Best Position for Getting Pregnant

When you are trying to get pregnant, you want to do “everything” right so your chances of conceiving are greatest.

You have changed your diet by adding fertility friendly foods and supplements and cutting out your less healthy eating habits. You have stopped potentially fertility unfriendly activites like smoking and alcohol. You are exercising and reducing your stress. You know when you are ovulating. Great job! You are all ready to go!

Now, all that is left, for this cycle, is to actually have that babymaking sex.

For most people, the choice of sexual position won’t have that much of a negative impact on your chances of getting pregnant. Low sperm count, hostile cervical mucus, tilted uterus or pelvis are conditions that do warrant a concerted effort to find the sexual position that deposits the semen and sperm closest to the cervix, though.

Positions that encourage the semen to flow back out of you are not the best if you are trying to get pregnant. Positions, where the woman is on top, sitting, or bending over, create a scenario where the sperm does not stay close to the cervix once you are done having sex.

Best Sexual Position for Getting Pregnant

Missionary position, laying down with the man on top, is considered the best sexual position for getting pregnant, as the sperm is deposited as close as possible to the cervix. The woman does not have to change positions at all afterwards so that allows the sperm to stay exactly where it needs to be.

To make extra sure that the sperm is against the cervix, the woman can put a small pillow under her hips to allow the sperm to pool exactly where it needs to be. Typically, 20 minutes in this position is good enough to allow the sperm to get where it needs to be.

Last modified: February 10, 2013