All About Egg White Cervical Mucus

As you know, cervical mucus is an important part of being able to conceive. The good kind of cervical mucus is called “egg white cervical mucus.” Your body produces egg white cervical mucus around the time you ovulate.

Your cervical mucus will change throughout your monthly cycle. The three characteristics to look out for are color, consistency and volume. Early in your cycle, you’ll have almost no cervical mucus, and it may be more white in appearance. The time to look for, in terms of trying to conceive, is when cervical mucus is plenty, and when it’s the color and consistency of the white of an egg (hence, the moniker “egg white cervical mucus.”)

That cervical mucus helps to do a number of different things in relation to conception, including:

  • Protecting the sperm. The vaginal environment is a harsh one for those struggling sperm to swim around it. It’s very acidic, which in turn can cause sperm to stop moving altogether. Egg white cervical mucus helps to protect the sperm in the vagina.
  • Helping the sperm travel. There’s another way in which egg whit cervical mucus helps the sperm out, however. In addition to shielding the sperm from the acids in the vagina, it also helps to create a path for the sperm to move and swim forward in. It literally helps the sperm along their journey up the fallopian tubes, where it can (hopefully) find an egg to fertilize.
  • Holding back abnormal sperm. Some sperm aren’t as healthy as others. Because of chromosomal defects, some sperm are considered to be “abnormal.” If these sperm were to be the ones that would make it up the reproductive canal and fertilize an egg, chances are pretty good that the egg would not implant, or that there would be some other problem. Egg white cervical mucus actually slows down abnormal sperm, and helps the normal and healthy sperm to beat out the others in the race to fertilize the egg.


If you have scanty egg white cervical mucus during your cycle, and are trying to conceive, we highly recommend that you try out Pre-Seed. It is the only sperm friendly lubricant on the market that mimics egg white cervical mucus.

Last modified: February 10, 2013

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