Why Is My Ovulation Test Positive For 2 Days In a Row?

Being able to correctly identify your most fertile period is essential for timing intercourse for conception.    Many women become stressed when trying to determine their most fertile days. They become worried that if they do not time intercourse just right, then their chances of having a baby is greatly reduced – which it is.

While this is true, there are ways to track your fertility so that you will be able to better time sex. One of those ways to use an ovulation predictor kit or test, often referred to as an OPK.


How an OPK Works

An ovulation test works by determining your expected ovulation by identifying the increased presence of the luteinizing hormone (LH) in your body. Although this luteinizing hormone is always present in your urine, it does increase 24 to 48 hours right before ovulation occurs. In fact, according to the American Pregnancy Association, the luteinizing hormone actually triggers the release of the egg from your ovary and ovulation tests can detect the LH surge with 99% accuracy.

When to Start Testing

Although the majority of ovulation tests can be used at any time of the day, there are very sensitive ones that do require you to test with your first morning urine. Typically, it is recommended to test after 10am so the lh surge can reach your urine. Be sure to read the instructions on your OPK carefully. Regardless, it is best to test at the same time every day and make sure that you have not had anything to drink for at least four hours beforehand.

Positive Results

You should not be too concerned if you have been taking an ovulation test for a few days straight and they have all been positive for each of those days. This is because you should only rely on the first positive test. Once the ovulation test tests positive for the LH surge, it will continue to test positive throughout the surge. If your surge is two days long then you will have a positive ovulation test for 2 days in a row. After that first positive test, you can stop testing if you like. One true positive is all you need to know that you will be ovulating within 24 to 48 hours.

One caveat here, make sure that you are actually reading the test correctly. A true positive result is where the test line is as dark as, or darker than the control line. If you are not sure, then test again in a few hours. Ideally, test at 10am and 8pm each day.

Double Check

In some situations, a woman might have an increased amount of LH in her body before she actually surges, and an OPK may notice this and display a positive result. Double-check the results by charting your basal body temperature and checking your cervical mucus.

By tracking your fertility and menstrual cycle every month, you will better understand how exceptional your body is. This will help you to determine your fertile phase as well as know what nuances are unique to you. Some women will have an LH surge twice in one month; others will not have a surge at all. By paying attention to your cycles, you will be able to be better in control of your fertility.

  • Shauna

    I had positive test last two days including last night n then today no smiley face…I had intercourse this morning and after put legs up for ten minutes lol then 5 hours later test is negative…

    • All that means is that the lh surge is over and that you would have ovulated 24 to 36 hours later. Looks like you had sex at a good time to get pregnant.

  • Kari

    I need a little clarity to what I see or maybe not? Do I see a positive?

    • Bre

      Yes I believe so! Mines were the same way!

    • Dilana Christine

      Only two of them may be as dark as the control line. Three of them are definitely not. Mine do that too, the first one that is as dark as the control line is the one that counts. The lighter ones are an indication that it is starting to peak or is decreasing.

  • Amanda

    I took an ovulation test last night about 10pm came up positive so we had intercourse right after I tested. But I noticed everyone is saying to take it before 8pm. Today I am having some minor pressures in my lower stomach and some minor pains on one side. I wanna retest at 2pm today to double check. I track my cycle with the my days calender and it told me I was supposed to ovulate yesterday (but I know it is not always right) what do you guys think?

    • It looks the same darkness as the test line to me. The positive test result is a sign that you will ovulate in 24 to 36 hours though which would account the possible ovulatory pain you were experiencing.

    • M

      Did you get pregnant?

  • Mum2 perth

    Hey there
    My first day of last period was on the 4th august since I finished my period I’ve been using OPK everyday .on the 18th august I got two dark lines also on the 19th and this morning the 20th however on the 20th(today) the 2nd line is darker so what does this mean?

    Please help !

    • Ana Gloria Villazana

      Have you found out if you are pregnant?

  • Ana Gloria Villazana

    Are you pregnant?

  • Angie

    Confused. Positive opk at 7 pm Lat night l. @ 12 am neg and again positive today at 6 pm. BD today at 4pm. Cm watery egg white, lots. Temp dip test day.. No spike yet. Hoping for pregnancy and boy.

  • Miya

    It looks absolutely positive no doubt about it. That’s of course if the control line is the lighter one. This is what mine looked like just yesterday 🙂 All the best of luck to you. Hope you get your BFP this month!

  • Miya

    Thank you and no biggie on the questions. The sooner you know the better your chances 🙂 On my tests the one closer to the the “MAX” is the one that is supposed to be darker or same. If you look at the photo the control line is by the blue handle and the actual test line (the result) is closer to “MAX” so you compare the test line to control line. If the test line is darker or same intensity you will ovulate in 24-48 hrs. Some women ovulate as early as 12 hrs after a positive result. I’ve never tried any other brands but I’m pretty sure they are all the same, could be wrong thou. Based on that I think your test if for sure positive.

    • Alex

      Thank you so much. Let me know how you get on this month!

      • Miya

        Yea will do. You let me know as well. Looks like we are ovulating around the same time. Oh and BTW – I got my positive 2 days in a row (that’s what brought me here) as I assume same with you. From what I understand it’s only important to go by the first result but I think that means we didn’t ovulate yet. Maybe it means that we are closer than we were when we first got the LH surge. Not sure – it’s a mystery lol I used the digital Clearblue tests in the past and once you get a positive the smiley face stays on solid on the screen for 2 days and it won’t let you even test again so the first result is the most important one.

        • Alex

          I’m fairly certain that I’m about to get my period. Boo!

          • Miya

            Yea same here :(((((

  • kat

    hi can anyobe help me with my opk i think its positive but not sure

    • Alex

      I think it has to be darker to be positive but it looks like you’re close.

    • Miya

      It looks negative to me. The line is supposed to be just as dark or darker

  • Cinthia

    I need help I think I got positive opk but creamylotion like cm, am I ovulating or not?

    • Miya

      Yes that’s a sign you’re ovulating. You probably will ovulate 12-36 hrs from the FIRST positive result.

  • Amber

    Is this positive

    • Kym moon


  • Kim

    I had a positive test 2 days in a row with sex on both days. I had cramping on 3rd day is that my ovulation and did Miss it?

  • stephaine emmanuell

    Is this positive I have been having bad cramps all day today

  • Robyn Turner

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could help, i did a ovulation test on tues which was positive(also had intercourse), i did another on yesterday and this morning both were neg. Is this normal??

    • Fred Gal

      Yes this is normal. Most women will only see a positive result 1-3 times. If your result lasts longer than 4 days then you should see a doctor to find out what’s going on. You should also have sex before, the day of, and 2 days after your positive result.

  • ABell

    Hello everyone! I am confused… can anyone shed some light? I have never had a normal cycle, and for the last 6 months have not had one at all unless stimulated by Provera/Progesterone. I am supposed to be starting my 4th round of Provera and then Clomid to try to force ovulation. For this round, I bought ovulation kit and BBT to try to be a little more precise than the 12-16 day period that is suggested. I finished my 5 days of Provera on Friday and just to get an idea about what I would be looking for as my “optimal days for ovulation” approached, I took a trial ovulation test. To my great surprise, I tested positive.I have also been having milky discharge and left sided cramps. We had intercourse (just in case) and I have tested positive on 3 additional tests since Friday. Could I be ovulating or about to? It has been about 45 days since my last manufactured menstrual cycle… If I am ovulating and conceived, will I still begin my menstrual cycle in a few days? I am unsure what I should do and feel really silly contacting my physician with all of these questions.

  • christi

    Hello everyone I’m having four days of positive opk…can someone suggest if that’s normal?

    • Julia

      Are you pregnant

  • Dominique Modique

    Hi I’m new here but I was wondering w https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/21850e5fb17654c18a59c248eb1db9b19691c01e177cb36659dcc0895ea7ff20.jpg hy I got a positive on the dips tickets on the 15th and then when I did the clearance advanced test yesterday it keeps saying low fertility so which one do I trust and also can anyone tell me if these are positive ovulation test

  • Dominique Modique
  • Deidre

    Is this a positive?

    • It isn’t a very clear picture, but it looks like the test line is lighter than the control so it would not be positive yet.

Last modified: May 18, 2014