Is It Normal To Bleed During Ovulation?



Any sort of bleeding that is not within your menstrual cycle can be concerning. There are many reasons why a woman may bleed during different time in her cycle. One of the causes can be from ovulation.

What is Ovulation?

Ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovary. The ovarian follicle, during the monthly cycle, releases an egg, generally the largest egg. In rare cases, two or more eggs can be released at a time. The egg is released in the fallopian tubes where it makes its way to the uterus. During this time, the egg can be fertilized, resulting in a pregnancy.  If the egg is not fertilized, it will disintegrate and will released from the body during the woman’s menstrual flow. Many women can confirm ovulation by a rise in temperature, ovulation bleeding, a pain in the abdominal area known as Mittelschmerz and positive ovulation tests.

Causes of Ovulatory Bleeding

When it is time to ovulate, some women experience a small flow or spotting during this time. This bleeding is not a heavy menstrual flow nor is it as dark as a menstrual flow. The coloration is generally a light pink or even a light orange and generally tends to only last for two days. Scientists do not know exactly why a woman bleeds at ovulation but the main theory is the emergence of follicles on the ovary. The hormones in the body produce about 20 follicles. All of these contain immature eggs with only one maturing and eventually being released at ovulation. The mature follicle matures and bursts out from the ovary which may cause pain and bleeding for some women. Some scientists think that ovulation bleeding may be present due to increased hormone production in the body. When a woman ovulates, her estrogen level spikes which may cause the light bleeding that occurs for some women.

Concerns about Bleeding

Bleeding during ovulation is completely normal. However, in some cases, it can be an indicator that something is wrong. If you have more than one bleeding episode in a cycle this could signify that you are not ovulating at all. Bleeding that is heavier than normal or more like a menstrual period could signal a problem like endometriosis. If you have pain that does not go away or the bleeding is long lasting or severe, you will need to check with your care provider to be examined to find the cause of the bleeding. It could be something different than ovulation. Things that can happen include endometriosis, irritable cervix, polyps in the uterus, or cervical polyps. Your doctor will be able to perform procedures,  such as ultrasounds and hysteroscopy, to find the true cause of your bleeding.

For most women light bleeding and some pain around ovulation is completely normal and expected. While the cause is fully understood, many women go through this process and many women use it as an indicator as to when they are fertile, especially if they are trying to get pregnant.

  • Alice

    This is a brilliant detailed article.Im in my mid 30’s and throughout my entire adult life i have never experienced mid cycle bleeding before and it has only happened once to me for the past 2 months and its happening once again to me.I now understand exactly what it is and what the pain is.It must just be me changing as i am getting older and now i know i am so pleased i read this.I have never bothered about making notes about my cycle because i have always been regular as clockwork and always put it out of my mind but im going to be more in tune now with myself.Thankyou.

    • cat

      Mine has been going on since yesterday and at some points it more then just spotting. And it seems like there are peices in it. Idk if that’s normal???

      • Bekka

        I’m having this same problem

  • Shauna

    I don’t know what’s going on, I had a period the last week of dec. Me and my fiance’ had intercourse the last day of my period. Then a week later it seemed like my period came back but it wasn’t an actual period, now I am having light bleeding on the last day of my ovulation. I just had an ultrasound earlier yesterday( looking for cysts ) and I’m thinking that maybe my uterus is irritated from it. I have been having headaches, very tired, breast tenderness and becoming very emotional. I think I may be pregnant but don’t know how with all the breakthrough bleeding happening. I need answers!!!

    • Unfortunately, if your doctor was looking for cysts, he must have thought there was something going on. It could be that you have a hormone imbalance that caused the break through bleeding. As you had unprotected sex, it is possible that you are pregnant, but the timing was a little early. Good Luck!

    • tianna

      Did you find out if you were pregnant or not ? I’m currently experiencing the same exact thing except I’m not getting searched for cysts , same symptoms and all

  • mrsblake14

    This is a great article as I am TTC now..this is my first cycle using the clear blue fertility monitor… I had 8 days of high and today it says I’m having a peak day-ovulation.. I started spotting yesterday.. today its a little more than spotting accompanied by some slight pain…I’m thinking it’s just ovulation bleeding..but it’s a little heavier than spotting…should i be concern? Crazy thing about the whole thing is I’m due for my menstrual in a few days??

    • That is odd as ovulation typically occurs about 14 days before your period arrives. It almost sounds like you have a hormone imbalance that is messing with your fertility monitor. If your period does come soon, you might want to contact Clearblue to see what they say about that.

      • mrsblake14

        Thank you for your reply.. It was my menstrual on 10th day I was bleeding more heavily I still tested to see what it would say still gave me my 2nd peak..I’m currently still menstruating and had to purchase a pack of pads..I will contact clear blue to see what they say..but I’ve scheduled an appt with my Dr. to see what’s going on..

  • mrsblake14

    This is a great article as I am TTC now..this is my first cycle using the clear blue fertility monitor… I had 8 days of high and today it says I’m having a peak day-ovulation.. I started spotting yesterday.. today its a little more than spotting accompanied by some slight pain…I’m thinking it’s just ovulation bleeding..but it’s a little heavier than spotting…should i be concern? Crazy thing about the whole thing is I’m due for my menstrual in a few days??

  • lili orozco

    Hi! its 2 weeks before my next period and im having cramps and i spotted a little bit of blood on my panty line, is it ovulation bledding or implatation?

    • That would have been ovulation bleeding. Implantation bleeding usually doesn’t show up until closer to when your period is due.

  • m saqib

    hey i had some spotting today and yesterday it shows peak opk and i also had an hsg a week before and it shows endometriosis filling defect is this normal ?

    • It could have been ovulatory bleeding. Unfortunately, I don’t have any knowledge of how endometriosis / hsg would have affected your spotting.

  • brandi

    I skipped my period week on my last pack. I am now on the second week of the new pack and I’m cramping bad and spotting bright red. It’s not bad I can see it when I pee and wipe but that’s about all. Is this from ovulation or what could it be. I have been to the doctor no cyst or anything.

    • brandi

      Also its messing with sex what can I do?

      • Sorry, but I don’t know what to suggest. Your doctor might have a suggestion for you? It could be that your period was just delayed for some reason?

  • Reese

    So my husband and I have been TTC for the last few months. Since December my cycles have been an exact 31 days, but this last cycle I had a light brown discharge for a few days right around ovulation. No pain, just the discharge. I’m now 5 days late for my period, but still a negative HPT. Could it be that there’s just not enough HCG to detect?

    • It could be. Did your period arrive yet?

  • courtney

    I just have a question my cycle typically runs long around 33 or 34 days. So this month around the time I would have been ovulating I had light brown spotting for 2 days (only when I wiped) now one week later and one week before my period is due I have light brown spotting again it’s really light this time barely anything when I wipe. What could this be?

    • Were you having unprotected sex this month? The first time could have been ovulatory bleeding and the second implantation bleeding.

  • Lauren

    This past Friday I had a bit of blood mixed in with a surge of egg white cervical mucus. It was just one gush, then no blood since. It was cycle day 21 and I had been doing OPK tests since CD 10 with no clear positive. Days 16-17 were almost positive, but not quite as dark as the control line. I’ve been trying to conceive for 9 months. Could it be ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding?

    • I think it would have been closer to ovulatory bleeding instead of implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding usually takes a little longer to occur.

  • Name

    i Have never experienced any bleeding betwwen periods ever , i started my period on 4/1 and me and my partner had sex on the last day and a few days after and now i am having whats seems to be a light period and i am not sure how to take it or what to do i took a test and it was negative but i have never had two periods in one month, i am very worried and just need some direction.

  • Ashling

    I had my period at the beginning of this month. April 6th to be exact. It was normal like usual. I have been on Microgestin 1/20 Fe for over a year now. Well on Sunday The 19th, me and my boyfriend has sex and then the next day, I noticed I was bleeding and cramping. Is this normal?

    • Unfortunately, that is something you need to ask your doctor. Sorry.

  • Sara

    Important article. my period started on 10th april, then i made sex on 21th,23rd,25ht. today is 30th april, i found a small spot of blood. what does it mean? am i having ovulation now or what?

    • Actually if you have 28 day cycles, it could have been implantation bleeding.

  • Ovulation bleeding can occur even if you have never had it before. The progesterone could be improving your hormones so your cycle could be a little bit different than what you are used to.

  • Carrie

    Been TTC for a few months now, I have very irregular periods so been using clear ovulation kits. Had high fertility for last 4 days but today seemed to have got my period? So confused??!

    • Could it have been ovulatory bleeding? Did it stop sooner than your period would have?

  • Ant z

    I get spotting around my ovulation days nearly four month now since Im try to conceive what this means?

    • It is normal in some women. It is just a sign that the follicle burst and there was a little blood when the ovary released the egg. For you it’s a sign that you have ovulated. Keeping track of when that happens from month to month will give you a good idea of when you are about to ovulate so you can plan sex accordingly if you are trying to get pregnant.

      • Ant z


  • Nicole Mendoza

    Can u pls help me

    • With what?

      • Monica

        Hi Vickie!
        I got my period on June 8 it lasted for

  • Jill

    I’m 15 and I’m sexually active. My period ended on May 7 and I had sex the 9th and 10th… On May 20th I had darkish brown blood in my panties and it wasn’t much. I should have my next period on June 1st. Is it ovulation bleeding or implantation.

    • maricela

      Hey Jill did u find out if it was ovulation or implantation bleeding? I’m going thru the same thing right now

    • I would think it was ovulation bleeding if you have about a 28 day cycle. Please, if you do not want to get pregnant and at 15 you really shouldn’t want that, use protection when you are having sex.

      • Thobile

        And having no sex at all at your age that was meant for married couples not children.

  • Ray Dutchess

    My period came 2 weeks early May 10 I had unprotected sex a couple days before , previous period Was April 26 my period is ALWAYS every 28 days last 3 days .. 2 weeks later May 24 my period was suppose to come it didn’t I just have streaking & very light spotting when I wipe … If pregnant I would be 4weeks 2days today but the test was negative … P.s I believe May 10 was my ovulation date but ovulation had stopped from having depo a year ago

    • If you keep getting negative tests, I would think that you are probably not pregnant. Unfortunately it could be your body still trying to regain balance after the Depo. You could always talk to your doctor about what you are experiencing to see what their opinion is.

      • Ray Dutchess

        I had 3 negatives I went to the doctor may 12 which I believe was too early for a urine test . I took a $00.88 test 4 days before my missed period & another a day after my missed period .. I thought maybe it was a little early for all of them . my periods have been regular since August of 2014 so I’m a little confused on why it would come early May 10 , and only have streaking and spotting on actual period due date may 24… Should I take another test at the end of this week ?

  • Richelle

    I get spotting almost every cycle from the start of ovulation till my next period which is about 2 weeks with light cramping some cycles. Is this normal?

    • Has this always been the case with your cycle or is it something that has just started happening? What you are describing is not typical for most women, but what is “normal” varies from woman to woman. If you are concerned you might want to address it with your doctor to see what they say.

      • Richelle

        I’m 20 and i would say I’ve had this problem for a few years so basically throughout my teen years. I’m assuming it’s just my cycle still trying to balance itself out. I mentioned spotting to my doctor one time and he said it’s just stress which i agreed with because at the time i was going through some things emotionally but there would be times when I’m perfectly fine and managing my stress well and i still get it. Do you think i should talk to a gynecologist instead?

        • It might be a good idea. Spotting could be due to hormonal imbalances or something else and a specialist would be able to help you figure out the cause.

  • Richelle

    I get spotting almost every cycle from the start of ovulation till my next period which is about 2 weeks with light cramping some cycles. Is this normal?

  • mavis

    i have been trying to have a baby the day that i was told i am ovulating a sex during that night but woke up the following morning bleeding but just lightly

  • Nicole Mendoza

    Girls help me pls I dnt knw what is happening at me. I just finish my period a week ago then again I’m getting spot especial if I moving much… Pls help me

  • Sandra B

    Help!!! Ok im freaking out this happens all the time and I freak out I just got my period on the first and it last 7 days and the 11th I spotted and then started spotting again today which is the 14th my husband and I are trying to get pregnant but im worried about all this spotting

    • Not sure about the spotting on the 11th, but the 14th could have been ovulatory bleeding. If you are concerned, go and see your doctor.

      • Sandra B

        Thank you so much

  • Sweetremy100

    Hi yesterday was cycle day 15 for me. Normally have 28-29 day cycles. My question is why did I have brownish eggwhite discharge yesterday? First time this has ever happened to me. I usually temp but decided to give it a break these last couple of months. We had relations 2 days prior to the discharge. I usually ovulate cd13-14. I’m so confused. HELP!!!

    • It could be that you ovulated a little later than you expected. The timing of sex would still be okay even if you ovulated on the 15th.

      • Sweetremy100

        I hope so. Thanks for the input

  • Stephany Rodriguez

    hey , i have a very important question. this month i got my period june 11th and it ended on the 18th. am trying ti get pregnant. today is june 22 and ive been spotting blood since yesterday and this morning. I ovulate this whole week and on the 25th should be my fertile day. can i get some advice on what to do if am trying to get pregnant ? is the spotting normal ? can i have unprotected sex by today or tomorrow ? i dont exactly kno what to do

    • The spotting could be a hormonal imbalance or it could be cervical irritation if you have been having sex. If you are concerned about the bleeding, maybe not try to get pregnant this month and go and talk to your doctor. If you still want to try and get pregnant, having sex today and tomorrow would be a good idea.

      • Megan

        I have a question …I have been trying to get pregnant my last period was June 3rd I started spotting yesterday started with light pink now it’s red but not heavy at all I read all about implantation bleeding and everything seems to point in that direction except the fact that it is dark in color

  • Hopeful 35 yr old

    Hi Vickie,
    I hope you can help. I am 35 and trying to get pregnant for the first time. My husband already has a son so I’m worried its me. My period is now regular. The first day of my last period was June 9th. We had unprotected sex this Sunday June 21. We hadn’t had sex in a few weeks but u had a lot of white thick discharge so knew I was ovulating. Next morning after my bowel movement I noticed bright red blood. It was a decent amount but only occurred then. Should I be worried? Is there still possibility of being pregnant?

    • White thick discharge is not a sign of ovulation. When your cervical mucus is the same consistency and color as egg whites is the type you are looking for. If you stopped bleeding, it could be that the blood was either ovulatory bleeding or cervical irritation from having sex. If you have regular 28 day cycles, you would most likely have ovulated on the 23rd of June. Based on the timing you had sex and when you should have ovulated, there is a chance that you could have gotten pregnant.

      • Hopeful 35 yr old

        Thank you. That really helps. How soon do you think I could take a home pregnancy test?

      • anonymous

        Hi Vicky I have a question for you. I had unprotected sex about 8 seeks ago and started my period on time and everything, but it lasted about 8 or 9 days this time. Also, it’s been about 2 weeks after my period and I woke up with light bleeding. Could I be pregnant or is all of this normal?

  • Esinert S.

    Please help!

    My cycle came on June 8 and ended in June 11th. I had sex on June 18th. According to calculations, I was suppose to ovulate on June 22. On June 24th, I began to bleed and it’s a constant flow. I’m not experiencing any pain but the bleeding is heavy and it’s too early for my period! I’m not supposed to have another period until July 6! I was hoping to be pregnant but I’m unsure of what’s going on. Please help!

  • Nancy

    Hi I have some questions I am usually pretty regular 27 to 28 day cycle. I am currently on cycle day 46 taken lots of tests all bfn. On cycle day 41 took ovulation test it was +. I have been have pain Oct and on both sides then it stopped. IV been ttc so bed regular basis oh had tons of ewcm and yesterday I spotted brown then today I had pink streaks in my ewcm earlier only once when I wiped it was darker red. Slight lower cramps.
    So did I ovulate really late could I have o and today implantation bleed?

  • CurleySue

    Hello I am 22, and use the app woman log to keep an accurate track of mother nature. She came 5/13-16 and my ovulation day was the 26 , well the I experienced very light bleeding or spotting for a few days. What a birthday present;)) but not sure what it means. Now she was suppose to visit 6/9-12 but never came. I took dollar test 6/28 evening and it was negative. She is suppose to visit 7/6-9. I have an ept test not sure to take or wait. Mother nature is never late with me if ever maybe a day.

  • Abbi

    I had my period on 6/20 and I had spotting on 7/3 for 2 days. My breasts are super full and heavy feeling. I just had a reversal done in May and I’ve been regular with my periods. I’m just wondering if my hormones are goofy or if I’m possibly pregnant.

    • Meredith Smith

      When I had my reversal done mine were a little wacky for the first 4 mos then I got pregnant , I had a miscarriage but then my next period back to normal ! Good luck 🙂

    • Mother of 6

      I wanted to know where did you do your reversal? ??

  • Rabia

    Hi, I’m 10 days early on my period and its thick brown blood. I’ve never had this before plus never had sex before. Is this normal ?

  • heather

    I need help my husband and I are trying to convince. I am finally at peak fertility but I am having light bright red bleeding its not a period but I have read that ovulation bleeding only lasts two days and my has been here for 4 days now. Will it affect the chances of me getting pregnant since I’m at my peak and still having light bleeding? Please help!!!

  • Sami

    Hi there. I’ve never bleed during ovulation before. I’m on birth control and had sex during ovulation. Next day I started having discharge and bleeding. Should I be worried???

  • Sarah Hogan

    I got my period the 19th. I usually have normal 28 day cycles sometimes a day or 2 off, I’m bleeding today. I wouldn’t consider it heavy or spotting. I’ve taken multiple pregnancy tests up to my period and all were negative. I have had sex since then, never letting my partner ejaculate in me, what it this bleeding?

  • Marcela Peru on line

    Hi, I had my period from the 1st-5th of this month but very light, almost nothing. Then it stopped or I thought it had and saw some dark brown spotting the 7th. Today I had a blood discharge. I’m trying to get pregnant but got a miscarriage 4 months ago. I was regular after that. Why is this happening? Should I wait until my next period to try to get pregnant?should I see my obgyn?

  • Tori

    The passed 4 days I have taken an ovulation test and it has been a flashing smiley face but on the second day I had some bleeding and I had really bad cramps the night before last and all day yesterday. Is this normal?

  • Amber Nicole

    I have a question for you, i got my last depo shot on april 13th of 2015. Started my period on October 31st of 2015 and it ended on November 8th. I had sex the 9th, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16th. 13th i had a positive lh surge and that was the only day it showed a surge. Then on the 15th and 16th i noticed pinkish diacharge like it could be implantation bleeding. Then today being the 17th, i had a medium to heavy red blood discharge and took couple wipes before it went away. Could this be ovulation bleeding or just abnormal menstrual cycle as its been 9 days since the last day of my last period. Im worried. We have been trying since april and im running out of luck. I have had 2 pregnancies before and ive never had a bleeding like this… when my cycles come in, they’re usually normal and all the sudden things are out of whack. Should i keep trying and see what happens or wait to see if the bleeding continues tomorrow and days after that to try again… thanks in advance!

  • Jackie

    Hi everyone I have a question I have been TTC and have done the clear blue ease Digital ovulation test I got a positive test on the 20th of November my husband and I had intercourse that day and then every other day for that week. I had some light pink spotting on the 29th and 30th then it stopped then today the 2nd I had more spotting eveytime it is only when I wipe . I took a pregnancy test on the 1st and it was negative could this still be implantation bleeding or is it the start of my period. With my first baby I found out I was pregnant 10days after conception because my symptoms where strong this time I don’t have any symptoms. Has anyone has this or can they help

  • Cola

    Good day
    I had sex on the 25th and 26 of December 2015 without protection and got my period around the 28th of December 2015..Since I’ve been bleeding non stop it’s light red.i keep on having a pee like 20min after another.Have this abnormal pain in my abdomen and lower back like I can stand up straight..I have irregular periods so I don’t know what this might mean…can I be pregnant ??

    • Amy

      I just came across this so you have probably already figured this out but it sounds like you have a urinary tract infection (UTI). This can often times be avoided by urinating within an hour after sex. If you are experiencing symptoms of a UTI, go to the doctor. They will test your urine and give you antibiotics that should help clear it up. Left untreated, a UTI can progress into a very serious, and very painful, kidney infection.

  • Siahannajasmin3

    im 12 and i had clear jelly discharge in my underwear, so i looked it up ans it said i was ovulating? and then 2 days later i see dark brown wet blood in my underwear at 5.00 in the morning!?!? whats with me am i on my period orr?
    Please Email me and tell me please

    • Vnz

      You are still young so your cycle will take some time to regulate, some discharge is normal and just part of being a lady so don’t worry about it too much, as for the brown blood, that’s just old blood that’s been hanging around in the uterus. if you are really worried you should keep notes on all of this and talk to your doctor during your next appointment. 🙂

    • Jenny

      So I noticed I started spotting 4 days after my ovulation day. Im worried because that has never happened to me, im trying to convince for a couple of months now but this is my first time I experienced spotting and im not exactly sure if Its a sign I could be getting pregnant or I don’t know? I’ve read so many articles spotting is normal during ovulation day but I’ve never spotted before

  • Dar

    Hi, I’m 13 and I had a bad temperature last night and I noticed bleeding but not like my periods can this be ovulation?

  • Laure n

    Hey I’m 17 and I think I was pregnant I had a 3 day cycle of light spotting so I wasn’t worried but like about a week later I started bleeding heavily so now I’m worried I miscarried please help me figure out what’s going on please?????

  • Jeanna

    17, 13… 12!!! OMG! Go get condoms if you’re doing it! WTF??

    • Stefanie Lynn

      You do know….. You have to actually have sex to need condoms right??

      My daughter started her period at 9, I started when I was 11.. I had questions, as did my daughter.. Just because you are having your period, that doesn’t mean your “doing it” ((rolls eyes))

  • Ovulation bleeding?…am hearing this for the first time.I dont bleed on any other day asides my menstrual days…

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  • Marii

    I had intercouse a day before I experienced ovulation pain. Now I am experiencing light bleeding a few days after the pain. When exactly did I ovulate?

  • Rachael

    Im a nurse and still have some confusion in what my body is doing Lol. I have recently been having mid cycle spotting ( approx last 4 months) usually pink/reddish color. My last period started aug 30th…. I started the ovulation test kits on the 9th (box said start ovulation testing on 10th day of cycle mine most of the time are 29 day cycles) not realizing I started the kits a day late. 5 days in a row negative for ovulation, now on 13th I had dark brown / black spotting ( this has been pink normally? ) did I miss my surge? Or has it not come yet? When you actually see ovulation spotting does that take time so maybe you ovulate a day or two before you actually see the discharge/ spotting?

    • It’s really hard to say. It definitely sounds like you have been having ovulation bleeding but it’s odd that the coloring would change from red to dried blood color. I would take the spotting, even with the current color as a sign that you probably ovulated before you saw the bleeding. Do you normally get a positive test with ovulation tests? It could be that you have a short lh surge and you missed it by testing just once a day. For example, if you surge lasts 8 hours and starts after you already tested for the day, by the time you test again the next day, the surge could have come and gone already.

  • deloria

    hi I’m concern about some things don’t know if I’m having a normal cycle because I had sex for a week and during my ovulation 3 days later I started my cycle witch a week before my normal cycle but it started out orange then from pink light red to red to now brown not heavy slow flow cramping real bad took pregnancy test negative both of them

Last modified: January 11, 2015