I got home I took a 3rd pregnancy test and it came back positive. Could I still be pregnant? Is it possible that I had a miscarriage? I plan on taking more home pregnancy tests in about a week.. I used first response home pregnancy tests.

    • If you keep taking pregnancy tests and they come back positive, you have the pregnancy hormone in your urine. It could be that the level of hcg is lower than what the blood test picks up. First Response is one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests. If you wait a couple of days and have a blood test, again it should pick up the pregnancy. It could also be an early miscarriage, in which case you will eventually end up with a negative pregnancy test.

  • sharon

    I had my tubes tied in 1999 I had to go thru 2 different laproscopic surgerys in the last 4 months and have been doing nothing but throwing everything up since these surgerys so they did a pregnancy test it came back positive I told them they were crazy so they did the dip stick it came back neg symptoms continue so my general dr did some labs on me my hcg came back showing pregnant so she ordered more labs with blood and urine blood came back at 5 which usally means your pregnant so they told me I need to go see obgyn I am so stressed over this right now going for ultrasound on Wednesday hope it will tell the truth.

    • Davisam86

      Did you ever figure out what was going on? I have had my tubes tied. I have had two miscarriages since. I have negative test but I still feel pregnant. Multiples run in my family. I am almost thirty. I heard of something called the hook effect that can show negative blood test. I just feel confused.

  • lucy

    Hi I thought I was about 7 weeks pregnant since I still haven’t gotten my period since may 20th I had some spotting the other day and went to the doctors and my blood test came back negitive but I have had 10 home pregnantcy come back positive. Could the blood test be wrong?

  • Nekea Dishon

    my last period was june 2nd i took a home test the 8th of july and it was positive went to the doctors and had a blood test the 11th it came back negative went home and took a clearblue pregnancy test which came back positive i still havent started and im so confused

    • What does your doctor say about that? It would appear that you are suffering from a miscarriage or the blood test is incorrect. If you wait 3 or 4 days and you don’t start your period and a hpt comes back positive yet again, you should definitely contact your doctor again and ask them what is going on.

    • gracejames??

      Have you found out whats happening yet?? I was due for my period on the 24th june and it never came, i had 4 early home preg test come back negative and one blood test come back neg (all in july) then 21 days after missing my cycle i got a positive blood and positive home test.. but now im paranoid there is another reason they were positive and its not due to pregnancy… i am by calculators 7weeks and 5 days…

      • hozban

        i see your post was from 3 months ago, did you end up being pregnant?
        I have missed my period for two weeks and had a blood test done yesterday which came back negative and all home tests were negative too, i was so hoping the blood test comes back positive, I would appreciate your response.

        • gracejames??

          I am! still hard to believe after so much negative at the start, i seem to have ovulated later then i should of which has thrown off my dates, but i am now 17 weeks

          • hozban

            That’s wonderful! Congrats and thank you so much for responding to my questions. I will give it another week and test again, hopefully mine is the same…

          • Rinari

            Hi, so I would like to know if you are pregnant now because I have the same. I am 2 week late with my period and blood test is neg. Can I still be pregnant.

      • Rosaline

        I don’t know what’s happening with me too. I had a infertility treatment, after missed periods of 5 days HPT was positive and blood test also positive with 208 Hcg. I had my last period on 10th may now it was due on 10th june. Today is 22 I am having light spotting and still doc has not found sac though endo is thick and have ovarian cyst also.

  • chaparita 17

    Hello, June 15 I started workout, June 18 I started to bleed a little bit it didn’t look like if it was my menstruation, so I decided to go for a blood test and the test said it was negative. July and no period yet, July 21 I went for a next blood test and showed negative again, can some tell me if I can still be pregnant if two blood test came out negative?? Plz help

  • sonia

    I’ve had 4 negative urine pregnancy tests and 1 negative blood test….
    I feel exactly how I did when I was pregnant with my son… Nausea, tiredness, getting up in the night to pee, irritable etc..
    Just want to know what’s going on!!!!!!
    Doctor is booking me in for a scan but there seems no urgency even though I have a coil fitted!!

    • Maybe you need to get on the doctor to get the scan quicker. If you make some noise, they will do what they have to in order to get you to stop bothering them. 🙂

  • Jett

    I am having a rough time lately… for my entire time of having a menstrual cycle, my period always lasts 4 to 6 days a month however, since the month of July my periods have been lasting 2 days 3 at the absolute most. My breasts are tender and lactating, I’m nauseous fatigued and dizzy every single day and my back is killing me. I’ve also been feeling the little popcorns in my belly for about 3 weeks now and just yesterday they started feeling stronger like baby kicks. I have a 2 yr old son and I trust myself I feel like I know my body well enough to know when I’m pregnant. I’ve had 2 blood tests and maybe 6 urine tests all negative. No doctor will provide me with an ultrasound and I know I’m not crazy. Help please !!!!!

    • Unfortunately, if you can’t find a doctor that will do an ultrasound, you will have to wait and see. You might want to go to your general doctor and have them do blood tests to make sure everything else is okay.

  • Heather

    Im only 17 and lately I have been very sick and getting heart burn from now and then i feel like i can feel little movements in my stomach in some places it’ll be hard and others it won’t be my last period was in July its now October but everything is coming back negative. I just recently started feeling the movements in my stomach I am always tired and very nauseous Ive taken multiple home tests all negative and 2 blood tests negative…. Can someone help me on this??

    • You will need to visit your doctor and see if you can get him to give you an ultrasound? If they will now, ask them to determine why your period is not there anymore.

  • anwalters

    I missed my first week of active birth control pills. During the 2nd and 3rd weeks of active pills, I was on an antibiotic. I had sex with my partner during why would have been my ovulation time. I am now 12 days late for my period. I took a home pregnancy test when I missed my period and it was negative. I had a blood test done when I was 7 days late and it was negative. I’ve had two children so I know what pregnancy symptoms feel like and I’ve been having morning sickness that starts mid morning. Did I just skip my period this month, or could I still be pregnant?

    • It is hard to say. If you missed your birth control that will definitely mess up your cycle because you basically altered your hormone levels. Antibiotics don’t typically mess with the effectiveness of birth control pills but illness can mess with your otherwise normal cycle. Until you get your period, though, the chance of pregnancy would still be there unless ruled out by an ultrasound.

  • val

    Im confused my home test is positive my blood test is positive what does that mean

  • val

    Im confused my home test is positive my blood test is positive what does that mean

    • Well, if both tests were positive, then you would be pregnant.

  • ray ray

    Ok. I’m new here but I haven’t had a period since around the 5th of Nov was the last day. I haven’t had one since. I have taken 4 home pregnancy tests and all negative and I finally had a beta done and negative also. I’m having all the signs of being pregnant. I had my tubes untied about 2 and 1/2 years ago. Do u think it could be a tubal.

    • Sorry, I don’t know. If you are concerned, you might want to discuss the issue with your doctor.

  • sellena

    ive has signs of early pregnancy too tender boobs, morning sickness, mood swings, bloating in the above pelvic area and craving, so i went and had 3 pregnancy test and all negative so i had a hcg done and it only come up 2 mlU/m that means negative what the heck is going on was it to early for a test or what? i need help

    • talula

      I am on the same boat. I thought I was pregnant went to the clinic took a test. It turned out to be neg. Clinic called me an hour later that the test became positive. Had a blood test done and i was less than a 2. Having some very light spotting Dr said it was nothing to be worried about but blood results are neg. So am i to early to detect on blood test?? So confused can i just a yes or no??? Please let me know if you find out any other results.

      • Hals<3

        did Yours turn out to be a pregnancy?

      • michelle

        This was 5 months ago, you pregnant now?

    • Unfortunately, short of having an ultrasound after about 6 weeks or getting a positive pregnancy test, there isn’t any way for the doctor to determine if you are pregnant at the moment. Keep taking a pregnancy test each week and hopefully you will get different results.

    • Hals<3

      I went to the doctor today and had 2 mIU/m also, just wondering if yours turned out to be a pregnancy.

  • Noel

    My periods have always been on time. This month, my period is 12 days late as of today. I have taken several home pregnancy test that all came out negative. I went to doc to have a blood test done and it came back negative also. Then today I went to buy an ovulation test just to see if I was ovulating even though I missed my period. The ovulation test came back positive but I also took another home pregnancy test that also came out positive. So I’m really confused as to whether I am pregnant or not.

    • Well, it could be that the blood test was taken a little early so that is why it came back negative. If the pregnancy test is positive, I would say you are pregnant. Ovulation tests detect lh but are not as specific to the hormone as pregnancy tests are. hcg and lh are similar so, sometimes an ovulation test will be positive when you are pregnant.

  • Mina

    I was not trying to become pregnant and I was using safety precautions. But on the 21st day of my period, I had severe tiredness, nausea, Back pain and it continued for 2 weeks. I did a blood test on my 31st day which came back negative. I did a urine test on 35th day. It was also negative. My periods were regular till last month. But this month I have not got it yet. This is my 38th day. I have breast tenderness and bloating. I am confused if I am pregnant. Can the blood test be wrong?

  • taylor

    I want to get my tubes tied… I just had my son a couple weeks ago and me and my bf had sex for 2 minutes I took the morning after pill and a blood pregnancy test and it came out inconclusive so whats the chances that im pregnant

    • Probably not likely considering how close to birth you are.

  • lookingforanswers

    I had a very abnormal “period” that started Feb 12 til Feb 28. The period started off very light and then got heavier. I had tender breasts and cramps. All symptoms went away on the 28th. I went to the docs and i had two positive pregnancy results. Then my general doc did another urine test 2days later that came out negative. He order a blood test that came out positive. I have been feeling tired,bloated , and dizzy,but nothing like my 1st pregnancy so i took a home test it came out negative. And my period is late … or not? Idk with all the bleeding im just confused Am i pregnant or not? Please help!

    • What did the doctor say? It could be that you are having early pregnancy bleeding and your doctor should be watching the issue for you.

      • lookingforanswers

        @ Vickie B. Apparently , i miscarried in February. I took another blood test that came out negative. I also got my period yesterday.This makes a lot of sense since i wasn’t feeling pregnant. I’m glad i got my answer. My husband and i are bummed but we will keep trying. Thanks Vickie for replying.

      • MannySmith

        Hey Vickie , I was having hormonal disorder for some months may2015-August and was on drugs all that time, weeks back I was ill and did pregnancy test and was positive and the doctor told me to come back in two weeks to know how the baby is growing , a day to when I was suppose to go back to d doctor I started bleeding with cramps and it was heavy for three days, went back to d doctor that same day and did a blood test and It came out negative 🙁 did scan and nothing found don’t know if I am still pregnant or lost the baby… Please I really need helpful replies….thanks

  • Christi Stewart

    If you have sex on a sunday can you find out 4 days later through your blood on a Thursday someone please tell me

    • Probably not. It take a bit longer for your hcg levels to rise to a level that will show up on tests.

  • Sara Junaid

    today its 14 or 15 dpo i done hpt and got bfp but i went to my doc and blood test is negative…m soo confused plz help…

    • Angela M

      Did you find anything out?

      • Sara Junaid

        not yet still no af…i will update here…

        • Sara Junaid

          UPDATE…not pregnant..AF arrived..worst evap..

          • Sorry to hear that. It could be that you caught a VERY early pregnancy though that didn’t make it. It may not have been an evaporation line. What brand test was that?

          • Sara Junaid

            it was early pregnancy test strip..i heard that false positives or evap are rare with red stains..but my bad luck 🙁

    • rebecca

      I HAVE THE SAME THING YOU so confused

  • Vivine

    Please help. Last time I tried to have sex the guy I was with was too drunk and couldn’t really get it up. He didn’t come but he did enter my vagina. That was January 4. I got my normal period few days later just like I was suppose to. And again I got my normal period in February. I haven’t been sexually active since that night and now it’s April and I haven’t gotten my period. I was in a car accident and have had a lot of stress. I took a home pregnancy test two weeks after my expected period time in March and got a negative test. So I didn’t worry about it. I went to the doc few days ago to get some blood work for other medical stuff and the nurse called me asking me when my period was last because my uterus level hormone was high like if I was pregnant. I freaked out and went to the store and bought 6 home pregnancy test. I’ve taken 5 and they all came back negative. I’m so confused and really freaking out. Anyone have any idea what’s up I don’t think I can handle the not knowing right now.

    • Stress can mess your cycle up for sure. You really need to talk with your doctor to find out what they think the reason for the high levels are. Based on what you are saying, it doesn’t appear that you would be pregnant. If you were, I would think you would know it due to the fact that you would be over 3 months pregnant if you were.

  • shikha

    i had my LMP on 28 march but today is 07 may but no period.. Home preg test comes negative… blood preg test cmes negative… i cant understand why and i have few symptoms of preg like gas, tirenes, low back pain, pelvic pain but stilll nothing positive..
    can anyone help

    • Unfortunately, you will have to talk to your doctor about this if all the pregnancy tests are coming back negative.

      • shikha

        thank u 🙂

    • Arc

      what happened.. sailing in the same boat

  • Smiley

    My period was supposed to come May 7th and it’s now May 22nd and it is still not here! I have taken 3 home pregnancy test and all were negative. 2 weeks ago I started having goopy snot like discharge and I have had constant white discharge ever since. I have no itching, burning and the discharge doesn’t stink but it is not normal for me. I have also had bad leg pain and when I bend over or move to quick I can feel intense pressure in my head and I get dizzy. can someone please tell me what is going on?

  • Em

    I have taken one round of pill Femara/letrazole. My period is due this Monday. I have already had 4 positive hpt but the Dr’s office said a negative urine test. I am going for a blood test on sat. I have taken chlomid a few years ago and I have NEVER had positive tests unless I was pregnant. Can it be too early? Can there be this many false positives? I’m excited crushed and confused! ! Help please

  • Aisyah

    Hi I’m 50 yrs menopause since d past 4yrs ..done self pregnancy test weak positive as well as blood test but just done another self test n its negative!! May I know am I pregnant ..??? Or I’m drop off case X pregnant

  • ella

    My doctor said there is a sign that am pregnant,though am yet to see my next period,just 3 days to my next period, now am bleeding, but she said I shouldn’t take any drugs made the blood will stop,pls what can I do,i really need this pregnancy

  • ella

    I had my last period on 12th of july,i started my ovulation on 23 to 28 of july, 1week after I went for a blood pregnancy test, the doctor said,there is a sign that am pregnant, still 3days to my next period, but now am seeing blood,pls tell me what is really going on, pls reply in time

  • Tanya

    The only symptom I had to suspect pregnancy was extreme tiredness. After a few weeks of being exhausted, I went to top military hospital, had urine, blood and traansvaginal ultrasound, ALL NEGATIVE…after 2 full on periods (not spotting or light), I was still tired, but no other pregnancy symptoms, and thought maybe I had a virus..(I had then been tired for over 2 months), I went to a local doctor, who said a local virus had been going around, and she could treat me, but first had to do pregnancy test on all women, as the medication was contraindicated for pregnancy. I said sure, I just came off a period a few days prior, I’m not pregnant. Turns out I was pregnant. Since I had two full periods, and three negative tests of urine, blood and vaginal ultrasound over prior 2 months, I had no idea how far I was. Had a gestational ultrasound 1 week later…I was 10.5 weeks pregnant. Full baby on view, flipping around, so we’ll formed, the doctor predicted it was a girl 7 months later, I had a very healthy baby girl, who is now 9. Sometimes nature defies all science and odds. Just thought my reality would help others understand how unique each pregnancy can be.

    • Michelle Peters

      Thank you so much! I’ve been having symptoms and had my blood drawn a week ago while I was on my period. Turns out my hcg was 11 during my period! I’m wondering if I’m pregnant or not. Hcg levels says yes but I was on my period. After reading this though I see that it’s a possibility! 😀

  • Anya

    I was suppose to get a new depo shot in June 2015, decided to stop since I have been on it for 2 years. Lasts weeks of August now I have felt very different, headaches, dizziness, nausea on and off, very tired. I have taken 9 pregnancy tests bought at family dollar, the mid stream one, they all came back faint positive within the timeframe. I have had two blood works done, they came back negative but I still feel weird? I don’t know what to believe? Can the blood test be wrong or is all those pregnancy tests wrong?

    Thank you in advance for any responses.

    • Heather Thomas

      was you pregnant? because I’m having positive urine test but the blood test I took today say negative I have a lot of signs of pregnancy but I just don’t understand why blood test said neg

  • Jordan

    Hi im jordan in 2013 I had a very bad miscarriage I haven’t been able to get pregnant since. In august 2015 my hb and I tried to concieve my cycle came twice in that month and came 5days early now I’ve taken five pgt and all say negitive but it’s now sept and I’m a week late is there something wrong

  • Amy Sprague

    Hello everyone, feeling frustrated as I have had 2 Home Tests 1 Test at my Doc office and a Blood Test done to check and see if I am pregnant because I am 12 days late today with severe and I mean severe heartburn, nasua tiredness and peeing a lot more. I have 2 kids already so I know the symptoms. last week for the first 3 days I cramped off/on and spotted when I wiped of brown blood then went away. Today off and on when I wipe again I also have the brown blood but its not when I pee or anything and cramping has gone away. My problem is that I only had sex once which was on the 9th of this month and I was supposed to start on the 11th and never did and still haven’t. Could it be that I am just a little odd and ovulated later without realizing it and so now even though I have missed my period for 12 days I could still be pregnant but way too early to tell?

  • Kisses

    Hello everyone.I had a ectopic pregnancy this July 17,2015.They removed my left fallopian tube was removed.I went 8 weeks without my cycle than I had two so far both was 30 cycle days apart.I had intercourse on Nov. 4th.Had a late ovulation.Now I’m 37 days late.My cycle was due on the 14th ,which is only a week so far late.I have sharp pains in lower back and right pelvis.My test shows both lines but one is really light on the hcg.My ovulation test is getting darker everyday.What is wrong since I have negative suppose to be test results?

  • Makayla

    I was on Depo for two years and I got off of it when I enlisted, and got on the pill to regulate my period again, back in March of 2014. Last April I decided to get off the pill, get one last Depo and stop using birth control for good. So my last Depo was April 12, 2015… It is now November 23, 2015, I am 12 days late for my period, which is unusual it’s normally spot on or a day or two late. I took countless pg tests at home and they were all negative, I got a blood test this afternoon and it was negative as well.. But with my every sore breasts and my period being nonexistent I’m wondering if I could still be pregnant !?

    • Taylorann7

      Hello, did you find out if you we’re pregnant? The same thin is happening to me right now 🙁

  • Destiny Mackey

    I took two home pregnancy test yesterday night and the both came back positive within seconds.. And they were both 30$ test, the “first response” test.. So I went to the hospital and my blood came back negative for pregnancy but they told me I have a UTI… I’ve also.been having really bad back pains in my lower back…

  • Eoberst

    Hey everyone. I haven’t had my period since the 1st week of October and it is now December 7th. I have taken 2 home pregnancy test both negative and a blood test that came back negative. I have been extremely tired, nauseous, have had light dizzy spells, have to pee like crazy, mild cramping and I spotted for 2 days. I’m going to go back and get another blood test on the 14th. But I can’t think of why I haven’t had my period besides being pregnant.

  • Michelle Yavorsky

    I have never posted in my life so here we go. The last day of my period was on Oct 26 2015, so if I was pregnant that would make me approximately 6 weeks. I have done 4 hpt all came back negative along with an ultrasound, both pelvic and trans-vaginal in which they did not see anything and the technician said it would be too early to detect anything and blood back today all negative. They said I have a UTI I have a a few of those in my life with none of the symptoms that I normally feel. I would assume now I’m not pregnant but not sure and no period, this is the first time I have every missed one? HELP!!!!

    • Susan Ringley

      What was your end result?

    • YSims

      Wow, such similar stories. I am 33 yrs old and have never had irregular cycles. Starting 5 months ago, cycles would be late and lighter. My last was on Oct 27 and absolutely nothing since then. I had my thyroid checked, several neg preg tests, one neg blood test, and nothing showed on reg ultrasound and vaginal u/s (except the doc couldn’t see my left ovary & UTI). I see a OBGYN in a few wks. Feel like I’m losing it b/c I have preg symptoms and even feel slight movement in my belly after eating sometimes.

  • confused16

    hey everyone, i am currently going through the same thing. I am 6 days late, have all these pregnancy-related symptoms like weird non-period like cramping, lower back pain, random nausea, periodic headaches, sore breasts with blue veins starting to show, etc. I have taken 4 urine tests came back negative and a blood test at the clinic came back negative. my body feels different, i dont know whats going on. what do you guys think?

  • Andi

    home test came out positive but doctor test negative. I’m confused on wich to believe.

    • Summer

      Did you find out if you are pregnant or not? I’m going through something similar. I had 2 faint positives on the 19th at night and the 20th in the morning and then I went to the doctor the 23rd because I started bleeding (WAY less than my normal period, but a little bit heavier than spotting and it only lasted 3 days and my periods have never lasted no less than 7 days. Ever.) and they took blood and told me Monday that there was no signs whatsoever in my blood work that I am pregnant and they don’t know why I got 2 positives. I still have all the pregnancy signs I had the week before I took the tests and I just feel like I am pregnant.

      • Kelsey

        @Summer did you ever find out if you were pregnant I am going through the same thing

  • dilahad

    I had gone thru ivf cycle for the 3rd time after doctors prescription I had beta hcg done on 8th Jan but it’s negative and I dint started bleeding after closing all the medicines can I be pregnency the test was done after 15 days of transplant

  • SimsFreak2182

    Hi everyone!
    Okay, so the first day of my last period was Oct. 22, 2015 and I was supposed to have my next period Nov. 24 2015 and another on Dec. 22, 2015 but they never came. My next period is for Jan. 29, 2016 but I doubt I’ll be getting it. I’ve been showing signs besides not having my period and it’s driving me nuts that every at-home test is coming back negative. I have an appointment for the 19th to get a blood test done, and I’ll be almost 13 weeks along by then. I’ll be 12 weeks along in two days, and I’ll just keep acting as if I got a positive but I don’t want to assume and be wrong even though I’m positive that the tests have come back wrong.

    Anybody else in the same boat?

    • Lydia

      I am in the same boat with you. Our dates match up perfectly too. I went to the doctors office this past monday and have a negative urine and blood tests. I still feel pregnant. I have an appointment with the OB/GYN next monday and am going to have her do an ultrasound. I still have not had AF. I have never missed a period and have always been 28 days apart. I’ve now missed two periods in a row and don’t feel as if I am going to have my next one either. I hope that the tests are just wrong and I really am pregnant. Hope you get the results from the doctor that you want!

      • Lynn

        I’m in the same boat, don’t know what to do. My last period was on Nov 25th and i was suppose to start sometime late December. New Year’s Day, took 3 at home. All negative. Forward another week, took a thyroid blood test. That was normal. Having more symptoms of pregancy more and more every day. Forward another week and a half, got a negative blood test. And now my doctor is just saying it’s my body and hormones blah blah blah. But I just don’t understand or know what to do.

        • Kayla

          I am in the same exact boat Lynn! The first day of my last period was November 23. I kept getting negative hpt so I went to the doctor yesterday (January 26). Another negative urine test (not surprising) and then my obgyn said she would do a blood test just in case. She then proceeded to tell me it’s just hormones and these things happen… But I feel so different. I’ve never felt this way in my life. It’s not that we were ttc and my hopes are high, I just know something is going on. Can you all keep us posted? I want to know if anyone ended up being pregnant, the waiting game sucks 🙁

          • Kayla

            did any of you end up being pregnant?!

  • Kate

    My lmp was December 2, 2015. I know when I ovulated, so we attempted to get pregnant and a week before my period was due (January 2nd, 2016), I tested on cheapo 88c Walmart pee tests, and it was positive. Faintly so, but positive for sure. I tested another 8 times because I wanted to be sure. I have had 4 miscarriages – two in 2015 – so I needed confirmation to calm my nerves. Gradually my positives got more definitive and clear. I had a confirmation of pregnancy at a planned parenthood and made my appointment with a doc to get all my “high risk” nonsense started again. I am 37, baby daddy is 44. I have 2 healthy full-term children who are now 6 and 4. First chemical preg in 2002, first missed miscarriage at 10w in 2011, and two early 6w m/cs in 2015.

    My doctor intake went well. Ultrasound happened at the 6w2d mark last Friday (1/15/16), where a trans vag and over-the-belly u/s both immediately showed an appropriately sized gestational sac. Went in for a blood test yesterday (1/18/16) and it came back 16. What the hell? How is that even possible? In the past it has taken me weeks to go from a decent amount of hcg to zero with m/cs. How is it possible that I had a gestational sac visible on Friday and a 16 hcg on Monday? I’m having another blood test tomorrow, and another u/s scheduled for Friday 1/22, but I’m so confused and angry right now… I don’t even know what to do or what to think.
    I’ve had no pain, no indication that this would end like my last m/cs, no back ache, no blood, no loss of symptoms. WTF is happening? Someone please please tell me what is going on.

  • Stacey

    Hi all, so my last normal period was 18 Dec 15, this month all I have had is brown/light pink discharge. its been a week with no bleeding. Im 31yrs and have always had normal 28 day periods. I feel different this time, Ive got large sore breast, always hungry and bloating tummy. Tool HPT negative went to docs yesterday for BT and they have just phoned to say that negative. I know my body and ive never been pregnant before but this has never happened to me. can anyone suggest anything?

    • Monika

      I’m in a similar boat. Last af was Dec 11th, lasted Strangely only until the 13th and nothing again since. Took so many hpts and a regular blood test at the doctor last Monday. All negative. I don’t know what’s going on. This isn’t ok and I just need to know. I’m usually 28 or 29 days but I’m going onto 40 now!

    • Hope

      I am I the same boat! Last period was also dec 18 and I am now on day 35. Bfn both home tests and blood work. I’m sooo confused why I am so late! I am always on time. Any update on your situation?

    • Anna

      I am going through the exact same thing and I am a nervous wreck…Last period was Dec 16th for me so I am now on day 37. Just got engaged and planning my wedding so if it were a pregnancy, it is unexpected for us. Never in my life have I gone over 30 days..I`m usually always right on 28 days and the few times Ive gone 30 were due to stress.I have had some very light spotting that started yesterday, but not anywhere near my normal period… Talked to my doctor Wed when they called and said my BT was negative and she said if I get to around 40 days or more they can give me medicine to “jump start” my period which I really dont like the idea of that. For me its scary because since I was 13 years old Ive had one on time every single month. Any advice is so appreciated! Just reading all the similar stories is really making me feel better.

  • Lovi

    December 28th I missed my periods, on 7th I tested at home and found positive. On 14th I traveled by flight and had some bleeding which was quite red and managed on tissue. No much pain. On 15th I had an ultrasound and nothing was found. Pregnancy test was positive. Doctor says it’s either misscarrage or our baby might be outside formed.
    Blood tests were done and count was 400 after 48hours again blood was taken and count was 375.
    They say it can be miscarriage now I have again blood test on 25th. M confused .

  • Leanne Nicole Maikai

    i need advice..i took 2 at home pregnancy test and both came out positive with faint lines so i went to the doctor to get a pee test and that came out negative.. took a blood test thing came out negative… i had my period on the 10th of this month and it usually lasts 3-5 days but it lasted all week the first 3 days were very light and 2 days heavy then the last two days were light that’s never happened before.. I am having symptoms.. milk coming out of my boobs with some colostrum,nausea,headaches more then usual,craving mexican food and subway and ive been very picky on what i eat and im not the picky type… been only drinking water,juice, and sweet tea.. soda and coffee just doesnt sit right with me…

  • Charlene

    My last period was on December 21, I was suppose to get my period on the 17 of this month… so I’m a week and 2 days late. It hasn’t come yet. I had heartburn two days ago, nausea two times, weird headaches that come and go and some mild pain like cramps but no period. My breast are not tender but I always have tender breast during my period so I though that this was another sign. I’ve never suffered from nausea or heartburn. Took a blood test today it came out negative. Can the blood test be a false-negative?

    • Jasmine

      Did u find out what was wrong?

  • Ankita

    My last period was on December 30, and before that on 26 Nov. This month I went for a blood test on 4th this month and it came out negative, please help me out. Can this be a pregnancy….. m worried as the last pregnancy came out to be an ectopic one.

  • Kilan

    Hello ladies,
    My last period was Nov 2nd, 2015. When I realized I was late in Dec I tested. Few weeks into dec had nausea and dizziness Tested again and got negatives. I started to have some sharp pin poking likes pains come and go in my lower abdomen. Tested again it was negative. Approximately week 6 I went to the hospital, urine test came back negative. Week 8 went to a clinic and another urine test was negative and nothing seen in the ultrasound.
    Fast forward to last week had a blood test. Came back negative.
    I look like I’m 3-4 months. I’m still having symptoms and just recently I’ve been feeling like sensations of a bug crawling on the inside if my stomach. The last time I felt it being around 2 today. Lower back pain makes it painful to get up from a sitting/leaning back position.
    Thoughts ladies? Is it possible I’m pregnant?

    • Kayla

      did you ever find out if you were pregnant??

  • Tracey Holmes

    hi ladies, my last period was Dec 24th and it lasted for 5 days, found out on Jan 20th that i was prego, on the 23rd i started bleeding (that was a weekend) and called my doc on the 25th they told me to go to the hospital so i did pee test there came back neg and they sent the blood test back and it came back 7/10, they told me i had a miscarriage, the bleeding stopped on the 26th, i have still been having the pregnancy symptoms like tender breasts, enlarged breasts, tired, and sore back. I was due to have my period yesterday because mine comes about every 20 days, and i had blood work done yesterday to make sure everything was cleaned out from the miscarriage, well the HCG test came back <^5 i do not understand what that means but it also said (non-pregnant) and i took a at home test last night and it says not pregnant, but im confused as to why i am having these symptoms if im not pregnant.

    • Jessica

      They told me it could take several months for your body to realize it’s not pregnant after a miscarriage, it took me two months for my numbers to come down

  • Ashley

    I am freaking out. I’m 11 days late. Took 2 hpt, both neg. Went to a clinic yesterday. They took a urine test, also neg. But I’m always regular, 28 days like clockwork. I stupidly had unprotected sex at the end of my last period 2x. Well once while I was on it and once 2 days after I finished. I know the pull out method doesn’t work, but I did it. I’m a little nauseous, really tired, have lower back pain, a little breast tenderness, and I am hardly eating at all. I have also had the worst period type pains since the day I was supposed to get my period 11 days ago. I’m 45 so my boyfriend and the clinic say it’s likely I’m entering perimenopause but I’m just not sure. I’m really freaking out. I’m wondering if I should get a blood test by my doctor, if that would change or help anything? Anyone been through anything similar? Thanks.

  • Jasmine

    Help ! I am 2 weeks late on my period and that is not like my body. I’ve taking home test negative and even a blood test is negative. I’m 23 and never had any issues. My breast are extremely tender and I just don’t understand. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thank you !

    • Neesha

      Am 2 weeks late too. Me too did hpt n blood test. Both came negative. Still i feel like am pregnant. I have another doctor visit on this friday. I hope i ll able to figure tuis out on friday. Anyway you have posted this 18 days ago. So i think u hv already gt a answer.

      • Jasmine

        I’m. Going they what u went thru. I’m about two weeks late I have a negative blood and urine test. I’m so scared. What happened with you?

  • Kelsey

    Hello, about a month ago I got a positive home test I took more test including home, planned parenthood, Rachel’s house. Since then and they were negative. I also had my period it was 5 days late but it came. About 2/3 weeks after my period I took another one &I it was negative. About A week later on 03/10 I took 3 more and they were positive. I went to the hospital had a urin test 3 times and a blood test all negative blood test was at a 5. I started bleeding the same day I got the positives and I am thinking it is my period. Is there any possible way I am pregnant and not know? My breast are sore but it might be from my period. Anyone have an idea why I am getting positives?

    • Neesha

      Hi, u got positive means ur body produced hcg hormone which producing only in pregnancy. I had the same experience when i was pregnant 1st time. Exactly after 22 day we try we did clear blue test 5 day before my pms start. It was positive. But next day started to bleed n got negative pregnancy test. So i came to know i had chemical pregnancy.

  • Jessica

    I haven’t had a period in 4 months. I have always been regular. All blood and urine tests have come back negative. Due to lack of health insurance, I’ve seen the low cost women’s clinics more than my Dr. The clinics have suggested ectopic pregnancy/miscarriage. However, my Dr. says that it would be extremely unlikely and probably a result of stress/ hectic work schedule.

  • Jade

    Help !! I did a positive test back in Feb the day after I did 2 more both negative since then I have got many pregnancy symptoms I started bleeding yesterday and the hospital did a blood test which came back negative so there unsure if I am pregnant or not even having a positive result ?? anyone had this before

  • Soni

    hiii,please help me… my last LMP was on march 4th ,n exactly after 2 weeks i started experiencing early morning nausea ,slight back ache,vaginal discharge ,slight abdominal cramps….n on april 4 th the expected menustral day i was feeling more weak ,with incresed frequency of nausea… i hv decided to do a pregnancy blood test on the same day to detect the presence of HcG…N d result camw n it was 31 ,i men the hcg in blood was 31.. they asked me to repeat the test after 1 week…but day by the my discomforts were incresing n as someone adviced me to repeat the test after 48 hours ,n i did the test exactly after 48 hours….n the result was 8.2….i really don t understand wats going on…i am worried… n i still have all the symptoms…absence of menustral cycle……please give me an advice or opinion……please…..

  • Ruth Perez

    Help! I have a hormone imbalance and was told I have a 5% change of getting pregnant my whole life. I took first response tests last month and they were positive. Then did a blood test 2 Fridays ago and last Monday was told it’s positive. Then we days later went to obgyn and they took hcg test and said I’m a 4 on it. So then took the more first response test these last edited days and all were positive!!! I have another doctor appointment tomorrow but I’m so nervous! I pray it’s positive! I’ve had so many pregnancy symptoms so it makes no sense! 🙁

    • Leah Robertson

      Are you pregnant!?!?!?!

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  • Shelly Woodrome

    Hello. So i am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I havent had since march 15, 2016 nd now is may 4, 2016 i have many pregancy sympthons nd all my test are coming back negitved. Can i still possibly be pregnant? What should i do?

    • Hoffenreffer

      Hi, Yes I have been reading about this as I am in the same situation you are. No period since early March, many pregnancy symptoms and negative urine and blood tests. I feel pregnant, but my doctor said,”You’re not.” Hard to know what to believe.

      I’ve read many stories here that indicate that this can happen. I would hait wait and see in a few days if you still have a negative test. You can always comfort yourself by reading other people’s stories…..

    • Nat

      Shelly, you may be pregnant, but may not have enough hcg hormones in your body, can definitely cause false positives

  • rosie

    help i haven’t had a period since march 15th and i have had sum just dizziness and loss of hair.. and i went to go get a blood test and it was positive and i went a couple of days later to get another and i got negative whats up with that?
    has anybody ever gotten this nurses told me my first positive might of been a sign of early miscarriage but i haven’t had no bleeding whats so ever

  • Melissa

    I have had all symptoms of being pregnant. Had gotten a period like fluid 2 weeks after i had my period but before i am due for my period again. Took a blood test and it came out negative but i am certaon that its all a mistake that i am pregnant. What should i do if i think i am even though it came out negative?

    • Katie Keiser

      What ended up happening that’s what has happened to me as well and I have had 2 kids already so I feel pregnant but I don’t know and my period last month was 7 days late then very light when I got it, then 2 weeks later had a light bleeding that lasted like 6 days but very very light only needing a panty liner

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  • monica

    I haven’t had my period since march 28 2016 it is may 13 2016 I took a home pregnancy test two days ago and came out negative the went and took a blood test today and also came out negative but i have a few symptoms of pregnancy like cravings and my nipples are very sensitive could i be pregnant?

    • Jessica

      I’m experiencing the same thing! keep us posted!

  • Jessica

    I currently have essure. I haven’y had a period since March 4, 2016 amd today is May 17,2016(Im pretty regular). I’ve took a few home pregnancy test in which all have been negative except for one I just recently took there was a very faint line. I’ve also had a blood test done a little over a week ago also negative! I’m considering having an ultrasound done bc I would hate to be infact pregnant and don’t know. I’m already a mother of 3. Has anyone on here had a negative blood and urine test, but still pregnant. My body is saying one thing, but test are saying something different! HEEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!

    • Guest

      Hi Jessica,

      My recommendation would be to get an ultrasound. That will let you know if you are pregnant or if you have a cyst (both will cause these results) My personal guess is that you are pregnant.

  • Arielle

    I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant and all my test keeps coming up negative even my blood test but I feel like the reason why is because the day after I had intercourse I took birth control not knowing I could be pregnant but then after ward I kept getting symptoms of pregnancy and they haven’t stopped since! I feel like I’m going crazy but I can feel movement I just don’t know what to do help!!

    • samantha mcknight

      Did you have an ultrasound to confirm that you are pregnant?

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  • kerry2016

    i havent had my period since 16th april 2016..
    have had blood and urine test all last week on the 16/5/2016 all came back negative, last time i did a urine test was thursday which came back negative… i have been having realling bad cramps for the past 2 weeks, and have been bloated non stop. my back is killing, and i have the worst headaches, ever !! advice please to someone who might know what is going on . ?? ?

    • fatima moten

      I’m going through the same my periods are late 10 days took home nd blood test both negative I’m having cramps nd feeling really bloated just praying nd hoping to be pregnant dnt loose hope

  • nastaran

    it is 9 days late in my cycle, i was never such late.. i had two home pregnancy test negative and a qualitative blood test also negative, but a lot of symptoms of pregnancy.. i ovulate late in the pervoiuse cycle can it affect in wrong result.. plz answer me, i really want to have a baby

    • fatima moten

      I m also 10 days late took home pregnancy test and blood test both negative I have been feeling sick tired and lot cramping I really want to get pregnant and have a baby please advise what must I do I’m really disappointed wand heart broken with the results.

    • Mahalakshmi Gokarnesan

      hey.. did you turn out to be pregnant??
      I’m facing the same issue now. I really wanna know what’s happening

  • Crystal

    Wow glad I’m not the only one going through this right now. My last period was March 22, 2016 which was lighter than usual. I’ve had pregnancy symptoms for 5 weeks now (nausea, headaches, dizzy, different food preference, extremely tired, constipation), I even started lactating last week. My blood test was negative actually read 0 for hgc. I had a positive urine test but we dropped it and it read error (digital) and one with pink lines had a very faint positive all othere were negative. I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow to figure out what is going on. I have PCOS so irregular cycles is normal for me but not all the pregnancy symptoms.

    • Angelina Dobson

      What were your results. I’m in the same boat, except urgent care told me I had vertigo.

  • samantha mcknight

    Im very confused. I have my tubes tied but I missed my last one was march 24th so I missed the one due at the end of April and now im running late for Mays too. No sign of starting. I had 2 positive generic fact plus tests and did a blood test and it was negative. I dont know if the blood test is wrong or what, but the HPT’s are definitely positive so I am very much confused. I have many symptoms and I have been pregnant 4 times before, I know my body, and sometimes you just know..know what I mean? I have never been so sure. I am nauseated and extremely tired. So confused and I dont know what to do. My GYN appt isnt until August, but its only suppose to be for routine stuff.

    • Leah Robertson

      I’d call and see if you can get in early to GYN – My mom had her tubes tied after my sister was born and 7 years later had me… so that’s possible.

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    I’m so heartbroken I had 2 positive ept done last night with faint lines. Today I had a blood test done that showed neg. I am about 5 days past my period. And I have all the signs of early pregnancy except nausea. My veins are more noticeable and my boobs are very tender. Could I still be too early for any positives?

  • Stacy lee

    How did it go

  • Chan

    I I was due on, on the 29th been feeling sick dizzy and still not on my period I went to doctors yesterday after doing a urine test in the morning which was neg and had blood test at doctors that said I’m not pregnant, could I still be pregnant??

  • Leah Robertson

    I have totally normal cycles. my app tells me when I am “going to start” and I always start 2 days after… my last cycle was March 21. All tests including blood have been negative…. ugh, what to-do what-to-do

  • Vienne

    Hi! I just gave birth last January 2016, got my period back on March 2016 and April 2016. May 2016, no period came, tested negative in HPT’s and blood test, but still feel pregnant and sick. I’ve been delayed for 16 days now.

    • Melissa

      Sometimes after giving birth your periods will change dates on you.. Before my first kid it was the first week of each month then I had my son then it changed to mid month then I had my daughter and it changed again to the end of the month.. But for about 6-7yrs I have not had any due to IUD..

    • soconfusee

      what ended up happening im in a similat situatio n

  • Angelina Dobson

    My last period was April 14th, 2016 and it has been MIA since. Last time of unprotected intercourse was April 30-May 1. I have been diagnosed with PCOS but the prior 6 months my periods have been like clockwork. Second week of May I started with symptoms of nausea, dizziness, constipated, headaches, tired, and small cramps throughout my uterus, lower back pain and now it’s so bad I feel like fainting. All tests came up negative. I went to Urgent care today and they did a urine test and it came back negative and the doctor diagnosed me vertigo. I’m still not sure if this is the case. Anyone else have this same problem? What were your results? The nurse came back in the room and was like you were almost headed towards a positive which totally confused me. Is it just my PCOS? Vertigo? or am I really pregnant? I know cases of PCOS where the HCG doesn’t show until 8 weeks or more farther along.

  • bernadine

    Hello Good Day. My last normal period was the 01st April 2016, My next period was due round about that time Which I never got.The first week in May I took a pregnancy test which came back with a faint positive line. took three in that week all came back with the same result. the 14th May I got my period and went for a quantitive blood test two days after that which was the 16th May. the results were as follows. Result 33, Flag 0.0, References 3.0 IU/L. So to my understanding I was pregnant. Two days ago I got my period again round about same time as my late previous period. Please advise what is going on. I am confused

  • Bree


    I have been showing pregnancy symptoms for a month or so,
    ( vomitting, tender breast , constant urination, spotting which lasted 3 days which i have counted as my last period (28th April) although it was so irregular to my usual menstrual cycle. Its been a month since then, i have taken numerous home pregnancy tests and recently went to the doctors for a blood test, ALL came back negative. Something is definitely not right and feel there is still a chance i could be. Is this possible ??
    Can i be pregnant if i have taken the blood test!

    • Beth

      I am having the exact same symptoms, but my last menstrual was 9th May. Please reply with an update! I want to know. Thank you.

    • Clare

      I am having exactly the same symptoms now 2 pregnancy test and blood test has come back negative. I am a month late feel uncomfortably bloated, cramping, nausea and headaches. Really confused? What was the outcome of yours in the end?

      • Valenzuela4909

        Hey Ladies, what where your results?

  • Hope

    I’m on the iud. Took a test the other day it was positive. Did an internal exam by my doctor said my cervix was opened a little sent me for blood work. It came back positive. My last bleeding was June 19th before that was April 26. I’m so confused. I feel pregnant I have two children. And i feel movement and I’ve been sick and stomach pains! What should I do? Should I ask for an ultrasound?? I took 4 test after my positive nd all negative… I’ve never had a false positive before…. im confused and if I am pregnant im scared as I have the iud in and it can cause death if things turn bad 🙁 am I lossing my mind?

  • Once your period is 2 or 3 weeks late, you can request that the doctor perform an ultrasound if you keep getting negative tests but are having all the symptoms you have stated. You might want to ask your doctor why your body is doing what it is if you are not pregnant.

    • rachel ledezma

      I have the Mirena. I haven’t had my period in almost 4 years.

      • Then you really need to talk to your doctor about what is going on with your body.

        • rachel ledezma

          I’ve scheduled an appointment. I’ll update when I find out

  • Mary

    So for a couple weeks now I’ve had bad back pain and fatigue as well as enlarged breasts. Thought I was just going to to start my period. I was about two days late so I decided to take a home test. Both came back positive. However started bleeding three days ago, went to hospital and urine and blood test came back negative. Did I have a miscarriage or were the home test just false positives?? Please help

    • If you aren’t have positive tests now, then the chance is that you had an early miscarriage.

  • Brittany

    My son is 7 months old been breastfeeding no period yet . about month ago notice dizziness blight headed nausua took pregnancy test one positive one negative, I waited a week still feeling like I’m pregnant took 3 more test one positive two negative .just went to have blood work says negative came home took home test says positive. Why is going on? I feel pregnant ? But blood test says negative

    • Typically pregnancy tests (home ones) don’t show a positive unless they detect pregnancy hormone. I would suggest taking pregnancy tests only with your first morning urine to see if the test is positive. If you are pregnant, the tests should progressively get darker if you test a couple of mornings during the week.

  • Ebony


    • It could be that you are just VERY early in your pregnancy. Keep testing and if they continue being positive, go to your doctor to see if they can get a positive test for you.

  • Maria

    Hi it had been 62 days since my last period I have taken three home test and a blood test and all came back negative I have never miss my period before not sure what’s is going on with my body if I should see a doctor again all should I wait a couple more weeks

    • Jasmin

      I am going threw the same exact thing as well I have gone to the doctor’s and they don’t know what’s going on ether so they sent me to my ob but my appointment isn’t till December I think you should go to the doctors as well.

  • bina

    is it normal to have discharge? I missed my period today and i keep having white discharge is that normal and i have a headache and feeling sick.

  • Eddy Douglas

    Thanks a lot, this really is a truly awsome article! You touched on a topical issue. I would appreciate if you’d written about how to fill a form online. I’ve found some decent tutorials on how to fill Pregnancy Testing Form out online here

  • Janelle Sheehan

    My husband and I had intercourse on days 19 and 26 of my cycle. I am now 6 days late starting my period and have had 2 negative home pregnancy tests. My periods are generally very regular and I don’t believe I’ve ever gone this long in between cycles. Do you think it would be silly of me to go get a blood test at only 6 days late?

    • If you have normal 28 day cycles, you would have ovulated around day 14. The times you had sex would not have resulted in pregnancy most likely. If you have longer than 28 day cycles, or ovulate later, then I’d wait until you are 2 weeks past the cd 19 sex to test and ask for a blood test if you get a negative.

  • Julie Pierman

    I am 8 days late and have had 3 negative HPT and a negative blood test (yesterday). I have some symptoms of pregnancy. I am peeing all the time, stomach upset, metallic taste, and exhaustion. I do not have any breast tenderness as I had a bilateral mastectomy 2 years ago. Should I just give up hope that I am pregnant or should I wait a while? I am not sure what to do.

    • I’d wait a couple of days and test again. If your period still doesn’t arrive, I would suggest that you go and see your doctor get checked out.

    • Valenzuela4909

      Hi Julie,

      Did you ever find out if you are pregnant?

  • Swap

    Hi..I usually have regular periods.After my first baby,2 years later I got ectopic and I lost my left fallopian tube in surgery.Now again after 2 and half years Iam missing my period.we had intercourse in august at the time of ovaluation and upto august my periods were normal.In September I had lighter than usual period.After 15 days got a little bit spotting for 5 to 7 days.I have missed my period in october.I took 3 home pregnancy tests and they are all negative.It has been 44 days for the cycle.I consulted doctor and they took urine and blood test for beta hcg test and confirmed that I am not pregnant.Ectopic pregnancy is also ruled out.She suggested me to come again after 1 week if I dont have my period.If I got any pain(no pain as of now) during this one week I need to to join in emergency.Iam being overweight about 10 kgs from past 2 years.I am a bit confused that may I return back to my country India because we cannot afford medical expenses here(We are in Usa just for temporarily ).What do I do now?what will be the further tests taken at hospital? May I reduce my weight by following some healthy diet?my husband doest want me to for weight loss diet bcoz he is suspecting that hcg levels are not enough to detect pregnancy.Is it the case?pls suggest me..I read you are replying for each and every case.Thanks in advance

  • Valenzuela4909

    Hi All,
    I am SO CONFUSED right about now.
    My Cycles have always been regular either 27 or 28 day cycles and always on time. The start to my last period was on Tue. 13th of Sep. My Bf and I had unprotected sex on Sat. 24th of Sept. I was due for AF on either Mon. 10th of Oct. or Latest Tue. 11th of Oct. It is now Wed. 19th of Oct. All my home preg. tests come back Negative. Yesterday I have gone to OBGYN where they did blood work. Today they called and said its Neg. However I am so confused because I have been having very faint pressure cramps every now and then-nothing like period cramps. Also headaches, lower back pain, dizziness, exhaustion, short breath, Hourly urination, lots of clear stringy discharge, heat flashes, faint sore breasts every few days. Some scents are to strong so they make me feel somewhat nauseous. Anyways I am lost and do not know what is going on? Any advice??
    BTW I have a 7yr old and would be my second pregnancy, I am 24 years old, very healthy (if it matters)

    Any Help would be Truly Appreciated 🙂

Last modified: February 10, 2013